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Yeah. Well let's step outside. Friends helped spur another new cinema and outdoors and in. Let's go back into yes sir they argued yesterday where earlier this. And welcome Dustin outdoors until did your loan would Tommy it's bring back a whats up people whether heavier it is Saturday. We you are listening to one in 63 WORD. And this is the show where we talk about everything. Out no worse from the indoor indoor and some public doubt about it from endorsement thankfully not today hoop hit the racetrack fully hot today. I mean this time that we had to do remote from we do CBS par and Simpson male sex embryo and I think Scott springer this. How planets is spot didn't show any. Finish around 1130 in the sun come overhead in Maine it was we will remain in true story broke team event and here. Well we got a great show coming for you today. But as always we're gonna lead with the ups the outdoors belonged. And and I can't I can't exactly point to where the inspiration for this story came from the name of the blog. Is don't treat your vote like a call I got a pretty good idea there were growing case. It's I mean. I appreciate you you can probably I can put innocent to get us five a lethal says some interesting information Ono care and maintenance and really just the whole philosophy. Behind both ownership. So we'll talk to you about that and you know I did. It's it's life span another no way to write a blog is it enough of a young company and so. Does it help yeah put the younger man's own in and then you know nice glass of white whining get to kids asleep in the blog this man. Words to disclose disclose like this got to the end fanciest new young to clients this budget aware look here okay. If money can you would appreciate bet on how you're more than welcome. Also be talking to in the meat of the show during the first hour Charles Ruth. From the south Carolina department of natural resources he's a dear coordinator we've been kicking around the deer tag the subject for last couple weeks and not been promised and that we would get somebody on here who knows what they're talking about and you delivered and so were mourning have trolls root zone so if you have questions. Now he will be a long enough that we can keep him O'Neal white guy questions are glacier quick. But you and if you got just a burning question he doesn't answer we'd we have an answer. Will do RBS because I think up pretty much got a handle on agreed. We've met that we were a springer now were at an idea of the it Cabela's just before the show started. And we were talking with the JD largely the the general manager of their Cabela's guy's got and we get now Connick waist is about deer tags and united says he said he would even be listening. Maybe get some information were good we appreciate so web Charles Ruth on the show and you don't cover story about you know. Craig maiden. May have thought Craig may well I don't even. I'm sorry to say I don't even have war is not tackle arsenal will we could in theory we could probably do a whole hour of the show who own land choices being relied too which is. Do you like mono deal like Brady do you like floor carbon or carbon her up against about it do you like to act on spring like that problem. Dry history and background is the motto back in the salmon need to do. But we're gonna cover an article of from. Carolina sportsman in new uses is they are free to try it and frisking a crank bait and talking about why he's changed his mind. And lost to use braided line for the war crimes and it makes it seem you're Craig may or Andy and Fraser brings the roadkill cafe I. Ma'am we do have some cash agencies pool boys today on temporary line today Perry I do you need. That's cage and that's what can I do Lou violent. A case you would. Anyway an end space and Cabela's and it's another subject that we talk with about earlier today in the the eco bella shareholders. Have approved the merger would bass pro shops at thinks a moment for ES and in just a little glimpse of the future wasted Donna JD about yes maybe coming on the show. After he gets permission from everybody above are just talking about let us talk about some you know. Some real questions right of people might have about this merger. And says look forward to that may be in an upcoming chat our little conversation we had a day felt a lot better. Yes about what's going on yet in all today day from an insider stamp jury view. So walk over the also if you're if you had the neat thing to do with the outdoor industry fishing tackle wise. And you know this week was I cast and also an enemy is rendered and so no I DN because of. I am president got I'd try I. I honestly you can see it could always dim dim must Betty. It must be played people standing around. An airline okay this is a media via so everybody who's got a phone. Is due and laughed so you can almost get the whole virtual experience of being in an act yes. Just bust signal FaceBook and connected exactly Al run to a lot of that this lake so tons of but we we'll run down the best of show you this from an oracle from scout dot com. And then later in the show actually found a and unbiased. Bipartisan. Person who attended back cast. It's our buddy Kindle more cocky from she's the the information officer from the in our. And they were down there would be in our for the first probably. Who has after I will I don't that was kind of unusual yet so low we're gonna have candles on the on the show where this in she'll give us her take don't know what she saw. And. She's doing a great job you know Linda you know the web sites it's two days they seem to got it a lot more. Organize where you can actually keep following fine which are looking forward to an end of the you know look at insects and now but I can't student they're going to. Kindle definitely makes billion or more user exactly she's she's a people person if you don't put a face a billion are valid idea you dipping to mute when groups that didn't get. In his prison or bring us a calendar of Libyans grounded up a couple of score that day in a few this or don't in the weeks and it's. Any of her parting shot. The you know out but one owner FaceBook page about will this is the front runner for the parting shot pass and it's a story about a begin. Girl who's attacked by rabid reckoning yeah. And nothing can really tell it stands now that we can begin ship of I just made up the word relationship yeah they see with all of out I sure you do the pain I have had leadership. OK and I'll went down at all it down the two minute hurt. Death and man what happens. Commence what happens when in reality by such a big rise it is amazing yes it is amazing that be a great story for you today so yeah. Let's get a break no one would come back I'll slip on the yoga pants in our ports a glass of white wine and we'll get into upstate outdoor dog or your own state outdoors that there is no. It's 1063. RD however hardee's and Carolina counties. I'm leaving 'cause Phyllis footnote younger plant somebody here they're back. Welcome back upstate outdoors is only your radio where you can also participate in the conversation. My calling us on the Eagles have been east top line at 1803471. Who seeks three or if you're like springer. You can cake and have mastered the art of texting while. Yes to it while you can Texas on the college since retirement planning ticks line 71. 307. And you can either ask us questions or tell us what you think you're. I don't have to say are they scary last too much for assays were arrested amateur whatever. Know some we don't know the Verizon. Check. So the ups than outdoor blog edited this for this week is is an inspired. Blog nuts about Austin about day 'cause. You re united and. And Nassau can say so. In honor of Manhattan. Don't treat your bug like car with a boating season in full swing a lot of voters around on our lakes and join me out don't force. Does is probably one of the cooler places UB right now after the payment amount to feed off truth having a reliable well maintained warcraft is no accident one of the biggest mistakes that even veteran boat owners often make is trading to be equally drab all the water. The same way that they treat to be equally drought Malayan. That's a pretty common misconception. Because both image you eat you think about a car and about the same way in you expected high when I corner and turn key. His goal you know is so good. Mom and you know you pay a lot of money for them when mr. Obama payments and stuff like that. Book they're actually very dramatically different animals in here's some details number one fuel I'm okay now despite whatever the corn growers association or Warner rewarded today you ethanol is not good. Four votes for warcraft a distinct sort that they are fake ass right most gas stations today offer only ethanol enhanced gasoline ethanol typically works on an automobile. And that is prime merely because the consumption turnover rate of fuel in an automobile is much faster you cycle through you know gallon gasoline. How often do you marginally tank again in two weeks or so fourteen days okay butcher richer mix and it crane every day I'm okay. So ethanol begins phase separation in as little was twelve days of care that means that the out how alcohol separate from the petroleum mixed. When it's left undisturbed nose separated now called the and begins to absorb water which can dame is the engine if the motors run after separation occurs. And mini older model blown motors are not equipped with the alcohol resistant fuel system components. And the alcohol breaks down the reverend plastic components is why you hear a lot about dealers dogma me and we Uighur placed his week. It's it's a routing it's eating away at from the south. So. I always make sure that you won't use pure gasoline in your warcraft motor specially one will be listed and for several days or weeks at a time. The second thing is storage okay most almanac and humbled taking dias. The goal of the old white buffalo springer have you ever handed in a garage no. I mean as you know. Have a garage OK so at our house I don't know why buffalo his beer and out in a pastor that is grey see it's springer around that is correct OK so that's typical most automobile owners don't think twice about Lehman accords outside. And some cars never even savient Saturn Roger storage building. And it may take about ten years or more before you start to see the fading a withering story show porn automobile. Now obviously. Because it doesn't have a roof bumps into whether in fate of the ten times faster than automobile. Imagine leaving your convertible outside. With the top down you rail. Really enjoy this collective group and even net I mean even do that that'd be components that are use a mean you know you get leather seats her you know. Are higher cost needs to be compared to net probably compare book to what's in a bug group. But you leave their modem SATA and cover. Target yes ideally storing your boat inside a building under roof covering will increase its life and prevent withering and sun fading other corporate and an upholstery. But lacking the rest of the deed it's thirty cover will permit and exposure to elements. But Dan what happens he got to go ID retirement after rains he got to be diligent. And you got to remove the water to totals off of because what happened is to make it big Al SA Leo and it'll sit there. And that will rot faster this when you rip and tear in even a lifetime warranty both cover rarely lasts longer than about three years. I'm okay that's the truth. Now the other thing is maintenance you know every car serviced and or changed every 3000 miles. You bug may never city 3000 miles in his lifetime but it did mean you don't need to have a server regularly. Okay most manufacturers recommend bug to be serviced. We're taught him how old changes in in in lubrication right they've they've most of them have gotten you know little ports that you can Greece and stuff. But they recommend it to be done at least once a year and it means even if you didn't get the chance to use the bug with two or three times this summer. You steal need to change the role in service the motor guy. Probably worst thing for a buddies that live for long periods at the way I mean assumes the same thing in in this town in the hole just to this thing is if you have a low call or. That you never drive is probably yes but you drive it every day McKinney you were found examples spears is both cars got 200000 plus all I did the doctor every night my trucks yeah I'm surprised sometimes yes they take. Now some boat motors particularly the inboard outboard models also require seasonal maintenance before and after the freezing weather. And so you gotta have a service network payers it is a fact of life of bugs take longer than course to repair here. You might be able to schedule corps for fuel pump appear. It has that same day and asked probably not gonna happen when you watercress candidates just fact of life even a small detail what have two or three auto parts don't. Most poll vote motor trailer parks come from the original manufacturer. And not a marine park store and there are very few aftermarket parts available for marine motors now ordering and receiving manufacture parts takes longer than automobile parts. Because the power to ship from the manufacture OK so a lot of times that delay in heaven above repaired and it because they can't you do it they wish all of which also is is it takes two weeks for us to get the parts on it. The publicity Worrell was at it now like auto par score every small town we'll have two or three auto mechanics doing business. The availability of certified marine canning mechanics is much list to make matters worse. Most by other owners waited to only a few days before they Nader vote is scheduled service or appears. If they knew about it the and a last summer so you'll put your Mota you know some broke all right in Yuba and half hour with an expiring. And then eagle get mad yes because everybody is is just like. Having you bugs serviced OK if you wait until September 1 that take your bow in to about shop and you need to gather and they must serving replaced. Or this idea what you've only in America and England says. Kind of brought it on sale through not a final thing is the trailer if your vote owner would who also has a trailer. The trailer typically view it's even less attention and a vote. On some traders see more miles and usage in a mode itself because you run him back Cabrera back to life. And and you just run and a couple miles when you know Warner would about the trailers off or require maintenance to ensure its working parts remain in working order. And one thing wheels loves baby all up per I don't know. What year is its warnings and timely seven thing that I Smart people out there and somebody king. That change come up with a better system. Of Wheeler and hope maintenance. In what they currently got that you go to back down into the water it's you go back in the water at the annual run agreed that god forbid if your bracket it is water but are outlet yeah and and I'm making is little feedings and I cannot say it is all the time I don't believe that Greece from a gun actually goes through that little bitty hole. In the end of the year it's crazy I don't I don't think it right yeah stretch and then go. What does he think we were going on makes and am not my now wife was I don't agree c.'s next phase of these clubs rod bearings and how much you can ambit you know probably minister of the you know I don't believe it's their big O Tom agrees Mariah actually makes him and there's forward I imagine the look on her face at that moment which you look over cigarettes if she. I. That's when I was in Vietnam. NASCAR break you know we come back we'll bring up our buddy Charles Ruth and let's talk about some deer tapes because that seems to be a hot topic right here upstate outdoors 1063 WRD. Power by hard isn't Carolina coaches will be backed talked to Charles Rhodes didn't. Simply may answer questions too about all this deer tag business they didn't. Welcome back to upstate outdoors in it in the last few weeks we have been kind of kicking around the subject of the the deer tag program. Which will come into effect this year the 2017. Deer hunting season and everybody is looking for there and a lot of folks have got questions about. Okay war houses deer tag thing saying don't work and so asked promised we have gotten in touch with. The man who has all the answers right Charles bridge from the deep south on department that three sources welcome manager. Thank so what could be back on glad to have you back Charles leaving get a lot of questions and we just been trying to avoid him so we got you on the air with the people who are we being human right intruded united. Where where were left get through it I think for Indian I think before. We we start talking about deer tags one of the things duke that we count and he did that to say and this is what spray and our talk amount is. You know whether or not you agree with the Nomura deer tags are the limits that they ripper in or not. This is what's happening in if you if if are you gonna do is get a say it about this to mean here too few. Then you're not gonna understand the program and it you you guys see it from the very beginning had a this is our starting point so we need to get some understanding about how the tag systems gonna work well say it. Never tried and and you know the thing about it is we're still. Unfortunately were still going to be the most liberal states. Stickler when it comes sort of tie at the box but it's a step in the right direction told army. You know they're slovo a ten to twelve year process we actually had first served well maybe to open up in your own state in 2000 Torre. And I have heard that you are not talks will this for several years now and you have bottom line is that the legislature were never got more make these changes if it was not I'm not grassroots. Comment from the Harvard and so they'll know we're actually in our deer population change a tremendous amount while this process. Would not apply to the folks appear. That would probably go to. That's why are our quota program that's our private lands program and it is never billion during college for just straight you know Bob. Upstate landowners. Like it has in terms applying so that that's that's all I can happen in the background you know are completely occurred when you talk about the you know the license based big game permit armour type tags. And the first wanted it to talk about it do it has a little bit of a Kirby and Mayer is the date specific and earnest deer tags. And into that and also the net debt has sort of the can't be odd would it for the boat owners. And those can be date specific or they can be by new owners specific. Yeah and outrage Philippine before congress and a different about would be gates to Citic tags. Is that they simply replace the better dates. Are you single regulation this year there will be no such and usually the structure of the debate book read the book on her opponent had the state specific tags. For the signing Saturday that we had done days the last three or four years. Home and no upstate owners and are now got more receipt and James don't want it to our church they're always had been a fear of being able to say don't use. During that hour tree and belt loader so he's been more about head and act this year. So we get down to brass tacks well. With the legislature in the and we were building with some of these legislate tore that parked. And they were aware that they were like fort and we do. To kind of mirror there or troops. So which are all about instant well let's let them use any of these bit each specific tasks. That they want to during their or three innings and multiple adversaries and to take a better but they got to validate the tag. Including actual date on the tag. And I got to realize that tag won't be available to being home. On the appropriate day later in the series. And if you look at the analysts deer tag the samples on the deal with side on the right side is a box or area of the tag. This is archer use and it's pretty self explanatory and in in having gotten now and understand it I think it's a pretty viewed very I think it's pretty Ku absolutely. Well and you know got to bring about it is we've we tried we tried to make it's you know understand first and foremost we won't at all your cash yeah. So that that eliminated the better days but we came up with this. This state date specific fact replaced them. They're trying to do this sort treat. Situation that it. Is available and so important state you know we would get the best we took with its not perfect but it and operational guys. Analyst for. That doesn't pork. Really hasn't changed easy we can still get too personal tax write off. And NM was no that was the second category did the it's Al there is the optional individual analyst deer tags really is no different. And it has me and for the last several years. You know the same sort of stipulations that only so many are valid in games only wind but debts that are vested them tags that you could a ball. And they're they're they're still going to be five dollars apiece and if you go why don't you had about. That's exactly right it is no change you know rather than getting a free tactic to use home port used to be a broad day. The actual sport but don't report has not changed a bit. Rye. Right so that debt that makes it a little bit easier you you muted toehold all men that the the did Dem tags. On the yeah optional though tags through the same now but we also have the next category is the unrestricted. And blurred dear tax. Yeah that's just your general. Popped tagged it however going to receive. In a resident owner won't get this date certain tactics they don't get those furry. You know I have a book tiger ballot or any legal or both. They're going to have the eight date specific. What are called that they don't tags and then the label there their personal attack caught in the press and yet there's. So if I get the plate slam it home folks this story which is good. Yeah and it was interest and pillow when we report produced processed for some the legislate or we will that would. Didn't work record where you know. I'm a lobbyist doesn't really mean much in no order state but at least on paper you'll always have our book form but you gotta understand that you. To refer to state there's been no movement at all yet so rude. There was some bizarre home on the behalf of some of these legislators were meg not let our resident on cue more maturity. But gosh we don't want to shoot the ball a little bigger so we'll. Billion or what do and a restriction in medical patronage tags. If they want that additional opportunities so that kind of high you get. Are you get your story any ball tag didn't you wanna go back to the world just like the dog tags you can get these two other. And it will friction tactics which. All of a four point one for a twelve and such and such pretty much you Condo that's no big restriction. It is designed to do it a year and half all books per. That's Internet that is the fourth category that's the almost say nuclear this the orange tanks like you see it it's the it's got a little bit of a trophy management. Twist to it and you know in Alexia. The best thing is is to look at the missing go to war I agree it ought to be wider obvious smaller whatever and these you do not have to purchase. These re directed and or tags is just. If you got you three you know any book tags in illegal book tags and you you know warning due to more they just they've got to meet the minimum trophy standards to use. Try to try to not say that. The revenues Phillip associated with those resident amber restriction faction is gonna go into the currently management program now the legislature did not the farm yeah yeah. So we're until further notice we will know technical systems. Research. Management related started out actually got our charity started going wrong what now just try to board your. And Alabama that's been run out of the University of Georgia so it's a message to restate sturdy tribal were a little bit about these animals. Yeah. And in that kind of brings up a question that we had takes him a warmer there are techsters. It's this is about the deer tags why did why did DR make it sued expansive. Four out of state owners to hook. In South Carolina and in you know. As reciprocating listen to the well will pull part of their ideas. If you look at some other places is not close so we experiences for a buddy. Well it let me let me state to get back and say that it was very interest in the city this process on coal. Because you know when we had public meetings and then when there was public testimony. Related to this legislation. Obviously wrote the dark corner South Carolina Elizabeth Palmer won't spook. And and like it or not. A lot of South Carolina resident homeowners beat grow footage. Non residents are trying to come to South Carolina kill all the deer probably call stroll and so forth. And our honor our resident Carter were pursuing for so I'll try to increase. Has supported this process and Byron black businessmen of the legislature Circuit Court this cannot take some just got. A bomb. We were little below average. For the southeastern under my congressman ceased and for our resident per person it was an addiction to debt. Or look what we offer here in terms of all season and liberal back some currency reached. Or so long bit. The point being. They're training lists and they're getting more than any other state can in the sport of all the world and and down you know so let that's kind of the legislature took pork out this time they actually met Sharon. As well put Charles way and you know also there's there's a lot to be safe for the fact it resident. Homeowners are the ones who vote for the legislators. Do up front who were behind this program in non resident hunters don't. And I vote in the general elections in Ambien in that's that's part of the political arena and I were him because. And in house say this again there. In South Carolina the state legislature. Makes our laws DR does make recommendations but it is not totally and completely within the at all hours. In today don't have complete control over the game loss a legislator legislature. Passed the past there's law also debts debts for you yet you know. You wanna get some some salsa Jamaican in there. Like yeah an opportunity you know I don't I don't know how much more common gotten out. As always you know he's gonna headed lower anyway the only time when no 1 o'clock independent. Yeah wolf you know one thank god like figure for 4400 rather resident honors in particular. Make sure that you have an active hunting license and being detained Columbia. Thought it least of weaker candidate before you go here and he they're not about a week. 365. Day licensing it used to be you how we want to June 30. In everything you need that now it's a year from your data purchase. So look at your licensed seat when he goes out. All the calls it had an active big game probably at best trick. You have an active big game permeated your automatically go all the seat space certain types. Probably here in about ten days or two weeks in Iraq but certain votes later they. Bhutto upstate aren't worried before he made a bomb. So that's very important. Lifetime license or course senior license holders UConn Ers just like Turkey thanks. You you even though there have have a hunting license state cat at the static. That bird UConn or like some R&B singer licensee that I have to call in whispers tanks. The reason being there's. Serb 400000. Note and this talk also about one dollar per person who issued these checks and we just couldn't. Interviewed a shotgun approach to a couple are piled them. Sing your little license holder called a lot of instructional part. So all we're asking is that they get all and request tax call and we're tags. And there'll be a Hallmark Channel five cent per used. Well let's do this Charles let's let we're gonna take a break right quick but we're gonna tear you over. Andy when we come back that also you could read in some takes the end and we wanna have the opportunity for you to answer those. Let's go to our break more combat all Kyrie Charles friends over. With more of yourself on a deer tag questions of state outdoors stay take. It welcome back here we've we're picking up our conversation with Charles route from the south Carolina department of natural resources. They'd Charles's the deer coordinator for the state and we've we've had some good information in the last segment. About the tanks in this system is self and we got to media a couple of questions that we awarded opposed to Charles. And probably the first one you see it does Charles it to tags would be seeing starter BC NN and about the knicks team inner twelve days or question we have is. Will this apply for the permanent license holders or will they automatically get their tags. No that's for a signing until Britain you're like Tom Watson told her horse when he Kirk. Which is you know same your license it'll look like I'll march right got to copy that you know why not and request them or call us. And request you all you need to do respect your head your license altered you know Portugal and it is custom that he. And then the cycling pretty ultimately got requests and so you do your parents they want to get a child. They're free base sort of tired. You need to have a child contact information they're data first. The Social Security number we won't ask for that war and and they will be signed on the roster the duplicate though. Excellent and in another question that we have is is about to about eating the tags actually acquiring the tags. Warning he is will be tags will be available at licensed vendors or can they be purchased or peak. And a local Indian our office. Well first question the amateurs nutter you'll not be able to get beat tags are from the camera its general license vendor like Wal-Mart or Chad a year and a black there. You can get them over the camera. Our main opposites but want some. Columbia for a halt some in New York. Those are forced corporate officers and but other than your best for the folks who ordered and yet there. The combination license or sportsmen in order coming in and be ganging. And it take care of itself is below while. If they allow a little bit of time for brigadier army and they're big they're gonna Pittman email that the unit together. And now would be wins in in this is my question so if you're if you're eating two or in new renewal license holder. For the optional tags does lose you'll have to because the armada. Since you of their optional tags because those have an additional Fiat and Wear them you have to notify the NR and give him some time to process that application in your Thursday. Try it it's no different and it's always there would that mean you you you also and or you can go get on an order form. Arm the general completely different transaction just like the third attack and have always been completed a transaction. We will let up tension and usually normally send a reminder. Took people that follow their attacks occurred this year remind them hey you know about that. Get it you won't please. Probably know you have last year sadistic vitriol we normally do that oh mid to late August you're concerned that there are tired reminder out. And we together another good question in in I'm trying to think if if Theres a difference if the harder only haunts earth he won't stop on. Only WMA lands and wildlife Mazen Lance public lands border you wanna call it. How will this tag program affect me and Willie do will there be any difference between man in in owning private land. They're not the only difference is edited it here if you are at a European made our. You'll remember that here in the last three to five years. We went tutor a fixed. And they lock that the united limit of the year and no more than no more than two books. Are you know that's not loaded but you had your tag your personal tag you you don't get plucky little O Robert Gates brought. It doesn't tag optional Burt tags and that is not change the latest in the last few years you can only use two of those optional boat thanks. OW and phase in the states. Yeah like you penalty you'd warn against the war. And it'll very important metric. And and I know a lot of people saying doctor a lot of different taxes are real complicated but I on the cheap when you future if you really don't. You can not go wrong there is no way for you to go wrong. Or else it tolls and and in another question and we've got in he is if if hunter. If he harvested deer but does not taking it. To a processor does he steal have to tag the deer. And at what point you know if it goes round win is Windiz it removed her Villa who who validates the tags are displeased. Yeah you have to go to a bit. Attacking. Takes place. Prior to removal. Of the court the cure so no word you walker did the year that's the time tag and that's the way it always you know. But there tags and and and so for him. And corn field but that's when you were. And if you're Turkey hurry works the same way as early as you put you got you tags in your pocket when you lay your hands on the burden to put that I don't. There are no different you know that do not know it just a matter of all beer now after the fact. I like. Okay and me and another question we've got in in in I don't know if it is if you hunt in different games zones and even if you haunts some own wildlife management areas. In ams I'm kind of thinking and and this from an enforcement standpoint how would this be enforced. Let me see if I can sorted. Asked this question with a textures got so list say that they Q1 don't win games all want a DNA wanna turn ramming Garrity games own full work. How old do you Lauren force warrior each one of them each one of the deer was harvested from. Well there is a knock down you know all the all the optional Varitek you've got a date knock out and and the W and I I don't you know ninety. All of these tags have a W main knock out and but but honestly still. That is going to be called word bet that's the case is going to have to be made on the ground. The only way that we will ever. And that's got to throw the states as well the only way we will ever be able to reply all that type of intricate series. About ducking him a person whose father land this game and that hurricane zone you're standing on. If I have some type of electronic Colbert Report. Most state soared ahead that we don't. What art Charles I hate to interrupt you worry at the end of the hour thank you so much absolutely zero and only show in all the great information in now refer folks to the staff on department natural resources whipsawed if you got more questions thank you Charles. Our dark hair looked dirty hand does best take care. Man's got a lot of let's play. Siena after the top of the hour stay outdoors 1063 W a RD.