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Here we are our number two of the broadcast. Seven minutes after the that I received from Andy and again. Andy and I have talked before. And I think we agree on a lot of things. And eager disagreement is on the vehicle to get there. How do we accomplished these things. That's the question. Can I just tell you one of the excuses I'm tired of hearing. That was recent question where was Donald Trump these past few years while many of us were fighting these battles for liberty cab. It's easy Manning isn't it is he wouldn't how to take that time. And so why TV speak out on it that is a bunch of bull. And I'm sick of it. How many of you work part time jobs how many of you working. 238 Ford jobs. Busting your rear end day after day after day and some of you. Even go to marches demonstrations from Washington DC you've made it happen. And was Donald Trump doing sending checks to morons like Chuck Schumer. Seattle by this and I never have bought this lame excuse. When he was up businessman and he was doing. But it tells me. Is these things really didn't matter. Several years ago did today. That's all I'm saying. You know I I kind of nature staying the people ought to find. The people already in office and they went and nit pick. You know Ted Cruz did did this or Rand Paul did that or you're conservative buddy this person voted this way or that way. When this man Donald Trump has been funding liberals for years. Years. Has he ever apologized heavier as he ever repented for for every dime that he's given to these folks. Funded people like Mitch McConnell. Have you ever heard him apologize. She eyed and I think that's the approach you have to take when you walk in the Washington. Listen I helped to fund some of this mess and some of you I regret the checks that I've given you. But you know what he doesn't. As it was yesterday. Which tells me. There's really. Very little if any principles driving. This agenda. That ought to concern all of us. It ought to be a tip off a lot of things here. Let me respond twosome of the text that have come in. Damage from PM but also a Coakley and what in the world is that. That techsters implying that all parents. Give their eleven year old son a couple of lines should also. Sue what I know witnesses. Should all suits to. And it'll do live. And while this messages. Lower than I thought it was. Sees shoot shrub is is seen conservatives so he's not backing in backing down on this principles the Republican Party has what choice does trump Abbott a party. That passed a clean obamacare repeal six times past. Building a wall and ran campaigns were eight years on stopping illegal immigration can't find the colonists to do any of that now. Because they did back off their principles I put the blame first and foremost on them sure they do. Bear some responsibility. But my question. I continue to have to come back to his. How does that justify. Making a deal with people. Who don't share any of your values. I mean. Say this doesn't make any sense so the Democrat the Republicans have betrayed you so armored go work with Democrats. That's just that is making sense. Nine. Brzezinski make all the promises in the world when the senate or congress networked keep the country moving forward it is impossible. A truck or at least to get elected and like you're complaining ass. You always complain he cares so much do something about it all you do is talking instigate. You'd need to shut your mouth. All right. Lovely. Moral rapper rate you'd just lost another. Okay can you. Can you. Provide evidence. To refute what I've said. Any. I'm just being real here. Somebody who's totally unrepentant about their behavior. How should I characterize that person. General care that's a Democrat or Republican there are more rapper dates in the Republican Party. Am I supposed to refrain from saying that because all this person has the Republican label actions. How to X next it. Walk the walk talk the talk. Like many of us have. You've never seen what many of us have seen do something. Like quite. Gerald says then still have a heart attack we shored Misch. UN WR do you lose your credibility possibly could use Vince whoever you're really talking taking each cheap shots at our president. For stuff we don't talk about this very much. And you call them cheap shots. You know and I'm I think I may even set a policy in motion here I may put a ban on text during this program. About Donald Trump. If you're not going to call and defend your position I'm not gonna read your text. Because what I get as a whole lot of complaining and the text line and people saying nasty things you would never send a radio. Or just stupid stuff. Just absolutely moronic stuff. Cheap shots. Is it is asking a lot for somebody to stand. For principles and values. I mean what was the Tea Party started four wasn't part of the idea behind that taxed enough already burst tax reform. We're spending reform whereas even self control. We're still doing the same debt ceiling game we were doing last year why. Why is that. Am I supposed to give this a pass just because we have a new president. You don't you really. I really do wanna see that alpha male this guy has pretended to be. Tell them look if you are gonna send me a balanced budget. In the very least you're gonna do something to begin cutting back on spending send it back I will veto it period. That's an alpha male. Go running over. When you lose Republicans her good feelings of critical work with big people lose the and Chuck Schumer. I mean really. In what universe would we have ever ever defended this. Ever. We'll get to more these text and take a look at the day in history. As we continue Vince Coakley radio program fifteen after eleven. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio program. Do something unusual our day in history. Occasionally we do this because there's something that happens. That. Maybe the day before we're gonna do that today coming up in just bit first call from it to the east welcomed the broadcast. Good morning and you are refreshing. I have to say. The stepfather I'm account I've voted for him. Primarily because he was not a Democrat Hillary. So but I'm beyond disappointed and I am in the docket being. He had veto pen I thought he was being sent up there to stop. The parent. Republicans. And are certainly to stop the Democrats. From ill conceived ideas docket being put one right now at the forefront. He has adopted. The month of the last. Saying that the reason they should be allowed to say it because they that this was done through no fault of the room. Can you then think of a crime. That a parent can commit. Shift that benefit Julia child and they'd be allowed to keep it. I'm struggling. I thought I thought I thought you about the money give your kids when they get to keep it because they got it through no fault that there aren't. I can't think of one thing that you can do. Shifting the benefit your child. And have them be allowed to keep that benefit which in this case is being able the United States comes to campaign on having them all go. The problem my lifetime 68 years of it I was under the impression the crime wasn't about to pay for sure it was about the sanctioned by the government. If they're allowed to say without citizenship it will take a week before they'll be claiming taxation without representation. So. And then that does seem migration issue. The parent step siblings but cousins or whatever whoever is related to them in this country what are we going to have the optics of deporting. There close family relative that's never gonna happen that the resolve one. And the issue that chain migration I thought cotton who was one of the people who may seem to have a little sense that in the Republican congress. Say. Yesterday that he Wendy's store chain migration we need about that. But that could be limited chain migration well you know when you think bewilder beast migrating they're going from point need to be. All these other eleven million people in the United States are no longer migrating their ear I guess they're gonna be exempted from the notion of limiting chain migration rate. That would not just what. And god they want with thanks and applicable audio time. You're not cheap. Calling on McCain yesterday on on so saying that you know what are we gonna do all these dot of people in the military people coming and military. 900. Out of 800000 of daka. They have to be fluent in wonderful work you language at the hip and tennis is not one of them. Fluent in these Russian Chinese Korean or one Arabic dialect sport if for instance. And that they're not in there. So the great majority of daka eligible students right now the ones we've been told about Victorian when all that is necessary capacity did. Those people are not the ones in the military. Probably beat the jumpers. So they've come here for education for the parents did. And they get dumped there they've been good returns when it expired that hit fluent in Chinese Korean Arabic. Or Russian not the 90% of Dhaka who are Hispanic. That a result of the piece of nonsense here with this they're serving in the military oh my god help them bring of the reasonable would it be that we expected to go the cost to deportation. We should be having spent a dime on deportation if you stuck your children into the Super Bowl. Through no fault of their own with that allowed they're expected to leave when it determined that they. That their their without paying you all get up ago and you don't that you know once it's gonna cost you want to deprive me about it beep beep. So the polish edition pack their bags which should give them an airline ticket and may be in new piece of luggage and they have voluntarily go if they're not. And are not one in my opinion one of the good ones. But some campaign thing he might let back and once they go. But they typically need to leave the country. Our Andres Angel. IE you know I in fact what how much left you know we've got 36 minutes left in this broadcast let's have that did he show. I love your passionate. And I would love to call you back when we get this tax thing that this is the big charade now another of your talks are hooked on this station. Doesn't allow for discussion on taxes for I think I know what obviously the dark. But maybe how congress. Oh and it is a piece of I do what askew a couple of questions sir and and and one of them is. Why is it do you think. And I'm just still trying to process all of this. Why is it that this doesn't register with more people that they've been content. I think you know I I so don't get it I I just think. I think they're waiting on that big middle class tax cut that isn't gonna materialize that they don't know that yet either in the probably won't find out that number one they don't think there was packed as. Number two the package mailed comments but not for most people they're going to wake up pay any attention until April 15 when they get their refund check back. And so it'll take about eighteen months where the thing again that this is really going to be to get to certain of the brits. Not all the rich the want to get paychecks not gonna benefit at all. And in South Carolina where you're broadcasting from. In other big thing that the tax that is the elimination of state and local tax deduction is is a blue state phenomenon no it's not. The state and local taxes and South Carolina particularly when you heat on the municipal taxes but just in Spartanburg where you have tacked on personal property. It's enormous and to eliminate that deduction when you're just gonna double the 63 to twelve that that's not gonna make up for that. Losing the exemption by the way 4000 dollar exemption I don't think we're concentrating nearly enough for what trump once. Were it and he's been very quiet on what he wants except they're just running around getting content of it. But he's been purposely quiet on the specifics of this plan that would it doesn't work out to help the middle class don't blame congress that's all they gave me. He's admonition and Condit and bending the ear of the ways and means committee for a month and a half there on a thirteen day with pre. Fifteen day blitz creek at thirteen states verbal. Would be. And the answer what they're dealing with out any details for people to raise protection. What they put in your warmth toward the American public here so I think a lot of people are not. Worried about that. And by the way my impression is that the wall a typical wall is he gonna do anything of the Democrats get in not just knocked down a piece of that the most shallow. The narrowest part of the Rio Grande and most people will just turn the beat the jumping. You have to take it a long way to get them another way particularly when you create that magnet. Of apathy and there's an anyway. I you say hey Mike what is it needs would you hold on the line is that like get some information from you to follow especially when we have this discussion about. Tax reform if congress ever gets around this. I grows suspicious of that's. I mean look at this were already. Week more than halfway through September. We still have Wes on the line. Yeah I'd say that's good morning sir welcome. Let's in tiger in that you know what trump supporter but I want to know what nationality can I act Smart so. Because I like Q that's not the site we ever had yet I don't war being in the fox hole all day long Jack. That you got my back I got cheers but it. I guess for me you know and maybe a lot of doubt about how to what I am hey Lou Lou. Expectation. Thirty foot sheer Republican palace. I'm in I'm there with you I familiarity I. And most. To the point that I still like this where on this giant here I select all the sudden they turn this very strange thing. The tank endemic it's a problem. Because 800 miles an hour is it fast enough. So I'll look at each satellite. You know if you are not think I don't think you're gonna come Arenas and here we need to pull the string up. He barely get interpreted. We give the cup Bol you know what effort John McCain Lindsey Graham whatever the flavor of this year's election it is. Other pitiful GOP in you wonder. However you and so let these more. They all walked to the front of the plane that turnaround for a dog got pissed about our folks. What I grill and everyone there I'm going to pull the stick up and then the door shuts and applying somehow gets faster and knowing or caring. Only human being after thirty years at Warner acknowledged cheek I have a feeling explains going in the ground now. Well why did he do that I don't know if he's just cut straight up tiger I don't you know I'm saying that's probably aren't that. If you win in the door and each and he's trying to pull back. I mean to give me the appearance that he's trying to pull back side. Until the porn you know he's called out from until that morning in morning and and we can make an assessment at that point. I don't want to scream and Holler at the org guy that's still likes. Keep track the warnings on the clock and you say reflect. Below expectations. As wanted to live preview. What kind of like my expectation you know of my country. Our culture. I think you know my true true or else what bill that I'm here content complacent. So all of that or they're it would have been exactly. It would have been so bad me. Steve CP would have flown through it would have been reunited and it might be extreme lady Nina but we're all paying attention. We're paying attention I don't think that's our hope that's my group every day. Where it or not I mean I'm just like people. See what's going on are people that are very political can understand this you this. Under. That's out there and post calm waters and it is it cold she. You swim out there you think you're gonna get to the other side will get some team so it's it's a stat that. It a little bit of true. In everything we call all hurt. You know government. That Democrats are fir yes secretly from a government that sank a bit little little bland government either Republican smaller government. Surely. Surely anyone actually want conservatives and goodness I'm 47 years older brother and mom I don't have a code. Wes we know what conservatism is the problem is weeks we know what it is. And we look at most of the morons who say they're conservatives and we know they arts that's the problem. The problem is too many people fall for the campaign ads that's what has to stop that's on us. On the Vince Coakley radio program 1131. 39 minutes after 11 o'clock let's take a look at the day in history and this image of whatever questions will go back to. The date in history for yesterday. And it's a special reason port because it's something that's kind of your year to park. And it's probably not even helpful hint helpful hint at all. But it would be more interest. Once we actually. Get to that place this is the eighteenth day of September. Already well in chew. This month is an amazing how quickly this month is zipping by just absolutely crazy. How quickly via time is flying. Let's go first to 1793. The cornerstone for this building 1793. The dates very important. Cornerstone laid for this very important government building. What was mystery its. Seventeen named V three. Still in use today moment go at the White House. All who. Not quite it's actually the capital market. Let's try this would 1960. This. Cuban leader. Arrived in New York I believe to go to the United Nations who was. Cast. You are correct and for our last one. We go to. This month in scifi history. Yesterday. In scifi history. 1964. ABC first aired this television program ran for eight seasons. 254. Episodes. I'm trying to avoid being so obvious. While the. Oh no no no no no. No he said it was near dirty your heart so I love that show it to you gas so so when you threw me with a clue. Well other than we give you food few more clues the show ended march 1972. It was actually re imagined as a feature film with Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman in 2005. How about some other hits Hewitt's. You're correct. It's kind of odd to think of scifi history and referring to bewitched feed off the north you threw me off piles outside five. I mean you realize that the way too but the pilots at a comedy of the TV comedy I would I know isn't that bizarre that they would. I don't know why this particular website thoughts. This was relevant to scifi but it's an eco figure. I was intrigued though to learn some of the facts about this eight seasons 254. Episodes. That's pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. Did you watch it as a kid like yours I did when I was a kid ends meet tonight I still enjoy watching it now when they reruns. When I have come across it it'll on some of those were times when the TV on and missed the time as you know I'm multitasking when I'm watching. I could still watch it even the episodes I've seen before it's just it's just great television. It's worth it for doctor Bombay. Is. That counselors I actually watched the show which low votes. Where he actually appeared as a care your acting Kimi beam and a doctor. On an episode of love book I was shocked there's like well I didn't you know it's weird when you see so many in a different. A different place by the way Q what's in these last night no. Who are up a pretty Smart here at the Drudge in me headlines from last night in east evolved. In 23 hours celebrity anti trump rage fest and who wants to watch that crap really. Goes political whatever in very first minutes. Confederate. Global warming treason and imagine if your president was that move wasn't loved by Nazis. I mean c'mon really. See I'm done with all award shows because that's what they all are now so I mean you know I'll I wanna see that there's plenty of other stuff for me today. I love this quote I'd red carpet actress says she doesn't watch TV. Up and that I putted tell you something. HBO star I'm rooting for everybody black. And it Drudge I think kind of trolling these folks a little bit he posted this and the winner is truck. President dominates TV's big it is and it's so it it's kind of ironic that as much time as they spent bashing him. They gave him. You know leave the attention. The attention and unfortunately. To network for well for the ratings. Can hold of this these ratings are outs. Near the beginning of the 69 annual primetime Emmy Awards last night. The host Stephen called where called former White House presser Terry Sean Spicer and staged declare. The CBS broadcast show whatever the largest audience to witness and Emmys period. Both in person and around the world that he pulled that off mr. right so. I don't believe so not even close. Coming off the all time ratings low last year's Jimmy Kimmel fronted ceremony. The gag in the Donald Trump and migration inspired boasts. We're hopeful in the seems hollow plea for coal bears award show hosting a debut. Get a load of this. This was a record. Low. For the program. Record. Low. Pretty bad how. They learn anything. Probably not know that in learn them down 2% from the 2016 show. So. Congratulations. Folks. You know and you know as well as I do I am not the Donald Trump fan. But this stuff is not even about principles or values. This is just stupid slander the typical racist sexist homophobic. All the other stuff. And you know just as I've said let them go ahead and have their little ideological. Orgy. It's their one night of fun and celebration. And it's as we can tell by the ratings many of you didn't bother to watch. Good job. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program 1145. Well a bit of a battle is going on over the weekend. And this is pretty interesting. In involves the leadership political leadership. Of two states. South Carolina. And Kentucky. Here's what I mean by that is. A good for undermine him Kentucky's sent this to me. I. Have the opportunity with him to actually introduce him to governor Matt Bevan a couple weeks ago so he's been. More closely following the governor and some of the things are going. So on Friday. Governor Bev and actually informant Mitch McConnell. Of his support for the Graham Cassidy obamacare repeal legislation. Now here's what this legislation dies and you know in concept I he braced parts of this. Lindsey Graham revealed this week governor Matt Evans supports the Graham Cassidy legislation to repeal and replace obamacare through block grants. Matt Beverly governor of Kentucky came out of the block grant approach Bevan is agreed conservative she's figured out that I can take the money. That would have been spent on obamacare. And you'd give it to mean Kentucky with flexibility I can get better outcomes for the citizens of Kentucky rather than some bureaucrat in Washington. And I at the Q gonna stand Howell. A person would have priestess approached it takes the power away from a centralized authority in Washington. And your dispersing the authority and the money out to the states. That is somewhat of a conservative concept. And you understand wise say some it. At the White House Kelly Meyer from great TV asked governor Bev and now McConnell seems like he's putting pressure on casting Graham to get these votes have you spoken with the majority leader. Matt Matt Bevan says I have but I know there's pressure both the senate and the house the White House. Have said the votes are just not lined up waiting to be cast there's a lot of work to be done. I spoke with senator casting about that earlier today he's confidence they're able to make that case to folks it's easier and easier for people understand. It's a function of communication and education we'll see there's a limited amount of bandwidth here. There's a lot that needs to be done in the month of September we'll see what happens. But senator casting in senator Graham are very confident they will be able to find those votes. We'll see if they do. Now this bill it puts pressure now on Mitch McConnell. To find the votes. See here's the other problem they're facing a deadline. Now if I understand this correctly. They've got to get to. This reconciliation. Bill done by the end of the month. That's what has to happen here. Now here's the flip side of this business insider. Now keep in mind. You have governor Bev and who is in support this legislation. Yet Mitch McConnell who's basically I don't know what he's doing. I don't know. But I have Rand Paul. Who went on Twitter. Taking issue with Graham Cassie Heller Johnson. Obamacare repeal plan. Rand Paul of course is pushing for a total repeal of obamacare. Is here to vote against this planet becomes the senate floor. He should while the proposal would give federal money. In block grants to states it would do so in slightly tweaked amounts. And levels that are similar. To funding levels under obamacare here's his premise we really are not. Getting rid of obamacare. That's what is concerned it's. And I think he has a legitimate argument. That is. Pretty much a summation. Of the conflict now. On this issue in do you see how this party is fractured. Tee and and I think one of the things is so frustrating about this. The only place of unity at the place of unity I would love to see here is one where they recognize. These central premise here. Is faulty at the federal government has an important role in healthcare it doesn't. About how to be the starting place how do we get ourselves how to we extract ourselves from this. That needs to be the starting place. But unfortunately. I think we're getting into the weeds here on how we interfere in the free market system. That's not Smart. But what are you gonna do you folks the clock is ticking. And if this reconciliation thing does not get done. It looks like we may be stuck with obamacare congratulations folks just what you look for. Have chills gray day. We're back tomorrow to care.