Tara's Tirade - Donald Trump winning political control of the Republican Party (orig 12-6-17)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, December 6th

"What does it mean when the RNC switches sides, in lockstep with Trump, to support Roy Moore? ...The RNC has been a subsidiary of the Bush family for 17 years; the party just pivoted with Trump. What does that mean? Trump runs the party now. Trump won the party. It's Trump's party. You control the money, you control the party."


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Roy Moore had no longer talking about here's what now leads. By seven points in the latest Alabama senate poll. 50% to 43%. That's despite the new abuser who has -- abuse victims he's in the US come forward and declared him her abuser. We'll see a George Soros is able to steal this one from him their frantically. Registering felons to vote and this is candy did Robert Mueller Roy Moore Luther strange Donald Trump did you see what happens. As came on the news today is gonna. It's a remarkable thing happened here did rescue mrs. significance of except for me. Did you see Donald Trump endorsed remark but then. The RNC. Turned to stick its back on. I guarantee had pulled the money from Roy Moore they reinstate their backing him again. Get what does that mean why you care this is a big deal. The RNC. In late may have is in record breaking totals raised by Donald Trump. Most small individual donations ever gotten by political party Democrat Republican raised under triumph for the guarantee that's his money he raced. Annie's getting in small donors to give and 25 and fit fifty dollar pops people who don't normally donate at a record level higher than a bombing even achieved. And they said his money appearance in Q during the primary the RNC try to take try about. It was unprecedented normally they stay out of the race. It every day wrench previous who was then running currency was well on trump for something he said was apologizing it would really believe that we don't like this guy we can't remember a primary we profusely apologize for that. I do it was literally sixteen other candidates and a guarantee against tribe and the primary. And the key RNC donors donate eighty million dollars themselves to try to step drop. In the primary might it could have been spent his killer and be Kamal. As it is the party was still control but the pushed him so what does that mean when he RNC. Switches sides. In lockstep would trump to support Roy Moore. Promising remorse for good guys don't misunderstand to follow the political ball here was me. The RC has been a subsidiary the bush family for fifteen years seventeen years. As a party just pitted with trump what does that mean trump fronts party now champ won the party turn its transfer. Since you control the money potential party. So who's only decide. Noticed it was Mitch McConnell pack. And associated tax is a group impacts to put the thirty million dollars in to defeat Roy Moore. And keep with a strange he's the kind of guy you go along with Mitch when Mitch wants to transfer as is in this tax bill. Hard earned money from middle class American taxpayers to illegal immigrants that's in the tax bill yesterday is here that they put it in a tax bill. I think Roy Moore for all his faults and he has many would not go along with. Did you call us thirty million dollars could do with thing in fact the fact it was a strange took money heard what does this mean. Mitch McConnell is now on the outside of the Republican Party. A chance on the inside he's taking over his and he want it to go Miree when it's his it's his party into it when he likes. That's what that meant and that is huge. With a lack. So this week in addition to everything else chimed in we're gonna get into it the it's incredible numbers on immigration and drug took over the Republican Party who won the party that tried to string and he rented. To me you're again couldn't get control of an effect fully. What does that mean well that puts the old Republican leadership the Romney's the bush is the McConnell on the outside. They're on a cold pizza raise money. But they're not controlling. As a historic turning point last seventeen years it had to happen. This is a party through. Karl Rove that was recruiting these Republicans who think it's a really good idea to transfer money from their voters. They're taxpaying voters to illegal immigrants they just did in the senate we're gonna get rid of that. They're gonna go out. That's clear is saint your party anymore they're the ones without a party not trump and not us. And that's good news. So I mean if Roy Moore won. A stink about discriminate. That is only a bonus that he settled these accusations against him. He is factually. Potentially a pedophile we don't know. But could we don't we don't know now most of the accusations against him have fallen apart factually and a really big way. However there's still some room for doubt as I point out he has admitted to pursuing teenagers he did not admit to pursuing under age teenage please admitted to pursuant teenagers he's probably not good. He may be a pedophile. At a minimum he skis. About the way we want but he skis. This is a bonus. Wait what what. Yes no this is a bonus and tell you why an only in this race. Do you like Roy Moore it doesn't matter door like grew more it doesn't matter he's not one of them they try to defeat. If the people choose. Roy lower cape potential Metafile. No no a potential pedophile. Overt the Republican. Leadership or what's left of it. It's game over. It says the people would rather have a potential pedophile and the current Republican leadership there is no clear message. It's the ultimate defeat. That's what voting for Roy mornings now let's do this if the people go for a potential pet a file over the current Republican leadership what they do. Two Republicans. Who vote to impeach trap we think he'll do it next time they weren't. They don't. And and you know what this means. That the people think. That the leadership in Washington is so it's easy including Robert Mueller. They'd rather have some guy who might be a pedophile you think and believe the FBI and Robert Mo where you think you gonna believe Chara. And it does even really matter pitcher just one control the party this week. And nobody. Is the party did try to destroy him. Folks you don't get frustrate progress is slow but it's happening.