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It Friday morning welcome to the broadcast live from Elton. Good to be with you as we the kickoff another weekend and it's exciting. Especially a year in built in. Because this is the scene for the belt and stand by heritage and arts festival takes place tomorrow. Twelve hours. 10 AM until 10 PM. This is a celebration it's been going on for over thirty years in I'm gonna tell you the weather today is absolutely perfect. We hope this holds up for tomorrow as well. Now what are the ideas behind this. The arts festivals combined the best in the past didn't infuse you've met with new and fun activities for the whole family. And you're invited to come check it out it's tomorrow. And we'll talk more about this during the course the broadcast today. As always you can join our conversation 80347163. That's England's advantage toppling number comets into retirement planning text line. Is 71307. At this album. Amazingly we were here some weeks ago is known for a number of things. The phenomenal tennis championships. South Carolina tennis hall of fame the built in center for the arts. We mentioned to stay in pipe festival. And this will be really interesting to check out the South Carolina chili cook off. Boy that sounds really good day like today I could actually. It's been out. Something I've had a craving for the past few days for some reason. So strongly encouraged to come and check it out have great times here. At the heritage and arts festival. It takes place mentioned to moral 10 AM to 10 PM here in Belton. Lot of news to cover. Including. One of the mysteries. That is brewing. After. Some very curious comments from president Donald Trump yesterday evening we will talk about that is world during the course of the broadcast a stark close to home. Dance the very tragic event. That decreases the question. About our priorities. It raises the question about how serious we are about law and order. You'll at times we discuss these issues and it's. As I mentioned so many times these issues can come across as kind of academic. You know you've got position papers and you've got these set pieces of legislation and proposals. But you know what we're talking about people. And in the case of immigration. We're also talking about people's lives. It saddens me. When I see. That there's not a consensus. In this country right now on the issue. Of protecting our borders. And maintaining a system that promotes legal immigration. I wanna have. Breakdown the story that's been developing the past few days. It started. This August started with a call to the Greenville county shares office. Sadly what happens year. A woman's body was found. Someone called tip in about a shooting that happened on Wednesday. Deputies received frantic call from a woman friend of the victim said there'd been shooting. In the 400 block of saluted dam road when deputies got on the scene they quickly located a man who matched the description the suspect. The victim nowhere to be found. Canines deputies on foot they were called in. Conducted a search. They found the victim. Announced dead her body found about 300 yards away in the woods up saluted dam road. Near freely rooting Greenville. She suffered at least one gunshot wound. Authorities say a male was in custody in connection with this incident. His identity his name is Daniel day Asus. Brand gel scheerer. This. Seems to be some type of domestic incident. There was an altercation. The victim had been forced into the woods in slain. In fact rent Joseph scheerer confessed to killing her. And deception initially there was no hesitation about that at all. Authorities described the crime scene is a vast area and said they were scouring the woods for additional evidence in the murder weapon. But there's more. Deputies say the investigation revealed scheerer it also held another victim against her will before she was able to eventually escaped to safety. Now he's charged with murder position of a weapon during a violent crime and kidnapping. A said the Indy for the life of eighteen year old Diana Martinez Gonzales a valid street in Greenville. She suffered gunshot wounds to the head to death ruled this. The homicide. The school system is confirmed. Martina is Gonzales. Was an eleventh grader at Greenville high school. High school student. Fortunately yesterday judge a judge denied bond for ray and Joseph scheerer. Several members of the girl's family were in the courtroom for the bond hearing. Hence. The family courses they're bewildered. Trying to find out what. What was the reason for this why did this happen why do their daughter died. What's interesting is at the end of this particular story. It is kind of the kicker of the story so to speak. Because we have confirmation from immigration and customs enforcement's. That's ranger Al Shearer is a Mexican national living illegally in the US. There really isn't a postscript to this story folks. I believe this is the headlined the story. We have watched as our borders. Have simply not been enforced. Our immigration laws. Have not been enforced. And as a result we've got illegal immigrants. In this country in and don't here and I'm not saying not everybody is a killer not everybody's a rapists. But do we really need more. Criminals in the country. This is a failure. This is a failure. Of our law enforcement system. It's not an indictment of long upon Greenville county are authorities here who were basically left to pick up the pieces. And investigate. The result of these lax immigration policies. The big going on for decades. How in the world. Do we allow it to get this far. You're the community should rise at an outrage. And demanded immediate solution. And I find it interesting and I said this to you before. What's intriguing to me is where you see a sense of urgency. The urgency is not in protecting our borders the urgency is not in protecting citizens like you and I'm. The urgency. Is to figure out a pathway for dreamers. You see where the priorities are. I'm sure it bothers you like it does mean. But. The sense of alarm about this will dissipate. And will probably move on to something else. And this will be forgotten until the next victim. And god forbid that victim. Could be one of us. 80347163. Or text line 71307. As we come to you live from Belton. Do you live from Yeltsin. Which is the home for the belt and stand by parentage and arts festival as we mentioned this is an event takes place tomorrow. Twelve. Action packed hours 10 AM to 10 PM. And so lots of activities are in store for tomorrow we wanted to get some perspective as to what this event is held abouts and so what you can expect. So. Who else would we toward Cuba and Abigail Burton who is the director of the built an area museum association. Good morning welcome to the broadcast good morning thank you for having me well tell us for stuff what is this best heritage and arts festival. We a party started here at the State's heart that it yesterday and today. We have fifteen artisan that performed traditional crafts and skills. And yesterday today we're seeing in students. To have an opportunity to is to learn some there have been about the skills that. They no longer. In not know about that now we go to the store and buy it and they're learning now you're used to have this how you had didn't billiard flower thing like that they're giving to learn. They'll be here all day tomorrow open for the public. We also tomorrow will begin mean mule drawn wagon rides with two hours of some of the historic areas from bell. That will include a tour guide will be telling stories of some of the homes hidden in history and they'll. Of course it is the stand pipe festival the stand pipe is the water tower which is an of his signature. Structure in bell on data that she going to be open tomorrow and we will be providing two hours of that as well and giving them in the history of the stand by. And when you talk about the tour what is it. What does that entail someone actually go up if you should be able to go inside the Watertown. Able to see what it looks like inside and learn how it with bill it and some interesting stories of of its history as well there was that still in use at all. It is tell us how that works exactly you know I'm not. Yeah. Engineer parts it then but if you come and Amare. It'll be part of I know that is critical its its need that you answered that question because someone said that. You know we answered this a few weeks ago but someone to that question just a few minutes go what is at stake invite. It's not commonly used words. It it'd take formal water aren't that there were never that many of them bildt's. And though people are are used to attend the water towers we see today this is. A much more distinctive look for a water tower it certainly is and I remember the exact number but I think the last time I was here. Someone told leaders were the only team full of those in our country there are there's two of them here in South Carolina and just a handful across the country well that is pretty extraordinary sense of some of the things that will take place rhetorically heritage. An event that's been going on for about thirty years how important is this for the town of bill. Well this is a huge event that we we drawn large large crowds but today. It's huge for the museum we do not only do we have these artisans here and two hours of the stand right. Wagon rides the museum itself will be opened for the day and we have the history museum which houses are permanent local history collection. With the north and gallery which houses changing exit right now we have in its feathers clogged and on all about. Hey I would love that would you. You have an opportunity did to hang your head out of a mock car door and feel the breeze blowing blowing through your fur just like a dog lead him he a lot of fun a fun thing to see there. We're also going to in the center section of the deep down we're gonna be having an antique market. They are different antique vendors that have become mean and setting up the chances to find a nice tread new treasure for you. And after. For the day he'll be a antique car show out on the square. When they finish up at 4 o'clock they'll be moving out and we're going to be setting up a warn her all corn hole tournament. This look at the first few we do we're hoping to make this an annual turn to minutes part of the impact festival as well. Nor are they said that was really cool I'm watching around here before the shoot started to be neat watching the kids is they take in. Just information them in demonstrations. Of how life used to be because this is. As you said a lot of these things have been lost a lot of these skills. You know people are since there's no need for these anymore why do you think this is so important. Like sit. This students don't realize that the work. Involved in some of these things they just you go to the store and buy it they don't understand that it doesn't just magically appear on the store shelf that. Even today there's something so work involved in getting there. A lot more mechanical yet but more on a native. Today than it used to be as they see just how hard it was to do these jobs. And just how much effort. Went into one. I mean I know for me that would suit certainly you preached. Increase the appreciation for how good we have this day. And how difficult it was before for instance a sub him building a law called him. Just a few minutes go to school these kids put that together and they all went inside it's it's not peek hole it's a little hole. The idea and the concept still the same all or you're talking about this difference in scale. Exactly yet know though the logon with wonderful and Eric Lincoln a lot like slightly in the line of putting together. That's that's a great way to describe it. Also got some live entertainment what does that entail exactly. We have a little of everything tomorrow on a variety of different musical groups will be performing on the State's. We also have a comedian that's. Something for everyone will be there tomorrow and ending with live with the Condo bookings which is an amazing local group. And before their performance will actually be so a chance to take a shag dancing lesson as well so that. Once they prefer once they start performing you can get nothing. Chad go way. We're talking with Abigail Burton who is the director of the Dalton area museum association. One of the other things we did not touch on yes the five K run and one mile fun run and walk. Tell us about that. Those who beat tomorrow morning. And I don't know that much about them myself I'm afraid. Not one of the not one of the ethics of the festival that I knew in charge. Okay that's five that's five but it's yet another thing another attraction. Something that people might wonder participated tomorrow paid opportunity for some exercise. Exactly that that there's something for everyone here tomorrow. One of the things I'm curious about it in terms of the history and heritage of the talent and one of the things like this kind of thing is really kind of a unique element of small towns is it not. In in its identity and and so much tied into that. It is definitely and bill is of amazing small town full of wonderful people that really have great deal of pride in the history of their ten. Form pack are we talking about four fortunately bill. That the train station that we're at right now which houses the museum with bill that the beginning in the nineteen hundred's now. That is this like some time ago and this was not the first screen building this is not the first. If they've been around reliant and that is pretty cool it. It's certainly pretty exciting and again it needs last. Words you were offered to people who were just curious maybe there on the border it would try to figure out something to do tomorrow what's the compelling reason to come. Is it as I said there's something for everyone and most of it's free everything here at the museum is free for the day says you can come and see all the artists in Q1. And we encourage the that we had students here yesterday and today. But there are only able to see five of our fifteen artisans when they come for the school to earth. So we encourage everyone to come tomorrow and check out all the rest of the artisans and see all the vendors on the square didn't. It's an festival food and stay for the wonderful music the children here today where they for a we have a groups from all over school the school districts in the belt and you have school district we also have a number of homes groups here with us today. That sounds really good again. Encourage you to come check it out the belt and stand by haired agent arts festival it is tomorrow from 10 AM until 10 PM. 10 AM to 10 PM. You come really to heart adult and you cannot miss it I mean Hampshire displays will just be packed with people. And they'll certainly have agreed time here. Abigail burden thanks for coming to talk witness and we should best of luck with the great time tomorrow thank you so much for having me. We continued. Radio program our phone number 80347163. Or text line 713. Sears seven. Can we will talk about more than news of the day including the intrigue and mystery surrounding some comments from president Donald Trump yesterday evening. What is he talking about it's what is just around the corner. Will go into that much more. It's 1020. When it caught up on our text line here in a bits 71307. Remind you we are Ian built in. Big event taking place tomorrow here in gulf will be telling you more about that little later on. It's really into significant part of this town's identity be built in stand by heritage its arts festival. It's tomorrow from 10 AM until ten and key in what also think one of our sponsors today. The built an alliance it's a nonprofit organization established worked with public private and civic entities to promote economic growth in quality of life. Here in the belt area. Over on the text line. I hope this question was answered and hope. The texture. Was able to hear the answer about what to stay in practice basically it is a type of water tower. There are two hours available. Tomorrow if you like to see the inside of one that would be kind of cool. Really good stuff here. Also there's headline that yet. Since when a taste of the real quick in the in the book it. Stephen King talks about the dairy standby. Really and I never knew what that was and I had to look it up when I read the books so I didn't realize there was an actual stand pipe this close to us. Yes that is a pretty big deal now I picture. You've seen the movie is well haven't you. Yes. Okay it was there Ernie reference to that it all if I recall. It was couple weeks ago but I do believe the stand pipe was in that. Moving it wasn't in the original TV movie but it wasn't that. See that's what I'm sure and I'd definitely do not remember that the first ones so. I won't have to check out the second movie you know be on the lookout for that steam pipe this time around thanks for. Letting us know about that. Also on the text line and referenced you. The story to share with you about the illegal immigrants. Who has committed murder here in Greenville area. Is on detain or now by ice. Someone needs to point out to Lindsay hasn't Lindsey Graham that'd docket eligible illegal. Murder to South Carolina citizen this week. Hash tag docket is deadly. Well. Vince if you mention the fact the murderer was an illegal alien. You are an anti immigrant anti Mexican bigots and this is how this works. Also Vince I was looking online for information about college funding for my niece the other day on the application if you gonna do not want to put you were parents Social Security number for fear immigration deportation. You're not required to you where that's nice a convenience. I thought my hip was going to explode. There should be a lawsuit against the immigration department for endangering our lives and this poor girls prime example. I'll start with the effort to the petition if someone wants to start it we've got to move. Got to move on this to show we mean business before it gets worse. We pray for the family of this young lady. Who had so much ahead of her. That's from summer out of Greenville. Ironic teachers in fear mongering to talk about immigrants when this week rich white guys massacred people in Las Vegas. Wall Street is not going to stop illegal immigration or would stop the drug trade or make us marginally safer. When iced it comes to pick up the murderer they should take your cruised down white horse road and have a look around. How. That is. Just a sampling of some the perspectives here. Again I understand where you're coming from in reference to. The realities we can hold these realities together sure there's a white man who killed. Who killed 58 people that's a reality. But the reality is illegal immigrants have killed far more. And this is an ongoing threat. That the country still has yet to address. This killer has been stopped he's daddy killed himself. But we still have the Specter. This threat. That many Americans face every single day doesn't matter whether it's. The possibility of a sexual crimes. Of rapes. Of molestation it's. Car accidents by drunk driving illegal immigrants. You know and I've said this before. We've got enough for her own crime from legal residents we don't need to import it doesn't make any sense does it. We continue to broadcast your 42 minutes after 10 o'clock we come cue from Yeltsin. I wanna go into something that happened yesterday evening that's quite curious. And there's a lot of buzz about this continuing into today. With questions about us what did Donald Trump mean. He made some remarks during a pre dinner photo session with a stop military advisors and their spouses. Seven Thursday night the state dining room of the White House. Donald Trump approached approached the microphone basically he sees. This has got to me a wild sounds situation actually. There was no news conference here. But with all these people gathered around. These military leaders in their wives the president standing there in the middle with his wife Lonnie and and he makes a very curious statement and I I've got to give you a heads up this is hard to hear infected debated whether it's worth even playing because. It is hard to hear but listen for yourself. And then we'll tell you exactly what he had to say and digest and dissect. The questions that people or racing now here are Donald Trump's remarks. Yeah yeah. Okay. Okay. I didn't warn you is pretty hard to hear the living goes through what was communicated here. First off. The president's decision to go you guys know what this represents. He said maybe it's the calm before the storm. And then the reporter chimes in what's the storm. And he said again could be called before the storm. And there were followup questions. What is this a reference to. North Korea crisis Iran's nuclear program. Recent deaths of three US soldiers in Niger or. Simply make him making a joke about the dinner that was coming up. Is that we have the world's great military people in this room I'll tell you that and we're gonna have agreed evening thank you all for coming. Another reporter asked the question what storm Mr. President. You'll find out trump replied. Before reporters were ushered out of the room. So what does this mean. Is there something brewing behind the scenes. That we're gonna find about found out to find out about very soon. Are we about to take military action somewhere. Look at you your thoughts maybe even your speculation 803 for 7163 or text line 713 sure seven what does this mean. We got to wake up tomorrow and find out it's. That we are moving on North Korea. What is it. As we join you on the Vince Coakley radio program live from Belton. So I posed the question what is brewing right now behind the scenes what are we going to see. That war emerged in the coming days weeks however long. In terms of military action. Are we about to do something North Korea that there are some other hot spot brewing somewhere around the world. That. Will come into the forefront. Looking your thoughts 803 for 71 a 63 or text line 713 years seven as we can you live. From Belton. And we've mentioned tomorrow is the big day for the belt and stand pipe Karadzic and arts festival today. As you heard a few minutes ago we have a lot of children hear there are here. On a field trip if having all kinds of fun here and we decide to pull one of the one of the children from this. Event today to come and enjoyed his what is your name my name is Camden Stuart tennis you're weary from. Andersons South Carolina you're from Anderson will tell me what have you been doing today. Well I just singing at that and learn in a bunch of. Cool and interesting stuff. What stands out to you know what it was one of the things that's. The most interesting to you that you learn. Well we. Learned about. Weapons and all sorts of and parents in south one of the things that really stood out to me it was the use that corn stocks to. Dylan pillow cases neatly. Little dolls and stuff like that that was pretty neat and an heiress and did you get to do the local and demonstration as well do you get to do that. Knowing Dana and we didn't do that looked like a lot of fun over there they're basically building. Log homes it kind of gives you a picture of some of the things some elements of your parents or grandparents experienced right. It how they live to. I. We did this few years ago and I think we did feel like home. At that time OK this kind of fun let's have fun here. Wait I told you that be very simple thanks for coming on and well thanks for having me. A perfect. We took with just one of the young people here today and I noise sound very old saying that I'm in directly in front of me in fact that into local. They're building one right now. Maybe you could jump in on that one before they get that. We are taking your calls and getting your thoughts on yesterday evening. You're. Your perspective on what. Is going on behind the scenes is it possible. We're going to have some military action now you've heard Gary Cole and I mentioned this just few minutes ago making the comment. The president's now accords telegraph what we're going to do it it's always been a pet peeve of mine. With previous administrations. You know like the whole rock thing white we keep telling them over and over and over again oh we're gonna come get your we're gonna come get you we're gonna. Just shut up. It took away the element of surprise. Is so. Saddam Hussein had time to go into. His oh hole in the ground or whatever. The ideal situation is one we have the real element of surprise. They don't know winner coming. 80347163. Or text line 71 preachers seven. We still have George on the line one in Qatar where this good morning George. So. That to question what question you see these. Committee hearings and committee asked him in Dulles a bunch of aids in the back up what they determine oil policy. Is there any way we can do an inch thick. Speech actually where these major for. In. Just just give so listing of the background jump up that's always been in and also Lindsey Graham is on the a plea the senate committee. So all of these federal agents say well with the federal judges we did just that judges we could get that and that's the biggest priorities in my opinion Yale. So especially about days and did you meet your perspective. We're sure I'll be glad to be limited perspective I can give you thanks lockyer called. You know in regard to you these aides and everybody who is confirmed in terms of the top staff. The advisors all of those people they go the public confirmation hearings. So you can read about them you can look at their names you know all of the cabinet positions. The other. The other people on staff like speech writers and other people like that. That's probably more involved question because a lot of these positions. Are probably not as deeply publicized. And I would daresay that some of the issue may not be able to find out so readily. I don't think there's any effort to hide anything. But I'm not sure how public that information is but it's you know if it makes sense that you be raising that question. We are to did you live from Belton I can't believe our number one is already gone. Are ever Jewish straight ahead we'll talk more about the built in stand by Karadzic and arts festival takes place tomorrow from 10 AM to 10 PM. While more for preview of that's also more of the day's news right here than Vince Coakley radio program our Jewish straight ahead.