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Saturday, June 17th

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Well we policies mr. springer is not here today solve out of Obama has been armory we're gonna jump into it. Apparently also the beer on everything that's how we look at that I didn't know that I think the president through the bureau on everything last night so well I. You say if you say look this recipe goes really Wale really whale with a beer. You know as this is a Sabbath or logs that help clarify that well this goes well being you can look at and have a beer water bill ratio. My favorite thing to do this real simple in the coming in the hunting season social venison Malloy is always in the freezer it's always very literal. Cigar butt off inch thickness ammonia butterflies. The supreme seasons and galloping goes in there myriad back together. Wrap that in some bacon obviously you pick your favorite mirror and they let it sit mine is pirate's gold pirates' goal is. Just an amazing mirror image got to find it. It's a little harder to find. A lot of meat shops have a if you can't buy that Michael Salter arguing bills can go wrong with bills rise more than you take if you wrapped in bacon and then you're you're serious about 354 degrees on the grill four minutes on each side that would bacon does it keeps him from giving you know drive on the outs I was in Venice and do that. And you have under the that's a medium rare comic ever be recovered I was I am I think much more than that rule in the meat yet. And that's it so it's you know you marinated you do soak in the cream cheese and how he does. The cook did it melts it's it's a Dewey delicious. Ha. Make myself humble and hungry appetite. But it's on the it's easy to do you know you look at some different creative ways to go through that meet your cooler and freezer. It's it's it's a fun way of doing that and it's easy for anybody do it and it's a bacon cheese how to premiums. And salted and I was you salt and pepper to taste. And you hit an all on the busted outdoors for food groups we've got venison make in season Beers says there yeah you've covered all four food group popular goodness Cashman problem hopefully I'm sure I'm sure he's I'm sure he's listening note in Alabama and as a matter we're gonna tall was springer. In a little be adjusted media another thirty minutes or so. But they're good job. Pseudo miles while blind squirrel finds an Atlanta at at at at at. Did you hit with the truck first to get events in this this thing they're not let somebody else who with a truck hours often picked up and card slots on the road OK we're going back O got a couple of takes two years is. Listen to take snow asking for the takes never if you wanna be if you warning to us sinister takes on the comet since retirement planning takes on its. 71307. And just gig getting back to. What we're talking about earlier about the of the training it to a Communist state armory in texture says guys you all right. That's why did my training and research before I bought my first piece and haven't been dissatisfied. Protester meter solar Wong was Argo are from a sort of thing masseuse. Do the right way. Well it also wartime that we really haven't talked about in in it's it's been a little bit of but since you've kind of swapped over but you guys have started opening up. Some stores actually have fishing six and. We do you know that's one of the things it's million dollars askew when a woman laureate Ted every year agreeable. You know I am or in the worst possible unfortunately due to be quite candid and and you may you may slap me across British say and that. The finishing the fishing community is not as big a it was not a skews with the man we're as you see in the mid looms in the local yeah I mean. The clothing is okay we have one of the most comprehensive I'm location specific fishing sections and each of our stores that are. But do feature that I mean obviously the low country is built around look after fishing boat freshwater assault Bryant and the in the middle lives is obviously built around. Murray you know hurry hurry and there is no we have every. Big brand that you configured to resume strike came rappel you know so motto Berkeley in sequoia. You almost everything that you figure we have one of the largest most astronomically gaudy but amazing soft walls and receive at the walls or a hundred employees people well on the fumble we wanna fall softly. So he'll we'll see you guys cover mode called pay go. You're responsible works. And the comment and they just don't peg the doctor Donald agree they wanted to do lose that base they got more yeah Ross little one and memorials set Minnesota that's the most Larry groupings so you. But you about the store so nobody else can can use your favorite coat and SS dislike DSL like semesters for an hour and then it has that we always see guns as we have. Obviously you know we just teamed up with apparently you just talk when Mark Davis you are big water adventures where all of the title sponsors have been wanted to just now. Really excited do that. Of an apologist and armory are our original slogan is more than just a gun store front obviously were known for firearms but there's so much more on the storms of men just farms everything from. Fishing to unity coolers to coast sunglasses in a so we really wanna expand we wanna be got L worst one stop shop. And that's what we really prided ourselves and Edinburgh for your do we wanna have. Become a selection that you can come in general we fun with you bought and you don't have a blood does suggest wrestler could afford. Go find it and there and net debt is the hallmark. Of a good teaching stone worked. He is he got a manager name because I can tell you several places. You use is not a day. Game and in you made the comment about well you know any upstate truly not that big of a fishing community actually it is. But what we have here is we have some very good small space pretty shot. There are going to get those things it angers won't. And they already Stockholm and and in their home both sides of Raila and in a ram enemy we've got to this several. Several places and that's what they did you know is their small -- boutique here and there have been taken they've got which you won't and so in in some of the bigger stores do struggle been in I've heard different talk of more than they do struggle because. You know they can't then it's it's there's local base or that. You know you gotta have that color. Absolutely got to that tells the real thing dog its people know amusement of the time on the water you're gonna know words and it's not only from you know just what's Biden. But I mean it's the same part you argues the same kimbo. In. Illinois hung in the Jews are a lot here and there is that you're adapting to the climb leader of. And and I tell you what the I've spent some time down in a Mount Pleasant store down there and I think you move my buddy Chris Tweety didn't go to Somerville the he did so he's he's a cell reveal but I've been in a Mount Pleasant story on the year and at T that it appears. You know you go and union say we're live by no rush and they've got in there and I've got Deco. No we are eligible are also in the view we you know we had inside every day and the we have local anglers are becoming and rather insight. You don't gruesome we do seminars all the time to do you know insider in regards to. Proper techniques new techniques. And that's stuff that you never think coastal so if that's your passion it's true you just Susie how it'll work for the people. And it was now or we're those intangibles like this that are on the talks up and I don't want to provide a forum that we can do that and without trying to sell salt and there's something we pride ourselves and. Absolutely any if you are a coastal fisherman. And your big flounder Fishburne a lot of folks are born out of Myrtle Beach. And down to Charleston. And do with so flounder fishing and there are new flounder regulations would take his time to talk about that. For the rest of the month anglers fishing for flatter Seth Donald waters can continue following the current regulations. Which allows and it takes fifteen slander per day. Why now all of which must be at least fourteen inches long but on July 1. The new regulations will lessen their daily Kate's limit to Tim flounder all of which must be fifteen inches in length. Now the daily per Boe will be 24 under per day. As long as at least two anglers are boarded and it begins legacy on June by the first. Am moving the size limit at just a single each. Should have a significant impact on floundered numbers in the next couple years that's according to assess on department of natural resources. And coastal. Conservation association biologist at fifteen inches in length of plan to begin to contribute much more heavily. To future populations restaurants are so what was happening was they were taken a fourteen needs speech in you know if they had it one more year to breed. The news story didn't more flounder and clever really popular fish paste that thing about morals and let you know. That's the thing you retired N aired myrtle bleach you by about a sixteen foot by over the Torre found horse in his job and over again you go oh yeah and pro. Nasty feast like sit pieced it says that the feasting each have a better chance of sprawling during the year install more heavily. Once they reached this size that anglers of course have differing views all change. I have it's not a big deal to me even though I'm not no immediate future of column last few years would not be legal under the new law. Of all the slander of Colorado bet that 90% were between forty. A fourteen in fifteen inches that was according to Carlos features quoted here in article. But I had to throw those back. But it should only take a year to rename all of those throwback to be feasting. Inches in. And he says I don't mind Hammond of waiting a year to wish you were flounder because once and never once that New Year's over. Then don't always feel to have all minutes anyway the I love flattener. I don't like calling them and there's a trick to claiming a slender and the smaller the Flannery is the tougher it is declines I would rather clean. A fifteen inch speech that a fourteen in his speech. He need to absolute so what new flatter regulations that's going to be taking a fake July the first. And our buddy yet Cantonese from Canada coached he he had a lot to do with a tolerant of the rightly pointed at put in front legislature and went through. I think just solved at the awards it was almost a unanimous if not unanimous vote on demand that all changed. Let's go to our break in in when we come back. We're talking about. Let's give some little way are you or do something went to one let's do that before we get we'll give video what was it she. And one year range membership to prominence through armory to write your Woodruff wrote to remove a one year range membership we're gonna take collar I have. And 8642414334. That's collar five at 8642414334. When a free one year range membership for comment a state armory will be back after the break. Welcome back you're listening to upstate outdoors a 1063. W award deal with Philip. We're gonna talk to him I think after the next break. And we've been talking about a lot of stuff going on at palmetto state armory and we're talking about the fishing stuff that you guys have got there here. And more to congratulate. Jim from tailors who warning one year membership to the to the range of your own Woodruff road. Courtesy of Adam and thank you buddy my pleasure archer gyms like yes. You have to you don't gonna say though this the second column cohost with you and yet do drug is a third a lot of one an intro with with me I'm tired I feel like. I'm on misrepresenting. Everybody here by having springer's dropped in there so no pressure. Yet but already we don't know what I'm doing Eminem's. Renewed enthusiasm some pineapple balloons that are part of him model of whistles from new elevator Tuesday April Ryan is those and elevators. But it's not a whole lot four levels of parking garage after Beck who who who would make another commitment at that and who has an island moon. When it's time police. And it was all those little into the bathrooms about 12100 pounds million for us. A shindig. It shouldn't be too mommy 12100 pounds. But apparently there are rarely that elevator thought that it was. So where you may hear a town in you got a great media Saturn unit. Have some media created you know works the hotel mostly about those called new rouge are removed to vote yes to viola talked about B. Incident yet man you look you're like man I don't know that I will be able to get over this. Stated your coat tails off thoughts and views in the area. Probably United States are severely out of hotels like yeah welcome that at bat at at a let's talk about it yes our costs down a wire to see Sheehan we're talking about the all the great feature stuff that you guys have ever come out of state armory. And and fish finders I'm sure is something that you Kyrie we do in your stores puts. This is a pretty cool article about what you can learn from four different species of birds. Just about paying attention. Eight in that it does the birds are it's a seagull. A loon a content. And agreed. So let me get through this article that I found on wired affiliation by David Brown entirely you're Kennedy is a mean. The really okay. The hundred days of my way this is this a little black this anti it looks like it does what they got that kind of grainy look in mobile -- and they're not I mean more ram burden in the end anytime I've never seen him during the summertime mostly journal winner and but these are grass eaters that won't stray far from their third source. So spotting a bunch of these pudgy sure bill birds clustered in tight proximity. Would tell you that there's prom bass habitat right beneath. Right so you go look for the birds and you'll you know we're the weed line is. Nick Cage would give you do visual perception that number one there's grass president and number two. Kind of how the grass is lined out because I guess they're gonna the you don't exhibit. Now whether it's a single band the grass or maybe it's where the flat breaks into a drop off. Couture line up along that drop off and before you even approach that spot you're gaining information. Now as you see how those cute to position your building a mental image of where you need to be casting as you approached the spot. That way you can stay backing cast to it. Not a second birdies agreed now I'm. Outcome. Like this thing did I am pretty up almighty a bird identification. Aggrieved is a I don't know agreements agree. You rarely see any thing more than. He would have agreed or maybe just that that he would inundate you know is is for a business like you see it and it can and it rolls over and has gone. A lot of people might might confuse that with a limb but it's a skinny neck. Long yellow beak and a blood ran as make these birds harder Mears although most subs in the war. Also hard to miss is that clearly animated activity of grieves diving home base feast. Now you won't necessarily overlook. Chilling grieves. The you know just birds that are hanging out not feeding. But those frequently diving and come and it was Chad winner Mal signal that there are some bait. Did the future will be looking for right below. Know when you start seeing him in a little lower groups in the interpret a make a lot of noise. Best till and he is sultan is Q1 oh. They're telling you that there is based in the area and it is time to fire up the boat and get over there right now. Because something's going on in a lot of times it'll be finished that are leading right up underneath of and the same thing can be C it for both saloons in singles now Lou is a larger diving bird. They have a shorter scattered nick and relatively small big. And they'll also point you debate late new areas however. Because looms tea and eat bigger Bates the end you can kind of key opponents say OK well there's bigger base feature over here. And then and it finally force seagull. Did the article says a drones may be disallowed for a fishing in most tournaments but there's no rule against watching him the next best thing. In a singles. They're out there looking down and so you watch what they're doing. Are they just out crews and or they hovering over key areas and it's an indication it is upon a base feast and there are so. You know I've been pretty col. I used it uses tournament victory take you your drone used invited sane adult in a broad position authorised drone solution. CNET from the beach where gas or taken drones and they've they've rigged up a little low. A little release were taken hooker land to it and ornate they see if BC dropped debate straight don't also there yes CNET. So well star break 'cause we got to art beat. The normal when we won Collins norm mocha discus. Are abnormal kind of her ago Tommy springer is wait on the line and we'll see where he's up to. So let's go to our break awarded a 63 WORD. We're back upstate outdoors is coming to you lab from our studios point five Garland road to Warner's 63 WRD. And if I have a hung up polonium. Because I don't know he's he's normally don't want it handles this job. Thomas springer spray was had a brother. I hit a beautiful Daniel im coyote bill about got to do it. Well you know we're hanging in there. Yeah well land where kit that you creation. Having a great term and in a couple our project ample global change at all. Respect and columns critical crowd column Leonard can't stringer can't let. Sounds like you see exactly bill. The closer he blows you. What I hate that I'd ask bill what he'd like we heard about course. I probably had a plus we got to the two year strategies. I had did have about this it was my beer Kirk I answered about your. Yeah. The beautiful baggy the term going real well down your girl out participation or great column that. You took people out and clean and wow alone and it's it's it's gonna produce slow you know coming here look Arianna oh yeah you know we will want to years. It's just a beautiful they'd have weird. It's we could you a little more wean and it's a little up. It's quite humid here in the beautiful state about. Also there because. About medications ourselves Sunday and I'm heading down to the Gulf Coast of Florida in I was actually notice and it tears a little bit of a tropical system. This Foreman on the Mexican sat out his days are over there. That's going to be something that Philip centric go to the hit that light to keep it but that now you know how those bank on it bounced grandma. Hop on the exempt Abel and. Yeah ecstatic he battled and knowledge it's you know beaten making here. You know you're smarter net batted it around salt water along Burnett knows he says he could keep our own it and and that's how you convince brother you know but I think yeah we are high. Actually. I'm not. In a wall but I will have somebody with me here so I hit what I don't out in this stuff now like. And we don't have much luck in handling isn't it. No we're not about my morning and that you know ringer accelerators springer still loud it got it a couple of have one of those aren't intelligent Smart women. Part of that have been mayor here are like. 300 years and and then make those Kolb when you when you're here coordinated spirit you know. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna go out sort of moral but these are concrete saw Lou coming it's it's it's and it's only wanted to and salute then. Some look at board met also. You know can slow will appear to David tomorrow I'm gonna get out there and enemy nature of brother I'm American red snapper Goran believe me okay. Says. So it and it ended Dallas what's the deal well I guess Alabama wouldn't participate in an ass also mental we Z and a where there were gonna increase the the limits for red snapper. For the week eons. Correct but Sosa how many can you can you folks take when you when you go added at a Alabama. Terry skimp per person and I gotta be seventeen incher. OK but the thing about it though we don't even tho what seventeen. Yeah okay got me re owed him back in the water I mean he's got that arm band grammys. You know I'm on both you know you know the whole story might literature medical store. We're we're dropping them bite that way at about trailed a guy that saw the strap that each Bingham. Yet they got some shoulders all of you know from. It's it's so aid yet and they have increased the Esmat perceive duke for the recreational special and down here. That went into effect this week. So they're going to Beirut recreational freshman to be able to creation but at 38 Friday Saturday Sunday. There that helped that a lot but you know without politics and BA SU we're still look you and. Sony is so do you have young cleaned out the secret compartments on about your born out also to you Kim logos are. Right right and we have brought a bottle of dough and he hit and it was from Golden Retriever or email Greg let down folks and it broke this. Snapper I'll show them carpet but he's going to be goers north wept with Katrina. And I told the globe we're gonna legal it's Africa and it. And ways who was thought about this. You you were. Let me tell you. I didn't come ball the top money you know so. Everybody does that have a good time down here this but bill you're real quick build a program where. And that the board you know let them know they are I it. There. Okay that's what I'm patiently here than. Listen to say Alabama town and their oil thirty. If we can go back in a mouthful or five hours about 530 yeah I think we do better response asked. On the other end their series experience about their position but you idiot idiot at that but a couple breaks today says you are at the Bridgestone world. The enthusiasm increases. What did David do today did they have the hill plateau up on your spot there on the pier for usage. Man estimated date after I got got emotional. Here's more and you know aren't yet straight out of most you know we got his. It's the right and how would you you might have a population in the willow called small part of the emerald coast but remember you are lied. And I don't know if that's the good things and the bad bank but remember you build up you know the main. I. Still monies to you and knock. It out of here at I don't know good bill I don't know I don't know go Bernie let. I'll probably will ever okay the beer yet Andrea are and says without your. Houses shrimping business Dan knew about elementary here are things going oil. The trip didn't shoot good at it as an. I want to go about it on board and I don't know why it at the actual recruit restaurant. Restaurant but actual. Or all the paper that while I went out and it's been barred cheers. Still the bank bank a little bit let it. Eyes go in Dubai city. The name is Billy. I thought they supermarket. I was gonna look. Well okay oh yeah I mean that's what my name is Billy or anybody you know I'll probably about aliens Alabama and I into Alabama you're in the answer to than senator Pia you know or else my colleague Natali dollar kitty well it's my. You know. But yeah Alan you know get your bag is it a year you know god is still and it's this. That (%expletive) in my Clark but compliment though and it is what it. Awesome well since he got booted for your own show willow will let you go and I appreciate it looks forward to seeing you back in the studio next week. Ike may not like we're pretty good out there let's argue that it did read you're up by April you know I do want to run yes there. I don't like it online. Springer the only made one of him the group to mold regularly wrote remoteness. It was confiscated that thing about a government after the made ammo. Listen this let's go to our commercial break and it won't we come back we're gonna we got some counter of the answer also got us some news to cover. And it will give in our parting shot in wrap up the show. Moment right here 01063 WORD. Powered by hardee's states they will be right back. Well turning down. Also you dug his current band. Food. So we were talking a little bit earlier in the show about some of that the boating fatalities that have a horror. In the state of South Carolina and in. It's really bad because there's there's been a lot of initiatives. By assets under our natural resources to to reenact some some boating safety. Some additional boating safety balls in you know that we talked about there in Alaska for years. And Alice had their initiative about safe boating and it just seemed like the issue's going to be warn others Maura you know they had the bill 100 deadly days of summer and awarded do. Talk about a follow up there was in Carolina sportsman about the the bad the county the boating accident occurred only merge back in April. And there's been some developments all man this legacy came from Carolina sportsman dealers investigation into the April 21. Lake Murray boating accident that resulted in Medea the 32 year old Danny Phillips and 28 year old Sean Lanier has been concluded. The agency found that Phillips was responsible for the crash as he is sixteen foot stratus bass boat collided with a 32 foot intrepid. At the center console boat driven by Bruce Dyer and basically. This was an accident it was pretty much handle it was ending in in occurred at at after door. Philips failed to you'll ride avoided dire boats at the report. The report also said that high levels of marijuana were found in Philips system. Only nine of the accident buyer's 32 foot boat crashed into the smaller boat. But Dyer was not at fault because it was Phillips responsibility to give way to dire under the circumstances. The two votes were in and DR Kruger Arizona say that the two boats crashed back out about which is essentially. A head on collision. Charged him. On dire showed no signs of impairment. During the and ours on the scene investigation. And so low. I think maybe there's tool some civil stuff going home here. Yes I'm sure there will be unfortunately with some boy grabs among his fall loose. It's never predict. Net Nazi youth that you folks just be careful out there also got a news report. This is from DR news reports about aid lake Marion. Boating accident deaths that upper of the two Santee lakes. Resulted in a DS and asked as reported by Debbie LTH reports of boating accident on lake Marion. To use the F think it's week ago Tuesday night lift one person did. According to. And while the deet tails are limited we're told them multiple agencies are investigating the boating tout it. Near packs landing. And ask right there on the upper in Novo lake Mary and rector for you get into the spark Robert swamp. McCullough said DR got a call around 8:30 PM and just before midnight search was called off for the evening. And dive crews are expected to resume their efforts in the morning. This is the second fatality on lake Marion in the last three dates. It's but it happens like that Lou doesn't people have to be careful and bookstore a broad net no they do not they did actually do not in the Corso were still reeling from the aftermath of the the accident that occurred only horrible. Involving Anderson Kenny shares deputy it was keel. And just. You know and there's been a lot of talk when they hear about. Would a keel switch you know that's a suites that you have attached to the to the driver of the bone and it and it's attached to the ignition system of the vote. And if they are you know thrown free. In a skylight life jacket if you've you know awareness. Is that India a lot of good. But I actually had a very close a call. While weighing eight keels which had a yeah. Steering problem was I knew I had to steering problem and won't have knees turn we'll turn will turn the wheel with no response. And any kind of grabs you grab him and in house normal faster than the improbable that should have been enough that when he grabbed. The boat my boat salutes sideways and threw me out of my seat. Now grab only the sad to the Gumball. You know in sad needed it and slippery thing. But I was where and kill switch on my hand and when it threw me this far away from the steered without cut tomorrow. So and have you had to vote Tibco went into the room laughter probably would've known here in united. Onerous out of about senator. Yeah. Loosens rules are farms better to have it never needed to meet him and you know douse the thing about this did. Is the exact same thing that we were talking about earlier in the show who we just with training and all that because. There's no. I mean I get egg disappeared sixteen you've got to have the vote were the voter training but right a lot of these folks that are grandfathered in because there aged. You know they can give in to a bug dealership and back at the sixty save the 80000 dollar machine. That's gonna do very hard as fast. Like you say it has no brakes no turn signals and you know the rules of the road or some candidates you know when dropping every day. And and you know you're in your boat in news. Folks is it would collar boating season from from. The Memorial Day in TO you know really about fourth of July. And out of his girl. On the big hall there's probably no more like I don't want you revenues is no offense I mean I love the community LL be out there. But people you know there's alcohol involvement and again not being a hypocrite electro cold northern Wales. But when you're going to drive the boat. Melo responsible herself and people in your boat you're responsible for everybody else around driven you have to be cognizant not overly what you're doing. The other Yahoo! and others not be regardless of what he's doing. A lot. Normally and that's data was there was part of the thing and in alum I'm winning yes there we'll see some changes to we're. A boat operator has to have a license you know kind of like you have a driver's license for an automobile where. You know when you get stopped in your operating at a desk the first thing neutered you know let me see your your boating license right. You know which is you do at least pass you know. Minimal standards for nowhere and operate the boat and course amended details and the banks are always with the we've talked about here. That occurred last couple weeks. You know. The ad fault you know being a head on collision who has the right away space that we are taught my denied and that's another thing to boast don't have you don't have analyze its proper lights and SO ME you know you got a little be read green live on fraud and wire it live on the back in. You can interpret the who's who legal Ronald what you're talking like it's the stuff on so you know those bright lights you can even have a lot of New Orleans. Yes so it's I tell you it's crazy in in 22 I I don't know that I every did you know what the speed. A today exit was that you tell me a little bit though before that you were familiar with some again Limbaugh all match. On the gentleman that was in the bass boat with barely wells but we roars and puts salt all of us. On great people who agree guys and unfortunately there comes tragic to what I was fair and they're rolling toward miles an hour. So I knew enough to all on water that's movement yet. And from what I understand it was gonna coach Reynolds in the code. A local watering hole a restaurant and bar. Everybody was on the way home here and runners and it was pretty bad while the individual's. Own daughter's vote. We're so they're witnessing. You know destroy a little more and one of the individuals and series. By some other passers by as a dove in pulled. Pulled visual world. Yeah at my understanding was dire moment. Actually he did he make it trying to avoid the collision at the last minute they actually threw two of the passengers Al they would they were home free and not think debt might be what some of the civil. But I issues are about his you know. Not re entering a eaters some. Yes there was an LaBelle the wasn't arguing about. Was he. From what I understood you stated his boat you know. Thirty yards away this was good of those organs of could be done more male and a and in and that's internals is all of your businesses to an accident or a situation. But. Normal to do I mean you know you wanna be hero also. We wish you all got if you get two people that are in your boat that have been thrown out you know I'm sure he's probably worried about them as well looking around for his wife and who their real Susan Burton to advance the as though. Or it now is a Time Warner show what we talk about. I guess this is this is fortunate and it wrath and and talk about some heated in an outdoors got to. Let's call of the Q you know two guys that are that are asset our size and you know Republicans were in air. Our radio broadcast about the idea a map yet outdoors. With a cute story. About a squirrel who goes i.'s current streams via the Internet at at at at. So you I think you love I scream but do you love it enough to immediate few times a day every single day. And from the same place. Potter the squirrel. Wonder who named him part of the squirrel. I encourage you to name clutter. A name in target practice that dynamic playmaker labor and do blogs have played Syria three rant anyway the ice cream of serious squirrel evenly is in a tree above the shop. Where she gets her sweet tooth Sikhs at Tennessee now ice cream and mini golf. She even has a special mini tone that she gets served twice a day. Was the only torch camp you you Carner Amy she literally will come out of her nist in one of these two big trees. And hopper weighed in under the roof alternately to the radio. And waits on her Combs got Morton's in Indian some posted this on FaceBook page. So you concede that. Meet under the ice cream lemon squirrel putter even has a flavor of choice and that's Vanilla I started giving her no sugar added because. I don't need her to be a diabetic right have a database coral in the hands. It has nuts and it Scioscia loves that he continued Scott and Pam mar new owned Holden beach North Carolina shot. Says that putter showed up last summer. And hasn't missed a cone yet. A lady came back in Sid there's little squirrel out there that offer a little bit in my cone to issue took the whole thing. That's what it would have been known right there Ryan went on computer Americans experience at at at a slight. Pay 822 home. Scott said that about his first encounter with potter first thing offer her to give her a new column within putter kept coming back for more. It's an account of becoming the local road and ice cream bandit. Carter has become the mascot for the store. In the first thing Nance foreign people come of this is potter here AB same putter today Pam Martin says so they come. And she's there and they wanna see years sedated again. Future that's adorable that's adorable right. Go butterflies are not going to give butterflies so. Willow Adam man is being Greg have you on the show thanks for calling in in and Palin springer's flip flops as a case from the big flop flip off the field is that he rarely Wear shoes and and Mahan thanks for the also to for the the great giveaway prize my pleasure and man next time I next time tweets in springer. Back home would have to gauge and show in and I'll do my best to a to try to get you. My own jingle the Euro jingle newsroom that's speaking always have you have you been thinking about the and then we didn't talk about this and we talk about the last time about all the billboards audio and he's got some ideas in. New ones that I tell you not only do you have smooth we're going nationals losers were put them all across cultures and we're bring go back some of the ones that were very popular in the past. To know you have to keep everybody. Yeah he's up there wouldn't say spaces I'd love to see some on the safe spaces tactical romper room to hear yeah peruse and look at these senators good record at at and beautiful and deal with. Awesome what is in the show folks thanks for listening in of stay out doors and thanks and homered off from palmetto state armory for guest host and today. And a life springer says give out SATA reclaimed you're so god bless. And that states noon for John and chuck was salute to service coming up next.