Tara's Tirade - Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on Ryancare and James Comey (orig 3/20/2017)

The Tara Show
Monday, March 20th

In a Tara's Tirade topic double-shot, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul raise serious questions about President Trump's enthusiasm for Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement plan and intelligence leaks coming from James Comey's FBI and the rest of the Deep State.


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Find this whole obamacare right entertain you've probably seen on the news nature as well as government is simple for arena witnesses. And say it is built us. It's as simple. Is the biggest con on the face of the earth and kinda the joke is on trump. Let's say silicon works these insurance markets. Are going to crash. They are going oh obamacare will unravel by the end at 2018. At the latest 2017. Pretty most step. As they sands where most of why. What is Obama Karen raveling nick keep saying it was unraveling. Just has ruined broke as a country. But because the insurance companies drug yeah. We have a third of the counties in this country break out going into this year this financial year which starts right now. Did well start basically starting with the march quarter raked in the three months now. Going back. A third counties in the entire country. Had either no Obama care providers. Give Obama has no insurance companies but every once it's one price that's. Soledad it's a disaster. And buddy and a year Ernie most of those insurance companies will be an Obama Carol go bust. Whose whose fondness companies Fahnestock and well right now we Democrats spot high percentage of by the votes for this for Democrat there was not a single Republican vote. A must read public is to get trump. To take credit for that is all this Paul Ryan bill as it is. A document. Which changes the name of Obama care. To trump care. So that's what it goes bush is not a stroke care. An atom bomb that's all it dies this is a well laid trap. Trump is a fool if he backed is like Ryan was all over the news this weekend's White House backs is they wrote this they love this is their thing. Is political suicide to put his name on it did pass it's. Because all of those insurance companies are gonna go belly up again in Obama care exchanges is going to crest except when it crashes. It will have Trump's name on it that's all these changes. Says who. Take a listen over the weekend pet Chris supply and rippled trying desperately shot. It's the number one issue is premiums. Premiums premiums premiums I will what I'm back home in Texas what I hear from Texans every single day. Is I can't afford health insurance that obamacare an average family premiums they've risen over 5000 dollars under obamacare that's the central problem. Now the current house bill as drafted I do not believe it will pass the senate please guide it doesn't fix the prop. Does not fix the problem well here's what happens. If Paul Ryan gets trump to get used to put it shouldn't try it that is to any changes from Ryan cared trunk here. My biggest concern with the house bill is it doesn't lower premiums and and CB Ellen fact. Projected in the first two years premiums would rise ten to 20% followed did CNN and they would go down at. It did but I gotta tell you if if Republicans hold a big press conference in patter cells on the back. That we've repeal obamacare. In everyone's premiums keep going out people be ready to tar and other us in the streets and quite right. Quite rightly. If you're premiums continue to up fifteen to 20% of the next two years in this thing gets their house and senate who we blamed. And uses this is the trump suicide pact. Is what justice. And it wasn't just Ted Cruz this week emotion. Gets to pad like. We had a situation where the contract you know who you're good friends work as they knew when she towards it was in one here. Mean you wanted to do summer invest this summer and take jumpers some climbing you want to marry somebody in this no listen I know you want humanist. This. Tom Davis I know it hurts to hear that number shall be grateful later. That's cleaning your friends are trust friends trainer Graham Paul and Ted Cruz a sonogram pollen is saying the same things they simply stopped. The program they're putting forward you know Obama care lite they're gonna keep half as much as one obamacare had presented there are gonna fix the fundamental problem opening obamacare. The fundamental problem of obamacare is the insurance mandates when you mandate what has to be insurance it elevates the price. We tell people they can buy insurance after they're sick they will he get what's called adverse selection. And so the adverse selection the death spiral that erased talking about will continue under the Paul Ryan plan. And my fear is that a year from now you're gonna come back where have all the same arguments again the insurance premiums are still going through the roof. And we still have amassed yup but the only difference will be at home Ryan and the Chamberlain trick truck and a pretty easy money. They're gonna repeal part of it and leave in place all the stuff that causes your insurance rates and it's in the race. Now we're in a bidding war the Democrats over. We're gonna offer half as much federal subsidies as the Democrats were never gonna win that bidding war to huge mistake it's a public relations nightmare. An all of these insurance companies will continue dropping out nothing will change but you beef comes phone now. And here's the thing in this is the biggest political mistake of Republicans who are not even thinking at all about this is gonna look they call it repeal and replace. But what it doesn't fix the problems that you say you fix the problems they're going to own it and I promise you in a year the insurance markets will still be unraveling. The insurance companies will still be begging for more handouts. They have in my house planned bailout of the insurance companies conservatives are not for bailing out the insurance companies were for empowering the consumer. To drive prices down to get better cost insurance but we're certainly not for when you get sick the taxpayer takes over the tab for the insurance company. It's a terrible situation what you do as you socialized insurance company losses but you privatize the billions of dollars that they make. I'm not forgiven a gift to the insurance companies and that's what this house planned. It's a disaster. It is all it does seem that this was I need to their removes. Obamacare. And replaces. The term care. If I configure this so turns Smart enemy he figured out to soar in holy hades is going on up there. In DC why was Paul Ryan right in around over the weekend saying. Yeah not totally charmed broke as he supports it he loves it. When you blame. If you're premiums continue to go up 1520% a year for the next two years because he's up who you blame if it's called trump care. That's going on let's Conley is testifying today to see that. The mess what a mess. Mines this is the man crew for his agency. At least how it's at least half I don't know a lot of the leaks that have tarred trump. Have cut FBI makers at B a sources. This is the man who refuses to go after the league leaders in his own agency. Yet last week vowed to go after the illegal leaguer who leaked the CIA stuff in the process green lighting illegal leaks against drop by people in his own agency. Number we made the announcement stunning. Came out of nowhere investigate to CIA leak arson. Ams. That's all nothing else. And we did that everybody in any shape said oh cool Harry suicide investigate anyone from the FBI the deep state that leaks Avis trounced. Series testifying what is coming showing a net keep this tonight Connie has dodged the the maintenance of the Intelligence Committees in the house dissent. Up until now to present the evidence that Russia hacked election. And just last week senator Charles Grassley was screaming and yelling in hill. Call summoning aid they make him nice promises are we gonna bring the Russian hacking print this is going on for three months passion for. They refused to show up refused to promote TT present evidence of the hacks to these guys in uneasy Intel committee's blessing haven't clearances to see. Literally come meet blown off the people in congress to me answers. But second is very interested showing up in public. Very interesting why. Because he's going to trash trumpets are no there was no our tap that's the points. Handover any Russian tapping that it's interesting why some. This is critical. This thing to watch today is whether anybody is the guts to ask Tommy hate it ought to lawbreakers in your own agency or are they too afraid of Coke. Coming up to them personally to say thank you really judge the level of fear of kind by congress of Komi by the is here. If they don't ask him the obvious question is one person so far. Who's been willing to ask the obvious question and that is Rand Paul. And he lays out in terrified he'd tell exactly what's at stake here. And it's terrified Q2 living in the country. Where when your politicians the Prez today and secretary offense whoever consensus and thank you and really mean matter they just being blackmailed. The banana republic would. Well right now. We live in one. Says two says Rand Paul with sadness he puts everything from same perspective how congress is focusing on the one thing that is not the story this story is the crimes we know we're committed. By who take a listen. I think that we know one thing for sure that the Obama administration did spy on plan. Now whether it was direct or indirect somebody was reading and cut and taking a con LA a transcript of his phone calls and then they released it. It is a very very important that whoever released that go to jail. Because you cannot have members of the intelligence we listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing that the New York Times. There can only be a certain handful of people who did that. I would bring them all and they would have to take lie detector test and I would say including the political people because some political people knew about this as well. But we need to get to the bottom of who his relief seeing these highly classified conversation. Up. In a country where we don't get Sabina. And where this question that I ran polish is as the most obvious question I guarantee not to be asked to come meaningless Rand Paul Ascot. Although he's testifying so in the house I don't think rentals can be Alaska see you ask this and Tony jackass to their all freight personally. The Camille got to them just the way they've seen coming got to trap. And CIA collect a truck what Trisha will we live in if our congress members to not ask this question was sent its terrified. But there was something alarming the other day general Hayden admitted. That people all all the way down to some of the lowest analyst can unmask. Who the American nanos so someone unmasked general flair and and there are a low level analyst we need to be looking at their computer and finding out. If they en masse that conversation and if they spoke with the New York Times. You've got to put those people in jail because you cannot allow this to happen or we will have off you know president's being blackmailed or national security advisor being blacking out. Hey don't. You see what's going on here. That little country we don't know when your leaders speak if they needed to being my mail. This is essential issue is the basis you still can ramp. Since they asked coming back to. Yeah comedy. Yes seems like people from courageous your quoted out of every day New York Times what it was leaking illegally. Our state secrets you are doing in the is Clinton blackmail the president secretary of defense setters congress and reunion you do yeah. Stephen Hayes the guts to has come in if they don't you even know they're too afraid to. Personally afraid. There are free happened to them but I Connie in this same couple why this man has a job I did not I I don't assume a trip as part and I is the biggest mystery and can.