Upstate Pulse 3-17-18 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, March 17th

The guys get finished with all of their first round matchups in their horror movie bracket.


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That is funny by the way Tom welcome back into. The of staples our number twos and earn our. They're onions around town yeah I think thanks again turabi has stuff to do he would've stuck around. For the rest of the show. We always look leads at the same right. He's very he's our body and so we just have fun you know you don't fill off or anything filling ask him anything and talk about stuff who love that. Well and he was sell me on the way out I want to now out and he was in the same thing he loves being on the show death bust cycle that so it's it's it. It's a mutual affection that that's that's awesome you know no where there is no mutual affection and while there is. Patrick and hours talking about who the hell did this problem and guitar bracket this hour by like this problem in this building. And the problem is polls this is very confusing for lax corporate bond because. There's too many stickam Patrick's ended third two major injuries. And this becomes a problem and there's more than one of this this became a problem this week. During one of one of the conferences. At like score which unfortunately sometimes I'm involved in. We were we were going over some stuff and he's like well. Getting used to Patrick slip which Patrick. And then you delete almost called the wrong Patrick and his I mean they're their to be Patrick's two major entries. And Patrick you're thome story of knowledge and it had few stories actually on the first one happened yesterday I was at launch with one of my friends. I get a call from mom stone. Who's on location he's due in the the best passer classic it was an obligation to our station era all over that yet so. I get a call from him and think hey can you hear me and I'm like. Wrong Patrick I think the first thing I said was wrong Patrick he's like. Oh I'm sorry and then Mike immediately Mike art call Patrick gentry coming up now. And I hung up. You might legitimately Texan like it elements like about settlements fines up multiple times. I was just looking on the text messages whenever I sat down they always like deceit in Taylor what happened also a disservice and you were talking about the last. And a lot of are techsters always taxes and here. Says guys the peanut butter shot is the worst doc and I think in Everett. And it says and don't lie to lasted Patrick. Patrick gentry was on the board. And I am plus the passes yes so again another mix up with the names some might. That is not only people that work here. But people who listen in are also getting mixed up with Patrick Corus we will get Chris you know we just witnessed with other languages ownership yes amenities and hang on my opponent will of I we'll speak. I accepted it. I I've. It's my own now could do worse you know I could do a lot work if you doers I was just thinking we need to. We need to come up with some way to differentiate. Between flash and Patrick and it's rigid Patrick. Well and gone back and absence in this blazing when my professors listen. Alma alma mater listen and one time Texan mes and hey you did a great job. I had just woken up and Mike and that's the wrong guy I did it grow on a white. You've heard my voice for four years how do you miss that. And this is professor we've no right yes or does he you know he occasionally listens in on here so I'm hoping he listens and still has the Doctor Who scarf because nothing he does he does you know I he's he's almost done with his doctorate. Really yet. Yeah. So he can actually BA dot governor at the sky exactly. That's for that's legitimately his reason why he wanted to get as doctor. I'm not even get it that's that's a true movies that testifies yes yes exactly all right so we need to get started on this because last week it took us awhile. Yahoo! is still if you are listening pitcher texting fingers ready because you probably while the shot to participate. We are about to get to the other side of the bracket for our horror slash monster. Bracket and last week. Our fourth was. A souped his show contributor almost forgot his name Cameron and this week Patrick tears so. I needed a fourth and I gave a brackets you. Twisted time from our society sister station I 3.3 the planet the biggest horror fan in this building. And I think that's fair he's declared that himself and he still out the entire bracket so we're going to be using him as our fourth. But if there is a time you text and 71307. The first one attacks then. That's what we go I will say this assault was tied yesterday and he was game prepared for today he wore a kill everything yesterday and I want by my. That is an awesome you know Iraq that kill the yet he. Viewers every once in awhile and it it's a good look form the it works for him it does I just told the actuary kill I think we're too tall. Yes I think I think Crisco rocket kilt and yeah I would love to Erica hill I hit right right now Chris with the kilt and the beard I have actually go I actually shopped for killed before I've never actually bought one but I've looked as their store for that is yet I was I was shopping online I'm certain there's Stewart gaps somewhere and if you went to kilter I don't know why I I was I was looking around online there's probably look out there and I'm only trying to kill I don't know placed by the brag you know what there isn't. Oh anymore toys Toys 'R' Us motto I just want to point this out republic. They restructured they tried to go into nobly chapter thirteen it didn't work so there closing all they're still you don't see any local stabs me go on business. But by the way and this is kind of a a footnote it's been missed. In this story babies. Toys 'R' Us because they're frequently in the same building GAAP and listen if you are listening and and you work at toys or his Bill Gross who I've been. 24 different times. Places I worked going out of business and I feel but at same time. Get a point out eventually it will start to liquidate you know what that means sales sales so I mean pay attention to it. I have a grandchild on the way and a chance to get some on cheaper baby stuff. Not to mention. On the child and I have a lot of tourism in my mind knocking camera was to go while the Americans in and I don't want them there I was going oh is. I was I was actually log in there Costco the other day and they had a huge. Nerve can display and I and they were. Remarkably inexpensive piling. Notably in X I didn't get their diet all analyst or I almost bought this on three on fourth and asked for this I we have an airport in here might not in the currency PRD I protection Chris and I'm happy it's in my protects us aren't you know I would get I've you know because that's not a problem it may go hardcore I would say will be frowned upon by the powers that be but someone down the hallway uses it -- so I think we're gonna Whitner. All right let's get to use it. They tell I didn't tell he's a bully. 11 more thing India on the Toys 'R' Us topic ice I'd my guess I don't have any. Proof of this but but my guess is that they're gonna pull Circuit City and close all of their physical locations but keep the website up so by. And think in that you probably still be able to go to Toys 'R' Us dot com even after the stores are closed by just. So anyway if we find out we'll let you know all right let's get to our first match up all of the evening it is Halloween now how this works we are not seeking. Picking a particular Halloween we're picking the frame rail jock yes on Halloween. Jamie we correspond away who just filmed. The latest one I believe in Charleston it and it finished up and it comes out I think in October which is a perfect time. And the story of how they got Michael Myers mask still is amazing it was all bill Shatner mask in his turned it inside out there you go. And and the rest is history. And it's going up against trick or treat night I tell you I in ctrip surgery. And I don't think as I hear there's pretty scary. This time actually has. You figure. I don't know it's if it's a statue like of the main deal of interest treat in his office those pretty wicked looks kind of like the scarecrow. Patrick do you suture perjury I did not I go to prowling for this on now OK so Patrick Goss Halloween. Yeah I'm gonna pay Halloween too I mean Jamie Lee Curtis won that. Original scored a scream queens Agassi say an eight and I think it's safe to say grew out of that role played really became kind of a well known actress she did but she's also been willing to come back into yes exactly that in this the next little political. Things about Halloween is when Nate when these. Put on Halloween to happen the same night the starting with her in the ambulance gas and oh so cool I don't remember any other movie doing that before that. So the sequel started immediately. After the first one and there is no time lapsed or anything else she's in. The ambulance and he got drive an ambulance it was the last our fire by the way. Okay. And later on became her husband and she dedicated and it but I think all that doesn't exist anymore because continuity. Is changed and what would get into that when a movie comes out all right so twisted Todd. Picture fishery and I can tell you he pictured retreat to go pretty far. Oh yeah he did he Roy like a movie all right let's get to the next one but if you guys like comment on this tech site so once reserved seven. If you hear something that. Do you think we are wrong let us know we don't get things wrong very often especially Chris as he's perfect. But if we do he appreciates your correction because he wants. I won outright right I want to beer right and I want everyone else to be right. And I and I just good as she sometimes our sometimes yes sometimes I do miss things you did actually go from a lean Halloween yes they did OK I just just make it to all right Chris what is the next. The next match up we have scream the that with the original nets Campbell. And eventually starring Courteney Cox. Analysts starring featuring AS Courteney Cox as the as the series went on. Scream is one as one of my favorite horror movies ever nights I think the franchise and kind of went downhill. After that bud the bud I'm gonna go well with scream just based on the strength of the original. Verses. The movie insidious which I will admit I did not see. And I don't I know this thing about I did I so can't imagine being. This is one of those things that this was a hard thing for me is insidious was one of those movies that. Panicked kept you on the edgy receive a little bit of societal yeah it was a very spousal and might very terrifying movie. But the thing for me is the one of the first Hormuz aerosol was screen. So for me I got the sentimental value of it so I've noticed scream for this one. Even though I spent problem this is probably the one I spent a lot of time on deciding which one I should go all right now. Scream was good but to mean. Is parity didn't made fun of all the horror movies that came before would you really and I know that's what their goal it was well it was simultaneously a satire and an homage to those two into the genre itself I give it but because of that and insidious is one of the new world war moves because that I'm voting for insidious. Now Tia was one of the things like let's see. What do twisted toggle for. He reloaded for a date did you look restraint I guess candidate tonight as one big shorts at this this could be a potential tie coming up get your texting fingers ready to seven when freezers Evan. It is a tie so lol who wins scream are insidious the first one to Texas born 307 scream more insidious. Who should move on an hour horror bracket. We are waiting to see who it's going to beat and I know I'm hopeful and scream. Screen Gems on screen on. I am a little shocked by that I read people all look the same time texted scream OK there you go and see. Now if you are listening for the first time Dicey out works so we have a time. I will say the first first at texted it. Put in three little period marked at the ended it they had time to do three period marks. Oh boy this ethical analysis us by the bullets as they want to thank you think you know I didn't know there were reports that you. Patrick. It's time for you to read the next. We have Frankenstein. Going up against frightening. Now here's the thing Frankenstein classic I get has forced Carl to play him first if I recall I believe it was worse cough we have to look that up a look at Chris obviously doesn't believe me. On soda and a jumbled schedule and I am. I'm willing to bleed you I'd just. Something about that sounds not query while I believe I believe I'm right but we'll find out he because his problems he can't get past armed Feinstein. Boris Diaw has Briscoe furious. It's not console off its eyes sides ya you know reading not strong suit that's OK let's look at further away for me than it is progress so yes that's true that's not about us on asked for a while I agree and does so. Frankenstein classic. Posner Shelley wrote Frankenstein who has that yeah arms and the Bakken today. When movies were just starting to Frankenstein came out I'm sure it was pretty scary and there have been so many. Different versions of Frank's time now Friday night. I was teen usual Friday night came out and it's all about a vampire movie and in next door and there's been a remake of Riddick when that either. Played the original was it I really liked it so. I'm gonna go ahead in votes and. I really like Frankenstein but humble in fright night. I'm Chris I I am I am gonna vote Frankenstein again because of the classic nature by the way ahead and look there's a Boris Carla did play Frankenstein's monster I. I was confusing and with bill goes he who play Igor. So that that's that done and it's amazing that those two were insane yeah going to be a fantastic. I was a win I never actually saw fright night but I remember seeing you know trailers for it and stuff and I eat just and I think I've complained about this on on what the other movies that we did last week. It just seemed a little cheesy to me and I end and not. You know net not immoral like Willie pulp horror than than really well. Suspenseful I get what you're saying the winning came out and yet again I was I was fair enough younger now so and you watched it. Probably later Al Arab yes it's a decade after rose I'm still gonna go Frankenstein again Patrick I would like Frankenstein. Okay. We all the time we did I would tie so fright night or Frankenstein. Which one is moving on tax 71307. Fright night or Frankenstein. Who is Frankenstein really yet really Frankenstein in Frankenstein. Yet again I consider I consider this an upset but you know I'm getting a multiple loads I'm wondering if some of this falls along the lines of age to cause I think. Horry and just Ara you know yeah that kind of the well for me generational my mom is a huge. Classic movie fan. So sometimes whenever she turned it on the classic movie channel. Frankenstein would powerball. So I would that's mine. Rim remember it right another movie there's in this down Japan out of Korea again I don't as we. One more in before we take a first break and I would do that it is he wolfman the original wolfman was just this place in my heart for the wolf man because it's starred. Lon Chaney and because of that and is a member thousand faces and I always wanted to be and as someone who's. On nickname is law and by the way McLemore I have my mom called me and what are my friends called me growing up. On. I I always kind of unlike Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney junior. And a wolf man at the time just I think they used like maybe stop motion type a stop to make can turn into the wolfman. On they were using camera techniques have been done yet. With black and white and it was truly cool and it's going up to get scary and here's the other thing Cary Steven king who appears on this. Lists many many times. Sissy Spacek the coal miner daughter. And he knows just psychic powers and maybe they don't pig blood on her head. And it is Nan dale was it was tough so. I'm not overly. OK Chris you hit out Chris who you know get him before also trying to better now bill Levin and losses on just trying to make his own dorm it and keep licences nonstop trying to iron out OK you know what that's fair enough and I I do recognize the the sort of classic made terrible man but Cary. Steven king master master of horror master of of of just really that kind of storytelling you know and and suspenseful story telling. I'm I know we're talking about the movie here and the movie was good but I remember reading the book in. High school. And one of the things that I loved about the book is that that the tweet it's got normal chapters like he'd expect the book but in between each chapter. Is a news article that is referencing. Everything after it happened so it's it's kind of retrospective. And it was a really interesting juxtaposition of a few of seeing everything happen in chapters in kind of in real time. And then looking back on it between attackers really really interest things on the go with Cary here I what was. Carradine was one of the more iconic last yeah teens yeah all the movie was. And I am I just remember Cary stick with me prevails and all right I'm going with Carrey also just because it's a coal miner's daughter and assists and a weird and twisted time also when we carry it's not us we leave there again Kerry. Are gonna take a break when we come back we are going to continue our bracket trying to get through. This side. And help we will have we don't we may go back on FaceBook live to finish and populist and of staples. Right of 1063 to VO RT. Looking luckily none of us. Are processing buying process or do anything that has to do processing except for processing in a bracket. It's trying to get it through to the am wit people aren't attacks on what's the what's the difference between processing something in producing something. I don't know would you would you consider yourself processing the show. Patrick I would consider myself producing a technician out to there is a difference yes a concern because my title is producer area number processors and a guy. Ya wouldn't wanna be executive processors and discuss how to stay at marinas straight regular you know as it's a fair point but like what if you're quick cheese but I main processors. Now if you do work would Cheney's as you pointed out now being the main process there. For cheese that's a higher position that's like the head sees. It thank you don't let the big cheese that's the big deal veggies. He's done it folks had cheese's something's different note as solutions that it's a good of staples we mentioned cheese sampling Silas continue. With the bracket Chris. We got next. Let me pick up my page and find out exactly hard on the sausage you know what actually looking in this Somalis. Going to be so hard. This I'm just gonna go and say it it's the fog. Vs get out. Which finally I will say this you did a remarkable job with some hard first round matchups on yeah pac. This is this is tough. I think all the hard ones I have are in this region yeah same here are in this region yeah yeah. Yeah we had a couple tough on class gap in a couple tough was it so the fog again classic. He suspense full atrium bar below. Man you know and we've we've talked before a few times a ballots. Robards about what's his. Bill Hall know him robards. I forget his I don't know but he I think he was a priest and attention is also related and report. But we've talked a couple times last week chased out to Jason okay yes. We we talked a couple times last week a ballots. What you shoot. In a horror movie and what you don't shoot what you don't put on the screen and if you don't put something on the screen because the audience. Any you know an audience member is going to imagine something worse than you could show them and that's kind of went. And you know we got with the foggy it was in he was a mean it was the monster but it was. You also can it was indistinct you know is. Not really. Couldn't tell. Well I'm Tony you could tell it was more lol yeah yes district. But didn't get out get out he's just won an Academy Award yes Ford best original screenplay. And is should I you know what I gotta go get out and it's. Does he tell it's a tough called. Add a bonus and you'll meet ongoing with get out just because of how many. Theories. People happy hour all with this movie alone yeah I mean to go on ready you can spend hours and hours dissecting. Each and every part of it people come up with different theories about each scene of every yes movie and you know what I think it's fair to say. That film making has gotten better over the years in general not that they didn't used to make good movies. But that in yeah I mean just of the way that damn movies crafted and it was by Jordan appeal yet what a lot of people didn't think he could make this type of media media. Which. You know silence the doubters very quick. They thought well I gotta tell you I thought get out was a great movie and the twist at the end mom. I didn't really see that coming as far as the stores. It is kind of vote. All were movie you know I thought that there was displacement of spear there sums I didn't realize there's actual surgery involved. In a sense. But we're looking at the fall out is located. He first jumped scared that I remember ever was in this it's that memorable to me John Houseman. Is. Helena ghost story on the beach. And he has a watch. As he's doing it into these hang in the watch did you see his hand. And he breaches on grabs a watch in the scared the crap on me. And this is John Carpenter movie which also means you get John Carpenter and it's freaky music inputs and everything that he's in and and if my daughters must needs go kill me but I can't I gotta go with the fault because of a just because it's the first jump scare that I remember. Fair enough and a missed out July's especially as a sled it's what what makes I mean I'd I get goose bumps they get stock. How that scared me so bad. And here's the thing. I'm not alone with voting for the. On so explicit on that means it is a tie a man. Text line 71307. Don't forget or give outs who moves on its gonna be an upset either way I feel like a philippoussis Todd is coming going classic honest I think he is he has which is which is okay and we're not gonna we're not gonna argue with them on that point all right the flawed or get a hole in the fog both thought we were talking you know led wanted to upset right here I was angry to colonials and tune into our people who aren't as old as me this is announced that message for me this one it was tough because I like both album yeah and the thing is is that. We kind of saw this when we're like. Whatever wins here we're gonna be kind of happy and sad kind of down as you're rooting for both of gab all right Patrick this move loans it's an excellent. We have the Arenas vs Rosemary baby. Those Mary's aware as a surprise me yeah configured on there anyway obviously I've seen it because you. Read it as radar gun at the time ever the now you've gathering I don't furthering. It's only movie I saw that to you again. I have pretty much still Ares I am also going with a ring again with screen one of my favorite all time favorite horror movies ever. I'm just it's something is something about the way that it was. Presented. Hey did you grow the regular pretty well pros and and this year right now I am well and and I am that's is kind of a gamble completely coincidental but. It RC Mamie scared to put in tapes is what that was the thing like over a solid one. Is that you. Eat in presented it presented electronics as. Not just on reliable case I mean when you have a problem with your electronics it's it doesn't work it's not. Into the VCR isn't working right or your cellphone and you know want do what you wanted to do or. Something but they're never menacing they're never threatening and that's what it presented was that. Did something that doesn't this add a piece of equipment that isn't doing what you wanted to do could somehow be sinister. And that was just unnerving to me well. I will with a ring. So it was it's not so I clean sweep was the Tuesday and sent a fantastic new if you haven't seen it. Absolutely and endure and of scary movies absolutely delighted are if you're not in the scary movies don't watch a whole. It will now it will destroy you cite lots of movies you get to all right. The next one is the money. Woods has been there in a whole lot of renditions of the yes me and going up against misery another Stephen King movie and some may think it's suspense. But this was a horror movie it's Stephen king and that since we need to hurry along yeah I and I love the mummy all of the mummy movies but misery. It makes me feel lucky just thinking about it. If you haven't seen yet and. And no idea I have. Now Ed but I have to ask you this idea because I know we said franchises but I feel like with the mommy you've had more lake reboots. You know how you like Ellis still he still they'll still go the same. Because if there was one of those monies that stands out above all the other ones and no mummy I just I've got to go with the mommy here because. Of the of the Brendan Frazier version. Just I mean fantastic fantastic film making as he had even though. Even though them the second one has one of the biggest. Plot holes and have never seen the I was gonna go money. And I re watched misery this weekend and I found out why I loved so much I want I'm going misery and cracked the all right Mary moves on Christmas get to learn more before we got straight. The wicker man. Vs Texas chainsaw massacre this to me is also a very difficult choice just as easy because I I feel like I've seen the wicker man but I think I'm confusing it with a different I in fact now I know that and confusing when commanding Nicolas Cage okay yes tiger I I have not seen. Hot dog okay. I on the news and I'd go to wicker man just for that. The era feel nobody no I don't odds are well. Nicholas Qaeda still greatest joy here's the thing and I I was telling my daughter raven about this when she's talking to me about get out get out is the same plot line pretty much as wicker man get. It's the same thing I'm sick and it and that type of movies been. And over and over guess a distance witches and Nicolas Cage. His wife and daughter are called they disappear and he's looking forum and their from a coven and and every so often they bring in a guide and a sacrifice them to. Whatever you want his camera and actually is a double or not and how he dies they put to the zoo the zoo wicker basket cumulative so wicker basket over his head. And and has a deathly. You know he's at least a parade beats ya gadgets that don't write whenever he's going to space Susie green so I'm just curious is he cool winter deadly deathly afraid of bees or did they pick v.s because he's afraid of them. I don't remember who I think is coincidentally I to attend this face it if you if you have a basket overhead consoles but Beason them unless you're beekeeper now you're probably scare. But this is going up against Texas chainsaw massacre. One of if not Z at least one of the original gore fest movies a minute he was. It is brutal. And and normally that kind of thing is not. Appealing to me. I gotta say that one kind of stands out in the genre as being a classic and not having seen wicker man it I you know and it doesn't have an effect on me so. I'm gonna go take. Has changed a mask our New England played music as as I give mine. Drive then. Via my sister not supposed to look a receipt we did if I said chainsaw massacre to my sister she would burst into tears and go hide in her bed. I'm going chainsaw massacre. So is twisted time okay chainsaw goes to all right you listen to just say pause right here 0163 W Doherty. Welcome back DO staples Alonso Chris and Patrick. Working on a bracket trying to get this side done before. This show is done today so he can you know continue on next week and all that kind of stuff. On. I hope your bracket has been busted yet and there is there have been some surprises. So far. On both sides now we're gonna get to a little bit more I don't. I'm guessing this next one's going to be clean sweep it is the descent. Which I haven't seen but not a sin bits and pieces I know what it's about. It's going up his nightmare on elm street. I think Freddie Krueger is probably Luoyang the perennial all or whatever he's one of the favorites yes I would guess when you think horror movies that. Nightmare announce street is is one of the ones it comes to mind first part three was my favorite. Because. Of the doctor in song and because they fought back and one of whom was wizard even though he died and in the one girl can bring everybody into uses it and former team to fight for any ads like that so I'm going to I'm answered yes in here and I'm man and street. None down arms come on all right I'm I don't even know why am looking but he Todd made the right choice of courses. He course he did. Yeah. Can read his writing their but he did all right Chris the next one. The next one is the old men. Which again and maybe confusing with a different movie and its affiliates on a long time ago vs evil dead two are the only and there are three of them ghastly. And it's it's. The anti Christ. Is Damian OK you know I think I heard you talk about Damian Fuller creepy it is near first one and and Africa's name but one do died by piece of glass. Coming off the back of they. Truck and cutting his head on gas into watts head rolled down the clock ice remembers seeing that. Want to thank Warner. Is an alliance and time bandits. Who's in time after time. He was ruling could that guy when it doesn't matter and those last at any rate even Warner I eighty I remember seeing yielded two for the first time. In. In college actually and just you know with a bunch of my friends they'd all seen in the flow not all of the time you know a lot of mansi a before and was like army as his movie. Who watch it it's a cult classic. And just a kind of holds a special place for me so I I gotta go with an immense hit the deer laughing it Alda and an Atlanta any slap any ridiculous that's the other thing about it -- areas it's funny how. These yeah it's it's it's just it's insane. It's a lot of fun when this comes on hand yeah because it's possessed I mean there's just so much. And and deep the demon moving through the woods was the camera moving really fast right bullets but he I was as in and fiery cult. Part two was just a remake of part one yeah this high as it was movie pretty much the same Olivia. I'm going to omen really I am. Again like I said like a lot of the times when I watched scary movies it was with my family and a lot of times they were classic scary movies and my parents and watch what we Rick is when barricades. They were like you guys need to see this to understand why. We kind of saw skits and granted and it's his aroused little muscles on thirteen which is probably and yet but did this movie had a lasting effect on me I'm going with. I mean when nine Damian threw fits and would go into the church. On anyways just creepy yet to get the kid the doctor they got was perfect when they pull back his hair and you could see the 666 in his hand I mean there's so much stuff and again. The head rolling down the glass was it was excellent. On uncle people and so the time. To evil dead wins three to one all right Patrick what we got next we have the blob. Vs scanners and I'm guessing you don't see new war I haven't. But I I would lose I haven't seen it now what's a little bit on YouTube to Tennessee if I would like at a much movie reviews are. That and at times. And the million new with the scanners. Gonna go scanner. You one million next thing indexes that the yes go ahead I checked on. The blob the original was in black and white I think and Steve McQueen and if I were call. Which was a pretty big deals what it is basically a media are calms down and and has does do and it. Someone finds it they do need some and it just gets bigger and bigger and the remake I really really liked I love the remake in had Kevin Dillon and it. As a punk believe it or not and he was kind of star of it. On and it was a government experiment in that one but the blob itself was pretty pretty cool effect but it was susceptible to cold. Go to Prius scares the scares was basically told him he says where they pretty much made each other's heads blown up. And Michael ironsides the first. Did Vinny and like every horrible movie ever created by man he's also was since in small Billy's been a ton of stuff who's in the I think. Says guy's been around forever I don't care who refused to wasn't in the year of the dead and actually daughter now thinks I think still around. But. Scanners really really good. I was scanners. Yeah I was trying to remembered. Skinner sounds familiar don't think I actually saw it. But for some reason I recognize the plot that you're describing. And maybe it may be is on TV you'd like him you know cut and edited for teen years something not I don't know. But I I gotta go with the blob it's just age you know that. Did the creepy in more face mask the devour everything is like these word and more for us. No need to win of this is ever used the word anymore if they say and neither have you against the and that's not true that's not true at all. At and what was the context when he used an amorphous. Or the probably talking about some other type of do need substance. Was something without shape was a sack or what it means you're gonna I don't know are putting into this more as a more let's regardless I'm voting for the blob okay. Was done also voted for the blog okay means. It's time is titled if I OK okay now let's annex I didn't write it isn't time so which moves on seven gainers 07 for this Lander is or the blob. Let us know which one moves on 71307. Scanners or they'll block Anders is moving on scanners beats. The blob and moves on all right what we got next Patrick. King Kong. Vs poltergeist. Moon. This is going to be a tough one may be. Kinda it is. Because for me again watching bolted as the one thing that is a lasting image in my head is the little girl holding your hands of the deity you. As a kid I was scared I was like I'm done done tap and out on and on. And for that reason I voted for both our logo next King Kong is. The king of monsters I mean it's always been King Kong or gods or Nevada she's gonna just say the nasty fall Mozilla yeah they fought each other people. From the beginning of time. Right from the beginning of movies have thought who would really went in a fight but poltergeist man. I'm gonna I'm. Regina. This. And and my favorite was pulling us too I liked it better than the first yes yes just because of the creepy preacher guy. Hey you got an Indian name now why don't tip that he incurred. The Indian because that yeah oh yeah ask maybe it was the old Gloria yeah I I am going poltergeist too I feel like. I know King Kong does fit in this category of monster in horror but I feel like it was more of and elegant adventure film or some am just it's I don't feel like it all went all the blind will finally ended up on top of the empire I don't. All one of them two of them I guess they know that it's been remade like 45 times yeah I guess in the end anyway cause got a thing for the blind I just I just. If you like it doesn't quite fit in the category Andy and you're absolutely right about poltergeist. Easily in my top ten of a scariest movies ever. It just aids is just creepy how people had to prop had a problem with the the premise that all of this was happening because of the ancient Indian burial ground that I. That never bothered me like William and as. Not any different than a zombie movies or any guests remove absolutely this is has been done for a while our super creeping yes poltergeist I do next when you do what Todd they'd just had to care he also portal again all right the next one you're going to be. You and ask why is this all on here. Also when you saw about franchises but how owing three is on here here's a reason why. Howling three had nothing to do with Halloween although they tied it in later on Mariah tried to howling through his season of the witch. And what it was and is three more days till Halloween. Shamrock severe these commercials in yourself and all these. All these masked. And add a certain time on Halloween if you might then midnight. A signal will be sent out that would kill everybody. And this one did in his one do is trying to stop at all from happening. And so it's totally different there's no Michael Myers and says it's all about. And trying to killer by when that right so and it was pretty as opposed to razor blades in candy yeah yeah. As opposed that it's up against. The dead zone Christopher Walken. I don't know if you remember Christopher Walken starred in the dead. Well not I remember that Tunisia via that they did which had anything hockey hall yet Anthony Michael hall and it who looks very different. But now that he's grown up compared to a as far as ten days from sixteen candles and you know for breakfast club and that would let us. I am I'm getting ill of the dead zone here affiliates not quite as as strong as some of Steven king's other. Stories but it's still a Steven king story. And and carries a lot of weight just because that and I had just for the reasons you mentioned Halloween. Being completely different movie in yet set in and the Guinean trying to percentage in this. Halloween just to give people come here actually did you know what they did the same thing with die hard two die hard two originally started out as just another action movie and halfway through production they said hey what do we put John McClain in this. It is a completely different authors to be different character and then they just change in the middle because. I Hart had some name recognition and and that is bothered. That case it worked I don't know deadpan yeah I'd I'm going dead zone to just because Christopher Walken. And it was cute premise to do it generally was allowing three was slammed. Yes the movie Patrick. I wish I voting for it now know I had seen dead zone and but I did see how lean three because when I was in college in my room and I made. An effort to watch every Halloween movie. Either good or bad right we're gonna watch every single one of umpires do what I would trigger. I'm voting now we know it so it was all eyes are. It is a time and this is I was hitting a dead zone I will be in a Halloween three or dead zone tag on line sale. All over again is and they'll let me down for they live come on 71307. How offering dad's dead zone yet. Dead zone moves on. Okay act enacted them. Let me down again. Are right now we're gonna move on to next. And it's Wi Max reports offbeat yet nice breed. Which no one in this room scene other than me probably. Which it's so hard to describe but Tim Curry's actually and it as they as. Half moon man it's all these dysfunctional demon people it's a Clive Barker booked its creepy use a movie was creepy. It's. Has to do kind it was zombies in demons and it's just. L is it was absurd but the effects are really good and again at him Korean and go up against. Player which. Who started a certain kind of genre of film making when it came out the documentary skater type movie mom. Which player which was if you took the F bomb on a bit. The movie pie in the last about ten minutes. Because that's basically what it was but. For the last five minutes of the movie yet. That was due for retrieve now is scary. Well the whole movie the whole movie is is a buildup to that point and I don't really realize it's only for five minutes that's amazing that they were it yet do that you don't. Really realize that it's happening as it's happening now when Blair witch when they when this first came out it was marketed as. Found footage you know we shouldn't be showing this in theaters in just the you know it as opposed to a produced film. I actually saw the movie. After the the actors and after to become a big sensation after the actors and it had done David Letterman and Jay Leno and you know all the all the booed. The talk shows you know things like that until I I was aware that it wasn't actually. You know that the what speaks to what they intended it to be. Still scary still completely. Angela Blair witch I'm Don Blair when it's okay you know I did the same I watched it afterwards yeah I had a band at the time all the old wives'. Went away on a church retreat when we hold on we'll watch this and I. Edit which was weird that watch it with them but I also ongoing Blair witch so's time all right good choice one more. Movie to just do these next two are kind of tough birdie and never an hour are Patrick next one I we have how to play. Burst as the shining. So Chucky vs Jack. And it's not because the the the creepy doll has long been a trove of a horror stories I mean. Set aside movie and really I'm Laurent everyone's had dad labs all that discreet you one in our office which is still everybody. But it's Ike I feel like is killing the movies are a little campy and in the hole. Jennifer Tilly staying just I don't know and I they don't want to is yeah. The shining on the other hand again. Steven king classic. I I gotta go in the shining. This phone wasn't hard for me shining all the way and now I I'm going shining to justice when when Jad well. Silly Duvall went almost like not one vote for because I just cannot picture bride be married to her scat man covers brother's snowman. He was great and so. Time also goes with the shining okay the last one racks are gonna get through this as we finish up the show announcements is. Psycho the original Psycho. Joining us cloverfield and it's like. Okay why are these two going against you but this was tough nut not to me and not and not me on the go first. And I think anybody match I gotta tell you cloverfield is another one of those movies would no hope and I hate those movies because there's no hope. But then you look at this and you think. Stick and hope and waited so that was kind of like the Blair witch way of eminent and the the main monster and the small monsters. This thing freaked me out cloverfield all the way. I'm gonna go cloverfield cloverfield is one of two movies that actually I had to leave the theater for because I get sick watching it the other count them. Where is he camera work was just enough to upset my stomach and I do literally I didn't see the end of the movie I had to leave the theater. But Psycho my problem with Psycho Psycho is a good movie and ads say that sex is a good movie. But my problem was Psycho is that you watch it today. And it's not shocking at all it's not scary at all it's just it's like we obviously I was crazy shower I can now that's I think back in the day. It would've been crazy down by it but today we know all about mental illness does. Honesty for me I'm a huge fan of cloverfield because the way in one shot. And I'm a huge fan of Psycho because the person I saw it I was surprised but again I was a little puzzled I give me about from me cloverfield okay all right. On Todd went Psycho McClover we'll wins but we got the mall we did we did miss it. Next week we will be talking about South Carolina come god could let policy and air Monday official this a BC is. Weekend everybody.