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Friday, September 22nd

Mismatched libidos between men and women a shock to liberals who thought men and women were the same; More evidence of voter fraud make recent election outcomes questionable; Lawlessness of Jeff Sessions and the FBI


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This is how ridiculous this is getting laid aren't okay. Many men have more testosterone than women raid on yeah well actually no we can't say that camino because they're exactly the same men and women exactly sent. Can okay. This CNN new study shows this is shocking OK because we know men and women are exactly the same and always. And the only difference is are the ones that society imposes on us right there just didn't pay her social cons to social constructs. Okay. Here's the headline and assist the absurdity this has come to when you when your partner have mismatched Abydos. And well what we mean here. We'd eat and read the study they're talking about. And you think oh well so these poor couples with his mix national Peters and he's male female couples and it's much Libya's. They're demos too terrible why didn't Libya's next match. Look it's twice as many women say they're not really interest in sex is meant. 34% of women say they're not really that's a lot. Not really interested in sex with 15% of Manson that. How well Sissy ass is William to deal with this problem in your relationship. You should go get counseling. And they say that the mix these mixed match what libido problem is very widespread not our society and that you know they're seeing more men and women than ever coming in. For excellent for. And you know why that is why is that there. Because we've been holed that men and women or the subsite them and so men are expecting their. You know predators tennis and they do you like so what's wrong with you guys and when Nate wants. Their feelings are hurt. It's a CNN is saying listen this does is it when you and your partner have mixed match Libya's. We mean like when. You when you're part are male and female you mean like that. We like. Those are the leaders are to say. An AMT was Ted they have do you study to figure that out. As all of this you know men and women the same is it a little confusing be able to point that these sees a great time trying to be sex therapist. He's everybody's shocked. That many women do not have the same Libya so then would homosexual couples have less trouble like this. It doesn't say a market I don't know. Some other things to consider when you or your partner have mixed night sex abuse. Dread neck your partner is helpful. Kids are just haven't testosterone you do. Okay time immemorial how many jokes have been told about the difference between men and women and their sex drives it is incalculable. Incalculable. This thing known stated universal fact was denied pretty much until like I don't know three years ago something like that yeah. And now shock isn't suing because we're different. I just it's an in this didn't even this is causing so much confusion who knew that people are hurt about it. It's by Jeanne don't take it personally were different when should accept that we different. You know begins to me so much cents. We still joke. Oh I've got a headache many. Civic since I don't live. There's reason for that. Would mean she doesn't have the same sex or she didn't hold hope. You know what is your lead I understand now what men into panic just given IQ we get a I guess I 2% of them don't Mary toll in the fifties. My hands. Here's it was the point by contract. I have days. Speaking of blaming you try to raise your hands near I have days where Philip wave of this country elect him out now it's not we're saving. I reading this and makes one of those days. Okay the soonest this is not from the union. Co feet am radio old am I a Pope. Is an illegal immigrant and he should do one he's also convicted rapists. Know her yet he says he doesn't convicted in that junior ranks Americans as want to convicted in 2006 of raped and sexually abusing a child. Served a sentence and is now don't listen so he's going back to Togo. Well he was supposed to go back to tell them it's gonna go to go to Togo useless to go go to Togo but he says he wouldn't go to Togo. He said he would wreck diving go back to two ago. Well. They take the Dulles international airport to ship them out rate right. And they have him in full restraints. Ship them out of the country thank god finally he's going back to telegraph right. Well. He run toward the railings. He gets out the restraints. Picks a fight with the agents attempting to deport him punching swinging swinging kicking rain line. He's accused of injuring at least two of the officers. Causing breezing in breezing an arm abrasions and where do you think. That Kofi is today. To guess just don't American album bonds. And good gasoline but not yet all of these in sync stories city don't bet against it really. Don't bet against it as a result the sex offender was charged in federal court with every departure from the United States insults. Throws to torture has been temporarily called off course of the epidemic deportation nipping at his ordered have been ordered detained until further proceedings. The newly filed case. Some decent in this country just to see you know it just like to thank you well I say just give up your take western civilization with you. Well western civilization is about Hillary I know I he she would rather go diving go back to Togo. He sing you'll be shipping a dead body back to tell us sounds good to make you know child sex offender awesome if that your last request made debt ceiling where we can dish out him. US for them. OK speaking of US foreign everybody's up in arms offended that they it's been discovered that you know there's artificial colors and flavoring interfered. Yes it's really is actually killing us. And still you know is ever been to many I would do as well as all these companies in other tape they're taken like food. You know day glow orange had ever. Mac and cheese darn I know and they're taking it doesn't look right doesn't now know. It's hasty is pay ebony CA is a language should it signal the colors irate. Since tricks did that along with average interest rate to hear about this bill that now OK the six of her kids terrorists aren't for kids. And mom occasionally if nobody's looking arm okay. So they is say they took out their signature artificial taste which is produced in land. And the bright colors that the children love with a grain in the blue tonight's Cheerios. Real and I. So I work at a meeting the demands of the public for greater you know greater healthier products not so good. Particularly happy with a just didn't taste or look right. Wow yeah how much of a study they had to pay for a figure that not too much tricks spelled. As a General Mills has now become the first your company to put the artificial flavors and colors back. Did you see that their marketing packages those artificial flavors and colors their back I can new and improved actually. This country for awfully they're calling it classic tricks classic classic at tuitions like classic Coke exactly the athlete we screw this subs are gonna fix that way ones you know Kelly open it's gonna taste really ged. Now they can only bring back the 55 shipping you know I would I know that. I am. And a good number with a modern bumpers. You know none and no no no no no 55 Chevy just Purdue backed away away away the simplest no profit could've sickening to bumper look like the fifth because they're okay you make it look like myself OK it's never good to run into anybody the highs Peter is generated speed with the Lincoln. You know I mean like known. Correlates doesn't give an old man. Yeah some anyway but it still looked. That's George volunteer everyone knows matter like waffles and women like spaghetti. Like there's a form. Waffles and spaghetti and then kind yeah well the camera we're different. We're not the same. Text rates chairmen and women only spend time together for one or two reasons one. Birthday suit and two bank account truth. And the bank account always wins I'm sorry joy you. My time with my wife my joy is currently ot exactly the best friend is Abraham classic same here and it's like I. You know. If I'm not at work that's Korolev beat. We do the work that's world RV but anyway and it wasn't a baby that either hand very cynical text. I gotta wonder what the relationship of that person's like. You know now we turn it when he when he takes the tech Clinton slamming into and turned around honey okay and I keep you updated honestly. Com I am more convinced today that I ever have been before that we don't really know if Obama was the president and are not even actually sure who our real senators are the ones who are serving and once I heard you talk to us. Have had a couple of bad the free seconds back there in the news room so it's amazing news Leo you know work were whipped up to a frenzy back there. OK so was this. It was not Virginia or New Hampshire where Colorado. It's Philly Philly. 227. Times illegal non citizen voters. Are non citizen voters are here illegally cast votes of federal elections a terrible we know Philadelphia we know that there is no voter fraud in this country we know that. Goes a politician Seles out all the time raise some as featured com no and here's the thing they only have those numbers. On because those are the self admitted once. Sir I don't like 5000 tent I just doesn't make it's amazing. I would have to get two votes. For every one just don't know combat the voter fraud it is a miracle EB debts. You think he won I think it Democrats were so sure that Hillary would win they didn't bother with usual level of voter fraud I believed that. Suggests Philadelphia home. Investigate that there's no order fried. Well many won't care if we investigate voter fraud racist. It's not pretty much how it's going sure. So glad so glad I don't know about you so glad it's Friday. I tell you Larry time for five brands of fax foreign fray here yet. And now it's time solar. And fans ran down fax you never let it take 872 gallons. Of water to produce just one gallon of one. Similar. Written fact number two Julia and Louis-Dreyfus. Was often the target of Mia and pulp fiction but she turns it down. Home and because of the tournament. Just. Other actresses who were considered Jennifer Aniston Joan Cusack alerts are unknown in the ring. Load up pulp fiction epic pretty abstract number three PowerPoint was originally developed in 1987 this program for Apple Computer's called present here. Microsoft wound up buying fourteen million and more washing their own version in nineteen news. Our random effects number four crazier Princess Diana and Prince Charles had only been together in person thirteen times before their wedding day in nineteen. Anyone. And since it's important to our teachers and finally win in fact notified the fax machine was invented the same year. People were traveling on word betrayal 1843. They had women Matt Kemp and punishing headed back and covered whether it quite how that works. This is used. Irate she becomes his retirement planning text line Leodis he was going on there. Text rates matter like waffles glimmer like spaghetti is a 2001 book written by bill and Pam Ferrell great read. Text your rates. Six I think at think this is I think can. Stringer send this in. I would I wait for the middle and they with a glass of water and a couple of aspirin she says oh honey I don't have headache. You. And the text rates trump was elected by the finer in Irving two days and I believe that. Say what you want about trump. But Hillary would have been so much worse. So much worse. Text rates. Not sort of very Pau. That was she does present that he. This brings back the whole response then. I think it just I I talk about just hours ago and is still going on the FaceBook at on the attacks. And in this you folksonomy and exceptions to respond what to concede dresses sometimes. It right off like you know won't keep politics for even five minutes you're right and bring it back. You Timmy practically prone to a fetal position. But you know what it's like it's it's it's like guild's you know she said yes when she may know or know what she segment yes or whatever Asia us was to say anymore. I talk about this in my what do I do this is Clark Howard. Haven't mentioned it since. I set it up you still texting about it and I putt but every back up Billick don't waste my time. So gimmicks messages from you know this I ever does the cool thing I thought about you final review by side because. I would be a lot of people like dismiss science will tell you why. As you study of Harvard if music gives you goosebumps. Your brain might be special. Dirty feeling good feeling you're listening to a to a song or great song and all the hairs on your arms and I and you chills. As a debit every time but it happens with Renault regularity for you. Eighty Colombian troops potentials of physical reaction to it. Com well. Slightly less than 50% of people have Dennis. And a new hunting did you release the schools we've been talking about this is to go look at the brains of people who had this that and the other thing. I. So they did this at Harvard. I did they did a study this is people who had that people who don't they sounded like basically little less than half of people haven't. Digital and their brains interpret them brings in the brains of people who don't don't have that. Don't do that on a regular basis. And had their brains are different. Those who have. Physical reactions to music had different brain structures than those that don't. I research showed they tended to have a much deeper volume of fibers that connect auditory cortex. And the Ares the process emotions and here's the press emissions. Where we're sicker there where much. More developed. Mean it's you can communicate better but she also we know how they deeper emotional life or at least you're. Brain is more emotionally developed technology you have much deeper emotional reactions to things. This means if you do get chills from music you're more likely to have stronger and more intense emotions aside I thought wow that is so me. And so me Al writes I chirp of songs all the time and I have to hide because it's embarrassing. I do. All and you know don't pretend it. My opponent bathroom before casinos and a crummy play and play music and then I got to again Terry I knew nobody else dementia. So I thought I'd bring up because if you're listening to the show you listen talk radio ads are I'm just guessing. And I have a steady to prevent higher. Pitcher that kind of person things move you more you care more about things things bother you more you're more affected by things should the kind of person whoever wants this. Can't wait listen that were you watching that game is silly politics why do you care about that. How could you care more your group do you care more deeply you get angrier you get shatter. Philbin more joy things affect you more. And I fascinating. Fed to absolutely fascinating stuff can text your rights. Not voting Republican because the last couple of bad apples left they bad taste your mount Terry is kind of like refusing to build intimacy with your audience. Because a couple of bad apples poked fun you so out with it what song gives you good spots. Oh gosh was on just couldn't response I am on anything by Mumford and sons. Phillip Phillips. Let's see Catholic Credo somebody somebody missionary yet that does that for me. National Anthem about half the time. Half what Simon and Garfunkel did. I mean I can see your generous to show honestly it's pretty much everything in be it be easier to name what doesn't give me chills. And it says you earlier what gives you chills are you one of those. People's so does it just happened for you once it just me you know I mean since it's a regular thing with here. Maybe even moved to tears. So say hallelujah earlier and time here any rendition of that. Yeah I am done for our 803471063. Text line 7130. Set. So you know headline of music gives you goosebumps to bring me peace but CNET news tonight your special Smart. Makes you feel good break. Some had a heck I don't know what I'll do got a bunch more things in Miami and might Doucet here. Couple observations on what's going on with the deep state this week and how folks are reacting to it. And late today is the deadline for Jeff Sessions and the FBI the stop breaking the law by violating those subpoenas that congress has issued. Now let's see if our low is criminal class which sadly now includes our attorney general Jeff Sessions. Will make a decision today this is the Devlin that the law actually applies to them. And turn over all the requested documents from the FBI's so we can find out if it was Bamba. Interfering with our election. Tester rights act hatred into Spartanburg. What does is we shows is the song by Rod Stewart forever young a -- that would tip kissing gives me chills. But I can see how what. Go to the African children's choirs sing you raise me up with Josh Groban goose bumps and tears and I'm a guy. He'd it's okay this is no judgments and god bless the USA Lee Greenwood. Cern hymns in church do for the said the Texan. Purple Rain Man can say today from the but I can see have. Your boat gives me goosebumps hello my name. All the swan song remind me of how happy I was with my dear departed husbands. Has been songs we used to dance to so romantic was our relationship. How I'm sorry. Common sense or German planning tech finally got to see what folks are saying. Texture race let you out there have this is bump when he hears on things. Tucson there really cheered me up eleven and Damon are limits on two. And the when I look to describe I trained my wife and I danced to a in my son's wedding and I boot to the entire time. Well look at this month and the text here at the text about the ladies late husband's made me tear up right here at my desk and I'm a guy. High now that Britney up to. A it's M needed tech's lane is such an interesting thing to me I don't army's middle attacks started. Cinema can't read a but it amazes me leave that I am what people share with you and no sign as it mean they share with you stuff they probably would text their their best friend. Well that's there's there's an element of anonymity there that is this prevalent throughout social media. And that's that's why you get so much show honesty but sometimes when you get so much hatred and vitriol as well. I know a net and in its own potentially is amazed is is amazing thing to its use everyday. I got this one this is an example when I'm talking about I lost my husband very suddenly glove in my life and I never got a chance to say comply. I estimate just wanted to tell somebody that. You know and it's got to carry yourself up that was even on topic. We just get stuff like that all the time no people who just want somebody to hear them it's on it's it's it's really quite know how we I wish we almost since we could published the text line. But without the phone numbers down. It would be really cool for everybody to be able to log in and see what comes over it. But then again some of it is obscene so maybe that would lead there should be some editing and they would have to be pretty had to have to be prior editing them. I own so maybe not OK so anyway I conservation today and distress that we got Kyle what we seen this week and was going with congress. Com and a couple things we didn't ask you this question Leo I am I answered this I'm asking. Is Don do you do member Charles Grassley pounding on desk he's the the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in and saying you know of Donald Trump Jerry incumbent for the senate committee by gosh you know he's gonna you know send somebody to go get him. And drag them before the committee and explain why he's talking to people who are from Russia. Ands and T I'd hate it if it soared to subpoena. Information from trump say on this Russian finger or anything else were or subpoena information from Jared Kushner or. From Donald Trump junior let's just say analysts from Dallas let's say they subpoenaed information for their investigation thousands and Josh I'm just. Blew them off yeah. Just missed but never ignore the date in more than deadline music from congress. It's not a hallmark card I mean it's like it has concluded the force in the way of any subpoena any of us would get from court of law and you can't ignore that it can become a sappy at times. Michael card but take a hallmark card but anyway I suppose that trumped. Did act meant information critical. Time to determine whether right on our elections and democracy were hacked volume. Anymore it. Think we have I am I can't say I had put a 5050 date impeach him. There will there would be a a complete meltdown yet on MSNBC and CNN. The leadership would go on and on about it this is all the Jewish here about four weeks and months only end. Obstructing justice section of justice ought to be the thing set obstruction of justice yes absolutely even Republican leadership would begin dropping impeachment hence maximum met in Maxine Waters would not be the only one going around saying impeachment now. On the it would be talking about dragging off and he encouraged him bush be legitimate if you don't comply with a soupy and that's probably have some Hollywood types asking for an assassination. Yeah because it cessation would totally be justified that pointless without recourse but yet they didn't much. Hmmm okay that meaning we know what that would be like an and we would have you know day in and day out at consume everything trump is ignoring the subpoena he won't provide the information what is he hiding. Capitol Hill in crisis several porn I spent a special edition raid would be that our constitutional crisis we would hear that right. So. Did the V Jeff Sessions. FBI are currently ignoring subpoenas. Now to bring information critical. Sue. Bomb trifling with our election. To them and they want to know what is the FBI spine who they spying on who the Obama administration officials by all the stuff has been requested in the subpoena. And during nordic and they even sat with sessions and a head the FBI. To explain look you understands with a subpoena means ray will of course they do they issue subpoenas every day. To everybody who gets arrested for not complying and said today's these second subpoena demy. Nearing agreement that owns this crickets just cricket does this here's here's the thing this until justice is totally the contrast is striking. I've been trying to follow this thing about man afford lately her. And of course that's the big news this week Paul forcibly indicted you know they've got evidence that he was emailing potent and and talking to a Russians. Well if you actually read the story that they published despite their hyperbolic headlines. All that was going on he has pulled out of fort who already had a business relationships with Russians and other people all over the world because that's what this guy was doing. Was international businessman. Had sent an email to someone in his Moscow office about possibly getting in touch with somebody Eddie Russian business. That Russian business they found out had ties to boot well what Russian business does not have ties to Vladimir Putin that's what Russia is. Businesses if you have the approval of Moscow then you get to do business. Turns out they can't even prove that the email was even sent to the person that they said it went to. Only have got is an email it was internal email. Between palm and a four and one of his business associates within his own company that just mentioned hey maybe we my wanna talk with the sky about this thing. That's what the whole thing was about. The whole story now you read the headline all we've got proof there's emails that metaphor was even in the Russians and then you re distorted slide. Way to many guys there's nothing here. And this is what this announcement. And that this is why have so much doubt. So much doubt and all this stuff. Because there is so little evidence. Of any real wrongdoing of any crimes being committed of any real collusion. You know. Short you've got to international business people who were dealing with cautions they were dealing with people all over the world their international business people that's what international business people do. But there's two today and equate that with some kind of nefarious. Illegal or unpatriotic or treasonous activity. Is just ridiculous unless you've got some proof. Well so they're going to be single web to be meals now rate. Well this week he would know this since it wasn't reported hardly at all including on Fox News Arabs they reported all. But I and if they did it was almost nothing is I watch a lot of it. Com did you forget forget you know all while it therefore had a connection to their recipes and let connection to prudent for no. Reason Clinton foundation. To an invitation. To private gathering. Which yourself. And the donors to the Clinton foundation. Did. Not somebody who knew proved once and and and you know had dinner with a one time right. Somebody's connected through a vague string a stringer of you know shell companies to footnote to. Direct judicial watch got it's got until it got to this week you can. Unless you read a couple handful of conservative sites who you would know that no not at all even another similarly literally have the FBI athletic Milan ignoring subpoenas. This is the second chance they've been given the other threatening to the Intel Khamese dreading to drag. You know this contingency drag the FBI head ends Jeff Sessions and and like the evidence of collusion crimes that we have. I'm was the unmasking in the spy. That's all we know that's all we know happen and we know it's been going on they spied on reporters. On they spied a line I mean we noticed but I'm Lindsey Graham when they spied on the intelligence committee the CIA did. We we we know these things free fact we know they've been spying we know they spied on Dennis Kucinich because there are Matta no about. Not going along on Libya and they lead the conversation we know they've been spot we we could we don't know Saban spying Davis fine we know they've been spy. Com and and yet you know the only real crime here there are ignoring subpoenas. There ignore how do you ignore I mean I guess because I was I was I was a karma report for so many years I spent I spent so many hours in my life is in it in a courtroom the idea. Of anybody ignoring a subpoena is so unthinkable. Home no attorney would ever dare do it. On behalf of a client. On EE g.'s EE aegis you don't it's just not done in America by appear federal officials don't worry about it but he's the guy is Lee who issue. Mortality issue subpoenas every day now. And there's a criminal inquiry they will would could turn into criminal acts that they did it in your dish blown off spewed. And it's shocking as you know how congress would act of Tampa nor the subpoena for even the smallest thing. Correspondents who might have with a Russian company or something like that rate Muller's all over any this latest. On interaction he might add with a Russian company which is developer New York you've dealt with a Russian company. You don't have to head ache in you have to have in your son by the Chinese yet to have somebody Russia the real estate you know what I mean so finex. And you know I'd so motors out there and literally ignoring what the FBI was was doing and initially sharking and congress is nothing. You seem crazier. So this Samantha Power we know unmask at least 200 sequoia people. She is no right to see them she's the UN ambassador she's not CIA or FBI she's not a criminal investigator. Okay Scooter Libby allegedly does it wants it. We have to have a whole special counsel prosecute it. You know and ruin his life and he was the jail has get a president report rape and we find out the pay them the big person who unmasked the Valerie Plame CIA was actually Democrat but nothing happened to him now. Right okay so Samantha Power does. The equivalent. Possibly illegally 260 times. And I would get Xeon yup. It's just amazing to Jesus and Mary if you've ever seen a rule out working of courtroom. And to see how these rules that I saw every day in court done applied to our price officials. Just alarms me to my core it really does will seat. What sessions does if he blows up the subpoenas he issues every day. Common sense interment planning text finance chair and and I'm like the songs I can think of armor don't panic you need is funds. Mary did you know hallelujah chorus and amazing race. You're a text it's cherub face. But definitely knows who you are because I'm doing thirty days in feast and children now. Yeah and a blocked out time. I try not to push too much for in part because it tends to that leads me being locked down. I lockdown mean MD just will freeze my page and no matter what into the campus to it. And then Charlotte for kicks a go to an SN dot com or something and SN BC and a picture from renting right. Is anything from the saints. And L slapping up there and hit post just you know just to see what he'll do a post and the back to break par and pick something else. Bomb or like you refunded or daily caller and slapping up there and I'll be locked up again. That is something to that he is as mark is Mark Zuckerberg gets closer running for president which clearly he's doing it's it's only getting worse. It is I mean I would say I typically was you know into a yeah adding between hunter and her fifty lake Shui to my page. I'm for about three months three weeks at this month. I could not I I could I could not move beyond where I was like nobody can like the page. I had to find a way around that it's really frustrating tonight that they don't have to be too I could totally tell. When that happens when they might as well as downswing nobody seems to be able to like the page Tom I will start going back to mainstream media sources. And posting those facilities everyone's and is seems to help it seems to get me back out of the jail. But I'm done I know they're doing without bread and she could feel it's gonna get buck wild for the presidential election by the way. Maybe even before the Tony eighteen races I think the lock downs can get a lot worse. A text your rates. An ask the question of if if trump or subpoenaed by congress for some information you know for their investigation into Russia. Or charm were subpoenaed by Muller her or you know by a if China were subpoenaed by AM. Whoever about Russia. And he didn't comply and tugged it would impeach him. Not right away but they would they would eventually impeach him. Washington went on to a halt. Well today's deadline for Jeff Sessions. FBI to turn over information. About who they were spying on the charm campaign. And what legal justification they used among other things as a whole long list of things that. Would finally give us the inform the the answer the question who unmasked trump folks who got listened to how many where there. Who did it. All that stuff. At best this subpoena. That's got a subpoena is not optional as an invitation to party RI CP PG to respond. And today's the deadline is a second deadline because they blocked the first one. These men and women and the FBI and the DOJ you issue subpoenas to regular Americans every day who put him in prison if they ignored them. Blowing off the law. So it's a 5 o'clock today will will see how lawless Jeff Sessions RF BIR. Straight 5 PM today sessions and the head of the FBI should be handcuffed and taken to jail I am sick institute of bishop Patterson Weiss is an a bigger story. I would frustrated Turkish leader's speech in New York City turns violent okay whenever. But on the website disappeared deal with nursing his level of lawlessness at this height in America. History is it would firing completely re staff the intelligence department justice. The centuries lush apply them more because they are the highest officials absolutely. And Emma takes us sweets but interest rates have a great weekend can't wait for Monday the best on you guys in the press too I'm an admission over the weekend. I think Clinton soap good song to listen to gives you goose bumps and join this beautiful Friday afternoon.