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Wednesday, November 22nd

Sexual Harassment, what we are thankful for, Trump.


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Order to the broadcast your calls welcome and so we've got some very patient caller standing by coming up we're also gonna talk about the story of Robert Mugabe he's resigned as president of Zimbabwe thank god. It's got some interesting questions about this and how we've engaged this over decades. Decades. A just give you a hint. Compared what's been going on in Zimbabwe. To South Africa. And how we engaged that. I think it's worth the discussion. We'll talk about this bit first go out to David in Charlotte good morning welcome. Good morning Walter who called earlier at a gold always but he young memory armed. They pressed to turn their back on the indiscretions. Democrats for years I mean Mary Joseph and killed by Kennedy out of the Kennedy in the White House blew around. Floor around getting a pass it's been twelve. This is generational Democrat abuse in Kabul by the. You're absolutely right Davids and it's you know that nobody can hurt that's what's interesting about this nobody cared over all the Shearson Allison everybody's jumping on the the Clinton bandwagon and say oh we should have condemned this yet very convenient now now that he's out of office. Really takes a whole lot of courage to deal with that David thanks lock your call. Run out of Taylor's South Carolina good morning and welcome. Warning there is no I look at this whale what are the impact that negated all of those conservatives make and something other they concerning China. They said. That it was in the states as you know it could prompt treating it tweeting back and forth with the other guy. And talked about being vague and they were young and are not well what a mistake it was a crime. The next thing that comes up and it's pregnant so was these women come and not as more and where are sudden. I know what these women are saying is right and true. Our so who's standard here well the standard. Is that person. That was making this statement now the word is whatever I think it's true it's true and that was one of the more prominent. Durbin talked this way I look at this whole thing. It's it's a systemic problem and the way I look at it is a lot of things are being set up on the updated its spirit here we know that some of the tension. But as males are being back then. And is in particular white male. There's a setup. For a presidential run. For a female president in the next coming elected because moment that you came in. And I mean it that's a pretty adjusting vary their runs you're saying. This is all going to lead to a horse of messages saying you know what. These men are accused dogs all of the every single solitary one of them but here's my question who the woman be run. An outpouring or no I'm saying who would the woman he would be who would come along to save us from all of these horrible man. I think it would be Michelle Obama. Who commits itself yet. Somalia. Don't wouldn't surprise me. Laid out and here Deane David pretty much said what you get said about all men being you know all bad man. That's what got kicked off box please do not because of that but because of Indy eight. But here it is I mean a perfect setup. I must say that they're dormant thankfully. What I can think we can rest assured that they won't need it. Analysts say hey this is our opportunity. Yep they certainly will appreciate your call Iran there's been a lot of speculation about this abouts what's may be coming. In the future from the Obama family. You know one of the things I think is really intriguing is how all of a sudden everybody seems inclined to throw the clintons under the bus. These Democrats are starting to. Come around on this. It really does make you wonder are they clearing a path for Michelle. Nothing would surprise me you know what will start in twenty team with the senate campaign. I'm just just asking here. Justin and in Charlotte welcome. I event at a talk this morning and. I had them the fortunate thing about twenty minutes of air MSNBC. Since. A lot about that Jim. Watching it at the gym and actually act here I'm a little radio. But they. The current of their discussion with Charlie Rose well. Let out for the long time ago and these. Mean have been a pretty. And in where these indiscretions that at a younger any sort of thing and. What kind of thing we have and are packed. We might not want. Yet people voting on. You know any any anyone have a name is stop that it just think her room changed so that they. It has. May be some of that spectator can be explained or. It. Out. Our. It is. You gotta do something got to do something to rehabilitate said the narrative year appreciated that Justin. A Crist has a potential candidate for us who might Debbie currents. Event. Greedy at this level. As Buckley's since the last you're in the afternoon at BC. That get hairy back. Basically went. Christian Gillibrand came around as says she regrets. Her thinks that. Bill Clinton should step down. Right there that told me she is she just played the game she's just ride this is gonna Raddatz to that plea to erase. For president. The east there on the clintons the even issue his policy people policy video footage of her with the clintons over the years. Suspect to a Bill Clinton was what the president Akashi is clearly clearly throwing them under the it's sale that should have happened yeah Asia's he should step down and now she's walker away right there. Chris that is a plausible idea appreciate your call there Kirsten Gillibrand you know we've got her audio I don't know Wii you played that yet. She's the one who made the comment certain days ago we do we don't have that but. Perhaps will listen to that sometime actress yeah why would you come out now what's the purpose behind that what does that accomplish. Other than trying to clear the way because there's speculation Hillary might be inclined try again. You know it's it's crazies that sounds I wouldn't put a pastor. Talk about Robert Mugabe because we have this breaking news story that's developed this morning. You know that Robert Mugabe has been under house arrest for a number of days now disguised 93 years old. And here's my question for you. As a black man I was obviously concerned about what was going on in South Africa. And you'll remember how artists in all kinds of people got involved in efforts to train in the injustice in South Africa. Black people if you heard raise their voices in opposition to Robert Mugabe. Just asking. This man's been in office for decades. Decades. The breaking news is that he's agreed to step down. One week after he was detained by the military. Coming up I'm gonna share what you some very interesting quotes. And it's you know people make these stupid comments to fight here this phrase again well I did say that. Let me just say Davis I hate the phrase black people can't be racist. You wanna see a racist take a look at Robert Mugabe im gonna share some quotes it is and we'll talk about this as we continue to broadcast. Right here some of these quotes we'll they're gonna drive you crazy I guarantee. Stimulus. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program on the text line mentally women saying. These men abused them it's a power grab to me watch out you might be next events. It's why we heard endless stories about the young woman writer from the root who's accusing Jesse Jackson John Singleton inappropriate behavior. Angered at one time and just went to weigh. That's for in T. It's I'll say it again the media follows the money not the issue of the Clinton empires not producing money so now it's in the news. At where we're gonna generate money you know this this intrigue you as it does me. Think about what these folks the scheme these folks have been pulling off for decades now. Where can go for money who can they scam. And on what basis. Power influence today. I mean I'm worried about their economic situation as speaker. Set pretty well. Michelle Obama argues serious after eight years the worst president in the history. I thought that was owned by Jimmy Carter. Maybe he's been outdone here. It's I get hit on by women all the time I take it as a compliment. I wish you could happen more often. Already. Let's not forget Ted Kennedy colluding with the Russians in the eighties to make Ronald Reagan look bad yeah I remember that story earlier this year. Let's Elizabeth Warren that female senator from new Yorker just turn on the clintons will be running in 20/20 against trump. The person used the name Pocahontas. That's who this war parties. Eventually will be admitted that. All sexuality is biological in nature next step. Woman president final step all newborn men will be neutered. Or better start watching hazel reruns. Oh my goodness that goes way way back. Way way back. And we have this I nominate Debbie the dean met the goal for the next democratic presidential candidates. And Grady. The gravity. Robert moved Mugabe was educated in American universities as a similar ideology to Obama would not surprise me at least it. As a representative republic we have to look at the spiritual moral and corporate fruit each individual state of our country. Yes that is true. A respected individuals and population individuals cleaning up their spiritual more moral and corporate life actions will clean up the whole swamp. Give thought to what in a lien able rights are. The right to live spiritually with sovereign created no matter what happens. In the world. You're actually right that's where it has to begin with us no question about it. Bureaucrats are just respecting our voted for president the agenda that came with him when our votes. Those bureaucrats. Came out of our population. Oh that they have. Also on the text line. Michelle Obama for president. Cut our. That's techsters here. It's all this racist and sexist stuff it's just a distraction real scandals the treasonous corruption within the establishment that is from ten. Meant so let's Roy Moore can produce a smoking gun crew and all the accusers are part of a big conspiracy the damage is done doesn't matter whether it's fair just. What matters is the big picture. I mean nobody but let me say this Michelle over my dead body this the first time I've been proud to be an American I'm praying. For our first. President. Will be former senator attorney general Kelly a yachts from New Hampshire reads defense. Lincoln's. That's scary. So every is the question with Robert Mugabe es resignation. We're as all the outrage in about this guy. Now I get it with South Africa we all agree. There were horrible things happening in South Africa to black people. Are you familiar with some of mr. guy these views. And apparently wasn't a big enough problem for international outrage. How about a few quotes here. I'm still to Hitler of the time this Hitler has one objective justice for his people sovereignty for his people recognition of the independence of its people. And their rights over their resources. If that's Hitler then let me be Hitler tenfold. Ten times. That is what we stand for. That's Robert Mugabe. Don't even fight over girlfriends the country's full of beautiful women if you can't get one come to move Gabi for assistants. He'll set you up. You dear woman. South Africans will take down a statue of a dead white men but won't even attempt to slap alive one. Yet they can stoned to death a black man simply because he's a four. Already. The only white man you can trust is a dead white man. Again this is Robert Mugabe. What other wonderful things here if you take men and lack of an house for five years and tell them to come out with two children and they failed to do it. Then we will chop off their heads. Well that's nice. Very very nice. Only god who appointed me will remove me. Yeah. This land is ours it's not European we've taken it we've given it to the right for people. Those of white extraction who happen to be in the country and our farming are welcome to do so. But they must do so on the basis of equality by the way for those you not familiar what took place. Ian. Zimbabwe one of the reasons why this country winter and the toilet economically they actually forced white people off a forms. They they basically took stuff over and said okay we're in charge now. And you white people you know you go to the backseat. I am of the belief that there are a lot of black people who believe this way in this country. They would love to do this revenge. And let's see year what's the problem we now have airplanes which can take them back quicker than the ships used by their ancestors. As in getting all the white people. They marched makes perfect sense rate. And let's see you there any other wonderful it's not possible that women can via par with men. Again Robert Mugabe. Have you heard about any of these things discussed bit of power for decades. Where were the international outrage about this. Where was. We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land they cannot own our soil. Now again I get the colonialism argument I get it. This is just the opposite all you're doing this year turning around hatred. And replacing it with another former patriot. Crazy is it. Robert out of travelers rest good morning and welcome. Bin Laden wanted to point out there's good reason why you don't hear from the yeah. About the audience and public. Get the thirty odd or more years ago. The fact about symbolic kick out it want it under the spotlight. I mean how would you feel more exciting. Exterior I voted. 200 declared that people like. I think that. In and out there opens the right now I don't think they know that. You're absolutely right to Robert this is this is what's so sad I appreciate your call that it's you know go back against Barton keen to stream what was the tree. Content of character over color of skin by the way I'm. Seeing video live images. From Zimbabwe. There are celebrations in the streets. Celebrations in the street you know it's crazy about this not only do you have white people. Who bit him oppressed. But. People have been oppressed as well. This guy has been an absolute positive. Monster. That's what he was. Good riddance. 1136 out of its Coakley radio program lays thing I've put in for discussion. Robert moved ID. Eighty. Very clear racist don't you think. And this guy is just leave it all around miserable human being finally 93. Is the siege he's finally leaving. Stepping down. A week after he was detained applied the military. Over on the text line. Several interesting items year we start with this when with the feminization of American men Michelle is issue and for president. We also have business. I would vote for your bunker trump for president really. How about senator Jim dement that would be good choice. Nothing wrong with Kelly yeah do you know her I think you need to examine your inappropriate response about really. In a those Mugabe quote sound like they could've come from a US professor yeah they can very easily. I'm from that direction that your statements and south after lacking an experiential nature these comments about the Gabi or no different than president Zuma. And the south African parliament singing kill the boer in Pollock parliament. Barack Obama would be tie with peanut Carter for the worst present except Obama deport him mature country and the citizens. Or 82 dots 93. Almost made president for life I always liked condi race. I'm rate on getting rid of beef farmers at least taking the firms away from white people yet we get rid of the farmers quickly any food crisis. Not a coincidence folks. The truth always matters the truth never dies that's demonstrated by all these accusations coming out of the woodwork justice always travels. With true truth whether you're aware of it or not. Went away when leaves each state is important in these very important someone correcting us here Elizabeth Warren is. Folk a harness not Pocahontas. Yes that's really important. Equal opportunity oppressor referring to McAfee that's a very good description. And we have this Vince electing Michelle Obama would get rocked back in the White House that we can be co president in the next two years of the start making media appearances. Watch out. You don't the media world fully cooperate with you because they certainly have strong since romanticism. Bouts. Barack Obama and Michelle for some the items from the Eagles advantage talk line. 8931110. We will get to that in just moments. Let's start with a call from Robby welcome. Morning. Yes sir. I have to work harder president. That he merely. Are you series. What do you like about it and laws are normal. Well all I think. Some of our friends in the it let's just say south of the border who may beg to differ with you in fact. I'll bet just by you're mentioning that name now I would say she's done a great job as UN and faster way are you pleased with the job she's doing there. Sure absolutely couldn't worldly experience. He has running this state experience. Which overall I think you're in the job. You look at in Colin Campbell a lot of issues. With the down the aisle and the statues in the blanks. That that made everybody happy. Our dog really do you think they made everybody happy I ate my experience. Certainly hosting a show in South Carolina especially in upstate South Carolina. A lot of people were really ticked off at Nikki Haley ends they were not thrilled with her leadership in South Carolina now. On that contain evidence is like to say everybody like you know when I mean there's all these diversity there that we have to consider I think you're talking a majority of what's best. Four of them majority. Understandable it's fair enough. Appreciate your call rugby and let me put this out there does view listing south of the border tell me. What are your thoughts here a possibility of a resident Nikki Haley. I'm feeling Tex lines can go crazy and the calls Mina command but I know the text with. And does some of the text I probably won't be re. Just being honest here Chris welcome to the broadcast. A bit good morning good morning. He's so quick question Korea urging say outburst are causal first time that continued. An urge you mentioned something about they're black Americans. Who. Have the same mentality of wanting to. Four reaping and move white Americans out of the way. And I just wanted to ask if if you've ever seen eighty. Significant move marketing movement for that matter or any significant movement. With that tight vote mentality moving forward to to get that done as opposed to. A mentality of just fighting for an equal level playing field. 44. Equal rights in America I never I never CNET. Good I'm glad you have it Chris. I've certainly seen this by a certain people like Louis Erica time who openly advocates. Four. Setting up a black nation essentially within the nation. And getting our own property that's that's really part of the the philosophy that drives this there are a lot of people frankly Chris who want they want revenge. And this is not Martin Luther King's vision but I don't see new generation of people who have been promoting this idea of you know redistribution. Is really. That's really what that amounts to it's taking something from somebody else. So you can re appropriate this and this goes through communism and all kinds of other forms. But sometimes it has racial overtones sometimes it doesn't. Like you said Chris I am glad you haven't haven't seen or heard this kind of thing but it is out there. I haven't really are hurting right now. It's not a significant there's never been a movement in America. A significant movement by black people may look Erica on this kind of like. You know he he wants to do something with an America that is a separate thing where they're doing something that necessarily push white people out of the way or whatever you want to do something that is. Independently black which I you know I don't agree with that either. I've never seen it read in movement like Eddie. Let it overtake white people and put in the position under us. Where we are the the authority over them and we can give read engines and do something to have never seen anything like this. Well I'm glad you haven't Christa and I do appreciate your call because I aim. I'm very concerned that there is there's been there's been a cultural difference here Dennis there's been a shift in recent years. I know in my parents' generation the goal was equality. And somewhere along the line know it may not be supplanting white people. If you heard the discussion taking place especially on the left they're thrilled about the fact that this country in a few years will be. Minority white. Drew population alone. Now I I don't have any view one way or the other about this I think this is just part of what happens with populations. And with ships in especially would you have so people who've embraced the death culture of abortion. And you have people not having children. And then you have people coming to the country from outside the country having more children. On there's a price for that. There is a big price for that. So. It doesn't necessarily have to be something where you have a violent. Effort to get rid of white people but yes there are plenty of people celebrating. The what has been referred to as the routing of America. Because they know politically. This means a good future for the Democrat party. Watch it. I know and I'm talking about here folks. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program. Eagles' advantage to play number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line 713 years seven. I knew it was coming these. The text sly man. It is scrolling away with responses on Nikki Haley. Let's see where we possibly begin. Vince I put Nikki Haley the same box with the Lindsey Graham no thank you. No I'm tricky making for president no Nikki. Nikki Haley rents for president I'll vote Democrat told your folks. This would open up a floodgate. Nikki Haley would be better than Hillary. Nicki know. On another person on Michelle Obama I'd rather have both berg jaws the next president Michelle oh. This guys says as I got lust is darn mine Nikki Haley no way keep her away. Are you crazy Nikki Haley I'd rather have fire ants in my pants. Liked your folks. This. I would not vote for Nikki Haley for dog catcher. Film he I love this oh no the Mickey haters are going crazy lynch mob off whether there. If you knew well what was coming didn't you. Nikki Haley please lord mellow she treated the flag issue very poorly as well. And this is this is what it takes a lot of people off the way this confederate flag issue was still. That created a lot of enemies a lot of them. There are few more year Nikki Haley I hope we can do better if you were to end up with a lot worse. On the issue of racism. Black toward whites answer caller Chris the current relinquish repeating a white supremacy is the revenge movement Crist is not seen. No no no Nicky she's been stronger the UN because she has a boss that required it as governor she wimp out totally on the refugee intake. In South Carolina. She refused to take a stand against Obama the way some other governors did she can't stand on her own to do the right thing without a boss. Told your folks. Let's go to a few calls here first baba welcomes her. Good morning they've had days he band that song got killed aboard. Now loudly and anymore. But didn't change it now they they put like a piece cylinder head bigger. And pointed at the other end they say love the more bang bang bang. Play. Pregnant yet but are they officially disarmed it exists anymore. These limo. Our race problem will appreciate the call their Bob the update on what's happened with this. Pat it's good morning welcome to the broadcast out of Davidson. And I relate Aamodt got me out somebody in the US who are. Martin formidable crop. Got full Coleman Europe is merely a Detroit old gas. It's got pretty good public speaker and. Pat can you can you hold a moment let's put that on hold and see if we can get his call back. He brings out a good point actually we've lost hopefully you'll call back. Justices on that to reverse racism issue that I mentioned just a few minutes ago and I completely forgot about Coleman Young. A David out of gas studio good morning. Are you rights. Yes like the straight and am totally against illegal immigration. Well there's strong suit is this hole where you can expect you lengthened it urged. A real solid all we bought. What we look at every human. Shortly ecological impact. It never raised. About actual operation while. Or. An. Arm. And and and. It because I'm sure there will be an impact there's there's no way you can not impact wildlife with something that large you know one of the things I'd put out there. You know. I thinkers and and other people talked about this. You don't have to necessarily do a physical wall over the higher portion there other things you can do to provide security. Other types of surveillance and frankly man power. That can address this issue over certain parts. And I and I deeply comes down to is you can't use a one size fits all approach to the party of the border. There there are different purchased the dot abused but you agreed that the border does need to be secure. Let's but I personally would get certain were involved in the actual call. I'm not we avoid a war and a lot of money or some golf farm and after a more moderate or. An outlet to come at all. Eight I appreciated you know something I'm going to action the action notes about and I want inquirer about this is I guarantee you. Environmentalists. Are. You know they've been on this case quite some time once the subject came up because we're talking about pretty much people in that scene can. Who were probably not trump supporters. One texture reached the question here what wildlife. Armadillos. Hampshire. That's part of the equation there were twilight where I came across a story the other day. And this was posted by eighty FaceBook friends. Obviously on the other side of the aisle who's making an observation about the wall this person was excited because. Apparently there's an effort by a group down in Texas I believe. They're trying to purchase. Some property down at the border and their goal is to. Ultimately stand against the wall so if there's never to put the wall there they're gonna go to court and fight against imminent domain. So the idea is they're gonna come things up. So Bible lands and then become part of a court case. To try to keep the wall from coming in in certain places so. It remains to be seen and whether the wall ever get funded. I mean we're supposed to be putting up a border fence years ago whatever happened that congress never provided the money. Rather convenient don't you think. That's all the time we have Vince Coakley reaffirm how every shows a great day and got bush.