The Tara Show - 9-13-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Wednesday, September 13th

How Trump is pitting Dems against GOP over the debt ceiling debate; Younger people dating and relating later than previous generations; Likelihood of hacking elections; ESPN personality Jamele Hill scolded for calling Trump and supporters white supremacists (but not fired like Curt Schilling)


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Running late good morning Terry while we found something congress can cast are really fest. A condemnation of white supremacy and neo Nazis and demand that Trent condemn them to. Thought he'd already done that. He did there is pretending he did it now okay yet it Kenny didn't and so yes demand that was passed. No again as I've played out I took less than 48 hours amazingly. Scene of the whole Charlottesville trump museum not to thing and finally died on but the Republican leadership was not happy with that they went Rebecca. So they did know content is what kills me no condemnation of black lives matter. At all not at any when you look at the body count there. Five officers dead. In Dallas three officers dead in Baton Rouge to officers dead on in in New York. Found looks like plenty of two more in the last couple months I mean it and the body told his massive from self avowed. You know black lives matter followers. Telling the social media these are actual test they're killing our police officers not because they were being an in everybody's cases these officers were not pursuing. The suspects the suspects attacked in ambush them. And it congress can't bring itself to come to condemn that can't bring itself to condemn anti phone. Apparently not. Home. So Dexter rates congress once tried to condemn white supremacist the American people asked him to condemn congress. So when you look at that. I know when you look at that level of hostility. I think trump is has decided has and is and is greatly assessed. That he's going nowhere with the Republican leadership that his agenda is dead. And I've been calling the kind of you know the kind of pardon tribes doing I mean this is sort of an act of desperation. Now all of although there are some bright lights I mean you and I were trying to figure out what to make you this earlier them again Mitch McConnell. Any other Democrats are running around going how we cut a deal it's trump. And he's good and you know we're gonna get whatever we want dock and we are wanna the end of the year because. You know he's going to be over a barrel and you know we do three month debt deal with him in and look at daddy's gonna have to give us whatever we want our used to have to shut down the government. Initial cop comes out yesterday and goes you morons. You should read the bill's eye is certain something in there to give them eighteen months. But that debt ceiling hike. You have no power over whatsoever. I tricked used basically McConnell says you didn't read the fine print is what happens greenery bills so anyway. As today like. The contract plan or is McConnell trying to save face or his trumpet bent McConnell to his will and are now. Yeah it's too early to know on last minute this is this just come out. Up from break apart rebut Paul Ryan earlier this year so there was no chance for border while. Unsure if I Republicans Republican supporters not happening he said there was only one member who wanted to build a wall. Across the entire US Mexico border insane who was. I'm that hard to believe to suffered many. That have been very Adam adamant about it yeah yeah well at least publicly so I don't know what he was saying their. But even went on to say you know former represented Tom Tancredo he doesn't even want to build a wall we'll Tancredo respondents and that's not true. And found he went on to say you have to understand a level of fear that exist in Republican establishment about this issue. To bring parties the chamber of commerce doesn't wanna while the pressure is greater from the chamber of commerce than it is from the members Tancredo said. All that's basic problem it was than it is now. What what. It what topic do. You know mainstream establishment Republicans not fear. I mean please tell me. Yeah I had and I really can't see any any courage of their convictions for any of these establishment Republicans. Woman not afraid to loan essentially tart their president as a way sopranos oh yeah that yeah out right which is what they did earlier this week I got back on that's really getting old. That's it's really get real annoying. You know when you when you see something that on its face is patently faults. And yet this keeps getting perpetuated. And and when it's you know what is coming from liberals progressives from the left that's one thing but when you have situations like this that you just mentioned. It's just it's inexcusable. It's inexcusable. It it is and com and runs of invites you because this is. Aaron what to make this. Okay headline. Dating in decline. Among the I generation. Or this is funny generation this is not generation. This original ideals. I was basically generation easy you know the folks to went fifteen points for trump of the prima low heels yet they're very they're around. Yemen they did at 50000 person survey and found champ won them are would have to some of the marginal not devote their 1415 signal that okay those yet pose a colonials then yes some of them are and some of did vote and they voted overwhelmingly for from fifteen points. And here's professors now warning that you're sitting politics this is a pretty conservative generation. Is socially liberal. You know on things like gay marriage comment or physically very conservative and am there hawks went on national defense huge fans trust even women. He beater among girls on by three points. Which is unbelievable rate so what does this say about this generation. Dating is dead. Request. Is based on surveys of eleven million young people. Found that teenagers in the final year of school senior year are going out on dates less often than thirteen year old stayed as recently as 2000 night. 56% to fourteen to eighteen year old went on dates in. Tony fifteen whereas for Generation X. baby boomers but the boy it was 85% to thirteen year old going out of date. Did when I was thirteen I not alone with anybody and I went. We went we went to to have pizza. Referred to other kids in my parents dropped to soften and picked us up from the pizza and pass it today come on terror you know think now. And as one. Yes well OK now listen this. What effect this is how this is the I generation and you know they don't see each other as much. Because they're online all the time right music charts who's had the slick nor for social media Gillis stat OK I don't know. And you have been fascinated by this sexual activity among 1415 year olds. Has dropped. By almost 40% since 1991. While. And the average did you wish the average American teenager now has sex for the first time is going up and up and up. So darn near seventeen years old now. Wish I sings bad think I was understands. But there's nothing morally our society that should be bringing this about ramming it our societies can put as far as morals re very true yeah there's no new moral source of you know I've put yet. This is this more sort of conservative generation I mean there you know on like you know gay issues they're very liberal but. They have they're a they're kind of quirky. Well if you look at what. What they're being raised in an and the the circumstances the environment. And in which everyone is being raised now and and dealing with it's like a no wonder there's some quirky singer. Mean there's there's just there's questions about everything. You know nobody according to some even knows what Tug sex they are or. If sex is nothing more then the you know your sexuality your gender is nothing more than a social construct. But what's interesting. Is is not a sexist I think it was just sexy say okay. But I mean they York's big inning -- know him extremely light noticeably less interested in even the dating part of it the relationship part of that the going out now. All of that. You know being a cub all of that stuff. It's not there. Now is this server conservatism. Or is this an alienation. Between the sex. I live. I think is Mormon alienation from social behavior and things are becoming more introverted. The necessarily there being any increased status you know conservative attitudes within the society as a whole. Sadly. Seeing you know if it's Casey yeah what direction are going because this is a real dramatic change from emeritus studied this is from the Japanese government just floored me. Talked about it what month or two ago nearly a third Japanese people are entering their thirties with without any sexual experience their thirties. After getting married right right print that and here. So that the Japanese have their version of the thirty year old virgin cat and a third. All this is to mean that's that's that's no it's an and a lot of that they're saying is because they've you know they deer in the men and women are so alienated from each other. They find women scary. Let it isn't a real you know so I mean and this that's their where were just absolutely staggering. When you know didn't as far as she's literally not coming not early ninety's have been not dating not doing any of these stadiums. That form relationships and once again I think that society is becoming much more introverted. Go to Japan came here this quarter Japanese men amity age of fifty I have I have yet to marry quarter. I mean so I don't is our society going in that's her did not interaction or what. And why. I got to have your kids with the witnesses you know I mean this is such a permissive society. You do every one but she's not too. Or is it did you know these kids kind of snowflake Healy and they can't take the rejections later date I don't know. Am. That's an inch in theory. I am. Tech series maybe they're not real boys and girls perhaps they are robots and will respond when sky net goes active. My guess is theories everything I come up with. It happened shortly sector regs young people have no. Or Porsche social skills because of texting phones etc. Number has a lot to do that and finally it's not more conservative or more moral generation. The rise of pornography has precipitated declining intimate relationships in in actual sexual activity and that could be a contributing factor as well. Senator Ted Cruz I don't see why he's in the news today. So last night his officials' personal Twitter account like Tino you click like hardcore porn video. For real this is screen grab the post he liked from an account called sexual. Video from a John are known as step mom porn which is. He's a family values guy but. You know he doesn't mean his pervert during the campaign he might be president right now. To make it reasons irate recipe from Spartanburg. Good morning good morning good morning Kara. What's on your month. Well you know you've been talking about how all the Republican senators and congressmen and all have been getting trot down the road about trying to get into. In that complete. Well the one thing I think about and a lot of these are senator don't realize election come up. And there's a good possibility. They hit their behavior and manner. Could yet am I elected next election pop. So I'm just wondering how much or how little these ultra thinking about. What they're doing. It themselves when they don't. When they don't follow through where. You know. Making sure that state. And older copy of the. Com well when you say leadership they don't care. Didn't they don't care and he got a look at this what if you're Paul Ryan if you're mr. McConnell you have and youth. You very gut the majority leader and his speakership on your resume. Giannone to have more of it. So at this point. The best things you can do is cash that in for money. So I mean as fresh Republican Party act you know and I and you get a few stopped Trump's agenda I mean sky's the limit for Harry shall be. We don't know how this works you you leave congress should behave yourself in the manner that they like and and and what happens. Well you get on the almost a million dollar lobbyist job where you really do anything that's how they pay you lot I mean so if you wish to stop Trump's agenda by just stalling it. You imagine how eternally grateful the chamber of commerce would be. Well you know a ball that's O well one good heard those people chamber come but I. When you're saying to tropic trying to do are helping our economy. And I'm saying to the chamber of commerce in some areas is not trying to bigger help the economy. You wonder if they're not working caution. You know crossed swords each other because. Jeanne like traps trying to do etched. What each game. Help our economy and chamber convert cut chamber of commerce in congress and the senate Molly okay doing everything they can't do. I heard this in our economy and in most cases as it stands right now as art what I'm saying any what. I'm yeah I I think prestige that Shamu if you just look at the way that they behave on a daily basis the apps and content that they have for voters I mean this latest slap across Tom's face. On you know part passing this measure which flew through congress you know basically. Demanding he condemned neo Nazis if he had not done it before. Om and Indian condemning neo Nazis. Bet that's a slap in in his face it's a slap in our face if they wanted to win they would do stuff like that they don't care. They used to but they don't anymore. Alma N and you know would that be. You have to when you have a party that does not care if it lives or dies. All that data is very difficult to grapple with and that's what trumps up against I think. And you know you can tell by what they do that they don't they do not I think it pop right looks out like well you know I'm I'm I won my re district reelection if it was sixty or 80% of Jiri percent was limited. It pretty tough challenger spent a lot of his own money so much writing can go anywhere. It was speakership at some point. I'm but it loses the house so yes so be it he'll stay in the house he's in he's gone too far he's you know he's not he disappears hardy band speaker. He's already run for president he's young camping out here of all the chamber money if you are wants to run for president and he knows you can buy this time. On the heat he Rentokil are choppy thinks that makes more sense and if it cost for real well. These folks would not be for the amnesties therefore if they cared about the future of the party they don't want to straight. And yeah I can't come to think they wanna destroy it because the only vehicle at that conservatives have electoral vehicle that they have is the Republican Party. If rewards if he were dead they would have no electoral vehicle think about it if you're liberal you get elected either party. The leadership of our parties they're they're liberal. You've got to electoral routs rate if you're conservative you've only got one. You killed electoral rout often favored the party conservatism is silenced forever. That's why they wanna delude devote so I mean I don't think these guys see a downside. I gotta tell you what. Two sex line it we goat. Your reasons youngsters aren't dating much because they're on their iphones doing social media and the availability of online porn makes is so they don't need it sex. Tester race as a millennial after being told the German sergeant is to compressive rapists for being a man so many times you give up on dating on prince. We stack that's why the Japanese day more. And meet what you got a third of the country making into their thirties diverge it's. Quarter men marrying for the first time in fifty. Suing shocking study we sexual activity. Since 1991 among teens has declined by 40%. Holy candidate aren't dates and. Omelet seat but 56% or 1418 year old went on dates in 2015. A verses for Generation X. baby boomers 85% C yes. And what 'cause stuff like duke duke and Duke University. Washington the second you'd dip men's project to combat toxic masculinity. But stretching Max masculinity. Well it aims to quote Levi is concepts of masculinity in order to provide health bureau turn his words anything that's mail we're gonna give up we're we're gonna do away with. To thinking it's not traditionally male is healthier like as we say set. Our recently heard immense engagement intern. Cooling nano is an hour to help Foster a collective by an on apartment. In this environment. Which you be afraid to date. Which you just throw your hands up and you're going nor I can I give up. This leg issue there freak out O'Neal on in you know I mean bush she is and I asked just hours at. Sure it's terrorist cell phones and other electronics have turned teenagers and slaves to them they have little time for any other activity even dating or sex. It's curtains they're natural instinct to replaces that with electronic addiction. Not surprised. Well Lee a question then is you would think the only people who could clean add. After Irma and Harvey what you're the government yeah album now of course and that thing can happen until a hurry funding bill passes yeah exactly and everybody is paralyzed up. Yeah I know this I just learned something today. Eight massive army of people. Is are ready theories when ordered to government collapsed or you know what there was no government or something he's not the walking intentionally shows with a quick. Would happen only held back mid size. Let's days. Every heard of these people you probably have armed deem. It dig deep third. On the biggest disaster relief organization in the entire country if you can guess this will be so impressed. Some Anemia is not a Red Cross that's not the Salvation Army aren't. Then I'm I'm kind of at a loss so you ahead southern Baptist convention's disaster relief. There was no well the NC I've mentioned them several times before and sometimes you know but you're right yes the Southern Baptist Convention they have their they have their own teams. In fact you know I and into our church which is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. They actually. We go ahead and train people and the certify people to go into these disaster areas. And we've had several the men and our church who have gone through this where you have to go through this federal training course in order to be allowed to go into these disaster areas you've got to be certified to go yet but the jets have some knowledge of you know what the dangers are not things which are allowed to do and not to do. And that's that's I'm not surprised. Nearly 9000 baptists across the country are trends and trained to handle disasters like hurricanes and floods they respond immediately because there's no bureaucratic obstacles. And I notice. In a video posted on team is website is revealed the southern Baptist convention's mobile kitchens yeah tissue units provide 90% of all hot food. Distributed around the country after these disasters. By the Red Cross the Salvation Army William disaster strikes and they're working in partnership with them but those are their mobile kitchen units in the food. Them that that this other mavs commit to pay for the their authority yell authority ready to go there and they show up. So on you know funny how a lot of people in those disaster areas don't worry about the fact that it is a church organization a religious organization that's helping them out. What's she said that because I read that this morning one on my advice. And if the left of a finds out. The left knows. This is happens and nervous they're designed to let this happen I am. Going to can't allow that. You well investor's business daily talking about on this idea that you know while we can have any help until the government gets it together I mean you got Wal-Mart. Has pledged thirty million firmer relief efforts. Some other major corporations have kicked in into their combined estimated 160 million dollars. Home Depot actually runs a staff Turkey in command center in Atlanta from which it you know make sure it stores stocked with fire goods. Some including portable generators the use of every major storm. All of the Budweiser dip which is what they usually do they stopped canning beer started canning water and sending it to the they did that during Harvey. And it's like didn't have to wait for permission to do that they just did it. You know when shifted downer. Which which is I mean I'm really interest in so I mean this idea that the you know well what will we do we need government take care was that we don't I think private sector in churches could stepping into a fine job. I am. Terra if in I've said this before alma pure and I've talked about this but if if the people of this country. Supported their churches and civic organizations like he should particularly churches. And in if people would react to the needs of their neighbors. And there would be very little need for government intervention. Periods forest poverty is fours homelessness is concerned is forest disaster relief and things like this. But you know. That's just not the case and and sadly we have way too many people in this country who were just willing to say that's under the federal government of Iran want to worry about that. You know my tax dollars going that don't have to worry about that. Which you know it is really it's it's it's frustrating because you know mansion. If we were allowed to keep more harmony what would you do yes. Found meanwhile. DC this American and to be delist its interest in. New stunning testimony green Washington times that the country's voting machines are susceptible to hacking. Which could be dunaway that leaves finger prints. On making it impossible to know what the outcome was changed this according to what their computer experts are telling president terms of voter integrity commission. Now this is surprising because when and how can you had something that plugs into walk right only electricity not the Internet rage in me can go up through. The outlet right arm but apparently. You don't have to. On the web bar codes. On ballots. And Smartphones. In voting locations could give hackers used to real great results in ways that aren't traceable. Short of sampling ballots or hand recounts. An ailing working this you know and knows only working cases where there's a paper trail. So basically what we're talking about his rating a program that Chiat day did cheats on election results and deletes evidence of the hacked is Tuesday is it's reported so apparently. On this happens none of the point where you we vote on the machine. But at the point where you loaded they had that inside the computer yeah. Nancy that's the part where. This starts to break down for me because in South Carolina with a machine for using amassing their perfect right but there's nothing that you can do other than the ports you can see you in there when when it is activated by the the person who has a little love a little thing they stick in there to activate the machine each time. You you only get to vote there's there's nothing to scanned there's nothing it looks at there's no other input that you can do other than. You know pressing the certain buttons for things. And I understand what they're saying that there could be at the at the on the precinct level. On the county level where you start counting there could be. But there's security they are there are dedicated. County officials now granted there could be some county officials that are dedicated to defeat in certain candidates. And that it's that's a possibility that you got so many people they are you got so many people watching in fact of the media's even they are too I mean I've been to these things where. Anderson county where they bring him into the civic center I've been there and you you're not looking over their show your should go to their shoulder. But you're seeing things as they come AM and and they're giving the tallies as they come in from the various precincts and you know if if you were to have. If you could if you knew what to look for. You can see somebody if they were trying to do something untoward with a machine at that point. All when she yet which you know so an interesting to see all listen you know I don't know what we'll do about it. I am I just think this is more than narrative yet of the whole thing about somebody hacking the election which did not happen. That there's far more evidence that you've got people casting votes who should not be casting votes than anything outraged we really have to start with the obvious yes it is yes. Our Jason meanwhile. Everybody's in this announcer now hill's exit 6 PM post amnesty and yes now. Flat out calls from Boyd supremacist in her tweet Donald Trump is a white supremacist who was largely ransom put under white supremacists. OK well now you'd think she'd go the way Curt Schilling great. But now I don't know where Mike Ditka. Or Craig James. Com. Brittany you know I mean yeah you need admin might did there was removed from ESPN Sunday NFL countdown because he said Barack Obama was the worst president history. This is a music choice and red processor recent Larry just source president history and you have to be removed in shame. OK on so she taught she certainly didn't ESPN puts out statements Iranians who basically they talked to her and told her was an appropriate. Did she apology is. No. Is she going to be fired. No. OK so total double standard here OK it's I guess it's okay call the president a white supremacist. If he's a Republican but it's not okay to say he's the worst president in history if he's a Democrat doing an irate. Apparently so. An answer by just a TE SPN is really not interested in being a sports channel anymore. Well I mean do you bleeding. And hemorrhaging viewers this theory your business. What the problem is with entertainment in this country period. You know it's not that you shouldn't have an opinion if you're an entertainer but stop trying to shove that and your body's face all the time. Unless people are coming to you asking for your opinion on a political subject. Didn't just. Leave it let it go if you want to do on your own if you want to go show up at. And at various events. Where were people of like mind were invited and you want it to spew. Venomous hatred it at certain individuals you're entitled to do so that your First Amendment right to do so but you know to have to do go about it on social media and then act offended if someone. Takes offense at it. Or that you have voted no responsibility for what you have said there will be no repercussions for it. That's just ludicrous. Yet it's some good stuff. Is stuff out and the next and the next segment. From more evidence that college. Increasingly. Untenable. Like sending your child. Bomb into a zone not unlike the former USSR when you hear what they're doing on these campuses with these behavior assessment. Seats. Text reads your cash register can spit out a complete list of what you buoyant. Why can't voting machines but out a paper ballot for back up. Good question. Phil drama Lyman. Good morning sir. Good morning we're not only do this and that while the waste of money. We don't need it while mom got plenty of France even China us Pastrana so I hundred yards attainment to let the order. We'll play our expansion and there's nobody come across a border. It just lack a little hurt them in Florida when reminder that long splatter on one of the economy could probably at certain stop but it is ridiculous. That is common to that point there's going to be a war it to save this country and nobody on the front line by the. Well you know what it felt good trio. All do well yeah and here's the thing though. Which proposed is a simple fell but if we wanna do you genuinely solve the problems this country. It would be hard to do. He has to say put out a call hey we're gonna you know we're in a responsibly train American gun owners to protect the bordering you know you can volunteer in ships went to appear in a two week for your vacation and Jiri tired you retired military come on down here. On defend the border purely volunteer we king compensation campaign if you could tell you trip but. We will we know. Mean until you're actually great Americans are just dying to do something to fix the country they feel so helpless. And they be overwhelmed I think there would be a waiting list to do. In didn't yet another simple solution. And we're blessed is the people in that way sailed in time because. Annie. But six is comprised sixty to 80% your economy depending on how you measure is is based on being able to sell oil and natural gas. We've got to peer fracking technology. You know you they're there's a good answers today is problems. All of our problems to be easy solutions. And the reason we don't pursue the solutions is because of Washington Washington is the problem we could easily solved most of our problems if we just. These countries to. And that's what's or frustrate our NBC news. Universities and colleges around the country are going to the east. And it's quite rapidly get the point if you sign. I site college he's gonna begin to become untenable for man that's that is who is going to be he and GE illiterate unable to do it. They have these things called behavior assessment teams. At these colleges universities and they've had these for a long time going back to when I was there. The behavior assessment team has always been to deal with children with children I'm sorry with college students who have behavioral problems. Mental illnesses. Are genuinely. Mentally ill right. Let's change. They're beginning years the behavior assessment teams to go after people for. You know thought crack. Utah valley university is is according to college fix dot com. On is has now put out a memo to its faculty requesting they report students. Courtesy who used inappropriate language are argumentative. Who speak loudly. Or otherwise. Create an it and excludes get an inclusive environments. In other words people who are not politically correct. You mentioned. According to faculty member member who reported this in the past we've always been told. The behavioral assessment team was for students who are threats physical safety or for students who disrupting the learning process. This your first time would encourage her towards students. For their words that may go against inclusive any initiatives or maybe it's objectively make someone feel loves unsafe. Other behavior that the university suggest could be reported to the leader says routine include unreasonable demands. Behavior it challenges university expectations or making numerous complaints. What you give your professor at a bad review online. The a university also gave administrators significant latitude disciplined to discipline students for speaking an unpopular ways. See they know these middle class parents don't want or can be won without that diploma. And so they're taking advantage of that. All the while conditioning the junk easily idea. On that literally if you don't. Conform. And speak the way we except we we expect. Then you're back in the diploma. And you're gonna be forever. All of you know hobbled and getting a job. Dexter writes happy hump day great job thanks be saved buckle up and god bless stupid the one is intelligence to another. Penitentiary Surrey Phyllis is simple and nice but by. When another Obama tried administration gets into office they won't let us do that job on the border we do need a law. I don't know is to be in addition to law. This history is try to get within a hundred miles of area 51. And see just how our government controls its borders with no wallet friends. Aboard. However great risk to the day.