Upstate Pulse 7-15-2017 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 15th

The guys talk about Jayden K. Smith, Kermit fired, and some other intersting topics.


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Welcome into the other staples my name is. And join us a little bit later will be Jane case managing case that's run in a little bit late today. Thank you for joining us on his beautiful Saturday innocent storms moving in and through and passed so we'll keep you. Apprised as to where those storms or is the need to rise. Thank you for letting us be apart all of your Saturday night we our morning show on the weekend at night. We're gonna have fought for the next three hours because that's what we do. So much fun if you wanna be a part of the show 803471063. Text line 71307. Here are some of the things we're going to be talking about today. It's about space Marines. We got a killer oops by the way Emmys are out out of some things say about that country is try to stay away from politics will veto on this show. Talk a little bit Mayweather McGregor. In the nerd our a lot of things talk about including the new tick trailer can we talk about that and so much more. But right now. Let's talk about JJ's meant I was wondering you've did this become the but the wind is merge where everything is Jane case Smith he's steadily gaining down is geocities and reduce Murphy for that okay. I mean this this is the UV's Murphy is kind of show and we would never do such thing. All right so. If you're on social media. You've probably got an alert saying do not accept a prayer requests from Jay in case nets who do you not know about this Chris I don't just so I figured that the U guy I thought you would kill it before I got through it and you didn't and I appreciate that. On. There was a big hoax go around on FaceBook. People pass the Sorenson and do not accept a friend requests from. Okay the first thing I thought was. But apparently is one of those things which is. Unfortunately common right now on social media so what's he some the past nor gets passed on gets passed on passed on passed on people don't even bother to check deceive its rail. They will ID. I I do understand your concern. On the other hand. These people are erring on the side of cost city hacking is a big deal right now identity theft is it is is prevalent. And people want to avoid it. And it all you have to do to avoid it is not accept a friend requests. You gonna tell out of it because the alternative if you wanna check get out the new accept this guy's friend requests Olivier is a hacker. Here's the thing thumb. According to FaceBook mass friend requests to unknown users is against Facebook's terms and conditions regarding spam so it's just count would probably be quickly dealt went. So you'd think so somebody on how did other things his face so we I dare we decided to do this and are laughing their butts all because of how big guy and that's an and that's. The way that some of these hoax if I mean I can't tell you how many. Chain letters I used again as a kid. While you still get all those past the solemn and I'm not only in that I'm gonna do that exists it's a chain letter by the way there are other names on this list on Jay Don so. Other names include. On large to cause you know mile away you get some Vermont who are your except the knack as duster boy right there on war. Tendered Weiner. Patrick brown and Bobby Roberts. On up auto wanna. I know my name isn't on man. All right you're telling is there wasn't an artist do it on and I had to pay attention on paid attention but what anyway so I love you guys. But oil and it I think it was last week the week before we talked about anonymous. On the air. And the day after I got a friend request. From a picture of from a guy wearing an anonymous mask in a peace sign had the Guy Fawkes mask. Whatever it is yeah there was also via the Internet and yeah and adds guy we talk live yeah and the guy I was from like Mexico or something supposedly. And no I did not accept the request okay. But if he actually is anonymous adult table manner in case you didn't know his name was not dig as far as I know a guy on the coast say his name. I'm not why not because I'm not is trying to protect himself here Chris I had hustle as well not here you. Now here's the thing you didn't accept his request it sounds like you're protected. You never know no here's the thing suddenly I'm on the radar which I never intended to be do you believe this is a test yet he says my name boom he's gone yeah exactly I'm not I'm not do and I saw that movie. Anyway so. It may be also the maybe you also know there are a lot of movies like that. Alone there was what was Shia LaBeouf and not when he wasn't crazy or he hit it well. The Jane case missing also made me think of how often do you accept friend request because the thing is. Win this whole social media thing started we will required as on air personalities. To. You don't social media some of us don't do it as as often as others armed. If you are a friend of Patrick RI you understand exactly what we're talking about right now we'll continue to do what we've been doing. But it. I approve requests all the time and barely. Just so the listeners know apparently do Alonso and Patrick your trolling me on FaceBook I have absolutely no idea about it because they don't check FaceBook and I don't care and here's the thing. See we're doting him to not look so we can say whatever we will like to see if he does like AM. Unless I walk up the room I'm looking at his computer screen so while military looks and as he looks on this phone. I'm nine Ella no I don't even have FaceBook elephant in fact when I got my new found it had faced a pre installed on it and it deleted it. He's a don't want FaceBook ads and yeah. Ms. Richards actor birds collegiate yeah. But yeah Chris Evans the other holes deleted my ethically. So I approve requests all the time and for a while I accepted him on Mac leave because it's one of things were supposed to do. And I then I started looking at some of the things that I was saying yes do is like in rigorous and now I'm very picky. You've got to have pictures it's got to be somewhere. You've got and I will take out of state for requests but I'll listen. I did pictures from anonymous people and on strippers. And a lot of people wearing. What is the what is it they're not Berkus for men went well of these things that the guy terrorists where. He was steadfast and no doubt that goes hey good greens I don't. I don't go to Cologne. I'll I'll I'll I notre died and about the new awareness Fulham man dressed and they got they do I don't know what that's gone either but it wasn't a man dressed yeah I'll look it up for an today. It's cute I'm surprised you didn't know I must say I know right away he would know that I'm certain I've heard the word before around though and as soon as they see about it I can't I can't called the mind them so anyway. I I've gotten several requests from guys like that. Well written in some language that I die I don't. No it's like symbols and stop at tea that's what this is to fan OK so I did some of those sometimes and I don't accept those bomb. What's the weirdest FaceBook requests you've ever gotten as far as that goes I know Chris doesn't get on there is he doesn't. Yeah I most different FaceBook friend requests that I did are from people that I know or that know people that China. So at least recognize them you know. I have I have I I. I said on the program before and plenty of other places he FaceBook adding it's inane and stewed most people on it are just. Trolls but you know any let me interrupt for a second by the idea of being like our FaceBook page view of state polls still kind of an unlikely place yes Chris does post I want to do with I don't bring once in awhile I'll find something that. Is very obscure and you go well it's a heck is it. Did that my criteria for posting something on the at staples FaceBook page are. Can't bring it to the show. And do well people who know about it in it's something that I want people to know about this kind of in our. Bailiwick you know that it's in our we are allies are Bailiwick. I honestly never heard it and and I did it a little hybrid 23 years I haven't heard that once well now I have. Of course who would come from Chris if if it's vital as we say I've heard of Bailiwick before on I'm not surprised that Crist used the word. Because it seems to be his Bailiwick p.s have been in a anyway cannot give up something this this kind of related to things that we would you on the show but it's not gonna work on the show like a video or something you know edit the lake. Handset is really cool YouTube video. We're now it's gonna play YouTube video on the Chicago by waging K Smith is now here too so all fledging placements are in the room straight at present. Welcome Matt welcome to the shows that casement happy to be here article that I might put them on FaceBook. But it for example. Just recently I've posted a an interview I don't know let me Arab republic unless Owen think Melanie for liking the page I appreciate that Manning we know appreciate you know I never storm near your clothes but now the rest I don't I don't go on there I'd I'd I'd. You know what. I think people wanna be left alone. And so I'm happy to do know them. Not the people on FaceBook you know kind of the point it's just you know they wanted a liking comet and share now I don't and it's or something I'm that's indeed the angry right exists that's the other does the other problem is that it is it most of my comments are gonna be condescending and insulting and I'm and that of people see is okay. I don't I don't mind doing it here in this room to you guys just clears out of here you know. But see I don't know I know I'm getting now I get it. He's so personable he wants to like what he did to what was her name over there across the street. Our waitress Emily Emily. I'm you can say it's a surprise that you don't remember yeah as many times he's well I know I know we're right there remembering he'll wave is going but that's okay yeah well what I'm saying is he wants to talk to someone face to face though FaceBook so impersonal. Impossible that he can't I don't care and personal. And it is that he can't. It just doesn't have that feel for him because he needs that interaction with the lines human being and he did voice acting. I know the winner of that and her weird but those of the nine DB credit. Was a four against Miami against the strike greatness Chris has been passing and a man time it's. Also can never even seen I had it but you know what it has you and it's yeah I just I mentioned Miami Vice is a cartoon. It's not that it's its own. It is let me hold on to OK here's the thing if you watch Miami guns you hear a voice and to go. That's the voice of god and his crusts. A right castles. Not on the ship no he's not is your line initial correcting someone. No but I am a news report. I play I Nokia India reporter. Who is talking about a hostage situation at a bank. Playing yourself for you Danny must nicely DeVon newsreader. Actually oh okay now that I found it on not analysts say it's them watch it tonight off do I get you can find it you we might do we can all watch it in really good. He should. I pulled up the episode just to prove to these people that that I was actually Osce see those contests in Iowa knows as I was very hurtful like he's Jesus was supposed to mean via people this is Viennese all these people now that was a tough hole there was definitely tell the people listening to us on the radio can't see the gesture that I'm making but I gesturing to the other three people in the room. These people and obtain any of those people thanks case I don't exactly strip. I was so I was just a wonderful man I was trying to prove to Jay and he's Smith jade casement and Jean case may make you exactly what the show's about and that is not nearly as big a deal as they're making it. Yeah and I am DB credit listen I don't see none of us are on an enemy we talked about last week I don't what I would you know what I would love to do is be an enemy and you. And I've been thinking about that I've been thinking is since you asked the question last week I've been thinking about dreams that I had because and I didn't really come up with a good one. Last week I always wanted to be a drummer in Iraq general lately and actual. Rock and roll drummer he is a staged in a commuters this thing as far as I can see the standup he's got to look for that as far as a drummer goes you do not cozy unless we're talking about the prequel is you're not angry enough drummers out to be angry. Drummers every drummer every drummer on matters Activision and I'm sorry again casement can veto zinc basement to my left that's my excellent drummer exactly yet they view view I don't think you pull it off. Unless you roll your eyes and back here while you're drumming. On that was Gaza by an effort but it's not quite what we need a anyway yes that is FaceBook is stupid. You know it we went through that whole story just to get yeah there's a thing by the way even though it's just because Chris thinks FaceBook is is stupid. You should go to be a statement polls right now and like our page the terrorists amassed just you just staggering animate and join and follow the and also actually pulse on word. And colts I'd just out here I am DB. Yet as it is this they're not kidding when they say there's women credit don't miss your chance to use to and there's only this helps stop Jack the man. I got to fix it trades just happened that I got to fix it. Randy eco line everything's going smooth indeed I'm sorry you don't let me fix the snaps that and then I'll promoted again so moral of this segment. FaceBook is Chris is giant list of stupid idiots I guess and I guess I must be it. Eyes this you know each is this not your experience when you go on FaceBook do you not see people talking about. Absolutely vapid and and paintings by the way that this must be your friends lists because that my friends this is like that all I can get today is. It's what it what it does Chris it compiles what your interest in the and so US president your friend oh. Talking about this thing here's the thing obviously. The people you tracked you a tractor vapid and the ballots ansari on track strippers as I thought I don't know where that comes from there coming to you Chris to be corrected that's right. Now you have the opportunity to do so in your past you know when we're very disappointed. I did you people get on FaceBook and they talk about things that are important that that's that's that's the other part of the thing I really thought of myself. As. Important or interesting enough that other online thank you Brandon is sore like in the unstated pulse page let's face showed up we're typically friends on there with people you know. So important to dim listened FaceBook thing I I've got a chance argument that somebody else's disease and miners it has changed me here's your I think. Chris I think is still in touch with with all this group of friends growing up and in my case I don't live in Ohio anymore so all the guys who play football with some FaceBook friends with them I'm friends with. A lot of our final listeners are FaceBook friends and I have interaction with them all the times tried that's a lot of fun. And it did. You form a bond with the people were listening to feel like you know they know you when you November not to get. Think. I don't know I just I I. I don't have time for FaceBook doesn't think any time I go on FaceBook and and try to post one dead video that I found last week of the interview with. Videogame sound designers about the most iconic. Video games sound effects in history. Fascinating video to tennis to watch it when posted at administer the next hour looking around FaceBook Ed just. Ridiculous stuff CIA not being mean about this but your attention span I know why he's there or else why have more did. Because the thing is while we're talking Patrick and I are still posting on that FaceBook page. While we're talking about what about me and ask where's the line we're still coming back and forth I'm waiting for is that just did it while I was talking. Okay that's that's fantastic isn't like you can do that in the let's not producer went like you would think FaceBook you know you can do FaceBook. You do so many other things I mean it behind the boy I do so many other things so that I don't do FaceBook now we think we all do so many other things and do FaceBook and Twitter at same time. Now hang on to say you know Walter has something to say about FaceBook Walter set me straight on FaceBook. I agree to create okay access. Well he's stupid. Ever hurt most people stop all of that is not eat at world. Happening need to quit that that that accounts. I know they. What does security expert by FaceBook Twitter I'll. I tell you that it is one of the best ways he took a Peter pac. So you go to elect. Who work. To date I'll. And it but it broke Lou it all shots. A that is something that I have heard is is if you're going on vacation don't tell people on FaceBook. You know hey I'm off to Hawaii for a week I'm not going to be in my house for a whole week. Do and every lie you know back and I think so I do understand now wall sir I have to ask you something. That some people might considered a personal question and it is I guess a personal question but but you feel free to answer or not as as your win strike you how old are you Alter. I'm 66. And I'm pretty computer literate because I. I've got a lot out of a bank. I energy each step part 4830 minutes watch this couple white vote at a power blown all out of certain. There are people contagious now out to carry that with each other what do outside and probably killed element wanted to. I completely understand Waldrop appreciate you know I appreciate you backing me up thank you very much water drilling and I have to say now I have to say. I completely admit that I apparently am an old man. Well he just caught up my generation it's a listen shot you are older than him and I asked them words I listen everyone I know spend some time because it's a it's an easy way to interact with friends. And things like I still get I don't get your way of thinking ZI. I interacted my friends and other ways and they maybe that's thing is I'm filling that void in other ways I'll get on Xbox Live and play. Games with people you know and chat directly. Tsunami your friends or FaceBook. Don't know who talked to my friends on FaceBook. But. Are usually it's spinners comes down to some of you you understand what your limitations are and you can't do me a friend of just fine all right we take a break we come back what's more it's Obama. No comment on his ate a low rates were seven. 1063. Tex lines of 1307. Do not like the upstate pulse FaceBook page because Chris it's up. I never said that. Words of wiz now exactly parents you can turn this thing terrorists you're seeing so much harder now because you're crazy you're spending all your time staring at your Smartphone on FaceBook who said we're spending over time so it is that the key to anything is the balance yes. Yes yes and that's why I avoid FaceBook is because I know it once I get on there I'm going to be imbalanced you know it's been announcement on FaceBook now. Right here okay. Because it legitimately frankly dull checked FaceBook until I go to bed. At it you know I would check and unchecked confirm for work related stuff almost always and especially if I see something to put on the upstate polls page away mission like that page you know Crist doesn't wait 230 I and I don't like it did not. Absolutely not and here's the other thing you know the obstacles page is really cool because. On. Zach or post a foreigner and pout who post Opel and I want policies and there are so yeah. And occasionally. It in here's the reason why you need to look via staples page and wiped it. Because once every 23 months Chris will post something on there and it's worth it is worth the wait because you realize that Chris had to put himself through excruciating pain. Just think of FaceBook to post that that's how important that posters in the original you'll never see it any unless you like the F staples but if you see. Dad like shortly after he posted he's already said he's going to be on FaceBook for about an hour you might can catch Chris MIAs in a chance to fight on ice interaction right there every time he posts I'm just gonna go back and edit saying this is that Chris post everyone appreciate you know I'll start doing that and NATO and it in there. This is a coaster today Chris Evans says. This close to watch this video from claimed he'd be credited actor now gone now are Chris. Yes I do that deal that ignited that now that said did any of you watched the video that I. Posted last week. I started watching him on this hard time and enough time you saw it posted I was in net we were in the office together why didn't you know I opposed it. Oh because I don't go on FaceBook all the time. That's just always a work and unfortunately doesn't have many hours like exactly us which blame him via the sum up fault. If this does get people sick as you well okay well I'm working on that a mild. I just want to some other things armed. When I think of space Marines I think of two things one know it will make Chris mad the other won't I think a starship troopers conceptually it's a movie. And I think a star craft it's the movie didn't live up to the book what I know it was an interesting thing about the muddy everything in general it it felt flat that. The best part of that movie worthy little ads in yes tire thing and that would intercede and that's what it reminds me of the story. Which you print it out and and I had this on my list to congress might create a new military branch the space cork. This legitimate people. Mr. now I added before Jiri any further. I don't know when this series you just didn't get around saying it what's the other thing that you think it would years basement. Says alters our draft start okay are that was that was that was going to be my which I knew you do get it right yes I had that was there's going to be. My number one star craft my number twos gala. Debt and and hail also all right so there are a lot of games about. Space Marines are or ordered armies in space. One now we we legitimately might be putting one together. According to other representatives in the house armed service strategic force subcommittee. Are considering legislation to create a branch of the US military the space corps to organize space missions by 2000 in nineteen. Here's the thing. Chris and I too old to join the space corps absolute only got two guys in this room one for shore. Zacks pushing it to where I don't know maybe maybe but. Because of his degree exact could probably be an officer in the space score probably going to be. On sooner than my degrees relate to that that doesn't it doesn't matter generally doesn't matter does it matter of degrees that makes you officer material. But because the degree to right. Yes all right but. Zach has time that takes a better our itself so. You guys would you guys be interest and enjoy the space court and you know people think we're joking but they're legitimately talking about putting a space court together. I know I was I was absolutely stand and when I saw that. Again the first thing that I thought was star craft. Halo. All of the video games and and movies did you know we've seen that that'd have to do with. Fighting in space and then the next thing I wondered if and I I don't know maybe I'll call up. Jeff Porter and and ask him. I wanna know they were gonna do this story on their show right before we came on. And I don't know if they did I didn't I can't thank god. Listen anybody have an excellent service is a fine program but it I was as we were now that they're not show up in the hills like Patrick or Patrick wouldn't he would not I was the board up. All right according to Todd Harrison of the center for strategic and international studies. I think many people recognize that at some point as military space capabilities continue to advanced space forces will need to be calm their own service. So. Listen this coming all right I ask you guys knew we interrupt you get a Ding get a chance to get an answer would you guys join the space Marines. Be opened the idea but I'm not ready to run out of here and just do it gung ho. I'm probably doing their PR campaign. We need a big guy and it's like advertising everything. The public information officer yeah at so what do you think out there would you join space Marines or some sort of military force in the space. Also in space. I don't know what they'd be some 1307. Is our tax on you know here's the thing. I think it's I think it's military ready force waiting for invasion just about anywhere know you well. Well I guess on big yard out there are you ready know what I can live in space on the International Space Station so now. And military are very. Very disciplined so they can stay out there a little bit longer and be ready to go whenever the need should rise. We have based on the wrong people it's gonna happen the next day the next guy now what are they gonna call it. Just space score seal teams is dates they say this article mesa city article space court state court is going to be its own branch of the mill right now I like the Marine Corps yeah. Did they go on water and everywhere are why they couldn't just BSN send in the Marines. Or maybe DC now we each reported a twenty underneath where it. Are you take a break and we get back we've got a ton of other things talk about including. What Zack and Patrick and I are posted on FaceBook about Chris and he will now look at south elect. Months old word is my FaceBook page. Patrick do you want to measure friends now really OK no that's guys above they'll put a Mack Brown plaintive. If you wanna find me on FaceBook to search for Chris Evans DA can follow me on Twitter and angry Zach. I don't FaceBook says Yang is a more zip private I can't whatever are you listening to Justin pulls right here the music up on May 01063 WORB. Are you bring that up now. Iowa back into the ousted Paul's. Going to be part of the show 803471063. Texts like some more freezer was a guy all the other stuff to get to but I went to. I give a shout out to rob young over a war Lance was over there earlier. I talk and and I'm not at all we now know more and he's going to sues San Diego comic con next week gonna mourn after that the talk about a little bit. I I'm not gonna divulge all the stuff we talked about the Zorn talked Hammel in the air about but I talked a little bit about. Security is stuff because he runs South Carolina compound which is excellent by the way can't wait till that comes back and he just went to London and OC therefore it has and there was it was war is just okay but he also he went to Wimbledon. And I mentioned substitute them lucky maintain camera was there with me in Cameron thought I was faking. A bump the disappointment about when I'm here and say all right I told him the childhood dream. Was to play croquet at Wimbledon. And he says they don't do that. Who supported sits at the tennis and croquet club yes. Like you may be back you know a century ago we don't do that so does. Until devastate I now because not always wonder mill listen I'd never played OK though that you mentioned to you missed the point I consider myself a great. Croquet player if there was professional croquet. I'd be there OK okay as a family tradition. All my candor from Kentucky I don't know how they start playing it because it's a refined game I don't know where and how it got and Holler but somehow it did. Alone so we played a growing up I love croquet. My goal was to go there were up fancy hat place and croquet and beat a British croquet now I can't go to Wimbledon. And I'm devastated I really help you pick a cricket. Play cricket don't play croquet and it OK I know I'm gonna croquet and above is mean and I can't do it and it's just. It was her fall if you've found your own critic era and croquet club sent in cricket on the brain yeah I can't play croquet holt is on even ground. This is I'm just saying I just looked up. Hurricane in now professional career K there is a national croquet club really is in Florida and even have a croquet whole thing. Seek sync but they don't worry around here I listen I cousin I wouldn't be I should be. But I won't get too used it well in Greenville that I know if you look it up where you don't eat McDonald's on the units to. Can we controllers are being Greeneville be able as the newest on the yearly targets yeah dar CIO Patrick is going to stay up tonight. 12 AM to what the US invitational of darts the number one player in the world Michael Ben Garland. It's going to be playing all right so they're sports nerds too this is taken in a direction that I mean. Darts that yeah hurts to lose gallows that means about to come out okay can. Darts is a fascinating game darts and bar game. You can call that but the latest on the same is that where you pick it up that are you've been playing darts and eureka. I've thrown darts is decades ago I had I had the electronic board yet I never understood the rules and don't watch professional darts understood well in no. We talk about the salt here who were on Zach got near him and Patrick's that we should. Started dart team the obstacles dart team Chris is delegates that. You can you fill the dark. I guess I don't I can I know I've done and at some point but obviously it's been so long I don't even remember so I'm probably not very good facility just shirts and everything. I'm going to be in the coal. It's all right I'm an honest say this if you wanna do it too sweet thing we can do that too on our dart team. We don't we ask Chris I'll do it but you know I know how to make that gesture around the Galveston but there's a feeling behind it costs us a pretty heated exchanges zero I feel I guess. Just like he can't pull hook Michael Lawrence without the hip all sided double but not a not that I ever done that. Without feeling behind there's also another thing that I've never done that you could fill up that always has feeling about it. On drive in the left lane for awhile today and 385 and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Sums up exactly and within. New son I don't live there. So are you now into jump out to rob and always up ongoing and check in your checklist I did not it she does what bothers me we know there and I forgot there's a preferred list I keep forgetting to put myself on it you'd get 10% it's all that's even better. Not that we're giving free advertising her name that's even better but the other reason why we went over there elements in this also and we had taken the break. It is. We always walk past this place it's liberty Cathay I think it's trying to support Lance in the house falafel in the windy and window. And I never talked lawful before. And Cameron are talking it was like we does that taste test but I guarantee Chris is how to before and turns out he had district because it's an obscure food I have not had it from. Familiarity cap today but it's. It's interesting it it is and you know and while we were very good try the bubble to crash. But I'd do would try to me new things at once and Chris is also have all the good news before. You know as I can hear Republicans can't say and a half speed up produced show. Speaking of doing taste tests I think it was mentioned last week to maybe the week before we are talking about cheese. And I was gonna get some of variety of cheeses to bring in fiesta Daze because and you eat your. And cultured and haven't experienced things like that's. Well that was a behind the wheel and she is because it's cultured. Code never mind. All right it's not daybreak we get back. We have talked so much of things. But don't run things for you for joining those will be on staples runner won 63 pointer FaceBook page yeah I'll stay polls duet because Chris doesn't want to do when it went a bit. Cultured and I did it now. Rubbed a lot of fun during the break just trying to figure out some things that we can do as a show and you know may be an invite. Listeners to go along to work for Tom Bob May be joined and a dart league join a bowling league. You know stuff like that and you know that doesn't notice but Patrick says this and I hope someone's listening right now. Patrick says he is a great golfer. And at I believe he said. Chris that he can be Bobby American golf I believe at least riders at okay how to make sure that I didn't miss hearing that. Dan probably get some bold statement as us. I just I just need give me about it all McLean sounds like you know finally have perhaps that's what I hear I had a dollar I just I just need. To dryer and sessions just to get my back straight in and ended. So it on your short game though because in my short game is impeccable outlook handers we are fantastic. Short. Phil Mickelson is a perfect example. Why isn't going to take him to an image that it doesn't matter as a matter. When a bunch of other tournaments I mean you know so but anyway so you don't every major says US open the editors. If you are listener tiger why animal who also listens to Bob McClain I wanted to do me a favor and during the week to bombshell. Text Bob and tell him that well how can I. From the upstate polls daisy duke is challenged him to golf Patrick played on this high school team get. He's he says he's an ace so I mean not you know. I I can play so what you're saying you're not an ace particular Bebop so that's not even more hello I'm right there that's that's when I heard. I would love to play Bob and a round of golf. I just don't know if I can do much additional things are have to be some serious stakes on the actors and saying listen I don't think you could handle. Bob laid the smack down on because I can guarantee you that he probably only about that people don't think so well but he is the master at that. All that stuff you're just talking about doing it bowling the other night. He would be you times ten aligned now I'm I'm I would very much to look forward to that. I think that's. That's the thing I really want to see. I don't care if I win lose or draw this having to play golf with Bobby Mack. Oh hello hello hello this conversation I just another I wanna win lose or draw play when Bali next him before however. I will be body neck exact. When heels figure out there keep. Talking is do you stop talking Miller have that control over you. Let them do that yet that's what we need on the ship people talking exactly there at the same time this is like a wall of noise it's also. On I'm sorry but I says it's actually similar 307 if you Arnold hasn't put his finger up to broccoli is yes you know he should oval Monday. No accidents and I was I was good. So text Bob during the week and tell him that Patrick Brown the challenge has been issue has has issued a challenge says he can be a little Bobble say. Who exactly exactly he's. This legitimately that's the person I ever met of these like ugly yes senior report that later. I go go or I mean if I didn't hear a man that same interactions on not anymore no Hitler will make Bulent. Every ad I filled in for you and Tara it was about a minute Christmas. When units are in case Smith. And I filled in for him and she was just trying to throw at me but she could remembered her my name she's like you're there bullet. Phil and her producer Chris it and that's what he called me the whole show. They listen terrorist very focused on what she's do all I know and she doesn't need to be looking down that the person in the other room and try to figure out names on the LIR and looking down and listen. We have a meeting before the show sometimes to remember your name to I mean we Brian donor hands you you you see is what they're handle any us authority only. I liked ago. The show where everyone knows your name and that's why I like to participate in the Vince Coakley show that's exactly right Vince will not forget your name you will not. I occasionally sin and fun wrestling texts and he almost always reads. Okay point out that I told you on an era and does every time and the LA times previously that and I sent those text and he's read. Well he always jewelry don't always know they're from you and I'm not Oregon Ducks lineup I just know it's from you. Well because what I did Vince is today because I see you in Iraq. Between you and Vince on tax when we have our group text during wrestling events and it's it's very interesting and it's very similar. Luckily Vince doesn't say that things back to you. On the air that he does on text not that it's bad language or anything but it's the it's. That gets a little heated you know like my just did right there fun fact I was the first producer for Vince Coakley here. I'm 163 if you lap salute you are once on the ice that's right that's for that's true Vince and I go back you do way back. Mean SY remembers you name. You know it in the sub part is I can get Vince do two point now. Even though he is hated and reviled Vince Coakley that he is up for. The best show in South Carolina. According to secular broadcast association which I just think his loss and guaranteed second place at least they won't get over number one day but. As reported on the show put on again because people do not. They don't all of the stuff enough and also hope the terror. So British reservations is up for personality is now you have here that's right. And that that'll be a big deal I am I AM we've done this several years a row and been disappointed and I have a good feeling about this time. We've been doing lowered and you think well no they do have a view that I had the opportunity ever gone an opportunity. To put stuff together and that's our Alaska that's true I will say I have I've only is this will be my third submission. The one that's that's up for personality of the year for Tara. And at least you didn't have to do and I leased out to do pull one together for bond and for Russ. Imagine that was and had to be approved by downstairs. Who yes. Yeah that was a dozen before my time I got him through traded down. Students thought love downstairs downstairs is often awesome got to got to see this and copy earlier today looking good. Yes after you don't have to look indeed right there and I mean that in his dislike us. That's my god type of thing. Hope he's listening right now none of these offend Russia he would probably also be in any also. Is a fan of the obstacles on FaceBook. Unlike Chris who just doesn't like FaceBook. It's this idiotic polls page which is why I show you know I'm like you should not Dylan what idea cellular enables it all right couple big dollars coming up. You're listening to the Allstate pulse air or a 63 W Doherty.