Tara's Tirade - Beth Brotherton and the Anti-gun March (orig 3-13-18)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, March 13th

"I gotta tell you what, Beth Brotherton: you were brave to show up here. We admire anyone willing to answer the tough questions that are always asked on this hot mic. She did it, and we give her kudos for that, because a lot of people won't do it."


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Adding learning while they nicer everybody is fired up about it too Mario. Mere children if they go to high school or. Junior high in Greeneville county's schools will be participating in what the school system now admits is a national this is their words national movements. To support gun control legislation that is an immense did organize to urging kids and teachers to walk at a school. Court to stay in school they offered two options for participation. Up from ten to eleven tomorrow sur sits and it's got a seventeen minutes Greene County schools is participating in this and they do admit it is a national movement to support gun control legislation that's from a statement yesterday. Joining me to answer some questions about this is. That's a brother tension suspense person for Greenville county schools thanks for showing up that I appreciate it. That only about a year. You did it and you deserve credit for that a lot of people don't have economies this in the hot seat with me let me I don't real fast I could I not in this address by anybody. I had and I I suspect a lot of folks in agreement high school system administration. Isn't even aware of this column but the. Leaguers habit I would I would certainly hope they're aware of it and let me I think that we are back and to communicate. But yeah. No fun I am no I don't liters of the women's march which is organizing this event that you are participating in tomorrow. Four of them. That we aren't we are not participating in that they are participating in that would be asking it to walk out we ask that you not. Participate in this and instead do you unity and remember activity. For the victims of the Florida shooting inside the school we want to eat this completely. Apolitical. Well no on it if you've read the women Smart site miss read it in there are two options given before participation. Either walk out. Or coordinate activities in the school it is to go from ten to 1030 you record dating activities in the schools. From ten to 103010 to eleven depending on what different schools are doing. You are participating you are doing exactly what they ask at the exact time they ask on the women's marsh site when they give directions. For doing this is that just a total coincidence that she told chose 10 AM tomorrow total coincidence she did know the women's march was having missed. Because the Greenville news or has reported that you weren't servants is being led by the women's march did they get that wrong. And degree Italy I guess they it I have not seen that I'm. It is not it coincidence that we hit some o'clock tomorrow because we know that there are many students. Might she it to participate. And an effort to keep it was safe. You know once you don't want to participate we've decided to do not participate in the national movement and instead. At income or and I think that would still allow them. She beat airline. We're gonna make computer built right lawmakers on either side. We really are able you are in favor of gun and if you are against gun to both write emails. It felt like I do me at the and a lot it is to get cute alternatives became an if you don't want to mark out and be part of the national movement. What happened opry you don't opportunities inside this school. I'm doing ape like instead of what are our school a great example they're they're warned this week is. Walk up. Not walked out. They want if you walked up to someone that they've never met a four block somebody that they wouldn't normally sit quit at a lunch it all I'm. Walk up someone and ate something kind our goal is to make this about who CC from a mental health perspective. I know it. Did I miss his records and miss presence and you're doing. Exactly. What's the women's marches ST did do at 10 AM either walk out. Or activities planned inside schools you know that great I mean you do know that's what they've asked you to do. And I'm looking into Greenville news right now they were reported again yesterday. The women is march is organizing that they've reported it twice I go look at why did you not correct them then that dead that your not participating in this women's marching when they sure seem to think you are. You think that's strange. That they keep reporting that there where they've got that idea and white and correct them. I guess you know what I unfortunately I get my media monitoring service album that hit. What used to be with amicus animus anything. Yeah yeah. I will not mattered not that. Now I again. Art and he can you not participate in this. Was incredibly intentional that we should be aware and you that there were eighty. Who wouldn't want to and that we wanted to give them another option we are absolutely cannot it was all the district. Participate. In the political. You are you are you aren't exactly what they asked you to do on their website verbatim. Either walk out or hold events inside the school you you you are. Why just tell the kids we're not doing anything. You can see you can sure keep them from walking out during the lockdown. Why can't keep them from walking out during what you admitted yesterday in your statement is a pro gun control. Movement it is a pro gun control legislation movement you do it all the time you luck my kids' school down all the time and go glad Ford I'm glad to protecting them. But you know Witten which she say that you can't he can't help but they might walk out we're just helpless so we're gonna have to. Do what to me sure looks like participating you're doing with the women's Mars at ask you to do. One just tellem weren't doing anything. There is nothing pull it where not to do anything in school this is a political events he walked out. You're gonna be treated like you would any other day we're not we're we're doing nothing why why are you somehow forced. To recognize. What the women's Marge is doing. Why why. I don't understand. And I it I want I like it now is a great job of a quoting the statement out yesterday. I would like to finish. Because as it added intended purpose and national events which many in the part about and what that statin. I'm not a local event department and national events is that the court gun control legislation which is the highly sensitive political topic. We understand that many are you don't support actively edit out all I think either. We act as it was in the fight into the bunker I meant. Remember and building as they are cool climate. The rest that says we understand that there would be national didn't insurrection. But he does it take it didn't actually meant. We ask you instead took it on kindness and school activities that have absolutely nothing to do. With the politics of that. Well there and says I actually read a prepared draft earlier on this the air and I've pasted it on my FaceBook and the Debbie dirty FaceBook. Pace offense can read it that's not what it says and it says he hit the intended purpose of this national movement is to support gun control legislation highly sensitive political time. In stead of polarizing and so we'll ask him unify and focus on China's remembrance and building a safer school climate. However. On your bait your on your website used say you did not want to aid pro. Gun ownership march they walk out in support of gun reform legislation could provoke a simultaneous walk out in support of gun ownership rights which could lead to unrest. At school. So you definitely don't want probe go on a gun ownership march which you are participating. In this in Indy aid a what every one college. Organized at attain AM by anti go anger. You cannot do we cannot justify the tiny bit. Weird issue are 10 AM with the rest of the country yes you are. You are. And you you wanna do right after school or Friday at 3 o'clock and I couldn't say that but you have time did exactly to the women's march protest exactly. You're participating you're doing what they asked on the west I don't ask you this question as I'm very curious is the what you say a lot of our listening to rest is too. If the NRA. We're having a pro gun gun ownership. Bomb walk out on Friday. On to protest the fact that that coach who sacrificed his body for students was not allowed to bring his guns to school for instance if that was at 10 AM on Friday it was organized by the NRA. Would we see you. Do we prom activities at 10 AM coinciding with the NRA protest is the NRA does have protest will will we see you. Coinciding your activities with NRA protests or do you just do that. When liberal anti gun or groups whose leaders have called for Jihad on president trump an attempted you know as Madonna did during a women's march said she wanted to blow up the White House. GD just do it for anti gun groups or would you do it if the NRA. Had a protesters I I would love to organized one with the kids in the school if you if you're willing to do when when the NRA has protest what he said. A I. I believe beyond that I don't. No it's a legitimate question. Which you time to to protect the children as she said hey would you time it to the NRA's protest and just have a non political event that happens to coincide. During our school time if there was a pro second man protest. In there are many factors that go into that I would love to believe that if icky at the scene or. He. National attention and and and and I get. Yeah I'm I think there's there's there's all passion on both sides and the timing of this national event. Initially when it was all of Powell the AT and a lot of that we're a lot. Its the light is fantastic idea. That ash is arrows at the moment that it became. Quote unquote organized by way by a national organization and that is. Anti gun. It it became something a bit that we had to look at very differently at the school district and again. Why he didn't light is different from a pro gun protests why. Easing of NRA you get it says. He'll he'll do it go ahead I don't I'm. Not following. I don't make the attention. I don't help either. And you know that that. Is. And it didn't feel all on it exactly weighs in Q and their families do. This same opportunity shore and expressed their Elaine. As another eight on and they read. Finally your hope or are they will which one is that you hope pro gun students we'll have the same opportunity. Because aren't you don't want a pro Second Amendment Marge breaking out you say that I I registry. Yeah well we we don't and we we don't want a fight breaking out between eight you are done. And if you're anti gun that's why we're trying to bid on. And bent it in I eighty and that they consider apolitical. Because they know that they are student on both sides an art school. Why would we create an environment. We're at it's it should be put up against each other I mean that's just through walls. You're just gonna take part in an anti guy national movement protest and yet I should I go to Texas the wanna know that they wanna yes or no text her right to make her answer that question Terry essar now the NRA accord needs. A national protest in favor of our Second Amendment Rights. Will the school system allow. Those kids to organize activities on school time. They will be given that same opportunity that. Some are beaten given that. Tomorrow. Which is Ichiro walked out during the school day at an appointed time they will be cited for cutting. Okay administration say you know that's only part of it now will administrative help them coordinate pro second. I'm amendment moments of silence or whatever else to coincide time wise with the NRA is a move with the Anne Rice protest. William William coincide Europe and the DN RA's protest even if and our guys don't like it. Even if I got an ally and those are the same in that incident the class and it is not participate. The same way you are gone and it's either classic tomorrow and continue to teach. And continue to learn because we are not stop being. The school and learning activities or providing alternatives for the eighteen want to leave their class to participate. But lets you do I don't chemistry teacher who said. That hurt chemistry I'm quiz is at 10 o'clock and kids will be will both kids will have the option to go to the gym. On and mr. quest that's not true it is an instructional I had you tell you anything on a daily basis can examine our schools. Those kids and their kids. Will walk out of the past I know. The administrators are organizing. Events to go along with the anti gun protest yesterday blew me. Prater our administrators are organizing not thank. The entire. This organize within a straighter. With administrators. You see you said that to students are coming up with the ideas yes organized with administrators they are to organize them with the principles you explain that. They're to sell it ate them through the principle yet because a school cannot function without administrators say we we can't unfortunately. You know beat the students fact organized insult. So they need help organizing a protest here in its. Yeah actually it. If the national movement at 10 o'clock in the morning again we could not participate in the aunt Mary event just sit we are not participating. In the event tomorrow. But we would. Only allow me that they were right to walk out of the school safety cutting class. I'm citation. We would organize events within it it is says it's too. To have conversation and give them opportunities that are right lawmakers. And how. Into open dialogue. Now what it only be eight to make our school they. I get an email that I I don't believe you idea I I I know that you the spokesperson you don't come up with these policies so I don't wanna beat you up badly. You know not your idea this year to speak for the schools a tough job today for you. But Aum I gotta be honest I just don't believe that and it's that you were you saying that is the first thing I've heard this. I I got a quick question on why this is from our checks on people are texting and or why block the media. From this why why not why not let the media see what you're doing. On in school seem to know you're not coordinating. With your. Tying to events are timed to coincide with the national anti gun protest. How how to war why why do that. Honestly it really difficult decision and you know as somebody Avery. Apes intermediate background and spent eighteen years in the new business. A tough choice who's. Because I know that this is 88 need to vent and something that media wants to cut our. But in my you roll all the as a person who is you know working for a school that's done. And he had to keep Federer. Any safety and we're putting all hands on deck tomorrow we'll see you in shore. That everything run mentally. And at and may may or may not know they are all. Restrictions involved with on a daily basis not just tomorrow. Media on who can't get a lot of into aren't a lot to be filmed. If you don't wanna be held in the case parents are in custody she's. And if you are not allowed to be on camera. We don't have the knee and Howard tomorrow. To make sure that the media wouldn't some how I LE eight Italy court order and put it trial is gonna cut eight situation. On camera. And I don't know I had it when I just I have because I got a text on full of parents Ricky connected Tom what do you say to parents who are keeping your their kids home tomorrow. At impact you know it at its gonna bring that kind barrels. They're eight just as it during Saturday or they didn't say that to send their kids out on I wrote it they don't expect that the you're the parent I'm made that they didn't bring your children. If you if you do not comfortable with what you party your tiles all enjoying aren't that important to keep them home. Parents. It got a real quick question this is timed to coincide with the women's Smart she can't get around that and you're also following are under instructions if you don't have your kids walk out and coordinate activities for them at school I attend you guys. Are doing exactly what they've asked on the women's march website. This is CNN I don't you guys are are are aware that this is. The leadership of women's march on has got some racism anti some you know anti semitism. Problems this is the speech for leaders of the women march were at by Louis fair con two weeks ago. Fees. The leadership of women's march was there they've called for Jihad on trump. Madonna got called for the blowing up the White House during an element women's march event. Jake Tapper on CNN slammed women's marched for their racism anti semitism. And homophobia the other day on CNN this is the group who's who's event you are participating at. And despite the anti. Here's editor NN inherent in that clip. On several leaders of the women's march. Were it's our supporters of silicon and have not condemned him. I'm members that the. They were at that the thing is don't eat your ear and is talking about a group we're talking about about a group it's called for Jihad called for violence. And supports Lewis very con whose group a nation of Islam is on the hate group list of the Southern Poverty Law Center that's. The group whose events you are coordinating your 10 AM protest with. Does any of that offend yet. And no because we have zero affiliation with the experience or whip if this match. Actual march tomorrow would be and everything it is real neat school. It's not participating. We are not endorsed saying that we are not supporting we are going to late 82. And at seventeen minutes. Tomorrow. Is only a secular soldier having activities in school time to their time to emerge I have everything. Unfortunately I'm five minutes off the has a great family killed by the management. I. I don't get it. On the one you will you. Are and I am happy yeah you know. Arie you would you until I cash I got a got a lot more question means there's a lot of kids staying home are they gonna get docked for doing that around for not being in school during that some that would be one of the ones I would ask. So coordinate sent me an email your now. Larry well you know what I gotta tell you what about present annual rate to show appeared we admire anyone willing to answer the tough questions on that are always asked. On this hot Mike as she did it and so would give her kudos for that because a lot of people want to it. Thank you very much at best for the tin again she's the director of communications for the schools not the person. Who put these policies together she's that she's a spokesperson so let's reap remember that it in terms of this interview Eric. Thank you very much we'll be back in an.