Upstate Pulse 9-23-2017 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, September 23rd

We talk about the new Kingsman Movie, Nerd Round Table, Wrestling Report, and Lightning Round.


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I welcome it to the nerd our Alonso. Anchors and Zack and Patrick how good fun. Don't do it. To not do. We're having fun. More phone yes and a couple under urged be allowed to help yes we are just in case some sort of person is listening. Last hour we had a blast talking about all kinds of things this are tell what we're gonna do. The nerd roundtable will be coming up a little bit later on we are getting to some wrestling news in the next segment has a lot of people always listening. To our opinions we will be breaking down no mercy as well as a couple other stories including Bobby to bring him. But. Before. Patrick and I get to our review of kings in the gold circle we both went seal last night. There's some sad news this week and done. I just you know you feel like a part of your childhood might be going away. Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy. And I don't know I don't know about you guys but when when I heard doesn't want I just discovered it again and actually went there today. But a nice war acts and I NA. And a lifesaver. And every time I think the few times I've been in their place is always packed and I'm curious. Have you guys been in places before. Andy go bankrupt you just don't get it because every time you're in there it's busy. Yeah. I've been in a couple of places like that in fact it IE. It always seems like as soon as I discovered place and I think while this place is fantastic I start going there alive blinked a few months later they pack up. And so I sang here Ali Cody I don't know but I always feel like it somehow my fault because they discovered them so you wouldn't think so potential sponsors. I exactly at a and Patrick myself who come to your establishment would do a good job but only Chris Petersen were about. All right well in the world. Yes on I don't know that it did. I I haven't I have the sense that it's kind of like you know people blaming themselves when their team loses. Even though they weren't even playing you know on pace to do them you know that I Beck noted how does this. Think you guys still might do that and say listen I had a problem and and I've I've uses one of how to speak in front of people here before. I don't see bin. In radio going on 21 years now I've been here going on eighteen years. But a couple times. They get it in your head in his ability and now we have seven radio stations where it is side. We're gonna have a W a RD day India to stick it set up there in front of all the other stations. That actually show up not all of them do. But it it's basically you're sitting in for the cells people and telling them. Who you are and why you're in radio and I would always tell them this. I'm here because every place that I work went out of business and now is a reason why I'm here Susan won in South Carolina because literally. Every place I worked went out of business it wasn't that they move location they're longer exist. So. You know and so I was able to go through a government program which does work. To train me how to do something and we train on radio for. Like a half hour or so and I learned enough to do this job it's I don't know what that says about this job. Or my skill we get it whichever way you want I don't know although Chris and I was confident about how good we are job yesterday. By someone who has to work with other. Producers or in some other things and you know. Obviously we do a good job because he and I both are on award winning programs during the week and now this shell hasn't won a war yet because. People try to try to pretend we don't exist he is and Asians are expensive yes yes. Exact Nellis is because date date date tuck this away Leona Saturday night in part in Munich he. Affluence when we care alright so anyway. Toys 'R' Us files bankruptcy. Should point and I haven't it's been of a few days since I read the article but what what I remember is that. They're filing a Chapter Eleven which is basically a reorganization and frankly I don't really know what that means other than. It doesn't mean their closing it just means that they are. They're usually when this happens literally reorganize the slows down some stores yes still closed some but it's not like it's not like Circuit City where are right everything closed and now only the website exists. Which I guarantee it will last night yeah I didn't know that I did well there was I don't know that close and take a moment after. After the close all of the Circuit City Stores there was a a period of time in the and they came back with just the web site. I haven't checked to see distillery and it may not be by the way when the Circuit City closed down the one near the mall who. I saw Austin creed or buying some stuff I think every retelling that I was scared was he was consequences creed I think than it was it was I didn't Joey has taken Afro. I did go in there when their clothes and donated to get some stuff on sale games and things like that and you know here's the thing. They did kind of bankruptcy that they filed for chances are they survive this but the problem that they are how mean is. On problems and a lot of stores happens e-commerce 'cause a lot of people were just going on line going via. Despite here cheaper and I will have to do crowds or anything like that. There is that in and Ayers did there's something to be said about that because stores still carry a lot of overhead I mean you've actually got to have inventory and employees employees and a building to how is things in and that you know that costs money. I also wonder though. Like how much too young kids did they play with toy it's less to this seems like parents just put. Their phone and I'm pat from their kids on his playing games on their side out and asked if the playtime with toys has gone down for kids. Maybe yes and maybe you know I will tell you the kids younger than about. Who are so at least because that's what I have experience wins at this point. They will play with the anything yeah I have given my A my children a crushed plastic bottle to play with that we finished drinking water out of and they were entertained endlessly. Is because the wrinkling noises that it makes and stuff like that. The weighted you don't have to violate little toy mice for you caddie and his role of some some aluminum foil and they'll play with that well this thing is the kids it. You'll learn lesson I learned this early on odd times you wrapping paper in the boxes are much always fascinating in the actual gift inside out absolutely for Christmas or for birthday. So here's the thing I need to go away but it will be close some stores down I. I would be shocked that the went down the road for most closes down because it they spent so much money building up that whole thing it's right next to Cabela's. I know I talked about it and but still it can happen. Well and see I would say that that's a reason for it to close down is because that was an amazingly expensive development yeah I can imagine what the rent is in that place. I didn't think about it that way how does this impact babies. Well most Toys 'R' Us like the one down the road they have been they've made them both words you'll stores out there it's the same store and a so half of the stored on the road is Toys 'R' Us and how poses a baby's parents catch. On Ollie knows they have wonderful Clarence down the road and when we needs more weapons of corrections I will go down and gets more. And I'm gonna bought stuff there too mostly on the babies. One of the things that ended people give your gift cards. You know rather than trying to get your stuff to cars are awesome that you may night you know Ali he may not want to put your kid in you may not yet you wanna return for whatever reason. They'll give you a gift cards say go get what you want and then you can go get diapers or four Wheeler or whatever you know things that you actually need to rather than just a toy. Well I look before us is a point now that someone on FaceBook says look they're grown men talking about. Toys and stuff form on on FaceBook and yet that's one of the things we do here but. I wonder at what age are kids supposed to stop the duty normally stop play with toys because when I was is down there just a couple of hours ago. The place was full there. We have to wait in line for fifteen minutes to check out. Ray had open up all lanes to get us out my atomic people there and there are kids I'm saying I'm I'm guessing ten and under. There which is what a toy store really is sure what you did between the teams I think most kids of us are collectors. It date deer out of that kind of stuff or they're they're buying video games although you probably going to video game store instead but. Well there's a young age to begin selling a set my son who's about to turn to spend more time today playing with rocks with his grandmother that he did play with the any distillers. Rocks or magazines I sharks fans as they shoot attic your imagination state when we go on walks he finds sticks and will pick up the lake enormous stakes again. Reminds me of the dog because you know the dog will get that stake and carry in his mouth and it's like. Eight feet and it. And it can't fit through the doors of fencer what are your wife is listening we have some weapons of correction to give you if you like to hit. The Chris meant for comparing we have wesun to a dog I can see we his nickname was poppy OK he's a person puppy okay. The way that puppies are dug babies I'm happy I'm not gonna do that you can't answer can go to pursue a hobby or because. Because until there about two and they're basically dogs. Deal or will yell be willing to do the leash thing. Now we I did probably not but we keep probably not so you're considering it piles Ali I just know. I had taken a turn I don't say. I believe we've discussed that and we're not going to put leases on our children so this was who brought it out. I think it came up late so you know we're watching something or read something or something like that their. Or we saw somebody with a leash and I can and one of mr. Kennedy appears we're not done that so wasn't a Crisco what you don't know if you know help. That's not like one of us suggested the other one vetoed the good news Newark and you can just probably not something that you really what are brio and we're of the same mind but the thing is where we stay close enough to them that we wouldn't really need a leash. You know. There are times still when they get a little bit older that they can get away with two away from you and you just don't think it's possible I mean it happens every parent hopefully and hopefully it doesn't happen to you because it is a big scare. I move on to something else. China thanks who says guys are used to love going to Toys 'R' Us is accused lawns it was right. Is definitely one of the factors with a brick and mortar businesses shutting down. Last I heard the head of Toys 'R' Us said US has said stores will remain open. So yet it seems like they're trying to. Reorganize so that they can come back from this rather than just shut down the entire. Or operation all right before we go to break I want. Which isn't going to be for a little while loosely known Camilla and Google don't you for being alert you need to because you've been to Spain in the segment my hands didn't move OK I guess military you know you had the the eyes of readiness which is how should that's what we want okay the eyes of readiness. He's done really well tonight. Our eight. An ominous and Zach hasn't had to say it yet. And and and I'm hoping he doesn't all right. Patrick and I both of bursting at the scene if he's he's waiting now. Maybe help secure the look for something I don't know possibly Vatican and I both went to see separately unfortunately because we put would have no clear it was an alligator. We're always like Chris tonight the same wedding okay. All right it is a possibility. Although I go to listen to a lot more money to so I don't have to salute the rubble. And I go to a theater that's five minutes from my apartment yeah exactly so we were a separate ways so we both would seek kings in the golden circle. Armed if you liked the first one you're gonna like this when it's the same sort of thing. There was one controversial scene and a houseful of for you it's it's online people talk about it wasn't necessary. Patrick and I talked about this off the air a little bit I don't I don't know I think it's put there just for controversy sake here's the thing. There's. I was thinking about this like today. You pretty easily taken well. Like bill lead up to that seen. And then just cut back to the base. And just have their reaction to it yes I think that would have been so much better no I completely agree and. Again I think it was from what I understand Matthew Vaughn kind of does this kind of started out he throws something in controversial and there just to get people to talk about it armed. I don't know how well the mood of the the theater where it when did you Casilla last night I talk you know can we would see at 7 o'clock. Fear wasn't very busy but we went to IMAX because I was under the misunderstanding that was in IMAX 3-D. It was in IMAX and and 3-D act Ecuador and act Japan extra money to go to IMAX is the watcher or movie. But as a bigger screen it's assigned seating off to worry about anyone taking a seat on an IDs birthday money because it was my birthday is this past week so. I really I really liked the movie. There's some some things well it. A tax wise is great the fighting was good it was the same style as before is very frantic. Mom if you're someone that cannot follow along with its things they go quick probably not the movie for you. Armed. I'll say if your candidate if you're a fan of that church scene from the first one you're gonna enjoy a what they have restored. Today explained well Howell he came back. Yet he survive yes yes yes they did then like this very almost immediately explain Dallas o.'s great the explanation was really good and so. If you're not gonna see it we'll tell you off the air so Hamlin how many golden circles out of five. Argued before on the I will give it. Five because here is a thing. I went in expecting it to be as good or better than the first one and I think it lived up to I agree account I get out of four. What do notified if David Dunn Nat suggests it was a scene. I was not a big fan of that scene admit it because I was prepared before I went in there wasn't happy I was completely I thought was wrong I thought it was going to be worse. Yeah I how to look like right whenever I saw I was like. Over to see a lot more. But we didn't look at who is who is so bad bad about a five I don't remember the bad guy in the trailer. It's. What's her name called she's an actress has been a ton of stuff she's got red hair. Hole. Just get chance to know it's not just contrasting styles Susan Sarandon I'll look it up Altria man she's been on time and stuff one thing is could it came you know Jackson now in the first announced she's a different kind of what hears it. That's the thing we are certain but I don't. I appreciate meal. You can't compare the two because I felt like with Samuel Jackson he got a lot more screen time and act like this when Dayton get enough. Back fail all we got was here's why she's the villain here's your beliefs. Tactics. And I was like I want more in. Even if he gave me like a sprinkle steely and more bottle. Yeah Julian Moore and a death and I remember seeing her in the trailer. I don't think who is they're like this ya ya so yes she is the main villain and and Kurds are setup was pretty cool on. Of course to dig a little political but he knew it would eventually and I just I just blew that stuff off I was told by our money down a hallway a still man. Less than we lived in England. That they love it over there that this movie was on a week before it came in and eleven over there aren't really take a break when we come back. We are going Q. Reduce your death and we're also going to do some wrestling news you know since the obstacles are 163 Debbie Doherty. So welcome. Into. The wrestling portion of the show wonder how Enzo is doing. I guess we're gonna find out. We're gonna break down no mercy. Before we do that. Real quick when I tell you. Because she didn't know Bobby the brain here in. Pass the way this week and it's one of my favorite I think V Quincy Douby best. She old manager. Announcer I think a lot of people have tried to be like him. He appalling human are I think are the best of all time yes. Andy card and he knows is to Hammond acres in and all that kind of stuff and and being a manager that he was. I'd just been a really liked him I saw Chris Jericho. Do an interview and he he said you can make the argument. The bombing of brain was the most to me like the number 19 the company as far as entertainment. Via an in any role. Blake what whenever his death was announced. I went back on the network and analyze. And and guerrilla yet on commentary. And just listening to those guys on commentary work instant classic. That work and you know you and I were Tom not a salty air load books would tell him about doing color and in doing play by play at just a chemistry between. The people. Doing it especially in wrestling it makes you so much more entertaining if there if there is chemistry even though there on opposite sides. It makes it so much more fund. I like Corey graves in Biron on because him because I it's exactly that. They're they're opposite end and they crackle and Byron mostly yet but but still it's hilarious to see its face I don't like Byron. But I do you like Corey empire because of how that dynamic plays out and I feel like Byron is like what I know what's going on here. I'll play my part and he's a smiley and happy he's just so glad to be here like fan boy guess who I mean and I just part of his character. And I think he does this so well on wants to ride along where it was night Jackson to see that I did it and it was your collar and use. Trying to get her to come over and he was living with his mall I don't know how real that is or not I mean I I'm not so sure that's real. Because also let you know. The Brian Kendrick. Dropped off Jack gala her in the middle of the of the of the trip you know so that made me think that the salute Washington to him what he thought all right. I listen to I the only thing about Bobby effort people complain. As an Hogan turned heel and I'm Bobby says whose side is the on and people like he gave it weigh heavily now. Dad he stayed true to the care to he always thought Hogan with some kind of fraud yet only guys who did. And and his character always say crazy things in the Moby probably dismiss that idea it's Bobby B of Bobby. But it kind Ed to meet added to his character because he was right just know that just go back to be at the time and watch anything he has done. Because they're all fantastic I a couple of things before we get to know mercy on. June in my hall GAAP. Bombed we don't control I don't we don't get into politics I don't think he's in trouble on he did so and so. Things over consider all considered racist racist they were racist comments he did racist problem towards. Since cannot Camara who. Patrick is wearing the shirt right now. Does the work you know this is also up WW has done this before. And the Smart thing to do is. Taken a person of color doing it towards. Someone else another nationality this would be far worse if it was a white guy doing that and it and mrs. And and since gave this is going to build him up even more and it's gonna make gender even more. He was getting no Reza he'll put this takes it to another level. And I don't think he was getting over anymore like I think people attire ago. I want to sing Brothers I think I think I'd rather I'd love seeing yes but. I people are worried about W do he's got he's got it. They've got addresses and so wet the wrestling sites I cannot believe this an Oz like shot up man quit being so PC I actually part of it I. Thought it was a good pro because I thought he was making a point there was like if you're just looking at its surface level. I understand how you can take it that way but I if you if you look at the deeper thing he was making the point. About how he gets treated. By the fans that he was saying this is how they would treat you this is the attitude in the sentiment. Would you agree you you know with a point of view as the character or not that's the route I'd but I thought he was making a deeper point that I think a lot of people missed. I think does does exactly what to WW once it did history publicity there's not talking about it. And the thing is is this the only segment of smackdown that was not published on the YouTube. And even get to WW where to come out and apologize they're gonna do hit a week admitted he'd go to the wake young people young people were talking about the company's talk about it again he does this all the time. And what. It doesn't bother me the part that bothers me disease supposedly reputable. Wrestling sites were so worried that people get mad at them that they have to apologize and say there are appalled by it shut up man. I grow up it's just ridiculous I mean it's all part of the act. Because see a movie that's that's a bow on racism there's going to be some people portrayed. In the movie debtor racist post people or actors. They're not necessarily racist they're portraying one of on screen the same deal with wrestling as we've talked about many times it's a soap opera with athletics and this is an actor doing a script that's put in front of them. All right. Sasha banks in a little bit of trouble you girl because she believes. That's some fans are stalkers and she has problem with people being in an airport at 4 AM and ask your for an autograph. It's a mother wrestlers and toner hey that's part of the deal when your star you've got to deal with it. You can't lash out against it does something Chris can jump in on two bomb is he's an actor was yeah well how do you still not that how you guys still about Ira how do you handle I still I don't. I don't like getting on grass I've given some before which is kind of cool but I don't. I don't understand autograph hounds and these guys are are there waiting in airports is a meager so when you back then and you know. And we've talked about four loses no we're making a living and things like that how do you feel like Christie collect. I don't think I would be absolutely startled to learn that anybody until an autograph my honey you've. Bully name's Chris Evans again on on his side yeah I'd rather I am certain that it doesn't look like his autograph. But how many will call know what it looks like it well enough. Anyway. I have I've never minded people coming up to mean. You know recognizing me is as you know from. Shows that I've done her bore roles that I've played. Occasionally I have had a couple of occasions where. People wanted to spend more time with mean and I was prepared to and at that point he'd he'd have to sort of graciously bow out. But I I've never really minded of course I'd I'd also I can't claim to have had the same kind of attention that somebody like Sasha bank probably would have. What it was struck me was was the in the notion that some lists the some of the fans or stalkers and the people are are surprised by that. You know that. As opposed to as opposed to think that the converse which is that none of the fans or stalkers. Yet at least some of the fans have to be stalkers here's the thing I think we all know that some of these people are obsessed but I don't think you speak out about it if you're creeped out by someone in the did talk to police I mean yes add on because that's the thing you because somebody is gotten her songs some blues and some things like that you don't want you. Get that kind of reaction especially if your face. You don't want to. I don't know I work on Twitter she's going to heal and like. And wrestling should avert. I mean personally don't realize she's jerk fossil probably I I mean like if I saw some you know if Chris Jericho or some might like that out I'd tide team be pretty cool to me in my I would try to assess the situation as he does he would be easier and courier diseases designer sale tonight in Spartanburg there's a big wrestling event going on. With a lot of the old time Grassley who like rock grows best and some people like that. And this I think specifically is more for the on graft type Bryant to some of those guys and if you're listening I'm sorry. I know it's only make room with somebody needed to stop. Wrestling I mean shopping Jerry final quote never retire yet and he's going to be there he might actually be attempting to wrestle Wright I don't know. He's a regular Ricky Morton yeah I just listen and and are in our good friend Jeff loose snow has been on the show before Russell some of these guys and I guess more power to him I mean do it as long as you cans those are we need to hurry up and get to this has run out time no mercy hounding tomorrow night's. Let's start with the crew's way championship noble verses ins though more rank. I hope. The good lord. Debt and so does not win this match I'm in his whole time on the main roster he's looked. Terrible as a wrestling do you can't legitimately sell to me that he's gonna legitimately be able. All right here's the thing. Leading pleading no leading up to all of this Dave when a cheater turn on hand to show him cheating he's gonna win but he's going to cheat. I too well this I do find that this is how they're how they're making up for his lack of rest and scale I didn't realize that he wasn't that good of a wrestler. Until I saw him with the crew weights and what they're able to do and the fact that he can't do any of that. Can he possibly improving get better I think he probably could and he's athletic enough. Not to do some of that stuff because he's a lot bigger than those guys even though he supposedly only weighs 205 I don't believe that. But I think he would cheat I think he was the title sorry Patrick no no I'm sorry you have gotten or rated. Three weeks in a row. Three weeks and you're telling me this guy's gonna be noble. Yes now he's he's gonna cheat he's doing all right raw attacking friendship between Ambrose Rollins and she was senses borrow. Pond did a bill in the so pretty good because I don't think that they take it away from Ambrose. And Rollins is quick eyes anyway and it's gonna be a good match Imus had the seal it all right. So thin dollar vs gray Wyatt why is this whole thing yet it because they don't know what to do Wyatt. No you don't know do a break here operate then they don't know what to do do one of home so here's here's the thing. They should you you anything fined dollars a man is gonna lose to brain alive so they can continue this on because he had no idea what to do with two guys that they. That should be elevated more than what Taylor. Here's what should happen in Ballard the man should be getting beaten down by glory Wyatt all of sudden gals and Anderson's show up and guess who else shows up. Harper and growing. There you go why the only person I don't like that a that's not gonna happen if anybody comes out I think it will be Dustin Rhodes. I think you'll come out and help for Iowa. All right I'll now yup that's what I think they'll do all right so. See I like Alex Kelly does that because he's he's he's never entertained the possibility I'm always gonna go a different angle are never thought about that till now. You know they'd. Puts the Dustin Rhodes thing and LaBella and I didn't watch it last OK sorry. All right so he came out as Justin Rose and Russell he lost but he came out as doesn't entirely being in the hold and the golden age gold does that yes that can arise Intercontinental championship the ms. vs Jason Jordan. Everyone believes that the ms. gonna retain his title in opposing Jason Jordan Jason Jordan is gonna win it unfortunately I think it's true and I hate that. The jays into our hot athletically. He's pretty good he is entertainment charisma alliance I'd rather watch paint dry as well this is a bank if he becomes a heel they need to go. My daddy gave me this might they need to go that angle with them is they do heat he has Roman Raines I it's. He's terrible might but he's a great wrestler. We'll get to that little bit later all right so the women's championship they decide adding another person into the it's they say it's Bailey Bailey is backs announce Alexa whispers to Sasha banks for snide Jack's vs MO vs bailing. But this is this is all set up. Too so and I can't win the title but not as gonna win this title. Against all these odds to prove that she is. The monster among women and is gonna win. Now and shot that would shock me that an uphill alchemy and was gonna win again attack at age. Call it now. You read that somewhere no idea all right well here's the thing because I want this habit is a lot it was eight page started the women's revelation. And a lot you were seen in the center aren't we got to hurry we got we get to a Matt's mom I'm gonna I must say nine and it's about time yeah it's a run I think it is too all right two more matches the main events. John C universe Roman rain some of the best Promos and while that unseen hey John Paul I know a lot and ended two heals in here who hate both these guys stick a raft. Am I getting a CNET. They're both going CNET and I don't know if they're healthy pace rover range so I said I don't see them out I didn't look at it this feud and who has won dispute Sina. He has on the Mike. He has on the Mike. Here's a thing. I think room reigns when this as a sign of the apocalypse I think he's Eric Johnson I think Xena should win but I think Rome when it rains winds in this is the he'll turn in and also you guys like a because he's I feel now live. Like if braves at Turner Field he's still not good on the mind gets a problem. Seen as one of the best of all time on the Mike and he's gonna continue to be so. Brock Lesnar vs Ron stroman we don't need to spend a lot of time on this. Bronze stroman should be champion Brock Lesnar part time ridiculous I want a champion it's on their every week competing. And Ron stroman should be that guy. A lot brought show look at teaser by the name notes crashed. I I'm not I wouldn't be shocked either way but something just tells me Brock still hanging on for I don't know I don't buy minute match. I don't think so all right so there's no doubt is our breaths and review come back when the roundtable and after that the lightning round you're listening obstacles right no 163 WORD. This is sounds worse let's her know Michael and stop. D'alene and OK I didn't see your mind going on until I saw all the little wave forms. On my computer screen them down a little wave forms. Welcome into the nerd or roundtable but it's hard for yelling. That this is acutely in. That was my one time. But the new ammunition back in the had a skin well he's he's lost his voice on the schori can new bit because of who's who is lack of of pipes right now so. May be good for the show's over I don't know all right so. Couple things in the round table let's start here. Queen Tarantino says. That he won't put off. Retiring. To do with Star Trek movie. Interesting. Now would you what I don't. Think these Star Trek people would do this Heidi because I. I don't remember an F bomb ever being present no and I don't Star Trek movie I ever dare I would pay to see that can't guarantee he'll make a movie without the F word. It is best Hoss yes yes he is very cost community more and now I'm not saying that he has not yet because there aren't Erica. So you guys are all down for us to have your down with C intends to you know I do in this archive. I don't know I think it would be. Interesting. Let me know when the pre orders come now. Tarantino is aides are. Add the tennis I that is ten Tina's been hidden mister me I recognize that he is kind of an iconic director. But I I have not always liked everything and he's gonna have linked some of the stuff that he's done. And I don't know I I am but I am a big Star Trek fan. And I would hope that anybody who handles the property would handle it carefully. I meant. I mean just like just like with the the actors that are speculated to play certain characters. I'm not I'm gonna reserve judgment until their work is finished. If Tarantino made a bad Star Trek movie I would be happy to say is a bad start dignity and there have been bad surgery movies. But you're right now we're all it. Europe's low right there have been I knew I heard I've never sent thousands now because I don't think he's capable of doing a movie with values in the apple backer human. I'm indifferent. IA I'd like we have two is one out of one in the middle I mean I like I like that you Star Trek movies. Mom. I just I'm not a huge Jewish as some knowledge about I don't know that's not a. All right something else real quick Derek and are not ski. Who. Just. Directed the flop known as mother who nobody's going to see right now and well directed at a staff yet he has he. He was one thing to do. Batman movie. Batman year one movie. Interesting here awarded. Joaquin Phoenix. To be Batman. You know it what was the couple weeks ago are speculating about Leonardo DiCaprio playing that man now under Joker are Joker a sorry thank you. How are you gonna Craig beyond that one in myself with a. Both self inflicted man dead video. Very care. That's neither care who you know I'm I'm confused and who wasn't that they were considering replacing Ben Affleck list. I don't know is there any other dad no. Now. I could listen let me quote no doubt it was that was relate to alternate things are out yeah. Just so it was Morgan so possibly for a four. Four flashpoint. Oh playing a look at it right playing with us Thomas claim I gotcha I gotcha. I I swear we talked about somebody replacing. Affleck as bad man I knew there was rumors Affleck being out but I don't know that there's ever any pain yet mate and getting the stories confused. Okay iron out anyway the again. Gonna reserve judgment Joaquin Phoenix Ida I've. I have said never been a big fan of them. He's done OK and things like he's everything gladiator and liked him and science argument the walking waterline but you won't find ya like to walk the line away and I didn't she wants land and Margaret was if I ever heard it was actually a really good I had country music but I love that movie Oscars and like I did I didn't want to see is never got around to it I actually didn't likening gladiator if I. He was afraid we. He was supposed to be creepy he was very creepy yet but that's the thing is I just those kind of business Darman and scars is very creepy this could take a break we come back we'll try to get to as many things we can end the lightning round. They're listening to the obstacles are marijuana 63 W Lordi. I welcome into the lightning round. The last segment of the upstate pulse where we try to squeeze in as many things as we possibly can and usually don't because. People go off on rants that's kind of what we do all right couple couple trailers out to rated trailer did you guys watch is yet I didn't. I do not know when I read the article ID and realize there's not impressed with the trailer. All right it's I kind of liked it I believe shirt and on our FaceBook page I don't know if checking out the upstate pulse. On FaceBook. Don't go there. Because of Chris I'm there because of the loss yes I have to say I liked the Reba did they did in the video game series. And I am played the second one yet but but opponents first and and Allah I. Those did a just a trailer was is very slow. Am I'm hoping that the the reboot for the film's. Takes the same tact because. I did post this on the page is a member of comment someone was hoping that they've finally we get a video game movie right. The key well yes it did that part of it is because the did movies that were based undated the older video games and Angelina Jolie words. And I'm Mary all right Linda Hamilton is coming back here and us and here's what they're doing. This is continuation after terminator two everything else. Does not exist. I can little of that James Cameron has come back so I knew them all those other ones don't exist I can appreciate those on their own but yet I'm given this I have no idea of Arnold come backer not very sure her anyway but there's going to be a trilogy had only Jamaican morning is going to be trillion supposedly they're going to pass it on to new actors so I don't know if they don't mean when John Palin is going die eventually becoming more linked to terminator without Arnold like I was getting cute ass son have you seen the sun. But is his son is delayed I mean you know the personalities. And it's almost a lot like them so I mean is a possibility assigned there's video the sun reenacting the first terminator movie. Manipulative yeah. Almost toward almost as good as Steve Ambrose reenacted which was actually pretty good all right so. On new push trailer. Looking forward to it the perfect use of music to. Get ethos of Metallica in there which we're listening to Metallica or analysis not a surprise. You're on the podcast is pretend like you're listening to I really really like defenders by the time global looking toward upon showing more. So my I would agree with the. I it I like defenders I thought they could done more than I thought it could have been better than it was but I am I have high hopes which is I I don't know I'm. I'm a little apprehensive because usually when I have high hopes for something it turns out not to meet them and it apparently defenders is like the weakest Marmol should supposedly was yeah I like Dylan when it comes to punish her though. We seem publisher done already and he's almost stole the show Alia yet is so I think he's gonna begin on his on our right a couple of things. Ron Howard has tweeted a picture supposedly possibly because Iran is going to be in the Han Solo movie. Now we're gonna find out. How many par six it actually took him to make the run and what exactly the run is because there's been speculation. That it was a smuggler staying it was a race no one knows exactly what it has been done different and books and things like that. We might actually find out what the council run is and find out if con was lying about how fast. He did it. Well was it. He'd never claimed that it was candidate he claimed it was the ship that did it the millennium falcon was that was the ship to me to Kessel run in twelve pars next. You have any goes without saying that it was OK I understand that but he was used talking of the ship not himself. So I'm still we areas and so view about here's import so. Anyway are you guys interested in seeing what the castle run actually is I wanna see what it is and I hope that he lied. Because it fits doesn't fit more it was just wrote just completely made that age is completely made up how it's not figured if he had never heard than the millennium falcon these probably never heard the castle and this is and it's a selling point to be yet to give out these analysts seem she'd somebody first. In the new movie. These guys who would John Jordy well are to redeem himself minus. Wal-Mart George Wal-Mart is exploring a delivery service where your refrigerator will communicate with Wal-Mart. No Wal-Mart will come into your house why you're not there are no hole and fill your refrigerator without T no no no no no not a horrible idea. Chris I applied I am I I'm you want strangers in your I don't want you know there. I am wondering. What they would have to fill it with to make it worthwhile I had a friend what time the I don't know assembly we don't we don't have enough I mean are they off the air and for a one time who won a contest where she got free ice cream for months and they they literally brought one of those freezers that you see and gas station. And and to put it in her office and would come back like every week that's completely different didn't know I can't answer your how I understand that your refrigerator my first thought was what if they filled it up with a ice cream I might go for it. When you've just now to also does not. You either since the sky net there's so yes exactly aren't one more quick thing Gotham had returned this past week you guys followed them watched it. Now it is awesome the scarecrow is completely wicked are you need to check it out it's going to be a great season that this is any indication. Not so sure about the mask already though. There's no idea its commercial non voters yet. But you never know why you're listening to the upstate polls will be back next week some of us. Pictures stay tuned and listen to the pre show fifteen minutes before the show on FaceBook Libor O 63 WORD have a great weekend everybody.