Tara's Tirade - Whistles blown on FBI corruption fall on deaf Uniparty ears (orig 12-7-17)

The Tara Show
Thursday, December 7th

"If you think about what it takes for the dual justice system to exist in our country, it takes a lot when you think about it. It requires the protection of a majority of the political class... And but for their protection, it would evaporate. It would be powerless."


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You know I think about this whole thing with trade Audi yesterday neatly played did the thing you need is for the second time. In this interview going off fund you know how Muller is the best guy to get to bottom in this. And you know we got to trust him and he knows he's in the minority here between interest smaller. You know an NM American thinker today and they go through every single person who is on most team. And here is not a single person on Muller's team. Who is not an antitrust zealot who's not on the record either donating or tweeting or tweeting a or texting now are what ever. Against Donald Trump any political man manner as is every bit as radical as you know any left wing blogger out there. And actually it's at the expert and you got to I struck crew as starter Carlson brilliantly find out. Interviewed whom Aberdeen. Interviewed Hillary Clinton. Change the Komi memos so that it you know would not Sigler grossly negligent that's the standard for being you know that this is in her first felony charge with a classified data. And he's your viewing humor Aberdeen and Cheryl Mills they both say no no we know about the server. Well in writing. Any emails that they had not disclosed. To the FBI that's like number one. They really tried try to find out they they did know all about the survey they talked about it in the emails they didn't disclose to the FBI. That's a double whammy right there. And this and this agent Peter struck was the one who. You've done not only were they not charged with lying to the FBI and it is you're suitable that they lied to the FBI. They weren't given immunity as an or as a reward to protect them from all future prosecution. And what are we tolls. I can't he had played this enough times. Now we had James commie any and he's asked about her magazines lawbreaking he says well you know we can't claim she you know was wrong. And so we ended the double standard connection imagine my plan has had to sell a house to pay his legal bills he's completely ruins for doing what. Lying to the exact same FBI agent coup when he's not interviewing these people is swapping 101000 tents with his mistress trying to figure out. Haven't you heard trump. And helps Hillary that's what's kind of been in in my guarantee you that's why Mueller would turn him over. And yet day ahead FBI be the former head of the FBI. Defying congress a subpoena from congress define ECB is laughing in trade Audi space. Now early eighties to fight if the subpoena he won a simple thwart further he didn't tell congress about the existence of the texts. At the subpoena applied to it. I mean you see lawbreaking. And you see collusion. And UC obstruction of justice. At that level. Is astounding the American Express seeking Gilbert's every the second in a deterrent or Johnson just dropped. And then have people in the mainstream of the media saying what Gregg Jarrett said. Obvious BI is the shadow government now he's become highly politicized Peter struck. Is the perfect example of that he led both Hillary Clinton investigation. And until recently. The Mueller investigation. This is a guy who has crop political motives we now know what we use the congress has the emails that he is the tip of the iceberg. There are others especially Andrew Weissman and as you pointed out Cheney re. But it doesn't end there it doesn't end here we have on the inspector general Dennis McCulloch he's tried to go after Hillary. He saw what was happening at the FBI there was personal blow up to me it's in my family's two. My office when he tried to come forward to the Republican leadership. He goes to James clapper. The had a depart via Director of National Intelligence James talent tells and the pipe down his job as these are two general is to police the police state. And yet what happened when he went to congress and. Did this letter in January tween sixteen true. In a manner that cola told congress that email beyond top secret passage the former secretary of State's unsecured personal server. All the sudden I can tame show. Running I was told by members of congress be careful when you're losing your credibility where people want to get shoe. By February 2016 Clinton Campaign emails released by it WikiLeaks suggests the color line at target. I think there was certainly a coordinated strategy. Five in fact I. I'm not only think you guys I think did. Very very much so based on evidence. Just. Now when they come for him they threaten his family that was personal blah blah to me to my family. What our Rhonda since is he went to the GOP leadership he wanted to investigate uranium one and. Last congress we and that oversight committee wanted to investigate the foundation and all the other crop payments involving the clintons and we were not allowed to do that by the leadership in the house for whatever reason. What are Jeff Sessions. Sure we investigate mr. Rosen steam here it appears he's implicated in lining congress invited to buy and violation of federal law. A two covered uranium what would not that mr. sessions. But I would like to remind you that deputy attorney Rosa starting and it's directly sue Verizon criminal case went in he would US attorney in Maryland. I don't think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct do you. It would be his decision he's a man of integrity. He can investigate himself coming comes that we have to hear this how many times is Jason Jacobs have to tell us now on Fox News about the GOP leadership in Clinton's. It is he's talking about Christian are being dragged to the hill to testify. Absolutely ridiculous that he is coming to capitol who's got a lot of other important things to do and they will never ever ever do this to the clintons and that is what is fundamentally wrong with this. How many people have to tell us and when you trade out eat out what it takes fitted to a justice system to exist in our country. It takes a lot we think about it. Profound darkness. It requires the protection of a majority of the political class some people have come forward bravely but it's gonna take a lot of people dozens and dozens and dozens of people to throw the gauntlet down and say no more. And what for their protection. It would have zapper. It would be powerless it would be a paper tiger and and yet we have. Tucker Carlson on tell I mean this is Tucker Carlson last night this is America folks did you think you'd ever hears a chipping on your TV. This is exactly how the secret police start. When law enforcement agencies decide to do debating politicians. Rather than pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public. So you know if your tray dowdy. And using Muller's it could swell guy and he's too Smart to know better he knows better. If you're training and you say this I continue to say Robert Mueller gears. There's our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened while he. He's clearly marking it he's not responding here's a penis he hid text from years. The FBI is hiding information from you about the prize accord about the dossier about their payments. As we know I mean this is the leadership. Of congress would come forward forcefully in demand that this and it would and very quickly instead they are protecting indeed Satan that's. That's the. Betty if you really does this way about Mueller and Mueller is mocking him openly defying him. Keep your mouth shut why given oxygen. Why do you empower white backing up yeah gore we want more of the same defining mock me in my face with pooled data from me to find my subpoena. And any heat pats him on the head. And it takes so little to bring this top falling down London Bridge is on down all it would take is people to go on television a lot of them and say no more. Sign a letter call turn into it and they won out an every day they do it leg straight Garrity. This deep state grows in power Annika pull the plug tomorrow but they won't.