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Good morning welcome to the broadcast lots of things going on in the news and so we will try to get to at all during the course the broadcast today one of them. A big story developing with the announcement in the announcement from president Donald Trump. Recognizing. Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel and this is causing quite a firestorm in fact one breaking news story now. That Hamas has called for three days of rage. Three days of rage there have been warnings about the possibility of violence breaking out. We will talk about this a little bit later on also. We have members of the house. Who were calling for an investigation of how the FBI. Handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton. We will delve into that story as well I want to begin with something that's happening a lot close to home. And unfortunately. There are way too many of these stories. Seems like every few days we hearing about yet another data breach I want to tell you about two before we bring a guest to talk about. What this means hands the implications go far beyond these two agencies one of them. Mecklenburg County. Governments has been paralyzed by an unknown computer hacker. County employee unknowingly opened an email attachments. Seven on Monday it unleashed spyware and a worm in the caddies computer system. This hacker has frozen the county's electronic files. And he gets better. The hacker one's 23000. Dollars for encryption key to release the files and the deadline 1 o'clock two day. 1 o'clock two day. This is what's called ransom where. Also. This affecting more of you. In both Carolinas 370000. Duke Energy customers. May have had address banking data and other personal information exposed to potential data breach. Stretching back to 2008. We're just now finding out about this. This affects a vendor that processes in person payments from duke customers. This is a company acquired in July by PayPal. PayPal has said the potential compromise. Involves personally identifiable information for roughly one point six. Million customers. Of that figure. About 374000. Hard to customers who pay their utility bills locations like convenience stores that accept the payments. Customers potentially affected in Duke Energy Carolinas service territory. Covering mostly the western Carolinas. So what in the world is going on here with both of these situations. We that a best to bring on board are. Consulted on matters like this internationally recognized expert on cyber security strategy. Cyber terrorism identity theft and privacy Morgan right welcome back sir. Oh the world going to hell bent on just that Pakistan and wait till next year. A a a a you know it's it's amazing every few days seems like we're talking to you about it's some sort of breach year. Let's talk first about what's going on with the Charlotte Mecklenburg situation. This one is bizarre 23000. Dollars is demanded by 1 o'clock or als. What in the world's going on your first off how did this happen based on what you heard of this story. It's the same way going to happen. Somebody quit the link they ship that link contained malware leaked the malware. And that's how the whole things start it I'm on the event the easiest way to break into a bank is that the drill through the safe and beat gateway is just to have an unwitting bank completely let you went to steal the money this is exactly what happened you let somebody in the front the war. You quit on a link in an email was probably the use of social engineering which is the use of deception manipulation and influence. You get somebody to take a targeted action which is what they get they took an unscripted action they believe would strut it. And Rivera got this is how about out by the way that you and I talked about all sorts of things from Russia and other stuff gets what the number one tool that's been conscious. It's the same thing to social engineering and spear Phishing Phishing email and I would bet my next paycheck at exactly how this happened in Charlotte that. Amber. That is very unfortunate here and and ultimately it sounds like there's really no protection for this you cannot protect against an employee. Who makes a mistake like this. Well after he actually you can and what people need to start Dylan is what's been happening in the Pentagon mother played the kind of put under the radar. You need are firing people after they've been training tool they've been aware when you click on something you shouldn't it square you should've done that. There need to be severe heart what now they're our way to. Stop they and it depends upon you were restraining may do as well and I mean I I think gore around the country speaking I'm actually so as we get down here driving up. I'm presenting to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania tomorrow their state governments elected leaders. CIO officials like bet. One thing back with that way to operate smartly it was easy to back everything that now don't click on the link in the first place. Beckett back to a culture a stop saying don't quit that link in a slow down a little bit but in this case it is the second best offense to have a regret that. Backup system. There were two hospitals which case studies that 21 with Hollywood presbyterian the other one was met Starr out in my area at the national capital region. Washington press her Hollywood rectory and set the bar high because they didn't have a backup strategy to hackers originally demanded in the millions. It settled for 171000 dollar bit coin that start that it was the same thing they were you look at they had an aggressive backup strategy. It took them a couple days but they get paid a hacker anything all they recovered all their data. So would it be good to have a tough decision they don't have a good backup system. Com IQ I'd my guess is probably gonna end up paying as in cock and far more money and again at an element of trust you really trust criminal who says trust me. And I kinda doubt it but what we today. And the exposure here for all of the customers. Whether it's people in the city of Charlotte Mecklenburg County. And this situation here with Duke Energy. These are people who made their payments said other locations. What do you by the customers do and a situation like this. Very good question because it is a critical part about this event is according to the report this who's been going on since 2008. This is nine years you don't know you've got to gaping hole likeness. So. You know a bit this bit of the sad part is that consumers have very little control. When you wanna go to a third party campaign by the way. These are third party payment processors so even when you pay online to our folks they're not actually collecting the payment a third party processing it. So that's what happens are you going to pay your bill used this process or you input information. You do you're there toward distort it to go back to writing paper checks maybe in an in demand but people have treated. Security and privacy for convenience so there's really no going back at that point however though and I'd want the spit on Kiki. But there is actually a new thing that underscores the used to pick one which is the same thing that they want a candidate yet. It called blocking in the future. I think we'll get to the point Vista were you actually control all your formation. And you have used a pen to parts of and one authorized and one block an okay. So you actually control your medical records you control your credit card information quartet eight encrypted the whole time and somebody else want to use it like AK a bad guy. They would actually have to have a pin number because all your information is encrypted and controlled by the same underlying technology that allows them when to be used to. That's that's sounds pretty amazing Morgan right we're up against a hard break stay with this is I wanna follow up on this. At fifteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. Nineteen minutes after they are to collect the Vince Coakley radio program we've talked about two data breaches one of them occurring with the Mecklenburg. County. And the other one involves. The situation that develop to PayPal. This was way back in 2008 now connected to Duke Energy. Payment process is weird this smaller Hillary was it would just knife now finding out about this. Affecting several 100000 potential Duke Energy customers and we're talking with Morgan right choose told us about something. That can actually begin protecting us in terms of our information. You'd go over this again Morgan Lucas at that Israeli interest in what you described the way for us to basically have control over all of our data and information. How to we do that. Well think about what we're just talking about here with the Mecklenburg County so all of their records are encrypted by somebody else and they want access to and they have to pay to get the key. We reverse that we had look all of my records are encrypted from the beginning by block change. And a version of it and you can't get access to it and let you shall we you have a need for example like health care. It helped or you don't need to quote every piece of information your I'll just be out of information necessary but say the process prescription. Or you know about schedule surgery so why can't I get off right you do if you only that information and when I ought to write you got and only you know you can't say hey I. Let me assure that went with it you could take a look at and so. The same underlying technology that allows the going to blow past what converted it to 9000 or 101000 dollar coming up on it. I mean it is huge this. The same underlying technology rest be able to go back and take back our privacy a lot of government are looking at block change for. Property records. You know for for things like that so. They're the big movement toward it kind of geeky thing but think about it it's revert ranch more now we're I hold my records talked agent you don't get it seem like you've got a good valid reason. Then and only endorse give that and to disclose that information and only to a person. Who is cricket graphically authorized to see it so it a little geeky apologized to the audience out there but just think of this take this threat toward reversing it and now you're in control of the data. As opposed to the bad. Hey it's not geeky that's why you're here man so the skull blocked Jane. Lucky and by the way blocked chain you know this is how big point that started that it needed a way to be able to trust. And trusted people an abort it we've never met before have we trust each other or block change unable to wait for create trots. So that we can do it transaction by the way I will tell you. You beat some of the best customer service out there become a victim of ransom where they actually have 800 number. That you call and we'll show you how to set up a queen account. There. I by the law firms are a lot a lot from doctor that a party that would be quite count because the reprieve you're gonna get hit our ranch somewhere. So this is not. And I'm excited about making and is gonna even be worse or ransom work but 2015. The global impact of ransom ware was around 35400. Million dollars. 2017. It will be five billion dollar. It's gonna be bigger than that. Next. Wow that is pretty extraordinary and sad as always we always do it's very important information from you on this. And that the key thing is for us to exercise their sovereignty before you go here. How expensive are we talking about this technology described. Welcome right now a lot of good a lot of folks can. That you gotta be careful you know go to the lapsed or but you know there are some things like calling bay you know and out blocked chain dot info you can go either. You can actually create an account for free on that would money and then turn it into that going to that you can exchange sync and they're going to people. The great thing about that quite if you're if you're in a bit. It up iPad all the government regulations so where it might take days or international. Armed monetary transaction to settle. Within ten minutes that transaction is settled using block and and I can send money any where in the world. While this sounds this sounds like a puppy but it's pretty set up the account read up on that. And just a little bit of a charge for the transaction. If this sounds like this is gonna revolutionize everything Morgan. Bought. Change properly applied and I'm actually doing some webinars when I rolled on the senior fellow at the center for digital government. I'm a guy actually coming up one in January where we're talking about these block change for property records. Torre could be huge mortgage file at a light and be there when you go to refinance a homer by. The dog to be reduced and the word you can now. Through the blocked chain I don't have to go back and prove things if a truck beat and beat track C now a contract feet. And I can bypass all of this were in the red tape and regulation and make things more efficient out government and now with what they call triple ledger accounting. Full transparency I don't need to have auditor come in anymore KPMG right water out on young these guys are all shivering in their knickers so to speak because. The audit practice is gonna go away because blocked change is gonna make the all of the government transactions. Totally transparent. This is absolutely amazing. Me and it's always enjoyable talking with you Morgan and learn so much every time we have these conversations although. The circumstances are never good so. And we do funny video about pumping. And go on and it's all right we can work on that for next time out Morton right. Thanks lever come and on the broadcast again and we look forward talk with you again soon. Here is what I. Out of its took the radio program 25 minutes after 10 o'clock while he's in this extraordinary and that you have often wondered about this in fact. Say too much about this is an idea. Which I thought would be great business model but it sounds like some of these forty taken this and run with it. Inched let's just say one of my frustrations is going to doctor's office. And having to fill that all the paperwork. I mean you guys you notice in this experience right getting yes an agreement in here. It's frustrating you go from as you'd think. When your especially when you referred one doctor to another what you think they already have all that information. And the other pet peeve of mine is from the city. Oh we need a list of your medications. Now sitting got to write a list. Of your medication Joan idea. I have a file and I email it to them what is your email address I Wilson did to you. And the usually get it right there at you know. It's not a matter of days later I listen to them at that moment I'm gonna keep going through writing down a list. Every time we go to the doctor's office are you kidding me. Have time for that nonsense. And did you know. I hope I have this figure correct. Seems like the last time. I saw a story about this. That it's well over 50%. Of the doctors time is spent with paperwork you know that is a good use of the doctors resources. And I digress. But all of this is really intriguing stuff. That you would find it to be the case as well. You are welcome to join us in the conversation right here on the program eagles' advantage to play number 809 to 1110 in the comments since retirement planning text line. It is 713. Jurors seven some of the messages coming into form we will talk about. The move. To recognize. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to me this is pretty basic stuff. Now there will be a whole lot of hand wringing in fact I saw this. A screen on CNN a few minutes ago they had a they had a charted diagram on their showing. This is the number of countries who recognized Tel Aviv as the capitals like 86. And this is the number of countries recognizing Jerusalem. Zero you know at the messages. The world community. World does not recognize news. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And therefore for the United States to go off script here and do something different. Here. That's really the message this is for the global it's believed the global should believe that it's ultimately. Everything has to be done by consensus. In if everybody can agree and everybody's afraid of what the Arabs are going to do. Or this Muslim countries going to do. This fear. Is what you drive. What we do I'd look this text this is awesome. Naming Jerusalem. The capital would bring instability to the Middle East. Wind that held that the Middle East ever have stability. Great text. That's right on the money. You and I both know that's. Not their now and it probably will never be there and tell someone else comes back you know who that is. 49 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. 36 minutes after the US cyber security all the vulnerabilities. That are. Basically exploited by a off too often. Silly mistakes that we make all it takes is one click politics. William in Concord good morning walk through the broadcast. Good morning Dan you were mentioned in earlier about filling out. Doctor formed at the office. Yes sir but the last few years I've had Elliott the pale issues and we're on that one avenue form and it says in case of emergency contact. I write down non long war. And pretty bad one. No or say anything about it and I think a lot a bit for our bailed out a lot of or. I don't rate him. You think this is more just a formality to it to make sure they're complying with what ever. That court in case you blew them they go back and it was and the war. And I hear you man. That that's really funny appreciate your call their William you know maybe I should try that next time in case of emergency call 910. It's just incredibly creative. That is good stuff really good stuff coming up. We are going to talk about this declaration. That is coming up 1 o'clock today in fact I have in front of me. Something Charles Harris. Presume it's. President trump statement on Jerusalem. 1 PM statement at the White House recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And announcing plans to eventually move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as I mentioned earlier. We already have warnings of dire warnings threats. We've got to declaration of a what three days of rage from. Hamas. Reach. You know they are saying demonstrations. Whether that turned violent this all remains to be seen. Also. On the text line. People have some pretty interesting things that they share a year including this. It's I just about him a little tear it scared the crap out of me I was getting myself back together return to the right. And the little toe was stating there about ten feet away with me. Just looking through the passenger side glass that I noticed she as the strip after under rendered neck with a bell on it. I'm glad I didn't shall some respect Jim obviously I'm glad you didn't. On this issue of compromise security win if the Internet. The solutions actually very simple strip all the link set of emails that are not considered safe to collect. Why the information security department won't do that is a mystery. And a what do you think this is but all the brilliant minds we haven't government learning institutions after 200 years. No one can interpret the constitution. It. Question is is a question of being able to interpret it or. The people not want to heed what that says. It's plain mean. On the issue of security again Vince what can we put malware in the ransom payment to vim. I hold all their stuff for prosecution. John that's clever idea. I wonder if anybody's tried that. And I wonder if you would actually work. That's in question. As we continue to broadcast to 39 minutes after 10 o'clock. So. What we have now are expressions of dismay outrage alarm fear panic. That's Richard getting. Over president Donald Trump's expected moved to recognize Jerusalem is Israel's capital. Jordan's King Abdullah. Who someone who we have. Trusted for quite some time he's very friendly to the United States and I don't doubt what he's saying here he says this decision will provoke Muslims and Christians alike. Pope Francis urging the White House to reconsider really. Why. Recognizing Jerusalem is Israel's capital would be an act of madness that would plunge the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight. Quote from the Turkish deputy prime minister. Now the decision will be to. Recognize Jerusalem as the capital yet delay moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv. But this is a promise. The Dow from me during the campaign. And this process could actually take years. And you what's intriguing about this. When I first heard about this during the campaign. Here's detailed that a lot of people do not realize. Recognizing Jerusalem would upend decades of American policy. Really. The United States according to NBC news has never endorsed Israel's claim of sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem. Did you know that. Since the 1979 Camp David accords American presidents have refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Or moved US embassy US approach has been a Jerusalem's status. She be negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Boy that's really worked out well hasn't. The Palestinians seek the city's eastern sector. Captured by Israel in the 1967. Mideast war as the capital of a future independent states. By the way. Who started that 1967. Mideast war. Just asking. Palestinians fear that trumps declaration essentially and imposes on them a disastrous solution. For one of the core issues of the Palestinian. Israeli conflict. There's no way they're can be talks with the Americans the peace process is finished they've already preempted the outcome. According to one Palestinian official. Palestinian officials who were on the take from the United States treasury. As in you. You war funding these terrorists. And it allows to savers. I think this entire thing and and this is always frustrated and think of this just I'm just thinking of my own history. As a human being on this planet. This issue between Israel and its neighbors has been going nine. For a long long time. And just looking at my lifetime. I look at this and I can't help but to laugh when I hear people talk about. Who this is going to disrupt the peace process what freak in peace process. I don't see one. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Ryan out of rocked Gil good morning. Hey this basic like talk. Take it away sir got about a minute cool rougher or hurting is it that react at that they are well or not. I'm who went NAS strictly religious context. I don't want them what is on it because you've got a lot of will be equal opportunity. The Dome of the Rock is their third most holiest site which could be the that'd they're now one holiest of police and it's bad. It's spent only 40. Yeah I think it out there and no Palestinian state and the Israeli. They deserve. It insecurity they think it heritage and for decades. Yeah you're actually right Ryan and it's. Poor we did tell them what to do with their territory. That's what blows my mind about this why do we. Why do we try to force our enemies to give things up that we would never give up ourselves. 809 to 1110 text like 713071049. Vince Coakley radio program mats out of Easley good morning. Eight and victory limit you to really really complicated. It's not going to call any time and I'd pointed at. Some in site personal and I've I've seen would go to ago. Israel has a law called the law clerk earned. Where is your view it you can become a citizen of Israel. Airing. Let's say Europe Palestinian. And your family that lived any jury forum. Or outlet near you out here. You don't have that paper. He here. Our own. By saying OK this it's the capital of Israel. We're dictating. A key point. In the Camp David accord and a lot of other peace corps there. So what do you recommend your. I think it was a fake. I think there they're not going to be a murder. Israel. And pepper puree or internal. And the time. And and I think it is is that Eddie news. It really is catering. New York governor everybody gets run for president ever since Israel like this. And Peter created you wish people in new York and that I think we ought to move embassy speaker. So you think this is a political move this is not so much for Israel. This is something for his political base and donors. Its first base that first downer. And and and you you you made mention of the fact it worked out I think Palestinians will work up regarding Israel could. Use use a Merrill. Every year well worth subsidizing both part. Yeah an I would agree with that now here's my question. I mean I don't need it to some extent I don't have any problem if you gonna subsidize anybody. I would certainly favored doing that with Israel but not Palestinians. People been proven to be unfaithful to us over the years. How what's the name but I eight I guess you've been some question as bad as we meanings of fix this thing. You believe as I do you that Intel Jesus Christ himself comes back. This thing is not going to get fixed. That's it. In my under EU and some your listeners a friend of mine who is a Palestinian. Went together to Jerusalem. Last year. With the US passport did he presented at and carrier airport. And they said no we will not recognize that at four. We eating here Palestinian. And and we're not gonna recognize this app for you pat anchor. Israel. Under your Palestinian passport. And insider dealing in what allowed in victory or. But it may be out of the eighties that at the documented by the state or. I'm really surprised that it wouldn't let you it. And it yup well that's normal. I hear you bet it's really it really. Yet it certainly is an excellent for your call met this morning over on the text line we have this. Vince is you know trump loves to pick fights by moving the embassy to Jerusalem he used poking a stick in the by the Islamic world. Just like the assassination of arch duke the triggered World War I small events strip the first domino. Don't say you weren't warned. All right. Events. Is this you great to have you back Middle East has never been peaceful saying Jerusalem will be a problem for peace over there. Are you kidding me. That is from sunny. Vince I winch to VA for the appointment they asked me if I have been sexually assaulted I told them no. Real. That yea that's kind of strange. I wouldn't finish the rest of this text oddly Jerusalem issue I'd rather be on God's side then man that's a good place to be what you think. That's for decades the Palestinians have been islam's useful idiots what's changed. Vince I guess it takes a godless immoral orange haired president to do with the Christian morally superior. Professing GOP couldn't and in my opinion. Wouldn't have ever done for God's chosen people. It says something I'm sure you'll never understand but I do. Ha. Every interest in perspective here no texture saying trump did that have the Jewish vote that he did not. And one techsters saying your glad to hear mad still and idiots really is that necessary here. Clinton in 1985 recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel congress and following presidents have deleted. Being completed. Yes this keeps getting delayed over and over and over god gave Jerusalem to Israel. The other person saying of the previous caller I'm calling BS in this guy sounds like he just does not like Jews. So Mike thinks her supporters are all Jewish supporters. Or is New York supporters really I'm a neo Nazi violence loving sexual abuser geez. Get it right Matt. Already. Tell Matt no such country called Palestine. Never has been. Why don't care about sticking a stick in the guy in the Islamic world I'm more worried about offending Jews I loved the Jewish people. Other techsters saying I disagree for just about the whole of my life is rose in second behind into the Arabs as far as the US is concerned. There is no nation of Palestine. Never has been. And this one. So breathtaking view of the gospel to save Israel's God's chosen people. What Albion other theological discussion. Quite ideological discussion still to come we will talk abouts. The freedom caucus. Wielding some muscle. On several issues including. How to deal with Hillary Rodham Clinton. And what the FBI has not done thus far that much more as we continue. The Vince Coakley radio programs Davis.