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And good morning welcome back to the broadcast year 163 to be or dean. Isn't amazing. As this week as her robe was. In passing through the upstate area. It's amazing how much destruction the storm has cause and effect. One of the things I've done in May of heard me mention it's just a few weeks ago. And I was just talking about a number of circumstance. Circumstances whether it's storms over. Whether it's war all kinds of things that could've happened terrorism. We are very blessed country. I'm giving you another example of this story. That really talks about what could've happened how bad this could have been in. We do have some immediate issues. You heard in the news 30000 people still out 30000 people still do not have power. Cheer that said story in the news down in Florida. The people who died at the nursing home which is too hot. This is one of the by products of not having electricity. When you have. Hot summer weather and you have people whose. Systems are already very year compromised. It's just not a good picture. Really sad story. And is your courage. Utility crews many of them from out of state. Coming in doing everything they can chew I get the power restored. And not only. Here in the upstate but really across. Parts of the south that have been. Under the effects of her for several days. I hope you were safe and I hope you have not experienced any serious damage. And there been some reports of some sporadic damage here in the air. But all at all. We've certainly feared much better than things could have been a total for armor related deaths in the entire states. Attributed to hurricane Irma the first Monday night and Andy go county. Coroner said 57 year old. Was cleaning limbs and debris outside his home on a limb fell on him. Also had several other incidents. Another person was killed when a crash nice 77 near Columbia that happened on Monday. Or just all kinds of effects of the storm it's not necessarily. The things that we think go with the storm we think of the winds. You think of the out floodwaters. Sometimes it's. Flood repeated storm related. Obviously a person's not gonna be out dealing with limbs and debris. Unless the storm is already caused some damage. And this car accident that I mentioned. Weather related. But as I mentioned this thing could have been much worse. Much worse. Interesting story reported by Bloomberg. And they report this more along the lines of this being a mistake as in the forecasts. Ants. I'm not so much get a jump on the bandwagon of harping on the media here because I think I've kind of communicated where I stand in that regard and my concerns there. About hype. This is a little different in the sense that there was a very real possibility this could have been much worse that it was. And I would add. When you hear details of this story you understand. How much worse it could have bitten. And each. Really how imprecise this is this the other thing I get amused I was listening to a program this morning just briefly. Where they were. You know interviewing people talking about climate and climate change I just wanted to. I just wanted to get sick it was really. It was really annoying. Ends actually I think. This whole hurricane situation is another example of the air against a what I would call sciences of these folks who. They're absolutely sure of global warming of climate change they're absolutely. Sure. And we can't even be completely sure about hurricane one storm. And you're gonna tell me that you know for sure. What's going on climate and what we'll do over the next year five years ten years twenty years. And you have the arrogance to believe it's human beings. That are doing. It's just weird. Bloomberg story a 150. Billion. Dollar misfire. You may wonder what is this figure about well this is one of the early estimates. About how much damage this storm could cost. Bloomberg is under reports a Bermuda high kept the storm for becoming the costliest US storm. They westward shift and weakening. Checked astronomical damage. To basically the storm weakened. It took a shift to the west. Otherwise the damage could have been astronomical. Here's the line that just really blew my mind and I want you to think about this just for a moment in in this gets against the in precision. Of even forecasting. And I'm talking about short term forecasting forget about climate change and that sort of thing we're talking about a matter of hours. In a forecast. This one line speaks volumes. Twenty miles may have made a 150. Billion dollar difference. Twenty miles that's it. Estimates for the damage Turkey and Erma would inflict on Florida kept mounting. As it moved across the Caribbean was poised to be the costly issue a storm on record then something called the Bermuda high intervened. And tripped it up. Jeff masters co-founder of Weather Underground and Ann Arbor, Michigan. We got very lucky if Irma had passed twenty miles west of Marco Island instead of striking it on Sunday. The damage would have been astronomical. And if I can interject here again. This is another example what I've said before. About God's hand of protection upon this country. Yes they're bad things that happened there calamities that happened but you know what. On balance. It's a trickle. It really is compared to especially with some people experience with disasters like this in other parts of the world. And frankly even in our own history before. Technology. Allowed us to track these things. The death tolls have been much higher. Have a lot to be thankful for. Jeff masters goes on sale track like that. The previous track would have placed the powerful eastern eye wall Irma on Florida's Gulf Coast. By one estimate the total cost dropped to about 150. Billion dollars on Monday. From 200 billion over the weekend. The state escaped the worst because Irma I shifted away from the biggest population center of Miami Dade County. Just imagine. The credit goes to the Bermuda high which acts like a sort of traffic cop for the tropical north Atlantic Ocean. The circular system hovering over Bermuda jostled Irma. Onto northern Cuba. Were being Overland it's acted of some of its power. Then around the tip of the Florida peninsula cutting down on storm surge damage. On both coasts of the state. Masters goes on the say that the Bermuda high is fight night in it has an edge. Which was right over Key West. And that. That. Is what Irma got caught on and turned north. In fact for ten days ten days computer forecast models. Struggle with how high how this how I was going to push Burma are around and when it was going to stop. No did not know for sure. And as careful as they were that got it wrong and in this case. It's kind of glad they got this one wrong 150. Billion dollar difference. You know who to thank goodness. As we continue to Vince Coakley radio program 60 minutes after 10 o'clock elect to join the conversation it's 80347. 1063. 713. Jurors seven. The first segment we've talked about how fortunate we are did this storm Irvine. Did not go in the direction that she. We first feared it would with party learned it's maybe 150. Billion dollar difference. That's a lot of money that we do you have any concept. 150 billion dollars with that looks like. And congress doesn't. Over on the text line. Miss we didn't get lucky I know people were fasting and praying for god to save us from that storm. Another person saying good morning mr. Vincent and the credit goes to prayer. That a person saying. Since the good war was in control of you seen the cloud that showed Jesus face. As from Gerald. Interest. Heck yeah I'm glad they got it wrong if they had gotten it right. We would have been hits. Elect had three or four. It would have slammed the entire state of South Carolina. That's what all the talk about flood insurance headset look and if you missed policy cost for my business in Virginia or my house in Greer. The cost was very similar. Close to 500 dollars a year in Virginia and need additional insurance in Greer and covered. Mexican structure coverage. 200000. 12150 dollar deductible. In either case. 100009. Contents even with insurance many are devastated when you're absolutely right about that. Mike in Virginia and this again is an example of the fact that there are people lot of people who have been hurt by this in many ways. And yet the magnitude of this certainly could have been much worse. Well different gunbattle Cisco will never give you more than you can handle that's why would hurt him can you imagine if California got them. They start with mudslides with mud we just puts bigger tires on trucks and play with it. I guess this is day comment about the self. And how we had some things will be different. In this part of the country. Kind of an interesting perspective there. As an aside. Uncomfortable cited this you see the story about the family a little bit surprised in Spartanburg. Tuesday morning. One family you know they were expecting they might get some limbs in the yarder tree. Now there's a large pig showed up to their backyards. The pig actually slept on the back deck for most the morning. That started wondering to house the neighbor's house. Had no idea where this thing came from. So animal control I seem to speak to that peak right now. I would imagine that it was probably quite surprised and stunned and confused by events of recent days. I was telling you about the story about the 150 billion dollar misfire. Bloomberg reporting on how this disaster. The disaster models got Irma wrong. Here's a little more information they covered here and just one should think Guillen and and really with the heart of thank fields. In the end Irma lands on the Florida Keys is category 430. Mile. An hour winds. That as a category three or Marco Island it reached the Tampa Bay Area as a category two by contrast. And many of you can remember this back in 1982 hurricane Andrew plowed into the east side of Florida. As a category five. A disaster mod modular. And chuck Watson said with Burma a little wobbles made a big difference with a tightly wants storm like Andrew coming street in the state. At thirty mile wobble is gonna matter. It comes to damage Herman may bump and true. The company's most recent estimates for 58 billion dollars norm across for Florida that holds up. That will top injuries inflation adjusted 47 point eight billion. Kermit did an additional thirty billion dollars of damage across the Caribbean and Cuba. Price tag for hurricane Harvey. In Texas could end up between 65 and 75. Billion. So what would have been worse than Harvey. Top spots at the moment held by 82000 five's Hurricane Katrina. 160. Billion. Super storm Cindy. Seventy point two billion. That you realized that when I was so costly. Indicates kind of interesting. To consider what could have happened. It certainly could have been a lot worse on fixed text line. So incidents of that pigott showed up it opens we would just add pork chops for supper. That's Gerald puppets. A man. So the other dangers associated with this. Three crippled people dead for hospitalized for running a generator inside house orange city Florida ignorance equals death. You know I I heard the other day story. You know how they warn you they tell you things to do things not to do and that was on the list. Do not operate one of these generators inside the house. Age managed blows my mind just how said this is. So the storm had gone worse would that be an indicator we didn't prayer fast enough what else do we need to do to gain God's favor. Where that would be an interest in theological discussion let me just say this. That's not the way I view things. I think we can appeal and pray. But I don't think it's based on any of our merits. Zero. I think it's it doesn't hurt to ask. Which is what. Really probably thousands of people may be millions have done they've prayed. And this is an answer to prayer. But again I would not. Put this on any individual behavior or. Anything like that appraised at C I don't even like when people say. You know the power of prayer I hate that for that expression. Because it puts the emphasis on prayer. Rather than on the god who answers to prayer. So I think that's were all the credit in the glory and praise goes it goes to him. Not to our effort. Because it I think you can go some very weird places and I see a lot of people unfortunately who do. Not mention any name's Pat Robertson. That I just say that. 803 for 7163. In our text line is 713 series seven coming up we're gonna talk about this immigration issue. And how this is being addressed really on two fronts. As you know one of the big campaign issues was dealing with. The need for wall. To enhance border security. Will looks like that's going to give way. And maybe amnesties can be more of a focus for legislators who gonna talk about this in a bit and our good friend Daniel Horwitz. Another piece of good news about this. And upstate city is actually the safest. Here in the states. And seven others made the top twenty. No the safest city is in the state since a bill. Seven other South Carolina cities made this top toy safety list. Safe wise. The company that put this together. This is for cities with more than 2000 resonance that submitted complete crime reports to the FBI. Based on the number of reported violent crimes. That's aggravated assault murder rape robbery property crimes burglary arson larceny theft. Motor vehicle theft in each city. And the likelihood of these crimes occurring per 1000 people in each city. Hero the twenty safest. Twenty is Greer. Nineteen stroke stun. I'll tell you about some the other cities of note on here. A Birdie Kim you've spoiler Simpson tells the top of the list. It's pretty awesome. You folks in Simpson go ought to be very proud. 803471063. 713 shares seven while the other issues we've talked about civil asset forfeiture. And I cannot believe I've actually got good news on this front will delve into it as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program. In the category of people who just need to go away Hillary Clinton. IE. I was just nauseated couple moments ago. Fox showed a clip of her talking about bin Ghazi. Just basically again deflecting any. Any criticism this is all political which shot. Yeah I wondered if on the which. I think she was secretary of State's. Robert good morning and welcome. The warning going out I most of those bore the burden of war would be calls. These. Insurance. He had a experts. Thank you not need to stop playing for people to fill holes sign they need to stop playing. Social. You building and the storms well. John Stossel. That is home. In the new mergers and coached. And out of principle. Actor was destroyed. All the labors at all or pretty full plate for at least out of conscience. Certain narrow control. Put pressure social political war. And the messages you shouldn't be old ship being such. A terrible talks about. Paris kind of basic isn't it. Yeah and the fact hilarious. Getting back to something that is the responsibility of starting a war. There's a nursing homes that you want without power and people dying. It's still. The responsibility. Of the nursing home to provide actual power orchid Google evacuated these most vulnerable adults. And so what are such that not all military assault it's like the state of South Carolina. But I don't particularly helpful. Medicate. Perry's 6300. Dollars patent law. To these nursing homes per basic care. The medical bills are played out the person's Medicare. And they don't talk open I social that you 62300 dollars. That's homes give it a person's income. For 6300. All normal to overturn pal LaMont. Beaten nursing homes in many cases don't even care. All our Indians and the state of North Carolina it's not record and have one or Eden. Are registered nurse in the nursing home. This notably quicker and of people society you're supposed to try to tear. Bellini the long term care insurance. Does not really. Cool debris also. It you have to nature corporation's. Actual playing our social safety net. Very yes you you check a person's assets you type their home. You don't allow insurance and then did you get all these subsidies. These nursing homes nick Tara stand where are you. A lawyer by your own little world all ovals small hospital. In other words but he should have backed up power. And to give an example where I'm boulders and Carson Palmer Lawrence. And a courier or something straight role polish. Stole warmth. And took out power to her nursing a right to have a general. However the generator only powers the whole bites. And yeah wall outlets and a refrigerator. In. But he. All the issues later. I had no air conditioning I had an insult operations or liberal all well and luckily their attic so woke both boxed by aliens. That a little co wrote notes. There were no parking lot lights. And the emergency lights are ago they didn't care assisted living headquarters. Will be on my own money that we crave the Holmes. And you can buy items surplus. India eight adequate generator starvation. Of peonies so which but more importantly getting back to this. Do you would court. You know all the smoke birch come down they're occult adult watched. And that retired career but Florida already is well on the map as laudable worse. When it comes to nursing homes. And abuses. And trying to. Just were all in basic here not beat the anti hero not an exceptional sort states but there respect. Gibson was our Artest. Rated and nursing Darryl cater. So no league New England particularly New Hampshire involved more. Not suggestion is. Yeah you've done a little slow boat when it comes to retirement maybe your new display were you law. And the factor into South Carolina. And getting back to become slot. The only people who need any type of assistance should be an illusion like that are living. Either defending our social irons all harvested in the solar. It would be it might sound terrible. But are saying you know hurricanes are natural buying that god has put it almost planet. So that we don't have instant real climate controlled course. They're basically our fleet air conditioners they get their big fight and they get rid of bill he has been happening a global it. It would really. Beat Corey would know yet what category are came group no law also block took out there Ricardo own the show a lot so. And they don't. If they wouldn't play it to rebuild it. Would he go back to a pristine. Ocean that people could go absolutely. Occult no one would live with a nice bottle form the war of the coached. That's some pretty radical thinking here. Water. English should redo soldiers still home on the shoreline. We should not require an alleged they can come up with a whole design. That's old war report took a popular cordial to and Strickland stone where they have the memorial now open like I like there's we built one approach. You know the ocean is water idiots and nothing weak your old is gonna hold it back. It's like trying to hold back Pacific Ocean with a list or. It's going to happen. Your and so what we need to pray to god it is in conclusion. There's not that he necessarily presents. Partnerships. Leader Mitch. But to pray for the story and the fortitude. Two independent he gives us the book character. And knowing how to deal would be natural disaster. You're talking about wisdom Roberts which and he is in short supply. In many V news. What do you think about Roberts that you pretty radical he doesn't sound like he's interest in having much of in the development along coast. 80347. Orders exterior text line 713 your seven also talk more about the safest cities. On the Vince Coakley radio program. We'll talk more about these cities on the safe city list. Also an update on that nursing home the terrible tragedy that occurred. With 55. People at that nursing home in Florida. Who were found dead. The stories just completely off. This happened here. We're now learning. Some more about this particular circumstance. In Broward County Florida five people ordered nursing home. Without power for days. Dead police have now evacuated 115 residents. From that facility. And she hears the new thing they've now characterize this as a criminal investigation. Criminal. Investigation. I would suspect someone in its in some big beat trouble. Over this. It just races all kinds of questions. On the text line about the hurricane all of my prayers. Mr. events followed by you could be his will amen and referenced you. The prayer posture. And asking god to protect us from hurricane. Fox News alert the power of prayer is today's race and jurors Simpson bill on the safe city list surest Simpson goes South Carolina made lists when Keith ground soul was our police chief boy have things gone down pill. Since the power hungry City Council. Got rid of him that is from Veronica. Got a funny since Simpson go government doesn't seem to help create safety. Listening to news broadcasts over the last twenty years Anderson. Would have to be at least safest city anywhere. Always in news for something bad. As John. Spartanburg county. Vince I disagree with you the power elite fully believe global warming. And is a factual dangers this is a global power grab. In the taxation issue and also possibly a vehicle or partial vehicle. To implement the mark of the beast. Well I don't know that we necessarily have a disagreement there. Vince in regard to the guy talking about building on the sand the building department and the city needs to be held responsible as a contractor I'm required to be licensed and insured by the state. In order approve I know what I'm doing. Please tell me if I'm required. To have peace pay for two pieces. To prove the state and local bowling department that I can do what I say I can do yet the building department. Christmas to guarantee these buildings are safe. Plus an idiot to build on a sand or swap. This is more proof that government didn't give a darn about safety. Is there only in the market for revenue. So what else in response to our caller so society needs to take care of them. Really. To think that you have to believe you can claim. You have you have a claim on your neighbor's property responsibility. Is your colors I'll bet his bank accounts looked pretty good well I think it's quite the contrary he's saying. Everybody should be responsible. For their own. That's the argument that he is making anyway. A few minutes ago I was giving you. News. Positive news. About the safest cities in the states. We went through some of the more well known cities. At twenty we have Greer nineteen this Charleston. Iowa poems came at seventeen. Linemen. Fourteen Duncan thirteen found today in twelve. Let's see we have mulled and coming in at number eight Mount Pleasant seven. Fort Mill at four TDK at three. And I mentioned to you the safest city. And South Carolina. Simpson bill. Two point 77 violent crimes four point two week property crimes per 1000 people. So. It's a good thing hopefully that will continue. I think we have time to very quickly raced through the day in history mr. Rachel's favorite portion of the broadcast with four questions today. Some of them in the inner team realm. We began. With a name Francis Scott. Key what did he rates. Oh Maria. Frances Kentucky and its music. Yes. We can return to this way if you want to know it's not necessary because. I give a lot of excuses why my brains were written by and I'm not going to I should know this and meego star spangled ash. Of course she shouldn't or and you do. Congratulations you have the first one I try to tell myself. In 1990. This particular show. With a focus on the criminal justice system debuted. And it's provided over 1000 hours of programming. What is that show law and order. It's. 1996 this famous rapper probably one of the early ones. Dies. Who was. 1996. He's been immortalized by so many people wrong on team and T shirts. To balk. You're correct you three for four. And this. Talk show host certainly not me back in 2004. Gave away nearly 300 new cars Oprah whimper. Mr. Rachel goes four for four. Is that not impressive. It's not a browns. Here out of Virginia straight ahead we're gonna talk about immigration issues. Our border and amnesty. That much wars we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program. Or number two next.