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Well howdy. It is such a treat to get to see it here in this chair in filling for Vince. To the smartest radio audience in America I reckon it's certainly one of them and my dash there's no shortage. I'm used to filling in for Bob shall four hours worth of material so we'll never get through all of this but but who. Could you have ever imagined. Living in such demand at times is the sort that we're going to investigate then of course. This is your show and as such you could weigh in on pretty much anything you wanna talk about an 803470. And 63 that's the England and it's talk line you can also called a common sense retirement planning. Text line that is 713. Scene goes seven if you want to do which finger before. We get into. The narrative that is sure. Something profound happened yesterday Billy Graham passed I can't not do grist racist if we start the show. He says double negative camp not addressed. Eat it did you hear you ever hear the story about the English professor he was teaching. English and he said that. Now remember there is a double negative in English but there is no double positive. To which one of his students answered yeah yeah. But anyway. So Billy Graham passed yesterday in Iran upon a story that I thought was. Fascinating and very telling about who this amazing. Guy wise. So back in 2000 Uga is what 86 at the time. A bunch of civic leaders and Charlotte finally convinced him to come and speak to me he really didn't do much speaking at the time so became. And said the following. He said I reminded today of Albert Einstein great physicist. Who was honored as the man of the century in time magazine. He told a story Simone time Einstein was traveling from Princeton on a train. And the conductor came down was punching tickets and when he came to Einstein. I sang reached in his pants pocket and couldn't find tickets or reached in his trousers and couldn't find taken kept looking all over briefcase couldn't find it. Two of the conductors news doctor Einstein I know you are. Well we all know who you are so untrue you bought a ticket to worry about it well switch comes back down on the island. There is Einstein down on his hands and knees. In the dial looking for tickets under the seats. Any each says doctor Einstein don't worry I know who you are no problem we don't need to kick and I'm sure you bought one too which. Einstein look back and said young man. I to know who I am. But I don't know where I'm going. Self Billy Graham continued. Up see this suit I'm wearing. It's brand new suit my wife and children and grandchildren telling me that I've got a slim only mildly so. I need to be little more fastidious. So I went out and bought a new suit for this luncheon and one more occasion. You know with dedication and this is the suit in which will be buried. But. New York I'm doing it. In which you do immediately remember the super. I want you to remember this. I not only know who I am. I also know where I'm going to. I think that is just. One of the beautiful things. You will be missed you will be missed mystery. Okay and in the first ordeal here when he gets there are well done good faith sort. Are so obviously the biggest story the biggest narrative the biggest debate in the country at the moment. Is. This whole gun thing old before I go further out. He's the clock the same here is it is mommy Max I forgot to ask you reduce dish out of me asking what it is it's too. Is it. And to me it's different okay. Right right and I can tell you one here we know just like right down the brakes and I don't know I did it just the small things see folks this is behind the scenes radio this is how it really won't hurt so. I have to have a few minutes erecting punitive it's good okay. Because I found this enormously. Constructive. In very brave of this one killing and Kelly sorry Kelly got three really user. Twenty years she's been a teacher in Florida. In lake county and was just too named. The teacher of the year for the state floor pretty interest well the day after this terrific shooting. She made a comment which I thought was me. Chooses what she said it. Until we as a country are willing to each series and talk about mental health issues. Lack of available care from middle health issues lack of discipline in the home. Horrendous lack of parental support in the schools trying to control horrible behavior at school. Do you own no not my kid. What did you do to cause my kid to react that way. Until we do something about the lack moral values and yes also it. Violent video games and take away all sensitivity to compassion for a personalized news as well of reality TV. Make it commonplace for people constantly scream at each other. We will have a gun problem in our school. Our kids don't understand the permanency of death anymore. So she then went on to say parents. It is time to step up. Beat apparent that actually gives a crap. Beat the annoying on the prize and knows what your kid is doing stop being their friend. They have enough friends school Peter parents. Being the cool mom means and not a band thing when the either your kid or a the other kids are dead and other people because they were allowed to have Spain east and privacy in your home. So. I'm watching the stuff code and as are you. With these high school kids. And I'm thinking. What do they actually know what. What do they understand about the the wider world irrespective. Of the fact and it's pretty obvious that that they are being manipulated by the left in two losses. But what do they really now. Virtually nothing their brains haven't even developed and yet. They are all the point of the spear in this gun debate. In a matter of hours. After it happened because of course the left has taken since the newest opportunity deduced from two things. Further the cause they have been trying to for the forever witches and getting rid of guns and killing the Second Amendment. And also taking the attention away. From the absolute abysmal job being done by the FBI terror Bloomberg if you caught any entry into her shoulders is brilliant at pointing out. How the FBI didn't even do their job of forwarding and stuff that they knew about these kid to the local. Office they are in Florida. So. They've been busy the FBI but they haven't been busy. Doing that sort of thing you've been busy doing other things. So. I think we're gonna have a conversation about this. I think one of the bill that places just parties. What is happening culturally here and why lamented one of the things you can't leave out of that debate and there's plenty of evidence at this. Is the over medication. Of children especially boys today. Several of these shootings we found out were done by. Boys who were on antidepressants which we know one of the site x.s. Suicidal and kind of crazy behavior times. So that is all something to to give thought to. I've just been informed thank you very that in fact I do have to take a break now so if you would like away and we will come back and take your. Phone calls or text Antonio sitting in for the X two mobile. This completed eight bankrupt. How do you welcome back end Adam if you wish to what Ian on this or any other topic you may. On the English advantage talk line 803471063. Of the common sense retirement planning. Excellent 713. 07 and we do have some actually waiting on the talk and Gerald in cal pins first caller today how the heck could you do him. Hey good morning sir a pocket. I'm curious. The problem any parent would allow their children to get spiked ditched who would they do they get low. Well look you know the back and art that we got our fair and people. And I appreciate it a war our guys. Told it probably aren't you talk it out respected. Due to Iraq. Amen to that effect I spent a plan and a fair bit of time. In the principal's office having my Fannie can buy one of those boards with the holes in the commander of those where the car. You cherry. Absolutely it or cut off control. In the end and where we can start going wrong and and this teacher address days actually commented seized somewhere back in the sixties the baby boom parents started being. Get getting into this what we need to have our kids to be our friends and not her parents and reading a book right now that that is just fascinating this guy is being. Rate of medical Justin Peters and but a book called twelve rules for life out of bring order out of chaos and he has a chapter on just who you're talking about our. A piece of clinical psychologist and eat any uses it in biblical wisdom. All of our raising in this country most of us and I can't use well were raised with pretty basic more old. Absolute problem. The biblical principles and and those were applied at school as well we were told and we left I'm sure you work. That that you better be even if you get in trouble like a moment find out that you you've got paddled you get a second one when you get home. It and and and so now we're reaping the bitter formidable this and and it's kind of what I was alluding to Gerald earlier when I said what did these. These kids that we're getting prime time television coverage. What do they actually know I'm seventy so. I remember. Might pretty clearly what was going on back in sixty you'll call that was the anti war movement was starting this is when the ball we started heading down this road. Of secular humanism release. And and I was a musician so I I've by the time that it's early seventies were happening I was playing he would love ins and demonstrations. And stuff. And life in my dad was a talk show host why it wasn't like I wasn't exposed. To logic and conservative fought match or. And yet. My peers in my culture and at that age remembered that's the only thing that matters is what your peers in. And so I too got caught up in all of that that stuff and I called clearly written remember. Thinking to myself I don't really understand why I'm protesting the only folks I'm. I'm not really clear on what but we're here together and by golly we've got to cause much. That's where we are now. At your BR course. But I've ever sang it while the site hip feet. All the law taught in fact if Ford at how well they're not far so we're not want your little brother the blocked part. I would like it's like if you do a good job brother. I think Dijjer alive I appreciate that very much. You know I am this is. This is what's going on in you can pretty clearly seen and fingerprints of George Soros and lift in this whole thing how quickly. The narrative is is bin co opted by these people. So you and you I think meet heroes preferred his earlier brits that you know to see union had these beat quote town hall meeting was supposed to be neutral. And they had some of these young people on the one of them was a guy named Colton hobbled he was actually. One of the heroes. He actually he's in junior ROTC student and he was shielding students while this was under going on at tech is going to he was asked. To the right question. Well. Unfortunately his question didn't meet with the Stanford who CNN. And the reason was is that what he suggested is why don't we arm. The teachers and security guards there to protect the students oh. This was not acceptable. So Lawrence are expected to be able ask my questions to give my opinion well he wasn't and didn't because. This is all about and he cannot. Cannot recited this. This is all about. 2018 mid terms election you're saying. How is that connect tender. There is. Arguably the most. If not being most one of the most important elections. Arguably. In our lifetime coming up here and 2018 and I'll tell you why. If the left takes congress back and eighty are doing everything in their power to do that certain they have a lot of power lest we forget they have the entire propaganda. Arm of the mainstream press which is exactly what it is. Yeah obviously when you look at what I haven't seen. If they take commerce. The first thing they will do is they will use Mueller's investigation and everything else to try to bring articles of impeachment against crop. Because. One thing is fairly obvious here. And in bad news. All of this all of this it's been going on for the last eighteen months or better is nothing other than naked attempt to undo. A constitutional. Election impressive they don't like the guy he's not part of the in crowd he's not part of the swamp. Got to get rid of him dead matter what we do have to do to do it so that's that's what's going on. The second thing that they will lose a try to reinstitute obamacare and try to make that bet fly again. Probably try to undo his tax cuts which you made him wildly popular. Parker had easier as soon higher ratings than Obama did according to sir resist it. At this time 48%. Compared to 45 at the same point in his presidency. So so all of this is an attempt. To undo. An agenda that we could certainly say so I voted for trump and I. I am I love what I've seen him accomplished so far and am I'm behind him but don't lose sight of the fact. That there is an obvious. Unarmed coup and in the point is that spears the use of the press primarily. And the entertainment industry will whose most affected. These young people it's full of mush brains not fully developed and yet we are putting them on here and giving them credence as if they actually knew. All the basics and fundamentals of the issues in this in this huge debate. Oh and lest we forget this. The the straw manage is being vilified here. Isn't in our so I think with it's instructive to to look at this. So they're trying to make it sound like any politician that was part of the question of rubio last judgment call how much money does the NRA QB okay. So the NRA over the last ten years spent about twenty million dollars. All in public politics into politicians and trying to get there agent you know much union spent. One and a half billion. Dollars. And call as well that union members are forced to donate whether they want to or not where is the the NRA is largely is I would argues if not the largest one of the largest just. Every day people grassroots kind of organizations is just every folks like me. Probably you their members of Andy the other underlying agenda it is. That's Second Amendment exists for a reason. And the reason is to protect ourselves. From an over weaning over reaching government. That was what the founding fathers had to do in first place and why the revolution was and that is why they put the Second Amendment in there. And why is essential. That we had the ability to protect ourselves. From. Potential totalitarian government big government if it came to bat or. For that matter if there were some sort of anarchic whole situation that took place. EP EMP weapon nor war terrorist. Act or nuclear shop whatever. And suddenly there was there was anarchy. We have to protect ourselves yourself you're home from the mob. So so there's all that. A kid you. An and listen Sean I see you there are I've got to come up against break first thing into a promise of just hang in there in Korea come back and start with your call and then want to give you. Some actual facts. To put into this debate about. What's really going on we've gone from a statistical standpoint self Tony Palin for Vince Coakley don't go away we'll come back have some fun and well how do you welcome back so great years here. And that let's start this how are we if something from Sean in Hickory on the news and talk on shop thank you so much for your patience howry. I appreciated thanks Donnie thanks for taking my college is only the second time I've ever had pleasure talking to younger radio or not. I really am glad that it's dictated what thank you. Yeah search of OK quickly object brought to point out have a week now that I Baptist school cheating. I'm fifty years old I have three children. I have a son who is not going to graduate high school and two daughters are stated that. So it's called an. Does a little a little community. You know aren't our school creek tavern elementary middle spoke these are small schools and only have one resource. I firmly believe that the reason why these school shootings continue to hooker. Ever sense I believe it was sandy hook back in the eighties with Bill Clinton as president. The McLean I believe. Placed firmly in the lap of the left. And let me give you a couple of reasons why. The liberals and Democrats are responsible for eliminating religion from our government eliminating christianity from our schools. Eliminating prayer in the school. And you know right Erica take access to care free teller dislike or relatives Brothers and sisters look outrage. Now secondly. I think the creatures in the advisors are also follow or you can tell me these teachers didn't see that this child was troubled. And needed help especially after his mother so. And then there I think a lot of the blame falls in the lap of the actual children at his peak of the children in the school. This young fans peers who bullied him. Holding weirdo who called in the longer. I'm sure they both it and my kids were all bullied I would believe teenagers can just say. Coolest and maintenance. And you ghost surely someone saw that he was troubled immediate help and no one stepped up to the Clinton. But actually it would actually they did. But why should I have to I mean I don't. I don't all of it well. To do it yesterday he he had been he had been what nude widely known in the school as a troublemaker here's here's where the problem is. Because schools have been hams strong in and induced any talk to a teacher some time in them tell users. The days past when you have. Trouble in your classroom where your allow it. To intervene anymore. Because you don't want to offend anybody to parents is this teacher I rated the top of the hour. Are are always willing to blame the teacher first and anything I think is why we have. A deficit in the number of people who are going into the teaching profession I have client dinner teachers that talk about days. So the administration. And teachers themselves are our hams strong as far as being able to discipline deal with kids like these so this kid was a known problem. He was reported as such. But Broward county and this is something you and me might be aware Broward County is the same county instantly where member trade on Marten. OK so Broward County has he ruled that school district. Essentially says if you haven't you had good days and apparently guilty to a felony. The resource officer is not allowed to put that. In the record he's not allowed that she has to go to counseling trade on Martin was found in school was stolen merchandise and burglary tools. But a so so the schools because there are 'cause they're so afraid that they're going to be politically incorrect to defend a parent and there's going to be sued in all the rest of this. Schools are not in a position to discipline children like they did when we were growing up men find it some don't like get an aide. I would be in the principal's office in a heartbeat and I would get up a paddling forward he can't do that anymore except social how do you control. These unduly students and so he he wasn't known problem child and so and everything else she say I totally agree that I think I think do a little bit of of care given to the the impotence if you will of the administrators in this and the teachers themselves and their inability to deal with people it. I guess I get some sad you know one I want ice scoop. In the late seventies early 82 just also. You wanna hurry to go to school could GMAC its or you might be shut. And now which just. It's horrible horrible situation and and it and it's hard or as it is. I just don't believe it making it harder oh I think assistance. June culture and purchase a weapon illegally is the right answer I think that's wrong answer. And you I made the point so eloquently did in his new gun problem it's a people problem it's immorality it's a lack of of standards and and data being. And taught and enforced because. Issue so aptly sale and yourself spot on shore on. The problem is if you take god out of the equation if you take the morality that that is implicit in in God's word. Out of that equation that there are absolutes of right and wrong. Then you are opening the door to chaos and daddy's. Little English. Absolutely I believe I even heard it on the show it may or may not have been you wouldn't it have been rush but someone had mentioned that. When the founding fathers. Sat down to create this country and write the constitution. It words. It is if it might not been sent out loud but it was known to everyone that these rules and these laws are going to be sat down. Bereft of Christian values. And if if if we try to force in this country would help. These term. Definitions between right and wrong and what's good and what's not the American experiment will fight absolutely right it's okay. And here we all in the midst of these things for the last 45 decades and actually I just hear that. When I passed away I would not leave. The same country to my children that. What does. A benefit of having him and being able to serve my country and they just beat sadden me and it's almost regularly try to talk the. Kind of end I feel the same morning at the Teresa so much respect callable issue great call too by the way thank you so much. Lee attractive time to quickly I am going to try to get instant text you could have fallen behind on that so. This from the common sense retirement planning catch on and Tony these kids who survived for cheating. Have obviously been through extremely traumatic event the leftist however are now exploiting him further. And that is that is exactly what's going and another Tony these shootings. Never happened when I was in school back in fifties and sixties guns were prevalent probably more so now. What is different. Society was once more in common moral base to a general regard for law and order. Has now become onboard and is drifting. For the last fifty years yes and who do we want to thank for that we'll tell you who largely the entertainment businesses have got to. A lot all over their hands on this literally. People who make the violent video games as a teacher earlier pointed out as partners certainly part of the problem but the bigger problem. Is that. Secular humanism. And Andy slow would. This dis. Information campaign. From the left. Which is taken morality and Christian values. Out of our conversation. Kenny Perry at where we have professional athletes won't even knew who to take Indy when we do the National Anthem yes. And I'll give you wanted to talk very quickly. Mob violence. The Bible Jesus said. House divided against itself cannot stand Peters and general saying divide and conquer. If you wanted to undo the last real democratic republic stands in the way of globalism which George Soros and others were. Certainly want to you have to get rid of the sovereign. United States. Which will would be the clever way to do that. Gates fighting amongst ourselves. And I who do we know responsible for that more than anybody the propagandist that we refer to. As the mainstream press because they no longer. Are journalists. Their propagandist. No different than Soviet Union. Org. Durables during. The fascist hit or. Rule. That is what we have today and and if it weren't for the Internet and talk radio and Internet and a handful of other places Albert. Oh who's gonna stand against old. Well anyway if you have an answer that do call me and Tony they're sitting in for Vince be back right after this. And of course there's also the common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Upon which I thought I would share in the following. Teenagers drive to town of ninety miles for a while texting on their phones and they want to lecture us on gun control. The limit. Hello Tony boot my son's crude. Only have been involved with the school shooting if it happened at my house because we home school I wish everyone has the ability and the will to remove the children. From the liberal conducting ration cool August its public education yes thank you so much I. My daughter's 26 one of one of the things that I'm happy is that we did is she never once went to a public school and we home school. And she's quite. I had a young woman. As a result of it in fact I just in the side on that years ago. Could because we were involved in going to home school organization I actually spoke to the upstate home schoolers graduation high school graduation. And it was so moving. See all of these kids are all of these parents. In that ceremonies and and the kids getting up and talking about what it connected them. If their parents and school them. Another text I went to school. In New York in late seventies my principal had the Hayden paddle culture that if it's briefed. You did something really bad. Use your bud got to meet the path yes those were the days. Not all. Not one but all of the students are dependent shooters have one thing in common. They were all on SS RIs or another anti depressant yes that is correct that is that I mentioned that earlier thank you bring Hannah. And I'd had mentioned this earlier but I I don't wanna failed. Before the show's over issues with some so. Yeah the debate is we need to take. Guns awake is against the problem OK so here are the numbers from the Centers for Disease Control the most recent numbers from mature to listen to this. 33500. Gun deaths in the united states of those. 41 and a half or from suicide self afflicted gotten them to do with with people shooting others. And they're roughly 2500 from suicide. So that left 8500. People murdered in this country. Of those six to 8% were from. Only six to 8% of those were from legally purchased firearms and all of those. Only 440. Roughly were from long guns or rifles quote assault weapons. Mostly pistols. The majority of these events took place in a handful. Of communities. So this this this this is not a largely widespread thing in this rather is something is going on in a handful of cities. Specifically. New Orleans. Baltimore. Saint Louis Oakland. New York Chicago. Most of these happen and they happened. In a 5% or less of the population base who might get beat. Well you know who it was it was the the minority communities and it was primarily gang banger shooting each other. So this has no bearing whatsoever. On on the debate about. School shootings and yet we hear is this which the NRA to all of their fault how dare these okay. So. One last thought. Under the Obama administration. There were. Roughly 440 people who which are urged with being called straw buyers or somebody who has a clean record goes by has gone on behalf of some criminal. Fewer than 10% of those people for prosecutors no reason why it most of them it turned out war in. Minorities Obama administration. The DOJ didn't wanna. Have any problems. If there's one other thing you have to put and basically. We're busy. Bringing. Roughly two million. Undivided for a world immigrant and this country. And of course they fall on the FBI's watch list not apparently that that makes a whole lot of different since the FBI doesn't seem to be real on top of that however. The disgraced James Cole we did say that there were crisis investigation going on all fifty states. So. When the United States and I think you could largely say this is because we have a Second Amendment. Has fewer mass shootings per capita. Then Norway France Switzerland Finland Belgium. And 98%. Of these mass shootings that happened in quote gun free zones and so what we hear last night. Presents being vilified because. Shocking shocking he's actually. Made the suggestion perhaps that would be worthwhile to consider putting. Just like we do on airplanes armed marshals at a school resource officers to protect these kids. Can have that. So. What would happen. If we could cut those and half I would say TU. That. Of the mass shootings that happened in this country. Since 2047%. Sixteen of them were committed by first and second generation immigrants. Hoods and the you know Virginia Tech. Pulse nightclub in their whole list of so. Even if you're gonna have this debate. On quote of gun control. I think could be. Who all of these ads full of much that are being treated like they're brilliant. On CNN in the mainstream press these. Drew leave children. It would behoove him to be educated. So they themselves understood what it was they were debating obviously not the case. With these current emotion but everything I tell you. I don't have now now the time. To get into this but I wanted to give you wanna give you sense. Of where this. Use centric. Culture is headed. If we continue down this road. And it's headed toward. A comrade. Culture club society. The return of socialism communism Obama and tell you why when we come back so. I'm Tony dale sitting in for Vince and Arab if you don't mind where SI see each been holding for some time in my hold onto this biz break and I promise come back on the other side. First thing we will do. Is we will take your phone.