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1106. Our virtue on the Vince Coakley radio program lots of responses from you on the text slighted 71 preachers seven on the EMP threats. This is subject that really really. Stirs people up and for good reason. This texture says what if Russia doesn't impede. Impede strike which starts the battle. Of may god those who now familiar I think this is in Ezekiel 3839. This texture says he of people unstoppable leaving the bureau. The done from Philly. Also this. Some people just haven't since humor about everything take a look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. That the into the world. Now look at photos of Detroit. Some people would not know the difference. If something happened. I think a weaker two off the grid with no phone or cameras would leave the lefties defenseless. And we on the right could fix 75% of America's problems that's free can of career paid don't just think this is going to be a problem for lefties. There are a lot of people period. That would just how all kinds of problems coping. Very basic on a very basic level. When my fridge quit I discovered. I've been paying twelve dollars a month to make it work and now by pressure items is needed. Eggs last 41 days without refrigeration. Hooked it ago. Vince the TV show revolution now gone from the airwaves. Talking about the power greed gone bye bye. Cool show I watched it funny how TV may come true. Your marine vet Lister it's interesting you mention that I loved that show. But as usual it's always the good shows get canceled I think that got out two years or so before they pull the plug on that thing. It was rates and for that really gave your perspective on what life could be like and what's interesting. And giving too much away here by. It it's intriguing that. The country for whatever reason broke down. In to a bunch of different republics. And he had these warring factions around the country and intriguingly enough I have suggested this. From a news story several years ago that did you know the Russians had a story there was a Russian professor believe who predicted the United States of America. Is going to collapse. And break up into several different republics. So I think it was rare and very interesting. That Hollywood kind of picks up on the steam and runs with it. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibilities to you the way this country's going. I don't out of one moment looking at the division that we have here. Personally I think the best thing to do this texture says just know how to get along without electricity the power grid went out. I use electricity for plenty but also make sure most of what I do I know how to do without power cords. Good for you. Which reminds me I wanna spend more time on the subject IE. Have done so a number of times on this broadcast we talked about. Prepping on some level as I do think every single person. You have to be one of these crazy preparers. But I think on some level we all shoot engaged. In some former preparation. Then CNBC reporting utility company employees open Russian emails disguised as job applicants. Since emails one of the most used methods of tracking system. Why not separate that function from critical systems operations. Will. Sometimes it's pretty scary isn't some of the things that are done and you wonder. What is the wisdom behind this and you find there is entity and part of the time. Ralph good morning welcome sir. Morning bought. Yeah it is ads you know this patent and in the Second Amendment you this Manningham would occur due to this. How did failure. You know you have me. After a walk people are your best. Yet. Everything about I have a little gal on manager. Can't. And why you have to put up Ottawa and I am the perfect battery. I don't remember how all of that works I would have to look to an expert on that subject but I know there are certain things that do provide protection. It. So what do you guys stay tuned Ralph had some port web further discussion about this and talk with some experts on the subject. That's what that next out to Kim and Lincoln's and good morning. Yeah a burden is terminal and air burst of nuclear weapon of credit into Google uses circuits on all computers. Your car will start if you're gonna lower our own industry early castration their culture controlled electronically. You're built or are television all work. It'll prospect and true meaning people sometimes. You can have to start up and that people looked at and tomorrow you're going to be dead and computer boot. Got candles and they're an independent nation learn a little awkward club. I think normal thing that people can all have all that it cannot take from Cuba or slowly. As trade. A lot of her surname or actually pregnant Cooper's been girls. Structure that the senators on aero. A trade to does not require electricity. Power. In news pretty range to get by anywhere repeatedly middle agers and a dissenting it would sure you get because they can't neglect and coaching your mind. That's excellent camp brilliant brilliant point thanks lot for your call. This is really good stuff in fact one of the things ivory adopted despite view on this whole proper thing. I think what separates. Craziness. From. Healthy. Is the word community that makes all the difference in the world. And I talk with people who are making preparations for the future ands. You know here's an example of exactly what he's talking about if you do this the right way you know just preparing for yourself you're preparing for your whole neighborhood. So you find people with certain skills. You know people with medical skills for instance they were gonna look to you if something happens you're gonna help us in this area. People have as they are familiar with certain trade and you're gonna be the expert in this area. And you bring the skills together what guess what this kind of thing we need to be doing the first place don't think. David out of Bennett bills South Carolina good morning. David are you there. Apparently David Kennedy adherence. We will try to get him back here in a bit. Fuel free call back but I love talking about the subject especially when we bring in the community aspects of this because. It is so cold find out how certain areas people party have these conversations. And they wanna be ready. In case something happens no matter what idiots are so many things. This texture is so mentioning the book I brought up earlier 12 after yes I have read the book it is based. In the Black Mountain area. So while it has a connection. To the Carolinas which usually get one texture has answered the question someone raised earlier about protecting electronics. Ferret a bags protect electronics firm EMP. Some people are so crazy. Which republic we'll have the cheapest year. Really. What am I gonna do with you people. Another one toilet paper would be like gold if the grid went out boy isn't that the truth. 14 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince took the radio program. Not surprisingly this. I guess you call a proper subject is. Surfaced as a result of a discussion about the possibility of attacks on the electric grid. On the line now Doug good morning welcome answer. More either radio on rights. The simple outside of growth here salaam of course dangerous. Yeah I was on about your screener or lose the technical consultant on season one team preparers. I've given lectures on. Preparing for immunities actually well the location have people who were in need should something happen and I was here offer some advice and also to answer the question. Not that so called it earlier about having galvanized metal container. Prosperity cage. Must be insulated and the outside must be grounded otherwise you'll go short pass through and it still try everything inside. That is dudes now. That mentions something before so what are called possibly about having a political about having knowledge of trades. That's one thing their require for everyone as a part of my survival community. They must either have military experience. Or hand on trades. Such as a mechanic. A carpenter or anything along those lines. They must have some sort of the ace skill they have why they must need to go out to so. Or to be able to do something along those. Who announced some people say that sexist dog. I don't care what works. And everyone must have a minimum of 1000 rounds or weapon they. Are you serious court. 1000. Rounds. Yes it's not very much I realized that it that's where they they must have at least that much. Preferably at least ten but most are 1000 they must have a year's worth of food without initial. Wow. That's pretty extreme how many people do you know who were in this classification. Here. A lot more than you realized. And just talking people. All the time even right. My chiropractor at one point. And I'd even discuss that and C a chiropractor and did veterinary surgeons are better and having medical doctor because medical blocked pretty much prescribes medications. Whereas the veterinary surgeons recently with the anatomy they can work and you can work under animals because you know any courses and working couples. A chiropractor knows how to quite work out actually expects. Very interesting away at you have to know Scott hunt. You do not oak. Scott was another person you consulted on the televisions yours that you mentioned. I wouldn't give him credit for any donor I am DB and had my my name to what I had actually applied to be on the show. And because I had the perfect situation and set up to couldn't find anything wrong with it because I actually actually. Designed in negative port preparers that they opted not to bring the but they took all the suggestions I didn't aid. And put in into the course of the autumn one of those of this particular seeing Chicago. What about using a block of silver four door stop that was painted black because nobody wood or steel or stop. And another one with about you know it will take religion or I keep fighters twelve paper had. Five years. Yes. Reversed that the steps you're against. And a lot of people think it's going over the top but every time your stance he just. You little more. A part did a little more yes and rice is a very good thing rice and beans because we don't go bad. And what I'd do it like I know it's fans there are no jokes respectable. So while washing their size and early and Omar right in my beings go into goes no jokes and are all labeled. When they're packaged up and preparation instructions. Pretty interesting stuff for sure Doug I do appreciate your call and I'm sure we will talk with you again some time. Mitch out of Lancaster would like to chime in on the same subject to morning. It mourned again. Like. It up there you are who they are so. And that he only format you need to pick Matt eat with all 48. It even out the way I'm I'm. Yeah you'll hear from Korda and re at that these were. Food and rations. You know here in America we don't. Help your compound. That he would understand it's even more. We're up here and I'm. You'll do art. 44. It. That Serb who would return. I'm in a who won the second out oh. Yeah and I. Our rates way I appreciate your brother Mitch. There's a lot interesting out. Feedback today on this. Unfortunately we don't have dealt with just asked this question this text like to wicked step find the time and space to do all of this prepping. And it's very good question. People we'd keep old fashioned photos of loved ones may go missing you'll be able to print them after an Ian. Of the legitimate family relationship with your children at a refugee center. Mahan who would think of that. Mr. Ashley how else you gonna verify anything like that. There's really no way to do it all the records and everything I mean you you talked about so much now that stored electronically. Well. What is release you issue a lot of things to consider here will take one more call on this dry and get more teacher. And it darted out too well. Certain guys' part on in piazza out and back and not let you go out to the military. I went Cuba and be equal to about McCormick told me all about be it. Now the way I mean he will be delivered United States is Heidi. Altitude detonation of the German leader. So all you have to do is get one to blow up. Over well over the United States and that there resulting in. But the Ian he would hit every portion of the United States. On the N and it even is extremely difficult to be able block from them. If you're talking about. You know ballistic device you get them on the way up but they fall down for more really about the parties are. While we what we might turn because the device would have to go from you know wherever port of origin was. We look at intercepted before it blew up well over the United States. And them. I wanted to when it sank in about this real quick how quickly. The yellow pages will become valuable to play I'll go would go regulate when you look at the moment business. Days of maps would be helpful that point to. Absolutely keep gets it completely worthless. Yet figured out a lot of trade on the block that what I'd probably be pretty busy. No question about that Ryan a great document. Lots of interest in. Elements of this there's so many different direction you can go at this conversation. On the text line this Dexter saying hard copies of birth certificates property deeds Sandra. Another person saying hey do your callers by aluminum foil in balk when they go to Sam's. On the question of what is Doug find the time. The strictest textures as I guarantee the person that asked that question how does he have the time spends over twenty hours a week watching TV. Yes it's all a question of how we use our time is it not. Another person you're saying I'm more worried about a solar flare. Then a nuclear device. Where that's another consideration here and those happen those happened just naturally over. Just intervals of time. So that's a very important consideration. Still to come to the broadcast will take a look at the date in history. And also. Faith focus Friday to sharing some of the elements things that I have wanted to share with you for quite some time so. Stay whether it's much more straight ahead. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program on that text line. 71 preachers haven't added theory recent Kim Jung brood keeps detonating its missiles. In the atmosphere he's perfecting his ability to dead and aid in EMP. Over the US Japan and South Korea. I don't believe even he is crazy NAFTA detonate a bike in his own neighborhood. Nobody wants you receiver response she missed. A pattern it is. Several years ago the Iranians said they would be testing their nukes by air burst right outside our East Coast territorial waters. Killing at half the greeted. What would that be problem. Why wouldn't GPS work anymore any MP wouldn't take up the satellites at least not all of them well it's great to have satellite working. Problem is. If you're devices don't work. Yeah and charge them. And you'd also have the same problem. If you're. Talking about. Your phones to. Real problem here who has an electric electronic lock on their guns save. Are you gonna get it after Indian PE. Attack. Needs converted over to dial. The interest. These things are so many directions she goes I mentioned. It's hard Jews were all these out but Hampshire and the people. 30 minutes after 11 o'clock close time that you go to on tour upstate studio. In Greenville. And what is this is this to that oh yes that would that is. Activists for this. Sends chills down my spine to think of something against attacked none at all not a problem. And goodness love actually you know get jokers wilder so Jones said you'll find it's. Just a matter of time about let's make a deal yeah I get that went to. And they brought that she'll back. Really interest in stuff march 16 2000 AT in his or date. And we have three items for you and I'll warn your cup police are kind of tricky 1850 is the first one. A novel by Hawthorne. Was published. Which one wasn't. Half tour. I give your hand if you need more. I'm probably don't and you had. It's something and that would be Ritson. Something that would be written. The will. The scarlet letter. It's kind of it was a bit of those lame. And that of mean anyone who's ho. I'll why it's a ho you know. Hold you talking about a guardian. On the reds promiscuous individual. I I was about race say it's a good that you said individual because there are those who it immediately identify sexism. 1926. Led see the professor Robert Goddard. Earned his title the father of modern rocketry. What'd he lunch. Would he do that was so significant in this rocket process. I give you a hint if you need one. Yeah cause them. Understand the question. Well Robert Goddard launched something right yes so what that he invents. That made this so. So rocket fuel man you're a genius you've got it right. He's the one who actually lunch stayed liquid fueled rockets. Brilliant just brilliant that's when it's hard to come out with. Terry Anderson what is he known for 1985. Terry induction was in the news lots. In that year and beyond for number of years. I'm guessing he wasn't a member of Monty Python. Very true. He was a journalist Benoit. Journalist Terry Anderson. Any guesses in here anybody remember. The news Specter that era. Actually. Captured abducted in the Middle East. That's very good you're right he was kidnapped in Beirut's. He was held 2454. Days. Can you imagine being in captivity that law. That's a long time prevalent. A couple of days ago mr. months or we were talking about this issue of this port dog. You may have been the port dog is. Since away to a an alternative destination news ballistic or somewhere in the US enough for me to correct those thousand yesterday. Are you serious. Excuse me second. Okay I'm back it was a very hard though we've heard. Me yeah oh that is possible. Not us well. We actually haven't updates. On this particular story in oh the dog was sent to Japan by accident. And ergo rise yeah it's yeah as you remember you not remember. You remember it was it was yesterday. Activists are right just keep it appeared this guy is Jameer of time here. You side take. We can tell you as of this morning. Ergo is back home this beautiful German shepherd back home with his family. He was since. You're supposed to go to Kansas City. Accidentally got mix that with a another dog I mean imagine this here you call your dog and you're expecting German shepherd and outcomes. This great Dayton. That must've been quite a surprise to see this other dog will this dog actually travel in style. They gave the dog arrived in a private plane back home Kansas City is nick cool. He will travel in style. Is guess and that the dog wouldn't be able to tell the difference but different. Hey this dog. You know to speak seat at Georgia even traveled in an airplane Montel. He we have this thing going lines are just now why travel by here. So well and we you know the stipulation. Eat the stipulation is still there he stares them forward picks me up on the Golan. Yes we are still trying to reach out fires and forward to see if he's willing to provide transportation. What was that there's some Smart Aleck remarks here is Charles to get on the in touch with Ayers. Here's the thing you guys don't know this month we talked about this before on the air here in Greenville and someone who flies with Ayers than Ford called into the show. So it is a possibility we're trying to figure this out still trying to work this ankle so eventually. We hoped you get this done this would be great. If we can put off by the way this family know what they said about its transporting the dog if they do it again you know what they say they're gonna use next time. Our boats instead of a plane. So whatever floats their ago. I'm so great talk with him and I agree weaken you as well straight ahead in the broadcast. Couple of ideas from faith focus Friday. Stevens. 49 final stretch Vince Coakley read your program. On the text line Harrison Ford played Hans solo he is not Hans solo. Which you have someone who plays heart surgeon on TV perform her surgery. By the way you notice. Paterson for Dennis flight planes. This techsters says. My goodness we you're pre Disco just have this in front of me a moment ago. Someone had another Smart Alec response about the whole lie Harrison Ford thing. And I mean of their it is correct me from raw does Harrison Ford have a tendency to hit the ground alive. He's had a couple issues. Are a couple issues. Tony out of Pickens on the idea of taking your boat several plane. We've never left the plane in the air just say. I'm so settle for Sully Sullenberger. At least he was a good. He has good instincts when things go bad there's no question about that. And one more Katie would like to know under the heading of cutting journalism what happened to the Greek team. That was going to do Japan yeah that's a good question I have looked around during the commercial break by the way I could not find would have agreed to ice soon. By now it would have made its way to Japan I would hope so. But I say what that was one in dog on screwed up situation. We'll take a couple of quick call this year before we share a couple of items for fee for Friday first call in Charlotte good morning. About. And to the world at the end of world court to sit Germans actually had a plan of putting a magnifying type. Glass in this space. And it went squared like four times for a 16161016. And so forth they could have evaporated Moscow. And they were close to doing it. And it's in her arsenal we didn't have a neutron bomb that killed people and let things alone. I remember it but. Democratic congress. Democratic mind you knew better. The end of World War II Harry Truman didn't know at atomic bomb. Curtis LeMay said hey I got a great idea let's quote. All ready. It's pretty interesting to considers them discussions have taken place. Over the course of years and the considerations that. Some very important people have had do you keep in mind in the midst of crisis. And it's fortunately. Cooler heads have prevailed we haven't had to. Use any of these things thank god so far. Willie good morning welcome. It is my ability that they want and show what a soap and would love. And change you know by saying now you're married right exactly. Yes. This does you wise and all the bureau of one dollar cards all the buttons and while there. Right in Ottawa. Could it be that. Or did you my brother. And the bureau of late that there I think you need. The music players. I doubt you'll years. You may. And there. And now he. You know and yeah. Yeah. And we're. It. Would. Now. And you know it. We're and there. And and who who would. Yeah. Now. Hey I Obama you're not amount. And the. And I don't think they. I didn't. We've known. Already seeing in Iraq regardless who you are. Should you be anything. And it firstly we have changed is we've got to go Willy I appreciate you sharing. That's pretty impressive musical ability there to we know that Willie that in. I've heard pretty impressive. Appreciate Beck call. I wanna share a thought with you before ago and this was first about good for by named Jeff who lives in this area. Ants because the heart of what I've communicated plenty of times before you I told you this. If offices. That so much of what we discuss years about freedom and exercising sovereignty. And part of this I think has to be with an understanding from a spiritual standpoint. We're talking about a clash of kingdom's. Because we if those who favor big government. It means that government test consume everything there's only one thing Iowa one person I want my life to be consumed by. And that's Jesus Christ not the federal government. Here's what Jeff posted. Interesting quote during the first few centuries after Christ. Great conflict. Peru is between Roman Christ followers. By Roman theory the state was the one society that must in gross. Take up control every interest of its residents. Religion social political and humanitarian. The state was all in all. Think about this such a theory that church as the living kingdom of Christ could not possibly except. Today's church has accepted and mixed. With what the primitive church renounced. No wonder. They turn the world upside down what are we going to do on our watch. We cannot serve two masters. Jesus is lord. I love this post. Because it's. It shows the real clash. And what we have to do is resist the temptation to mix the two had somehow. The state can in gross everything. And so can guys. Just think about that and enjoy your selves have a great weekend at the same time. Got bush folks.