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Number two of the broadcast will get through seven your text as well I'd have some of your probably thinking base ever going to get the text line. I have not forgotten and we will get there but I wanna quickly. Go to our next guest. Who is a national security analyst for the clarion projects to talk about. These new developments we brought up in the last hour about Syria we now have a Russian threat basically they're saying it's possibility they might even shoot down. Our planes. This is just gotten absolutely ridiculous. Joining us this morning from the clarion project Ryan Moore welcome back men. And well first off talk about this this threat from the Russians are serious. In late BP is true and has been very very big ego which keep in mind. Helping the played out in the past you'll remember that after the US strike on that air base here at that chemical weapons Russia that they no longer coordinating with. So that we knew where the airplanes or. And they newer power play into our that there wouldn't be an accidental bauxite in the air. And it back on a lot of news fight and I predicted it. Went away in and then did that he made it because it never implement in the first place. So the pattern hole then blow which the of that Russian circus. Surface layer the whole system would not fire on coalition aircraft. A couple of could you never now to be always at the Kamal light it up a guy walk. Or. Thinks I'm curious about we've discussed this on the program a number of times. Can you explain to me what we're doing in Syria. Except that at the community at. Eat there is really much English try to cheat. Basically would occur and that is that there are areas there are ceasefires between different rebel groups and it to Syrian government fumbled the rebels we are backing out there are. What they're calling key conflict zones basically meaning it we don't kill each other in that spot. And so what the US track years that we picked out that one coalition rebel forces call the period democratic forces who are today as far as we can tell mostly gay guys. I'm and we are backing them to crush I accessed Russia and now they're Syrian allies and Iran and allies are now attacking them. Has stay. Prepare to deliver a fatal blow to guide the on this so bad that's kind of the very complicated situation or. When you talk about these folks. You know theoretically. Being friendly toward us can we trust them. The Syrian democratic forces I think we can now be still have the the Kurdish element of it which is half full or the force. Those have a streak of Communist Marxist leaning. But they're openly pro American. Anyway you want that democratic elections as far as the situation in Syria goes out there while at it that well. And the Syrian democratic forces also beat Sunni Arabs. That's called a crushing unit and I Christian unit is actually fighting in Iraq on the capital of I could allocate. Right now saw I would say by the bad I would bet on that coalition. Rebels of the best sports we have on the ground and you need help out. Know you talk about Serb betting on them to think how much of a chance. But I do I I really think they do have a big chance. That's because the Kurdish majority areas are areas that saw them via Russians are not going to take back. And the fact would be willing to tolerate because they are like on it I will fight to the debt. To try to overthrow the Syrian government they're more willing to that they are quite happy to buy it at the end that they wanted little blunt. Being chatted possible and so they're willing to compromise could actually in the interest of Russia a sawed. And to some degree Iran to have the Syrian democratic forces controlled areas that they are unable to claim it. But right now other dude it's fighting over exactly what. Those lines are going to be. But. It's street from even the Syrians to get our perspective it's far better for the US backed forces to a due to defeat the more jihadist type rebels. And I keep the status quo going. Another important thing to explain this year we're talking with Ryan Mauro. What is the American interest. In Syria right now. Sure well Florida is a puppet of Iran's original army here about Syria doing mystery here about but we just delete those or played that. So when people white watchers thought they know where he talked about the could be politically secular. It makes note that he he's joked that Press Secretary for Iran at this point seek physically beat up on Iran. But all on the spot and make no sense. And they and the odds sponsors terrorist he just awful for the that they'll want the American soldiers. Arms so. Keeping him on is in our interest little particularly from the got a trouble are fighting like al-Qaeda and tighten our also is also and our interest so it's basically a giant. Mosh pit of extreme that's and we have found some people the bad on. To try to Nate is as little as a disaster as possible but no matter how you look at it's going to be a phenomenal disaster. And I suspect that there's really no end in sight here. No other is not going to be going on for decades actually it is going to be on off by 80% to that he crop be forces to meet country squabbling. I'm over having influence the denture many thousands of rebel groups on the ground on fighting so that it would be a while while last furlong. On the and the best thing that we keep up with if I have a force like the tier democratic forces that ballot with the US controlled much of that territory optimal. Need be by a long drought we get a spot to leave that be great buy it overthrowing the Syrian regime would be counterproductive to our goal at that moment. They did the only way to get resolved. It's win Iranian regime no longer exists and when the Arab pretty tough spot or treatment stopped doing so or fall themselves. I wanna turn to Afghanistan because in recent days there's been more conversation about sending. More troops over to Afghanistan. To fill in the blank because I'm not sure with the objective is. Sixteen years after we went into the country. Give us some sense of what's happening there. Well now the Taliban controls something like 40% that the country. But the numbers a little bit misleading because it. Yet they control away that ability to control population that area or that bill controlled by the US and our Afghan allies. But we pulled out too many troops too quickly. It also led to a crisis of confidence on the or the Afghans which is why. You're going to beat him gravitate towards the Taliban and other power that a close outs because they have to cut a deal at some point. On the sure passengers would make it different though because of the need to devise train and equip the Afghan security forces and there's been on the after they really surprised look there and it's been able can't ought not likely keep. Throwing money and troops that's something that hasn't performed in the past they've actually performed in the recent past. But we were following the Obama timeline. Why is it's that we're there you know we go to the Soviets in the fact that they were unable to successfully. It's you know really. Come to a place with the eight that could declare anything resembling victory in Afghanistan. Why is it we are there are sixteen years later and have not been able to do the same. That that's largely because we don't have a regional strategy we really don't have a strategy get by our whole police so Saudi blowing it about way to go out. Those radicals and being preachy and Larry and if you're fighting them the manifestation yet Pakistan acting as a state sponsor terrorism particularly intelligence service the I had by. And that there's an overlapping Jody infrastructure in Pakistan that then new. Posted their product for lack of about our work into Afghanistan. So the solution for about your looking toward knock it out country is going to be found in Pakistan. And the reason you haven't seen any magical port is because at no one's really come up with something here. This is is absolutely bizarre and yet I am glad you've communicated this because I think there are a lot of people have the same perception. That we really don't know what we're doing is network this comes down to you. Density and honestly the food is going to involve trying lots of things expecting things that fail quickly adjusting to those failures. And do something that may work today. You know work tomorrow and the thing that failed today they work tomorrow. My IT questioned whether the US government nimble enough and then react quickly enough. To try to do that type of thing and to be creative enough to wage an ideological war just don't know where we're. Capable of it at this point. Can change. On the but right now we eat eat eat even NN that Pluto criticism that it that is just the way things are. You hear about conflict in Syria you hear out of what can Pakistan or Afghanistan that the girl separate thing. And our strategy is. Same way that they tall center on the different. Battlefield but not on the war overall. And you're saying that they're ultimately all connected right. Oh yes I pretty any type of way of separating these types of battlefields. And these different types of John discourses it's just a western contract at that. It's all one current took over in the Middle East and it's perfectly consistent over there for them to play until each other and an ally with each other apathy part it is a battle field. Or which side by each other say that that's all normal it's a form of negotiation happened that we thought we look at that we say OK well. One group citing the other one and I mean there must be a big guy we can park west. But no that's how they settle arguments in the Middle East but they're all they're brig guard unit with. And they can certainly agree on that there's no question about that right and moral thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast again and sharing your insights with us. Sure I government. We continue sixteen minutes after the hour 11 o'clock coming up I'm gonna talk abouts where we are as a people and where I believe we need to go. And I would welcome your thoughts. On Vince Coakley radio program. We continue to broadcast here 21 minutes after eleven. Very quickly when a good threesome things. I wanna go through a brief history. Of two countries. The first one is Israel the second one America. Don't have time to read through all of this but I when it. It if you are interested in reading this story it's well documented the story what happened with the Israel. Once Samuel became old. His sons. Came judges over Israel. These were not good people. These were corrupt people who took bribes and perverted justice his sons. So the elders approached and said hey. Year old your sons they're not like Q. You need to appoint a keen. To judge just like the other nations. Samuel was not pleased with this he goes to guide. Ultimately god comes back and says look Obey the voice of the people. That you either rejecting their rejecting me for being their king. Obey their force. Ritual also solemnly warn them and show them the ways of the king there were rain over them. It would take your son's appointment to his Cherie it's dubious horsemen to run before his Cherie it's. No point for himself commanders of thousands commanders fifties. Some the plows ground reap a harvest make its implements of war and equipment of its chariots you'll take your daughter's. To be perfume merging cooks and bakers. It's like the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards and give them to a service he'll take the tent bigger grain your vineyards give it to his officers his service. You'll take your male servants funeral service the best of your young men you'd donkeys put them to work. It's like the tip your flocks. You'll be as slaves. Boy. Strong languages and it's in that day you gonna cry out because of your king. The lord will not answer. They didn't care. It king. Didn't turn out too well. We have some fine folks. Pilgrims. Tired of tyranny. Assaults on religious freedom. They decide to set up for the new world. The distant too radical government just became untenable for them. Ultimately. They declared independence. On the premise of self government I mean think of this they come to the new world thinking they're going to establish freedom here. Yet the king wants to make sure they stay under his dumb. That was not the plan the programs. Ultimately. Independence is declared. Constitutional government established. And skipping a lot of detail here. It democratic republic is set up. 1787. And mrs. Powell Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin well doctor what are we got a republic or monarchy. With no hesitation Franklin responded a republic. If you can keep it. This great book called 5000 year leap that I'm still reading. It's a big book. I wanna share were you just some of the principles in that book. This is one I'm talking about about foundational principles that we're not even talking about today. Principal won the only reliable basis for sound government in just human relations is natural law natural laws God's law. There are certain laws which govern the entire universe justice Thomas Jefferson said the declaration of independence. There are laws which govern in the affairs of men which of the laws of nature and of nature's god. Principle to. Boy this is a big one. A free people cannot survive under Republican constitution unless they remained virtuous and morally strong. Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious. They have more need to masters. That's from Benjamin Franklin. That's what we have folks. We've become servants we've become slave remember that morning. That Samuel offered. To the people of Israel. You'll become slaves. Principle three in this is huge this follows from principle to about being a virtuous people the most promising method of securing a virtuous people. Is to elect virtuous leaders. Neither the wise is constitutional with a license laws will secure liberty and happiness of the people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friends of the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue. And who will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man. That was the words of Samuel Adams folks. I'm embarrassed. And I look can I see what we've done in recent years. I don't need to single any one person out. But principled to win three they are intertwined. We must be a virtuous people who choose virtuous leaders. It's clear to me. Many people on both sides of the political wild do not care about this anymore. But this issue but that issue. Folks none of those things do better. If we lose virtue we've lost all the cards. Principal for without religion the government of a free people cannot be maintained. Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity religion and morality are indispensable supports. Let us with caution indulged the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Who said this some sort of religious freak George Washington folks. And talking about significant issues to which were not even talking about now. Skipping all the way down the principle number 27. The burden of debt. Is that is destructive to human freedom as subjugation by conquest. We are bound to defray expenses of the war within our own time and we authorize we are un authorized to burden posterity with him you read that word posterity. In the constitution. It's about people coming behind us we are not authorized to burden our posterity with debt. This is what this person is saying. We shall all consider ourselves morally bound to pay them ourselves. And consequently within the life expectancy of the majority. Thomas Jefferson. Are we doing that now. Does anybody have any idea how we're going to pay off twenty trillion dollars much less. Begin figuring out how we will stop the continual bleeding. Not even part of the discussion right now folks. Oh we we're gonna get this issue down we're gonna get that done. About leaders proverbs 63 and 1632 says this. Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty and heat who rules his spirit. Then he who takes a city. If you have leadership. They cave and exercise self control. It's not good. I wanna set this up is him to share a piece of audio after the break. That I think sums up where we are. Because I think we have thrown out it's our first principles. Of self governance. And we've instead chosen. To follow people. We talk about saying hey we're a nation of laws not of men but folks we are a country of men we follow people we follow personalities. I very briefly wanna set up when I'm gonna share coming up after the break. I'm going to talk about. One of the most. Troubling episodes. In our nation's history that I don't think gets enough attention because we failed to learn the lessons. From this event that happened in 1979. Will share its. And I'm gonna share a piece of audio. From an author who wrote about this events as we continued Vince Coakley radio program at 1130. We've got a jet a guest joining us here but I very briefly want to finish my comments. Before we go chew him. I've been talking about us returning to first principles and now it's very important that we move away from. A focus on lesser issues. And really focus on personalities. This is where much of the agenda has been hijacked. By lesser things. We've got to return to what's important. And by following a personality we've got to and the roads and I think it's very dangerous. And that's saying. That it's just started now it's been going on for years. It happens when you have a charismatic leader. And you followed that charismatic leader in happen in Jonestown Guyana a man by the name of Jim Jones. Who started out in my former home city of Indianapolis moved on California finally took her group to Guyana. Here's a man of contradictions. He would quote scripture in one breath through the Bible down the next people still follow. An investigation by congressman ultimately led to a murder or mass suicide over 900. People dead. How did this happen. How did it happen once. It happened because people started following a person. Rather than principles and values. A few weeks ago I was listening to a program. They were talking about a book called it's the road to Jonestown. News about the whole Jonestown fiasco the author of the book is Jeff win I hope this audio will cooperate well. The Jeff Quinn had some final comments him to share Ricky before you go to our interview. And this is what he had say about Jonestown in abouts where we are today as a country it is very very. Just sink. This social movement continues to expect him. And we're entering a time him. In our history if it were a lot of people think the truth doesn't matter because the truth is always going to be just what's convenient for them to believe. The facts don't matter anymore. Leadership whose whose last big east and some sort of comprehensive plan to bring everyone together. But instead people wanna gain control and wanna gain power and offers but I splitting up the country. And having just enough margin on their side to get sufficient votes to win. And wants people are in power. Instead of using a positive when. Each used instead. To try to emphasize their ties with the followers. And to show disdain and even in some cases all right tried to destroy. Anybody who disagrees with them. Jim Jones epitomizes. The worst that can happen when we do that one person. Dictate what we hear what we believe that anybody opposed to him must be opposed to us. This is what we're becoming. We can only change that if we learn from the past and try to reply to to do so yes things are rendering that's what scares the hell out of me. Jeff Quinn. Who's written a book about Jonestown. Notice what he said about letting one person define. Who you are. And defiant what you're bouts. And basically whoever this person's enemies are you join that cause. Folks it is a detour to destruction. 42 minutes after 11 o'clock. I wanna do very sharp turn and a appreciate his patience with this because we have a short amount of time to work with its segment as. Run longer than I expected. Ralph Norman who's running for congress in south Carolina's fifth congressional district. There's a big election tomorrow welcome Baxter. Right back aren't doing very well sir again. Very close margin last time around when you had a runoff election just a few weeks ago. Why should people turn out to vote for Ralph Norman tomorrow. Well as Arab. All of the audience lager two perhaps I've been elected to any thing. I've got a right to serve pretty limited congressional district you have it all danger zone. Managing to any of which used to Marshal get booed voters in the post it is the can come true emulation of six months or so ago. Very important and to be out would you sort of predict now has six land. Are registered voters go to the polish man united 4% ruptured belt so. Supported election. Of the people he'd been advised to go vote. If they go out to support you what would they be voting for. Early voting for conservative who has a proven track record absorption and there's. We don't will be going to somebody that sort uphold the constitution there's going to cut regulations for business I'm a business guy I'm somebody who lost put. All the businesses and South Carolina and if you like what big role playing did you love what route all the. And you've mentioned this well the people would she would support once arriving in Washington if you indeed win. Who is that you have most kinship width. Well obviously you know Jim dement whose collapse of made up all along. The more medals at the world ginger the world I don't know that would help. You know I follow somewhat. But it's in the united by this a true conservative who means. You wouldn't record matches are rhetoric. Powell. Will join actually had to get this country back on track. And again this is taking place in south Carolina's fifth congressional district tomorrow very important you're sure to vote to not leave this to someone else if you're in the fifth. Very important to keep in mind what happened last and the margin just a couple of hundred votes. Ralf Norman we wish you the best of luck and we will talk review again soon. Much. We continue on Vince Coakley radio program 45 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. And we continue to broadcast year. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock over on the text line. Gee that's a big leap events Jonestown relay. You needed time out from your own Kool Aid. Your powered drugs in theory. Once Ian somebody who can't talk about substance what I shared. Can't touch on it. This maybe it's too close to home. Of where we are and again this is not a conversation about a personality this is about us. We become so preoccupied with following people we've lost our way. That's my concern. Michael good morning welcome the broadcast. Hey hey radar this morning Joseph Andrew Luster. Mark how would find it dangerous to start may extremist. Religious metaphor is what the political debate. Car owners. No credit for their inaugural our lifetimes what electability named Clayton and no program that was collected book week came along would've named Jesus. He's ever said that Michael. Did you how great you are not able to why Michael. That's just the dumbest comment that I've heard today it really years. I am glad to engage in the conversation if you wanna talk about the merits here. Nobody has said anybody's. Satan or anybody's Jesus. What is wrong with people. See this is C this is does this confirm exactly what I'm talking about. Oh we can't. This doesn't matter anymore oh we can't use these kinds of terms to talk do you think the people the founding fathers had some idea. Of what virtue is and what morality is I you'd darn well better believe it. It's more complicated subjects. Now we're having conversations about what what is virtue. What does that. It is true. If we stood on that road don't even waste my time. If you want to talk in those kinds of terms they're plenty of other places where you can do that. Really. I'm not trying to be disrespectful toward anyone. One of the things if I can emphasize obvious. This is not necessarily about being perfect this is about an aspiration to virtue and I have a point or I believe many people in this country do not give a crap. About virtual anymore. As long as we quote win. I've been hearing this. On supposedly our side. For the last year and a half. We need to win doesn't matter how we do it Democrats have been doing this they've been getting away with this it's digress to fight fire with fire it's time to do it's time to. You realize what we're becoming. In the process of this. I'm not interested. Because there's no real victory there we won nothing. If there's no virtue behind it. Seriously this sends me. It really does. Venture kind of doing what you're talking about settled down and hear Michael out really. Did give the man a chance to explain himself what he did. It did. Here to explain himself. Its premise was. Because. Somehow. In his mind. We have characterize somebody is Jesus typed or. Somebody who doesn't exist. Or Satan. Nobody ever did that I don't know what conversation Michael is trying to be a part up. I'd be glad to talk to him. Venture depressing me and making me irritable USB. Talking sense. That a text there says here you want the truth. You can't handle blitzer. Wonder where that line came from. Bits of Michael told the founding fathers to keep religion out of politics. They would have had him committed. A a a a a our foundation is undeniably the work of godly men that's from Alan on Spartanburg you down world that believe that. Don't you censor someone when your freedom what they will say why not let listeners judge for themselves no it's not a matter of century. It's a matter of the guys that even. On the same playing field having the same conversation. And again. All viewpoints are really welcomed here. And the other part of this is. Gonna be respectful to host. In case. This is just a little bit bizarre to me and this is part of what I've said. I think we've reached a point where. Our. Side if I can put that in quotes. I'm not sure we know what it is that we really believe in and what we're fighting for. We've been in this by Mary battle for so many years or we've got to take down the liberals. What is it about liberalism that's so bad well it's principles the fact that they want to like termites undermined the foundation of our constitution. It's the work that I wanna stop. It's the destructiveness that I wanna stop. If we don't do that. What are we doing folks. Is the only thing is to put our people went there and there are just as corrupt and unprincipled. And confused as the people on the other side what are we gains. Can somebody explain that to me. And I I've asked this question repeatedly in the last fifty plus years. Going back to the civil rights era. What does the Republican Party done. That is advanced freedom. And undermine. The progressive. Corrosion and it's taking place in this country. If you can figure out something send it to me. And again Michael if you like to give it another shot tomorrow and call and talk about something that we were discussing. Will be glad to have that conversation to. In the meantime however sells a great day and god bless you take care.