Tara's Tirade - Misplaced outrage over FL shooting (orig 2-22-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, February 22nd

"If you want to get mad about something, get angry about the utter disregard for human life that our law enforcement has at the highest levels of this country... They couldn't be bothered to forward a single phone call, or to apologize to you for it. The American people are owed an apology."


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I'll learn from travelers dress good morning Bob. Until I love your program its students who are going out ghoulish protesting about why we should have gun control. They can't be far better use another method and another man and so did call the FBI to report this guy down in Florida. Did the actual purpose but no corrective action was actually taken home his. Where there's been different shouldn't compliments don't know. But whatever the reason nothing ever happened to stop the guy he could have been stopped. Try and restore this could be a much better employed if they want marsh Gupta Washington DC. And protest to the FBI headquarters. Point is a brilliant point about this yesterday the Eli has gotten off Scot free. What you did was out rages. All I did their their protocol. Dictates that they order refer that school shooting call to the Miami office that's what should've happened according to FBI broke. It involved. Just didn't pop. I'm angry about this all weekend. I was a literally was walking around in a hot about that. I noticed she while other people don't have that sense of rage that I do about that it was a total disregard for human life so you should be fired. Seemingly iron. None. Now he's may congressional investigation. Proposed no I didn't call mister radar congress asking how this happened now the other night. Is complete and total disregard for human life. This was in January. Big and strong. And I tiny violated their own proto talks. And you who's setting so far in his gun debate it's made any sense was the governor of Florida said Chris Carlin Christopher rate ahead the FB lied to reside and Christopher ray. Seventeen dead bodies cannot in spite of the response. He's got knocked. Makes me angry let me meanwhile marched in front somewhere with some sign that I drew wanted to sharply pen that debts Stanford the FBI. And got to be exhibit a for precisely why you don't give up your guns. Chris they don't care about human life and they will not protect you period and have memo and when they don't protect you. No one little hair no one will blame them. No one will bother to hold a hearing normal body into the bottom of it only one politician in all of America will have a ponies. To call for the resignation of Christopher rake the head the FBI who cannot be up to so much is put out a statement. In response. Some make you angry here it ought to be back. Her kinda new on personal database real. Public house 39 times. Checking yet I thought less than five minutes on a break. I found Nicholas Crist at the academic to they have much better programs than I did. It ain't hard folks. You let something get angry about the utter disregard for human life that our law enforcement has at the highest levels this country. Get angry about that. Get angry about them spending more time getting Hillary and Obama off their crimes then they spent they couldn't be bothered to forge a single. Single phone call. Or apologize to you for the American people are owed an apology by this man. But he doesn't care and callousness. Is not true is Dallas is not Paris she's Callas it's him. It's in them we don't talk about a two week learning my had a conversation. So makes me mad.