Tara's Tirade - Diversity visa program lets 30k potential terrorists into US since 2007 (orig 11-14-17)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, November 14th

"How about we find the other 26 Mr. ISIS brought in? Nah, they're probably fine. I mean, just because a terrorist brought them in doesn't mean they're bad people..."


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Adding to alarm you about this to talk about how that is his country in terms of what we have subjecting ourselves to. In in terms threat that we now know that hole. Yet member discover from last week and now I'm into severance or the truck driver terror attack New York. Yes every when he killed lost the diversity visa lottery but who cares rate. Blake is a ban on the diversity visa lottery commission member. The diversity lottery has almost Nevada there's almost no shot background checks no vetting. And there's no real way to tell this is from pet testimony before congress. If the person comes in from these terror sponsoring and harboring nations are actually who they say they are. And have a little bit short history. Bites there's no way to know if it's really your work history because these countries this award tournament's opening is no way to verify you you couldn't do if you wanted to. You have no idea it could take an had a nicest. Or you know some guy named yet or Mohammed or something honor. He's so even my you can't fed ended the diversity program unlike you know some further visas. Has she is such a little mandatory vetting that nobody really tries anyway how many think we've taken. This is terrifying. This is like sit up at 4 AM in the morning terrified. Nearly 30000. Diversity visas have been given to immigrants from terror states. Again we cannot let them and on this particular program we do not even try. But we barely tried. Thirty thousands foreigners from state sponsors of terrorism countries. Have got a visa since get this 2007. It. And a horde coming over the hill. Heck he's clearly they are. No we yeah we can prove. President trump wants congress to end per I'm sorry what is programs still open running. Additional may be will be and bump stocks. This. Lonely and got around to we're too busy printed nuclear codes from trump that's the real danger know these people are we can't best them. Am the sinister statistics released by the White House show. She does think it mark rubio or Jeb exclamation point we're in the White House to get these stats. We never even known it's a short drive in ice is lunatic. Came here adversity b.s and it would cap from us. We don't know that because he trusts president thank you attribute is when these days fall down on your knees and thank god Hillary's not the president. This will be going on and on and on. Statistics released by the White House meg maybe it's still Willett the Republicans in charge. Part is it's just send this program. 30000 foreigners from state sponsors of terror barely batted in this country is to assist when he cut 2000 sent. And it had an effort they can't take action. Fifteen years ago this program would ended bid ended by now. And Democrats are well it's twenty years Democrats Republicans have been followed reach out. To put up press releases about their votes and an eyebrow and 30000 pretend there is where she drop in the bucket. You can see here hey let's talk about does nuclear codes and whether that maniac trump should have them. Statistics released Monday by the White House should it since 2007 the program has given permanent residence visas there's a basically almost impossible to. He's very hard to send somebody home when she went as a permit residents visas green cards to 20739. Iranians. Cut opus 7002 and 32 Sudanese any iron twelve Syrians on its fabulous. Fabulous. A this trip to the House Judiciary Committee report in 2004. Quote what do mean national security weaknesses that experts have identified. Is in the diversity visa program. It's the lack of restrictions on emissions. Let's just keep. Wanna. First there are few restrictions on the countries from which applications common diversity visa program a second under the program successful applicants are chosen at random. Yet we chose the nicest and 26 of his best friends who buy into and what six years. Second under the program that they by the way. They'll be able you are piece of follow up reporting here after the terror attack. Did mr. rice is when is the veto visa lottery and Aubrey twice it's of his best friends or family members or people he claimed were family members they don't check. You should see if you actually are a family member you say York. Any swear under Kelly purge Allah who cares your race is heating daycare. So anyway. Not hunted down 28 1986. Min Suri was still be in the news. We wouldn't really know where they were we would know where they worked we would be in your view and their employers and their neighbors and we would know what mosque they went to it. It's like it's just disappeared into the ether how do we find out who the 26 mr. rice is brought in. Nan and we moved onto an historian and none torn analysts probably their fine and discus. The terrorists brought to me in doesn't mean they're bad people. It doesn't. I. We are falls falls this country by the way I wish to JB want to wager. A year from now the diversity please a program still in existence. We could just 5050. After 5050.