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Yet our number two. Friday the Vince Coakley radio program I am your guest host bill Brady the Eagles have vanished talk line 80347. 1063. The common sense retirement planning text line 71 threes are seven as we mean an end to mine next. Incredibly entertaining topic element to all this concealed carrier Friday if you're Kerry and again I've got to be out Greenville later. Text me at 71 Treo seven what you care and because I just wanna besides I wanna know I'm surrounded by people don't. There's a reason I throw that out there. This is bill languishing. And the and the house called HR thirty. This is a bill that I have. And a few other people have worked on for months. I didn't right it is written by Graham and Hudson North Carolina. HR 38 is called the national reciprocity. Kerry. And this is where they're saying that if you have a permit to carry again. In one state that you should be allowed to carry again and every state in the United States. Much like you would if you had your marriage license are your driver's license although. The marriage license and the driver's license is. You know none of those are actually. And the bill of rights. There's been a ongoing debate about this because as loud you say bill I don't want the feds determining who gets a permit well that's not what they would do. There's been some other parts of the senate bill states' rights well what if states want to start sanctioning slavery. What if states want to start slight sanctioning segregation. At what point do we sit back and say about states rights will states' rights are okay but the constitution is a constitution has met by the past the fourteenth amendment. This than segments Amanda today. Representative Thomas Massie got donated nationally syndicated show about begun topic. And he said that the reason that it has an advanced and he's talking about his bill not this is the finger at them and bring it is interest. There's talk about his ability said that. Paul Ryan. Said that there was no. That the timing was not right to bring up national Kerry was surprised when he was talking about Thomas Massie spill now this is what we found out. HR 38. Was filed and put out their pre Alexandria. But after Alexandria all of these Republicans who this really makes me wonder about them. They all decided that they should be able to carry guns and defend themselves well guess what I agree would you Republican. Republican congressman duke type person. But I think that I should be allowed to do defend myself as well I didn't think that your life was worth more than mine. But what we got was who we got about three I think it was three bills came out of the Republican side were where they wanted to have a carve out as we call. Now right now in the United States we have a carve out for law enforcement Leo so this is where law enforcement can carry again anywhere in the in the United States. I don't have a problem with that. No matter what you may think about law enforcement today 99.9. Percent of law enforcement pretty good people. Actually believe in the little logo on the side of their call even though boo boo Supreme Court said that they're not help that. Actually believe that so. I'm looking at this and I'm looking what came out after Alexander. Jeff Duncan. My congressman South Carolina district three. He was a one that this guy hodgkin's and walked up to and said are you guys Republicans or Democrats. And Jeff was on the way to a meeting. He and other congressman and he said Republicans and many win out there with his. I believe he had asked him yes I'm not sure which rightly he did not have what is classified as an assault weapon. Which assault weapon and assault weapon is a it it varies from crime to crime. If I pull out a mailbox out of the ground and I start beaten you in the head with it. That is the assault weapon. But there is no class for classification for weapons for firearms that winner summer called assault weapons and over here are the cute and Fuzzy guns. That's just a political construct if you will did you choose fuels certain way to fuel scared of them so that abandon. Even though you have a better chance being beaten to death by somebody by hand and you do being shot by any kind of right back but I decorous. So HR 38 has been sitting. In the House Judiciary Committee which trade Audi is a member of but he is not the chairman. And I and a group called Orville score a lot of New York City. And at Milan which is a big gun news aggregators and a couple of other people we have been discussing how to get missed what we do. How to we make this happen and we guard started a little campaign to email. And put everybody's name on a petition and send that forward which we did. That indirect. We kept on scratching our heads trying to figure out what's going on. Because this is why this is important in in the United States today if you and I are concealed carry holders and were driving through Maryland. To get somewhere where we're don't want they're going to cross reference our power to the fact that we have a permit will be. Connected to our tag on our core. And in Maryland if they pull you over and your from out of state MA realize you have permit. They're gonna pull everything you own out of your car looking for that gun because as a council have a in the car or something like that in Maryland I may be wrong about that it's happened. And then if they don't find ago and they're gonna leave everything you own on the side the road and they're gonna say have a nice day minimum. Yeah so there's six hours heavy car basically disassembled looking for something is Mary and you may tellem. In New Jersey. If you cross the border into New Jersey you have a hollow point round in the back of your from rolling around the forty car you're going to jail. Chris Christie has had to pardon I don't know how many people who thought they lived in the United States but they came to new agers. And there are balls about the scope faux pas the sheer act is to reinforce that the firearms owners protection. You're supposed to be able to transport weapons unloaded secured. From one state if if it's in South Carolina on Tuesday when you can have a use dispose of a drive through all of these other no man's land states where they don't trust the citizens. To be able to carry that. So we've we've had all this campaigning going on all these things trying to figure out how to get this. To happen. And then. Not too long ago we put out Bob good blitz from member Bob good it is the chairman of the house judiciary commit. Now the reason I bring this up as there was a recent survey where ever by the the biggest concern in the United States 35%. Is the over reach of the government on guns. And when it when a state government like New York until you you can have a got Washington DC you can't have done. When you've had the Heller decision McDonald decision when you have the fourteenth amendment when you've got the Second Amendment. You've got all these things and they keep trying to change things to eight. Report was race they went from being raised to being neutral about that may dismay to everybody. If they're not gonna let you habit and at the same time Roe vs. Wade has become all the land is just what it's going to be just if you want something like that it's gonna happen right now on this matter of fact I have to pay for the few. Well of course she could see where somebody like me like you. My would like to think that our ability to defend ourselves expand it across some imaginary line on a map. And that's when they turn 38 was essentially do you miss going to be all kinds of lawsuits and everything else New York lawsuit. New Jersey we'll see Merrill suit Illinois we'll see how why it will suit California also in Washington stable suit. A lot of them sue about it. And New York's state for example they wanna have that most of them probably have to go get beast the judge you're tall permit. There's more permits for out of staters and you tell them there's anything else. This campaign Bob good it has signed on as a cosponsor the grassroots movement does work. I just thought I'd point that out too. When we get back we're gonna talk about is they're too political parties or just want. You listen in 1063 WORD. At a Eagles a vendors talk lighted under 3471063. The common sense retirement planning text lie and a 71307. Two things on the text line bill look up Mike's loss you're not already familiar with it. Who's Mike. I will be looking that wanna. Then a former resident Greer who lives in burgeoning says that good that signing onto it is a good thing. But he doesn't listen to his constituency well listen. I learned one thing when I was working with Gun Owners of America about politicians when they're left to their own devices jazz they're gonna get up to some mischief. But they're like silly petty they're very malleable and if you beat on them a little bit. I'm not talking about going out gimmick cricket baton Tina you're in your congress crew who would that. I'm talking about on the phone email constant barrage in that means there's a little bit of civic. You know civic organizations civic participation. They're gonna go that way. Asked Barack Obama. About April 2013. If anybody's been was an Emmy for awhile you know exactly and talk about but hey let's talk about the Republicans now is that it. The Republicans told us. And Obama got an office if we had the house we could stop him. We gave in the house and they didn't stop them and they said what we need to sanity. And we game senate and they didn't stop. Them I said we have to have the presidency we have to have everything. They didn't expect that happened they had let they had. They didn't look at the demographics. Very closely on that one the the left. The hard core left. There'll coastal now there's there's a smattering of them here in the air bit. They're not enough to sway any election and that's why we have the Electoral College. We're not electing the president California we're not only to the president California New York to Illinois and where electing the president of the United States and that's why the Electoral College was set up in the first place. So even though that happened and they were flabbergasted. They got what they wanted to and you know we would think that the change would be moving up and down the field we'd be getting what we need. That happened. I'm a sum that up for you know. Right now the leadership and I use that term loosely. Bryan and McConnell. They have become so in transient there just about the point being traitors. And they're they're definitely not doing their jobs. Are being traitors to the constituents are being traitors to the country because there in a leadership position. I missed plenty of other traders. As well. It is clear to me now even though they're making this noise. We don't need to to replace obamacare. We don't need the government in power in charge of obamacare we don't need to state government in charge of healthcare we don't need the federal government in charge of healthcare. There's a couple of things they could do to reform certain things chair that needed to be done. I was in the hospital a few years back I I saw one itemized thing where roll of toilet paper was ten bucks and I know I didn't have no occupants. And I wasn't even allowed to use the toilet. So dipped her Christmas tree on both sides. So you other needs to be a little bit of reform but. You know they never meant to repeal obamacare. This leads me to this one belief because it it seems like. This inability to do something now days it's. Becoming universal. And do we have a Republican and a Democratic Party or do we have a unit party. Are they the swamp thing. The establishment party doesn't have any principles. I have to core beliefs. A lot of them got to their position. There the usual channels family wealth power Harvard Yale. And in some cases by selling missiles and this path to power. Doesn't describe her providing congress without a doubt just enough of them to stop drop. The bad ones like the Chuckie Schumer is in the Nancy Pelosi is in virtually all the Democrats this is what they do they are more honest than the Republican. Establishment party members. There we have Ryan McConnell Bob cork or John McCain Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski. Jeff flake. Traders. To the calls all of them. They pretend to be conservative. But there are truly the epitome of the rhino. Phenomenon. And with each passing day that obamacare goes on repeal the tax system goes on performed an illegal immigration remains a restricted as long as so many of these. So called Republicans continue to sabotage Trump's agenda. The one that he was elected to implement the more certain. That we who actually believed what they said a few years back we become convinced. Of their treachery. Women like Collins and Murkowski never ever ever ever have any intention of limiting the damage done by planned parent. For everybody that's out there that says that you know if I'm Obama put something to you for you to think about you cannot be pro life and racist at the same time. Because Planned Parenthood was designed. By my Sanger. As part of the eugenics program and it was aimed at Black America. Like it or not. That was so longer that that's what that's ways started Matt's right here today. So it can't be a racist if you're white and you are pro life you cannot be a racist anybody ever tells you any different when you just don't want to stoke. The rest of the young rhinos have no intention of helping trump because he's an outsider and they cannot have that. There has you know you have to come from a certain class of people certain breeding you have to know. How the the correct way to eat the cucumbers sandwich without the crossed. At the intent is torpedo him justice Shirley is. They do via open borders pro route unrestricted abortion obamacare loving tax everyone more Democrats. A lot of people voted for trump with a lot of trepidation. I understood that I understand now. But we had. Some of us had other candidates in mind. And he was a little bit of a loose cannon and then. Did he know where the turn loose Canon comes from loose cannon came from the idea that on a sailing ship of the day when when they were made out of wood. The cannons were last. To the deck. And they had wheels on and so if they came loose. That big time you know wave like a ton or something that thing will be rolling around on this wooden debt to smashing everything. Police cannon on a ship of that time was a bad thing and that's way trump was that and the more I see it the more I understand that we need peace camp in charge tax specially in charge of swap. Nobody daughter's gonna win. Had a media telling us different. But you know that the Democrats they're no longer liberal liberal met they were for liberty that's where the word comes from their leftists. There's socialists and Communists. They're anti constitution. Just what to Pelosi out they're. She was she was paraded and shouted down over and over again and she still got other she has Stockholm Simpson broke or alzheimer's I can't program which. And she's encouraging illegal immigration anti free speech anti American anti science. Except for climate science of course Theresa yeah. They have they have this notion that man can affect a planet that's four point five billion years ago. They're the party racist. They see race everywhere and they made you know they do all the segment. Do you ever see a Republican gather and say I don't believe and all the segments I don't believe in all of this identity politics. No they don't because it's not polite. On the trump gets up and that's. But only left see skin color they don't see sexual orientation. And if you have any of that which all of us have been we become a victim of some stripe and we just have to learn which sub category we fit answer. And in the meantime the Republicans are sort of sit there on my hands go on. But you know we just don't might trump what about these guys and talk all the smack about your constituents boys does that mean anything to. Do you have any fight left in you. And here's a thing the Republicans. Column from a much richer heritage and and they're just squandering it right now. When we get back here's what not to do in the event of a terrorist attack from here on out. You're listening to 1063 WORD. Data Eagles event is talk line. 803471063. B common sense retirement planning text line. 71 threes are seven all the text line a bill what's the status of a concealed care for everyone bill on South Carolina it's it's and the senate it's Diane. I would like to advance a bill now to be considered in the South Carolina general assembly to abolish the South Carolina senate part of oust the gets. I don't know how often they actually pass a bill at this I don't think they referred to I'm probably wrong. I'll drop took to his favor right to way to put out press releases here today got on Twitter and he said another attack in London by a loser terrorist these are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. That doesn't sound like much but what that is is a condemnation. Of the intelligence apparatus of Scotland Yard and the entire UK. Government. C. My contention is this if you are on a terrorist watch list and if you are aging you wind terrorist. If you have all the sides and markers of being a terrorist. I believe. Well especially if you are not a citizen of the United States. I sit back and wonder why do we extend all of these rights to them that I can ever get from myself and I was born here. Because I did out there MS they will presume to do due process yeah but he's from Somalia. He's from Egypt he's from Afghanistan. Why does it. That's my question now. Here's the thing about terrorist attacks. Yeah. Now the the mayor of London as a guy named Saudi content. But you know this could very easily be the mayor of any state any sitting in the yen and the United States. The new mean has come out that if you. Take steps and if you are holed oceans. And you don't go out and do what he bristled at what happened in Barcelona and Barcelona of them the new attack system. Is either going to be a bomb or it's going to be a beat vehicular assault. And I'm Barcelona you had a vehicular assault and recently and in Britain you had a bomb and what they called witch who. The vehicular assault is where he's gonna ram everybody with the car and he's gonna kill a bunch of people because you can go rent a car to think about it I mean how many rental car places are you gonna pass today. You can ramp but weapon. Now you can weaponized a car. And then you can go do what you gotta do and then the first thing everybody wants to put out on the news is that everything will be back to normal and ports. So go back and sit in the same place and stand in the same places. That you were sitting and standing in right before this cat who had you know is looking for the 72 virgins and he just slammed into you. Where they U haul rental. And here's the other thing. These are not lone wolf's these are known wolves. There on the radar. San Bernardino shooters they were on the radar. The Garland Texas guys they were on the radar. The Chattanooga guy he was on the radar. This guy in London he was on the radar the guy that blew up there are and a broad day concert you tolerate our. All these guys are no. There's two things that I'd say about people. If you are so dangerous. That you cannot be trusted to carry a gun in society anybody society. And you should not be allowed to be out in society without some sort of a custodian. Monitoring your activity if you were that dangerous. Where it is because your impaired. Where it is because you're you're you know you're you're on drugs are on you know drinking or something or if you're a terrorist diet. If you have gone and had a little vacation and one of the stands where the where the Taliban hang out. You might be a terrorist we could do to hold Jeff Foxworthy thing if you want to. In these countries where these people are emphasis away you need to look at here Europe. Where it is in these countries where they have the known Walt. And they know that he's probably a terrorist they're left free. They have freedom of movement they can go with they want they can do what they want and their hunting. There hunting for a target of opportunity. That's become the rule more than the exception and a country. Now of course the government doesn't like that because they want they want you to do. Is they want to go out shot to be elected to drop they wanted it you know party like it's 1990 and a and if you drop because the terrorist drop ship well you know if you're gonna have probably go to break a few eggs. In the United States today I have no idea how many L intelligence agencies out of alphabet there are today. In Scotland are she's mean England yet Scotland Yard MI five. You have all manner of things they're exhibiting national fair. And habitually. I mean they're having a terrorist attack in England all the time like every six days. Do they stop some I'm sure. But listen if that you know if if we're like watching. If you're watching a criminal you're watching a terrorist he's walking around and everything and we know he's gonna do something why on earth were we just let him walk around and wait for him to do so. We'll deal due process OK fine. Have it your way. But here's the thing went this is this is also something that. This is also something that they use as a crutch to come after our rights as an yeah. Even though what happens. Happens and France France has become like a big target Paris. I've never visited Paris and now I know I'm never going to. Never going to be aware of the known wolf and look at the lackadaisical attitude of the government that lets it happen. We get back we're gonna go to the phones you're listening to 1063 WORD's. Right angles Aventis hotline 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. Let's go straight to the phones west on a mobile's won't want to talk. Her words concern the very good afternoon they're united and edu and the answer on the mysteries of the universe from the united. We get blocked FaceBook page and chair comment just more cheek. Only see one or two. Marks. Article she suspended in town hall by bitchy this mongering. Killers. Can go out and for days or K. Professionally for days beautifully colored there rated. Experts say exactly what they're going to do what went instructions. Look at right case you're wondering. And it play. On and on talk and soccer owner and arrested till he left. Like there's nothing that can do on that. Let's get more in England and Rob Reiner and the rest a while to come commercial. Or America and we got it by two rushed to. Yeah what may have been to our break that's stupid it is actually saying. People won't open on me after. That comment that killed me in Munich blow up everything that they let them. You know and the mayor of Islam that slept. As the motivation. I don't know what the motivation is you know the islamists have liked Obama. They did not like him at all because he was the he launched a lot of cruise missiles against him and he's posted Nobel Peace Prize. I'm happy that their bill the one thing that bit flat ass it would. Thank you just don't have any to be in politics somethings you just don't have chores while he was responsible I mean you don't want structure right now. Audio going motivation. I don't know if where these people that you're talking about a they are deluded and they think that Islam is like being a Baptist. 'cause to me is lomb is like being a fascist or a Communist course you know a demagogue and you know democracy it's a system it's not. It's not a church you go to it's a system they have their own loans they have their own all the hell yeah. So I don't know if they're deluded and think they're the Baptist currently think because. They are the friend of my enemy or they're the enemy of my enemy. I don't know what I don't know what it is. I don't know the differences I I don't know why they do it and it's it's a big. Question mark to me my plan is to simply be prepared to repel whichever silhouette comes over the horizon. There really is important let's go to James. All of mobile's phone yes sir. Picture this huge tall Jewish that are likewise I'll. Already get our car. Out there are etched on pretty. Or to call her. A picture right just polish foreign finished alone. There digit there's people should. Have grown weary and they take cheap. I don't think they can always go first or all ahead don't expect their reputation college that they're only four champ car. There's just trying to treat its branch especially ish all of you know that don't look at his speech sprawl which I cannot generate source OOH I got to college I doubt it based. And he would act keep package go back and shut down at a table. And topple the usual we will then a new government or a girl hopper war yet we were at the table with Japan dropped it pitched. Say you know women are Katy Perry gets out there and she's talking about the whole again or whatever this should be gone on I wanted to go do a benefit concert in Karachi. I better do decade in where you're costumes that you Wear onstage I know you look on the go out there and go actually hang out with a you know when I was in when I was stationed in Europe in the eighties. The welfare state was very well entrenched in Germany. At my theory is that we paid so much for their defense for so long they were able to nurture the welfare state. And they've gotten to the point to where they can't pay for the welfare state. And they're not look at these guys as butchers of their society that is looking madam has bodies that will work and generating income and that they can tax so they can continue on with the welfare state. Except they're gonna wake up one day I mean I think it was Australia not too long ago there was a ate at a plot that was foiled. Where they were going to just pop out one day and just start cutting heads off of people walking on the Jerry. Okay. And am visitor these are the people were inviting to be an arm it's I've got no problem with anybody coming to the United States and they wanna come to the United States have become a big Clemson tiger a big Carolina gamecocks Sanders. Atlanta Braves fan and you know they wanna sit there and have hot dogs woman ever okay that's fine I don't care where you came from I don't care where you started. Welcome to marry brother sister and if they wanna come over here and they want me to submit. Well when they reach their hand out at me to try to make me submit they may drawback is still. Sure. Thanks for the comment. I don't have a whole lot of and have a whole lot of tolerance for that kind of thing alum. You know I'm. I'm tired the politically correct culture. And in in my closing minutes I have decide the airport if somebody comes up to you and says you're racist start laugh about them ridicule them. Ask him how they know how do you know I'm a racist oh 'cause I'm white. Wait a minute by you point out I'm white that makes you what a racist. White privilege what you kidney. Are you kidney. Try that arms start ridiculing the snowflakes I'm gonna start ridiculing the snowflakes. I have noticed however there's not a whole lot of and chief I've been waiting for and cheaper to extend. Thought they'd done that in Charlottesville but you know October Charlottesville. I thought Charlottesville was a whole leftist production was Kabuki theater. We gotta get out there and show was tightened. The fascists so we got to make us some fascist so let's try to invite some fascist out here there's got to be dozens left in the United States. The outcome will get a good discount on the tickets. And then of people actually showed up and charts over San you shouldn't take down property were either being drowned out. From here on out if you see any stone flakes and college students I feel bad for you because become demeans our telemann about should do this how should be wrapped. I'm just gonna look at and say I feel bad for you 'cause thirty years is coming down the road and you'll be here. You'll be here. Coming up next is Rush Limbaugh. You've been listening to 1063 WORD.