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We any update on that is OJ found real killer yet just curious. Our number two the broadcast journey you live from the town of Belton the whole levee built in stand by parentage and arts festival takes place tomorrow. From 10 AM until 10 PM there's and event you will certainly check out. One of the things that. What we're gonna find them war. Abouts what takes place with the events a little bit later in this hour and ultimately like to think of one of our fine sponsors here. I Amos spelt it industrial maintenance and services built licensed general. And mechanical contractors spin and justice for over 26 years in this area. I missed both and spilled reputation for doing any job that's needed by the customer very diverse group. They can often do turnkey projects in the savings. To their customers. And that's Imus belted industrial maintenance services of built in. At seven minutes after the hour 11 o'clock still taking your calls getting your thoughts. On what you think could be going on behind the scenes. It's whether we are about to engaged in a war war military intervention somewhere. Last hour. We had someone who suggested on the text line as well response to the murder this happened at the hands of an illegal immigrants. So once suggested doing a petition drive some sort. The texture says I'll sign up for that. Should jail or deport all illegals in the ones trying to protect them. He would I I'm pretty hard core in this stuff. I think Richard do you if you don't just prosecute the illegal immigrants who've come to the country. You prosecute the politicians. Who have protected them. And I think this extends to some these cities and towns. Where people have protected legal immigrants. I think I heard terror earlier today. Making reference to what they're doing California which basically is making California sanctuary state. They're basically flipping the bird. TU. Steve because this isn't just going to affect California an illegal immigrants cross. Our borders they don't just stay in the places where there where they come into the country. A good number of those folks come to the Carolinas. As we have seen. Also in the text line. Been meaning to say this we presently have a three party system walled house and senate 10% hard right timbers and hard left 80%. By the same column what you want. And since secrete moniker that's that's why we can't get it heating up in Pittsburgh Jeff. I you know I still am amused by this hard right thing what does that mean exactly. I really don't know what that means. I say send the National Guard to all Sanctuary Cities round up illegals and replace the leadership with the ones who braved the law. Here's some speculation on a column for the storm president trump referenced that calm for the storm. Is. The PR in today. The shooting Costa Rico in their plan old Swede thinks it's all about North Korea. Could be interest and other texture saying they think this could be a head fake. We've whomever it is wondering whether we're going to do something and maybe there is no plan to do anything yet. The terrorists and weather's concerned the FBI North Korea's going to try to take some sort of action on Columbus Day. That's intriguing. What else do we have here. And good. Mun. Let's see I would view care trump means a storm for the embedded leftists in his administration. That would be an interest to you thing to happen. At the way I can remember there's story wanting to share a few. It did not pull out my idea complete rundown of items. They need to do that now there's a story. This person was talking about the makeup of congress. There's a really course cool story aside about Roy Moore and his visit to Washington. And we visited with. And who he did not visit which. I think it speaks volumes and you've always heard that expression. You're known by the company you keep right. Well I'm gonna tell you. About. The company. Roy Moore kept as he visited Washington DC I'd love this story. It's just absolutely awesome. Before we do that while we take a look at the day in history. Mr. Rachel's favorite portion of the broadcast. And we have a few more questions than usual but I think this is such a fun list. I've got to got to do it anyway no matter what. Let's start in 1926. This baseball players set a World Series record. That's weird to do this or that record is who's the baseball player. Only 1820 I get to us really love baseball class I know you do on the legal Babe Ruth you're absolutely right you're on the money. 1996. These two country superstars got married. Country. Superstars. Faith fuel and do you closes Americans would. After that is the name I'm not a country fan but I knew everybody knows if they know I'm guess and I got up or you're right you don't grow. To move you've got it man see I told you this is a fun list I don't see that countries not. In 1991 and this person married husband number seven. Elizabeth Taylor. That's pretty sad is in this. City I'm more sad that I know that. We dressed him more serious things here. Including this story. Lucy which part of this first the young Q4 war. Brings these two superpowers. To the brink of conflicts we're the super powers. So country's Soviet Union in the United States year right. So Jermaine your honor roll what's that like 45 you've got great year whether it missed one American on tabs about India. 1981. The president of this country was assassinated. But to be Muslim Brotherhood. Operation. In fact in the country where the Muslim brother could start it up by mrs. when Egypt. C menu all over this. My dose hot today. I'm really impressed on the hunt every day you know. It. And you can read all about it it runs there's new book humility and how I achieved. I think this may be question it was not ghost written. But it's a good. This story I thought was really cool man I'm up against a break here I'm gonna have to share this story later. And you're gonna have to remind me mr. Rachel. But. The final question. The first of its kind robbery took place on this day in 1866. This robbery took place on a train. Is. He's all over Disney. I wanna go into details about this story this story is absolutely crazy we're gonna share it and much more as we continue live from belts and we are here live in Belton this the site for the belt and stand by heritage and arts festival coming up we'll have another guest talking about what is ahead in. What is so special about this town. Here in the upstate Vince Coakley radio program 803471. A 63 that's Ingles advantage talk whenever common sense retirement planning text line. It's 71 threes here are seven. Ninety minutes after the hour look like dirty lie from belts in the home of the stand pipe heritage and arts festival taking place tomorrow. From 10 AM until 10 PM. It's important post story that I'm gonna tell you about that when I saw this at yes. We've got to make cheer this guy. This guy goes across the finish line. I'm referring to Roy Moore. He's several points ahead of his Democrat. Challenger. I've never I don't know if I vocalize this before but I am a little bit concerned. About the possibility that someone is devious is Mitch McConnell. Might actually try and undermine this guy. Would they risk losing the seat just to make sure there's not one more trouble maker in Washington. It would not surprise me at all. Would not surprise me. On the text line first Vince gas prices going down I just filled effort to fifteen a gallon at the Murphy's in Korea. I just hate to 25 this morning to and a bad. When referring to the makeup of congress you referring to what Lindsey Graham is wearing today he he he. My goodness. It's I imagine the ones taking action on Columbus Day might be the protesters against white privilege wouldn't surprise me that TNT. Come on instituted Roy visit do you back to work lynch is almost over. Let me tell you. Hui pace of paid a visit to. And again it's that the story is so cool you know it's bad. Now this story's not loading here is the headline story in odd XH. More plots with conservatives. Snubs GOP leaders. The Alabama senate candidate met with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul but not Mitch McConnell well. It's in the great I love it. Roy Moore. According to Politico wrote. To Washington this week to shore up his main constituency. Rebellious. Republicans. The GOP's divisive nominee in the Alabama senate race visited on Wednesday and Thursday with three the most defiant Republican senators. What have I told you repeatedly on this broadcast. There's only a handful of Republicans you can trust. Any met with three of them ray and Paul of Kentucky. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah. Likely was on this program last week. Is also expected to meet with house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. Moore was standing with conservative leaders Jim demands. The former senator from South Carolina and express and The Heritage Foundation. And David Macintosh the president the Club for Growth. One person more did not see senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Who Moore wants to dethrone. And he did not visit the senate Republican lunch as is customary for senate GOP primary winners. The only establishment figure he met with Cory Gardner of Colorado who mores cooperating with keep the seat in Republican hands. But the story goes on to say if they're successful in December's election more than likely out for an olive branch to GOP leaders with a broader Republican establishment. Ted crews are making reference to mr. Moore look forward to serving with him it is certainly the case we need more strong conservatives in the senate. And I have every reason to believe that's precisely the sort of senator heat will be. I love that folks. Morse been rebuffing key GOP figures. During his first trip to Washington since winning the primary against Luther strange. In a telephone call up the September 26 primary senate majority whip John Cornyn offered to meet with more. But this number two Republican hasn't gotten any indication the candidate is interested. I love this this is great you wanna meet with these morons. Senator Richard Shelby. More would be senior senator back strange the primary had yet to receive an invitation for more as of Thursday. C a murmur or told your folks you're known by the company you keep. Story goes on the say it all has Republicans convinced more will govern in a similar way to how he's campaigned as a foil to McConnell. And potentially to GOP priorities. Republicans are privately adjusting their schedule and anticipation for mores potential elevation to senator now viewing the December 12 election date. As the deadline for passage of tax reform. No why would they do that. Now they're gonna offer a bunch of crap and try to pass that that office tax reform. Yes they ought to be worried. One person who met with him says he clearly purchased things differently than your typical DC insider. What in your typical policies politician he doesn't strike me as someone. Who will be conciliatory. To leadership good. Indeed no one who met with more predicted he would come around to McConnell. Asked if he expects more to eventually support to Kentucky leader garner replied. I can't answer those questions and oh he's going to take the position that best represents the people of Alabama and I got to tell yet. I have a feeling the people of Alabama. Would much rather tar and feather Mitch McConnell then have him. As the Senate's leader. I'm pretty confident of that. I think this is absolutely great. I'm sure you do as well I'd love to get your thoughts. Is this the kind of thing getting courage as you argue. Inspired as Narnia. That you send the signal right away. You know you don't play these political games. You don't. You know do the song and dance just to make things look good. But you just jump right in. You'd jump right in. And you take a stand. For what's right. It's really that simple it's not complicated folks. So we continue to Vince Coakley radio program live from Belton home of the belts and stand I've heritage and arts festival. One very important part of this in fact this is the part our previous guest was not able to address. Is. One of the events that will take place tomorrow and here to provide some insight and as the director of the state of the pipe run. Renee roll it. Good morning welcome to the broadcast. Good morning thank you for having me. We'll tell us what is this about what is. I this is your area of specialty. Oh. Who can get involved in this tomorrow. Will every winking get involved in your writing is kind of our specialty we've been doing it for a long time. On they seem tight Rhine easing congestion we at this festival of course. Says are not part. What we. LCD a one mile finer line. Says oh we get started every year VAV currently at 8 o'clock is the 19 at 830 is the fact. Tell us about this routes what route when you follow office. It's a wonderful rally and that is race certified with South Carolina says they can actually get course record on this round and it starts at first Baptist church and any linking come. And if you're not already registered you can even get registered to Maher and morning from 630 until eight. It's it's we found our feet on the day of the race. That any they can racers start first Baptist church and it's a wonderful. And Lou a rain owned brown Antony and it goes around it's Canada. Moderate course is not rumor healing not too hard it will be nice and cool. Says it's beautiful he sees hymn of the ninth his store and on the route. And we have refreshments afterward. It sends a great deal. We give. Assistance of of the history of that particular aspect of this we know that this. The the heritage should arts festival's been around for about thirty years now how you've been doing the the run and walk. Well I started having nationwide insurance agency here in L ten. And I started that agency about twenty years ahead and win they asked me get involved in the festival. I want you to help the house and had a passion for running a dinner runner for about 25 years. And so I think you won how do you how do a race in conjunction with the festival says we started the race we kept the course this same. And every year we did it rain or shine and say that Canada they history and they eight and it's great Nikkei seeking come currently. Run the course have a wonderful race get a thread the Guinness snack and in head to the festival so it really works as it did partners yet. Again this festivals taking place the Belton. Stand by the heritage and arts festival takes place tomorrow at 10 AM to 10 PM in the final minute or so we have left you mentioned how long you've been built and tell me what do you like about it what is it it commends this to you in college you'd recommend this to others. As a town. I'm like delta in because it's a really nice parents can feel. Unnecessary bedding as every Battie or at least everybody's fame Elaine. And everyone's extremely freeing money and welcome Maine to everyone he cons. And I think that's a key to being fit in our society today. It certainly is the kind of thing so many people want to recapture in this day and age so. Renee ruin takes a lot for Joyce the broadcast this morning and best of luck tomorrow corporate and goes well hope the weather cooperates it's great any key for having me. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program here 29 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. Our number 803471. A 63 your text line 713 series seven. And we can see the broadcast your 1130 eight's. Journey live from Belton. Holy belts and stand pipe heritage and arts festival takes place to morrow and justice to reminder. You are just few minutes ago about the five K run and one mile. Fun run and walk. Here's what's in store tomorrow for the events from 10 AM to 10 PM mule drawn wagon rides through the historic district and pony rides. Heritage days in the train depot where we are right now. Exhibit Ewing's and museum tour stand pipe to worse antiques show and sale corn hole tournament. Car show live entertainment fireworks display. And much more that's what's in store for you if you check out. Between ten and ten tomorrow the built in stand by Karadzic and arts festival. You have a great time for the entire family. Let's get caught up in some the items on the text line that come in the past few minutes. Italy where immigration by the numbers. 25 million non taxpayers. 15% federal tax yes we can reduce taxes close our borders and balance the budget. One person say here McCormack coming storm we're wonder about what he is. What he is. Brewing behind the scenes that Donald Trump made reference to last night. At a dinner with military leaders texture says the coming storm is the war against the people in the beginning in the new world order a port. Certainly you're suggesting the president would take part in. We have this I love this text Roy Moore is what we wanted trump to really be. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Yes. That's what I like about what I see so far doesn't mean I agree with everything about Roy Moore I've liked the fact that he's got this independent streak. To where he. Is committed to something any risks his political career he spins his political capital. And it's caused him to be removed from judgeships twice. Twice. He's paid the price wasn't just about campaigning and slogans. He has indeed walk the walk. And the texture certainly identifies this. Also on the text line could be coming storm BV implementation of a gun ban in backlash that follows. I don't think so. God forbid. Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens. What is an interesting story I'll have to check this one out. Ted Cruz George Bush Jeb Bush Mitch McConnell John McCain Lindsey Graham not a darn bit of difference in any of them all equally crappy. I don't agree with that characterization. I really don't. To put Ted Cruz in the category with all of this of the people that's pretty lame. Doesn't belong there. Just say. We'll have success when congress starts closing agencies. Yes I'm there with yeah. Aunts. And I would have more conversation about this in the coming days because I absolutely agree might different Steve day snow we're talking about this. He was on this program assists last week I believe. Because I was talking about it. Limited government and he. Kind of characterize this in a different way that we need to make the argument over the role of government. And I I'm. Perfectly willing to engage in that conversation because that's where we need to go. That's exactly what we need to do you by the way. Here is a developing story. About obamacare. The trump administration has rolled back the Obama era contraception. Mandate to amend the controversy about this. Well it's overweight if. You all of those stupid. Elements of Obama care. There were not basically approved by legislation they were open in it. And the one of the most common phrase you Joseph find and obamacare is as the secretary shall direct. It it basically granted. Carte Blanche executive authority. To the secretary of health and human services to do pretty much whatever she want it. Will now we're gonna place we'll since we have a new administration. What was done by executive order can be I'm done. Soria to do is go back and say okay. We mandated contraception. Before. Those contraception. Mandates are now gone. They've been officially rolled back. By the trump administration. That is something that is developing two day. Many employers can abduct those rules by citing moral or religious exemptions this is a good thing. This is a long awaited move that oil and certainly be pleasing to a lot of pro life conservatives. But advocates. On the other side of this the radical. We wanna kill babies. At any cost. Those people they are going to be apoplectic. I can guarantee you that. Run you get about a minute or so what are your thoughts here. Our military it's. Just so we get a little perspective on this where gavel Puerto Rico but he's at least six. Gerald Ford under the law where does that government are feeling a bit lower mainland will be exempt from federal taxes but it's been. Corporate in order to set up businesses 1996. Bill Clinton. Get to that ripping economic right out from underneath them and no 177. Billion dollar deck all the business left. Now the government against the government take away as exemplified their dancing with healthcare. We're not let it reminds Kaplan was sticking it to 300 people at this site do we get perhaps he says because everybody says. 3000 people were murdered here just two weeks ago. Every week 3000 might be every day am I forget 3000 babies. Are murdered in the womb in this country. And it says we cannot ask god to bless America while that put the murders going on and then went into the gospel. And people were coming up to him afterward this thing we never heard anything like that. Not to repent his work don't take that the answer right there and you know why is people don't like it then. I plead with them to understand the mercy of god it's being wrap this world and throughout this nation. And his patience is long suffering but there will be an end to it and even in the face suited to dark time that we packed. I would rather have somebody say to me watch out because. It thankfully Terrell rap is coming and pat me on the back if they ought to start for you. You I don't want false hope and false comfort which is. Would a lot of people have been peddling for quite some time that we somehow can get away with the things we're doing my killing babies. And oddly enough. Just to make that comment there's a woman walking by with a stroller but the young baby. It's so kind of brings it to life doesn't. You know it's one thing when it's characterized as tissue. Or is our right to choose it's another thing when you see alive human beings. And Vince Coakley radio program during my belt and home of the delta and stand by Karadzic and arts festival taking place tomorrow 10 AM 10 PM. Opium the opportunity to check it out it's 1146. Other sex line. Texture says Roy Moore gets my South Carolina money not RNC in our as C nor in our CC. It's rob out of Taylor's. Good for you be deserting be selective. C the only way you can a U turn badgering the swamp. You have to drain the money out of the swap. This is the reason why these folks are still there that the money still pouring in. So futile it's subsidized this. It dies. It's just that simple money and votes that's what it requires. For continued. Dominance in Washington DC. No checks to responding to my previous commercial the number one scary place in South Carolina. Bobby Max compounds. That's pretty good isn't it. About Bobby Mack would appreciate that when I wasn't planning to go into the story. But I thought this is really funny. You're talking earlier bouts. Roy Moore and I basically snubbed Mitch McConnell met with Ted Cruz. Rand Paul and likely. I mean these the guys in the senate who are serious. About conservatism. Those the only ones he's interested in visiting with Mitch McConnell not so much. We are related story in Politico. Angry GOP donors closed their wallets good meant what I said to you about draining the swamp you and a jury and it. Drain the money. One contributor says I'm sick and tired of nothing happening. I imagine that. Republicans confronting your growing revolt from their top donors who were cutting off the party in protest over its inability to get anything done. Tensions reached a boiling ported recent dinner at the home Los Angeles billionaire Robert day in full view of around two dozen guests. Thomas Wachtel who retired oil and gas investor in party contributor delivered an urgent message the night's headliner. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell just do something. Therefore I can say something current data coherent. This is kind of pathetic. It really news. Because it really gets the core of what's wrong. We don't need to just do something we need to do the right thing. But you've got people who don't care. There's a particular senator by the way who's pushing a a bill to support doc. An alternative to dock on. And he proudly calls himself for rhino. Not the way you think. He thinks a Republican and a rhino his definition is. Is a Republican. Inspired. I forgot what it stands for something by getting stuff done. And I am I I heard damage is thought to myself that's when the dumbest things effort in my life. Don't fall for this let's get something done. Is it has to be the right thing. But I am very glad to see. That some of these donors. Who have been taken for a ride for a long time. They're wise thing up there realizing they're getting taken for a ride. Hopefully. That gravy train for a lot of these politicians. Is coming to an end the time will tell me we you see. The final stretch the broadcast we appreciate you joining us live from built into day. Terry's been here this morning this afternoon Bobby Mack will be here is well. Once remind you about the built in stand by heritage. And arts festival this time for this 10 AM to 10 PM lots of exciting activities here tomorrow. The heritage days of the train depot. Exhibit viewing news museum tourist in pipe tourists that's one of things I would certainly wanting to take pardon stand by tour. Antiques show and sale corn hole tournament. There's a festival five K run and one mile fun run and walk our show live entertainment fireworks display all of us. The belts and stamp like Karadzic and arts festival again that is tomorrow at 10 AM until 10 PM. So you'd do not want to miss it. What's so great about its belt and South Carolina. Well this all the palmetto tennis championships the South Carolina tennis hall of fame the belt and center for the arts. We mentioned the stand I've festival. And the South Carolina chili cook off. It's been great spent time here in Belton. And we look forward chew up more time here this afternoon with Bobby Mack joined him at 3 o'clock after the rich Rush Limbaugh program. Lord willing I'll be back with you on Monday on the Vince Coakley radio program. On 1063. W or.