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Good Thursday morning welcome to the broadcasts. Got to be back with you. It's been interesting the last couple of days we had. Late breaking developments toward the end of the broadcast. Two days ago it was the the FaceBook killer who has captured. Actually. Was cornered and ultimately. He put an end to himself. Yesterday. It was the developing story about Bill O'Reilly it was confirmed. A few minutes before the noon hour that he was out. And there's a lot of conversation about what is taking place there. I wanna tie these particular stories together because they they they have a connection. And here is the relationship. It's all abouts. Notoriety. About social media. About reputations. And these are issues that are you know they will forever be with office. And we can go after all kinds of tangent and talk about the liberal groups that have been determined to take Bill O'Reilly down and others. We can spend a lot of time there. That's not where I'm wanting to go with us today by the way. Statement from Bill O'Reilly put out late yesterday. Over the past forty years fox I've been extremely proud to lunch and leave them the most successful news programs in history. Which is consistently informed and entertained millions of Americans is and significantly contributed to building fox into the dumbed news network television. It's tremendously disheartening. We part ways do you completely unfounded claims. That's the unfortunate reality many of us in the public guy must live with today. I always look back in my time at fox with great pride in the unprecedented success was achieved. With my greatest gratitude. To my dedicated viewers I wish only the best for the Fox News Channel for gracious statement there from bill Riley. And one of the things we're discussing yesterday. We had Chris kitten Gandolfo on the program from conservative review. And we were talking about this mindset of basically. The expectation of train wrecks. You know we can we talk abouts. Some of the things that take place in our culture and our society. And it's we you know we think some of these things we observe are terrible. Yeah we watched them continuously. You know I added another great example this is what's happened television how many of view. But agree that we've watched a disintegration. In the moral values of television. And cable. I mean it's just been a steady path downhill. Every stop watching in many cases no. We go right down the cliff with these new so called standards. I've expressed this concern. Among our only rank C I don't I'm not here to. So much address what liberals are doing. Then they will have to answer for one day. You know we can talk about those things and we do. But the same time. I've long been of the belief that there's got to be something different about us. That we don't behave the same way. You know I I've read even this morning people talking about wall OK why is Bill O'Reilly out of a job. And Bill Clinton. Had no problem staying in office. Hey it's a fair question. It is a fair question. But having said that. You there is something inappropriate that happened. I'm not looking to excuse Bill O'Reilly either or Roger Ailes. Because someone is on quote our side. It's not my responsibility or my call to turn a blind guy. Two misbehavior. And I think we've really got off the cliff year. Because there are people were determined no matter what they've got their guns aimed at quote the liberals. I am of the belief that's. If we go to on the same path as liberals in our old ethics are all morality. We will implode. We will. I mentioned Chris Randolph for yesterday after the broadcast he actually sent this item to me. And it really. Really. Is a well written article I'm gonna post this on the 163 to be your view FaceBook page. And it's a piece written by Kayla Powell called a murderous Internet. This is a follow what to what happens. With a FaceBook killer. I wanna share this in its entirety because I think it speaks to the very thing that I've been talking about here. This is this culture of gotcha. War. And an and one of the things I've I've I've been tremendously frustrated by is the anonymity of social media. There are things that we will do and say over social media we will never save someone's face. There's a coarseness. And and ugliness and I've been watching this grow over the last year. Here's what Caleb writes. Long before there was a Twitter or FaceBook confucius touched on an idea that become more true in the Internet age than ever. Is in the past when he wrote that to see and listen to the week it is already the beginning of wickedness. Who. Evil happens on the Internet. Or because of its sometimes this is often attributed the decay of inhibition and reality that comes from anonymity. And the solitude of a fake social world on line. But I think there's more to the net. This weekend on Easter Sunday men and Ohio to get a FaceBook live broadcast using a Smartphone took a gun murdered her grandfather returning home for Easter dinner with his family. The same marketplace. In which he brought his murderous display. Became. Then home to thousands of expressions of dismay and alarm and of course conjecture about his motivation was it fame. That fable fifteen minutes we're so often offered by media as motive for heinous acts maybe. Probably partly. I think also a new addiction only slightly different from fame more perhaps more accurately specific kind of fame player apart. Fake Internet points. All votes likes parts favorites. People go to extraordinary lengths to rack them up they covet them treasured them in earlier days. The malls were less specific but the addiction and the same its approval actually more than approval its affirmation. Confirmation of one's consequential existence. Maybe I'm matter I affect the world. But also only partly. There's another thing too which I mentioned above. Its emulation. And I'm gonna get into this. And I want your reaction to this and get your thoughts. 80347163. That's Ingles advantage starkly number common sense retirement planning text line 713 sure a seven. We're gonna go right into the heart of this. And some of this is gonna sound very familiar to me your view especially based on what we've observed. Over the last year or so with this presidential campaign. Where to get into more of this being murderous Internet. As we continue to Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after ten. So the previous segment I shared with your started sharing a piece from Kayla Powell. And I have just posted this because. It's vital all of us do some self examination seek. This is one of the things that liberalism and progressive is and does not do it has a continual outward look. The problem with the world is everybody else the problem with the world is conservatism. It's the constitution. It's everything except for. Looking in the mirror. And saying what personal responsibility do I have in this. I think many of us are dangerously. Becoming the same thing the enemy is over there the problem is over there. And we failed to examine our own hearts and ask the question. Are we feeding some of these very toxic things. That were complaining about it. I started off sharing. This particular piece. That appeared in red state. All the murderous and Internet. He talked about one of the big problems that we now have with the Internet which is in elation. And this is where the rubber hits the road. Take it twice sixteen election for example. During the campaign a few loud voices with large following on Twitter made a game of being as nasty. And snide as possible in the support of their candidates. Came from all political points of view. As for the once on the so called right there the guys who started the clock trend among others. They style themselves warriors striking back against the unfair power of the left in the media. If the left is going to be mean and nasty to us will be twice as mean and nasty to them if you heard this from people. If this is what you believe this what you like this of what you have a problem with a Vince Coakley now because I don't play this kind of game. Well we you have now in words. Why I don't play this game because I don't believe this I do not believe in behaving in this matter. At the left is going to be mean and nasty to us will be twice as mean and nasty to them 71 of us to the hospital. Wilson one of them to the morgue. You know what I'm talking about. You know before you go on here opponents. You we can't just play nice politics is ugly it's dirty. My blah blah blah blah blah. We find all kinds of excuses. Excuses are abundant. Those loud mouth jerks had a knack for nastiness and they're following is an influence grow their notoriety reached the mainstream. You know what happened. Every idiot egg with deplorable and their name believe themselves to be exactly as notable and intimidating. What about proving it by copying and pasting every insult they did find him repeating endlessly. If use Twitter you see the word snowflake. About every seven minutes I got so tired of seeing that and I still do. If it's really gotten to a point where people can't even engaging in conversation anymore without throwing up these cheap. Words and expressions. That really become meaningless. It's not just obnoxious. It's part of the point here monkey see monkey do. Part of the reason why I've. It's really avoided using this kind of language. It doesn't require thought anymore. Just a bunch of lemmings. Re posting and posting the same garbage over and over and over again. But they're copycat behavior extends far beyond buzz words and into legitimate wickedness. Need an example. It gives an example here of someone who posted something. Really reprehensible on social media which I'm not gonna repeat here. If it was basically rejoicing over. Someone who had a misfortune happened. And someone posted were great karma is a you know what it rhymes with witch. Despicable right deplore or even a suppose that peace nick lefty. Who feels totally justified in being discussed but none alone. This person had many such tweets directed her going for the most evil awful heinous comment possible not just a pastime in the Internet. It's something that's copied repeated endlessly by a thousand dim witted nobody's. Trying to sound like bad ass somebody's. Bob surely saw someone else attacker tragic loss enjoined in all the easier. Knowing others do the same thing. Part about these people tweeting their wish for the murder of president trump and his supporters. Endless examples from all sides of politics and is many more that have nothing to do with politics. Because this isn't specific to appoint a viewer demographic the common denominator is access to the Internet that's it. To the obvious question is why why did they think you're accomplishing attacking dead relatives what do they think are accomplishing. Or issuing death threats. 1000 other daily Internet evils. Some avid then idea that they're making a point having convince themselves they're proving something about how the other side acts. I once thought that. Caleb writes. They aren't though. You can tell from the urgency and viciousness that is just an excuse to be despicable and indulge one's own anger we. Brothers the copycats for example there's no rationale at all. No greater point. They simply enjoyed being bad guys they like being awful they relish suffering and makes them feel good to be evil because they're sick evil people. Sick evil people can come with hurled insults. Now we have a murder. Played out live on FaceBook watched by millions spread over countless re upload. Social media pros hosted on dozens of sites now and the same sickness in the comments replies reactions to this. The anonymous trolls trying to outdo one another in gross reactions where they cheer joke about it make means out of it and soon enough try to repeat it. Oliver Wilson on Twitter. Social media has been for the most part in net negative for mankind. On that point I see no room for argument. The bad far outweighs the good and the trend has been a continuous downward slope. The good things come fewer and farther between the bad faster and in larger numbers every day. When you're after on Twitter today or FaceBook or Tumblr instead Graham or whatever new hot thing is making waves think about. What you're looking at and chuckling about the lame excuse of moving the Overton window or fighting against political correctness is dead. That's not what's happening. It's just people enjoying being terrible people in chewing people. Is no way to blame the medium with the tools neither the Internet nor the got a responsible parties. The murderer who won't get his name in print this article made his own evil decision he is responsible. Only a human decides what he or she to ice that's point. Make better decisions start now. And police if you listened to nothing else you've you've heard nothing else and what I shared from this article from red state. Police take what I. If you see someone cheering a personal tragedy. A dead sprouts. A child. A diagnosis. Of Helio or laws don't follow them. Don't like it or favorite don't be a part of it become a becoming a spectator is the beginning of wickedness. And we know now where that wickedness leads. To a street in Ohio and Easter Sunday. Recognize your being radicalized and then stop it from happening. Great piece here. One of the things that I read just recently is a matter of fact I was. Going over to scripture was talking about love and hate. And we can very easily say oh why would never commit murder you don't scripture says you would Jesus said. If you hate someone in your heart. You're guilty. Did you know that. But I see this mindset cultivated all the time on social media but because it's directed at quote the other side. We somehow think there's something virtuous about it. My purpose and my desire. And heart. First and foremost for myself is to be a better person. That's really. The highest priority. Yes I'm interested in. Conservative causes constitutional causes I'm interested in righteousness goodness all the good things. And because of that. I'm one who approach all of those things in the right way. We can fight. The so called good fight. And it's important to deuce. But we never lose. Who we are in the process. I'd love to get your thoughts on what's happened and what you've been observing how many of you verb. Seen these kinds of things on social media the toxicity. That is cultivated by certain people. Ands. Personally I'd seen it take a turn. In so called Republican circles over the past year year and a half. I wanna get your thoughts 803471. A 63 or text line 713 juror seven. 37 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock getting the out reactions side generally expected third those who agreed those who. Disagree starting here Vince you are full of its. How many times have I heard you insult people now I hear you claim you don't plea the insults game. So you think spreading the word around snowflake too much is meaningless. How about spreading the inward around constantly like you here in rap music is that meeting was to. Yes idiots. Fact it was interesting yesterday evening. My children my older children. Were making an observation about that very thing. Fortunately. Betty. Really. Are they find dish just as report as their parent. It's which I'm really glad about it. It if it just represents such a whack of fought. A lack of creativity. You know we read something gets beat and gets beat to death. Like all right. There's been over used let's move on to something else something creative. It's I'm so glad you brought this behavior issue up and so securing. The eye for an eye tooth for tooth attitude toward the left accomplishes nothing. Thank you for your fair and matter affect attitudes toward both sides of the aisle Jesus teaches. That love kindness and compassion of the answers as from Patrick. Yep we will publish great deal of those things. Vengeance. You know and and frankly. Some of the people that I see voters there are supposedly on the right. I see the same kinds of attitudes as the people on seeing. Reprieve saying black lives manner same for engines same anger. Just directed in different places. Same heart. That's for the way people abuse the First Amendment to her in insult others no wonder the Middle East run by dictators don't allow Internet or free speech. We real don't realize how good we have it. Yeah. You know we have you know it's amazing we have the luxury. Of abusing the First Amendment that's really what we have there are people who wish they could just speak out. Against some of the injustices that are taking place in their society with their their political situations that they're not gonna change. Not going to change. Since it is refreshing to hear someone call social media what it truly is thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. And this is what we need to do and and if you're part of this. In a positive way I'm just pleading with you. To bring salt and light. To every venue whether it's radio whether it's television whether it is social media. FaceBook Twitter whatever it is. Bring something redemptive to the table. We don't need to be highly toxic. And when those things are toxic. I'm a person who believes in calling those things out. And it doesn't matter who does it. The problem is sometimes we pick aside and say well this is our side to show. We will give someone on the court our side a pass I don't believe in that at all. Don't believe it. Look at your thoughts are 80347163. Or text line 71307. Let's take a look at that date in history this the twentieth day of April 27 team. This is somewhat of a challenging list year going back to 1841. The very first detective story is published. And this one by Edgar Allan pool. You with the title of this particular publication Wallace. Actor Alan polo. The way. There with a half. Would you have got to say it's their eyewitness. Eyewitness. At all I don't move that makes me feel better now it's your. The murder on the orient express I don't know what you get the first word right. Murders at the rumor or to rue morgue in the you know what I've read the very first detective story published 1841. This is more in Europe league so to speak. Who is the first new scored 63 points in a playoff game in 1986. Even though Boston beat Chicago 135. To 131 and went on to win the NBA championship that year was that person Michael Jordan you're correct 63 points. The ports. And 1989. Another sad tragedy in our history. Fourteen students including two shooters one teacher killed. 1999. What was the location Palomar and you are correct it's hard to believe goes that long ago that was an amazing we're talking about them. Eighteen years ago. Eighteen years ago 1999. Lot of interesting stories developing today including this one here we just now. We just now. Have new courses which who has taken this place on the Supreme Court. And now another opportunity could be presenting itself. Chuck Grassley. Has made an interesting statement. I would expect a resignation. This summer. He's the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said there was a rumored to retirement in the offing that we would not disclose which justice was considering stepping down. These comments actually echo. Comments from. Senator Ted courage. Who said I think we'll have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer that happens as much as the left is crazy now. They won't go to for Armageddon meltdown as you can you can believe it will be a meltdown. Because again remit of the rules have been changed there is no way to stop. A Supreme Court nominee. And I hope. If the description is corrective neo course achieve proves to be a conservative judge. I hope we get another person from this list. Now who might this be. Just in terms of age. A lot of speculation is focused on Justice Kennedy eighty years old. Who's been. Apparently rumored to be considered retirement for quite some time several other justices. Who were well up and age Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84 Stephen Breyer 78. And search this would be I think there's the real possibility for an upgrade no matter what happens. I mean certainly if it's Breyer or Ginsburg that would be a a great bonus. But Kennedy has been kind of a swing justice. So while. Hopefully we can improve on this this summer. Just a piece of information about you find intriguing coming up next hour we're gonna talk about something really disturbing it's happening with eighteen to 34 year olds. This story's been covered in different ways a lot of the last few years we're going to drill down on this quite a bit coming up the next hour. Right near the Vince Coakley radio program 80347163. Text line 71 preacher or seven. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock we mentioned the possibility. Of another vacancy on the Supreme Court as early as this summer Joseph. Anxious to talk about this morning sir. Events are turned in a little late but I want to thank you say that conservatives need to. Be at a rumor Christian approach like should the Supreme Court nominee coming up. And have peace and understanding. And look Skittles are key to each one that can be a little bit more and have a comment. It sounds like you kind of makes some things together there that's not something that I communicated but. Idea I just mentioned in terms the Supreme Court that we would have possibly another vacancy coming up December that's a little bit about that. Do you like this were fighting for him in this concern. Absolutely and and what's interesting about this and I think I've made this point there's really not much of a battle happier Joseph. Because. We've already changed the rules so it's there the real battle is the question of whether. A Donald Trump will continue to drop from the lists that he is already put together if he continues to do that. I hope will be in good shape. What do you think that we should all have the attitude or like because of that protest fifty years apparently were we kept just our love and accept and learn to live where that is that what you were saying earlier the cold I don't understand that. Are you mean on this subject. So any senator so here here is here's the key thing Joseph and and and this of what I want I want to make the point on. There are principles and values we should actually stand on and not compromise on I'm all for that. What I am not for. Is a toxic environments. Where we will basically put up win at any type of malfeasance. Or bad character. From people who call themselves on our side. That's what I'm talking about see there's the danger of slipping here I think what a lot of people have confused is this idea of being nice. They've confused that that's not what I'm I'm I'm really advocating here I think you can be a warrior you can be strong person. Without being a pain in the rear bench. And I think these things very often get confused so I don't. I don't favor the idea of us becoming jerks just so we can supposedly wins some sort of died out a battle. And I because I think ultimately what we've done is we've lost the battle we've become the very thing that we're trying to put a stop to. I don't think we do you mean bill morrow the got fire or did not work from concern that he deserved it they did what they sect he did shut in and there's not a double standard. You know this governor in Alabama or wherever I was at a sex scandal he resigned in good riddance. Interesting jurors have that an and I agree with you I think it's good and for a long time what we've done and this is what I'm saying here Joseph. Those of us on the conservative side has said. OK I made a big mistake here I'm bored or I'm going to resign. What do Democrats do I mean it'll bring you bring the whole country down. And cause all kinds of division. Over his personality. Sex and what I'm saying is there are people who claim to be on the right who have that same mindset. And daddy you know there's this person whoever it is. You know we're gonna defend this person no matter what and rhetoric and I and I'm glad you don't jurist or because I think this. This mindset has really come into our camp. And I've seen this more hours and and I know understand this you understand though that jurors have a lot of what we've been upset about it. There's there's been a lot of passivity out of the Republican Party would you agree with that. Absolutely a Republican Lindsey Graham I mean good god. Pace not passive when it comes to starting wars well but it's if you spin Pakistan out. Worried about Obama as it goes to trial it would be well what are ballgame it. You're you're Joseph and CNMRS. I think slap your call and I know this frustrates people it frustrated me. And you know people use these phrases and and I was very leery about this when. When that George Bush came out this compassionate conservative thing. Why do you need to put in my a fire in front of conservative because conservatism. Is compassionate it doesn't need a lot of fire. What it says is you don't really have the strength of your convictions to fight for anything. That's yet another thing that's called cowardice. And I think that was on display one of the reasons why the conservative movement suffered a great deal under the Bush Administration. It was certainly not a very good thing at all and we're still paying the price for that still paying the price for that. Speaking of paying the price. I was quite intrigued to see one of the new technological. Development that's come out. I mean by now many of you probably got these new credit cards that have the chip in them. They require that you put the card and a certain way so to be read MasterCard is unveiled something that takes this another step. Instead of a pandora signature to authorize payment now you scanned your finger print each. Yep here we go folks into the brave new world. The rise of mobile payments. Made buying things with your fingerprint common place so now. That technology is being married with credit card MasterCard thinks it's with a shot. And they built a credit card with a fingerprint scanner built right into the bottom. Cards no thicker than normal. And it lets users authorized the payment with a touch rather than using a pin or signature. It's pretty cool here. The company says the card works would all existing chip and pin readers know magnetic stripe only terminals it's currently being. Trial in South Africa started treating it would start there. They're planning other trials in Europe and the Asia Pacific region in the coming months with a full rollout expected later this year. So they idea behind it additional convenience and security. So. This is what's coming next. In the world of security coming up the next hour we're gonna talk about what's happened to our eighteen to 34 year olds where they're living and why. That's our number two stay right here.