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Why did the words I use that social media yesterday evening kind of sum up. Where we are today. Posted the story about the new special counsel. That's been appointed. Technologist goats you. That particular poster right now. Here we go. That's pretty much what I posted. Here we ago. So while it will be interesting to see where. All of this takes us. We will delve into this I invited into McCarthy. The government's program he's been a frequent guest in this broadcast and fortune this morning. He is. Having every time they root canal. That should be a blast. But before. Pursuing that he actually wrote a great piece on this particular subject which I think is quite good. We will share at least parts of this with Q during the course of the broadcast today. I wanna start off. With a story that she was covered in Fox News here at the top of the hour the death of Roger Ailes. It's uninteresting to me because in recent months. We've learned a lot about Roger Ailes. Some things that frankly were not very good. I really wanna focus on the most important part here at the top of this broadcast. That relates to. Where we are. Thanks to Roger Ailes. I understand there's some Reagan connection here that. We don't have time to go into it now but in terms of. Our modern. Media. Generation. Mr. Ailes has made it very very important contribution. I just want Judah. Especially now in light of the events the last 44 hours. I want you to. Imagine with me. Imagine just for a moment there is no Fox News. You ought to follow the latest developments. On any news story. You get CNN. MSNBC. Parents. That's pretty much yet. Those are your choices. Just want to think of what the world would look like. Right now if those were the only choices. I would have. Draw your attention the fact. That's this man Roger Ailes was a pioneer. He did something and I remember. Or how many of you remember following the story until member who's in the eighties or in the nineties one of the big issues that was going an early on. The Fox News Channel had difficulty. Getting picked up by cable companies. I think one of those battles was going on in New York. Just frankly. The establishment. In its most. In its broadest terms. Absolutely did not want any competition. For CNN. It was just. Not going to be allowed to happen. Every possible step was going to be taken to prevent. Another perspective. We know about the recent developments. Roger Ailes the man who resigned from his positions as chairman and CEO Fox News Channel Fox Business Network. Over sexual harassment allegations. Last year. This is probably much of what will be talked about by the mainstream media they will focus on the end of the story. Which frankly was not. A good story. It's not. It really isn't. What's interesting too. Is this background in media in the 1990s. Roger Ailes was the president of CNBC. Part of what I want to instill within you no matter your age. Is the possibility that you may be. A person who's called to be an end to be a pioneer. To start something. That's maybe no one else can envision. T everybody else wants to just walk in step in March in step with. What iyas. There are people along the way who dare to dream of what can be. And they're willing to step out of the comfort zones. And do something. That's challenging. But ultimately not only rewarding for that person but for many others. Roger Ailes could have been very content. In his position CNBC. There were no guarantees of success. To step out and create this new entity. But the reality of it is. When you have that fire in your belly. In Europe person who is a visionary. There's no way that you cannot step out. And do something. That starts a brand new entity. And really impacts a generation. In a statement his wife Elizabeth hale said I'm profoundly sad and heartbroken to report my husband Roger Ailes passed away this morning surrounded by these beautiful family. Rogers my best friend. The most wonderful loving husband and father torso and Zachary he was a loyal friend to so many. Roger was a patriot. Who was grateful. Grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard to rise and give back during their career that stretched over more than five decades. His work entertainment and politics. And news affected the lives. Of many millions. Is that not the case. Millions. So it's important for us. With the passing of Roger Ailes to reflect. On the good that he accomplished. Not to dismiss. The unfortunate things that he was allegedly involved in during the course of his life. But missing time to recognize. The seismic impact. On media. Seismic. And again. I want all of you to think about. What your potential contribution may be in May not be in media may be and something else. That one of the greatest needs we have now we talked the talk about being individuals the truth of the matter is all too often. We're followers. All too often. We just march in lockstep with the system. Well you can't do anything about this or that. Roger Ailes did something about it. What is your contribution. Whatever stage of life you were in. Love to get your thoughts on this still ahead we will delve into the special counsel. And other areas and today I have decided I will share. That's. Poster of Steve days last week I think now is a good time is inning it will delve into that much more. As we continue to broadcast today 803471. Of 63 that's Eagles advantage startling number. Common sense retirement planning text line it's 713 jurist seven. Our rights act and I'd just say this I've said this before. But I am sick and tired of the will Brooke go book would do this for eight years. Folks. Putted out. Just stop. Now to be clear by now. Things are not fair. They're not. You know that and I know that. And it's clear to me. There are more snowflakes out there. That we might want to acknowledge. We'll just put it that way. So here we are. With the story developing yesterday evening. We now have a special counsel who is investigating. This entire. Russian story whatever that is. Rod grosans Stein who's the deputy attorney general. Has appointed to. FBI director Robert Mueller he's the former FBI director served for twelve years under bush and under Obama. To service special counsel to oversee the previously confirmed FBI investigation. Of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters. To that directive. Is now in his hands. Where this goes through notes. One person IE. Have a great deal of respect for his perspective and opinion. A former US attorney's been on this program a number of times he's written a piece for national review Robert Mueller. A solid choice for truck Russia investigation. Special counsel. Now we can have a discussion about whether this was even necessary the first place. That's yet another conversation. But it began to McCarthy is basically saying if you're going to have a special counsel. Mr. Mahler is about as good as you going to get. Mr. McCarty says this appointment underscores a point I've made through the years whenever the subject of special prosecutors are independent counsel's rears its head. Because there is no such thing as an independent counsel. A lawyer who wields prosecutorial power independent executive branch the structure of a special counsel. Will never give anyone. And this is important understand. It will never give anyone confidence. A special counsels appointed by the attorney general here's the deputy attorney general because Jeff Sessions for accused himself. Special counsel also reports all believed to the president meaning. Like any other executive branch official on the vice president special counsel serves the pleasure of the president and maybe dismissed at any time. They're for the public perception that the special counsel arrangement has integrity engines exclusively on the lawyer who's appointed. Is the lawyer's reputation. For probity and professionalism. And that alone. That can convince people real investigation governed by law and evidence not politics is being conducted in this instance. Rosen Stein has chosen well. Bob Muller is a widely respected former prosecutor US attorney high ranking Justice Department official and FBI director. Highly regarded by both parties. This is perhaps best exhibit about affect his ten year term. As the FBI director appointed by George W. Bush expired in 2011. Present Obama asked him to stay on for an additional two years. And congress quick quickly agreed to extend his term he's a straight shooter by the book. And studiously devoid of flash. I think that's a good quality in and of itself. The last thing we need is flash. He's also fondly remembered by Democrats is having joined and deputy attorney general James combing the famous showdown. At that attorney general John ashcroft's hospital bed he may have heard this story over President Bush's warrantless surveillance program. It was at the insistence of called me and Mueller. That bush made modifications to the program debris yet. Into the Justice Department's revised understanding of lawful list. Mueller notwithstanding. Their remain peculiar aspects of the special counsel appointment foremost. Is the so called Russian investigation is a counterintelligence. Investigation. Not a criminal investigation. That's important to point out that you think. In the Justice Department counterintelligence investigations are not assigned a prosecutor. As criminal cases. Because the point is to collect information about a foreign power and investigative and an analytical intelligence function. Not to build a prosecutable case against a suspect for violation of penal law how many of you going to hear this perspective. Out of the mainstream news media. This is a counterintelligence investigation. Not criminal. Lawyers in the Justice Department's national security division overseeing the department's. The government's domestic and national security operations and assist the FBI. In obtaining warrants for the foreign intelligence surveillance court as the fights a court. Court orders that authorized the agents to collect information and monitor suspected foreign agents presumably. Mueller will supply and the NST for purposes the rush investigation. Which is described a rose and stand to motorists investigation of any links or coordination between the Russian government individual associate with a campaign of president Donald Trott. That is to say. When it comes time to announce the conclusions of this counterintelligence probe. It will be Mueller making the findings. In addition. And again we point this out this is Andy McCarthy. The special counsel are broad authority to investigating the additional matters that have already arisen. Or may arise directly from the investigation. First the extent the counterintelligence investigation is instantly uncovered any suspected criminal misconduct. So weakened back into a criminal case here the special counsel has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute. This would presumably include the reported investigation. A retired general Michael Flynn former national security advisor. The investigation that's the subject of the controversial call me memo. Which is Cedric got a conversation between president trump and the former FBI director second. To the extent that crimes arise because of the investigation of witnesses are caught lying to investigators or the grand jury. More of a lab jurisdiction to investigate and charge such offenses. And I'll share just this part. And I welcome your thoughts these two components make it impossible to answer the pressing question of how long Muller's investigation more last the FBI. Another intelligence agencies have been investigating the Russia counterintelligence batter for nearly a year. And a great deal of work's already been done on it. I imagine there's a chance he could be wrapped up than a few months Muller's quick study and a hard worker won't take him long to get up to speed. What can really slow these investigations down as the prosecution of an ancillary. Criminal case. If there are none this can be wrapped up in short order but if people are indicted this could go one. I know you don't wanna hear this. Four years. Mueller is not a Lawrence Walsh type he will not wanna make a career out of this the same time. If serious criminal wrongdoing is who uncovered he will not turn a blind guy. Again the perspective year for many McCarthy. Who's written this piece for national review. What are your thoughts here and I know there are a lot of angry people out there. And I understand the angst associate with it is. 80347163. Text line 71 reserve's seven. Got about a minute or so David good morning. I have bad short slate don't play it's. Talk and he taught content and having support Almonte I'm not for public that the that the been a Democrat to lunch. They're big complaint solidarity no matter how that the situation. Good example plant. Bill Clinton may not pay up or it'll it'll apart Mac special group culprit special prosecutor but it didn't happen so. Well as regards to special prosecutor. Good hundred Brooke special prosecutor outburst prosecutors don't vote they call whatever product Oprah can crawl I'm so. Bottom line here. This should you be but they got out and sit and apple will help again or enough people there. On the Republican side just or I don't look that he had any choice. Other western open one up special prosecutor here. In state very very barely and that's where you. Well regarded as well all Russian collusion Ortiz got his start joke outside of those. Very definitive guide like like all special prosecutor. And account which. I'm curious where do you think this ends up David. Well title for academic question in my mind that not trump did not have any collusion. I would rush and not picket the slurred idol record of buying buying adult acute even in any smoke ought to. I think is just politics in the Maxine Waters who oral well. That may trump Barbara upheld or no he's not. But I think what it does is it gives Republicans. Again handed it over only pay it all has but they Ryan a Republican global Republicans. Democrats. Yeah the big stakes. And assorted other yes they and let me tell you don't want any of its agenda Padilla will edit and mystic blues built or all all right our. So look like if you come up slowing doubt what's stopping bank epic pocket but I did people get. I felt like it might now I'm never seen anybody like they're. Bet you never have idol like Saudi oil and got a lot pocket market back oh well. It's going to be interesting for sure and I'm going to address a particular aspect of this just one thing that I'd love to see. A change in how all of this is addressed. And I will be eager to get your thoughts about as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program. Thirty minutes after ten. We continue the broadcaster 38 after 10 o'clock. I'm just gonna put out one request of some think one thing I would like to see. Is it in this entire investigation trot matter. I would dress that no bid by the way. Regarding the mystery of what has happened to Roger Ailes. As to why he died how he died. TMZ is reporting. That mr. Ailes had hemophilia. And that he fell at his home eight days ago and it is head. According to TMC Ailes went into a coma Wednesday. And died Wednesday night. And reportedly had several or their other serious health problems that contributed to his death. So this is in your report that's come out from TMZ. These folks managed you. Happen to sources. Everywhere. They are hard to avoid. And it's. They get a lot of additional information other agencies in Q. Not be able to acquire. As we can see the broadcast getting your thoughts on what has transpired in the appointment of a special counsel. Let's scratch Hulu red good morning welcome. Hey good morning is. Concerned because I'm betting line for years or eight years that the that you Wear whatever. Presidency is completed. I'm wondering. Well he's battling incredible odd and accomplishing what we. You don't need it draining a ball over eight. Feel like that the Erika at that. A great art it's already been added. Of America we know it's gonna be completely gone. Speak only as we know we have been here in. It and I try to. You. I'd get this week that it that you experience it. So sure that it is the right. In this state that it any. Because bought a respectful and a ball right. Let me ask you let me ask you laden oh what are your thoughts about how to address this because here. Here's one of my concerns. That I've always had about this that they're too many people I'm concerned. Have. Basically attempted to put all of their eggs in the presidential baskets. Aunts. IE I still think. Ultimately. We're gonna have to do something like eight convention states. And it. That's really the only remedy for bringing this back under control. Again I think centered in Washington is really not gonna work. As animated by virtue of being a lot. I agree I agree. Well please hold on hands and keep the faith in that regard. As to what we the people can do because that's my concern is that. Or lost sight of that so stay faithful in that area. I would open but thank you so much for doing what you do to it that's straight and really in line with the troops. Well thank you very much appreciate your call. Right this is where we've got to stay folks and in terms of our hopes. Am I can't speak for. Other people but I can tell you my hope is not hinged on one person non. Zero no amount of hope. In what one person is going to due to allegedly drain the swamp I think I've mentioned this repeatedly. For quite some time now. One president is not going to drain in the swamp. Especially when many of you keep electing swamp creatures. She elect Donald Trump. And then you elect these. I don't know what they are. To go to congress to go to the house and the senate. We're not electing warriors. What we're electing. Our politicians. They're gonna go the got to talk Annika talks. And they're gonna talk some more. I what are things that would make very clear I have always liked the concept the idea. Of a business person coming in and doing this or that. My question has always been rather whether this man. Had the constitution and character. To be able to do it. And a bit I'm gonna share a few. A couple of items that kind of highlight where I at least think this thing kind of we just put this way try to put it in positive term. It's. If there will be success in this administration. Part of it. Will be taking the imports. From someone. On what I'm gonna share this morning. But first let's take a look at the day in history as the eighteenth day. Of may 27 team. And the first question for mr. right so goes back to the year 18601860. Who was nominated for the presidency. 1860s. Abraham like you're correct. 1974. This country joined the nuclear club the six nation in the world to do so. You're going to need him to do this. It's one of the most populated countries in the world trying to. A New York should have known you gonna say that think of another. Well Chris is in the background telling me answers though I'm I'm I'm recused myself from the rest of all right what it would Chris is answer on the go to you Chris is. Good and not give you cancer on the authority. The answer is indeed. All of that means Christmas too been a write in Crist needs to be quiet for the rest. Moon. We acted too because Alonso doesn't like cheap even though he's been accused of many time. Ravi. 1988. After 123. Years of dormant seats but this particular. Mountain volcano. Watch out that's pretty good at Tennessee. Erupted it is bouncing Allen's. Mr. rates of Jews to factory. Which is pretty impressive. As we continue to broadcast. With Alonso and Curtis. Jamie and Loeb and answered there. 803 force six the text line 71 threes and coming up. I'm gonna talk about something that it's. Just 1 small thing. I am urging people. If you're trump supporter. Would you urge him to do this one thing I think it will do wonders. For his administration. Will talk about this much more on the Vince Coakley radio program at 45. Over on the text line. I started off talking about Fox News for the death of Roger Ailes I honestly. Think without Fox News maybe a couple of other sources. We look even more like Europe right now. This is what left hates fox. There's a lot of truth to that. There is a new conservative news channel one American news channel 347 DirecTV street news no opinions. Speculations. It. Vincent fairness. I've not heard all of Trump's Coast Guard graduation address what I did here was from playing the poor me victim card. It was all about him completely self absorbed c'mon dude man up. You have stolen. My recommendation. Which right on the money. Vince they wade Hampton whiny baby snowflake girl. Should look for a safe space. I think there's an opening on wade Hampton boulevard. Coleman was highly regarded by both parties. Until July 5 46 he. Whatever Vince I guess you're loving all this. You'd dams and never troopers public witness named read the rest of this garbage if you write garbage like that I'm not gonna read it. It's just stupid. To suggest I will be a Democrat. This up but it's typical for trump to not start firing off attacks on Twitter and Robert Mueller. I think the best thing is for trump not to tweet. On the Russian issue at all man. That is good counsel. Shop. Really. Enjoy being held accountable for not draining the swamp whom we pump the same water back into it every two years thank you. My faith isn't one person whose name is Jesus he meant that. Another texture have that convinced in the states somewhere in flyover country far far away from the major media centers. Yeah let's go somewhere like Iowa. I mean seriously. You're you're right that's where it needs to be held. Drain the swamp sounds so blanking dumb. There's good reason for that. You have to wonder fall the recent sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes contributed to his death. Seem strange demand has good character for seven years Alyssa and women young enough to be is granddaughters are accusing him of being a sexual predator what do you say the same thing. About Bill Cosby. Whatever events I guess you're loving this. Oh great let's in this more than once. You said the people Washington her politicians most of them are leeches. And when. It's I apologize for going off topic don't need for an axe and just to India and you haven't seen the video of the body guards the Turkey. The near the embassy beating protesters up outside the embassy in Washington DC yes I did. Ridiculous. Where can make some other comments about. The whole Turkey situation. We are limited now. Let's the yeah. Take trumps Twitter away from him he seems psychotic you think. Just some of the perspectives offered year and text like coming up next our I'm gonna share my recommendation which you I'm also going to go and share. Something posted by Steve dates that I think is very timely. I think it's timely period. But. Since I've mentioned it several times I wanna just give it out of my system. So we shared the next hour let's go out to Roberts. Good morning welcome broadcaster. Bench you know this conversation is missing it I agree with you and 9999. Out of a thousand points but this is so much bigger than trumpet and I got to respectfully disagree. Got the tawdry nets it's some of this conversation. The truth about global is on this turnabout CPP if you haven't read CPP. You might want to take some time this weekend there and read it I mean this is about more food pins are about money in its tracks. And there's a lot of people protecting a lot of others out there. RK street chamber of commerce globalism how much money do you think you can make off Anderson go North Carolina. It's about bigger things bigger but it is different. Doctor Gupta that this is really a canard anecdotes pretty deep. I would encourage you to read revelation chapter eighteen about the followed Avalon. Where you know what what what congress ships went down in one hour we ships so of lust and greed. And I mean we're not enough time to go into it and admitted that there is so much bigger than trump died you know. There nationally. We we've gone out there hornet's nest that they're coming back. They had it planned all along you know what this really seriously at my amateur results Franklin Graham within their right now we've been learning a lot about how bad our mother Teresa's. This is so much bigger than trumpeted yesterday. By the way the next thing it's got to come out is going to be Trump's self timers are some that I mean everybody goes step that's stupid. Simple simple argued that there. Like I said. It's CPP. Chamber of commerce it's globalism and what about the kickbacks what about the people that are bought and sold these politicians. And they get there who is courage enough to take on some of that stopped. Yeah he's a very imperfect. Warrior out there. I think you know who even knows about king diverse than the old testament they ought to but they don't armed. Who even knows about revelations chapter eighteen in the wallop babble on you know there's this whole thing is is so big. And so local law that I'm afraid get a lot of its been lost already a long time ago Minsk. Annan and our thought yeah I'm I'm there with you Robert and force they were up against heart break here and man I I feel your pain I absolutely do. That's there are tremendous evil forces at work. And frankly we have not hit the tip of the iceberg we really have not. Much more as we continue and our number Tuesday this.