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A power packed sure today lots to get Q. Where to start off with some good news. The during the course the broadcast they will be delving into the Harvey Weinstein story. An interesting dimension of this. Really the hypocrisy. Of Hollywood. But also in the mainstream news media that's been complicit. In this secret that is resulted in the victimization of who knows how many women. There's really no telling. Also a little bit later run. There's the anniversary of a death many view may not be aware. I think on this program we talked about this or it's partly been a couple of years ago. There's a big demonstration of the teachers were striking in Chicago and they were wearing Che Guevara T shirts. Who is this guy exactly. We're gonna talk about this guy. And the truth about him. Which you really got to know because there are a lot of college students going around wearing east Che were barred T shirt that I ever relative. A relative. Who named. A son. Jay. And I'm sure this person has no clue whatsoever. Who this person really wise it was named after this person thought to be hero. But we're gonna talk about this coming up on the broadcast as well we'll talk about the First Amendment. And whatever else time permits us to go into your during the course the broadcast. You the good news. The good news about. Five western hostages. Have been freed they were held by the Taliban. Can you imagine what a nightmare this would be. American woman her Canadian husband and their three young children. They've been released after years of being held captive by a network with ties to the Taliban. US officials say that. Pakistan's secured the release of Caitlin Coleman of Stewart's down Pennsylvania and her husband Canadian Joshua boil. They were abducted get this five. Years ago five years. Can you imagine. The horrific experience. This has been for the Stanley. The whole family. They were abducted five years ago while traveling impact in Afghanistan. And they've been held by Kia con network in Pakistan. It's actually worse. Coleman was pregnant when she was captured. The couple had three children while in captivity. All have been freed. A national security officials praising Pakistan for their critical assistance in securing the families release. And describe the corporation is important step in the right direction for US Pakistan relations. End. Yes here's a compliment alert for those are few. Radical Kool Aid drinkers. Who insist I don't give any credit. To a dear leader. I do believe. And I do appreciate the fact that a message has clearly been communicated to Pakistan. That they better get their act together. You know as well as I do these folks have harbored terrorists including Osama bin Laden. And I have a hard time believing they did not know he was there of course they knew he was there. And I think this is a little olive branch. Put out there. With the hope that they will stay on our good side and continued to drain our wallets. Folks make no mistake about it it's not that they care about us. It's they wanna make sure. That the aid money keeps flowing that's what this about. US has long criticized Pakistan for failing to aggressively go after the here colonies have been behind many attacks against US and allied forces. In Afghanistan. In Pakistan its military said a statement US intelligence agencies have been tracking the hostages discover they've come and Pakistan. On October 11. Through its tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. All hostages recovered safe and sound. And the being repatriated to the country of their origin according to the military pisses us news and again I don't think we can grasp. The hell this family's been five years. With their children. Including. A PP it was born. In captivity. Three Pakistani military officials all speaking on condition of anonymity as they were allowed to speak to journalists also confirmed. The hostages identities. Five years to the day since Coleman and Boyle lost touch for their families while traveling a mountainous region. Near the Afghan capital Kabul. Couples set off in the summer of 2012 were journey that took him to Russia central Asian countries have has sixty and the key to stand and Kyrgyzstan and then to Afghanistan. Coleman's parents Lester from their son in law October 8 2012. Imagine anguished they've been through there. They communicated through an Internet cafe will boil described as an unsafe part of Afghanistan no kidding. In 2013 the couple appeared into video is asking the US government to free them from the Taliban Coleman's parents Jim and leading Coleman told the online circuit news service delightfully sixteen they received a letter from their daughter in November 2015 in which he wrote. That she had given birth. To a second child in captivity. It's unclear whether they knew she'd had a third. This is this art this whole story can you imagine. The stories these folks have to tell when they get back. Men. One of the letters communicated as a man fathered now grandfather mask you to show mercy and release my daughter. Her husband and our beautiful grandchildren Jim Coleman said. Please grant them an opportunity to continue their lives with us and bring peace to their families. There are being held as we mentioned by the Haqqani Network US officials call the group terrorist organization they targeted its leaders with drone strikes but the group also operates. Like a criminal network unlike the Islamic state group. It is not typically execute western hostages preferring to ransom them for cash. Donald Trump is called on Pakistan to do more to tackle militant organizations that use its territory. As a home base. Here's what he said this is what I'm commending we can no longer be silent about Pakistan's safe havens. Fort terrorist organizations the Taliban and other groups that pose a threat the region and and beyond. This was a recent speech. Announcing his Afghanistan policy issued stark warning we've been. Paying Pakistan. Billions and billions of dollars in the same time they're housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. That will have to change and that will change immediately. Do you think that had something to do with this you'd darn well better believe it. I've said before. Pakistan he said that had a change of heart they don't care so much about Americans. They do care. About M oh in EY. Did you expect Barack Obama to take a stand like this of course not. But it was time pastime. To call out these folks. Now we have five. Five. Human beings now free from captivity. That's definitely praiseworthy is we begin the Vince Coakley radio program our number 80347163. Our text line 713 jurors seven coming up we're gonna talk about Harvey Weinstein. The hypocrisy of mainstream media and a Hollywood stay this. And here we are. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. And we start here on the text line. Forget my criticism why are people with kids including pregnant wife sightseeing and Taliban controlled areas of the end of Afghanistan. I get some real questions about that issue and curious with the two there. Fair question. Another texture sad about that captured family they shouldn't have been in the area in the first place. This person not his kind in the way the question is asked. If you're stupid enough to go there they should have left them what India plans a vacation trip to Afghanistan. And picture that was the destination. I don't know historic nature really don't. Again what kind of brain dead media goes up for it cage where you guys accrual. About a vacation at a Muslim wars so here's your answer a bunch of brain dead liberals that trust in the goodwill may end but they found out different in the glad they're safe. Butts they get the here's your sign award of the year. And today. Vince. Shut him in the back of the head. To being too much of a tower to look him in the face as from Scott. Welder frontier Qichen and stand having one baby because she was already pregnant when captured. They chose to have two more one captivity. You can ever have. Well I won't make reference to how this is characterized here get pregnant. We can't make a plan of escape. Well it makes it look more difficult when you've got children too don't you think. The other texture you just hate trump on unnamed read this. Don't bother sending me this crap seriously I'm gonna send reply to you. Because these folks are. You know in in particular with material gonna bring up later on. The stakes are way too high. To be wrapped up in a personality cult. If that's really what you're about. You're not going to enjoy this program you really art. So go sector Cooley somewhere else. I don't has states say that. And I love this text your let's have a moment of silence for all those who died from being offended. Text since he humor here Vince odious at least the children are going to be fluent in Pashtun. Point. Let's talk about us Harvey Weinstein story which is getting a lot of media attention we've not discussed it much year. Actually before we go into this. Another piece of gardeners. The Justice Department this morning. Has delivered a last chance warning to city suspected of having sanctuary policies. To drop their resistance to federal immigration officials. It's about freak in time don't you think. The DOJ announced five jurisdictions have preliminarily been found to have laws policies or practices that may violate. A key federal statute concerning cooperation with federal immigration officials here at the cities that have been served notice. And localities. Chicago New Orleans New York City Philadelphia and Cook County Illinois. Attorney general Jeff Sessions said in a written statement Sanctuary Cities adopt the view. The projection of criminal aliens is more important the protection of law abiding citizens and of the rule of law. I urge all jurisdictions found to be out of compliance in this preliminary view to consider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents. The statute in question generally bars local officials from restricting the sharing of immigration and citizenship information with federal immigration officials. Why would you do something like that. This is just profoundly un American it's just that simple. They've got into October 27 to provide additional evidence. The interpretation and application of their laws policies or practices comply with the statute. And as I understand it. This. Has a direct bearing on money that they already received. So they would essentially Ole. The Fed's. As and you and I who were subsidizing them. They would all the federal government. For the money they received. And I hope they lowered the boom and every single one of these. It's just a matter of time you know what's gonna happen here they're gonna go to court. And Kenny you're if we try to protect these people these horrible. Yeah. I just see it now just a matter of time. But I think this is good. Because. This is a lawlessness that's what idiots. Lawlessness. Nephew and a declare your independence. And you wanna gore Nero and and US stop sucking off the the heat of the American largesse provided by the federal government. Then go for it declare your independence. Good luck. 45 minutes after 10 o'clock Harvey Weinstein. Who we know. Is a let's just put it bluntly demand is a sexual predator that's what years. And it's. I'm sure he had plenty of other sexual predators in his company. By that I'm talking about the people he interacted with. Not to mention any names Bill Clinton. By the way do you see Hillary has finally come out with a statement. And it's I think she's gonna have to donate the money that he contributed Turk campaign to charity ball that's so wonderful. What are the scandals about this story is not just what happens the fact that so many people have known about this for years. I only give you a couple of pieces of evidence of this. Their stories. Including roan and Ferrell who's been on this story for years. And it seems he was apparently going to do this story for NBC. And they blew it up. Would not follow through and carried a story. Ronan was and what's the Leo woman's name is on MSNBC. Can remember her name she's on prime time. She looks like Jerry potter. In any case. On her sure the other day. Dealing with this question of where this story. Went and why it was not covered on NBC here is that exchange. Why did you kind of reporting this story from the New Yorker Magazine split you have to ask. NBC and NBC executives that the details of that story not a colony news organizations story that day. You know did or didn't run. I will say that over many years. Many news organizations have circled the story and it's a great deal of pressure in doing so. Pressure. This is what they've experienced for quite some time. It just goes to show your folks and and blessed we all stand back and self righteousness. And talk about this at some point I'm going to address how the same kind of thing is going on with and so called. Right wing groups. But I'll save that for later. Let's talk about Hollywood I'm going to play. A compilation of two clips for you the first one you hear is from 30 Rock that aired on NBC on March. In march of 2012. The second clip you hear directly after that is from the Oscar nominations presentation January 2013. Keep in mind. We're talking about five years ago and four years ago. Listen to this clip. Hopefully he is I'm not afraid of anyone in show business I turned down intercourse but Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions. Congratulations you are five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Is an uninteresting. So first up here's a direct reference. I'm thirty Iraq and then. At the Oscar nominations. And you know as well as I do a lot of these jokes they're driven what makes them funny. It's the fact that they have an element of truth in them this assists. This is really sick. And then you have those who are in high political positions. Including the former First Lady. You know it's one thing to thank people for what they do it's another thing. To command a person for who they are. This was an offense that was held. Several years ago. To honor. A bunch of young ladies. And one of the it's a student film symposium. In 2013 is when this took place. Here's the person speaking Michelle Obama listened to her comments. I wanna start. By thanking Harvey Weinstein for organizing this. It's possible because of Harvey he is a wonderful human being. Good friends and just a powerhouse and the fact that he and his team. So the time didn't make this happen for all of you should say something not about me about this place but it valued. Very everybody we're here because you. Wonderful human being. According to Michelle Obama wonderful human being. Wonder what she's saying now. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program. It's 1030. 1037 over how to text line. Vince. Personally. Executed prisoners. He had a saying regarding. Every man should have the opportunity to execute his enemy most of his. Enemies gays black's lawyers doctors anyone. Anyone else that didn't fit he's view of what should be. He which is typical for these kinds of people. Also on the text line. This watching Hollywood eat their own is way more entertaining than watching in FLE pharaoh. A texture on the recently released family. May be kept having babies hoping the noise would get him released. That it's it's pretty clever. Vince I hear they're already planning their next vacation to North Korea. I was not able to remember the name whispering to reach old man now yes. Thanks for the reminder. Persons you're saying Rachel madcow. Then suing Hillary she'll probably donate Weinsteins money to the Clinton foundation sell out of Simpson veil eight. Just as legitimate as anything else the clintons are doing right. This please forgive my ignorance could you please tell me who Harvey Weinstein is just don't understand who this person is what he's a big time Hollywood producer. Mean for the movie Good Will Hunting he he's related personal helped. Launch the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck with that movie and who knows how many other. Actors and actresses. Really old their careers to him. Let's see. Someone else saying hey her name is Rachel mad Al Vince can you do the whole show and that whiny voice alike can't sustain that I drove myself crazy doing that. That's it looks like exposing Harvey Weinstein backfired on the liberals and when I talked to about it compares him to the expert in chief. Bill Clinton and his sorry wife who try to cover what he did. That's from Jeff pretty much. You're her get over by the Eagles seemed to fit today's society. That familiar with the song probably have heard that at some point. The rules were not outrage for Harvey because they all feel a kinship with him. An example of liberal woman in a position of power is Hillary. Those women gave Harvey Weinstein sex money fame and parts in films I think this could be called prostitution. Why. Hole. And you know what else. I would through this year and just a preview something I'm going to address at some point. I was listening to that segment this was on the five where I heard that particular clip those two clips. The one from the award show and the segment from 30 Rock. And it was very curious listening to that. Because I think some of us. On quote our site. Really need to listen to ourselves I'll just give you a hint. Because I eat. Was very intrigued by some comments from Jesse Watters. That I think will come back to hunt. People in the future. I award dressed as some. Other texture. Vince I'm sure Michelle was sincere is she relates her comments towards Weinstein. I think your wonderful person but god forbid some misfortune. Fell upon you. Which should rethink your view. On the hostages and their release she mean Afghanistan does have an anchor baby policy and and here's another look from now on you can call him swine steam. I was not going to share the rest Vista expert. I said to reply to the person who sent this text and I just want to share with you because I want you to know. That this is a place where ideas or exchange in your ideas are welcome ideas. In salt stupidity. Just nonsense. Cult ism those things are really not. Cherished and welcomed on this broadcast. So I had a troll send a message and I'm trying to you go to that troll message now. I read part of where this person was basically complaining. Because I eat you know I'm not drinking the Kool later dear leader. And it's. I just wanna share this because this may speak to somebody else. You just hate Trump's success just wait for primaries. We're going to get all your right nobody's out on their butts. Tell your advertisers I'm going to another station into a rush comes on. I will not let you forget if you major way we would have Hillary you're a step bushman Euro on the wrong side of history. This one was tepid Tex ever received it really is. Gonna wanna tell you I replied the spore unfortunate soul. And I asked this why are you so full of hate. Your president is the lifelong Democrat he is the one who sided with the rhinos. I the Alabama senate race. You're sadly delusional in Jordy orange Kool Aid if you decide not to be an orange snowflake. Call in and we can talk and debates. And I put this out there I'm laying down the gauntlet to anybody you wanna talk about issues or have a great conversation. If you were in love with a particular politician. And that person hung the moon. And you believe that person is the creator and sustain her of all things wonderful. We're gonna have a problem. Your knack or defined differently audience here but I will at least be willing to have a conversation with you. What I find interesting is nobody calls to discuss the merits. Of what is said or done. It's just personal attacks on a host. Which is really pathetic. Stuff I put that up. Let's talk quickly about the day in history beginning with 1492. This person. Reached the new world who wasn't. Mystery it's Christopher Columbus. By the way there's. We're gonna have an interest in conversation about this man Colombo spirit. I watch something really interest in yesterday evening with my family. I'm gonna tell you about it at some point but so. We move on from 1987. This country music singer died in an aircraft accidents. 1997. I can give you a hint yet because it's country's scientists. Wild Montana sky ice. As a female. Mail okay at I don't know and skis. Now. These to spend them dim record what else can I know all of us I don't. I cannot believe you know in this case. When trying to beat this song he's most known for. Let's go to two other quick things 2000. This particular ship. This was a pre glued to the 9/11 attacks this ship was attacked by terrorists you are in the name. USS Cole. Well I've got excellent. And I was so shocked. And ethnic and other terrorist attack. Killed 202 people in 2002 where did this happen. This is a place in Asia. It's complacent Turkey. Not quite actually Bali. I'll bet you'll get this one and 2007. This person won the Nobel prize in the wake of an inconvenient truth. Inconvenient truth oh my gosh how can Africans name CNN. You need another hint to the vice president yes yes yes it's all about climate change and global war and I cannot think of his name old man on the trouble you're in vitro only give you two after the break don't do that if you could lower pillow. No don't get out. I'm watching you mr. writes 080347163. Or take slide 71 threes are seven will talk about this Al Gore. There you echo in the country music star. That answers to coming up as we continue. Our read I can give you a couple of hands on this person that we mentioned in the day in history. Who died in 1997. And an aircraft accidents. Want to its two songs will get you there. Here's what was actually three here I think would do it take me home country roads. John Denver. There's also think out of a country boy sunshine on my shoulders all three the a believer crossover and it's so and a yep. Died at the age of 53 players personally experimental. Canard aircraft lawsuit John Denver too emotional that are too. I am not surprised at all. One things I found really interesting during the break. The one of the stories is he wanted. To play a role in the I think it was that we are the world song. Who's actually turned down. Supposedly they were concerned this would hurt the credibility of the song as a pop rock anthem you know Michael Jackson was like who are you again. You know that you know that's what a ones yeah I mean in reality is this guy I mean. He really did have kind of a country image and and I think they won it. They wanted this to be cool he was on the Muppets and it was great really yes. We should look you know it's yet it will have to look for that. You brewery in choosing. Also on the text line. Since you remember when that story that came out from the girl been raped herself that Hillary is an attorney in ray and the girl in the ground got the fender off free and clear. Of course these people are totally lacking in principles and values you know it. Events ignore the haters these people have no idea what they're saying or what you stand for love your show. Dexter figured out the answer the question. We're trying to identify the country artist John Denver. Also who wow. Nancy oh my goodness. This is pretty wretched. I'm in this is not leave this is a texture. Is it meet or is Vince the only guy people don't have the dingle berries to call and tell him what they think or feel bunch of cities. It's Hannah out of Winston oh my goodness and a that's pretty strong. And mature I've heard from you for. Or eight. In other texture says I'm so crushed that lines it does not know about John Denver I mean really come on lines though. In his defense or hints by notes it was yeah when I gave some good hints he few days ago. It is pretty well the very first song I knew who was want to give to me and again. If you listen to the B or B for the last I don't know. Eighteen years I don't like country okay I'm not gonna act like I do I don't like country so I don't know country answer from OK with that. Here you don't suggesting I'm not a country music fan either in fact when I was a country DJ precincts in this now. I used to turn on my favorite radio station laws that work. You know I I've always wanted to ask you this so when you were spent in the record. On. Was there ever song that you did like that you know he's listened to a you've turned it up and you were tapping your tongues gene which really funny. There's actually son you know you ever had a song just come randomly to your mind. And you wanna hear it yeah every other second that there was a country song just the other day I thought. You remember that song and I really like that it's on and you know what should I tell them now or should I. Have you recover the song and play coming out of break. I'm not doing that on our our. There's a song by Ricky Skaggs you familiar with Ricky Skaggs. He was big back in the eighties those a lot of this still doesn't leave a lot of blue ground. Yes and the songs go high or how we how I know yeah highway forty blues I actually love that saw. And I don't know I actually played it yet and he looked it up and plated. So anyway I notice she. Not entirely because of bluegrass and jazz kinda have a kinship you wouldn't think they would that they trying to do. Not to think about that. Musical the stylistically. They may be different but just think about it. And yes I may be stupid but I believe that they shared kinship there. Already. A rating some more items here in the text line we'll have to it's more of these later. Have a conversation coming up about team we're far from this guy is. That's some of view. Mean have children wearing T shirts. Vince I get shipped overseas when. Country roads take me home John and brewers released. Thing that hurt. That is terrible out of cal and sharing that. Dexter I assume this is humor I've been told I can't go on the air with events. Tell him what I think but. And that's the end of my goodness. Are never choose straight ahead.