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Hello and welcome to any yard approach show brought to you Barack Carol are fresh forums I'm mills grant your house this morning and it is a delight to be here from the met once to the upstate. We're happy to have you join the yard pros or shall I say the your approach show this morning. Loud from the comforts of the WORD one a six point three studio here in Greenville, South Carolina. And you may be true Nina and own fast sixty WD OC. And Columbia, South Carolina. And don't forget this afternoon from those would like to give a shout out to those in the Charleston coast market. Who may be tuning in on a replay on WSC nine and four point three always have liked to have yet. Com and certainly. How loved to talk widgets so as you noticed every nine at the York Prussia two weeks in a row flying solo here in the Booth. But hey it'll be fun anyhow I promise you that so. Would like to say and start out by saying happy Father's Day to all those stands out there. So I hope you have a great weekend looks a little. Perhaps just a little bit wet. Really not sure looked at the forecast I think it's only 40% chance arraigned today in Greenville may be little more tomorrow but. Certainly cloudy Laura reigning miss the as I was driving into the studio this morning. On temperature not that bad but they are forecast from the upper eighties maybe even a non news. In the midlands dam on the coast so Los certainly getting warmer but hey only good topic let's talk about hot topics today. What are guess what two weeks and around drought free an actual little bit better this week vs last week so. 99%. Plus of the state no longer in drought and everything how android and everything looking good question comes. How Long Will that last palm courses we move forward looking at the ten day forecast. Fourteen day forecast wherever it is looked at that last night. And non moving into next week and the week beyond. Certainly going to be warmer sound looks like on a lot of money degree temperatures on us also nice warm and muggy shorts going to be human. Perhaps we'll get some afternoon thunderstorms and and you know at some point I'm sure they'll stop so who knows how long the they the hiatus of the drought will be calm I would expect that it will be back at some time so folks. The format of the show was very simple you can call me this morning at 1803471063. That's 803471063. And it's always you can text to your pro what 71307. Lest you want. Let's go our strike to the phone our excuse me to the tax on Sears has time to ask is it too late to put dimensional must rescue law. Life sort of gotten away and I didn't get it now starting to see some crab grass pop pop happy Father's Day to the Carolina fresh gas. So appreciate the happy follows I that is correct I have three. Board until you mentioned three children something. Something monetary what everyone says we get older it's easier. After in the disagree on special that I'm in college great girl but. Man I tell you work hard to keep up her life that's for sure so I guess that's what we're resin for move on and do their own things so getting to the dimension among festering long. If you haven't done anything yet. We're kind of in that weird. Situation where is it worth it isn't not I mean there's no doubt about it crab grass has certainly germinate and certainly gonna continue to drum might be an issue. Armed there are some other summer grassy weeds that can become a major issue that are religious begin in the German writer Karen in their peak. One of them being huge grass spews grass watch more emotional temperature so it doesn't germinate as early as crab grass it's a little bit later in the season. Armed with a sore Temps this year that problem began terminating sometime in the eyes but certainly it's not a win at. And rest assured I don't think all the crab grass seed in the soreness is probably. The majority of us terminated by mamet and sure the can still beats some lightened seeds in the air than to begin in the German itself. It could be worthwhile and the thing that concerns me about applying your pre emergent this Tom only fast cheap tools season home. We have. Approach that Thomas the year with the temperatures are in the ninety's the humidity is extremely house sort of disease pressure is extremely house. And adding I kind nitrogen fertilizer tool cool site season on at this point in the year can be detrimental. To to going home via disease Raza Tonya arm which is the the genius of brown patch. On the has been proven time and time again that free nitrogen in Seoul. And a viable two to plant war. Increase the rate of development and spread. A brown patch so if we don't have a lot of fertilizer on the cool season mall mound knowing that we are kind of hitting our stride in hitting the peak. Of brown patch disease. Do we know that's only gonna add and compound issues that pregnancy out of the disease so. If you're gonna use of pre emergent or some aunts and something to to that festering all of this time a year. When he to make certain is extremely low in the nitrogen content so. It needs to be. You know a 0015. Or 00 a TN what these outlets cannot avoid to a degree. Now I know certain times a year when I suggest a 6111. I don't see you know this where basically 10102. Ratio of fertilizer or so so point one per or. The ratio is is one on the on the nitrogen so it's a lot lower. If if we managed there and we put less than half a pound nitrogen out it shouldn't calls a major issue. But but I do want to bring that. Can't top amount and we announced that that we do need to be a little worried. About adding a lot of nitrogen and really try on the fertilize a school season long just kind of mr. window I apologize. Let the wall mellow out that's that's what I'm doing because I do have a cool season home. A kennel and Milo out and I'm applying fungicide every couple weeks. So we will stay with the text fonts we. Have another text hang menaces do you know of an animal that has strong down more problems and died and at least lower species not down. Space bugs and found evidence of of routing and mossy area and most serious. Yeah I tell you as something that I've heard over the years I've never experienced it but I heard that deer. Actually like more problems so I would not be shocked looks like match 64 number outstanding number. On the deer population believe in not even with the in the counting of rainbow within the city limits agreeable you can found near insurers to sign in Columbia Pictures assignment Charleston. As we have kind of progressed and take one more habitat and and the urban it's sprawled on in development. Animals have to go somewhere and sometimes I don't know when you weird. They just hang out in the vacant lots and that those the few would and yours we have left. In and around neighborhoods so I would not be surprised whatsoever. If it is the four legged. White tailed a year. That is causing an issue on wood in the long course if you move up further in them in the mountains of South Carolina certainly western North Carolina four legged furry creature is probably a black mayor. But typically don't go for the bird feeders that's what they seem to lighten up take the easy low hanging fruit as you would side right. So alarmed if faster case there are few deterrents app they're. Come I think there's some varying degrees of both. How well they work and faults out they're but that's certainly something like map for winning which is malt balls active ingredient snapped pulling as the younger. Bombed just the thing that comic house water and in the action and and all that good in kind of burnt. Certainly. Dot harmful we view small balls from many many years but she can hang those in ladies' stockings Tom up. On kind of tree limbs may be hanging from the shepherd swooped in and around the Gordon simple form on the ground. On the map complain armed kind of works pretty good as a deterrent because voter in the smell. On to keep them out they're such prize on that they contain capsaicin which is the hot pork as you all know that the economy chemical within a hot pepper. The mikes are really hot. Tom capsaicin you can apply that. To your plants as well and that suppose we'll keep them from marching on the plants but I would not these prostitutes are for Clinton white. White tailed deer that's causing him issues so. Hi folks to impose folks have found us this morning on the text on 71307. The phone lines are open I can tell you this will be much less painful for the if you kin non maybe make it lined up like a Christmas tree offered you a challenge that's 1803471063. Love to hear from him. A mom I know you're not watching US open because. I don't know if they may just not be teeing off and off like it's on TV yet so. I'm sure that's wanna follow and I traditions that many viewers enjoyed but it hasn't started yet so it's I'm Wisconsin Simon you have time you're listening. Give us a call if not we can bore you to death row of boarded up about something else actually. There are a couple of things that probably didn't get to last week and hopefully do in the showed that we can talk a little bit about it in my do you have some questions about it. First and foremost is air filtration. It is that time of the year and it is time to verify. Those warm season lawns so arm. You know kind of a good topic as I have Tom and I hopefully we can get in will be give you some tips on eroding owns the purpose of course. In a compact consoles. On the number one purpose to eliminate soul compaction sort compaction. It is certainly. Going to restrict the growth of turf within your long it's gonna make it. Kind of shortened. Dwarfed. Restricted and sickly. All those things above if we have compacted. Souls partly because we don't have enough air for attention and off air movement. Porosity to console for the rich to be healthy. So they're contained in the smaller spot than the size of the roots system is the direct correlation to what's growing on top and vice Versa. So that's coming impact you but also as well as water movement and management within souls. So was we get into the summer when we get afternoon thunderstorms if you have to pat the souls. You gonna have a much tougher Tom. Getting their souls contrary would water from if I pop up thunderstorm and afternoon because the majority water tends to wanna run off. Vs if if they were like improbable in a lot of your spies within souls than we're gonna absorb more moisture and have a healthy along so it's something to keep in mind. Now is the Tom if you have Bermuda on. Or jewel on even sign Augustine occasionally something home now is the time to get up the in her father's arms because they are reaching the peak growth season. During the year for those wants folks who I got a phone lines we have Alan angering Wimbledon. And Alan how are you. Good or around I appreciate your rescue me this. Sure thing so what can we have to Wear a where I'm sure it figured out thank couples spot in the city mall it's. Never came out this year it's. Sort of a 67 years they're really march since they won't in. This year I'm not sure it's are starting college chopped off balance spots that. I got a lot of large area that is not irked it's just I don't know it was so late trees are all thought he Betty Dodd is a Wal-Mart is more now. Yeah and and I think you're headed in the right direction because it sounds familiar like you really investigating of what's going home not so much what to do at this point. Because. The thing Allen gets me some people are wanna go in and put a band aid on the problem. Instead of really understanding what happened within mom home. Arm and then they have the same result the next year two years down the road and we certainly don't wanna see that. I have a question if you do you put fungicide on Malone in the followed a year or have you ever noticed fungicide or something. And I've never I never have called all accept such beautiful law. This this they aren't saying I'm done different the past year is our kids used pretty emerged. In the hole and again in February. And I used to not do that but I got higher than what we in the Williams. Well and have a funny thing here on thirty are only crab grass and dirt that got you. I'm dumb but you know there's areas of the artist got the need to admit changed Detrick in all doing pretty well let's just so happy just. Again this coming out and spot that's a mark here it's just dirt there's much. Yet an M more than likely what has happened now on there's a disease that they are sexually closely related and sang family Thomas A Raza Antonia. Is the genius but it's armed you've sort of brown patch and fast Q I know if you listen to the show winning amount common last month you know we've talked about it a fair amount. But this same family of diseases or sang genus of fungi. Com. They there's of one bits that really is more active in the cooler time of the year meaning the followed a year and has called large patch. And large patch will not you like to plant calm in the followed a year or light summer. When we're still having some ample range and more sure soul soul moisture content still pretty. But in the deep those days when it feels like fall football and his command this is football weather humidity should drop this nice and cool. It's stole warm seat still Wear short sleeves might be appear blue jeans. Temperatures still warm sort temperatures are warm but it's not hot. Around that time of year dammit transition a fall is when we see. This large patch become very active on it and not Q what's the plan at that time of the year and then very quickly we get cold the grass goes. Dormant when I have a frost. An and you'd really don't see a lot of disease. Or a lot of big result. Of the disease we don't see any indication typically in the fall a lot of years. But what happens is it wreaks Havoc on the plant it weakens it and to a point that in the spring of the year. That we just have areas of some. Yeah. And and more than likely that is what's happened is is more pack so knowing this a very simple solution isn't the fault of the year when the conditions are right. Is to apply good fungicide that would eliminate. A fair amount Mensa not a 100% abortion laws. But instead of having a large portion 89% of your some MP decimated by this disease. Hopefully we need to to a point where less content persona lawlessness might about a disease. And make it more manageable because you're not both mouse and empathy it's pretty aggressive especially now. Oh yeah everywhere they're getting hot and humid the grass is Monrovia aggressively you don't get a grown backing an uncertain in the summer. On the problem is this I don't want to sign things happen next year. And and and rest assured if you handle large patch this year I can almost guarantee that you're gonna have much to. So probably the on this side and all should come back there you know it should combat much much about it. I'm probably not go see much this year than in spots. That that's probably yeah. Tom and and you could remind depending on how much pre emergent when you pre emergent last you kid to go out and do some interceding what's some of the city were quickly. Just sort temperatures are warm enough now Tom if you want a seat warm season grass Watson Peter Bermuda seat. Now's the town to do it on so you can. I doubt buildup. Yeah not follow about just just golds in the UCL quite frankly I would I would prefer Bermuda but does parallel the senate seat in June July and August but. That pretty much taught in reality it's so what I've been thinking about. Just so not clear overseas with a muted now just keep it moist in the shoot. Should come out of that when you come to get Bermuda yes. Saw my yes you need to get debt down pretty soon in and you need to watch the water column where that with the warmer. Temperatures in the wind blowing near and the guys from do we we have an opportunity for desecration in and the visual signalling drying out so you need to make sure you're watering hole short syringes a few times during the die. On the keep that seed bed wet once that new seats Storch grown mature we keep it. Went on the surface you know not wet to the point where we're standing water but much more straw on the surface especially when you're in the back. Oh yeah up got a good bit of media there a couple of areas that are Indian computer stopped took a sample that took particular Bermuda in your store they can. Give me at the missing that would be coached you so much for that but in the mid. They should be able to do that. Okay well there are black I don't have a great weekend and happy follows die tonight hear the heart every year. Some great call this morning Allan thank you for coming to the rescue when we do have Matthew who's been waiting patiently in the great metropolitan area of what troops south to on and good morning Matthew hammer you. They're born Mario I am outstanding so while you have a question about these side. And nom we actually just had some new sod installed that I know of him Woodruff at the Woodruff middle school on the baseball field. So long really occur that make some headway here or there a. Yeah it's been about three or four weeks now home. We've put in glad to be rescued and six circulation and all that's been run well. The grass is still green would the water about two hours today. And hour in the morning and an hour and even tiger and I'm just I'm new to the whole thing so. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I should be doing and political the water and should I go ahead and put their home. Some kind of fungicide now. Some guy suggested that I put typical orchestra open. I yet I watched a stroke auction shrugged when mom there is some request commission called stroke loses one of the best fungicides out there. Commonly norms of trade name home on one naturally commonly found that there's called heritage. On the issue if we go singular what we have found over the years. If 1520 years ago when that chemical was released may and it was the best thing since sliced bread I mean every dollar or continent was using it. Arm is still used to get bitten industry but it's not really used so much as a standalone product any longer. On the cause what we have found. Is. Willing sometimes when we do something orthodoxy stroke when. More if we use tear which by itself it works great on certain diseases but not so good I'm not one disease that it would not cover is on dollar. Spot the you know it just wouldn't touch dollar spot so there's no easy to use granular on the market now called headway. And is a combination of here and inch and manner Max Panamax component at a chemical. Is really good on the is that that on certain diseases that the heritage manna cup. Com I'm broke team on here to chosen album and on the market this struggle on arms called filler. I had views both as a matter of fact I did the backyard with pillar in the front yard with headway dished that my first round this year with with on this side. And I'll probably were first bat for this next round. Battalion chief question yes with the amount of water that your having to put on this fast few Saad. Now is the Tom on the diseases going to be prevalent and would you have in the duel but extra watering because this news sought to get it established. We're keeping that bad leaf and in the sought itself pretty moist all the top. And by doing that we're just increasing the opportunity for the C so if it were me I wouldn't Weis Tom. You know honestly. And the class tension Kimmel you're looking for kind of hard to find such a local agencies there and Woodruff. I know the storm darken our stores open on the during the day I'd almost get the vehicle mount drops stride appear grab a bag I'm. And get some already in the car yeah I don't doubt that prepared to check at our head wide Allah do the head what have made Tom birchard. You'll be extremely everywhere they give it a good dose ahead weigh in about 21 to 28 days from now if we if we're still studying. A bomb would would pretty routine thunderstorms I would going to get another application out. That it's right now it's. They'll hold your news is green but they're brown in all of it and and that's what I'm trying to keep from from Scranton gently into the semi mobile phone just put it. It probably this believe it and honesty if you light Sunnis Sade even watering you know two towns and I. Chances are you already have some disease that's that's somewhat active in math. Arms so big it's you know putting a fungicide that is not gonna make brown dead leaves of grass and were actually turn going tomorrow. But it's certainly gonna help palm but you know as star helped keep it from spreading and becoming a bigger issue. Another another thing that they mentioned is put down have freighter model organize. Are lower not a religious is an organic you can lean and arm if we don't have been stocking the store they should have a 6111. Which is organic and ice bears some more to the organize so you can use that. All right thank you very much thank you Matthew have a great weekend. It is my mama. She you're listening to New York pro show this morning brought to you back cure a lot of fresh farms Lucy I do apologize but I do not have to on the touch you were down thirty seconds left before the bottom our bright so if you wait patiently. Through the break down or make you the first thing out of the gates and as we come back from the bottom of our bright folks. It is these Saturday. The forefathers died I would like to wish all the dad's out they're happy father's diary and you are listening to New York pro show brought to you back here on a fresh from state team folks will be right back. Welcome back to the Jeanne the 78. And what a wonderful guy to be here. So I didn't folks we do appreciate all the callers earlier this morning as I get my headset back on as they get tangled in my sunglasses. But I do wanna stay with a phone lines Lucy found some 1803471. A 63. And we'd love to hear from anyone else who might wanna give skull this morning but let's see what Lucy's got going on angering Balkan morning Lucy Harry. Good morning and happy Father's Day count although yeah he's a wonderful excited send all their fathers and a video art below that. Ending the war yeah. I have aids free and he has sent. Then pulling their backyard. And she's got a tree not to come to write off words some man. You know. Base Sunday you know the walkway or whatever cash and it had ivy growing quite still it. And that. You know up to treat bush he's start or trade get the leaders start and dying down and and so I recommended. That she pulled some of that on the back from and can I tell her I can't he used because she wasn't going to be available analysts and then that. But I told her about channel facies teen gonna start tuning in on Saturday senate. But what do you reckoning and anything parody is part of the problem with the tree it's a big entry. You know it's kind of hard sci make typically how deep the problems I see from my the aren't not typically just leaves turning brown and following off arm what we season overall deterioration of the tree especially the barker came in light your. Because arias grows up the tree holds more more sure against mark on it can lead to increased insight issues increased disease issues. On the court per. Rotting I guess would be a simple term users or decaying. Of of the any areas on the on the Barca came in lighter. The question I have though you said it's cold resident you prove that she just. It's and now it's been there awhile and and she can decree is just big as that connect. Provided little or shade it one in those. Come area and she does don't wanna leave it. Certainly when it and the reason I asked if it were in Europe who bombed a lot of times people don't realize when we have a big tree in the in the points day. And we start digging around that route system and we just we type too why some us routes you can have made a huge negative impact on that tree. On one of the things comes to mind I know it's hard to believe the last two weeks we had been had a drought but we were in such a prolonged period the trial it's an older tree. We could be seeing and some some detrimental effect from the long term drought on the street especially if it's a large tree on eight. There's so many variables that could be going on that and mosque suggestion yes having ivy growing on the tree is certainly not healthy. So how what Al would go around the bison that tree. Make certain we don't cut into the bark but if you take action or you pulled out he often text and log percent cut that out of the way. You don't have to pull out all the way down from the tree if we can just cut that off down on the base and eventually die and the rest. Armed but we do need to keep that clean on and do not see having grown on trees just because of where adding an undue stress on to that tree. I had to come I have an actual area where we actually launch some big trade and when we lived in the ivy which just. And I think that's what happened to those trees but they were way back in the base you know have them back to the shadow of the properties so. And that's what we start pulling it away from the other trees closer to the landscape Geary. The other thing is which team would that tree benefited from some like candidates treat spike fertilizer retained. How does. It anger and hamsters she she was fertilizing. And I don't. Think she was. Yeah now that there's no doubt that that you know any plant as gonna benefit from fertilization and unfortunately we tendon neglect especially trees but even our shrubbery. When them along our landscape so there's no doubt that fertilization. Can can have a huge positive impact on the street. Okay pancake. And it bit there I have term casket down my yard convention sure that they can't earlier. She did you just said I hold all the the bottom of the hour. Well a lot of questions and T is all everything you always tell me did do it works so. I'm here to hear my guys to man and I can't hit them in here he'd he'd mile an hour labor for a very educational. For. And touched the ground spot in the last session Q and found in a little bitty can needle lecturing and ties that Tom and the watering loans. Eight it could be the mushrooms typically when we sing mushrooms and a panel home they're coming from how organic contents within the soul. It's not necessarily a bad thing arm to try to treat the mushrooms and has a fondness bombed so yes and to go cannot put a fungicide. I guess if you got the right on a few could that there's not and and really need for that. The only time that mushrooms but common that are kind of an indicator from the for something more serious with the in the long rolling inspect. If they're in a perfect circle. And in their larger when this happens if it's in a perfect circle the neck could be an indication of fairy ring which is a disease which will impact to Perth on. Just had a relatively terse sporadic it. Did you sporadic. That's that's review and in your watering. But one thing that could tell me about watering habit is that you watering too frequently and your not allowing that sold to dry out in between your gushan events. Which is I saw Lucy is somewhat of a no no especially as we go into how disease pressure this time of the year. We need that sold to dry out a little bit in between your dashed offense woke Vance we need the leaf texture of took to get dropped. Okay it will he has irrigation fete to learn like every. King day dabbling change he thinks Iran Iraq. I would try to go every three. I mean that's necessary Janice ash sightings in your pockets weaponized. And should we go ahead and put their head away now yeah yeah a lot of Brown's fine. I definitely. That's Harry and Allison Tom for fungicide. Okay I'm and can even have that in that granular. Online and we have had William we have a lower either one of those work for you. I. Happy father's stating he and I have a wonderful week to landlord and listen again next. Sounds right repression in an M have a great weekend listen thank you met Barack. You know great great great questions on this from Lucy in the Al lot of folks didn't on this brown patch issue an upstate but I do wanna studies. On the phone lines because this is absolutely. Phenomenal I believe this is the first call ever from the coastal areas South Carolina Walt welcome to the your Prussia. Thank you go governor good week I don't know I would think he threw. That at 2 o'clock primarily. Usually use you don't have any low country callers and there's nothing I can do it or are they. More now I really appreciate that side gesture stringing us live this morning as you sit animal goes to South Carolina. And you don't how much I appreciate that because we have rebroadcast of in the net market for quite awhile now. And I know now that I have one listener in his mind as wall who's from Mount Pleasant but so I'm just tickle me you know that that we have that one emotional while. We really pressure which colony and so mom what can we help you with a what can I try to help you wouldn't. I've got a problem with the Contra you know a lot of Bermuda grass guy. And I try. Are you so look very weak trees solar speed zone turning around. What size you buy what it's tried now and then after it rains I try to provide new product. And I also tried. One which. Actually seen granular which apparently is safe for I've been told it's safe career grass yes but I can not get rid of this. Is it duck conjure tough man I tell you it just it's rove finally there are a lot of plants are a lot of roots on the come off of that. It's a roll you know and for folks in a large part of on the status South Carolina might not experienced this cause. SE dot com for pretty heavy down in your neck the woods but as we've moved west and studied in and more towards upstate EC lesson last summit. On the cal waxy coating fate we used hard to control. On what I would suggest I think you you hit on one product called speed zone it works pretty good aside from your Bermuda. That the key I found one that won't issue have to spray it. And about ten to fourteen days later you can read the Libor and I think normally wouldn't tell ya you know do a follow up application. You have got to be dedicated put it in the on your calendar if you spray it on the first then sprayed again on the fourteenth even if it's brown and looks like it's withering up and dying. Sprayed again. I think if you get multiples price back to back within that libel as a suggest. That you will have much more success controlling this bomb. In an and make sure. It you know one or other things that's our folks to one we're using these herbicides to contacts and they have to metastasized. Through the plan you know they have to be absorbed through believe strains locate their beliefs to move on to the root. Arm so if you dish bright yet I'm fortunate mow the yard white to die spray it use nicer fact that when you spray it that are helping get it I didn't plant. Quicker have been doing that I'd been putting this effort and couldn't have took over stick. And then don't Mo for at least two or three dies on trying not to irrigate for a couple of nice. Arm and and then see if we can get better train's location in the week. Because that's what we need we need to chemical and that's part of the issue of controlling that it has so many times and so many routes how to we get all of this you know to the plan. There are. What's certain is good and I've been doing network speeds Sony is ever good. She. Other pre emergent or any type of granular. That would be the best suit I usually put that out after playing its. You know sort folks there and put dessert good product there. Not really at not really would win dot conference one of those things that a lot of it's pretty weeds so what's coming back from from plant stopped. So you know from a seed standpoint in the primers are stunning impact a little bit but it's not going to be bright you going to be better off tight in the south post merger. Okay and there than it speeds don't quite cross on its own time products and were best. Okay I've been trying to edit it knocks it down and ordered it just it pops up somewhere else. Obviously somewhere else and Astros at times just traveling in that in the of them mechanically of that plan or if you won't. Com and you know you get it not down but but that bonds order traveled over here in this spot. We don't get enough chemical trans a look at all the weird all the way over to bet on the spot so he can I have just one us we such kind of have to Chinese you know frosts in the upstate. We have to China's solemn. And while violence. Our sign why Tom that the wayward cow choice in those because you control what won here in new York and next thing you know month slider pops up somewhere else. Okay so it's a matter just keeping up what TV and bring your post emergent. Yeah and then just just trying to hit any content it. Anyone I've seen because it does seem to travel that way and that'll pop up somewhere else. Go to. But it just continuing battle yes it is. So a half OK well let's gonna bet on that I'm on the right track just. Just got to make sure I keep up what. That's set. Armed despair it will be a little more diligent of the timing and keeping up more than enough for enjoyable more success. Worry so much appreciated I don't love what we push edged gene and him in the hold the fort down there and the and the coast South Carolina. We're all content aren't sounds right and our thanks and we have bilateral. You know folks we're gonna stay with the phone lines and somebody had sent me a text and I hate to keep people holding we've had wrong on hold for a while to mourn Enron hammer you. I'm dole really great at a quick quip I'm on the lying thing guys I've got these old grid it's there were New York. And they and they gavel thing down one. In no time but that shock and remorse going to do susceptibility to the ball like a genre that we took these things are yet. Anyway that's what happens when your horticulture from Maryland and help it what did you what stuck airlock. Anyway you know. What I've done it output of much of the day is. Far enough away from what they Wear when they grow to full size they'll be right up to defend but not go through it on and back. There interspersed in between the red. Red chips. And they die all how come out but in the meantime I've he's grown up on the day went and obviously they grow up their car the look on a cool. I don't see where it's grown it on the ones that are still alive. Eight it may not because you know the red tipped it could be a song Versa shade issue. Arm and when he got the leaves on the red tip the other obvious gotta have I know what grosans shy didn't people who ominous Shia gloating plant but it signed token. Even though a plant like shape and also light sunlight and and it's probably just easier environment for Matt to grow up over the dead tissue. Or the dead limbs of of the red tipped. There is what I was suspect going home. They think that her as the work because I've done it before I mean these guys this. We'll visit Dave Bush is being planted there they're going to be they want and then just knock out there Brad Pitt is a. And I am exactly. And then damning that's say guys great plan because you got to plant that you know. Is not going to be long lived you know that it has the into most boring only spot it's eventually gone dock so one not going to get a plant started to kind of take its place. All right so I think that's a fun and Amy solution. Well I appreciate it sir Henry up on one thing right homeland. And I and Glenn Miller and Ron you hit on something you're right. Dom being a horticulturist in South Carolina has a lot different than being ordered cultures in in the mid Atlantic and northeast so lawyer it's a little bit different down here. There are got a great golf where the guy that was cut the top off of that aboard. You know about 45 feet cut off the cops and they were still very tall there you know be looked amazed at what he's probably going dot. Think what you tell me that we cut. I think that that is truths so long you know but the other fellow who he didn't said that they could cut them. Look from Maryland area. You know what I I don't I didn't realize what he was going to evidently. Up. Our had to go. You too thanks rob. And Lamotte. You know and and Ron brings up about a point into sporting league spot has been the demise of the red tip you actually see that diseases also prevalent home Indian author warns and clear but because I was plan actual party you're. They can count over growth typically those diseases but the red tips those that have never been pruned are still growing in the environment on the watch your program you open the plan up. The Lee's spot which runs rampant too and so if you do have red tips in the am improving national rowing don't parental if you do you're gonna lose and so. If you want a sure death of a plan going in pro and those things pretty severely and no doubt about it into the sport only spot like over. What are we didn't answer the bottom of the show I do pass and text to get to book before I get there let's go to mark and sensibility mortem. A camera you. Good morning morning. Are about six week old palisades lawyer Jim price yard time. And it certainly get some like this I won't say Brown's more likely reddish brown spot. In areas you have like dollar spotter or anything like that it's more widespread. Time. And what the policy what they mean is it. How glad to hear what you say it's not dollar spot but out really think it could because dollar spot has been pretty prevalent for the last month and a half percent. Arm and dollar spot Kim if you go online and look external like perfect silver dollar every time. But what I tell you when he gets into something like two palisades Georgia because we have a little more factual thicker bloody block grants. It may not present itself as a perfect round circle. It's a lot of Laura Brown spots and when I first partial cease from reading down on that particular Friday grass and then you'll quickly see that on talent term brown. I would guess it's probably that it could be some time beliefs spot especially as we get these cloudy. Yell overcast day he's neck and into some weak spot on we don't see a lot of disease on on palisades it's long term detrimental to be grass. It may be unsightly four short time. But it seems to grow out of it pretty quickly so. Yeah put our way out vest doesn't tell you must suggestion would be. To go south and simple it's less expensive you can use the headway if you wanted to with a pillar that we talked about earlier. But they're more expensive that they're definitely worth the money. Armed. But you can also drop back to something simple like eagle it's an it's an older class condition it's in the amount. It's not heard anything on your palace site you can drop back somewhat to eagle fund to sign that should help you clear that up. But she's say it what is the best headway is the best no doubt about that what are you pass well I do love your show. And I really appreciate it and call out no problem mark do you have a great weekend. You thank you. And ballot you know folks it has been a great day for the yard approach show analysis and your approach hopefully next week we'll have to folks in the studio which no one. I'll do this again so which puddle of spent the last the last two weeks. Armed but one thing I wanna side of goes out we'll get back up and go to a few texting Tyson don't site again. On several folks chimed in and set it and Powell cited him happy follows night all the dads out there. Accomplished artist text on here because it's kind of interest and been backing up on the he's for quite awhile masses I have lemon trees and pots album optical. And the squirrels constantly dig in the embassy anything I can put on them to deter them thanks. You know I think you go old school view each from one he's long handy dandy home remedy things. I think he throws some some moth ball somewhat down in the pots that should deter the squirrels I know they're looking for much better. Bearing nuts who knows what the squirrels are wacky to sanction. That might be put a squirrel feeder in new York and deter them from digging in the plants and freedom at amber and I don't know that's a tough. How I get rid of corporate wheat or better yet prevent it that's a tough a tough one on prevention of corporate we. Camby dom would pre emergent so few using a good pre emergent. That should eliminate. That the that the growth of the siege German anger corporate we did is an annual summer annual on that should help a lot. Com you can also use any type of broadly for weed killer that that is specifically designed for your variety Grasso was speeds on song like that. Should take care corporal we cannot tell yet. Wonder what I didn't record for we it's fairly easy because Grossman Cingular tapper at. After running like we've had recently it's pretty easy just go out there and pull up so you can eradicate it by hand for release with a tight half an hour so when law only go out and start pulling. Suppression shrub bets on pretty easy to pull up. Cash app appears near for my New York for planting new grass seed the majority of our backyard which turned over foreign you septic systems so we have no top soul. Armed topsoil is. Instrumental in in having a go it alone but. That your native souls can also grow along well if you take some time and do some amendments so if you don't have top soul if you have a lot of red client. You can incorporate. Somehow organic matter on the addition decomposed Tom Barr. On the you've got accomplished here in the back when you won't you can you can incorporate that until. The best one to prepare along I know you're not like hearing this but certainly tilling. Buckles souls as we talked during the show that become compact to we have a whole host of problems so if you have nothing growing. Let's take this opportunity to prepare the souls to rock why I mean after all. I've always said he wouldn't build a house without putting a lot of engineering into the foundation and a house because house is only good. As the foundation of this built upon is the sign thing amounts we gotta get a good foundation for that grass of the long term you'll have success and having marched out. Do you know of anyone who will come take down some march on par woods for free mostly though can maples. I really don't know of anyone who would do that free. I was suggest might be our calling some of the timber companies not a or Burress but but maybe looking for going including companies people that nitro because the has some value. And an oaks and maples in the hardwood trees that may be willing depending on how many you have to come around that Fareed. And I want to follow up inside that Germany's Lee said the few have. Things the using your garden like four legged creatures that a 27 these things work on a person of the Tom. I'll agree Jim but you know sometimes we just can't do than our neighborhoods so. On the got a checkered you're here areas there. Let's go to what don't try it I only have about a minute left but we're gonna. Finish up the show I want to Jason and travelers rest about fast huge ice and we're down to about a man what can dial up you would. Thank you appreciate it in my car try to make a quick on Father's Day I'll ideal next time yeah I'm sure I'll. It if they I've got a rescue long and pretty up tried it several times in different places of live birth I have real war. Soil Ali heated with the white Dutch clover. Because it helps you know get nitrogen levels up to someone and it is there a post emergent. Spray that put on the grass. And not killed colder as well gluten only pre emergent that I can do. Had a pretty much only pre emergent. 'cause mush your proposed emergence or designed to kill things like clover to broadly fleets and as can be very difficult armed chemistry Fonda they are very specific in the I don't know if that exist. Well how do create a hard when you have a friendly kid jettison them about like you appreciate ala. But she had been listening to the you can follow our podcast. On the one a 63 W or the side.