The Tara Show - 9-18-17 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Monday, September 18th

Christian charities outdo FEMA in providing hurricane relief; Bloomberg estimates Trump’s value to Twitter is roughly $2 billion; Transgender politics gets even more confusing and violent; Professors complain that urinating standing up is the reason boys are better at physics than girls; Libs argue the 11-year-old who mowed the White House lawn isn’t old enough to safely use landscaping equipment but is old enough to decide to get a sex change operation


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Elaine good morning to all we've heard a lot about the suffering of people from hurricanes hurt me and her car race yes we have and thank god there is there to help. Or no way. They just think god and what do you think's got is helping him into that did you did you see this movement. They basic relief groups now Christians mood had to beat FEMA. An aide now. They face really ever lived groups responsible providing nearly 80% of the aid delivered so far from them. Two communities with homes devastated by the T recent hurricanes there way conference at FEMA airman Henne got it to get yet. By the time they arrived with the bottled water in the papers Chile team we've been back to school for three weeks Reid and Tom yes. I really messed that woods is straight it's American especially Americans of faith of whom we should never speak. Now who in the quick hands and provide the most financial assistance. Seven day Adventist to George distributing bottles award diapers clothing and immaterial united Methodist committee on relief done. Since out the after disaster group work crews to help with cleaning. Includes everything from pulling my you know from homes to assisting victims probable while. Convoy of hope. Helps feed the masses arriving on the scene in the south with trucks upon trucks of feared it. Even before her arm up hits or FEMA arrived. Samaritans purse reverend Franklin grams organization by everything from food to change size they stormed the same group help victims rebuild their home will hope to do is rebuild their home. And Martina is on the scene to its the Christian groups and faith based organizations who have taken the lead. If you don't have a lead to a red tape. After a will see there's a vessel that has a lot to do it. There're in some instances some federal aid has to be requested so that the fans can come in had to get a request from the state. And yes you're right there's there's red tape of regulations there's certain procedures that we follow. But you know when you have independent. Civic groups or faith based groups. They are not constrained by those types of situations and they can come and go as they please and you know bring in relief supplies in coordinate the local officials anytime they want to. The really staggering from the Baptist relief groups read this last week have 95000. Trained volunteers some on standby to go and and they they they began hitting it heading in a lot of them before the storm is over. The united Methodists have 20000 trained volunteers around the nation and there's any government is anything like this and they've got the National Guard. Palm but they know not in these numbers well I'm not ready to go went in and swamp the place and then added that's before you even get into actual monetary donations. The food at the Red Cross served all came from a Baptist groups. That. So I mean. Angus it's crazy give it. Would that mean net dollars are better off in Christian Pakistani government pockets but I had more dollars in Christian pockets imaginable we can do. And I've been saying that for some time I think that it goes a lot further because there's a lot less stuff waste. So this may. So I mean that's unbelievable when you have Christians being FEMA. Katrina why we just why don't we just contract is holding out to Christian groups as they're doing better than FEMA with a that was just FEMA Dow that would be you know the we've got to have that separation of church and state that's in the constitution away demanded that it's not. Yeah well when the water's coming in now. Your kitchen and is a tree smashing your house and is a fresh water you don't care now pulls a pampered you don't care you don't care if this this. Gary KUN here's some good news please yet some good news. They found a skin patch this is great ladies and guys actually that melts love handles in mice. Meltzer write off. Had to know that mice had love handles and nuclear get a real fat first I'll look at the Eddie they'd be from up on that point bring him to brown fat and good fact that. Yet and apparently it could raise the brightest never had any of these port could raise the body's metabolism. And burn fat insight selective areas like your old Mattel isn't it raised just the year. On their ego yes well targeted fat burning I know after four weeks. The size of the love handles in the mice was reduced by 20% with no dieting. While testing have ever heard. Now I don't think I guess it is for humans rape I'll agree to some testing that I know I'd be happy to volunteer. Alfonse in my body for signs. OK so stunning stat I was talking about this really really. And this really does put it on did that sort of power. A free speech power of social media in perspective bluebird estimating that trumps value to Twitter. Is two billion dollars. 20%. Of its market value you know I am a son and or tone of this the other day Twitter was on the verge of going out of I know is not too long ago. And I think trump may be single handedly has save this company. I now and you think about it he put this in perspective okay in his decision had times are changing. The Washington ties with the sub sold for 250 million dollars just blazers so trumps. Power on Twitter alone is roughly equivalent to eight Washington post's. May they may in the near times and he made what decade and a half ago they gatekeepers now. They decide what bed covered talked about this country. I mean if you and no one human being alive. In human history. Has these specially Jesus Christ. Does the DD widespread distribution revival. This level of I net filtered our next standard of free speech power. As she and ammunition to let so desperate they sent ante for industries to be people what they don't with the did. If they have to compete on a fair playing ground with all the facts on the table and no media gatekeeper to it in a sensor filter. They can't when they got nothing left the violence. And I just I mean that is stunning figure and shows you why everybody from the Republican leadership to the Democrat party and to meet once tried to stop tweeting. Has it works out west west from Greer. It is Lorena. You know but can you mention and you'll reach some each equal I'd guess at this state. Can't explain rock troublesome when a guy and that's towards towards the end of the campaign. I would tell muscle. And I can feel and win and I can feel we're limited in how just how would not believe you know what palace here in the polls that type stuff. I don't know if you noticed they're not allowed 3COM and how luxury comment session in these opposition. Split spots you know MSNBC. And I know this product trouble to let him know a lot of these concentration. Went the way at the dirt are they got shut down if you read. Are really hard hitting anti trot peach. The economy. He couldn't make any comment other than you know I guess maybe a link to it on FaceBook correct. But no spoken condensation. Do you watch again and Jennifer Lawrence blind. You know. Global warming and said it was it came to lord undo all that to get trial under you rarely have yet. Operated. I believe it was. I had to get to a link you know Sandra actually want liberal way as the chair I mean it was a hundred klux. Comment one after the other. You know these people are crazy out had enough yet what planet do these people come from you don't even hear people were clocked at yet trying to rebook. Their comment. And I began to think it's like you can't carry out saying the Republicans are scared dad. Think the media is scared to bear I think tryout is a juggernaut and they know ears. And I know these gang at their client. Are not going in the long run. And not just have never seen anything like never even when bush or president. And people were calm him I'll change you know just going way over the top. And and personal attacks on and I never read people that can just come back in just over and over again featured every bit. Of what's going on but I think that's why twitters. Clamping down that's why they booked into or meeting. In the middle of when I can figure out you know how to shut down conservative web sites but I can make a bomb making big yet. And start chanting Allahu Akbar is screaming then I'm gonna kill. And but they're also. And input output detailed 3-D map of exactly what I'm gonna gain right now I'm gonna do it and nobody can take it off ET or place. Zuckerberg none of that has got what had mccreery. And conservatives need to get. I've been speaking out they they aren't Twitter FaceBook is now put the clamp down my my FaceBook page. Or are you know radical ever again I credit to hanging around near here. Why do I know strap on what I know I know that end wage is going on with this what smaller going after right now. These super does it adds on FaceBook that the Russians thought that you know the fake supposed articles how they used you know they're blocks allegedly to boost the break apart pieces on faced and this is what Muller's investigating. Why because all at left is the deep state to try to set d.s people down. Text your race I know the missing comment sections also Wes yeah they shut them down going into the election. That is six straight delivery in the comments section on online news reporting. Text your rates. Takes straight to Dallas Texas wants three name that Benjamin Franklin. Madison Thomas Jefferson schools clearly using Texas when the government when the government has no fear of announcing that. And it's getting big headlines this morning. We want to see what happened of the movie mother over the weekend. This is the same thing that happened with the NFL assault connected. Wes mentioned India are our last caller mentioned Jennifer Lawrence holy cow we're massacred Jacob Lawrence and what a huge box office thing right. Huge. I mean she put her name a line a crappy horror film. Like house of industry a section that wasn't that bad cop bad ratings acknowledge that I went to see it. Calm. Day it was still do okay. Over the weekend to DC does her movie mother eight nor did eight million bucks that's Jennifer. Lawrence. I wish Jennifer Lawrence spent up to lately. Trashing trump trashing Christians. You are basically saying they and a hurricane happened because trump pulled out of the Paris accords which is just afraid of ignorance and I don't skim really be that dumb. Or maybe. Eight million dollar opening or give you some idea. Celebrating Crimson Tide. Opens up the coast to it was so I was thinking was it. And. Oh crap I know she's crimson. So anyone does 70% fresh tree. Is two years ago. No major. Can't 77%. Fresh rating category of horror film. Bomb did twelve million bucks. She's got a 71% fresh rating for the critics on rotten tomatoes. Arm and what MS eight million dollars one of the biggest box office disasters battery she's announced she's taking a break from acting. Think she's doing so in math. Holy cow. And you know if you see map of the country means already except on the coast anywhere in the movie theaters arrow across the country you can. You can't make a movie and think it's just gonna sell in LA UB OK. It doesn't work that way. Ari to see this. It's picked this up one segment. The promised no left turns these violent people lose whether it's black lives matter. Oh where. It's. The you know violent transgender folks. They lose control of them quickly. Transit and big NN in the UK called trans ex trans exclusionary radical feminists they hate men and their feminists. And they're liberal. And they believed that to be a liberal feminist you have to be. A woman. Back claim to be my new woman she has to be a woman. A case these liberals their feminists they statement. They can no longer meet in public in the UK because they'll be beaten. By the transmit the feeling you can really beat a woman anymore in everybody's fine with it is if you are dressed as a woman but you're still a man. Does that make sense. OK so the terps can mean public anymore because the transgender men who were. Women now but they were mad but they are moment there we break we'll come and beat them. So they they were gonna have a secret meeting about sixty of them. A secret ballot but did transgender women who blockades entrance into when they were mad but they're women now found that more than. Attacked speaker toured the grand kicked and punched her she was beaten. Among groups. That triggered protests were LG BTQ plus society. Sisters and tried. And action for trans Oakland. They were screaming when the terse attack we fight back. So if you're a woman who doesn't like men and once argued that men and shouldn't be glued to it sued to have the same discriminated against the status as women. You'll Beebe now. In a statement to police mr. McLaughlin later identified. Atrium is woman that's meant. Who is currently trying to raise 5000 dollars for vocal chords Sergey maker chords are voice higher as one of her attacker she was turned in the ground and beaten. In hard to get it strands no nor did terse. The feminists out. Alive this Jeff had to form a human chain to let people in and keep protesters out. It gets worse. It gets were teacher but this. There is eight in Sweden there is eight may and free music festival we go have a may enjoy -- pre space rate. I hasten the people who put them to the music festival line. Bands and and in the trans women who are really men. Are really angry about that note that was in the trains men who are really women are angry because they weren't they act. Transgender activists have a tax Sweden's first women only festival for only banning biological met. As this could implied trains gender men are not Roman. The approach circuit today is it to these these women who have transitioned to male Parse the women are protesting. Because they weren't bent. We send the signal that they're not relent it would be bent. Now the logic. Of the coordinators in the event. Was dead tree is your man who were really women but of transition to be male has severed as much as straight women and therefore should be included. Which she enraged the transgender men who are really when are you following this tour really women. Because that implies to not really meant. If they're not payment. Anyway DI organizers of this have apologized for getting back together to discuss banning. Trans men who are women from the women's. Festivals so it's not to offend. That. Sure brain sufficiently tied into a pretzel mines. Accountants retirement planning text Klan knew we'd get 713. Of those seven. Texture rates. They should ban everybody the banners included. And they can all get together and protest each other they should do it apart from. That it takes your right hopefully transgender immigrant men will stay away. Never takes your race Jerry what's the reason for the music festival in Sweden being the only female only it's because so many women Wear raids by immigrant man at last year's music festivals. Text rates chair world is so screwed up right now your entire transgender male female male female is just one way our world is going down to don't help. Another tech stories of visually the wanna beat my wife I need to dress up as a woman first. Mom pretty much yes. Text your rage and beat downs would strain the country out. But does it. Tech stories tyrannies stiff drink after the segment on trans men and trans women being offended. Protector is Tara I'm so confused right now I don't know what to do. It. And it takes to raise please stop I'm trying to drive. OK. Tester race. Your I'd like to comment in the comments section but I can't right now I'm in FaceBook jail. Can't bush. Carried so. Meanwhile. Serious. The reason girls don't do as well as boys in physics. Course this is no difference between men and women none whatsoever. Especially on the way to mines are wired that would never happen. What is given boys the advantage and how can we fix exits very unfair you know ways to present better physics. And cares by the way that. Women now make up the majority on college campus is no one wants to know women doing so much better than men that they're getting more of these degrees and graduations we do anything to fix that. Now. That's considered it progress when men find fall behind. And so we have to get to figure out how to do that. Three professors. I know this is not to this is not the onion. Three professors. Have a paper suggesting. That stay up to. Gives boys an unfair advantage in physics and it must be made to sit down on the putt. Swinton rip tear rolls out to make despair. Everything up. They're not joking. The gender gap could have been physics and other related subjects including engineering has long cause for concern erode. Therefore we have to ask why young women performs well in physics. Well they noted that girls lag theories of physics that deal with particularly lag in carries a physics they deal with project trial motion. Two of them authors are female like many parents of small and not so small boys to vice. Haven't served great so like young males taking your nation a process by which they produce and direct a visit visible project tile art. I oh okay. The paper lays out. That's dinning absentee. Aids in learning physics. Yeah. Today it's and that I will vouch for nothing nothing like. Peeing off the back deck and her house. My two DL it's like fifty degrees CNN one or what but yet they do OK live again. To come to my house you do you really do not want to walk in the area two to three feet. Around the back porch you just just onto it. He had to know is it's it's just sort of walk out there is it is to the bathroom and so much more fun throughout the day we're we backup to a acres and acres force known Casilla thing. And be told no because of Hollywood doesn't really matter. Because some tips which when doing acts from going there. Sometimes they're dad joined the giants have been. So much yet and be eliminated it's got no it's got to go. Boyce trained to paean to two syllables was floating targets a huge variety of which can be Barney embassy that's wrong that's. A future right of which can be front and put it on Amazon Amsterdam airport. As Super Bowl famously clean doubt it's journals by encouraging men to hit flies edged next to the drain. Making people a worldwide phenomenon who I didn't know that. As a apparently watching all his arching and project telling. Has given Emma had given men AA AA laid out. She will. In physics. All is experienced up to five times it's about fourteenth Boyce does the paper. Have heavier they're Nigel could have had the opportunity to play with project how motion around 101000 times at fourteen is when most children need formalized in physics. In the form of projector omission and Newton's equations promotion for the first time. Leaving girls at a disadvantage. So this test to be ended. Or girls have to be provided at the same opportunities for explained project turn on the ocean and the boys have in playing with feet. So does she got there is no way to make despair or drip your annals out. We have to rip your idols like to know when you do when you do that you get an actual idea where the arc we know we'll. Lands I guess. And. Okay. We got some techsters opposed to the squatting to. The detector it's Terry you don't fool me. What kind of strange and I think because of the young log long lines at women's bathrooms you're jealous could be. Text or write all of those physics experiments in your backyard not fair. I thought it would killed grass Pernod but it has an amazingly text rates going outside to whiz that just means I have to cleanup batter Mike yet there is that. Except when they miss they miss a line. One year that you text your race. I'm quite a male physicist and say you're in big trouble hearing young man lied you had the right here in big trouble in manner text your grades and just yeah severe. Oh boy way. Text your rates. Yes from reading your name in the snow is absolutely a lesson in physics. And finally stupid professors we just. Eleven year old range GI CO. Know is dirty raking in the dough and his hometown. Mowing lawns. His specialty is weed whacking. So we pres intricacies an aspiring much are good for him. And Ollie wanted to do any disgrace publicity stunt ever. Terms again getting. The customers was more of the White House want prefer. Is no chemo the White House want to see this over the weekend. So I did try people thought that was a screen says it assures alive frank and his dad came to the White House and that the president. Is really cool trump was out there with Wally was monologue for part of it. So great photos that. Give him advice is a young inspiring you know I've cup upcoming launch nor. I think what could be more American than that. When did it is not easily to kind of thing we would celebrate we can all agree on pain you scream we can significantly. Anxious. There ambitious. Period you know they day they will they would. This young and they and they are not sitting on the couch in Zahn mileage good basketball practice director Dan Mullen wants what are we you have to be. No no no. New York Times reporter outraged. Outraged by and why here's the tweet from Steven greenhouse. Not sending a great signal on child labor. Which she was a real problem in our country. We need more child labor. Has been nonstop talking about the history of the kids need to do more on the house and they during now and they do a lot. I'm now racing on child labor minimum wage an occupational safety. Trump White House lets a ten year old volunteer mown lawn. I went onto explain that you are you really she died these the these lawnmowers and we'd recommend they'd they cut you bet that you shouldn't we cannot. Eleven this is too dangerous. Wouldn't keep in mind that we will could that they could pitch apartment and get back that second. Here's seem greenhouse in your ties with this kid wants to do was know but sorry I'm mindful problems are written. Let's about child labor and kids being heard by machinery. Twitter exploded. But yes she replying to your snowflake to the reporter I suppose you never drink from the hose when your kid either or kind of tree or played two are played charts. So I. Okay Sudan and Stephen greenhouse retrieves lawnmower accident causes needless amputation. More than 600 children undergo more related amputations each year more attention needs to be Dave Baum Obama okay here here's the thing for okay. Needless amputations needless amputations where have I heard that with kids before. Oh yes these same people. The sick these people who we're outraged by the idea. And an entrepreneurial. Capitalistic. Eleven year old. But dangers. Of weed wacker and along warm times without losing a limb. Too young for that it's just it's wrong and in trump is showing a big did you they're too young to handle a weed wacker. Or a lawnmower response the cannot trust them. Women are the same people. Who think you can trust an eleven year old. To decide what to genders. And take. Medication that would permanently Alter their bodies. And had surgery that's MI due to weed wacker does. In a more cosmetically. Mouth. This is the last children cannot be trusted. Do you weed wacker. Or want hours safely. You know frank is survived a couple years in this. Home to prosper and profit. What to stick it did this side what your real sexy is. And have Stig surgery or have surgery or should read to altering. Weather that it straight. I would Chris says it did you wanna go you know how the lacking eleven they can't but they cannot using weed wacker. It's not on the bag do I have this right I think I have this right.