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And we can see the broadcasting or 6 minutes after 11 o'clock over the text line. The text there says. Wisconsin does every recall mechanism remember Scott Walker is recalled twice. Well. You're talking about a state office. Doesn't work for the federal offices. Unfortunately believe me I EU would be glad you cheer on such. Such an opportunity but it does not exist. Just clarify. We continue. With great focus Friday a couple of stories. That I think provides some picture of where we are as people. Some of this we can dismiss says you know this is media bias I know for a fact. I am trying to remember what the figure watts. Piracy a poll years ago indicating. That a disproportionate. Small number of people. Have any connection to eighty faith what so ever. Within the mainstream news media it's kind of like the figures that you would see. And how lopsided they are between Democrat Republican. Is the same thing. You know probably 90% of the media media people voted for Hillary Clinton. So in the same way. You've got a lot of people who are. Basically. If I may use the word. Agents. And what they see any evidence or manifestation. Of someone who. Believes in anything beyond human beings. Well they view that person as heroic and healing. They really do. Washington creepy Keyon as a beacon has an interesting story out. Journalists freak out after Marco Rubio. Tweets Bible verses. Oh my goodness. And the world. Marco Rubio who is Catholic sit out two tweets. Peace I leave with you my peace I give you now does the world gives do I give to you do not let your hearts be troubled or for eight. Citing John 14270. That's really terrible isn't it. Commit to the lord whatever you do in your plans will succeed. Lord works out everything for his own ends. I was the other tweet. Pretty harmless don't you think. Chief among those concerned with rubio issues of Bible verses was the senior writer for share blue. Eight David Brock run outlets that markets itself as the bright part of the left. Leah L ref called rubio is tweets unsettling. And appeared to question whether they were significant. After reports surfaced that trump may have given Russia diplomats. Classified information. GOP senator mark rubio. Is tweeting up Bible verses this morning. And it's. That's. Who. Likeness offers this. It's her. Marco Rubio my understanding the input for those in my mentions. These are the Bible verses to which one turns in one's darkest hour. And we nervous. We have no way of knowing mr. rubio seeking comfort or courage. Trying to provided to others or to justify his own actions. Pretty amazing. Nonetheless rubio publicly tweeting these verses today after everything has been happening. Feel significant. What do you think. Liberal Esquire blogger Charles peers agreed calling the tweets. Oddly terrifying. 08. Overseas to. Seriously folks. These are media people. Washington Post conservative columnists. Jennifer Rubin questioned whether rubio was hacked or going crazy. I love this would. Jennifer Rubin. Eater you attacked or he's totally lost it. Other reporters drew attention to tweets as though they were unusual war telling. I mean this is crazy folks it's almost like this is a science experiment there observing. This reviewer often tweet out Bible verses on a Monday. I may churchgoing Catholics so I'm not judging him. Really. Boy. As it happens rubio was just tweeting from that based daily readings indicating either attended Catholic mass that morning or is reflecting on the verses. It's also not in usual rubio between Bible verses a quick Twitter search shows rubio. Quoted six times the book of proverbs a load in the past four months. But this is weird folks. This is weird but you know what's not weird. Is promoting the killing of babies. And claiming to be a good Catholic. That's not weird. Nancy Pelosi. And others. Joseph Biden. You know this always has amazed me. When I see the allegedly faithful. Of whatever religious profession. Who have no conscience. No conscience whatsoever. Just you know with something like abortion but just with their political and takes. The meanness and nastiness of these folks. Nothing resembling the character of Christ with whoever why don't they just acknowledge with they are they are against. They are they get its. Which is a lead in. To write what I can at least set up for. That we'll talk more about after the break. This is a sobering story that appeared in faith wire. The percentage of Americans who believe the Bible is literal word of god plunges. And Gallup reveals the consequences. Here's the headline and story. Only 24%. Of Americans now believe the Bible's literal word of god the lowest proportion ever in galloped more than four decades. A asking questions about skipped scriptural world view. Meanwhile while just one enforcing the actual word of god and is to be taken literally word for word an additional 26%. You the Bible as Jolo this folks. A book of people's religions history and moral precepts recorded by men. So what are the implications of this while we will delve into this and get your thoughts much mores we continue. On Vince Coakley radio program 803471063. That's the Ingles advantage talk line number of common sense retirement planning text line. It's 71 threes here are seven. Reacting to the media reaction to Marco Rubio quoting Bible verses. Gerald out of jobs and says tiger and Illumina ID backwards. Veronica the roaches Vatican scatter. When the light comes on. The other textures saying that's the most truthful left media has read and awhile. People that believe in the Bible with the lowest whom I remembered Noah's Ark. And why. Whenever asked if I take the Bible literally I always told my ticket seriously. There and explodes. John advanced that we hear criticism when someone quotes the Koran. You know that question went through my mind. What happened if one of these. Members of the congress I think they're two Muslim members. What if they quoted verses from the crime do you think. These. Frankly very cowardly. Members of the mainstream media would dare challenge. The fact that they've quoted verses from the crime. They wouldn't. I know they wouldn't because they're cowards. It's all these non believers call the Bible book of fables. It's a book of fables how come all the archaeological. Our Camara all of the archaeologists are discovering biblical sites that are mentioned the Bible. That's what I thought you Pickens. Christ rules. Inside but Megan's were multi dias. I guess if you count the different faces on the different denominations of money. You can slide through detecting up. At skid. And I told that this comes back Q an increase in materialism that's really what it is what what can I ate. Grasp with my senses. That's what materialism it is. So I told you this figure 24% of Americans now believe the Bible's literal word of god that's a load number the lowest in four decades. One enforcing the actual word of god. Let me know -- by activists 26% actually view the Bible as a book of fables legends history and moral precepts recorded by men. There's a third option at fall somewhere in the middle the proportion of those who say the Bible is inspired by god but shouldn't be taken literally. The largest portion Americans. 47% embraced this sentiment. And that remains unchanged overtime. The latest wave of the Gallup or studying for one key reason for the first time in forty years. Biblical skepticism surpasses. Biblical. Live truly ism. And much of this change has been relatively rapid. From the mid seventies until 1984 nearly 40% of Americans say the Bible as the literal word of god. 40%. The seventies until 1984. Folks. Now we're down to 24%. 2017. In the seventies just 18% of Americans look to the Bible's book of human pin fables. That percentage has now doubled. Here's what blows my mind. Much of that change occurred in the past three. Years. Folks this is not an action. The cultural change in biblical perspective is sure to have ramifications on collective morality and behavior. While majority still see the Bible is wholly more people were downplaying God's role in the text leading to a belief that scriptures open to interpretation. That's always been Wanamaker and CE learning TPT. He. A that that would interest me at the wall. God says something like thou shall not. The next young into pits hate dead. Russia not murder. And yeah interpretation. Anyway. If man not god wrote the Bible more can be questioned and that in turn may have consequences for Americans come down and number of morally tinged issues. Gallup concluded the country may already be seeing this in growing public acceptance of a variety of behaviors. There were once largely frowned on from Christian perspective. Ranging from gay marriage and pre marital sex two out of wedlock births and physician assisted suicide. Folks this is no accident. Is one of things I've said repeatedly. We have through the power of government the educational system and media. We have seen. A concerted effort. Two let's just be honest brainwash people. And it's mainly through the power of government. Largely done through the educational system. But those other means I described are significantly media. I think a couple of years ago didn't I talk about these things also from the standpoint of the Communist goals for America wasn't as one of the significant ones. To cause people to be less interested in any religious. Thoughts. And get them more interest in insects. Folks this is not an accident. The results based that a poll conducted by telephone. In early may margin of error. Plus or minus four percentage points. As previously reported to leave part of group recently found that a separate poll just 17% of Christians who attend church regularly and safe faith. Is part of their life have a biblical world view. Now that's would be. A broader Andy. Lit the conversation in and of itself and talking about a biblical world view. This frankly there are a lot of people who say I'm a Christian who don't really have. The world view. That is. Characterized by scripture. Texture hearsay response the Marco Rubio story maybe if rubio had misquoted the phrases. As from the Koran or mine cough. Yet though be something. This course this biblical article located very interest in reflects with the Bible says what happened ironically. It is also something I find intriguing. Because. This is one of the things predicted on belief. Basically that it would increase and that there would be a litany of let's just say less than desirable characteristics. And character traits that would proliferate as a result of this. Toward further. It further affirms. Those predictions and other text you're seeing a lot of this problem can be blamed on the churches. Do not get me started. You know we've spent a good bit of our time in our energy in our resources. Are and. I don't know what it. I am I remember I think it was about a year ago. There's a story that was done by a local newspaper and and state site at a poll indicating. They did the study. This was a Christian organization did this. On how churches spend their money. Most of it is on ourselves. You know we were net we've now got latte bars. And each. So many of these creature comforts that are designed. For entertainment. And yet we continue to lose. People. Because we're not in the battle ground a real battleground. Is in the workplace. It's in schools. It's on college campuses. It's in the marketplace. And what unfortunately is happen is that people church teaches people. And I annoyed released during that by saying this church teaches people how to do church. Not how to be good disciples. That's the truth of the matter. We've learned how to build systems. You know I heard the the word pastor pretty new were used and it's really accurate. Guess that's like what we've got. It's a business model. As a result. We're not sending people out with real skills. And how to engage the culture. And to. Really address these philosophical issues. So here's the result. This is the result I'd love to get your thoughts and Europe theories on where this goes from here. 80347163. Or text line. It's 7130749. Minutes after 11 o'clock. And we continue to broadcasted 36 minutes after 11 o'clock. You know during the break. You know how you see a lot of these things and social media and you. You know as a headline grabs your attention white came across one I I've just got to share this is so bizarre. I've got to share this this to be great material for a state polls tomorrow night mr. Wright's. TMZ has a story about Steve Harvey. It's being sued by his ex wife. And the headline is you murdered my soul pay me sixty million dollars. By the way his attorney tells teams he mr. Harvey vehemently denies the allegations set forth in this lawsuit complaint is meritless frivolous. The allegations completely false we will vigorously defend. Counterclaim against the complaint what what is the complaint. This is just weird forks. Mary Hart. Well Steve park according to this. Account. Discuss the second ex wife much more than mental anguish according to new lawsuit that she's filed he damaged her soul. Now with her sixty million dollars. Mary Harvey Steve's. In famously bitter divorce finalized in 2005. That was twelve years ago. According to documents filed Wednesday Mary still feeling a slew of ill effects from their battle. She says she's been suicidal self medicate to cope with their nasty breakup. This in his rambling at times but. Mary's main point is she's emotionally and physically destroyed after losing her son her businesses. And the joy of mother's days. As she puts it all was lost. Mary L Harvey was dead. I want you to hear these allegations. She's suing Steve for child endangerment torture. Conspiracy against rights kidnapping murder breach of contract. And intentional infliction of emotional distress. As you know restored murder in there. Worth noting. The dark you was not filed by a lawyer but rather a woman who tells us she is Mary's civil rights activist. Hopefully. This was just weird. I just had to share it was just so bizarre. That's a little too political for us. When you're doing these so a lot of us that are present to the political category when you throw that in there. You know I do wonder and I just want to preface this by saying that I love my job but. There are people out there who I absolutely hate their job could they sue your company and say that the company murdered their soul. Oh my goodness don't. I'm gonna leave them alone. Avoid. No probably via characterize this kind of off their rockers more likely. A by the way. US forces have launched airstrikes against pro Asad forces in Syria. Can anybody explain me what the world we're doing over there. Syrian forces appeared poised to attack. Coalition forces. And pose a direct threat. Coalition forces what's. Coalition. I don't get. And again I. Welcome if anyone can explain this to me. Let's see here on the text line. And. Our friend. Paul I'd agree vote just has to keep rebellion in the fact that he's in Hawaii. I tend to Lou well here in Kona Hawaii Wednesday night. But 48 separate it was about a four minute prayer of thanks to god for the food we were to receive. 5:30 in the morning now I would send pictures. Of the text line does not accept them you always email us Paul if you wanna keep rubbing it and Vince at 1063 WRG dot com. Cigarette ahead in the pictures. Interesting story when assure you. About Robert Mueller. You've been hearing a lot of attention focused on what a fair guy he has. And there's a very interesting piece that's been released by judicial watch yesterday. As you know judicial watch this one of the reasons why I so respect them. They have challenged Republican and Democrat administrations over the years. Here's the headline of the story Russia special counsel Muller. Worked with radical Islamic groups to purge anti terrorism training material offensive to Muslims. So this is that fair minded nonpolitical. Former FBI director. That is been praised so much in recent days. You member Jan one Jolo coming on this program and talking about the purging of FBI materials. Look no further than Robert Mueller. He's the man who. Is responsible for it. Judicial watch refers to the misguided handy work in collaboration with radical Islamic organizations as FBI director. Judicial watch exclusively obtained droves of records back into winning thirteen documenting how. Under Muller's leadership the FBI purged all anti terrorism training materials deemed offensive to Muslims. After secret meetings between Islamic organizations and the FBI chief. Judicial watch. Had to suit to get the records. And published in depth report on the scandal and 2013 and a land here updated follow up in 2015. As FBI director Mueller bent over backwards to please Islamic groups radical Islamic groups and caved in to their demands. The agency eliminated the value boy anti terrorism training material and curricula after Mueller met with various Islamic organizations. Including those who documented ties to terrorism. Among them two organizations the Islamic Society of North America and you guessed it. Care the Council On American Islamic Relations. Named by the US government as an unindicted co conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case. And I just reiterate something again. I don't I don't hesitate at all and I say this. I think anybody who's giving aid and comfort these organizations ought to be tried for treason. I'm serious. This is one of those left hand right hand things how much of this do we learn about after 9/11. And it was Muller who is talking about how different agencies the FBI weren't cooperating. Lol mister Muller. Here is a situation. Where there is a trial and these documents were uncovered. That the FBI apparently. Does not think are relevant now. Care is a terrorist front group would extensive links to foreign and domestic islamists. Found that 1994 by 3 Middle Eastern extremists. You've heard about them repeatedly on this program from John window. Omar. Pocket mod. Nihon a wide. And Rafik job over. They ran the American propaganda wing of Hamas. Known then as the Islamic association for Palestine. The records obtained as part of judicial watch is lawsuit show Muller who served twelve years as FBI chief. Met with the Islamic organizations on February 8 2012 to hear their dead man's. Shortly. After this the director sure the Muslim groups he had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam. From FBI offices nationwide. The purge was part of a broader Islamist. Operation designed to influence the opinions and actions of persons institutions governments and public at large. The records obtained by judicial watch also issued similar incidents of Islamic influence operations department of justice and state. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House. I'm going to be ill. We continue the Vince Coakley radio program it's 1145. We he had come to the final stretch of the broadcast years. Ten minutes before the noon hour obstruct you pats good morning welcome the broadcast. Thank you can't. Two. On. I Mick and the people. I'm mad at each it would hurt it. Wait a second ads to use. Save people where. I haven't let there who are. Hungry. I can't quite a lot of I would approach to let. And I I learned in the military. And I am in I go there it none of our. Are you talking about Kosovo. It could be. My belt tonight. And I am why not are. There. The fact that Albert protect. I don't want you say they sure got. The matter. Are we need to protect. The NC. And you know this is a question comes up repeatedly as it sounds to me like Q kind of embraced the view that a lot of us have come Q that's. We need to mind their own business. Where do we draw the line as to where weak cold help out where we draw that. I don't know I mean. It would pat and I sat in the information coming back Becket yeah brightly lit there. And you don't get the whole picture you're coming out way. No notion. That is for sure and hey I appreciate your call. And and I'm sure it means a lot more as you've described there when you have a relative. Who's actually in harm's way. This is one of those situations where. You know and we talked about it plenty of times you know it's one thing you. Have this bravado that's projected. Wind you were a political leader. And you want a flex American muscle for whatever reason. It's another thing when you've actually got skin in the game more you've got relatives that skin in the game. Kind of wonder what we have gotten involved in some of these misadventures like Vietnam and other places. You know if those folks actually had skin in the game and the sad thing is and you know this well is ID one of the sad things about. Engagements like Vietnam. We didn't really going there to win. We got in there inch. Who knows what the objective wise. And ultimately don't really go on with the idea to. Actually get the job done. Just kind of threw half job. Without any real conviction without any real purpose without any real strategy. And as a result. Get a lot of people die. And then you're raised the question what was the point that. Which is a fair question. Very much a fair question. Will continue to follow the news developing over the weekend including Donald Trump's travels to juicy by the way. What is going on with these travels in terms of all of the security that is involved. Balloons sewer robots. 101000. Cops to guard the president on his trip. Ten thousand. What's the sewer robot look like. I'm not a visions that I'm not enjoying yeah. It's giving that there is a robot in the C were rather than a human being. I think you prefer that Renton volunteering to take that job on Euro would we know they were robots who we think they were something else that's homes that. That's a good question of the interest in and maybe they do a Google search to look that happens here it looks like. That would be kind of intriguing to see how these things function. I think I mean passed on them yet not something you wanted you why your having dinner by the way. What's ahead for the upstate polls we party talked abouts. The new alien movie that's coming outs which I mere Mina courtesy. What else is in store restaurants that tools in a more spy. On the way home. We will be. Thought about that. And we'll see what else do we have here. We're going to be talking about cinnamon flavor Pepsi which just frightens me to know is why yes. A lot of new trailers out for a bunch of stuff that's coming on and rock paper scissors championships by the way you can win 50000 dollars if you really get that it looking up. On I think it's time for it to find out who's the polls rock paper scissors champ is. And who knows maybe that person will get them ready to send them over believes Japan wins championships are happening but really food just some fun stuff like that. It sounds like a blast did did I hear correctly said cinnamon. Pepsi cinnamon flavor Pepsi yeah you know you're looking forward to try and Solana. It's. Cute he's the question is can you drink he cinnamon flavored Pepsi very quick without dying. You assume and burns. I don't understand this one Yunnan understand this one at all so you say new and try. I'm made try is one thing but I guess I'm kind of wondering what would give somebody the idea it. For that flavor our boys was put some Wilson there under oath human. Yeah that would not have been the top of my list. At once something. Else. Go figure don't forget stick out of state polls tomorrow with Alonso and company. We're back on Monday lord willing have so great weakening got bush take care.