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1106 here the Vince Coakley radio program. Yesterday I played a clip from television in Florida. About a man who was on a cruise have a great time. The many found himself. Trying to figure out how to get home. I was quite intrigued by speakers this person I know jury had no idea aged and find himself on television. And juries now on the broadcast. Marc Rich good morning welcome men. They've then carried it a dual while doing a lot one has to start off with the good part of the story how long you've been planning this vacation by the way. I own and she probably felt. 34 months really. And just started. Look at that idea is to get out. Excellent addition. Covenant. Thought they'd be of the great opportunity. Christian Cuba and I get a chance sir Ian have different cultures and how some of the people who. And how long would it was the crew is supposed to last. In that category five acres. So we left outlook or on. Monday. Afternoon there were scheduled to come back end. Friday. Morning so. And this is of last week of course. Yeah yeah blustery so why it's you're having a great time out there. No indication of any problem draped. When there was streets and see he's. We got to. Cuba that the next morning practical in there into the harder and I was able to stand battle in perhaps there. I'm so we had an overnight there. And yeah there's there's no problem and enough. About the time we're getting ready to start looking at tax Levy some rumors started circulating. She's somebody the other pastors. That there are going to be substantial changes. Easier. You know the hurt and missed that hasn't started picking up a little bit more speed. Are there at the cruise lines it or he made a determination that we want but I don't. And the last stop because the I don't. And definite that you Quito it. The ship itself but it was just I guess people that we're checking Internet and. Did we lose march. There we are I think we've lost you there for a second yeah are you he had had some rumors that we're circulating in. This was your first indication of problems so wind this finally get confirmed for you left on Monday. What day that the hammer dropped year with a bad news. How about when they need. That's when the ship's captain came on what you and they were amending the itinerary age to get the court island and head straight to. The port my aunt and we're going to write their Thursday morning. Well they are. So they have promising refunds. Another opportunity to two a do over something. I'm they did Corey the order so that basically there's referred to that day it and they are offering up to 300 dollars war. Changes in Ali Shah. Portrait of the great. Have you been able to change flights. Which is witty original clip we get into that next. And that's that you get back two to Florida and then things start to break down with the transportation what happens first. So we start looking place. My girlfriend and I and we're. Looking ahead you know and fight for my truck or large Charlotte and at that point we're starting here listening luck dinners didn't start looking at Atlanta. Yeah or Chicago. Kalish. Conflicting work to get out of at that point. To where we can get something that key media get a little harsh on the left out. I'm salute the try to comfort down first or anything there. We kind of had the idea. Two potentially look at trains and not so we had a good train station and you thought that was agreed that it in the nudity or in about that I guess residents work. Consult all the train station are all trained Al. Or looked as well. Then we are looking at rental cars where readers well. That was in an option either 88 breeder close to war. Most some did apple cart threat. Could trigger a little bit more. And hill are gonna have to stay here in Miami and whether this salary. Who. What are what are the other options look. So calm. Leah. So are looking at the idea of no I called I was on the cruise line and English are also friends. And we had a couple friends in the car business and lucky enough slope one of them was able to get on the more auction. And look for automobiles that we're area that we're gullible stripper but purchased. And shoot out we were able to acquire Kerr. And keep it this year document in place that they take ownership of that car and and we didn't use that to get out balances it. That is pretty amazing to alternately you bought a car in order to get home. Right yeah. Now when I saw the video. This was not you know an immediate thoughts about who think well just get a junker to get me home. You've invited Joker here what kind of car did you drive mark. It was it was acute shortage. And certainly it was one items on auction site. Bonds that we are able hurts it sure I get the best shared documents. My meeting where they would have taken it roughly 48 hours but we kind of you know kind of pressured him into it you know what what it is until we can all get out of here. But this is a a car and it's really not very old at 55 saw that correctly. It would be equally brutal that would. The tech. Yet it's very nice vehicle so was. Did you every trouble driving back which we put all the traffic on the road some concerns about fuel did you have any issues. Well the first thing we didn't start looking at now upon whether it was not a map or ladies. Certain look in that gap but he is well. Distribute them the technology to keep it just trying to drive straight out of for a body but sort was not going to be an option that was the parking lot people were editing cars that Iraq. So we decided to go to the west side of the state which looked to be pretty clear. I'll at least on the southern side at that time there wasn't any indication that. It was going to PER. Movie more what it did. Two we'd been. Up pretty laid off that we as well so that last night until we decided that we would use they can be lines were typically would across alligator Alley which is growing recognition that reporter. Okay and so it was off from there and you've made it back home safely. How long did the strip take you. Should go to. Five hours at Tampa arm and then it took us probably another twelve hours. I can't but she's Charlotte. It's not bad at all and you're certainly going to remember this for a long time march you. Yeah definitely going to be trying a little bit tomorrow I'll. Taking vacations outsider lurking deep and that's. Hopefully you did it meant what we're glad you saved you made it out okay and it created quite an uninteresting story here. Marc Rich thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast this morning them. Up right take care we continue Vince Coakley radio program quite an adventure 88 genuine. Planes trains and automobiles story. For a few year on the Vince Coakley radio program coming up. You're going to hear from senator Rand Paul we're gonna play for the entire speech he delivered to his fellow senators. Challenging them. Find the money to pay for Harvey relief. As you know they didn't listen. But I think we need to listen to the argument again so it's coming up straight ahead here. Something very timely and social media James Madison public debt is a public purse and and a Republican government greater. Then in any other. Public yet public purse. This is largely message delivered. By Rand Paul in his appeal. To do you. The financial relief for the folks. Firm who were damaged didn't somehow harmed by hurricane Harvey. There was a better way to do this. The argument made by senator Rand Paul let's listen to his entire speech. In Washington. We have a disease. Or syndrome rather it. I called the dinosaurs and drowned their hearts. Small brains. I'm fortunate to recurring problem. Year after year bill after bill day after day and in Washington it is our youth. That you are more compassionate. If you give away more someone else's money. I would argue that true compassion isn't giving your own money away and I would argue that truly rational policy is giving away money that you have. So it's one thing to give away other people's money it's another thing to give away money that you don't even possess. We as a country have each won the trillion dollar debt. We borrow a million dollars every minute goal. And yet we're putting forward a bill. To allocate fifteen billion dollars to those who were suffering under army or from army. Without paying for without finding the money anywhere we just simply adding it to our tab. Adding into our twenty trillion dollar bill how do we get to twenty trillion dollars in debt. Being hearts small brains. Nobody has the courage to say why don't we pay for it. Why don't we. If it's our priority to help those in taxes. And I have great sympathy for those in Texas my family is there. I have family members with two feet of water in our house so I have great sympathy for those who are in need. But there's no reason to be foolish. We shouldn't just borrow the money why don't we take the money from something less important. My amendment. America First Amendment. Would take the money from money that we are willing to send a foreign countries. We send billions and billions of dollars to countries who hate us we send billions and billions of dollars to countries who burn our flag. I think it's a very simple choice. Then when we're looking at helping those in need in our country we quit sending money to other countries. What my amendment would you be paid to the fifteen billion dollars in aid by taking out of the tornado count. Who gets the money in the morning account what is it spends on a give you a couple examples of what we spend our tornado on. The we spent. Billions of dollars I think it's over a hundred billion dollars building roads in Afghanistan. Blowing up roads in Afghanistan building schools blowing up schools and then rebuilding all of them sometimes we blow them up sometimes someone else blows them up. But then we always go back and rebuild them. What about rebuilding our country. When we when we look at our country and rebuild our infrastructure rebuild our roads for those who were flooded in Texas let's help them. Let's help them by not sending them money to Pakistan. Into other countries that don't even like us. In the foreign aid account we spent 273. Million dollars last year teaching people how to apply for more of our money. So is not bad enough that they take your money and send it to foreign countries and don't even like us we teach teach people how to apply for more of our money. With a televised cricket Lynn we spent over a million dollars on in Afghanistan. Televised regulating only problem they don't really have any televisions. And why it's our obligation wise the US taxpayer asked to pay for cricket league in Afghanistan. Spent 45 million dollars on a natural gas gas station in Afghanistan. 45 million dollars. It was estimated cost a half a 1000086. Times cost overruns. What does it serve up gasoline with natural gas who has a car that runs on natural gas in Afghanistan. Nobody. So we've modern cars. We've gone cars around natural gas and had no money to buy the natural gas again credit cards to buy the natural gas. That's where your money's going to help people in taxes or those people who may be heard in Florida what do we quit sending money overseas. These are the people who chanting death to America and we send more money to them. We spent money on home mortgages in Nigeria. We're spending money on home mortgages in Nigeria. We spend money on tourism. In Albania. This is one of my favorites we spent money teaching people in Kenya how to use FaceBook. All I'm asking is why don't we stand up like men and women like real legislators. And if we're going to have compassion. For those in Texas. Why don't we have a good wisdom not to just simply added to our debt. In hysteria everyone's hysterical we must give give give someone else's money but not only now we must give give him money we don't have. We're gonna destroy our country. There have been people who argue. That are twenty trillion dollar debt is that number one threat to our national security. So what I'm asking is why don't we pay for this. Why don't we simply take some money that we were gonna spend somewhere else for something not as valuable in another country and wanna we spend it here. Because you realize what's going to happen. I will profit this amendment in an all likelihood the swamp. The establishment will vote this down because they never wanna kind of dumb of spending there always compassionate. They have big hearts they're willing to give away everybody else's money but they're never ever willing to pay for it. This is both parties. Both Republican Party and Democrat party wash the boat and see who is a conservative. Who says we should pay for the aid for army. And who says no no we should add into the tap where's the fifteen million dollar's gonna come from. We this year are gonna want to run a 500 billion dollar debt there is no money. They're giving away your grandchildren's money to help people in divorce and has compassion we're gonna help people now. But were stealing it from our kids future. We're stealing it from the future in the soundness of our country and we are threatening the very security of our country was enormous any elaborate debt. To simply pay for. Simply say you know what. This year we can't be so compassionate to people who are wanting to get health care in Cambodia we have USA ID money going to Cambodia to help them get. Cost effective or lower cost insurance. We couldn't even do anything with the health care in our country we fail to act on it and we're sending money to Cambodia. To help them with their health care. Why don't we act here at home. What do we take care of our own problems before we think we can take care of everybody else's problems everywhere around the world. So we will get a chance to vote today and my amendment will come up short laid it will simply say yes we can. We are being rich country we can help those in in Texas. But we won't pay for it by taking the money away from somewhere else in the budget is less of a priority. We get out of hundreds of millions really billions of dollars to Pakistan. How much did I guess. Sometimes they help us but sometimes they harbor the enemy sometimes they harbor home networks of people were plotting to kill us. What do they think of christianity in Pakistan. Asia Bibi a Christian she's. What do they think of helping us with bin Laden. They can raise a finger to help us we bin Laden bin Laden's let's lived among them for years and years and years. When we finally got bin Laden. We got bin Laden with information from a doctor named Shaquille a free date. Went to Pakistan do to reward the doctor helped us get bin Laden and Pakistan's got him locked there locked up in life for life in prison. So so really we we need a real question whether this aid works at all to foreign countries whether it's counterproductive. Whether we have it in the first place but we should also ask an important question. Maybe that eight ought to be better spent at home. They want to start rebuilding our country as Dana Reeve always thinking we have to rebuild everybody else's country. I think this amendment is so easy to decide. And I think the American people are behind me on this amendment and I think if we were to take this to a huge vote of the entire American public. I think 7580%. The American public would say you know what. Let's take care of our problems at home let's don't spend our money abroad. And I think we've in this battle but watch this vote because in Washington you'll see the opposite. You'll see three force of this body or more. Say no no we're not gonna cut any spending to anyone we could never got tornado welfare for foreign countries where he's been added on to the town. But I for one wanna be a loud voice to sank its risking our country's future. It's risking the security of the United States to keep adding to a twenty trillion dollar debt no matter how good the cause is. And remember the next time a politician tells you that they are so compassionate because they wanna give away more of someone else's money. You ask him how much today gave them their own money if you wanna judge their true compassion. Thank you. Senator Rand Paul. Is it sure single person in this audience who disagrees. With what Rand Paul has communicated. 80347163. Or text slighted 71 preachers seven. 37 minutes after 11 o'clock which you think of that speech from senator Rand Paul. And again I ate I'm Betty third there will not be single person who disagree with your argument he made. And again. I said this repeatedly. I think if you for a day. Total all the members of the senate all the members of the house to go home. And you populated both of those bodies. With people you just picked out of the Greenville phone book. I'm gonna bet. They would have voted to change. The funding to take away money from foreign aid and to actually pay for. 84. The Harvey aid. With foreign aid. I'm betting that's how. A majority would have voted. Now if you disagree with that I would love to hear. I would absolutely love to hear it. A lot of text to get cut off line. This one about the debt I think this is absolutely hilarious. I asked vis a big increase my credit limit so I can pay master card they cut off my credit exactly. Government spending habits would not work anywhere else they don't. So we're getting tired hearing get out the votes we understand snide dismissal of the elected. They know they want peace in home to get a real job. And you're ranked. Jimmy Carter the antichrist. He was only the first anti president. A a a a pretty he would. It's everytime I hear your openly about a woman's tombstone saying wife and mother or followed your heart I'm confused the most noble profession is mother. It's an honor to be a wife. The heart followers of the self absorbed. Please explain this to me well I think that's part of the point it's been neat year. It is. Unfortunately from the perspective of the woman shared that's. Two. Wrote a book about divorce. She's concerned that many women have made the wrong choices. In the process. From themselves. Agreed to supported later in life. I am meant. Federal Reserve has taken roughly 20% of GDP since Nixon did win the gold standard the par and only stopped when it all collapses. We do away with others control in the currency. Rand Paul where have you been for the last eight years sounds like lip service from all of the Republicans pretty much. And please call out all of the rhino Republicans I think he just did. Vince I like grand lake you the only thing wrong with Rand Paul is he complained about trump on day one just like you. The only thing that divides us. It's a Amanda Rand Paul speech only the other members of congress especially GOP would follow suit. It's not the biggest Rand Paul fan but man that he hit the nail on the head can you post the link to that video I have. It is on FaceBook the one a 63 W or eighty FaceBook page has the entire speech. Listen and share. Here's I would love you to share this. And I'm bill I'm I'm willing to bet. That on a bipartisan basis do you even have Democrats who agree with you that it makes perfect sense. Vince Rand Paul speech was most logical thing effort out of Washington in my lifetime. Pretty strong. Since he spot I'm without a doubt I doubt I agree completely however this is the first time I've heard this simple and highly illogical idea in the past. Sadly fell on deaf and selfish peoples of the reality is there's too many politicians. On the take instead of serving. As they were supposed to do. And senator Rand saying the truth in this matter unfortunately will not get the backing that should be given for many reasons. Thanks its air and Spartanburg. Vince that gave me chills broke. Paul hit the nail on the head it's awesome to see someone stand up for America and I really hope he holds his ground. He will promise. Not many people standing with him. Really sad. Not one person disagreed with. With people. But hey can't we fire the streeters that Seles out. Could question. It's social the most reasonable logical common sense words effort politicians speak since Reagan fantastic for me and T. It's I believe in helping my neighbor. But it might pantries are empty what can I give them. I agree with what Rand Paul's saying. Yeah. On the storm. Vince please remind people when the light is out it's a four way stop. Kind of basic isn't unfortunately a lot of people. Just to note. Others a reminder it's been put out there. Vince ran was talking to a brick wall his amendment fell on deaf ears dissented they would they wanted to do he can even write to our senators. Until and support the amendment. Might get a Virginia pretty sad isn't it. I agree with Rand Paul screw Pakistan. Love Paul's argument too logical for those swimming in the swamp. In siesta all the right questions. But also. How much of the Saudi princes of Dubai. How much they offer up to help their own foreign countries instead. Of buying two thirds of our country. That's even a blind. Even a blind. Squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Rand Paul found an acorn. Rate. At a texture response of the Carter comment earlier our we stuff the first anti president was Wilson. Rate. What else do we have year. Whether any others there in the room with him just curious yes there where. They're probably doing other things carry on conversations. Yep poor foreign aid let every one hate us for free. But that's kid at. Now detector. And the idea of I said I think the dream evil phone book. The person says please not the DC phone book you know be a difference. They would probably say. Borrow and spend. What channel do I watch Pakistan cricket on yeah good. Luck finding that. Goodness. And we have this I'm pretty sure our constitution does that make provisions for taking our money and giving it to anyone. No it doesn't matter anxious and do whatever they want. And unfortunately the courts and a back this up much more will get your calls your texts on the Vince Coakley radio program 1145. Ten minutes before the noon hour at Vince Coakley read your program what's got to Ryan good morning welcome. Can create. You know I I don't think he went far enough. I think we all this instead you let one bad the president that the give up at what is the entire network. To help people out because that's about what's gonna cost. Your you know your grandchildren your chillier. You know your children your grandchildren they keep on popping up this open feeling bet nobody wants to do. Our main yeah I get it I get it man. And it didn't do you think it is that keeps them from doing something so logical. I as a good question other than the fact that Ray Nagin what I guess you're not following the money was good number of and trump gets what he is followed me what make himself look big in front of people. You know I mean in what everybody patting my back. It was that spreads the it goes down it created Wheatley did all this stuff makes America great all the stuff. And the problem is it'll be government a continuation of the house of cards already that. And you know it is just sad it's sad story. Is that what it is but you know lottery is folks no doubt and cute increased their own wealth through this kind of stuff. I mean he how much they don't know how many of them got up there with nothing and turn Lincoln multi millionaires or not. You know with a greater amount of wealth when about how an elite you know and what I mean it coincidental that they get the better they get the better help. In short you know 'cause they're exempted from the covered junk. If you mean. Yep it's pretty man is that Ron I sure. What you. Well I think you're right on the money run and I do appreciate your call you for. You've describes this very delete group of people. I mean you know as well as I do you there's certainly a disproportionate number of millionaires compared to the rest of society. And it's IE tend to believe that what they've done is they've been powered. All kinds of and let's just say the entities related to them and their reelection prospects. We'll just put it that way. A violent good morning welcome. Actually witnessed disappeared. Let's go to the text line and cover some of those year users from additional. Comments. Two what we've suggested about Rand Paul speech year. Of this went senator Paul made way too much sense that's exactly why none of those bombs and bomb it would vote for. Poems and book a Mets. Oh my goodness. I notice how purposely. You left Israel off that list. I eat off the list what we see in them. You could probably pay for Harvey and Irma combined. Leniency we have here Vince why did you cut away from and speech utes to a New Hampshire we would have heard the rival conservative Ted. The guy had all the conservatism that trump doesn't have make his way to the microphone and agree with ray and explain. How he is one of the rhinos ran was taking. Was talking about. Oh sorry I had never showed surprise surprise. Eight. You should know by now I'm not here to defend personalities. There's some people who once you have make this about personalities it's not. In a case. And they will skip that when when I was a kid I was told congress needed to be well paid so we can attract the best. How is that working at ups. From gave the Republicans are spending plan. That would have cut the deficit they're not working with them I believe your color is your colors and correct. He just wants to look good. Is the Republican leadership responsible for getting these bills passed. Rand Paul was dead dog. Let's see here you think that for us right on the money Coakley really really c'mon. All these politicians on both sides have dirt on each other that's why things haven't changed in years follow the money common sense. Doesn't make sense not in the world of papers. And payoffs. And the Rothschild family is worth 500 trillion. They can by every country on earth so now what it. Vince I want to publicly apologize I keep tacking on the dirty stuff at the end just to see you fewer alert. You were sharp as a meat cleaver all have to be when you're doing live radio. You can't be roped in Q. Super crazy stuff which comes along from time to time. Another comical remark here. In the midst of all the coverage about hurricanes evacuations. A news director for in a bind. He had a really good post yesterday. You are bridge yourself for this one. News writers you evacuate places not people. Unless you're using laxatives. That's pretty good rally that would. So remember that you're evacuate places not people unless you're using laxatives. That would be quite an evacuation. Eat. Any case. It's been greats spending time with you again here 163 WRD we are back tomorrow lord willing same time ten to noon. Will do it again had a great day and got bush and take care.