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Saturday, March 17th

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And were back on the other side the hour with a stayed out or were commit to you live from the TD can be considering agreeable for the bass master classic expert. I can't have a details domain yesterday when I was as a guest host and with the business. Classic rock I don't want you to route here at the U. The mass transit pass it no we're not. And lord of the Palestinians it is explosive word the classic we begin with. The classic rock out here. This seamless yes there we get this thing so. When we went to the break last hour we hit Kingdome honky home with a she is the public information director. Force south Carolina department of natural resources and and honestly Luke and then she got a phony job serious or how it depending on where. And don't top that they had. She's Tom we've talked about earlier today she gets I think I'm what you candidate he has these like cute you know ran to shoot people when it wrapped. Well I'll be a little bit well according to a lot of those yeah. I don't know she's gotten mentions anything about she's immediately that it. Can science Grants Pass this information right I mean are you like you know needs to win no doubt about maybe it does. That I I would really like that up it was or is that a secret we talk button. I mean it's I mean it was it's been instant Simi. In the past and it's not that I definitely wanna proceed this is that would be. Kind of another area racquet educate myself and you know learn more and certainly you know be of more assistance you know and time while there are a lot of people on our agency or that type in their pulled in during emergency situations to help with the. And that would be really helpful the next time we have a consensus meeting about the here today I would hope I have a you know my idea was. He's now I'm just you. That was such a fun time and our allies that the news to hear regulations. And I think it's gonna gain better makes you got I highly that the three love your over night we have if you've been obvious immediate YouTube yet there things. Well I think that we you know we we did our basses to educate people about those changes that we we did a lot of people didn't like them and they would like that even after we explained it but. You know we just try our best to put all the information out there and explain why it's the best of our abilities of people can just be compliant. Anything noted Thursday that I've got a got a pretty clear who would go an affront to everything. They only obvious I'm a pretty clear. Well if you would discuss it we Kindle in person this. Alcohol out you can find her head and the advancements of plastic explode how long we don't we I'll be here. Yes well our surgery and yeah at least two endorsements. At her belief that we will not be getting back to Colombia and snow lately some. Come on and I. And bring kids to make it if you assume that's right it's right in and in the meantime if you went there to be camped on kitco look at feet. Spring is gonna bring the room Q cafe. And tell us. Had a cut costs through real. I can't thanks for being against on the show was this lets you it's always a pleasure. It's just refreshing is always got my second win now that that the places this brightens the blue inkling but hearing that there that the camera and I. And were it. Mean if I can I Willis let's jump into the road you get back. Ironic. In honor of all the fish that are being released at lake Hartwell in about a wonderful people at the NR. We don't have these stock okay. Also. You have the number of well what top 100000. That we we actually met some cracked the top news and it's not this defeat snapped adjective rise. Want this weekend yeah me you know as a threat to the vehicle was talking about this risk that he can be used with crappy. Congress drivers coming right. Blue fields you carry with you what do you know. Any of those during that everybody's that's relief that jacket you know like you're much heat it up go to rehab. A cold well topping notice and it again. Captain Blair wicket. Oh hold Obama just got after it. He kept the Blair you've got to. Will be off there a little bit yeah but yeah. Kept him wherever I'm talking tech rarely get hit with a roadkill cafe right now. Plain and good isn't he captain and optimal we're seeing a little while okay Scott let's rather. I'm sorry about that folks doubling me. They talk about that everybody up you know you can never say bring her hands into deficit this okay even though we're in the middle of making tacos I've. Hit the Blair Wigan the big you know I'll significantly in salt water again this is not Ortega then the to mention his these these stalkers could also be repaid with us macros that you don't look well. Red snapper that matters now here we go postal topping required to cut about prepared so called me when bottom of your favorite coleslaw dressing. It was a comedy gonna squeeze in the back. I if these taco part of it is to me please visit to the power. Teaspoon garlic powder has teeth and a stalwart these little black pepper one and a half of the fish fillet you're choice impediment to about what it bases. One tablespoon chopped cilantro. But Norma could die and 66 flour tortillas or soft or take helicopters either one year old. I like the softens up the deadlock better job ideally it'll large volumes about the cold all the cold focus. And not have to learn these mix well cover referred to right that's your well. I didn't another large bowl of barbecue with powdered black paper regarding. Powder and salt mix whale at these pieces and Carlson to lead we had any large skillet over medium they eat all our. So today it's been six to eight minutes or two flights it's really done is north lake it would force stirring occasionally. Sprinkle whistle on through and remaining he's habitually history disputing things down considerably more TO over. Top of polls mixture rolled up more opinions here retort what they've won ten pick in certain immediately they have fished out goes between captain. The Blair Wiggins and everything else. It's captain player we gained the upper half and you for each stock ansari you know that is in feet yeah they keep that hope you know. Okay you know it you know the weather on the serve and title and you pick the book you can vote to pick out any. Jumping into you know what thank you both work. You have boarded those Tucker ranks well if you he has always hit can we at the time don't have a health program it's stick you mean you make cement cart board held decorum or whether it. They get a couple now I don't think you think it's right there yeah I'm now we're a low pace it's it's a break against it. Let's go to our commercial break. India we come back. We will have our. So more of don't. I don't know what is it that they'll sorry the announcement by right here we're at six votes that are that's that's the classic people everywhere. I think those is gonna walk body aches but I'll speak through proper opportunities for your colony. God bless you don't like the bright room where. Immaculate. Welcome back upstate outdoors is only rate you. Along with anybody you have the low confidence I'll folic they're ornaments are now you know. And let's everybody. In the market being over the blanket bombing Baghdad it would either of them wants the big thing. A couple of years ago it and a politician would fall you know what the head yet the equipment to springer being in spring it's that sound like they. In actually it is millions of good point because a few hundred outdoors enthusiast. And you come out to the bass master classic X. There you know everybody who's anybody in India glories missing fishing industry through use here in the building. And the city. We we talk about the hours early which is that they're going to be here we have six today Q isn't suitable to in his six today. To institute more correct there is no eat meat should. For you need the past events offer you can go out to you sponsor Corwin on the Serena. And watched the way in for you charge you just going in front usage yet. Yeah parking is a bit of an issue over the years. Speak to when the parking garage it's cool and cannot solve some of the load you know some of those pay lines right they would definitely is that they were it would like them it's a mama wanna blow us us Britney. Yes so. I can't blame them on the web and Kuroda who is horrible and yet I mean yeah the public to suit their six books like it always is in. The risk that. So carpool if you wanna go over the here. Incidents there saying you know YouTube and loaded. In charger by a dollar rather everywhere you like that but at this they will start their way yen at 315. Today. And this when the doors open and you can go over the U. And listen to listen to the updates on this and speaking of which yeah we have got an update fridge. From fast match again dot com the past tracks. Jason Christy yesterday's leader is still in the lead in the unit that team. The bass master classic they're showing it he has called nine speech today. Which means he's cold for. And so so far there looking at the total of votes sixteen to. It when he verses currently in second place as he was at the end of speech yesterday. You his column TN speech today. Which means he's called. And with that combined weight of twenty to fourteen. Says they're going to be real time nick in nick own making it the difference between what they did. Yesterday. Jane to leave them is also. He's in third place. Will speech. In he's got 1915. The city looking at the top five Monica Frazier vision for Jordan leads in fifth hot defer to his fallen to sixth. Jacob wheelers in seventh place. Polonium Jacob FROST/NIXON right plates read or not. Casey yeah room has gained some ground Casey dances currently shown in in place. He's got sixteen feet today said he must alma yeah the city ordered that these are beneath. Would it suited the yesterday it would that we now this morning yeah that's that so we'll he's he's got an estimated sixteen. Ounce will announces. And you know the whole strategy for the assist you wanna be in the top 25. If you use today today you wanna be in the top forty fab and you want to be close to striking distance through because. Lou these guys these guys efficient for these the age and you know. Pretty much I'm on the Odyssey has never happened. It in part wheels got it on the Fijian it. But what you pitch toward India UK it's beginning turn. Not because they hauled him off an infamous white candle was common exact hauled him off any you know they're just not been abducted by aliens is exactly and it put him in the tank in a released in somewhere back in collate it which is an undisclosed. Location and anything probably for directory that is going. So he gets back in the late but it. He's not going to be eager repeat that that processing. So but yet they're there on the pattern founded speech in the weather's changed knew it was overcast earlier today. And now the sun is now so that's gonna change the pattern of locating these guys are professionals and know wean. What the speech do when the weather changes actually pattern changes. It's it's it's. That's why they're fixed the national weather that their faces for all the marbles restaurant that you know top prize for the best master class it's a 100000 dollars. You know felt got chick like it up like his colleague quits altogether. But it is radio people. In. How lives simple. Yeah hello I'm not get up. Yes I yep may not stick to have right. At the that be enough to. I think you know how they did you know knife wounds. I don't know how to watch the look like Al Haq avenue blew it. Are somewhere you know but the thing about this is this is not a great points. Raila con did Sony is our director here it doesn't have any bearing home on the standings it you the year. So so day they come out expecting to win. Yep that's why they pizza waiting game in his term but you know it's it's all enough. You know it's not word about the bulletin hi you're sick in bed about eight people points its its its weight sort of fear it's the hope from the term you start to keep it. Yeah and either this there was a lot of discussion about. Well it's gonna take golf spotted bail Amanda is gonna take a large man I asked to win this thing in anybody who's look at me you know trying to keep some spot advance. But you know at the mix yesterday. That anglers were Toma you I own two or three good large mouth bass and there were a lot of spot advanced mixed in because this is the priest phone. For but in street seasonal horrible so that's what they're looking at it we've we've we've talked with Chris bills. A little bit and in man here in about forty feet Stewart won't let. And it will with a big faces the value where I think it was 667. Listen to be looking so hot and was asked for a sixth graders sixth that Spitzer or that like that. See you again I think it's one thing that's that's the Cavallo of by the the battle I think now there's baby out everywhere yet figured it's going to be backing Cabela's forays. My government yeah cats. It's not. It's not it's not the next week it's an excellent actually speaking we each here we've. Here go if you wanna see us on the road and we're going to be and if the pound of the sports that's plants. Next week to quit Roland you guys I like going and other and that is what's gotten us apart you would obligate Kindle back on our ratings given to the routine every down we you Kindle book onkyo radiant. In and out failed to mention it to her no that we wouldn't let me think that this will now we're here it says it's. Bob radio that that every time you hit it isn't anything beautiful blue that says. It's yet it's big unit which radio and we've with the blast off this morning and and can do in in. Was wont to. It's photographs and now ride and so we did all that right in in his hey listen let's grab some breakfast on the way and a completely for got. The calf to knee. You don't put them because they're really into the camps. Radio show on which there's ten starts at seven you Gloria so the phone rings in his life Edward you they're they're version of money to IndyCar via exit. And you go you ready for your statement I'm life. I think on moment or a man that. Yeah I got to do elaborate you brought this atop the captain the Keeney in the bass master. Own southern anglers radio this morning Dan probably. Well we'll have a keen to help him this week through me and I don't I'm surprised president through PayPal. Not. How to make best friends that you like I have not talked to Morgan prominence that I I hate but you me a few minutes in we don't have him yeah doesn't vote here. It paid if you've ever seen really get a sick play it that Morgan has the most they would test the job obviously he's gotten a it is to go all over the world Weathers the California coast sort of article goes eighties kitchen feeds and he's just you know. He don't have a whole lot of have to use that spoke about a foot pedals yet and it's just a great show and that was gonna help him or rather grow the go or bright. Absolutely we're gonna take a break right now all we come back. Will be toppled Morgan right here at state outdoors love with the bass master expo. If he can be consider embarrassing has. What a crazy dude that's a topic that everybody looked then it's like to replicate that we love it we'll be right back equity Smith. Will upstate outdoors we got to. About a half an hour after the show puts. You can abuse Ellen will be the buildings break I don't know if if those who are running if you like that. It's. So so basically the playing music on to the bass master classic exclude you're looking for people. Just troll yeah just walker ran intro just like you know booted out there hands down and a profound ago. This time we started out my god the first thing I think the first thing you do we get off there go for that second quarter of cochlear all right thanks literate and that's it that's. Yeah it doesn't sound like you know. What do hey let's let's talk about our Nixon yes that's that it is authorities now we've been talking about it after the break we got Morgan prominence. Mortgages the species manager. Yep senior brand manager for rookie pitcher something like that for Kobe Bryant featured. And a Morgan you don't want it. I'm hoping that you would Kindle McConaughey is horse who's got the best job in the world to him for because she used to go around and take pictures and do the out the worst to him in you've yet to give it speech. I brought it down just not as pretty elected probably. You know releasing any justice to the office thing Monday through Friday right yeah that's got to kill you it does the that's when I mean it's it's so hard live in the dream you know yes especially when your buddies or text and you pictures I usually cats now they're back. Yeah I'm I'm real lucky guy. You know obviously I do put in my time in the office but I do get to go on some fantastic trip to get. Fish was some really awesome people all over the world out there will be kayaks and that's what really makes it fun for me and we are you sure office looted today. We're out of Oceanside California that's wearing make all of our mirage right kayaks and we ship them. All over the world from there so they're made in the USA and we pride ourselves on making our products. With the highest quality that we can and we've been around for a long time leaving the view in the way in the kayak fishing industry. Now did you or your office when Newt didn't states to machinery that means is not limited situations. Hala I pause let's say because nobody's ever completing the work ability to grow like now me and negative served up. I think that's awesome school and then describe it that it is just blew it I sure they put the united office about anyway never tenders its notes and takes three united united. Listen more things I wanna talk about India and the opportunity. To talk with them Mike I can Nellie. In music great ambassador for both Vance teaching I mean you know the regular bat species were immediately turn neighbors. But I for I don't know the last couple three years. His tone to it. Amid peak here is his movie guy with him everywhere he goes he can looks like determinant. There is hope what I that cut it short straight Sony. But I had to I had afternoon the tone was like movies and that's it that's how you mean. That's it. Tong with the the president Russa can advance in us and I think what we're going whose own on the final day. We won't take him power votes away from known it was gonna give him wrestling at the time in ice it gets. He loves that thing and I I've gotten it fits with them a few times on the movies and you. Genuinely. Loves kayak fishing and he's I mean you know what he's like he's out of character. When I was gonna ask you when you're fishing what you want the world does he still madly in the if you. I just more energy than I did when I was thirteen years now and and when he catches the fish that you know is so much fun to fish with and but you know he gets another bogey and use like a kid in the candy store he just lives off and discuss. I mean you've never seen that guy casts this many times changed or so mad scientists becoming crazy like 110 pounds that can win might. Didn't get the verdict it's really were those guys absolutely. That it's he he actually came out to California the end of last year we failed to go and I kept the site so be airing. On the U you know on line here pretty soon. But I'd. Because he catches a fish in there and he'd he'd he'd go side. Now you know it spends an Aston ever. Give us solid yesterday there when I did that game in math think it is more than the mass by its within this we you know Thomas Tuesday is. It's it's a division I had to give Thomas query that you constitution of the day in the phone Alabama golf. And a game in October however Garcon itself now though doesn't application. And arrested at a new thousand regal beauty median house like. Never give up already know. The passion. So what evidence would probably in my opinion it you know a lot of people that speech where they ended its springer's negative Fitch whether it be solved. They they say you're you're. I can barely made an excellent question I can't advance it put unit together. Other the last the best masters with me and yet we was backstage Downey he's deeply topic that is our report but he knows what. Yeah that the media Baxter H because you know. It was an all that I foods like that's. No lights college if they don't like yeah I don't like you know we've got to go back if forced me to other news what. You know that you detail a couple of week. We could go off all right and when I first got to meet him I mean. You know he's a he's a role model for the sport yes fantastic person and and I was I was you know a little nervous right when I first got that you have written by the when he Vietnamese just a fantastic regular guy who just want to fish. And that the big thing with getting back on the hook for him is that says that takes him back in the minds of a lot of when you're younger you. Yeah I think it's exactly what he told me in our interview yeah any hit and and he also talks about. You know experiencing catching a fish from sitting loads of the war vet says it's it's a very different experience I think those are two of the main things that really appeal. That and when I. I had to say it like this but currently I exit didn't forsee is overweight I don't we which which probably is going to be a tough enemy policies sandbag in. In in meeting as a thank you would think that paradigm men want to make it 45 is their chance at it. Usually these anglers who wants to cut happens. They end up being an expert that's their punishment you know. Any chance newbie in the hope includes that there with you I think there's a good chance it might stop by and say hi. Don't you didn't know anything about it when he got to approach those guys that they're here certainly like this in the lead after people if you're going to approach of these guys that are over water today. Just a Wii speak channel with a because you know they enjoy what you're talking to a but they did you know. Now coming into the Dallas pitching for the past that the classic champ owner talk you've got. Off the yeah yeah I let you know what quick Mike and he you know he is so incredible with his fans and I I think it was last year or two years ago our member. Seen a lot of people and Mike never left until he signed every single person's. Exactly or whatever you know he's fantastic and there's a ton cue that there it is it is the ability Geithner accidentally while about it. Like this shortage pop groove and there. Well. Who in in look at it that do not think he started nutrient in you know I've told India's yeah us it looked. Yet here at a time when these I don't know win without good chance if you look at that ago. Army and he just he's just trying to expand news and its sponsors listing you know they have these like now are really featured there and to prove that point. Thumb war of the younger I think it's Jacob doubts I may be wrong about that it's one of the younger anglers. Is that I don't have all these new guys they have figured out I don't have but he it in it's not it's not one of the hope you products but he does the same thing were rescued cat around with a and when you talk about these younger anglers that are coming out. A lot of the him. You know. It's didn't look like instead of the John boat you know laugh we albeit they got their story and kayaking or like hey man I'm made it to the pro level take much time with me so and so so what I mean you have how do you see that evolving. What think for a lot government if they count it is always. Maybe it'll put up a break sometimes from being on the boat and it is let's have taken different approach and and it's funny with Mike the first time that we did an event together we were out in Louisiana. And because like on gonna have to help them take the kayak off this part would be probably never does it. And he jumps up on top there starts on doing stuff slides my my can I'm helping the man I gotta back it. And since it's like it and he's not a lot of soccer or the head of the I quote you know where the broad stroke are then what do you think I don't use my kind of like all right so it. You're hurt you very genuine guy you really like to kayak mission. I think that is that got train you'll start seeing with a lot of anglers reported its it's just the fun thing to do you can't beat it it's. It's a different experience and easy to go to. And how cool would it be you know we talk about Major League speech in. Or the focus his own kitchen. But every feature PD UK is it means to me out and it's always a good thing about. About hate how would you like to do the bass master classic yet in this format and airline now is this desk too much adrenaline right there to do that but. Yeah how cool would it be you have any majors as yet. The it was that it cannot cannot and then we got that's the action and stuff like that which you think there might be a possibility in the future. I I could see you really happening in the futures. I mean. And I think good dude. Brings something different to the sport look mix it up a little bit more another challenge these guys weigh the you know there. They're the most talented anglers out there a period in the country and and I'm sure that yup for a different talents like got to be fun. I'd like to think that he didn't go to Syria and there. You know it and maybe they use the Major League patient format would be easy and hits in the you know we had no way to go that. Route or maybe we keep maybe we can do offshoot do the movie world's mail where were you we are we did it and included some of professional anglers and yeah worlds it this year by the way it is and ball Sweden. So I want yet. They say it's definitely world's Selma Alabama when you. A new talent it's spelt with a made these auto renounce that stuff but it's on lake band in which is the biggest late in Sweden not to leave. And for like fifth third vigorously in Europe or something but its world renowned for for big pike fishing okay perch fishing. So the anglers there's gonna be about fifty anglers flying in from about forty different countries and they'll be staying right there in Sweden and we raked up fifty identically ray. Maybe trying to fourteens with all our sponsors will rants powerful. You know on each boat. And we get these guys the votes in and let ago. Prepares to face the ornaments. It's going to be wild Miller on N in the whole thing about you can attack featuring news because if they don't use lout whales and its its. Yeah I'll cannot release. It's kitsch photo and les yeah cents a how does that do it they do the same thing where you have and it in the fires that you you speech when he pleaded yup so we give them. And an identifier every day and they also have a giant measuring board this one's like. It's a 130 centimeters long but yes they use metric in Europe obviously I was not that you know how to save comedy at that yet but. Let alone there. I heard bits. Nowadays they catch the fish they put the I get a fire has to be in the in the browser and and then they take a photograph with that we actually have anglers it's because these pictures so BA. You almost. Have to stand up on your kayak to take a picture to get him in the Flickr and the other cool thing is. We'll be filming the entire band so goes up on our TV show movie outdoor pictures yet so you can watch past episodes on the air from past worlds in Louisiana and Texas in Australia and great places like that. It's a lot of fun. That is also want to live at yeah that's. I started this I cannot say any had a bit of roe Morgan prominence. Hum beat nation. He's going to be at the bass master classic explode being here in iTunes 6 o'clock at night. Yep Amy announced that it shows that open in two to listen what that would it is to move into tomorrow. So come home by take Hulu wouldn't indeed achieved the U into the garage for and but how much you pay. Come out there take a look at the 360 morons that think also Morgan thanks for being that you would. It you'll be able recognized market because the he has the most intelligent looking and that I have been regular every thing that's right I think glasses and I should have a legitimate authority says it got brighter rather and let's go to our breaking news when we come back we'll be ramped up the show to upstate outdoors right hero once it's very video or they've lot of it at bats mr. classic explode to be committed. Coming UT's. Welcome back to the final segment of stayed out there worse in. Like we were kind of talking about we're doing my captain Hayley you knew were sandbagging and yet we we've we've saved her this interview for the last yeah. And because you know elaborate as you'll ever have radio voice which is in which is the spur of the moment yet we have no we had no play in the day yet so how would. We got a little blood. We got bass master Elise angler. Marty Robinson were ride a mystery blond in South Carolina. Marty welcome back to ship. Hey guys man I'm glad to leave here. You know he is in 1990 the same thing I think it's a securities attic yeah well I wouldn't say that. So that we began talking you know wake you up I'll take you there weren't that young guy and if I. There's not one of the one sites that we use the rest of the Purdue. Yeah you know it is is. You know I'm loved me out on water feasted on. You I have a lot of past knowledge and horrible and you know feel comfortable out there. You know I think like in in this year hopefully we'll get in next year's you know I still enjoy everything like you know this way it's it's just a few trees and wait forever by means. Let's watch golf basically yeah I'll plans come out. Come out to that notion and come to the way instance and you can't get domain with a all. You know that's kind of what it's all about you know eight. Yeah obviously working for you sponsors more that they that you know you back those guys. You know it's all about science and you get to mangle best against yes these. You don't get grooming him not rise in do you mean you're keeping up with the tournament obviously. The activity inside own law school known. I'm keeping them best back in you know I'm walking around show in Baghdad and on the big screen here and there the last lap and not. I was actually got that last lap this morning with Avian Tom and you know last slaying a couple of the guys a couple of Gaza top Jason Priestley and they were able to easily yeah. I noticed both of those guys are patients now. Orly was this morning I couldn't move changed up a little bit but. It was mostly thesis out this morning in the backs a lot of these pockets just I've noticed is feasible although grants through water was now he and you know I was kind of count on that we have big player. But Kyle's not nearly speech was really. On the birds' big time comes down so I I knew that would come into play at this it know when will we'll. In in a funny thing about that is even me is playing again about this and yeah so what are required to resume in the lead as if we know about it. It obviously if nobody business. Yeah you know we can see here it's like that we can do it's either either the Shalit will be the video and a lot of guys probably tell you the same thing but it. One thing is to know that they element of the things that kind of Mike Patton it has to gasoline to. Have filed areas the righting areas we have that happen and you know I noticed their way. You know particularly long and you know you don't you the Eagles a lot of Gaza last they've been here you have it's a lot of Gaza that way. Nestle the needs. Those guys really and it looks like explode around a little bit by the files in the years they went Nevada Oklahoma a lot of that's right some would love a lot of flats and a lot of lake region of activity you know on think unit two with three places. Be it the now that you don't work we're out here. You would feature a bit like. The actor appeared my crappy bills they get via yet crap you know we wrote the you know use that's now we'll show rush and that's what they like the idea route before that well and which in those two guys or from the same area you know that both doctor from Oklahoma. They both have a lot of class knowledge of Gramm like in both really good program like yeah and obviously something about hole. Months Graham light blue waters of the they've both done real well and you know. Two of the three classics that I have my you have been all Gramm like in horrible speech a lot similar programs like there was these yet. Win when you're finished any one of these how profound tournaments or really any tournament. Do you do you need look at him what the other guys do and are you just gonna focus on more routes. You know I really. Anywhere after we have to focus on what we it would eat if you won't mechanic eating it and what the featured bit when you got the real close attention to what's going home. All you know. Above the water and under the war. And indeed you have really got to pick up homeless on the tales and if you you know you got there and you kind of want to know the guys in our community team won't you miss out on home field. Now I'm not saying if if if Katie a company the auditor Mike Garrick you don't ever point that out based on my Satan you might filter by little battles on the false. But yeah I mean ever got those are home playing happily and that's and that's one good thing about hawk was probably the best thing about war is so BP and so. Sprawled out. That these guys can have areas to their sales. And I think guess what really happens Jason and when. There you know they are particularly on a lot of things with what others you don't get a lot of pressure. So they can that'll actually got us a lot of these different pockets that they can line yet you know to the sales and not loving. You're not that I don't know opting not been. Like you I've been busy here meeting greed and incompetence the taken by these days is cool thing about it is you what you're voted by these kids involved in incident. When yeah they were spraying area avoid the cops is the big thing for you to get this but we're looking at the end of the two blue army notes if that's their pattern that's not going to be something that they're gonna Wear out a single area because there's a lot of visitors here talking about. Yes things to my day they had. Viewed section of that river going to lose it to the Clinton. I don't see any of own that there was looking at the master meaning you language the player. You know I know Mike in my sing a long way up bubble but there's coming in areas as hundreds of little pockets and and fingers run enough that those guys. Not noticed they are countless lack. Like they're kind of concentrate on some of the major figure great company and some talented there yeah I mean that that's. That's the only thing that that is that they'll step shallow water fish is having a big enough where it is and expand his time. Well and the other thing too is because you start speaking audience following you around. Com course the good thing about that is when you're one of those. Skeeter rocket powered. Yamaha what are you got to 222 without the tiger I read it I got two feet. Indeed you look back ago well. But it gaga yeah I have to face plastered negated a house when he gets things problem can't Matheny. Then ask out of me and got the we think is not a high IQ question we were talking with a one of the marshals little bit earlier that day. Do you guys have. You need compassion for him whatsoever noticed Abraham. Know the parties I think lives there that you. If and that I got it and if it's they want them follow the bugs. How how would run by the allowed date and a month. I would if I am in Minnesota because of rules you gotta be within a number of things that the Marshal run or that's right yes exactly I heard one more time again I was that is the story guesstimate you so skewed in the exit. I mean I can give the viewers. Go off the back of the Venezia and movement are really got to do that he'll yet and I got based in India and got. And I'll let him off and he's like I'm Nike effectiveness thing they need it in Vietnam I get back in it. I mean it's just a joke guys do it you know and packages of pitchers that have a bond you know like. Would you or or Ray Allen whoever it is hazard but having a little plastic zip over there is is like eighty miles an hour is. Lot of definitely sort of what god yeah what about I've ever had I want to have you ever had one lady Bogle craft new feature was. No I have warned got it got really scared once you know you wanna feel the answer out about up to the golf world water because he got word actually the nervous and nervousness in his and now I tell them you know not to worry I had a couple that they'll fall and they would have walked around. That's exert citizen that was what he was used real chopping you try to settle them down oh yeah it was so we're rough on Lake Champlain. Then. Border. New York and Vermont and if blaze north to south wind that blows out a Northrop's nobody classics and putters they go and you just trying to give more weight in the boats Olivia and I'm trying to think candidate must obviously golf and to grow more news. Now. Well we'll Marty we've got a run in time for the show you on the winner where folks were working they find humid today. I you know out we're almost washing those figured that out source coming skeeter Yamaha coast and everybody's here. Lucky strike. And me castaway rods I mean just you know. If they count. Just check app ever both you can't deal climbing one we long we've been so they won't be until these if you wanna see anybody. I mean don't try to plan on skin just get that control throw exactly yet again after throw you go watch these gavel like but you know guys. They keep polls that I have seasonal items in the butt and learn really watch these guys and just can't stay out of way and watch him and you learn twice as much like to drop fees and we got to give the (%expletive) out now. Which is we gather you a special. For anybody who gives the blast off the more they don't get treated. Loyal. I is. Our saying is that with yeah yeah oil she closed locales ghosts that it now Mosley and receive was CES is bustling in the anthem in the morning but they had mixed so that one hurts actually selling this morning tells me it's no related she was telling him all morning but you know I'm sure was. What will probably after anyway out there on the and so the Almonte I'm less in the general Marty thanks for being thank you party. I'll go on record that as well got. That's coming up next post I think everybody the commitment it was opting out next week about that I'll promise you it will please you're so city.