Tara's Tirade - California, NFL, Scouts, and Lindsey Graham (orig 10-6-17)

The Tara Show
Friday, October 6th

Three tirades in under 7 minutes? That's gotta be a record...


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RE TUB common sense retirement planning Tex lines like common sense honored yep this is appointment to make him wanna be tries federal law. Jerry Brown governor of California with the most outrageous sanctuary plan yet he made a hole he signed a bill making almost a century state. Making it illegal for employers. To cooperate with federal authorities ice but also the iris anyone who would come after illegals committing fraud in order to employ themselves. And the steel American jobs. Cannot cooperate with them and also basically they have they basically they made lawbreaking into. Tuesday California. Techs straighten this show always districts so more may. The governor of California device federal law like yet sheriff Joseph gets arrested for a bay federal yet attempting to. Am not implemented against a judge's order the world is upside down he writes yep dual justice system right their right their laws can be events. Your heart is believed to be. In the right place which is anything that furthers the Democrat vote total at election time no matter how illegal and it's. You see this. I heard a news report aren't they shouldn't take issue if there was one ours. Are it was a national came down. This what you're trying to do with this been with this NFL's stuff. Looks like down a few percentage went to pretty generic can be the weather at that cain's. Terror attacks in Vegas whatever that was. Just a few points just a few points as he did you cannot attribute that if he's a few points it's only now viewership only done a few points Antonin can't save it. Cart has been sixteen successfully tried to succeed. Forget something. You see that reported. Larry this year according to Nielsen the average NFL telecast for week for your fourteen point two million viewers. That's down 4%. The previous week. Monday night's match up between Kansas City Chiefs. And Washington Redskins it drew only eleven point nine million viewers that's down 13% from a week nobody hears you have to remember these ratings are all down from last year. When he NFL's on across the port 8% decrease in viewership. Or where they're starting from. Since this healing began an and you put that together he's devastate it and it is devastating what they've lost. Passing out look this up as a meaning. Neither is so much of what's going on him found tell me if you think Iraq is analogous to what's gone with the Boy Scouts girls and they did Girl Scouts started. Lauding partial birth abortion activists on the Twitter feed going you know Harry and I am transgender is in and in and never the voice guess we'll have gay leaders will be totally cool. Openly gay leaders and and it was mama or in a transgender. It worked out empire and large these organizations not change what they do. A local W promised a final migrate troop leaders who would you are not they're. Now like that they didn't they're not preach and what what what's coming down low from the national up. Show you what to what impact did that have a voice cast a gross. Fastening. And a boy discuss the Girl Scouts. It was in 2%. Membership peer 3% 4%. In a felt. Here's how much general could keep prices are rock and it's just how we need apps for the cookie sales not help a Girl Scouts says. Suited their due date they did what we're hearing from the meteor right now and three is more percentage and why. We kind. Of down the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Since 2002000. The boy scouts of loss was this a third of their membership. That is deficit. But the Girl Scouts. Since 2003 according he says impress the Girl Scouts have lost 30% of them perceived. At a time so you just hear you do these a couple of little things very defiantly and you pump your fist in the air and say screams social justice be apart. Or be apart from us he'd go okay. And if you drift away a few more if you want to push that these are institutions in our country. So anyway I wanted to seemed to sum totals Benson's all the craziness mr. organizations announcements on us you know trailer now has 1000 members I don't know what American Herridge tells us. Text your rates are proof that little Lindsay has no governance the fact that he won't come on your show LM and O. Else if you do against Lindsay terra and point one gavel never listen to your show again he has to go but would like to commit today. It should keep listening. To that is fine. Because you with an average coming just Lindsay they probably have to quote even if they buried at the end of the articles rate think they would equipment. To get a platform that way maybe. Somebody outside the estate might know what Lindsay actually does when he goes to Washington this latest folks just like he he has he does not care what you think. Straight guy I turning in any with a guy for seven years she's been very disc edition will not talk to me which he means to me. Gatorade when they won't come on the show and you know watch it has in me I don't care to talk to me you're not dissimilar talked EU I mean this show 6 AM 10 am is that. Number order order Mercury. General interest losing twelve us. When princess and her time for what he's he's he isn't time for you backwoods listeners and enlightened like Lindsay does Lindsay have time to talk to. I don't wait seven years on how long you going to hear from Lindsay. We'll never do anything and script well he'll take you. Questions for whoever wants to ask and a pair either illegal immigrants. He joined Mark Zuckerberg group. Yesterday FWD died US which is a unabashedly open Borders Group we should there for more than just lets legalize the docket for flat out open borders no questions asked. The pressure of wage is all that. And he took questions. From the crowd. And he would never due on this stage. Kevin Bryant lieutenant governor running for governor. Song live today. Not only does he sit here and put no preconditions on the questions he says to me Catholic community what do we open up the lines Sears he might you. Open the lines. Great the ticket requests. NASA difference he's not frank BC's perfect irony thing ad put to me that speaks volumes. And Lindsay grimly feels comfortable with a legal or it's not you you know we told them in this press conference your dreams can come true. He said they were gonna have jobs in amnesty and then set and I was gonna do daka. Give amnesty punitive seems to tick math on that spot no. And sick when examiner PG and eleven million more. To their questions. And he won't do on mystic. Re of the station I've ever been. Listening to music like askew would receive one and and asking the obvious question I'm not mean. But I do ask tough questions. As the people wanna know he he port so he's afraid he would not illegal immigrants process that informant. Listen sat me.