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Good Monday morning welcome back to broadcast good to be back with you on this set tree today. Quite cheery throughout the listing area. Now. Your fortunes are. Varying today in the weather department depending on how far north or south York if you work. On the south side in the upstate. Just rain and cold that. A key day altogether. In the northernmost parts of our listening area right now there's actually snow in fact I just saws to flakes. Just a few minutes ago they were huge. But I don't think they pose much threat to wrote hopefully now. But will be interest and CEO this transpires. Today OP had a great weekend. An opportunity to unplugged you have some rest relaxation even though. We lost an hour. And we had an interesting conversation about that the unity and possibly. Getting rid of this time change and just sadly in Q1 particular time. And you know maybe it's given you an opportunities and thinks to think some more about that as you lost that our over the weekend. One of the things that I ate continually talk about in this broadcast is we focus on the fundamentals. We're on interstate necessarily chasing machete object. Because sometimes the shiny object is of really little consequence which for some great. To even conversations sometimes in arguments. But I like to deal with things of consequence. And circumstances of consequence. What do I warned you about in regard to the gun conversations some weeks ago. Could I warn you you have to look out for. On the subject of the Second Amendment. This wasn't the government was. I warned you that corporate America could weigh in here. And make things really difficult force in terms of exercising our rights to bear arms. Well. We're reminded again. We've got to watch out for our free speech rights. Because corporate America. Corporate America could endanger those rights. And I have exhibit day a story reported by brave part from over the weekend. This is something the probably gets very little attention. But we darn well better pay attention. Where's a significant amount of our. Conversation in fact our news. How is it transmitted these days. Think about that for a moment that part of the news that you read that you watch. Where does that come from. Among conservatives for instance the stories that you share with friends and relatives and that's a big tent. Where does that come for how is it shared. Social media. So just as there's a real concern about the possibility. Of our Second Amendment Rights being undermined or corporate America. We have the same problem with the First Amendment. Incher Sadiq Khan. Naimi wonder who in the world is Sadiq Khan and why should we be concerned about him. Well Sadiq Khan. Decided to pay a visit to SXSW. He had a cover station. We have the BBC ahead of this festival this is a technology festival in Austin, Texas. He's warned major technology companies such as FaceBook and Twitter. To do more on the issue of guess what's. Hate speech. Or face fines and greater regulation. Now we've warned about this for years. Because there's a real danger. Of government getting involved in declaring something to be hate speech now you know it's one thing. If you have a conversation about well we hate black people or we hate Jews. Or Christians whatever it is. It's another thing when this becomes very subjective. Very subjective. And we've already seen. The dangers disposes in places like Canada. Where even preaching from a pulpit about something like homosexuality. Can get you targeted. For. Cultivating hate speech. So talking to the BBC ahead of this. Technology festival. Kind said that companies must be. She agreed and cajoled into taking action. Notice what he says here he's not talking about government. He's talking about FaceBook and Twitter these technology companies. Taking in into their own hands to begin regulating speech. We ever evolving economy she said which means. We should have evolving regulations. For too long politicians and policy makers. And allowed this revolution to take place around us and we had our heads in the sand. So what is he site as an example to follow. He went on to reference German hate speech laws put in place by uncle mark. In response to growing resentment at her open door migration policy. I mean. Are you starting to see the slimy trail with serpent in this folks. He goes on Germany's example where the German government said enough. Unless you take down hate messages mushy takedown fake news we will find you. So now social media becomes the arbiter of truth. Ends the ones to define what hate speech is. He goes out and I wanna work for the tech companies. Which you have to be responsible. So what is the definition of being responsible. Well it's raining and the things. That Sadiq Khan disagrees with. Can I remind you should be Khan is a Muslim. And I would say. There indications he is age Heidi friendly Muslim. We're gonna talk more about that coming out. And why this ought to be cause for concern. And not surprisingly. He took the opportunity Sadiq Khan to reiterate his opposition to Donald Trump. Claiming that Trump's decision to read tweets a member right far right activist group. Britain first. Led to increased levels of abuse directed at him although pour pour baby. He got Eastwood who feel we didn't hurt. This is really disturbing folks. This. Is an example. Of what these folks would like to do. With corporate world they want the corporate world to do their bidding for them. Guard your free speech rights. Because they are under assault now by corporate America. And doesn't blow your mind here you have this guy from the United Kingdom taking part in this conference. And taking aim. At your rights to free speech. We're gonna talk more about this and some of mr. kinds of activities. Coming up. Stay at this 19 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program the top of the broadcast we told you about the varying weather conditions all the way from intermittent intermittent rain in the Arab states. To snow in the northern parts of our listening area right now. And we wanna give this heads up to those of you in that northern parts. Schools dismissing early and tired L states shall schools. Deteriorating weather conditions and road conditions there. Elementary. Schools we'll dismiss their students immediately along with all student drivers and car writers. All middle and high school students will follow as soon as buses return. Prime and all afternoon activities canceled. Staff should refer to inclement weather call number two. Closed for the optional feature workdays outlined in district website or their email again that is information out of ire Dale's state shall schools in the northern in the listing listening area rate now so just be aware of that. It's conditions. Quite strange throughout the area today. That's what we get here it is early part of march started off talking abouts be assaults on our free speech by corporate America. Those in the political system who would like corporate America. To censor. Fourths. Let's go to Crawford Gerri good morning and welcome. His brother went rage that a deliberate and there are you human rights. Am glad to talk about that I just want to thank you I'll look it up in it happens movies through the years. I that you can settle in and other leading up although I'd leave it there and it. Or maybe you and are you being an average of that would go to get their their cameras you can shut down mode that picketed or. And he did not say anything hateful they're they're not current either they're they're not. You know that they're not being hateful and anyway if that there. We were never able to get. But it populate mainstream media it's so you'll hit it. It possible this. I just didn't happen it probably I would have the black patent that I could give none of the other view. Other than what we're being pumped up the evening and I'll be left. That the lead. The good of the order that thank you again. I got a little bit and it. Hey you have a great day as well pranks like Jerry thanks for the courage. To stay in sports right into. Basically say. No no thank you to these folks who would like to censor the information you get coming up. I'm gonna take you will be more about the CD con character. Because I told you he is June Heidi friend at some point mean we should have John one dole look back on this broadcast to talk about this guy. Because he is not a person to be trusted. Over on the text line we have people talking about the weather including this one. Someone saying it's snowing heavy right now in Salisbury while. Quite a contrast throughout our area today. Also on the text line. If Sadiq Khan thinks harassment was bad he should see the Vince Coakley text line. Yes that would be quite interest in hate speech. Where ever and ever changing definition like common sense gun legislation. While that's a great comparison. It's a sales technique give them saying yes it'll be harder for them to say no man you are so right this is how it works folks. And this definition just keeps changing doesn't. SXSW. Also known as Austin music festival musical event last year there were over 2000 official acts and various V news. Then. Let's see here I know this is not part of the conversation. However I lived as a legal civilian immigrants. In torture for fifteen years they've always said censorship what folks are allowed to read. Merkel is not the initiator of this policy. Not that it is a correct one. Also otherwise the folks would be allowed to read the highly socialist. And publication known as mine cough. A a a a a a corporate America does not care about free speech only free enterprise. While that is pretty strong stuff. And you're absolutely right as I'm concerned there are some people in this country member I warned you. That I think we're placed in this country we are preoccupied with money. And we are so preoccupied with money I'm concerned that we are going Q if we're not careful allow our freedoms to disintegrate around this. Our greed can become such a preoccupation. That we'll let these tech companies and others just yank our rights away from us. It's not good folks. Opens before like straws and technologies the ocean corporates goal is to force that ocean down our straws. How long before the straw explodes. That's a very interest in the country. US citizens don't understand just how free they really are poised at the truth by the way. Had a conversation yesterday you're going to hear this some time during the course of the week I did have that conversation. We have a new friends from South Africa. All my goodness. It is sobering. When you get a sense of what is taking place in South Africa. And yet at same time. The tentacles. Of some of the ideology. Race here in this country. And I think some of you are. Are fully aware of that. 45 minutes after 10 o'clock. Mets. Out of Hickory grove good morning. I'm misty. The tech industry being here in England are right. And I hear you sir in your life. How were the that your users neat thing about. Especially over Christmas pondering the lead the united home yes it's. Really really popular. And so now I don't think now he technique including you know right. I'm thinking about. TB treatment companies in particular. I'll have this huge huge database of people all over the country being paid. It. And I don't wonder now if is that a risky thing if the government has. Now access. And most important wonder if and potentially millions and oh. Well I I I can certainly have some concern about this in mad to follow with me a little bit on this. You know how this ultimately. Could seep into. Considerations about your health. You know there's there's already been conversations about this in terms of being able to determine whether there're there're predisposition she we have to certain diseases. This information could be supplied to insurance companies. Aunts. You know and you know it just blows and kind of amused that I bit amused since the beginning. When they started this these hippo laws that are supposed to protect the secrecy of your privacy of your information. Do you really believe that information is private Matt. Knowledge and his government I mean I've figured maybe. Thriller probably within an office that. But put a finger at the government a lot of other companies come fall or probably I mean. And in which you end up with once this sinners that the stream of collected information. I share your concern here Matt that this becomes part of a he trailed that goes along with you. That's you know I think all of the things that have been tapped into the credit card information the data breaches that have occurred. Now what if all of that including your DNA information. Is compromised. Now what kind of problems does this present our right away math. That and the other thing that crossed my arm that is really loopy amendment debate there. In half and you know that mental health has been brought in that I. Yes. Yes. We know that you've got a history of mental health issues in your family. So maybe. You shouldn't have a gun Matt. Boy you can have all kinds of fun this statute mats want great thinking on this thanks a lot for your call. I get the ideas that scare you if your idea we've got to thinking ahead because you know these people you know how they operate. There is no end. The tricks they're trying to pull undermine our constitutional values coming up gonna tell you more about this city con guy. And what he did in the United Kingdom. That's straight ahead. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program so who is this city con person we told you about who spoke to SXSW. Abouts the need for these companies. To. Exercise a little more. Discretion. They need to be more careful they don't fi news in he speech. To make it into the general population. By the way over in the text line. This text greed begets desperation. Desperation begets. Careless. Well. You were so rate meant to appeal to the government has enough information about you send them your DNA. How to how does that sound like a good idea. Far from it's far from it on the security issue. We've got more by the way on the parkway and story. Yes the story should never Indy. I know too many teachers who should not be associated with children. 21 armed defiant small children today they would be home schooled. Boy. Another person saying here we need background checks on this teachers. Own rate each. Also. Sarah rating in twelve years old are you excited for the summer are you excited when your kids get out schools they can't complain about their homework. Hippo lives they leave others close to that person wide open after the court receive them. The ordered my kid's mother to supervised visits. And that to have kids near water it took months to released at info. The court leaving potential victims. And this am. I understand your concern here. There's just Inglis mr. the government can work in your life. When they are involved. And now we have to add corporations to lose which is also a reminder. I was planning to play that speech from Niger for Roger again and respond to seep back. He warned about this unholy alliance of big government big corporations. Up folks this is it it's already here it's been here for quite awhile. But if we're not careful they can get even more of a foothold. I have in front of me a story going back to June 2017. By CNN's news. Headline. London mayor reportedly let 200 Jihad east into London now doesn't know where they are. Does the word moron meaning to thing TU. Actually I think it's much worse than that I really do I'm very concerned about this guy. So London's first Muslim mayor. Admitted between 20400. British your bodies who trained and fought in Syria for the Islamic state. Were allowed back into London. And he doesn't know where they are. When pressed by reporters. Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid the mayor city did not follow 400 people. Because he didn't have enough police resources. Even though he's the mayor for the world's major cities he could not fix the situation by himself. Really. On the June 6 edition of good morning brits it. The course co host piers Morgan said if your football hooligans. And you whack a few people a football match meaning soccer for those of you who couldn't stand at. You get a banning order if you do it abroad you get a control order which means you can't travel. Keep in mind this is piers Morgan folks. He goes on yet if you're G Heidi who wants to go to Syria and fight against British troops on some occasions. We just let you calmly comeback yen. Only one of them is under currently. Under one of those control orders. The co host who had Susanna Reid chime did and said 400 of come back out of the 850 you've gone into Iraq or Syria fight. How do we know how many. Obviously this is a UK problem you were mayor of the capital city where the most recent terrorist attack is taken place how many of those 400 of come back to London. City con. The estimate is just over half so. Then Morgan interjected where Arctic where are. No answer from Sadiq Khan. Susanna Reid goes on. How are we letting people back in the UK who have who haven't just been trade. They've actually fought potentially against our troops how are we letting them backe without knowing exactly where they are and what they're up to you. Because of all the thousands of people we're concerned about surely those who have actually gone to fighter the biggest risk. Your comments as well that's one of the reasons why does that make sense for the government to be cutting resources. Re impressed. Where you're the mayor. Where have. Morgan pressed. Why can't you instruct the police why can't you call right now and say every one of these people was come back from war zone who were in London I want them followed. And he goes on to complain about the police budget. Folks these the kind of people who want to let people will it immigration. Runaway immigration take place without vetting. And then they wanna complain they don't have the resources to follow problem people. In my right here. These people were dangerous. Dangerous. This is why I call city Kan Jim Heidi friendly. There's no excuse for this. And no self respecting. Government official whatever allow this to happen. You basically say. These people come back into the United Kingdom over my dead body. That's what a leader says you're not gonna do this to my city. Truly world. Suppose my mind folks. And this is the guy who's come over to lecture us about free speech. To lecture us about hate speech. Because the truth of the matter is he would probably prefer this is not even talked about. Because we are promoting Islam phobia discussing it. How many ways can that be defiant. By the way. And we talked about this. I would I would argue ad nauseam. Those who want to undermine our constitutional freedoms. Who support radical Islam. They've watched how we've engaged over a period of decades where do you think Islam phobia comes from where does that word come from. Anybody wanna guests. They saw these successful. Homosexual rights campaign in the United States of America. So all you have to do is create a word like homophobia. And throw people everybody who disagrees for the homosexual lifestyle in to a category and the new neutralize him just like that. By calling them haters. And therefore everything they say about the subject is hate speech. Same thing was with Islam that's how they are neutralizing the conversation. So you're encouraging hate speech by speaking against. Runaway immigration. This is how it works. And corporate America they're falling right in line here. Who just watched that's all I'm saying don't be afraid don't be panicked. Just watched them and don't allow these folks to take away your rights. Plain and simple. Much more as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program including. A preview of 22 money. I think we saw over the weekend and that much more straight ahead on the broadcast. 1049 events Coakley radio program on this dreary Monday. Conditions ranging from intermittent rain in the upstate all the way to snow. To report of closing schools and higher joked honey. It's up quite a day. Just reminder that spring is not here quite yet have a couple weeks ago David in Greenville good morning welcomes her. Yeah bad we're living here in America buying and it's not agree Brett. We've got a bill of rights which is that we use it and we need help them out that you already been. But the other. Government and big multinational companies. Like Yahoo!'s that are out there my in now. Likely the idea that they did not protect our our state state supreme breaks volatile we needed the equated to encourage. More states of any kind and take advantage of the our commitment of the bill right. And I elect on the mark there are some people like bet there are trying report on what police. As American began Albers gave a bill like. So get a lot. We cannot agree to disagree. We're only to be disagreeable. At all or did right and didn't hear we're already start. It worked great and it didn't back cynical. Where the Japanese and accessible really oh why. Between big government and big bitterness or say a map and they're trying to direct and lead us into what felt what's best for us says American. When the truth they're not looking out for us have a good example like there or not where we they would governor. Originally calling. For crypt or right at the FB Huckabee are all suddenly got real quiet epic lesser. Have nice serpent culprits god is real partner Sarah be part as well yeah and if so he's supported. I think right then the page to bile Lanka. Who looked whiny lot which is absolutely ludicrous and Europe or in the upstate terra. I'll put into perspective order which is that is happening out the vote. You got beat when he wants or you've got to tip my cap and archer out that they kicked the door and without in my senior result and they have no bought the man not unreasonable working speaker. Constitutional amendment or any other member of Albert when he won I mean it's ludicrous grants well. Again people should it we need to act like some merit in that not. The brits. I'm an active in their afterlife. And now we've got some people got describe. All big business and now also big government signed him saying here we've got all wooded area. You're absolutely right hey David always get to hear from you there agreeable interestingly enough. Here I've after sharing the story I mention John window I said you know I should talk with him about this story. About calls for what amounts to censorship by these big tech companies. And longer hold what do I see on my email that comes during during during the commercial break. An email from John windowless organization understanding that threat. Will the US follow Europe's suicidal example. Is now an amazing. Figure on the same page year. And I just skimmed a little little bit of this article. I'll just sheer brief part of this because it's it's very relevant to what we're talking about here. He said many people pie in the serious issues Europe is having. With Islamic populations. In this they were present themselves the United States in the next fifteen years or so across Europe the Islamic movement is overtaking. Towns and cities. While European leaders continued support and encourage the influx of share Rea adherence Muslims. AKA. Jeff bodies. When it I just tell you about the con folks. He goes on in Britain police turn a blind eye to thousands of rapes. By Muslim men against non Muslim women. While violent crimes have skyrocketed Britain's leaders including royal family appear to be ignorant. Of this threat while Muslim leaders make clear they have no intention of so assimilating. I mean the rest of this article I. It's just skimmed this. It's pretty sobering. Because this is part of where we are. If these folks have their way you'll be able to have conversations to express your concern about this because that will be identified as guess what. Hate speech. So. You will watch all of these liberal cry babies. Essentially. Participates. In muddling do you. And muscling your free speech rights. This is how this works. You know another subject that you've seen a lot of uniformity being imposed on the subject of global warming I was quite surprised to see this story today. Reported by bright part in a startling reversal Scientific American. Counsels people to chill out. Over global warming. We basic Scientific. American. Really. On global warming. We're gonna delve into this coming up in the next hour because. I think this is a good site you get somebody who's actually breaking away. From the imposed orthodoxy. This is another one of those areas and take. Following along with what we've discussed here. Arthur people who would characterize. Not agreeing with the party line on global warming would they call that hate speech to. Because it's discriminatory. Toward all these Third World countries there will be impacted by the continuation. Of our. Policies. That are destroying the earth and they have a systematic destructive effect disproportionately on the poor and minorities. Therefore. To be against. Programs that supports. The sustainability of the earth that's hate speech you know this works. Time for quick god 32 call here firm Jeanne out of Greeneville I'd take it away certain. Yeah idea I have that covered about the Muslim incursion into the year last year I got smacked with great Friday but. Speaking of biblical viewpoint you know Israel the Jewish people to lock the world being called return to Israel. And what what way could this god accomplishment by a by allowing. The law Islamic perjury to lock the western world well where many Jewish people have lived a long time very very productive and proper. And so ultimately they have to fully is what you're saying gene I'd get your point here. Our number two straight ahead.