The Tara Show - 9-12-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Jeff Sessions joining the FBI in protecting Hillary and going after Trump; Potential shortage of SC Highway Patrol troopers; Cops in SC aren’t doing enough about the drunk driving epidemic; Transgender fallacies


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Well looks like a kid is are at home again. Yes they are yes. Bomb as her name it the seventh. All worse storm of all time in America. Number one meal labor day's storm in 1935 number two Camille in 1969 number three Katrina 05. Andrew in 1992. Indian cola in 1986. Florida Keys in 1919 and a tie for number seven the worst storm along with the 1928 Lake Okeechobee storm. And Irma that's based on the land fall when landfall pressure in that category storm was a cat four cat five come. So mom know most of the more of the top semi aboard the top bump seven slash eight. You know before our time than actually in our time so allow I was around for Camille won and that's our remember hearing about that but that yet. Columns so good you know good makes in there this is not I am you know all of them right now our. You know we're told because the waters are warming and this is causing the storms now this is where we're having this appeal where have they been for the last eleven years and that's that's what the mayor Miami is trying to. We continue to politicize everything that we possibly can't. Yes and these people feed off people who don't pay much attention as well we've had two storms back to back the water's warm. Well wouldn't you know do what is warm because of climate change wouldn't have been warm last year and the year before that to them. Why not why is this year. Com so you know as distrustful skittish because. As sieges of the Warner started to warm as soon as trump pulled out of the Paris the courts it happens almost instantaneously. Right never mind that we were supposed to get. Bomb you know what attentive presents cooling. In a high what was by 2100. Through the Paris accords rate was it was a tenth of 1% less than 1% of the anyway. Yet it was going to be sold 2100 but somehow. It's all related somehow. Was calm me while. I shall shaking my head at this I dish is having. Hate crime reporter for many years I just I am I mean and seen what happens to people I mean who destroy evidence. It's an almost unthinkable crime in our country a regular courtroom. It's a felony you'll go to prison for eight. And show you on Washington which we know for a fact that the FBI destroyed evidence under subpoena by congress and we know that. Hillary's. Lawyers destroyed evidence under subpoenaed by congress that is a absolute fact that is a felony and no one cares and so it's amazing to me. Al what happens when that's that's set of facts. Leaves. Though the wonderland of DC. We're really no laws of platter real Americans don't play there on it actually hits a county judge some regular old kiss and federal judge Carrie judge. Paul F Harris junior whose he would and a and so they have literally had to take this before a county judge. And they try to get dismissed the complaints lodged against Hillary's. Attorneys for destroying. Evidence under subpoena which you cannot do you can't do that. Bombed and city attorneys are trying to get it thrown out the judge says dear dear allegations of destroying evidence. That is serious we will not dismiss it. Yeah darn skipping a serious. Sin in this way regular run of the mill American county judge views what everyone's ignoring in Washington. And so winter trying to do is they're trying to use the state bar. Go through the state bar with complaints against Hillary's attorneys try to get their block licenses but more importantly you get used discovery. Now because he's a criminal complaints and so they're hoping to get to the truth here that on congressional committees just don't don't have any interest it. And the federal courts don't have any interest in the national level of lawlessness that you have to take into the county court to get their style. Which is absolutely simply want Kate did it here's where we're in La La land mean I I I am seeing this I'm czar I am just just complete confused bias. Today we now have the straw. In minister ration okay fighting. Along with the FBI. To keep information about the FBI's investigation into Hillary's email. Stuff. For coming on public. In response Freeman information that active request. What heck he's going on yup that's a very question. You know they were trying to do that about the Russian which in and I mentioned liberals and Republicans would be going that's about it. Now here is the FBI we there's so many questions now we now know the James commie lied. On pursche himself before congress we know that he didn't interview any of the so they didn't interview any seventeen witnesses in the Hillary now case before he started reading the you know his speech to suit exonerate her. Are we know we lied to congress and so com what what we also. But I am congress should be some in congress believe intrigue out he's starting to ask questions about this is so is Lindsay Graham I'm incredibly which tells you to rest that thing is falling apart their and their diving for cover. Com but they wanna know. It they're they Nissen went Ellie did did you get defies Lawrence found trump did you did you spy Ali's people around trauma based on that fate dossier. And the FBI paid for it is adamant basically paying the Russians. Com for information with which to snare trumped. Essentially what they've accused trump vibrate. I'm Wilson there's bids should show the show this great created the Intel committee has subpoenaed this info from the FBI. They issued a subpoena on August 24. To the head the FBI trust FBI director. Ron and suggest sections. They wanna know to the FBI pay for. These people have a security clearances to see this up you can't say well is classified that doesn't fly. Com is your collusion between the FBI and the Russians collisions between the FBI and Hillary click Joba stuff they wanna know. And literally sessions and the FBI have completely blown him off they wanna answer they're literally circling the wagons to protect. And yet. Fun. You know what we were already suspect of the FBI obviously with all of the friends of Hillary and bill imbedded within that it bureau but tough for the for the trump administration DOJ headed up by Jeff Sessions with its. I don't know they down they miss the deadline. For the subpoenaed these but it's not a head of the DOJ blowing off speeded deadlines maybe they're just busy terror. Yeah that's decorum that should they just expect an extended Diaz has been a deadline to set a September 14. I secession is literally for whatever reason is willing to blow off a subpoena deadline for congress. Well. Understood meaning and then you have some concessions refusing to. Prosecute. Lois Lerner. We know twice headed the iris person perjured himself before congress that's a fact that. We know he lied it. About the existence these are permanent member of the servers to servers in the abnormally computers or computers are accurate computer drives or whatever they didn't exist they did he life. We did go in LaGrange during the helmet sessions won't. What's missing piece here we will Imus I guess we know we don't have winds trump tells sessions to do stuff this is what we we would have trust behind this or this is sessions. Because when trump tells session to do stuff. And tell sessions goes into it tells the ticket flying leap. So he reads as you know what I'm pretty much yet so you know is this says since wears is try out. And where is trump all its. We're going to walk this lawlessness we haven't heard a tweet on of them about it no. I can't I mean normally I can feel. The missing piece I can't find the missing piece here I don't get it I don't understand it. I just don't understand it. I mean it's one thing okay they don't wanna get into prosecuting look like they're prosecuting Hillary I guess. The media go bonkers Arnold Hewitt what are the arrests. Now. And they just gave a green light to persecute Christian conservatives third theirs who and I real I mean her. Why. What sessions he. I disarm I'm I'm I'm LS your marriage is truly am not often a loss from I know us and get it. I lost. It leads not liking this would be a crusade by sessions against Hillary Paris is asking for this congress always got to do is turn it over up. And won't. Protecting the FBI as he goes after trump. Okay. How does his retirement planning it text Lionel we get air as I was baffled last section session. And segment thank you. He sessions. Judge sessions. And then you get her to it was so funny when when they confirms the FBI director's concept better actor. Charles Grassley the senator the head of the the insult me and tomatoes system you know. I'm the FBI has been ignoring my information requested the intelligence committee is supposed to regulate them the answer to the intelligence committee. They used to now I think it's the other way around any sister array. During his you're Gina I asked you for information provider rate and not do I totally am. Totally and you have to provide a ray yeah I know I don't. So they ask for the FBI information with the campaign. The discretion dossier. Is that would intensifies accord. To get the ability to spy around triumph knowing the whole time it was fake. Is that would defies accords censured the FBI for alignment to them about limited an FBI that lies to the courts. As I make you feel and some have a Third World country are questions Charles Grassley has been trying to answer so I am after his polite letters were. Ignored he says is subpoena to rake. The new head of the FBI who know wished I am I mean less than six let's go early not give you information or not I'm not just online says subpoena. Again that's not a polite request a subpoena is illegal I think you have to turn it over. Since a subpoena to Jeff Sessions. And a director of the FBI. He's given up asking. And now Lisa pinning them sessions and ray are ignoring him. Him on the lawlessness blow was cited locked. About the dossier. On but also but the details of the FBI's investigation into Hillary Joseph homecoming lied about that and growth rate. Blown off. Due that did that Jeff Sessions lawyers are in court fighting. Fighting. On behalf. On the side I should say of Hillary's attorneys who destroyed evidence under subpoena by congress. In a series that is to destroy evidence and a subpoena. They're fighting. On behalf video and Hiller the Hillary team. She can be due. Spook this car. What today fear. Lisa like this to be a witch hunt by Jeff Sessions in the media is gonna vilify him congress ask for the stuff to skip to the today CPU. Mean criticize you see him under subpoena got to follow up sessions is taken into I'm not gonna follow up. Same with the FB rhetoric to. What kind of power must Hillary hat. Both these people. But if there were Democrats. This is Loretta lynch Obama go can't get it they're all cronies. Took this. Ain't sessions is even at the point. The a federal judge has ordered the FBI to disclose. More material you have details about how he handled the investigation Hillary Clinton's secretive military this order for a federal judge okay. If sessions just sat inside. The trunk DOJ just set aside to nothing. And go forward there any court. Fighting. To keep the FBI. From having to give details of how investigated Hillary Clinton's agree Nokia. Even though we know the FBI director has perjured himself before congress under oath. So literally had the same FBI that his terrorize trump. That is dirty as the day is long. That is pretty directors perjured himself before congress and tramp trump people are fighting. To keep them from having to turn over evidence of how close they are now we Cintron people it's hard to say. Because this could just be just sessions. Jeff Sessions is held told Trump's take finally before and I feel like it's fire. Mano congress won't let trump fire sessions. They threatened him that they they would not allow that. That they would undertake. Impeachment proceedings potentially against child if he did that. So good deterrent is afraid but what is sessions at. It's just only has to sit by his hands and do nothing but he's defending the FBR. I just. Adding that he's sessions is literally fighting judicial watch. Which way. The course of ordered the FBI to turn this info over to judicial watch. SEC any order you can't legally violate that the FBI is concessions is defending. When she loves you know. What kind of power is behind that. Women have over these people. It it's just so bizarre. If she's into this. Perry now for some good news US Supreme Court. Has actually ruled on Trump's behalf and it's hard to believe. Keeping it trumps strict refugee plan plan at ban in place actually happened yesterday. Blocking 24000. RD improved immigrants are many of whom are Muslim arm and they are blocked. Not just a Muslim but because there untenable. So that's a mean that is huge. So that's going to. It's amazing that. We have the Justice Department arguing on Trump's side on that when I'm good for Jeff Sessions or to okay dad but okay meanwhile. Monthly refugee emissions of admissions of some two lowest in fifteen years. Just 913 people admitted to the US during August 1 time the monthly intake is drop below 1015 years small number of monthly admissions since October 2002. The giants winning there. A declining portion proportion of Muslims in comparison to Christians. The 913 refugees admitted during the month 551. And majority of 60% or Christians the biggest groups included a 185. Pence a cost plus from Ukraine 53 baptists. Also from Ukraine. I just 44%. Were Muslims. Remaining there 42 unaffiliated other religions buddhists Hindus second thing. Nobody wants to kill us. Com so you know we we're where we're down from this mad days massive you know 90% plus Muslim immigration and refugee departments are Trump's take in the refugees he's taken Christians. I shrinks every month. Says the way around this. Ticket feeble or actually being killed in Muslim lands they are Christian not Muslim. It sure. Today's edition of that five random fact Syria. And now it's time solar. Ran into random acts as he does Amazon boxes in your neighbors friendliest thing. Yeah I want it took all of cardboard than Amazon uses for shipping taxes in any year you could cover the entire United States around us. Two and a half times. My passion and Rennes never shoot six play grocery stores and once had a mandatory policy. That employees had to smile and make I can't contacting customers that they canceled after an email customers and female employees are hitting on them. Linda trying to retreat there's a town called snow lucky in Michigan. The founders just naming an 1840 to try to confuse people who were playing in his prime and know lucky accident accent lived there. Instead her sentence. Can get rid of trying to afford Taco Bell originally started as hearts on stands. News hander random fang tribe will dismiss part in men in black was originally offered to tell my gosh you kidding me. David Schwimmer. But he turned down Wilson's such a much better choice for them. It's. Ran the roll over us and finally proof. You can prove anything with the study. The fast food can protect you from getting cancer we went yeah at a Boston University no less. Here's since I'm not sure anyone's ever said before in the history of the world. Fest tour is good for you. Well pay sort of it is study found that eating fast food can actually protect you from getting skin cancer. So only skin cancer. Why well there's a fatty acid in fast food items like burgers and Fries that means that make your skin stronger and hopes to fight off melanoma. So be sure to get at least one serving of esprit de no it doesn't say how many. Yes sir if you slip up when you die and you went up in fast food line deletion only want to melanoma. Can be diabetes or heart disease. Today got a great. Meantime. Ahead of Ben Shapiro's speech at Berkeley. This is very Kaymer this Milo or in call to my this is Ben Shapiro who's practically Democrat. These kind of conservative but yet. He's an average romper and let. UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley a lot has been sent out by the university students and faculty staff listened as stating it counseling services will be made available. To those who feel threatened or harassed. By speakers. Frederick but I paid out after washing and chief. Do a 100000 dollars worth of damage by burning down part of the campus no canceling was necessary break as best I mean except committing to get too upset when you see here. Your school burned her top supporters from really merit you know wearing magaw hats female ones might do. Sprayed raid late in the face by men you don't you don't need that the council deck is that I think news. That just makes you feel it but if you two seat here in Ben Shapiro talk or just the idea that Benji to prayer may speak. In a space did you occupy. There are pre pre counseling. So even eerie yet can you imagine if they had to hear half an hour Porsche. If they can take bench peer community and he frothing at the mouth but they had rabies. They would 803471063. Tracks 171307. A CEO how badly he gets beaten. A text your rates. Now one you know what accession is going to back. So the FBI doesn't have to hand over deep tales of how would cover for Hillary. He could do nothing but he's fighting it out to help the FBI keep alleged secret wait why. Jeff Sessions that gap. History it's one day you'll understand I think today's that day it's easy to understand easier misunderstanding might think hit the same reason the GOP is trying to do in their own president. Is the same reason Hillary goes free. Minutes extra rich don't think this goes back to Ben Ghazi in the illegal weapons sales to America's enemies in which it large number of congress members were complicit. Could be. Tester race the higher SS and Gestapo like cold and everyone especially charmed the press would beloved to run the report that so impressive terms family and businesses are in tax trouble. Hello well thanks to raise fear is nothing new Jewish bit is all about money and power if they go after one they will lose money and power. Now the jester race guarantee Hillary and Obama used NSA info blackmail all these people they are that are protecting them. I you know what you're what you got. Yes random on say he oops are prompts a little bit nervous person on the river couldn to a radio show but I was want to comment. On hum. They tell these per capita eager South Carolina. And one thing for my personal experience about seat time and time again is armed. Tops I mean why don't refusing Curome. To uphold the law when it comes to traffic. I live foreign highway eleven and there's Leon intersection near. And I see him time and time again pointer stop signs and people that got on the list are are confronted com officers before asking them hey listen. Would you talks immediately ticket quotas or whatever work you couldn't make a million here just I think there's 8090% of the people. Let's shops aren't slow right there in the game including the police officers. And I had one locally county church department officer told me flat out not I don't feel like doing the paperwork. Couple weeks ago I had an off duty officer from the neighboring county. Trust me like a dog because his daughter Leah Gibbs stopped heart and we nearly hitter right in the driver's door and he was more upset about that. Denny was about his daughter messing up. And that's that's sort of thing actually I've called a pro Tony they report stirred me to come. Q did armed Highway Patrol cult Highway Patrol several current and all the key to obvious all we'll get somebody call you back. And it has never happened and the lessons at an intersection we kept. Maybe miniseries accidents including a few fatalities. Over the years I've looked here. I don't hear anybody talk about so like that works you heard they're protected and sir did you not want to do your job. Barring some parents often helps in I have the utmost respect for officers don't actually do it. This isn't something that actually. On a regular basis it is January. And in and John thank you I can't comment on that Kazan have experienced some myself in the hiring know what's going on there. All but but guys restraint he's he's calling in leads where tournament an hour ago about a new report out basically saying that. Our state is so under patrolled by hot by the Highway Patrol mission literally have like five or six you know. Officers and our troopers per carry on you know on duty at any time we're still trying to confirm that but judge Boyd yeah I mean. I don't know John and that I would the answer is I appreciate your listen I appreciate you phone call. Her hair love again its assault on Florida this weekend which meant it was time for these slapping rain jackets have cable news. Have seen a couple people that hadn't actually been out on the beach. Hi despite the warnings that they should not be out here. And I got somebody who really shouldn't be out here Torre should not be out here they certainly shouldn't be out here. You should not be out there. Oh boy at least you don't have to for an expired minutes anyway CO reporters hanging on to signs and not. With the wind trying to blow them away. While they scrimmage yelled don't hear would you act as meaningful. I only mean attitudes managed to do that with one hand he's only a microphone with the other pretty safe for me if I tray with two hands. You'd think that. I do. Nonprofits can survive in I mean obviously the film crews film I mean they settle an expensive equipment renaming their home wanted to use a lap could go out more dog. Anyway. OK National Science Foundation is spending. Nor nor were broke right where we just hit twenty trillions in debt. National Science Foundation is spending over 130000 dollars to study allies say that asks a four year old another internal sense of gender identity. Agree this year's study was awarded to university Washington has some work. Press Miami to a fifty children aged four to six and their parents asking a series of questions are gender behavior. Only guys. You how I hear the conversations I have with my fight ruled if I was asking this kind of thing can even imagine what he would tell me. I Kevin came imagine. Can't answer questions like that at this age. However these fears have been limited because Burma's children internal gender identity environmental socialization subsequently. Substantially overlap rendering and possible distinguish the rows of impact and each factor on gender development. Words. They don't we tell their mails they believe they are you know they are really. As it's why they think. Internet but not really mail but the big so we don't try to figure out if they were book. Okay. It suits your federal money is going for. T try to find out the children's internal sense of gender identity. That gender behavior like preferences for gender types toys and measures of gender. Arab related gender cognition IE memory for gender consistent vs inconsistent behaviors. It may all other researchers to examiner wrote some contributions of internal gender identity and socialization and ultimately provide a more comprehensive theory. For early gender economic you know she and opponent well. OK so what look at is the pressure out today you know today were they born knowing. Think they were male of their biologically male or did you society forced them on data on them. My question. If you're not. It if you're born would no gender conception whatsoever right. And shall society forces aren't. What they're getting out here right yeah and you know conception. And you'll behavior on your premature born boy you're gonna you know if you weren't told who you would prefer girl toys as much as boy toys is also so I really constructed great. And Hillary you do is he's been brainwashed. Well then how does somebody know they're transgender. Wouldn't that peace is I really imposed. Second sixty externally if if if you born a girl a nice and sunny but your boy. How do you know your boy. It isn't me being a boy how did you choose to be able if necessary Italy constructed. If you're born a girl and you say your boy. And you must be wrong right. You're you're just repeating what society's told you are just. How can Janelle. If if if the whole point of all of this is doubling up he says he's portable way. He's born physically nobody says she's aboard the then but that's just to say and how mission that is decided put on him. Well good society put it on somebody who says they're transgender. White kids that peace is highly influenced. They knew when you send your mom I wanna play with a truck today in her little girl she is so my gosh maybe your maybe your really of and you see maybe I am really able. We're just sitting back. That's a study I would like to see how much. Mom affect does parents sole impression. Have on kids who claim their trains should know what can study that they know the transit in a transgender. They just know woman Boyce just notable is rate. That makes sense doesn't. Insurance. But they don't study that today. Is secrets it's too close to the truth doesn't.