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116 out of Vince Coakley radio program. And apparently State Department official is confirming. Do you know how anybody here wanna guess. How well. Brick Stosur and learned about his firing. You're against Jan via Twitter yes why. I. How. Seriously I don't I don't care. What you say about this president what he's done what he's accomplished. That is just freak in tacky it is. That's just tacky. That's Albers to. Any case you're welcome to share your perspectives on it. Aunts you can I mean you can agree. That this guy needed to go and maybe should have been hired in the first place. You know I can give the guy dignity of sitting down and saying hey man it just hasn't worked out you know send out a tweet. You know there's a word for that it's called cowardice. It really is. On your face somebody like a man and tell them you know what. Your fired. Tell you have to do. Any case if you like to offer your perspective the Eagles advantage talk like number 8092 at eleven to the common sense retirement planning text line it is 7130. Cents speaking. The administration. One of the things that Donald Trump is touting today. Is the decision. By the US House Intelligence Committee the Republicans there. They have. Finished investigating Russia and the toy sixteen US election. And they found no collusion between president Donald Trump's campaign and mosque whose efforts to influence the votes. The committee Republicans said they agreed Gresham sought to influence the election by spreading propaganda and false news reports by social media however. They disputed findings of the Central Intelligence Agency National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation. That Moscow side to aid trump. What a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Republican representative Mike Conway who has led the panel's investigation for the past year told Reuters we're through. With the interview for a phase were now on the report drafting face. For all practical purposes there investigation it's over. I'm sure you're absolutely shocked. Representative Adam Schiff the top committee Democrat strongly disagreed blasted the announcement is a premature shutdown. House investigation one of three main congressional probes a Russian Tway sixty election and possible collusion or structure of justice. By trump and his aides it's been marred for months bi partisan wrangling. And your memory the release of the dueling memos the Republican memo came out there Democrat memo came out. You know I. Glad it's over. And what I what I said you before folks about these congressional investigations. They are a waste of time. They may as well put their findings out and toilet paper. They really are worthless. They are. And I'm just saying it doesn't matter with the outcome it's even if they were come back and say. Oh we found collusion so what who cares. And I say that because. I cannot think of a single committee hearing of consequence. In modern history. What are they gonna do just come out and oh here's our statement here's we found. And then the conclusion is so what's. Because they don't do anything anyway. Maybe I'm wrong here if you. Differ with my perspective on this I'd be glad to hear and I'd love to hear you know how after all of the posturing and all of a blow V dating. I'd love to hear what example where something was actually done. As I'm really sick of seeing the hearings and even at the the ones that don't gore on the ones that are going on behind scenes. They're colossal waste of time there really are. Tim in Charlotte good morning. The way that the I'd be curious that that much arm itself bank and that's probably been quite that. What did that money I call it it's only about the horse empire in my expedition I am. He'd probably know about that a week ago. You think so you think you saw it come. You know. There are. Meant to let that bit of reflection before. I. I suspect. That they'll probably. You. When you. I don't know I. Suspension. You don't already know a little bit at all with that area or anything like that out there and by email at. Are you serious. Why. Yeah. And it might it might. And it went on you know public but yeah now. I I don't know what you are well. A little pick that they may itself. You know Matt. Oh my goodness so isn't a statement about you or it was a message to review. Which one was. And that's to me. That I had I was I was in the proper but moving on. A critic of about it can't let. It. We. Don't do it. I. Goodness. It's quite a story that is quite an it'd scare you what I like about this. Your attitude about it you're not bitter angry about this you can share this story with humor that's. That he is really evidence that healthy human being. You know if you looked it up all of walk along what many. Your are. Probably better. Eight you've done well so. Any case. That's I'm very very pleased that you've you've come along you've been able to transition and move ahead and have some humor about all this Tim thanks for your call. While that's amazing. Hired by email. That is some thing else. Was tempted to comment about something else but I think I'll just leave it alone. I may as well since every guy there. Or somebody who. This is serious situation I'm aware of where. Some people were up hoping someone would finally be thrown under the bus in this person was. And you know they always do this chance you yea rather which is dead you know. Yet lose one of those circumstances. Pretty sad when it comes to that point. It's difference between being a good leader and being a boss. If you he didn't answer explanation how that works I'll be glad to talk to you about that some time. 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program structured. Carl good morning. What's looks like we have lodged in there we are you back they're curled. Up yes we gadget. I've got a very. Little back story that we're well we're. Alan Murray. What did north side that you when he get. Have a big you know. All the local politics and all they. Or talk about the big shake out. You know wake then I'll. And they. The call me like the trumpet. Is bill Billy Billy is our want. It bad or break the law and it worked okay. The price it right. And so it about it. Here who lined to second is I'll give you time to go on here. What's swamp has been drained. Well we're orbital me wearily you're tapping. I'm just asking I'd like to know what swamp has been drains. Any anything you can cite any. Piece of evidence of something. Well did I get the pot. But that would be paying. Betty and ample we still out. Note that. Thought you know we don't have looked at bat but. I'm. Now I don't court you know what that are in that it calling it how it broke the aren't going up. Want the art demonstrated that I'm in ebitda grew up the great job. By. I. We. Being. What. We got it right or the Republican now. They're back at her. In India. Say. There are there. You know by. Thank you at the black. Light when it. Now today. Don't. Hurt me you know. Meredith republic and add value. Eight outback. Or is it funny. That. Oh. I hear where you can refer I would ask is infidels why it if you know someone. Like that the people from Goldman Sachs ands someone like him Tillerson. Why do you hire people like this in the first place. Well exactly what they in the aisle like any. Multi billion dollar. Today and they're they're the Indian. Born at night. That big. The. CNN and my question is why would the president hire them that's the question I'm putting you. Well I think they bit but he knows. Well Brett he popped the question Billick put back on how to deal. With caught it it would. People you know in the country. Ons that you would think that the Tibetan people to. The topic of the deli in the they got going I don't let it. Eat but I. That Ollie Ollie. Illustration. They hire somebody like bill. Well I really not in his best buy into it. Deadbeat yeah. Oh yeah it is not a question or not. I hear your Carl and hey I do appreciate your call good dude talk with you and I put this to anybody else I'd love to hear you're. Your thoughts your opinion your perspective. And the wise and where force this hiring and in this question again I've put out there what's want has been drained so far. And I'm saying I'm not trying to be a Smart Alec here part of reason I raise this question is I've said this really for about two years now. That I think this is one of the most. Overused phrases in it's meaningless. Because the real swamp that needs to be drained. Much of it involves congress. And I don't see the will of the people here to do that. Jacqui good morning welcome. As you do it back to real quick vote. Eight. They're what happened Jordan looked at it what the expand on Iran for. But I think you all been somewhat albeit. Passage Tuesday. I've got my concern is that. The what are couldn't get it better. The most immature. That you want your role in that you know leader or the the world eight. And everything. And the open and urged that the man. But god is not brought and I think he really believe that number out there. But I have a firing that people are thought. On that. Yeah. Having said that. You have to commend the positive things that have occurred right. Oh no but every president every president. At all of the things that occur me George Bush Barack Obama. I mean though. If you're you're doing doubles everything but all are gonna be negative about the cattle for bear that whole book are. I want him with the applicable law the court that the city. You know so coliform. But I think that this drama that goes on the daily base what what what what that guy. Got on the market. You're probably right it's probably no indication. Out there right now at least that this is going to change for any reason banks like you're hopefully Jacqui. So often boy that's an interesting. Evidence of draining the swamp as Jeff flake and Bob court her quitting they know they're tied for rhino is not going to get reelected so what. That's great of their god and what comes in their place. Just kind of curious. Vince I'm an avid listener of your podcast here in Iowa on the show when your message at two minutes and lineal. You say. Queries the rest this time in school I would learn more about our mutual conservative and constitutional ideas I want to be able to take a stand. Against the lies. And there with you. Would recommend let's see you also like to know. How to expand my knowledge in these areas stinks and keep up the great show thank you very much. Further reading material books resources. You know let me give UN. I would highly recommend you read by the way. And that would be Charles CW Cooke his book the conservatory and manifesto. I'll play one of my passions is to see the recovery. And I say recovery of the conservative. Movement in this country because I really believe it's been. Sideline. I am very concerned about debt. IE I think that's. The agenda. Of conservatism. Has been pushed aside for kind of a date today. I don't know what it's become. I think the word populism has been used a lot. And it's not really grounded in any. Demonstrable. Philosophy. It's just whatever the leader cents. Somehow we've got to move beyond that. I was thinking of this yesterday evening in the context of looking ahead to our future because it's never about one person never about one individual. Just something to think about and what will you pass on to the next generation. Led to your thoughts on that a long way. Coming up will talk about Hillary Clinton in fact you'll hear from Hillary Clinton. More of her explanation as to why she lost its so sad and also bizarre story. About Judy Garland. This one will really blow your mind. 1136. On the Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your thoughts on the developments in this administration the firing of Rex Tillerson in particular. Lots of interest in perspective scamming and Vince even if trump defeats the swamp he in the sense welcome the new swap who wields the power. Let's not kid ourselves. Trump is power hungry. Drain the swap process we got in this mess over decades it's going to take time to clean it up trump isn't a king like Obama tried to be. Companies doing all the candies accomplished more or less than two years and even I anticipated. That's one swap is being drained as the federal bureaucracy the reduction of regulations. Has been tremendous in under reported but still a long way to go good stuff. Could start your and we asked controls which I won't even bother width. Let's go out to Matt it's good morning welcome. Good morning and Florida mentioned that just a policy in an opinion. Rex Tillerson has proposed are not all on at all with the trumpet and especially in back. You know six months there was Arian deal. From Portland and Latin commute could you know a different type of framework. That it would impose more sanctions and we mean a little bit easier for us. We did an hour and then good recruiter facility. Belt something Eric didn't agree live then. Somehow got through but. That parents as well that was something Eric Close again. And then he was very quick to jump on this Russia thing he does have ties to Russia. It's very hard to understand a lot of Rex would have been around on the yeah is very he'd have been. Where is similar thing that he and did that we're totally opposed to the president's agenda. Yet it's kind of interesting it's also I'm I'm looking at a tweed here about two Rex Tillerson to breaking with the White House to say Russia is likely behind. The UK nerve agent attack. Even something like this. And and I'm puzzled by this can you explain this to me that the president's affinity for Russia do you understand this I don't get it. I don't get it either in events that Democrat running pointers archer archer Russia and other kind of pandering to their base. But I really feel like it's really goals down to. Rex was not in the live for the last six Glaus. You know is that the North Korea that's just another example. He wasn't informed of you know that the world economics and the things that are going on try to get these sanctions put in place where. You know. Dealt with the possibility that he'd need to rise in North Korea what lot wallet not being aware of that they promised he would vote as well. You may not be made aware. That I feel like this trillion been in the works for links. And that's something that go out and stated you know Rex yeah he's got as saying. It sounds like there's so he was this somewhat blind sided by this may be a media arm. We get more obligations unsure. I'm not sure but this. That the state and the global list. Policies. Rex Tillerson has. Could look forefront of his agenda. Which is completely in contrast with the press. I understand recovered from a appreciate call their match and I keep coming back to his question. Why higher risk in first place Ryan in Iraq killed good morning. There. Are rights. Here bet they'll put you work new weapon is capable make it out still at 88 I eight. EEE. This. Well. Are. All over. It. Before we had a problem with. An outcome. For. Right for decades. And we get that comes to our Ku K I don't let me about it right to be creeping. That he gave somebody will write I will. Well we can people watch and watch. It. It. You know and an integral block you know watching. You saying. For the most part ignored local and that. You know getting there are accord. And nobody even knew that was Drupal would. So I mean I think would you say whenever the practicing with a grain of rock salt. Okay. All right Randi Kaye appreciate your well let's drive 2 really good morning. Harold and so human being primed to wells does that illustrate what he has anymore because I wanna join our board. I'm I wanna join the Klan those are dangerously go ahead. Reform. Russia and wouldn't. Well it sure what the cost of monster. Week. There will be some elect spoke at a violent. Probably a young guy you know a couple of look at them in check. They shouldn't you know he didn't go out in the public aren't so this is exactly like and the corporate America and around at each other what's gonna happen. And you know what's gonna happen and Terry Barnum is exactly like what's going on in Washington and will be back. Interesting. I hate. I appreciate your perspective there really. You've answered that question so thanks a lot I'm sure we will talk again. Let's have a little fun listening to Hillary Clinton before we go to break Hillary Clinton gave an interview. And every time she speaks we've learned yet more about. How dumb this woman really is she really is stupid. Because every time she talks she's further insulting people. Here's the latest iteration an explanation. Response to question about why she lost listen up. 1149 Vince Coakley radio program. Let's go out to call from Tom along I 85 to morning. Ever had that great day beautiful I have to support. One here. Scares me that man on the street apartment I think the real story. And the corneas. He. Oh. They've got merit skirted them the exterior straight argues or has a different. Point of view that the president like Hillary's rating are discussed brings when he goes all the carries out pres. Opposition. There's no problem there. It does sale the name like Kerry Lugar trump said he wanted this year differ peace. Because early. Here a little bit about the CIA. Yeah that's an interesting perspective thanks for brings something very different to the table here Tom. How many of fury in especially all of you have talked about those states. I mean you've got someone whose pinch in charge of the CIA. Moving over to run the State Department. Isn't this. The nightmarish image scenario that many of you have been concerned about for quite some time a Joseph out of New York good morning. Thank you and I appreciate very much I know we're talking about. The president and CO promises. And if there is in a lot of people voted for him and including knee was because it is the new world order underneath all of that. The that in the world order to me it's only had eighteen Republican ardent Democratic Party and the news media. And people like me voted for trump. Because in wanting to do with each party. At such that some elements of both parties and and so we feel you represent. The United States and and now establishment. And and eat it and already by taking away breaking down these agencies what we haven't entities making law. And and a congress making law. So we have a breakdown in net which is required. Where in the world work. Think power in he's he's trying to that he and and I don't and and it's so Arctic Erica turned. Air route where criminal in my mind because he gave Russia 20% of our uranium. And Hillary blame and trump. Or like in Russia model like Russia would you twenty per cent of our uranium to the Russian. Seemed to Hillary's not a high hearing Hillary is not empowered now why are we even. In one since she's irrelevant. Oh I agree what you are real you're shattered out. That is pretty funny they're gel and I do appreciate your call in. There's we have actually got to get to you and I in one sense. I I'd look at this is kind of lighter story in yet. There's a part of the story that's supposed to be serious and you don't even bring Alonso it and this discussion as well as this story I could not resist daily wire reporting on this. RA. It's supposed to be serious in yet a part of me is like you have got to be kidding. The headline of the stories not the MQ. And the story is that Judy Garland was supposedly molested by him luncheons. On the wizard of allies. These this claim is being made any new book that's come out by the way and this is old news. This has been alleged world while. This blows my mind. So they're saying you're the meat to wage just turned into the not dimmed to Ara. Judy Garland was a teenager when she starred in the iconic film which provides. But now a memoir from her former husband movie producer says she's that she was sexually harassed by the little people play the lunch and in this film. They would make her life miserable and step by putting their hands under her dress. According to Sid luft who Merrick Garland back in 1952. The men were forty or more years old. What what's the deal with this is this. This is just bizarre have you oversee. I've not that it's it was out in the eighties and I believe Chevy Chase was a star it was all about. The actors and actresses who played them clintons. In May seem to like that type in that movie so wouldn't shock me it's almost a documentary it sounds like. That's just bizarre I mean and I guess you know I think they mentioned in in this particular story that these these folks were. And these guys for what in their forties or so. When they were in the movie and she was a teenager. So it's. I I guess when you think munchkin you think kids don't you even though you know these are adults and I'm saying. It's just weird I don't think perverts are measured in high. There's a lot of truth to that much richer today. This is bizarre. But you've heard about this story before. Yeah I like you said that movie it it kind of hinted at that kind of stuff there was a comedy so it didn't go that far but. The if I remember the images. Were. Promiscuous and other stuff. While. I. You know after. Maybe this is something to relate to. When you look back on the lot of these older movies and shows. Don't you have kind of a sense that there is an air of innocence. You know and and it's probably exaggerated isn't. Well if you seemed Judy Garland outside. I don't know and upload she was older than them. No way apparently teenager when this was made and but yet this. And I think a lot of us we would've we've learned. Be back story behind some of these people later on we've learned they were not so innocent including. Judy Garland had her own issues. So. A lot of this image really is not everything is it there's a lot more than meets the no question about it. Sure people got no reason. You had to go there. Say good afternoon lines. And afternoon. Thanks laboratories on the broadcast today heavy cell it was a great day take care.