Tara's Tirade - The freest speech ever (orig 9-18-17)

The Tara Show
Monday, September 18th

The general public has never had greater communication with their politicians than we do today.


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The says everything about how the world is changing for the better. Understanding like this in the world not really not a modern era anyway. Bloomberg article this is unbelievable trump is worth two billion dollars. To Twitter. That's right trump is worth two billion dollars to Twitter or about 15 of its market value. If trump warned to leave a Twitter. That's essentially what it would cost. And terms of just traffic. That he generates on Twitter as people come to see would be saying they agree they disagree they re tweet. I ain't since words about chess acquit this incredibly Bloomberg this is not some conservative media. That's right. The guy who said this is not political he is a stark analysts think that if chart where kicked off Twitter awards to leave that Twitter Twitter would immediately lose. Roughly two billion dollars with about. Jason gets two million right it is not even count what he does on FaceBook. And you know other media outlets social media outlets OK so what what does that mean two billion dollars. OK to put this some perspective for for most of our lives big media gatekeepers. Who set the tone for what was covered. Pretty much as I would nation will be talking about or what Washington Post and New York talks. And journalist Mino. OK Washington Post sold to Jeff based us a couple of years back for 250. Million dollars. Trump's Twitter account alone is worth two billion dollars to Twitter. Roughly the value of eight Washington Post when man. IDC whether he comes up tweeting. Does it makes sense now why the left is paying anti Pakistan into the streets and Peta people for exercising their first commemorates they're terrified. Then it lost control of like that you'll empress I can think of an in if you could because somebody else let me know because I may be missing somebody. The only person I can think of in human history. Who has had this kind of unfiltered First Amendment free speech media reach. Jesus Christ our savior the Bible. And that was done mostly until at least the modern era the old fashioned white and to the bibles in the reading the Bible's before that sharing stories verbally. Aside from Jesus Christ himself. Arguably has probably had that reach. No she does no other single human being in history. Has ever had that kind of reach and power roughly equivalent to eight Washington Post and that's just a shorter camp. Kennesaw FaceBook the science degree in assigning to adjust his Twitter account. As he could begin to see if he did she went I have to beat people in the streets because they have they don't have is not a waste. And tour over a barrel morning edition is a countdown. But out of folks. We on our side because trot unfurled his full still does speak for us in our agenda which is America's first. But the cool thing about Twitter is a works both ways mean if the in an heyday with the New York Times awash in postseason is that why you couldn't respond if you're ready you're horrified. If you are hurting you were horrified my mom has broken up off to television's reacted to Dan rather. She hit the TV we would watch the news during dinner is a family she is so mad sometimes it would make it halfway through. She slammed announced Suharto will eventually fall outs we it was a bears and we had to keep the pair of pliers until things so could turn the TV on and off 'cause my mom Brooke the not cousin Dan rather. That was used to response rate. The down screen TVs if you could hear were actually here now. You're gonna responded to Donald Trump on Twitter you can burn your Mac ahead have been a bonfire as thousands and thousands did last week. You can make amnesty dawned amnesty Diaw and done. I'd trend. You can tweet back at the most powerful man in the world when it comes the first Jack I remember I know he's ever had this kind of when Fulton message on the her if ever before. With the exception of our savior but it. About that kind of power and what we could do with it. And you can see. The losing they would have to send ante for into the streets early she doing at Berkeley. There's free speech week. Milo is coming in now is nothing more dangerous than a gay man whose conservative like I data is probably the scariest thing left has seen except maybe a black man who's concerned I would be even scare. Is so hard to keep. People from hearing Milo they envied professors are now campaign shut the entire campus stuff free week because there might be free speech. Such as a class is knowing god gives you so committee chair mile. That's how afraid they are a free speech. Because the left knows if if if if there is a fear fight with both sides if you could know the arguments and political arguments on both sides they will lose. So bad this is an entirely new area. Did you see what happened with trumpet last week. He's tweeting ring he's out there the media's terrified they're far more powerful and he has. They can't stop making and filter it doesn't matter what they say he said or he meant because he can say it on Twitter right. But she respond to trumpet a way to he can see and that scares him justice sadly we've never been able to do that before as a forty Ciba I would try plus when he surged to gain Lisa and I can go do little amnesty. And it ready in Italy got there won't be any amnesty no chain migration. Got to get along is gonna have to be immigration taxes he got spanked. By U you can talk back we never hat as a population. This kind of power to influence. Speed to our politicians. Works both ways. We'll see how it ends up but first there's no downside here this is this is awesome what has happened here the media can't shop at the left can't stop. This is why FaceBook and Twitter are being forced him by the EU governing council thank god we never passed Obama trader we have one of these two. To censor speech. Any European Union. Always easier to keep this kind of freedom folks is keep the illegals from getting amnesty and voting. Begins silence us.