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Good afternoon coast they welcome to upstate outdoors you are listening to one of 63 WO or. Our partners. He's missing today Tommy springer who's normally co host of state outdoors and I'm sure resistance somewhere on the road probably. With the phone in one hand in cold beverage and the other in probably hold up the railing it appears somewhere here. But a spring vacation this week he's goma at home Alabama. And I have got a guest host our promised yes text. In this Sierra today it's going to be Adam granola. From palmetto state armory and Adams got a little split in to do because I think he takes me just a little bit ago instead. And I'm stuck in an elevator so money treaty was asking me if the may be exceeded the yeah. The weight limit on the elevator so we're just have to will have to give him to explain them but. While is my friend I think he's pulled up in a parking lot so while we're waiting for our guest host. Are you hitting give you a rundown of what's going to be own today show. It's a special today especially for you fans of gun fans and wanna talk about shooting. Because Adam will be here to answer all of your questions. You you've as Carl own the Ingles advantaged talk line at 1803471. And 63. Or you can text us on the common sense retirement planning takes land. That's a 71307. And we can talk about eight ar fifteens AK forty sevens. About everything are really that. Did elements that armor deals with an enemy as a and he's a expert and all of that. And so we will will have him on the show also were gonna talk a little bit about some both teaching. That's that's an article that it was published only 1063 WO ward the web site and number it's my blog did I do every week in no war talk about the the ups and downs of both teaching. And know why it's a great sport to get into India and for those and you're like Kia but I don't want shoots on the mama or make use of we'll also give you some ideas. Who what to do what is speech. After you've harvest them and and today actually make you can you can use them some folks that you don't it's not tickling my. Bigs. Big thing is eating eating go our car but they do make a great natural fertilizers like actually give your wrist peel man. And then later on in the first hour we'll talk about you know this year has BN. A really bad year for boating accidents in the state of South Carolina. And over and have a follow up pony on a fatality accident that occurred on lake Murray. There's been some new developments ohm bet. And the end. Also there's been two more boating accidents. Lake Marion. Just in the last week or says so will cover that the news for you. And Dan. Adam will be our special roadkill cafe Xia Sadr city's got a he's got a recipe. I believe its venison tenderloin so it can't wait to hear that. And NASA will have a guest host. For the roadkill cafe. And in south Carolina's new slander laws are here they take effect July 1 will cover all those for you from an article with the Carolina sportsman. And the end you know. If a lot of folks talk about hummingbird. As a year's seminar electronics Unix world today it would bass fish in what we can tell you about these four. Real birds the continue a lot about fishing epic dissolves pretty cool article from scout dot com. And it basically covers what these four birds can tell you about the speech that are around you that course for springer is no way springer would ever be able to. Though they're not be on the showed it in just the up. It some form or fashion so we're guests. Danica has hang on to say it. At amber knows in the studio now and Adam wanna welcome you thank tip of state outdoors it becomes legal like. It was a bit rough of a night but it will. That are over and I remembered and stuck on development and solicited accident that we're. We do every regard thought it would be why you know what a better late than never right now salute so but we'll also hear in the second hour from Tommy it's bring Ernie we're gonna. We're gonna Collison award he's been up to and I can almost guess what that is and in that surround the show who have the calendar Soviets. And the and for our parting shot. For those of you who who got the biggest. Would talk about. A squirrel at home in big east North Carolina who's addicted ice cream and probably on his way to getting diabetes is sales. So. So how is anybody let. Oh you don't agree bill's very festive to have citadel and everybody who's very generous with Pia flight missions yeah via and then on the way down the elevator this morning we're writing down pair and it literally all the guys on Miller was or my sides they're all big boy is our idea and review on the elevator area. It buckles a bug is all we're right fielder while the doors closed there and then it literally draw and caught us. Raw and Collison and though for about ten minutes. And then it went nuts turned off and started counting up. So of the hotel is six floors tall yeah there was like 4748. Team going up malfunction for mayor that you portfolio. So was move greatly well waking up a little bit. Lateral well I tell I told your buddies that city have him asset I want him to be added jail and reasonably sober by the time the show starts. So I guess they admit there's craft too because possessed that definitely due to strength artists and older and I'm not I thought. Or money to any you know you want to banish uses what they do today bright elevator. Literally broke me over here I'll Lal. We're was it can we say where it was there we know which it's part of the real rumors out there and look at a downtown remove your downtown great soda. So if you're down temporary one year here the sisters yet they can steer state is Theres. I did not say break out hit woods exceeded Oilers heeded the Whelan well unit of bones I don't think yeah I don't think you know hurt his feelings. Will I tell you what let's go to our commercial break in listen lit Adam gets settled and you'll come back they'll also will be looking to take. You more calls it 103471063. Common since retirement takes line 71307. You wanna talk shooting you wanna talk guns you won't talk ammo we get demand for you right here coming right back. I welcome back to of stayed outdoors. And now you're listening Philip MI guess at a we know from palmetto state armory. And Adam. You guys have from ditch the shooting sports stay imported viewed as a got a lot of stuff going on mayor and you came in Sid you've got a special. That you wanted to and counsel Michelle. It's it's exciting for us is something that we're doing to prospect community obviously him and tumultuous times ago look out for a your fellow man. We're doing here they are ten specials 308 caliber. Take going to be bigger soccer a lot of us you wanna put down whether it be you know from a better. Two revered through I would recommend your burden of mugs of feathers and but. We're doing it it's normally around 12100 dollars in Oreo find equality are to weather be ours or anybody is. Off for the month of July we've gotten starting at five and I've done well so role announcement July 1. Implied rather Woodruff wrote agreement will. Or on the website of 5996. On one with the rail for a little more room rails and some bells and whistles but you basically are to them so 30 caliber. New and improved troop ominous storm reformed for 500 and. Now are that because in your AR fifteen platforms you've got a lot of the a lot of different ways that you can kind of customize it's that thing. Can you do the same thing where they are tame. Absent senators know what's called me you know mil spec there's no military specification and ours Bernard and that's what makes him a little rarer come out with. Leah you can you know everything Garza stocks have had guards are grips and Mallory and opted to it. Everything that you could do the characters team you can do in terms of customizing the maker the most comfortable actor firearm for you you can do that capsule and associated standard Treo it ramped up there and do so I mean if you know like I said the soccer a lot of a carefully what color me. Internet yeah I agree because I issued a yeah I shoot a bold action 30 wait. And that's probably as I would say is probably my favorite ram they get thirty Calvert will be shorter maybe not as long distance although you know. And it I'm sure the Calvert better long distances that I am you know there's I could help where you sir it's just. A light way and it always always in that was a bomber Schuessel and you know more than about 200 yards and a gimmick to save anybody if I know Moby within 200 York's 308 so is got to do our rules it was more than 200 yards or legs to give you a hundred yards you know seriously you have very quickly to our sides were really good at sneaking up on the obvious and a networks that will go to this. So well and and also we were talking and I noticed on the website at palmetto state armory dot com you guys have now got a AK 47. There it is all South Carolina made. Yes I salute some of them were really excited about so. Aldridge Obama administration one of the things that happened as we put a ban on imports. A lot of firearms parts from countries around the world logs Victor it was a huge blot when those imported. Store owner and CB OJ McCallum says. It is a big fan vote used as culturally iconic farms like the anchor Bryant and he said he wanted to have a woman so will let's make an American. So about two and a half years with a time investment research within two developing this and we're Protestant we have good first. All of American military and it's only civilian victory at all American rated passer it's called speaker operators you important test the drug frozen Pruitt. Out of callers on airplay in Ghana Telecom of literally threw it out of an airplane like 7000 feet and the into the ground. They're loaded up where we'll fund and it's unbelievable things is intact. And it's available from permanent state armory not only as they finish gum which you can also view view kids now hope this specialized sports at all to do with a. Yes did you do your research. Which makes something a little more. Personal rise so there's never been that platform for an AK that wasn't. It'd implored me to assume there were a bottle of vodka and a lot of this is one of those ones where it's a lot more room. Universal dropping him don't you all is great tools you rates. Possible prayer plotters. Not foreign minister and YouTube video and to build their and so it's been a huge hit for us really excited roll around. And we just basically trying to. You know. Let duplex on the sector in the right but do would have been in a passionate way that's also hobby and that's what we're really excited about. Q we talk about price on men who have sought to actually sought her out Malibu bay they start as low as we've got to monstrous Louis world's lowest 500 dollars from blue rifle. All the way up to go to customizable when you're at higher it was a abuse me to a thousand which you can build one for under 500 dollar missile from top to bottom. And I notice that you've got one who did this which called a classic blind to notice the wood stocks in new and it would agree that Presley got the longer we go once called the German red it's like that classic red. Cherry red furniture we go obviously all the different bells and whistles in regards to the different polymer furniture is you know mad poll. Boston's classic postured for sure we've got to do some got a huge variety sort of your flavors and connections through it that's the thing is you know. Peebles who firearms is just. This negative connotation unfortunately but what is the people there to choose when the shooting sports news and world. It's something that actually meant tells the story to tell their personalities so you can go through traditionalists. You can have a customized for Richard. Wooden furniture firearm and if you're so real more than sizzle in the and the spies like myself you can check around have a look at some good news you movie. Awesome awesome and what about Emma. And lo is finally it's five you know you. A terrible and out of at a reasonable price ago one of the things bigger problems storm is trying to gouge people grind you know it. We have our Joker we take a loss of everything we sell what we make it up a ball and yeah usher out of business strategy group play on the front but for now it's worked real well but it's a slow down our spot fire is exactly exactly Villeneuve a couple dollars and started yeah. But the important thing we're BMO is that. You've for a long time it was hard for us that they and yet in the price point on was was a very very expensive for us so that even to make mig two beams work. No we had George Bush. After the trump administration came into office we've seen humans. Slowdown in the farms and should be quicker in Iraq because people don't want upon. But Google's auto what we call Palin marketing during you know the election we thought the film is gonna win. And a father second and it was going to be infringed on right so the bottom of about farms about accessories. Well now they're like focus not happen. Spare him the public health and stuff malveaux I do. Some people are finally starting to burn through their remotely we've actually going around you instead holding your forwards l.'s personal protection and style yet another action or a particular kids don't shooting there in the hunting their recreational -- are competing. As an Al Campbell's becoming more relevant again but is that fair pastor prices right now and for everybody so you can actually afford it's not. It's not such a real rarity that you have to have a little bit you can afford now you can actually X and enjoy yours and sported. Yeah it within rather than. Because a lot of folks were even downsizing you know whatever gun they had in Indian uses a warning to you have move because it's 42 it was a more most affordable and you know which is pretty cool what is it's not it's not the full caliber you know weapon. Exactly you know and that and that's where I love should implement to our cause you know I called Netflix through the big would be did you go there and the thing about it is this is that because everybody was doing that the exported to be here. Yeah there came a possible cost 42 used to be a member was like you can you know bucket. First five books it was blood maybe 500 rounds at 42 Indian man that even just the yield twenty packs were 8910 bottom. Run homer in the view of all this business you assertion computers your through the army a file of a brick of tore through as we call it was something like. Sixty books yet and I don't we noticed over that because we were buying it like 54 dollars and will raise. And then there was an ad I don't know how much credence up put into this but he was seated you know that at the smelter. You know if it did the deed the snowplow was slow down because they were. I guess two or three different. It wasn't the manufactures but I think it was where they were actually getting their alma tears for the lay had so. That's been regulated heavily heavily. Embodied by the government obviously news led so give it. A lot of states actually allowing led to be fired Al Gore's California and we are hunting. And it's Kyle or do you know yet. But you know there's certainly get issued Tautou bullish right exactly yeah in dollars that you gotta you gotta walk the less severe noted that issued the total yeah before we a warning shot via and it says Google is an Indian and asked to sign a waiver the exact Dugard discipline on the golf. And blood. That kind of thing is. It is something that's taught me moron. Google we industry continues to thrive drive so lead became a rarity. Brass and though developed for more problems so we'll talk threw his arms reduction UMO manufactures. News that point who's actually really tougher to make. I didn't realize that it was actually pretty dangerous from America earlier that the grocery and they put in there load the firing. And a little of the bargains of the section very very volatile while they had apparently they have blow hopes of stuff to lose flair familiar. Only certain women in certain noon the workplace are good enough at relating this glycerin coding. That. And you don't strain on that right yeah we get that you're gonna have your years in for the. Earlier this solid coming in you know laying down explosives. So plan but I didn't realize you don't you think about it makes sense but I didn't realism of the listened to so. Now is is far is it. In there were some exploration of you know maybe try to use in in the nontoxic shot which typically what you consider to be like a war found there and use nontoxic shot. And they've come out different things tungsten comes demanding and and stay you'll which nobody is of you know steele's been around forever nobody's really big fan of it. But it's has there been any any any inroads in the am low industry is forced trying to come up when this. A good substitute for. You know I think you're one individual outages and blister issues of its not broke don't fix other people argue that it is broke because led. But people become accustomed to a personally I want to issue when Auburn students thought the kid that I and those gonna fly right by Brian and the real severe. We we joke about it but. And I and I career on this fabulous southern boy narrow mindedness for my call the liberal arts privilege Brian Allegra Odierno and outwit you here's here's the thing it's it's. It's not in my opinion another bubble of fire is not gonna cause world crumbled tomorrow. Looks on people's view different way but there's not enough priority amount of people that agree with them that they were actually really come up with something that is. Now productive. And in that no matter here again refer back to the duck hunting industry ME united steel wind and everybody did those kinds baits the hook but they've got accustomed to because been around so long. And in they come out with the business shop for awhile on the in his own instant shot and then there were the polymers in the Boeing ends. And net you more taught what experiences you thinks there's this thing. Doesn't apply the same way I mean everything about it is there's different in your paying a premium to. Having to somebody else who's Yahoo!'s so yeah. Well also bliss got a commercial break in the when we come back we will also be welcoming more if you got questions. It eighty thing you know anything opened shooting that's swords Obama's state army. This state armory will tall we knew about that you can call us at 1803471063. The takes land 71307. Will be right back after the break and talk a little bit of both feature in. Read these mrs. You're listening to of stayed out doors. 0163 WOR DS you can give a scholar at the angles of any talk line. 1803471063. For the comments into retirement planning takes land. 71307. And like you said in the beginning of the show you the blog that I do for the Debbie Doherty win upside. Which which Adam hours talk about only outdoor writers and housewives with three kids write blogs actually SOA. I managed to get the kids asleep and no wrote a blog this week about. Both fishing. And you know that you're about these data but once twice it's it's a victim in this tough though it's close analog mobbing goes to end it yeah. I don't like missiles this morning about both teaching is one of those. Just keep shooting yet I just keep she'd just keep sheep and says if you shoot real audience. But wrote this in the blogs is with fishing season winding down and hunting season not yet cranked up. Mean the outdoors workshop and the mix something to do prefer bleep something where they can avoid that throngs of summer vacationers who were behind every bush. And jet ski and and every if Spitzer viewed to be in general Murray right. Even waiting until after dark to find some actions for fertile now regardless of whether you like to hunt or speech. One nocturnal activity lends itself to both camps and as bug efficient. And are both fishing wins this duels or treat. The savvy of fishing in the excitement of punting into a sport it's going to be following the palmetto state he does get a lot of Nate. It is forged in Europe or tree shops. A lot of gas coming in this time a year and more near beer but who's you know buck would customize our prisoners from a thousand. And we have a fair test of the guys and girls are true department are fantastic some of the ones we cover some of the best in stay. The things they can do with a bow on blue cool air and the things people want them with the vote of the terrified they were also do the little column and it's really closely. That's also will like many like amongst Al Gore pursues bow fishing can be done at the simplest levels. Like walking on the edge of a farm pond with a blow and a flashlight or in the extreme by uses specially designed airboats to access the hearts of a big swamp. And sodium lights powered by generator on saddle of it. And of course that's also you're that big it's a lot of bugs they're so you're gonna have the you know have the bug you smile they're for the next morning however in today's green environment. Both fishing it's a bad rap is a sport simply for the sake keep killing. Now legal fees for both fishing or basically anything is this not this is a game feast species or otherwise protected from harvest than we were talking about this Adam. Like it's Santee. I can't teach he is legal for bow hunting because it is not a game feature in you know a lot of shed a tear but you talking about goal our. And caller. And I'm trying to think you probably don't give them in buffalo in South Carolina we which is another court species. Bomb. Mullet is another warning and you get down into the into the salt water and in on them at a gas ago both creation for staying rice might affect them member of idea of web site group big shark fisherman while and their favorite thing to do. As they speak in one night both fishing for staying race. And in they spend the next night user and I'm staying race for mayberry for sharks. So but to put things into perspective. From a ecological point of view both fish and helps to balance the footprint. Of recreational game station and here's how that works. Any body any given body water won't support only a certain amount of bio mass OK so it's gonna support certain manulife. Which includes both game feature and nine gave few species okay. Always you know is the outlook is kind of compare this two a bag pull a trail mix. So if you got a bag full trail mix everybody loves peanuts and chocolate pieces in the care issues. But nobody likes the raisins ride around you you create a race is that you don't underwent a or think you say you're thinking about the chocolate pieces indicates she is an opinion that says the game PH. Well. The rough speech. Those are the raisins been here for both teaching comes in the play by harvesting them undesirable stuff. Sportsmen can actually help balance the desire mix of about mass in the body water because. You've got sportsmen who were after already taking out. The sports speech so you know what what's going to happen as you have a lot of raw fish in where you have an over abundance of these. You know gore and carpet. Andy you know of people though whether or just plan Nader net no of these Fisher also eating. You know the young. Of game fees so. Go to the hall and hall of the rooms and zero and artists it. And then when we need but that's not to say that the news. There's royal feast is are called go to waste. Even though they rarely see a dinner plate right okay. Now most consider the taste of of a goal or carp on palatable although a few folks do you eat all portions of the speech. And I had a buddy gave me a ia recipe for goal our balls. OK today in. So I don't know orchard thank you would know basically award was if you think it blackened salmon paddy Ryan everywhere you re grounded in a problem with a guard is. Had I don't think that a seven and every one case I'm not speaking from experience. But the taste of deflation itself is not that bad is just it is so hard to get to run is think about that guard in his structured its incentive bony structure. It is I mean it could be. Almost like up like a cram peek in where I know you get a break giving it to the mate. So put another alternative. You know if you're not gonna use this feature full row you know for food source. He is an organic garden fertilizer okay mystic with me here because this is a unit sales. In order to turn a fee shore parts of the feature no fertilizer it has to be a Molson five the first dip is accepting. The fertilizers gonna Smale. Like fertilizer okay so today nothing good smell on about it is the second step is to get a big barely make it and now plastic feet to five gallon drum with a lead it works whale. And I know gas who've actually done this on their dear clubs you know that are out of the woods were you know there's not really people around they would get to make. A a batch of fertilizer for each plot of guys like there's a 55 gallon from the here and I guess you know the deer and wild life he used to probably see buzzards circle honoree he would. But it's so you take it to five gallon drum and you add a speech. Or the carcasses of the Buffy species to the bear and the and you have to add Corbett a carbon can be found in the form of wood chips paper solved us. Or anything like this so what typically. You know something likes all dust. Mulch or probably. What mall were probably work but it's. Probably needs to be broken dam will be right arm. So this begins an anaerobic come come composting process were micro organisms break down the material. That it continue to process you have to add sugar. Bomb which is also carbon in also Faison micro organisms. Livestock molasses is fairly cheap. And can be bought in ball or bagged cane sugar can be years so you know you go to her Strom back cane sugar it's a real too expensive but. Last stop molasses. Can be balled him bowl. We are with them that much money put into orbit compared to the cost of fertilizer united. You Buena save some money right now and next you wanna add water this week kicking in the fermentation course and the Smale. In high gear now occasionally stirring every few days will speed up the cross cius. But it's gonna get there either way one way or the other in that time that dated material I liked it worked fated. The site. I'm more aware of just stated matier what turned from a can not Mir into our reach earth fully permitted brew that no longer make sure wanna throw war. Okay now plans whether they be garden vegetables loans or food plus for near love this stuff and media professional gardener sway here. That it beats commercially made fertilizer hands down. And without the chemicals you know that added is to preserve the fertilizer. In a battle advice is to understand and homemade organic fertilizer is highly concentrated okay. So just like any other fertilizer you put this on your clue replied you gonna burn ago. You need to make sure that you watered down significantly. To avoid over for those bush. Excellence so they get upstate outdoor law. And there did not. Let's go to our breaking it when we come back we got so it will also will be taking your calls or text. And we're gonna talk a little bit about some some boating accidents and have been occurring around the state. Right here on 1063 WORD. Power bow party's state tent. Welcome back staying outdoors is all the radio or we are taking your calls and takes a matter fed back and answer. The latest takes here's what is the Collie and number you can call us at 1803471063. Only Ingles advantage top line. And of course if you wanna Texas the that Tony dale Philip Allen common Santa retirement planning takes land 71307. And just freedom in through some that takes pierces a fellas are really like palmetto armories facilities. But at the moment I'm more interested in basic classes how often do they offer introductory classes. So it's really funny you should say that actually today one of the big initiatives we've taken over the last year news. To educate the community not only people who are entrusted to people that have no idea about farms and we believe that a lot of times. You'll make some decisions must do their belief on farms are voting capacity of our. Because it was on four and unfortunately what we know is sometimes even I'd rather err on the side of caution exactly you know so it's well I don't have a gun I don't know much about it so maybe people should have gotten sick and they you know and it's not. And it's not a healthy way with us is help people are you know I don't know much about tiger's I don't wanna tigers or maybe it was removed doctors yes. So one of the things we've done is we've produced an issue with Karl Malone. Throw the mailman. Called the American way conservation society what we're doing is we're go around the country and we're inviting people to come on shoot firearms were first found two mobile clock. And some different ammunition companies. And doing that and so those are good health and well matters like today. In Greenville road on the road yet we've got we opened it up soon children it is child come and have a one on one less than. Including ammunition shooting target everything for free. All that and assertive tonight cause more a way around and we do to children at a time was an instructor. Hour long classes and it's from 10 AM this morning. So can you talk to my clothes and were booked solid and spree and we're doing you all month long party were continuing on. And without some of those freebies that we have if you look for cost you can go in for like fifteen dollars. Develop more certified already officers. And they'll take you out there and they won't you view page top to bottom rundown on farm everything from. Proper way to address the bar or are you know how to do good the important horse safety features of operating a far. All the way down to clean your operating near the site alignment. Charter discipline and everything as you walked in and it is very very reasonable terms of price and what it does we don't know that it helps people become more confident. And and do you have confidence is a big thing and now that was one of the sticking points from me. You know there was some legislation to sees me making its way through in South Carolina about the concealed weapons per right. Awarded do away with a concealed weapons permit you know Second Amendment the it's it's the constitutional right. And say and it will having to have a concealed weapons permits taken away from there. Mopped all. Where this van and a Athens I don't know worried landed I think the decision is now for the summer by a mob mop problem with that is exactly what she said. A lot of times that's the only training to somebody do you it's easily acquired in the conceal what. Some WP is not true. Yeah it's going through certification process. You shouldn't argue train before you go in there and do the grid any in my class and I'm sure you say this in my class they it was a lot of instruction don't want all the girls like you say I salute people work. There are there warning to protect themselves and allies and in its award I do what I do. I don't go get Maceda repay so they'll teach me Hattie in it so it was kind of a misnomer. It did say WP was. Everything you need to know about farms and you give you permit. Yeah it's you know it's like going to look at the misses are going to. Race NASCAR the NASCAR experience in Charlotte yeah noted you know how to dropped a teacher I surprise all regular licensed it really said he didn't drive before you kind of important thing. Into we've been interviewed by CNN and Fox News on how we feel about possibly global computer you know and I have a permit conceal. Instead of getting into the delving into the depths of what we think is right or wrong we stresses training. Won't regardless of where you stand on the issues. Tree yet and or are talking it's going to be an operator and you know dive around the role of rested got to shoot. Just know the whole world values of proper firearm safety. Exactly and a and M in the consider pursue weapons no eagle the last thing I ever wanted to do as a man is to collect some real exactly oh and if that that's that's that's your mentality in the needle in the house and I had an illegal in my rocked the world. Brought up arms manufacturers are similarly to those people out there we all know this don't they don't go net. Pay to have him there at the right to a close are legally allowed to them. But the subject blue there's only two but it if you're doing it for the right reasons to protect your family to enjoy the recreation of a still Newser grocery and we'll do it in the certain situation were to hopefully we just wants you to be. Educated and make the decision rather gross is toppled Sharaud arranged or how different affair and we make it the right way. And ally your ally your initiative that your come and now we have. Our space that with key it's because. You know it there's so much the education of kids is. Will lock your firearms just total lock called them the kids are gonna be curious okay and in Q it's your Smart. And even if you got a lot Conant they're probably go figure out how to give into it the bearer thing. He is teacher children in you know if there institute you know just like a lot more you don't disassembled your law more could you afraid you kid's gonna go out there and how is it reverend silk. Did you Matty used along more I'll tell you. Absolutely and that's the biggest thing you know. Not only locked out of this cost newspaper in today's society. There's an it to the farms when lame ditch somewhere yes there's going to be a kid goes over who's a friend's house and the wanna you know. Let's twosome instead of instead of having feeder and that. That dangerous curiosity was due some respect and understand how to address it or not to address it but taking out that. That pandora's box of tuna and Karl Malone says one of the most unique things of borrower is like before it can warm your house because cook food. The mobile U disrespect it'll burn down in Charlotte that's exactly right that's that you need you still miss it's it's not a every time. Our picabo far on my heart. You've got a little bit because it's it's cold but it's a tool that has no discrimination in terms of with a bullet goes. You know this is a caller you if you don't respect driving if you don't respect a return to press the gas pedal. There is gonna come today it's a whole texting and driving death where it is going to be an accident. Auto don't get me started on Havoc has yet come and now Woodruff road here you need schools out Massey a lot of these keys that are that are focused own everything in a car. Exit safe operation of that car in to get to stay area and again at the tended Windiz and I got the Wii U rules and everything. And who have music and you like you some really old and yeah how well he's you know. This 'cause this is cut out there really know because I got two of them they have been through that and out patients for their mistakes for an N and forcefully you know they're still Iran and allow me Qichen. You know just barely when I get done with a bullet to you know it it is the same thing in tennis speaking of which. I had the opportunity in the blessing of teach in my kids you know safety with firearms and you know probably with the younger one when the bullets at the bottom of the tree stand and run in at a gun range probably was the right word I thought I really probably if I'd known you not gonna take him over palmetto state armory. And had somebody probably teach in the right way rise in violence we gotta we got another takes in net going back to we're talking about bow hunting. And it says fellas have you ever tried a laser site. Own your fishing boat that that might. That's it's just about how with the blue blue laser not reflect on the water in them and how would you go on distortion. I guess I guess you'd have to figure that out you know his doors you know and most that most of the time in blue both teaching. The feature going to be right there close I can answer that question with yes I have used a laser sight but it was not. It was not a speech in full were it was hunt alligators. That's area into one alligator that I've keel. Oh win with alligator tags in we which by the way the season. I mean the did the deadline for planned free alligator tags expired. Two days ago. Bullets that the the first time I'd ever used across Bo had a laser site with it and gas like simple as complex as can be put the realize don't know our composure Altria. As I walk. Don't get a couple of practice rounds of the strange thing is like you were crowding into our shareholder you have a personal is so so you worked out you know it worked out but it was pretty listing and it beat you know he had it cited Ian correctly. And I'm I'm curious about you have never I've never thought about using across blow. For both he shouldn't assume you'll do I have actually there will be a lot easier 'cause I mean I I've got across a that I use for beer on and I've got to I've got actually got a site. With three site opinions in this and all the scope so locked out. There's nut that's who fed on the united fan instead honored at Hollywood dollars that's not really archer unwell and you know legally it's arsenal hunt yes a lot of you are surely haven't they got to get within you know forty yards out bullets yeah I needed it's not the same as Hammond who bloodstream it is listed you'd give the full drawl and and stuff like dead but it. That's pretty cool so it would have been something maybe you guys and I'm sure you can gated if you don't evidence. Where we have we have lasers. All throughout their idol if you speak of we have it on on a crossbow via or on both. I'm sure you Procter and we make a rock for I don't know that I have ever seen one Ono blue blazers item number a serious are suitable across bones yeah the members through. Closers there's so much difference like in a site paean to Judy's and and besides that most of the guys who who both teach. They're using aero as aside pin and it's just open it because you shoot so much it is like our man amidst. I mean because you might take in and night it's both creation you might take a harder shot it's. Yeah I mean obviously dependent on where there and you know bright future in area but it's not like beer on where you may or may not get a shot. This time out if you go both teaching in in an area that has a lot of you know a lot of it's a lot of speech. You go take a hundred shots and pretty soon you start to develop that you muscle memory and I also mean I recognition where you'd this issue free throw try. The effects are so does a good news or so some guys and and in every now and in your life. I made the shot. A thousand times in I don't know why belts off the bat mortal waited and they're accurate or listen music let's go to our break for the hour after the news and it won't come back and Adam will bring us the roadkill cafe right here 01063 WORD.