Upstate Pulse 10-21-2017 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, October 21st

Lonzo is on a rant and it's not pretty, also the guys talk about space!


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Well commence and he'll stay polls my name is Alonso full crew in here tonight on a beautiful Saturday night. We have the IM DB credited actor. The east so parents these are of what show is back. And I yet Miami done this right not yet you're planning your planning on becoming a nine and eight creditors that it is on the list the on the black vests. Anime and created starring Chris evidence. I'm just curious what will your IN DV critic come from. Was sort of production. It's been brought up probably you know break through and used as an extra on something in the healing bit roles here and only television he's Saturday. Cable holding him and tone we've we've heard that home for allow all of our titan legitimately says he'd gone to date we've heard that tone. It's that's my voice that so it's not your I really believe him or you're an idiot town that's all I'm curious Chris we've we've heard your voice okay. We've been on the show. Numerous times we know the difference between your normal voice and the voice of not correcting you supply us. We know that this does in his voice is just telling me now have what it takes to be hi guys but that's that's how I went on out there cities and I think I believe in you I think you can do it even now covering up not now covering up its I was like yeah now I don't really believe the right now. I believe he did the hand motion and I believe he did and he's got does it. Had a smile on his face that reassuring like you're reassuring the dogs he's got a coherent thing. I believe and I believe in that video and it's a totally different. Hi so. Welcome to Saturday night if you would be a part of show 803471063. Texts like some 1307. You are just another bash Chris bandwagon doesn't feel free to do that all in the text line and updates lock your door and make sure use Patrick favorite word if George hall hour. It listeners to this fine program and we know you are your Nortel word isn't all of these other. No one even has to say it you know what it is he's thinking right now is a. Just say I'm thinking and add him yes listen I oh its own mind but I wouldn't have taken it through congress is to own netstat humane. Heavily covered issuance fueling wiest is and in good thing for you. Now partly I was five miles an hour. Funny thing is like a mine and my other job outs on my coworker events in guess that's a mistake like this like. The words my voice volleys me and I go well I mean this poured volleys means like oh my gosh he downward. And I said the other word abolished mes I I haven't thought about these in years but now they've bothered me. My. Other people like me. Just walking around bothering people do when he did Patrick would only when he said like media mean has the guys who like somebody's you know why can't similar symptoms mean yes the cat and so like we have we have walkie talkies. In our ear right though every once and a while orders to open up the Mike and yet what to say that. So why it's a if we don't whisper it but yet count ally that the what what word did you goes. Cat gets worse if you with are now no it doesn't sound like you say seepage is sounds like you're saying something else so. Chris essentially since a female dog that's what it sounded like he said. I think that yes interesting guess that's what I heard both sides turn up your your bureau itself to the point where I thought I should clarify exactly that he said seepage not. The other things anyway I think it's worth when every whisper it yes it is because that's why analysts predict the it's instant. I think screech as have walkie talkies and afterward some arms walkie talkie and people it's fantastic what some athletic on lesbian studies and many should talk your boss and getting lucky lucky dog visas would. Should just. You guys you need to be able to communicate they do you do you like Phil on expense report saying things that you need for your position I mean I usually tell him and he has they don't want him to quality credit card there and equality procurement mess and mr. chairman Karzai and his tell him we need to be you know he. Listen if your job would be so much smoother if you're able to communicate you know through walkie talkie I think it's a great move when your party should get the earpiece out because earpieces important. Ladies and walkie talkie he gets sets of them on Amazon and a plus plus if you did did your piece you can feel like your member of the Secret Service it's true every doesn't want to go wild like I'll do this might. Seeker. Now these are you guys that you. Will double in all four of them and so does he do that might legitimately do that and are not miles from where Howard. And is this like do you identify places in the store. By my sanctions on my section again we got we got a cloudless tankan in Nigeria. A Columbus bank and the Nike area do not know there. We we where there was one where relate in his guys like fishy. This week smelling not know like like we were like some sort of scary I don't. Is she serious determined to be apart of the shells into the fifth coast sincere and but notice a slight pulse contributors here let me we kind of figured he was in town. Stealing yes so we said that suspicious yes suspicious that we said that we had a Laurence Fishburne as he was fishy I say. Near the Nike I also we've progressed to totally words that we use of words though it doesn't look obvious. Are there any. And I don't know if you've mentioned which story where dad but are there any corporate sanctioned it code words I know this is a thing. In certain in certain stories they will have a specifically. Defined code words that everybody knows it all the employees know yeah you know for the things a bit there are four. Light. Lost children or something like Brett not for. People who. Looks suspicious stealing things and those are just what we came come up with but they're keyword that we tell customers in him the byproduct. Nancy I used to work nice dog recruiters in Ohio and if you heard them say almost the same thing yes it if you hear them saying 99 over the loudspeaker. You knew that there was a crisis and these are shoplifting or someone. Trying to rob us who were supposed to run up front. So then what's which you do is you decide okay towards robbers someone's robbing us why Akamai right out exactly so I mean some people would go up a little bit quicker than others. And you can hide behind you knew would Giles you can hide behind a little bit better to see what was going on to decide you wanted to go up there now but yeah. That's what we do on slow days slate will will test that. Hide behind certain things play hide Seigenthaler and we'll have like a little bouncy ball and will throw the bouncy ball Odyssey like in vacancy. And like if we hit them and they don't know where we are. Seeing ads that your didn't exactly as. While I'm glad no one knows what you're talking about stellar ranged attack about Anna are getting. But agree rabbit trail yes it was it was and we all went down its. And contributed so I mean it's the US Siri yes even Syria and he's truly. You know honestly I can say series 101000 times she doesn't turn on but you know what a horrible Selig random wars and Bo. Yes all right speaking well we were speaking Obama transition into my rant if you watch the the free show on 106 VW Ortiz FaceBook page by the way used to watch that we always do that fifteen minutes or so before the show. Mom I said I had a little bit of a rant and have a rant I was discriminated today at least in my opinion I think I was discriminated. And I always see if you guys especially the listeners because. I don't know I think I may value listeners opinions more mundane viewers when it comes to discuss stuff because you guys won't know. You know you never had this problem for like he's jackass. Zach has had this problem before. So. America today would you short by the way that's fine no I easy I get my hair cut. Twice a year which. Normally would save me money which takes me towards my rent so she'll contributor Cameron and I went out to get a haircut today. And when I walked up they all looked to me and said I just wanna warn you. It will cost you an extra ten dollars. Why and I said why and he said because your hair's pasture collar. Interesting I do I ever heard this I don't think an error by the oil poured out cameras here. Not a whole lot of guys out yeah because. He's was yeah it was passes color but they looked at me and all looked at me every one of them and there not to tell you there but they all looked at me and said. So I was like that's never been a problem before as well we have a new manager. And others say this is going to be a new policy and and so we've just an awesome well. Can you explain to me. Why this rule it is is in effect. And I don't think they were ready for me to go forward Chris on them and question every last reason India explanation because I was ticked. And an extra ten dollars man I seriously and and at the meal it and by the way there's some batteries is flat out discrimination it is because you discriminated me. I should be the kind of person you what to come in there because it's like an opening Candice. I have given. Like 67 inches cut off my hair. So and I don't go fancy sky at the same went all the way around and they know that because they have within their records and know exactly how I get my Erica. Especially to do multiple times it's away or repair places do this now so rendered chains. Intense. So they know when you come and well he's got this the last time you want this again that's had to say no it was but the ten dollars and and so the fact that I questioned in May and more nervous and I realized. That if I'm bothered a little bit I kind of looked mean I I get that and the hair and the rage I'm the same time you're a little bit imposing to begin with well even when you're not being mean but. I think those of us a couple of particularly Simi truly angry in this room would know when I get angry IA. And more. Clear. Then. It's not right hind re right it's I get smarter when I get angry. Which is whatever so odd old cloud that's hugely in my brain it dissipates it goes away. I housing focus I have singular focus my vocabulary comes back. All kind of stuff is there an ID you know had a few voices in my life when I've actually had a but I tried to stop myself from getting too angry and our desires go get my hair cut there anyway because it won't go anywhere else we're already there he's getting his hair cut. But it really really bother me now I feel like in and so for the rest Erica the deed. People who are normally chatty didn't really talk to me very much choice because. Of course they were concerned. I think if you Phillip you're discriminated against did you decide to go ahead and get your Erica there anyway it's going not a good idea to. Cause bad blood between you and the person who's going to be coming your hair doesn't say anything. And in really irritating you wait staff yeah Kuznetsov is. Gaps will occur or in decades spitting my happened right yes so I mean you know oops I dropped out on the floor and on number no that type of thing. Talked Jesse Jackson about pending appeal but anyways so. So then got my haircut so what. Not discriminated against an axle line 713 zero's I'm curious. Because you can tell I'm not talk about it right now I absolutely can them. I'm underside. I'm curious because you haven't specified. Do you think you're discriminated discriminated against because you had long hair or because you Laura man. Because I wonder what they'll part of the explanation she said it was vote the when Grossman well. Some ladies come in here and have long hair and there they think they can scammed the system. And and give it hit a cheaper haircut no it may nuisance that nameless I still don't understand what had gotten it on time how can not of that. In the system no and at that point I realized they had no idea yeah they truly had no idea why. Then charge me an extra ten dollars you should investment manager. That point on manager wasn't there of course marks. They ask for our ass for the number. Call home Chris is they I would take this all the way. Chris all the way Chris. I am I'm I am DB created actor Crist and Davis and I don't like this policy. So you know now the record hang on for the record I've never pulled a do you know who I am sure it didn't really coincidence of your name it's that you are and I am DB created actor you should I here's the thing if you have to say do you know who I am and you're wasting your time. She's clearly don't know until you should know yeah I am and that's that's when it comes down to bunt. So. Now not all my decisions do I go back again and do you guys still do you guys think I was discriminated audience I think you a bigger discriminated premiere here. I mean why did you get his gender thing considered strictly as a hair thing and the thing is beyond Marty let me slowly and certainly people people look at me as her way anyway because my pairs long which is why keep alone. Well against stereotypes against people who who are hobby and think well. On net and should have as an error of his collar if not he looks like a boy I know a man whose hair above his collar was likable anyway a little boy. And see that's why I asked the questions because. It is very common for women to Wear there along. The long enough that it reaches below the collar and I wonder if they have the same policy for limit because that would be. Virtually all women and may not clearly there's some that have short haircuts and they come and get you know I'm so that's like I should I run up the women but it's virtually. You know virtually all of their customers that are women would come in width. Hair long enough to qualify for that it almost seems like they're they would be discriminating against women. You know because it's it be unusual for a man and I mean you are the exception but it would be unusual for me and come in with him out. Low number in there as some of the people you know came and went. And they're all these guys are young guys who give their hair cut like every two or three weeks. You know those guys right you know we're all gonna go get that cut off in ours yet it's assists it well actually a couple of hours they weren't a twisters. With all the beards which was what they were young their answers and tell you can be apparently sister that candy yes. Meanwhile has the authority you know to they have our Doris. None not that I it's not that I saw him wearing skinny jeans. I don't look. Down there to find out how are we don't take a break. But. Just attacked 71307. Was discriminated or not you've got at least one person saying yes it's a stupid haircut policy. And manager sounds like a donkey. Yeah keep it PC two after 33 Perry get aren't they didn't say donkey we come back left to jokers who we come back we're going in outer space you listen to the -- polls are marijuana 63 W Ortiz. All right. Little bit of Pacman fever we'll clue what Tommy Downey gala a little bit this take. Take a blood pressure down a few nights ago I will say. They're discriminated again they're starting to roll in on the text line and pretty much everybody agrees with you. One Texas says I think you should defiantly called this hair cut plays out on the air appreciate they mean definitely but. Use your advantage. I bet you'll get charged extra next time. Well that really depends on if managers listening. And give that would be a form of do you know who I am. It would be any here's the thing you know. Believe it or not NASA this on the station the other station and people just laugh at me when I say it I am a company man. And I and I won't I will I will I pushed the boundaries will I'd stick a toe over the line yes I will but I'm not gonna do something that would. Possibly cost us a advertiser chore added to its potential client and I mean it well I'm not saying they're not already a client so maybe. I'm not gonna do that. Fair enough. No detection says you're absolutely discriminated against please let us long haired man knows who we can complain as well. Well. If you like watching sporting events on TV maybe configure our in this. No the Texas says that is crap I wish I was there I would've said more. And that's fraud in my life another. PetMed could be I don't know she hasn't signed it another one says that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard one 1000000% discrimination. Now the texture you were discriminated you should go to the manager if they had you in their computer system they knew what you always got they don't charges women more if we decide to cut off long hair to go short. Go to the manager all they definitely do because they told me this won't last I'm Erie Erie had this much cut off do you want that again so yeah I think right. Texas says they already know who they are Netherlands says. Well and that was my question all of that volunteered that that women. Come and try to scam the system all the time and asked over and understandings that I had done and make any sense I don't know how to scam the system I'm getting your air tickets or get a kick on for your hair I cheaper haircut. And again. The fact that I questioned. It made the people and Nair looked nervous and look confused because they just expected you to say okay. Not YC. That suggests to me that they. Either I almost like this is wanted to an extra ten dollars and they split it between between misery well I don't know that but that. How many other persons that they do to maybe dirt hills need to be checked but it eight it suggests to me today. Either disagree with the policy blurred are gonna have trouble explaining that to a customer. Where the very least they don't understand here's what I should have done and I just I just thought this and I guys who paused before I should have asked to see the written rule. Which is fair yet which I'd be willing to bet they didn't have. Probably not yes usually listings are posted somewhere right you know generally but I don't blues and others wanting. But sell it I was new law passed on discrimination and I'm still ticked off. If you wanna continue to give us Texan a 71307. Let us know and I know again thank you to. My long hair brethren and I am not among you now but I am in spirit. Oh your hair still plenty long yeah but not compared to what it was an it will grow back I guess like America twice a year. Why because they can't see stories like this are why I started going to you higher in places where do you pay more for the Erica I mean a boutique. I'm always had it's a boutique. If you know place on east Coffey street downtown Greenville that's Franco great place. There you know that was an endorsement without a name that was awesome. Like that I let's let's move on what you own it's there's a lot of space stories in the first question I have is for Patrick. Patrick did you see you're in its last night. There were seepage. You'll. What do you do I don't I don't radio talk catcher Justin Rose and that's how do doing patriots talk right now not me. Well like oh maybe he answers yet as I hope the DC prayers love I know I can't say that I did that did you see your rants last night did not. This story no listen at what did you get the save that as it was funny and opportune yet opportunity was there and today. All right so in case you didn't know yesterday. Was the clearest point in the sky where you could Syrians and you can even see the rings which I didn't know really I didn't know that the rings on it yes and and period says rings yes and a lot of people were out there us all people. Post on FaceBook to around trying to checker himself and and. Isn't it pronounced Uranus. I've never heard that yet either line near death Tyson domains the can actually act I had heard enough announced that way. Okay well so there is I am also I've also heard addressed the other way I thinking get into well it getting your just as Muslims. You see your readiness is something in a retreat because it isn't usually this invisible. Since its top it. So propositions with your and it's only come around once salary 367. Kurt days and as mentioned this time there's a new moon which helps in which means in a neat it was actually dark out there. Or Uranus for years it was thought to be a distant star a comment by its discover so William Herschel. So so William Herschel discover drains armed. Movie watchers will also be able to would have been able to spot Uranus last night. But it will be back around. You guys are so mature I don't value on time while legitimate news story it's all over FaceBook a lot of people oral work. We're looking pretty raiders last night and you guys didn't. Get tears for the actually says. To send instant then we're off in the ditch that's an Iraq. Another Cheshire says it didn't see your reign as they did see the derided meteor shower last night I didn't know it was going which is a nose isn't nice that's another thing in the list to which does. On our spacing. About the last night unfortunately if you didn't see it you'll get a chance to see it. The is beset Iraq Orion kids yet skier managed the Ryan indicating that they come they deemed appeared to come from the constellation Orion. I got that tea. So each October Earth's orbit. Propels as we try to go away from Uranus. Mom propels the plant through the dust shed by haley's comet which is what the rye needs a war. On thank you know right it's meteor shower is not considered decent showing just a meteor showers. But it is generally reliable wind as peak he should produce between fifteen to twenty meteors per hour so this is what we miss you and I hate it never seems to happen on the night that. More on the air. Yeah you know it's. It's and Arab and eminently predictable I mean there is intact their website is that you can just go look up and see what the meteor showers are going to be this year you know we're aware that. With the dates are I mean. And and there's there's a lot of them actually there are. I think there's roughly. Actually a problem in the Iran heads streak across the sky from early October up until November 7. There's still that chance long residence in the wild as you say that's that's one of the longer when sometimes they yet they only lasts. Well that luckily I was in the wild so I knew how to Shia. You did and an actually you'd probably be able to seem pretty well out there. E.'s eat he's got a steer the sky for awhile and and kind of keep your your fuel division wide and you catch meta corner I usually not eat you won't see one just steering. It you'll have one passed directly across your television have to tension out your peripheral that are when you're staring at the sky you need to be careful. I'm not going back to where we are of course would just be careful I mean that those acres or so yeah I figured he says. A Chinese space station Chris on the story Chinese space station is about to fall out of the sky that's right now. Yes T Yang gong. Want what was it Yang gong cheering go on I knew you would not say I can but that's how I'm guessing it renounced its. That's how it's spelled anyhow how would you pronounce that that. My murder which finger. As this finger right here one of the top teen. Teen gong and long been gone. Chris does well what angle won probably because he's an actor so it's it. It's it's a ancestry as tears in his eyes what do I do I was trying that was mostly what was funny was your reaction for their reaction yes it's a yen which. You were a professional you have to you. And god help you heard him. Yes that's exactly what any president players probably comment on me because if if it were just the three of us on the show and had to go to break you have to. So anyway this Chinese space station is due to a fall back to earth and it's 200000. Pounds. Yes. Well and then the thing that caught my attention about this is that it's an un controlled descent. Which basically means that it's just gonna fallout of the Scott. So it can land anywhere it it yet strictly speaking he could win anywhere in fact. The the best and brightest minds don't eve became even really pinpoint landing it's gonna fall out of the scout. The good news. Is that the vast majority of the serve as the earth is covered by water so just on the odds alone it's not gonna hit land even. And and even if the data. The odds and hitting a populated area are pretty slim. So little Greg cord blood and shot her words are going to be on fire when Chinese eyes as he never had a message I think. That's the thing is you don't you don't want the we had we had plenty of of space station's. Now but usually they're controlled descent and a skylab of course famously had descended back in the eighties I think it was once mere. Of course them did which I think was the largest one on record that was Russian space station's biggest one that than ever. Came out of the sky but those were controlled dissents they they were they were scheduled and they were. Controlled to the point that they knew roughly where they originally and they were they were aiming for places that it wouldn't matter. So when you're out as we get a break when you're outs watching the Orion it's. And you say table all know looks like his ghetto low bit too close it might be a Chinese space station. If it is too close he screwed you're not going to be able to go anywhere it's 200000 pounds or they'll lose some mass when it you know his see yourself as. Well that's the other thing is that general breakup in and burn up in the atmosphere. Actually this article says skylab did make an un controlled descent back to earth. And that 200000 pound behemoth didn't hit anyone parts of that fell in the Australian Outback. And the some pieces of it who were fairly large. It was a it nobody was. Hit and now exchange wallaby lives and it all right we are. Join Britain come that we don't come more space stories loosen just a pulse or your 163 W Doherty. You probably don't but do every tax. Probably wouldn't let me go back and check that this entire race. There's several. Other texted you can read on the air I guess actually okay. And tough nerd talk curt freed an angle is wrestling tomorrow night yet that's coming yeah blisters nightly hour that was that was the majority of the conversation at a dinner tonight is not. A majority of the conversation it close enough yes it was. I tried to curb it would. You know Patrick is really kept this like who say this for a year man you know it's like and went in depth will Lou Williams had narrative more texts but it's coming up yet so stay tuned we're we're we're signing in the next hour we're getting men on tester says and you can see them tonight and tomorrow night in its not too cloudy and apparently are preferring to view science yet. Tell Joseph dear the Chinese space station's gonna probably land the ocean and it might be Chinese Sele is is going to be Jeff Foxworthy is new punchline. I don't know. I guess I that is how those are those who are not related sorrow and I thought that was well there's there's dots like lake it was continuing. I I I was confused it might be it Chinese satellite is is going to be Jeff for the Jeff fox where these new pudge oh yet if you thought this guy in. And and and landed on. Yesterday you know backe might be Chinese sent I don't know that probably not I think he's gonna stick with you might be a redneck it's it's worked pretty well so foreign so far. Yes all right for a gap. All right to keep those tax Cummins of 1307. We love our tax or got a couple more space stories before we take our final break of the hour. There was a huge cave found on the moved yet and they think it could house. Astronauts. They don't know what syndicated. They think to cave was caused. We haven't actually seen the inside the cave right Celso there I closed down export it will offer more details what are the odds are there's giant space mormons say that's exactly what I'm thinking this and as you hear that there's a giant K yeah I think that. You've got to think that it is possibility. But you know Mike Pence is said we warned that Americans will be on the moon. And that's going to be and we talked about that here on the obstacles before that he wants to be a staging area to see end astronauts to Mars in an even further so. This would be a perfect place for it but the first guys don't win are going to give it. Muscle. Some solid and some won't let up. You know all space horror movies start this way right yes there's a K let's explore this thing skill inside this cave and see what's in here. Maybe you'll well and here you think I'm trying to. I think the the 31 mile long and 328. Foot wide cavern is believed to be a lava tube created by volcanic activity so. Even if there weren't a space weren't living and it would you wanna go live in a lava tube and also. Series to be volcanoes on the moon. Evidently yeah does says 3.5 billion years ago a camera so I don't know that they're active volcano is now. When there were active volcanoes was a movie I guess to move would still be a moon but it wouldn't be front and what we think it was a moon to be more like indoor. I don't. Think indoor was in the moon was ever big enough to hold an atmosphere. Look at. We'll go with you on that because I don't know anybody else having been up and was glued in and of itself this but it was Dana told an atmosphere that which. Would sustain life this is how you get a forest can tie this planet is very small and has an atmosphere that's arms and got that rep Nancy. K but that's. OK I realize he's got living there since I was gonna say yeah see I imagine guests as well as more politics they got talent gets a car. On a tiny planet as a sweetheart too because I know where does he go to buy it that's what I want to know. I know we've side guy he just conjure it. OK I don't think it was finally in it and might have the plane it. They can see your hands with the it's a small look at the signing. Now only given the illustration to Chris on tonight 300 the reference of the cars it all right guys we wake up one more space story. I'm sorry you didn't question it the question remains. If there are colony on the moon would you go live on it yes I was going to be the next question you guys are young enough. But I'm good yeah earth is my home. Really that's fascinating because I. Russ castle last me a similar question several years ago back when that NASA was interviewing people to go. On a Mars mission you know and any any Ashley usually do you know if he can go to Mars would you and I was like absolutely. Right after I'd been married to well Russ also wanted to be if the guy to broadcast from space closer Mariano I don't blame it on the net and the first of something we'll ask me he asked me hit you know you talk feared new bride about this they said actually yeah we X we disgusted just a couple days ago when I saw this story. And said Haiti when you live on Mars and we can you know if there's no chance that we're gonna pass the the entrance exams are a classic blues guys on Mars. But I am original not the remake Munich was horrible. To be a part of that. Exploration you noted that that sort of pioneering spirit absolutely how you gonna have my neighbor's yeah history. Maybe I guess but it you know. Or the Symbian and although being venom would be too bad those code plus your last break we have one more. Space story ever gonna get to in this hour hopefully if we have time we hear from the listeners. Would you go to Lou if you could. When a brittle Brit to break it role in the next. Segment we're gonna talk about some the political. He doesn't Susie of staples. Right don't wanna 63 W Doherty. All right Gary breaker rule here. And I should be mad at Chris because he knows no politics on the show but I do but we have a story my story Nesmith a story about that in this. Has to do a space you acted so surprised if yes my store I do I didn't think it put any political slug away quite a few of the stories that we use in the first hour we yours. I don't know I noticed that but I but. What I was thinking I was thinking of the least nice that you and I didn't remember having put any political story well while you ponder let me tell you when in his sleep in it you know. Miami politician says aliens to our on a spaceship now she's running for congress. That just happened to be the person. I mean big the reason okay so the reason she's in the news because she's in Miami politician yes but then she came on said that when she was seven if she was abducted by aliens and then again when she was seventeen. I don't grow and re okay three blonde two big bodied beads. That's that's pretty sure they are aliens three big blonde the big body being blown big body being blonde big body beings. It's three more times called the now to females one male visited her when she was seven years old. And have communicating telepathically with her several times in her life she says. She described going up inside the space ship though went through went into space or just hovered around town was left unclear. I went indicating give early. When it there were some around seats. Now we're there and some quirks rock that controlled the ship. Not like airplanes. And among the things she said she found out from the aliens. There are 30000 skulls differ from humans and it came in the Mediterranean island of Malta. So to go multiple pro 30000 skulls there are human. On to look at general find plenty of skulls and human Xena more maybe possibly of thinking little dog Eric Cantor of two rafter of maybe it's just went to mice all right. The world's energy senator is in Africa issued a note at the world's energy centers and Africa. The coral castle they limestone tourist attraction South Miami Dade is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramids publish which which you've heard discussed on ground zero and and 'cause terrorist you know even though I don't have crowds here is done and ground zero follows us bids is it creeps me out sometimes how London especially when I'm driving home alone in the middle of the woods. All right. And I think she said that the Owens told her god is a universal energy. She also said the aliens had mentioned prices though she didn't clarify they meant the terrorist organization. Or the ancient Egyptian goddess but who's going to be my first downs on the you know what your eyes while still when I hear arises I think of ancient Egyptian. Got its first I don't think of the terrorist organization. But knowing ices is gonna it paralyzes tomorrow eventually okay alone for years people including presidents like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and astronauts have publicly claimed to have seen an unidentified flying objects. And scientists like Stephen Hawking and institutions like the Vatican. The stated that there are billions of galaxies in the billions of galaxies in the universe. And we are probably not alone she said I personally am a Christian and have strong belief in god. Enjoy the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies. In the universe would you vote for this woman. Your Mike's not on the new book OK Philly behind him and I'm not like you words don't affect me. Result effect immediately and make him angry really flash it. Yeah where is he didn't get to tell at this stage of the that was that the wrong out of new to go down so anyway. Kinney the new mere news who yeah I mean pizza as a result would stay in your eyes slight grin there's a reason why he is same exact so. Just to settle in freezers and when you. It is. Someone who was running for you know congress in your neck of the woods. Said the dead were abducted by aliens and and communicate with until possibly would still vote for now he didn't ever did in her are you someone who hears a gun and failure as well here's here's the problem if. Aliens are communicating with her telepathically you know they're not gonna influence some of violence that's very very true and I don't know one way or the other I mean. You know it could be for the better could be for the worst you don't know but it's alien influence of the real problem with the Russian trying to influence elections what if the aliens. That's a very good point now you're going down Pollack I don't wanna do and act more. All right gets out for one more quick story the FF AA is looking after it pilot drops Turkey's own an Arkansas festival. Sounds very familiar as this thing that it happened on days you don't care PN's Cincinnati. Federal Aviation Administration would check to see whether any laws regulations were broken when it low flying pilot. Dropped like turkeys onto an Arkansas festival over the weekend. The annual yelled Phil Turkey trot in northern Arkansas has included Turkey job for more than five decades the sponsors in recent years have distanced themselves. From the practice and probably from where the turkeys are dropping because they can't fly and it's you know like lawn darts but you know since sailing is this. Consider torture means turkeys are just drop and they listen. Apparently and I several birds would drop Saturday and then chased by festival goers below that's the worst Peta on this I mean that's that's cruelty not only to jump loved playing. And in dinner Jason what agrees there's something. A local animal rights activist rose Hilliard because if you're an animal rights act that he was trying to you know like our guests what's. Criminal charges filed against boat. Steelers the pilot and the birds and violated state laws against animal cruelty and Amylin Bennett. Let's Lorenz and organizers did didn't seem like you're abandonment immediately return calls seeking comment Monday method it and I think expose. Instead Monday. While that they anyway so the pilots in trouble but he's economy go so if you know this pilot is. Quickly paid he got to read the last sentence. The FAA spokesman says that they were aware of the weekend flyover but in the past they have to intervene because the birds aren't considered projectiles. With that consider to duplicate his dad technicality. Aren't WW coming up now or roundtable. Just a plus 163 to minority.