Upstate Pulse 9-23-2017 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, September 23rd

The guys talk about some Haunted House tips, the end of the world, and some news about Taco Bell.


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Our guy and say express nearly one knows all the words to her Peter Michael and out no it isn't but I'm singing along it's okay. As you know that's how I got started laughing karaoke was a listening to music. In a radio studio and singing in the Mike along with it like I was in a recording Booth there was so much fun. Our itself. What an entity of state also want to thank all the people who tuned into the pre show on FaceBook like page on 163. WORD's FaceBook like page which we will continue to do. Every week. Until someone downstairs stops us which you know they forget where pierce on the probably not gonna do that. My name is Alonso along with Chris Evans. I am DB credited actor. For won at shell was that again. That's what happens is the jump and oil at Miami game and Jesse that hasn't been here so long he just forgets to get any easier I forgot you ladies and Sox lose and his voice a little bit we wanna welcome angry -- back to the show hasn't been here actually means for the pre show us and I did. He did and of course Patrick is here to. He's a little steamed at him he has he's he is a US supreme showed you know why not check it out because a video will play oh continue to play thank goodness yes I know that's cool and it so. I'll be there for awhile it will wily play this music well because we're currently looking out the window. And we are waiting for Nigeria winners seemed to bureau of Beirut it's it's it's. At a distance splits looks like it's closing and we think you on the final data appear to exist for tune into the upstate polls because. There are lots of things you could be doing our last day on our chosen in dust and you know I can't blame you because if I knew the world was ending today. I'd be listening to Austin. So you know according predictions. The world is good news and today he still got you know five hours left before the world for the days or snow cats or sell. So in case you didn't know. Oh my goodness. Ones that. Headline on the New York Post. Men who predicted world will end September 23 says nevermind yes yes that's I was gonna get to the my dad yeah I'm trying to. That usually how they hours ago. David Meehan who claimed the world is ending Saturday today when a mysterious planet collider would birth. Is now backtracking on the calamitous claim. That's nice mead said the world won't end on September 23 after all really done. But instead sell or they won't mark the beginning at system. I'm kidding I'm a series of catastrophic events to occur over so wait till the end and this is how they are real track. Actions go is that this is not so okay the world to know everybody misunderstood me I didn't mean the world is gonna end and ex date when a man is that's the beginning of the end of the world I can't tell you how many times have heard this prediction. One of the worst interviews I ever heard Dinah was conducted by Shepard Smith and I don't necessarily have a problem with Shepard Smith and general. But he had all this is how does is five or six years ago he had on a guy. Who was like this David Meade character who was talking about the in the world and it was you know lake. Two days away or something like that and chef Adam on the program and the problem was chip trip kept trying to. Take it to pin him down and make him answer a specific question when if he would have just shut up. And let the guy talkers are gonna look to the guys website and it was absolutely insane when he was saying and he would show up and let him talk everybody would have known. How insane he was but because Shepard Smith kept interrupting him. Nobody got the impression that he didn't know what he was talking about. Well I'm glad I never happens on the show I gotta tell you something you know it reminds me enough. Or in my as we go sponsors to. And to begin a ghost busters too much like one of those guests. Actually predicted the into the world and was right. And goes sponsorship. That's. Okay but that's true in LA that is it is funny and edited and at a party dogma how bad they died he does shadowing. And and yes he he was actually even. Strictly speaking correct that something was nabbed in didn't end of the world but it was slick it was. It would've been it was it was apocalyptic disaster it would have been the end of the world is. The ghostbusters and stopped answering so. What's stopped us one. You know. Who out there stop this apocalypse that's when I when I mean there's somebody out there did it armed. Physics physics up to populists here's the thing you know part of it that bothers me the story. He's a Christian morale just and I don't think that's a possibility I don't give in to all that but that to me. Doesn't exist. And in the Bible says no man knows the hour of the day. So you people predicted and when it happens you know you're not gonna know till Athens. I think it's funny that the kids is that it especially UK has a ton of stories out. Saying Dahlia that is big news and then NASA denies the planet exists and on this kind of stuff and I just you know here's the thing that apply I was going to destroy the earth. Of course that's gonna deny it right he saw Armageddon and deep impact Rosie right. But but dared admit NASA is denying that this planet exists the same way is it that. Alonso would denied that his. 1967 red Ferrari exists. Because if I think if I said oh have you seen ones is 1967 red Ferrari. Patrick EB CNET no I have no you should ask closet to tell you about it while thinking coming by your Ferrari yes I can tell you about here's the thing. Chris has been to my house but he didn't go out back and I have a gun. What what's a subterranean garage they were at man we're I keep all my cars no no I just collector like Jay Leno. You know I have I have a ton of cars to keep down any because in the bunker is Greg court man you don't want anyone know went to Ghana. And I got that kind of vehicle or they're gonna come try and take it again so and I got a really good security system mourn and I also have on some nice motorcycles and on it and yeah and that's that's also where that I I people my popped figures on the ones that are here in America gave her arm and I'm also mom Heidi both big but there. Oh yeah I mean you know. Let's last spring is gonna look today and by everyone's life gets out has North Carolina who likes to vacation there and he comes back home and heads back in there and he pretext my my for our. Earthquakes king of pop's is Bob indicators Bubba home no lines of Bob home obstacle I took Bob home Bob that you gotta keep that kind of power close Bob Bob the sacred and the thing Bob home. But I was so glad to find Bob and here you know the late great Russ Cassel always talked about signs of the impending apocalypse. There is a true sign that the apocalypse is about to happen. And that is that he may be listening right now Keanu Reeves is in Greenbelt where he wants. And that's a true sign of impending apocalypse is why the world would you be here. Why Whitney well hey here's thing you know I'll tell hash tag yet bag Greenville College I noticed a piano piece listening right now that don't what are your biggest fans I can tell you that. I love bill and Ted both of them actually watched the movie. Permanent record a lot of people have seen that this kind an afterschool special one of the earlier things he did yes to play guitar and a film any committed suicide in two. Material dark it was a well it was all about preventing suicide and stuff like that's not a good message. Not for his character who obviously died but you know. To see signs and help people in the aftermath knowledge has to remember that movie. An important break which was the first Blu-ray that I ever bought and the pairing of Gary Busey and Hillary Reeves. Magic man it's magic. You can never recreate that suds educational listening you know I'm not a fan boy or any thing. I know I don't sound like I don't sound that way at all I swear to tell you that that I know some of the movies John went by the way very very good movie I saw the first man second wanna sit now home and spend a little bit busy lately I'm sorry for that a little or no ground on Wallace I will get a little hard but I don't now. So anyway. In case you're listening. Give us a call it here's the number to dial 800. 3471063. I promise I will not let Zach cash to say what I would not let him do that. He'll ward two he really allowed to but I'll let him do that so few Williams cult yeah I would do better than that anyway he woods and an I can't do it just some I'm a truck so. There we go outside the chaos. For. I mean that the now he's really not colleague just does not I'm not you know by the way the matrix. Trilogy finally got some months of bad press near the end I really enjoyed that movie that's what all three of them more lets you know. Second one was a little bit weaker than the first one and there will not like the Theroux and I'm no problem with you being a program you know so this call eight and the other similar moves excellent excellent. I still like that you know the first one was so new I think that that. The first was groundbreaking yeah the original matrix I remember seeing it in the theater in going this is the Star Wars of our Gerri I mean it's pretty galas and they live good but it was pretty good at it and really today. And let's say there's always a chance that I brought you that whole thing up just to do that there's there's a good possibility blatantly and when I finally exact got back on this Q I'm glad he got there and that that's that's also I don't know what they're like devil's advocate Ed Alex Constantin I think he could have done a better job in much ado about nothing. Sounds like Shakespeare me are his sake let's take a break that was joke and that does take a break we come back we're gonna special guest coming on to talk about. Haunted stop fewer listening to. But this is from matrix you're listening to. The ousted pulsar hero one a 63 W ordeal and if you listen on the podcast you have no idea when I'm on about. I don't know I don't know about that the choice of music after after the prophecy but I I guess that works although the prophecy kind of works too because it's. You know trying to bring about the into the world by the way the world is ending today medio is going to crash into your thrall and and I yank but think people listed fiance pulse. And by the way. You know Reeves still have time the show goes till 9 PM. Feel free to calling Q&A. It is 803471063. Tax ISO 1307. If you if Texas were OK with that too by the way how would you know mysteries. That I and I've found a bill pomp and I needed Ted pop so you just out to be carry one around in your luggage your trucker so my dad for do you have any connections judge you might actually have some connections all and I'm not gonna ask you to sign of the supreme by the studio I wanted to guys come on get it out when we come down and and cash yeah I would I would do that anyway I'm not I'm not accounting guy and I'll do that kind of thing. Really adult but feel free to call in the streets. And tell us why you're in Greenville why the heck are you angry bill although I think it's cause euphoria is the euphoria that's going on there's a tussle going on downtown and he's in for now and always a Michelin a couple of the places. Our regulars not a altered owners of the. And a lot of famous noble come in for those key on a look like the guy who played golf now on the table and Chris let us. Calories does not play golf this thing is there are lots of people I wouldn't expect to play golf who do it Bill Murray comply to an all out to quibble is that. Why did you look at me you'll look at it Patrick when he says that I was actually looking out the window do you not think I can beat Bob McClain but Patrick that no we still don't believe Patrick would be on the list of people that I would not expect to play golf course but all of a list. Losing is I don't expect anybody to play golf because golf is terrible it's it's not really more dare you there's not really a sport it's a leisurely activity when some old now you can decide you know. I'm gonna take a golf and gauntlet again it's not a sport are you. No I said no I think I don't use I think eagle you'll taking up golf and being good at it are two different things TI I agree with mark tween music golf is a good walk spoiled. That's the whole we just didn't play well like way way we decide. A Mark Twain but that's also the earliest all right last week. By the way money was ones alone Chris Zack and placid Patrick god bless Rick. On last week we are pleased yet Reeves is good in your blasted bring us up tonight is Liz did this I so last week we went to MacWorld and checked it out we and we get your review of that and it got me to thinking about a person who I know who's been doing. Haunts for many years now and is presently. Involved in putting together one I don't know if it's his last command second or. He's just participated. And that is my cousin Keith Newsom who gonna bring in right now hey Keith how are you doing this evening. As you can tell word were awesome Keanu Reeves is in the area we're trying to get the c'mon show. 00 record orbit don't think it does because you know all the help we can get on. I've noticed that you are putting it by the way talk about all the all the haunts that you've done and including non scared tore him all that kind of stuff. But basically in 2005 the stars but terror part which was a date. It could baseball stadium they turned into our attraction through every up over. So we did that for about three years. And they decided to move the baseball stadium. And so we've decided to create her own. Our attraction called this territorial. I've been with them for the past twelve years. This year they're kind changing hands a little bit. So I decided I'm an injury this year saw a figure well just think if you're off. And then. Another little place Roberts speaking of golf. It's great football plays they use soccer they've played soccer when they could go with soccer I need to delete and students. The 17100 dire eroding group's appeal by. Yes it was not gonna help aha. Good I didn't trying to add a title and artist not a place but golf for a long to only you may have to explain that to the slander OK let's say India so you're yeah. But I draw that put a body of mine who has he'd brought to wrestling event and he'd talk to these people that come up that they don't wanna do audit trail. Salute the war happened though a couple of the bad guys from so he called me and says hey I'm your ticker euros B did you overcome a look at so I did. And what might enter really can't do much but they didn't want to managing a budget together design meant. So I've been doing that for the past four weeks. As well tonight and we were paving woods. It looked like UB supper clowns because that'll get things going on and tourists that come together it's a very short pearl. It's only about fifteen minute walk. It seems to be come together quite nicely and we have a little theme to it. So people and be excited about it. How long is it if you run. If you're really scared. I would let me do what you run you've run into a few trees. We have a setup where that you can't run because if you do you'll run into something. I got soul. Now I know I'm curious river. I'm Andres Keith you've worked on on these sorts of productions before what have you learned. In your in your years working on Honda's houses and stuff. Basically. There's two things you too many good things one is the left and the people scare from the right. Blue really bundle and now secret. Yes. If you walk into a lot of attraction most of your players will come from the left because of 9% of people right and it. And here are you suggesting they. And you also to learn distraction. Out of use an area where that he could be complained site. Where they walk it was a make NC December besides. You know it's up like that. But it just visited basically an ethical way that people walked through the way to do things so look for people. If you hide your face corporate shuffle or you both characterized that report that you're the guys were coming after. Got if I don't give those those visual bull the visual signals of of being scared already you're gonna get more scared by by becoming a target. Gadget now I'm curious. And taking all of this knowledge. That you learned crossed your years working for on and houses. How is your endeavor gonna gonna be give ground not asking you give away trade secrets or anything but I'm just wondering what's gonna set you apart. Basically it's just. We the main thing or what is being. You have to. Our on going thing why. Everything is the way it is in the trial. Or in the harbor whatever you do but ours is a basic setup. As we had back in the early sixty saluted the outcome a dumped chemicals there. And we're gonna go on message so bigotry is animals. We had ever want to go out and up they disappeared they turn into cannibals slope all that's out there in. I just think our biz seven pounds in the woods at Chicago it saying I'm sure we have a red door. And the middle nowhere in between these trees you gotta walk into red door opener. And in your attic announcing that a little lower. I was just wondering are you are you gonna put up like random red balloons throughout the whole thing. I only around the door and some inside. Because I bet you exit the a typical announcing you're into the actual ball field itself. And that's where we have ordered the Bombay is waiting for you and I giant mutant so probably then what does this small little scares contains souls so to that. OK I sold today are on FaceBook that you were interviewing actors so Greg are you. Part of that process and what do you look for in an actor to be a part of a heart. Basically what you do see it every previous experience at all. If they've had any. From my experience in eight plays anything like that but they don't make kind of make up are constantly being. That not no big bill we could track him down we train year round. But a superb essentially that the brand new car for race for the sake of the people would have were warmed over cold school. Which is folk lights and some mask or a little bit of make up and it just a good flat out scare. Now do you two and didn't Google. Although we just basically it's its start to finish and there's just all the calls total scare you jump out. It's hard to really. What we try to creep people out to. Concrete and people love this thing that. Basilica phobia thing you can give him that we aspire it'll break and so. That's why embankment when you walked through an asphalt in the fist fight did you think dislikes our web interface simple like that because you re going after the dark. Clowns and so firm that aren't are probably at the issues that include conventional what we're doing with that thing. OK once they have always wondered about and and I don't know if you talk to the actress about this or not what do you do. When you have someone who's aggressive towards the actor's cause some people out there when they get scared. They try to act like you know they're mr. tough guy and he got too close to my girlfriend on the flight back as a yeah Alexia. Cracked. Most stop we have people caught a few lines. Before they walk and we have backers out there there are trying to spot those people. You interact with them because find out at some place tie at their drug. That there are aggressive you can basically put a bit but when they're around you and that their ball three or held equal find out who the are. And we tell them I at a time you know are actors can't touch you these complicated thing bulldoze them. And you but could given rule that at a time Petro also find out who is the one that group will be completely terrified or it once or try to fight back. And we Radiohead. And teller each group. Okay this guy's gonna do we've got a rare video on you could disturbs. You know so that way we know. To stay away from them if they do decide to start that this stuff for becoming. Merger or describe the would be down right and the buck. We have our security act so well. Keith what scares you. Obviously. Real live. Like the conjuring. Spiritual stuff demons and so to that I'm no listen good movies is real life stuff. You know the rule out that to me I'm in the real let's stop that could actually possibly happen in this virtual world that can happen in your own home. Is I'll always welcome break and that's a big bill would subsequent that you. Personally and to take you total different area of insanity at some point that. Only. You know what I I I understand and I can I can kind of relate to that because we blondes are mentioned we are out of mad world couple weeks ago and and and there's all these monsters around all these you know people dressed up as demons and scary thing scary clowns and stuff like that those lake. Where's the under employed forty year old. You know where's that where's the mountain of crushing debt. If so is that the real life stuff its there but my. I listen I don't know. I'm gonna tell you kick Heath I gotta tell you a lot of things you just told us now after you told us now I understand how that mad world seems to. They employed the same sort of thing and I guess it must be a standard way to run that sort of thing because they have actors out there has time and I watched as they went after. Certain host. Like our morning show host too scared to death yes you they went after her raven was there with me and my daughter. And daylight would surround her everyone's like discuss he had that uncomfortable look not quite scared but like why are you surround me and I was this mess with the mas. I thought oh lead in I don't know I mentioned this last week and we're talking about it but the after we had gone through the trail. There was a point I was talking with the end of the beauty of the customers of the service woman there. And there's a point where all of the monsters just kind of one by one came and surrounded me and her. All of them in a circle around the the two of us and we just kind of looked up at lake again that's okay. There is no longer yet. You know and listen I know I know a movie that scared you know as a movie called prince of darkness because I was there because it scared me to court yes Dallas does creepy movie and a lot of people haven't CNET. If you wanna be scared coming Halloween watch that the doubles and a jar in a basement. And Alice cougars a zombie it's is creepy man and it's John Carpenter and he got to John Gardner music is as it was does downright creepy. On before to go you keep talking about it. I saw it I really liked it it's not. As good as the book the book is still the best thing. But I thought it was a it was pretty close or what did you think about it. I enjoyed it took fact the minute it can stand on its own away from the original. Original movie. And I knew halfway there like OK and will be there's some of this is no way that the movie lovers stand on its own. That's going to be slow but at the same time the I'm of the characters are limited kids they remind of electrodes Spielberg movie movie. And that just took both took me back in my childhood almost all it doesn't really kind. And. Yeah greater like just go via grill like a split goes in the graveyard. Which always scare the crap on me because you were scared as when it's idea. But I really enjoy be the character of it's so commendable that they played it. It was creepy and has also you do you could look having the goal is kind of cool and look realistic solvency year but I'm most of it. Was critical that nobody got real big and around that evolved on in really enjoyed that. Overall I mean that there's been nothing but there's 47 years is close to come back coming at what point so here's some the last movie yet but of political. There are not a focal point don't pick that point so you're the real and actual. Now at this from what I've read this when did so well because a box office records were rated. When I was was shocking armed. We'll let you go thank you for coming on and I hope you feel better I love you man and they should come on and we used to us all kinds of stuff about haunted things and we approach every. Did you have made it so the pleasure to talk to you guys on the now I have a portrait medical Hartley have been but the great thing that you get out and to support not the one on but. The portfolio and vote early early in the year because they get time series of money. And you different factors and first thing you know work so oral. All right. Ocular keep that was keep newsroom. Professional concert than a hunter for a long time. And man at the Thomas is a little bit on the other side the break he told me some things that I wondered about and now that he coined the now. Now I see it yet from last week are you Leo staples right marijuana 63 W Doherty. Welcome back into the staples lines of Chris Zack and Patrick have fun on Saturday night. Or I think are just keep these have come on shedding some light on some things. As far as hearts go one thing that we we did notice the actors. Now a world and and I've been to some other places. Now we know why they have V beyond the some actors out there in in the waiting area. Well yeah I mean surely there's more than one reason no one of the reasons. Is to. We assess the crowd assess the the the reactions. Of the individuals that are going to be going on the trail. And Seaway what they should take away the people listening as if you're getting tracked her you know really long ago. Like clean your fists in front of those people act aggressive and only view nationally in there and they'll leave you alone and yet at war. Feel like someone Michael say it was Colin them Tara. And and be more we afraid of every single person in there and say. Here I am here's a target on my forehead. Well and you don't season Tara as an exam right just Ellie we know what you want a name or anything and you in an interesting point the other day or Agassi was earlier today what we're dinner about being big in an hat you know that the actors. When they come up to a big person they've got to look up in the got to kind of assess whether you know how they want to approach you. Tara is exactly the opposite she just tiny and so she's got to be eminently approachable from a you know scaring perspective equipment here's the thing. Also those actors you know they all came up to me to ocean at a time and and I was one of the bigger guys out or not. The only one there's only a couple I mean. They only allow us to gather and like twos or threes. On but so. I guess they were assessing need to in and it makes sense probably yeah and and I was maslin another blast and because I love. Look at the make up look at how they. Seeing how they're gonna react to how you react all that kind of stuff that's of I would love working at a place like I have so much fun abroad we get hit too but I still I'll an affluent. Well and see that was that was kind of the perspective that I was coming from two I was looking at it from a theatrical perspective. Knowing these all of these costumes have people under them and they're making choices you know for an for the characters are they're playing and wanna see how they react to. It different different different things which and one of the reasons that I like that and that ruined China doll so much yes and a lot of water name was but that she had she had some of the most interesting reactions to that did. People around her and specifically to me that that I noticed personally describe your experience and just thinking of James Lipton going to go on a path. As. I would I would never claimed to be James Lipton but I can see where you're coming. They can pull off James Lipton I think you kind of go James Lipton on us quite often. Think sent. Yeah exactly so beat Nebraska that had been in those thousands. Anyway. Something else say that came out that the during that interview. Was something I don't even know it was described to me all there. Do that is not a sport. Why then is does not rule always fill it didn't let them all now know it's not I will never claim it to get sport however it's an activity. OK all right you get a group of people to go out there implies. You know it's just a good time so basically he says it's golf with a big ball that you try to kick into a hole. A soccer balls on big ball sunk so I cannot educate an a menace once it's bigger than it is an adult it does sound like something she arteries might would you in his spare time nobody's he can do I think he would excellent. That's what he would do he was moved into master exactly. Exactly. He may have even admitted I wanna he probably the only person to get a hole one on every single probably won us. Probably was. I don't doubt you never confirm nor deny that unless he calls it. Now. I got a few wage there was a texture earlier. That day and I think I remember reading about this was it him when I know how well I don't know. He could be talking about himself in the third person. But but they I don't think tank says that I don't end and I doubt that he has an 864 Aiken a number. But at the Texas says he was in town to promote Michelin tires for his motorcycle leads Els and I seem to remember having read that. Yeah it was at Michelin. Yeah and other pictures I saw he was a missile if you have a motorcycle on though it here I'd ideally we're notoriety might subterranean morass of turning lead us in the right actually how they have they assign a cross that. When I push the buttons that make it come up to assess a terrain you can't see it when it's actually subterranean is that there's a sign that says subterranean. And it's spelled wrong because on spell. At least you admitted yeah it's it's OK because I'm pretty much the only one who could secede in a lead anybody who has a subterranean garage can spell however anyone. But you know I every time I I'd. Bring forth the door by pushing the the buttons and and I see subterranean spelled I can hear Chris too and that's how you spell you know it's. It kind of takes away from the experience that's okay all right if you don't know how to spell it how do you know that he's now at its and including that nobody ever yes. But by the time you paid the enormous amount of money to have it put on your subterranean. Garage you don't wanna pay to have it you know. Textured to fix. Exercising as there's a show on FX called American haunting Colin cults. It has a group of anarchist killer clowns harassing and had an obnoxious trump hater who's scared of clowns. I'm having trouble deciding to sympathize with first of all that's wrong. It not I'm gonna corrected text here's a guy bigger weapons ready. It's American horror story. OK okay NC I'm familiar American horror still we can't hit Dexter I mean to I didn't know I'm correcting detectors are no limits for me all okay. A sound like an invitation to me I. He's being no OK okay. All right. Violated the first I've needed that right. The return of figured out how to open it earlier today I guess I could say I Chris that Tyler rim lifesaver. And and he finally was able to because you get angry head yes channel kinda ran gas that's why I was able to work men that are here incorrect. He's directing agencies donor or two dozen experts. OK okay well otherwise I thought I get off to a there's enough on Netflix now and only get nine dollars is a Netflix in fact speaking of wasted I I happen to notice on Netflix there's a brand new. Netflix original anime. And I have a league awarded to assign this to want to because you're a resident in a man expert and poetry. That you can you can do attitude if you want. It's called I don't feel justified now and it's called if you wore it tickled if I know how to play golf never again now they because you sit idle for you I'm glad we've accomplished something tonight I was accomplishing something we've saved you from gulf. Okay golf you know kept me active and high school. How active can you really be playing golf we do I was a little 200 pound the ball you got to Guadalajara the car audio. Yeah I mean to us carts are falling. These play basketball instead. I did play basketball would you would be more active list basketball doesn't trick shot artist right here did you do the show you my thirteen year old self Jody is due and wants to trick shot is deleted all the YouTube but it is on FaceBook. A game it's amazing the earliest and anyway the point is there's a new Amazon original. Am I am amazed at Netflix Netflix. I don't confuse you as directed me I meant Netflix a setting in his eyes to it out because have been watching Amazon recently but it Seattle lately we all ground are whether it's a Netflix original yet somebody hit him he corrected me. Cannery I've I've Zack our outbreak has come around while those not touch knew that acts it's called. Neo Yukio. Okay and as near as I can talent stars and reduced net. Gene Smith rather to Hayden Smith yet that's an automatic don't want to stand. I lost the first episode for dismissed since this weird thing because there's there's and a number of other people that are in an have to look dampen July's it was another name in the record it is is a weird cast yet our team's been into law you know OK let's find a bunch of people when. Thumb. Jane Smith so we can squeeze Jason Schwartzman Jude Law. Thought. 58. Heavy givens and and and that is while the son Jason the most obvious Susan Sarandon. I dinners and other turn off Millen he Frank Vincent. Who's dead now he recently died he died legally can get Steve Buscemi. Again. It was a weird gas I was gonna break this up staples or marijuana 63 Debbie Doherty. Right there makes me want some on the what did you can chicken cheese balls at least against again yes. Leeway chicken cheese ball LeRoy Jenkins chicken cheese balls iris chicken balls and the creation. Which tells like. Did I forget the cheese part I thought you know I'm treasury said she's cities and on hang on hang on one at a time well yes. You said she's the first time but then we'd after that when referring to them. Aegis shortened the chicken ball again and again while that may have been sophomore possibly. I know it's hard to believe. If you don't know what we're talking about. You can always tune in 1520 minutes early before the show. 1163 W Ortiz and say for yourself FaceBook page rather did you see his kids in the Taco Bell student section so silly that's does a great segue we had votes during the break some that don't normally do but but we did it because I felt somewhat democratic. For some reason and not. When you're getting a lawyer right now whatever so we decided to talk about this story and it still has to be at toppled a story well. Taco Bell is adding blues to a lot of its locations. New restaurants will kick the can tear style restaurants. It will be spread across the country appears in order for topical bill to add. Alcohol they have to remove the drive throughs so which ever so to go to a Taco Bell and has no drive through chances are serves alcohol. Now now because he's going to be OK that was president and his mind trying to figure out why they'd have to remove the drugs well I am as a matter of fact I don't know really yes I don't know why you couldn't just stipulate that they don't serve alcohol at the writer. Because these three kids who would probably screw up and do it anyway and this when you eliminate that possibility. We time a kid you have to be 21 answer I'll call no you have to I think you have to be eighteen tax we serve as a correction. I. Yes it was that the closer to a four bands like bailout today. Not ahead he's easy fixes come and go ahead. Now ignited a minute which god I'm not kidding I don't know I kept looking at me and I want to be after. Thank you all right so on the great return for me yes it does it isn't it. All right so it all three of us the stores will roll out in big cities like Detroit Boston and Pittsburgh and it whopping fifty locations in New York City because apparent. Currently they're like to drink in new York at their Taco Bell. Ominous are no doubt you're going there on their for a reason. I like Taco Bell and I don't drink alcohol. I normally don't but I enjoyed juggle them about what time what kind of an alcoholic and we certainly they'd follow here's the model of the companies around. Obviously they follow the model of the companies but it does say he's Las Vegas has got to LL cantina. Which has been popular stop for people walking city's famous stretch of how when he's in Las Vegas which makes cents a wonder big a deal at their freezes aren't like put like alcohol and two Q beyond margaritas a canteen is will also serve saying greed. And twisted freezes froze. Frozen drinks with a Q will run out or box to see you guys you know you're right Patrick but like I'm just expecting like a ball hard freeze will like to killers on the on an Anderson an idealist who. The inclusion of blues alongside such menu items as the naked and top health. Classic item to the crunch wrap supremo of violence and the naked chicken too little which we have tried before. Will come at a cost though canteen is that serve alcohol want to drive through windows as food and wine points out that it risky move since between 55 and 70% of the chains. Revenues come from drive through orders so the fact that they're gonna cut the revenue rise so. To add alcohol to go to cut. You know drive thru traffic was so does that really right. But if you're gonna go to atop a bill that serves alcohol you've probably gonna wanna go eat you know I'm gonna go there just for the toggle fair. I would. There's a talker I'm here tonight is that what's I cannot do you think and act out their top I don't know minds in her six and then takes the morning I went saying is you could find to talk about the drive through that it doesn't serve alcohol in all you want is that is not wanna sit down and borders on embrace in the atmosphere that you would not going to feel like I Peter I wanna be like you wanna talk to them personally make enough for now okay and that's fine but but. He still wouldn't be going through the drive through at that point so they're not gonna lose any business on YouTube. Because you would have gone into the restaurant anyway the people who would be going to drive thru are not going to be there for alcohol anyway. Unfairly. With what people are like let's go drink it and where you wanna go to Taco Bell I am now. While we're gonna you know that's really sick then and our people Patrick and end up there anyway so why. Just don't know it yet you what it is is let's keep drinking tonight when you yeah. Taco Bell. That's what it all Murray been out drinking now you need something the EU it's like all the expense of bars and like you know what. Right now yeah you're gonna go to Taco Bell anyway. Now you can get there's there it is you can stayed drunk at Taco Bell what is everybody's. Dream well you have multiple reasons for throwing up late. I was gonna say who would want to be the guy last clean the bathrooms that are probably not I mean in their messy enough as it is I'm just guessing hey man I don't drink it how. I don't know I feel what they're talking to knows and knows your name is going to be off yes probably a little bit but that's like normal in a Taco Bell restroom. Says anyone who's ever splashed in the car right you're right Patrick okay. Oh man yeah after school plus right now. Is a missing no more considers seepage. Not quite sure probably. Get a all right cell. There are coming up right here in the ousted pools. Also known as the of staples. Stick to.