The Tara Show - 9-12-17 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Continuing assessment of Hurricane Irma effects; US national debt blows past $20 trillion milestone; Dual justice system protecting Hillary Clinton and those who helped her evade the law; Religious ideology behind Muslim support (and abandonment) of ISIS


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Playing good morning to morning out their for shares that is no surprise there went and everyone knows it's windy yes. Big cheer went up. He can practically hear it. Anderson carrying Greenville county no school my job. Yes and contempt for school again. They they made that call. Ed because of widespread power outages. Potential storm damage in no last night and be so there's trees blowing holy cow I mean one was bad but in the forest behind her house was Ben near half over. And their wins were while they Inoa that would add up to so and the main thing is is what you said Lee yesterday. Particular concern for school officials wind gusts in excess of thirty miles an hour because of that speed they become dangerous for the school buses. So it's big flat sided school buses don't wanna be school bus tipping no you know was its worst the most worst encounter in much worse much worse. Calm and and yes I mean when you kick in and I I it's just a little announcement upon my fees paid to us I rate now. And you're just a little tongue in cheek joke you know gone the days of walking five miles till I saw that is more yet you know and I just I was games console set you know I mean arts. 6000 hits on that thing up as everybody lake went insane debating whether the schools should close I mean I just let everybody know they were close down on an you know and in with you know little tiny T Deere people where do you get it out of me this is that this is a passionate topic for people yeah. Com but the maybe you consider Greenville county OK twenty Ella is up 27000 students ride school buses. So that's so that's a life. And this one school district is the entire county has shows from the North Carolina border you know weighed down down you know. Four but you know great distance of its huge districts the State's largest district. Any deal and you know more than half of Anderson district five allowing thirteen thousand students rides well recipes are big numbers so. Com and you know it is stealing some people made this coming Amish fees it pays that we essentially it's a just society but. And we didn't we blame shifting and a society the point where you know the media if 12 school bus was the tip over would probably spend a week. Theorizing. On whether that could have been prevented bright you know so. And they school officials know that men may act out of an abundance of caution so this year I mean yeah advocates for crime modest like big deal I mean a couple of days really. I mean you know. Yes big deal I just hope they cut Lisa site my my door has several test this week and we have an excellent school system here in Greenville county and they kick moms rear end as well as her daughters with these tests are very hard an ounce soda I need a few more days to study don't have to study should tell you one thing there they're going hard campaigning clumps of they're still going my daughter has no power she lives off campus no power. Hunt but they're still they're still on I think they've got a delay may be but there. And I'm sure we mainly like to campus has a parent and I don't know her she lives off campus our apartment has no power went out last night about 8:39 o'clock. And but Clinton that the university still to go on and it. And used Ben they yelled thank god the storm you know dodged the coast and it came up through Georgia and here where suck engineers which image as well our coast but. On the they if they fit the massive flooding has dinner here's yet yeah. That we were going to be haven't seen the details on that coming up here shortly this is not as well this is the worst tidal surge. Since not Matthew. Hurricane Hugo him from Burma Tim. That's on that is massive mussina could just coming out there and seen the flooding. So this is worst flooding wise then Matthew was. Even though it was 200 miles away from Charleston. Tim Allen said storm surge in the winds blowing in though on the high tide there in that time. That did it so so major flooding in Charleston and or Jacksonville. Also Savannah saw a good bet that a lot of underwater. Yeah com it's tight storm this storm it was amazing two miles away generated a ten foot. On nearly ten for the tide that's four feet more than normal. And the worst one among the worst tidal surges in eighty years after Hedo in 91980 nine's who's number two in eighty years that's how bad that was. And and this would Charleston and and people. Don't Anderson's I would understand this boost to this unless I live their people's own global warming or isn't she don't know you know Charleston was built at sea level. Yes and I read that they seem act Sheila they didn't understand this stuff back then. So I mean you know you get a sneeze of a storm should see the please let me it's scary whenever smooth out. Is what you mean air person downtown and you can't go to. And now on what. If Charleston gets hit by a cat. Three it will lose 20% of its structures. At a cat five Charleston and will be over 70% underwater completely destroyed. And it is only a matter of time when wish Uga came through it beautifully it it blew through Buford way and so they avoided a direct hit. Alone but if they took a direct hit in Charleston. We would be raiding it off on in much the way we did New Orleans probably worse. It's it is that catastrophic so it's only an illiterate there's nothing they can do is only a matter of timing need they had installed pumps downtown it's made it a big difference. Under the brand but the system does the system itself under Charleston the only way to fix it would be to raise it you can't raises city. So I mean every time one of these storms comes he people don't understand apparel Charles things in compared to any other eastern city. Because none of the city is built that way the only other place that we built that way it was a New Orleans which is below see well guess that yes nice going guys that's it. On the Charleston does not even have on the seawall protection. That at trade and that and that's not the fault anybody that did it in the way they have a lot of marsh land to build to work with him that protects it from the ocean out in New Orleans has a lot of room for those she was the port comes surging and you can't build a seawall on a flat out ocean without the marsh protection and so. It's hard to explain many are having lived there I mean when you look at the figures you do you look at what the state knows about what a direct hit. Would you Charleston animal would literally the Belize city. I mean gone. Let's send things got another went to lose a guy and it Charleston so all of us a slew of Charleston was wonderful with a knack. What this whole state really mean this is just the most just beautiful place. And really Ari on yesterday. Milestone. Twenty. Condoleezza which is seventy trillion dollars. In debt and our country mumbling and Gary very honestly we did that with the would you debt ceiling high. That we that we did and we did that with the debt ceiling height and all the spending for her venal that so. I thought Graham Paul had a great idea Chafee for the F foreign aid money for places I'd better not underwater. And let's go and spend that on recovery. But that'll never happen so I think this means that and he makes an excellent point but sadly are no one will be less no one will be listening because common sense is then ends. Washington so on yet so with that debt limit and beyond we added three hour 47 billion dollars and singled into the national so when you see him spending this money right. I am having debate this week some Democrats have come forward demand single Payer sorry cooked. Thanks for that yet. The rush is the Chinese are even lending that was like they used him. So I mean our friend Russia. We don't make him too mad anywhere Kabila have too many more of these 347 billion dollar spending days were bar all the money we might actually have to start colluding with them but I know we just don't pay to sing off. I try to put. Tony trying just for comparison sake is the size of the entire US car actually slumping here in the entire US economy. But we'd like if they took the whole they took the whole economy all of them. Everything that's the annual economy and spent. Here's something Yeltsin put that in perspective to I so wished the other day at that there was a Wall Street Journal report where you know Apple's coming out of their new phones everything in their anticipate. A huge increase in the stock value. They're anticipating that apple their market value may be one. Trillion. Dollars wow one company one. American company worth eight trillion. Dollars. What if we were to have entrepreneurship and innovation. Be unleashed in this country by the decreasing the regulation and taxes in this country with all American businesses. Just think of what could be and then done just think I know here's one company that is on the leading edge of technology and innovation and marketing. Worth a potentially their stock value being worth a trillion. Dollars. One company. I own HL issue on the on the on the downside Tito when our government is done to us and ably and you wanna put it pretty starkly congress has stolen the economy. And they spent it. Well congress the Fed. All of them dead presidents and the year earlier after her eyes just goes that there's there's a whole list of conspirators in my opinion. Yeah it. On and a way we just got to set the record straight trumpet in these first two months of his presidency sent to congress aid. Budget that would have cut a trillion dollars a year. Ten trillion bucks over a decade eight trillion by the time you left office they're gone backwards. And Republicans wanted nothing to do is so when you see them borrowing that kind of money. Comments from signing it yet get mad I get mad I don't like it. I wanna borrow from my children are not justifying it it pisses me off that they didn't have to do this they could pass that budget and they said no so let's spread the blame. All around where it belongs the GOP when it came right down to a did not. Want a budget that cuts trillion bock senior warm wanna do it and so we get to borrow an hour it's when he trying and that's how. We hear. Ari up love in the don't see any state troopers be someplace you the most this is you don't ever see them YA. Where you hear this. Common sense retirement planning at tech's lion knew we ghetto. So all school buses will tip over and wins every thirty miles an hour and yet eighteen wheelers still go up and down the highways all day with no issues. It's. While I'm no physics expert I have a journalism degrees but I think special in his eighteen wheelers are way down. Islam warned executives. Text your rates if a bus tipped over it would be trumps all. Of course it would. Text rates traffic lights are out are from white horse road two to 91 on 25 I'm content. Yeah others reporting no stop lights on 25 north from white course roads to 91 married text your race. Hugo made landfall in Charleston Sullivan's island precisely 25. Years ago yap at the worst of the storm. The went through Buford. It didn't hit me in Charlotte and didn't hit me in Charleston. And yes it did it technically did make landfall there that is stripped album we would have seen Charleston wiped out had taken directed that the dot. Text reads we don't housed there you know it's mass. It is and I can imagine losing trust and it's a very real possibility. If it took a direct hit and many tourists. Then tardy about this because are they are having the worst flooding there armed since. Cuba. It's not gain our attention because. You know it's that hurricane missed the coasts up from batter things in Washington. How much of a never neverland is Washington. A place where. An imaginary place almost. You can walk through the gates. Why pick over. The line. In Sioux Washington DC. And lies as jurists of the country knows them are suspended is if they is if they don't exist there's dual justice system they are a few. Part of the rape people by gosh the law does not apply you. And even people who are the wrong people. People are real loss still applies. Their members of congress will turn at their head and pretend they do not see you violating. To an extent it is well shocking. And me unbelievable. People Lee I keep bringing this to you and you see you see this right now DC this happens in Maryland. County judge federal judge. County Jack's got a bunch of them here in Greeneville. County circuit court judge. Paul F Harris junior year. Has agreed to go forward with an investigation. Of the lawyers. Who assisted Hillary Clinton into leading her private emails. Took a county judge to do this outside a Washington. Yet why. Quote. There are allegations of destroying evidence. Judge Harris said at a hearing Monday that is serious. What evidence I'm talking about the sit there what is what is and it's gotten so little tension even from conservative media. Do you realize you don't realize. That sure Clinton may be herself I don't know and her lawyers. Destroyed evidence under subpoena from congress that is he thought you can't do that. Your bit in trouble at the IRS. Ever been involved in any civil case for criminal either civil case. And the judge orders when where another the evidence to be preserved. And huge story yet. You serious. That use. Net that is don't you can't do it. My short for Hillary Clinton. And so we literally have all of congress pretending that the emails they subpoenaed from Hillary Clinton. They demanded from her that she lied to them about the existence she lied under oath about the existence up we later find out. That not only did the lawyers destroy them the FBI did too. Destroy devices they were on anyway. That is a cell. Scan your police officer your FBI agent your high ranking FBI you don't get the right to destroy ex students can do our police chief can't do. He go to prison is fast is our who. In a fair justice system. And they did it. And yet they did. And they were rewarded for it with immunity from the FBI. Straight Gatti explains. Former prosecutor tree Gatti you don't give you give immunity to. They co conspirator in a bank robbery so he'll turn on the others and give you the Evans you don't give immunity. To prevent people from hearing or finding out what was destroyed but yet they did it. It's the first county judge this lens in front tough. Outside a Washington never neverland to Washington were laws do not apply the way they do everywhere else. Skip what is there. Medicine always is is a bar. Examination into whether these attorneys destroyed evidence which is illegal it's a felony and you would lose your law license Ford if convicted. And so would you judge gone for even though this is a state bar. Matter it's in county court. Stays rules required the bar to conduct investigations no matter who raises the complaint came brushed aside accusations. So literally the first we have congress ignoring this pretend this didn't go on even the Republicans all of them. Pretending that Hillary didn't break below pretending that she didn't destroy her lawyers didn't destroy the evidence they subpoenaed. And the first time this lands in front somebody outside of Washington in your county judge. You you you you can't Shrek did you shoot you can do it in every item you can't do. And that's the wake is treated and actually would be treated if you were identity we be in big trouble if we did Dennis. I just goes to show you that they never liberally and the bizarre. Way in which Washington functions. Urges functions it fueled by the way good news. This Russian thing's fallen apart knows it Mueller may find another crime and related to Russia. If he works fast enough. Or something they can pay attention spinning into a crime. But this Russian investigation is far apart. Even trade gallery and some of these Republicans are beginning to get the Kurds near Lindsey Graham to come out now in question it. In very real ways of what's going on with that's so much stuff going on this morning. Plus he C state trooper lately mean either there's or reason for that. 9/11 in commemoration day yesterday. In Washington here's Soledad sounded like. I and our. I. We are making plane. To these savage killers. That there is no dark corner. Beyond our reach no sanctuary beyond our grasp and nowhere to hide. Anywhere. Todd. Beamer. We Americans are not made of cotton candy we are not intimidated. Our enemies and Mr. President your military does not scare. And as mad dog by the way Mike Pence weigh in yesterday's well. Tunis. Almost crying on national television take a listen hijacked flight 93 crashed into it feels that he intended target Capitol Hill. I always believe that by and many others in our nation's capital were able to go home that day. Tug our families. Because of the courage and selflessness. So they're heroes of flight 93. So for me it's personal. Vice president pens was serving his first term as he was congressman when the attacks were carried out. Meanwhile. Sixteen years later. Now I remember and some flags. Are those killed displaced. On 9/11. Taking it down. That's rate. That happens ads at Columbia University meanwhile Evers college. Let's hung a banner commemorating those killed and displaced. My 9/11. But by America's so called war. On terror. So this is where we are sixteen years. After an analyst. In this country. This is where we are we we can't even seriously discuss. A ban on people we can't vet because they might want to kill us. That's where we're. Why wig major Supreme Court when yesterday minus that this is good news. Around spring US Supreme Court. Kept the tight refugee ban in place against challenge from these San Francisco appeals court so that was good. As good news. All anyway Lotta good news yesterday. Time just hundred used news yesterday's came out over the weekend I talked about this a little bit yesterday 85%. Of ice is territory in Syria has been reclaimed. Since the beginning of the year 90% of the territory in Iraq reclaimed. Mom and we clearly have them running into the desert where picking them off as they go I mean to their scattering like like rats like roaches and that's great news. That's really good news yeah I explain why yesterday. And do a very good job of that explaining why yesterday was was was the most hopeful September 11 I've. Anniversary adventure for awhile. An end to understand why it's it's so hopeful. What I see why not easy is it the ideology radical islamists is gonna keep spreading online something which doing here and there is there is that is that is true. But there is something we can do something we haven't Chara. And that's annihilating. I mean guys right on line I mean the guys on the battlefield. And she was going on here this idea that radical Islamist this new ideology and it's just it's spreading on the Internet we got a killer it's not new it's hundreds and hundreds of years. The very same ideology. It was used by the follows a mom and when they teamed up with the house decides slaughter their way across what is now the Saudi Arabian Peninsula and what they did it would it would do. Was it would common it would push the sword they would tell you need converting gonna die and then if you didn't you would it would Killy. Unless you on were very prosperous some of the more prosperous settlements. They would just decide they want and everything you had and so than they would just kill everybody armed men and women over the age of forty. And children and they take young women for their wives and that was Islamic mean that is exactly how it was practice and how was spread their that is actual factual history. We don't the tens of millions slaughtered by the sword so what we call radical Islam today is not. It's actually original Islam. The way it was practiced and what it did was go underground for hundreds years. Not everywhere but on most places. And the thought was that'd be in the world a battle would be five. Divided by the believers. By the jihadist and that's about it would take place in what is now Syria and Iraq. As one of the reasons why bin Laden was so interested in that area. And licenses today and that his final battle a lot would dispatch all of his enemies he could not be defeated and it was incumbent on every Muslim to go fight that final battle. And show dude which you see. A Muslim right. You talk to you notice these final battle going down where sect Syria and Iraq. You see that. Analog can't lose this battle I must battle the battle would be run a one by Islam Islamic conquer the Mormon money would come that's how that's how does governor says that's that's what that's what has been believed for hundreds years. And so when word here. And I'm ice is she's up against overwhelming of firepower. And yet they continue to thrive and survive. That is a message to the man who was upon them they've got to quit the university studies quit her job and come fight this is why you see men who you know are educated. Middle class. To a fluent and the Freddie. Are different look is the ideology a leaner and all this is an ancient ideology. They'll do rides and tried to fight. The only way to break the ideology. Is to show it to be false and really showed to be false is not to pentagon talking points. But to crash basis. And make him look like false profits. They'll still believe that the money is coming at the end of the world and that the callous it will. Rise from the very area in the Middle East where the Celtic is right and would this would be like. If the end of times prophecies from our Bible started happening. Like in major ways well that's what it is like for for folks. Who follow is on to true true is coming there watching kielty rise from the very area in the Middle East we're supposed to with the into the world. And so when you crash that it looks like ice is is a bunch of false prophets Noah doing. He geology and go back underground where it was for hundreds years that's where guys are die. You can't argue with them easily crushed you Celtic. And we are. 90% gone in Iraq. 85% gone in Syria. We could have done this years ago. It have to be this way. But the good news is we are now and there is nothing we can do better than that to stop. Radical Islam. It was dot. I mean if the jihadist and the Celtic B keep deep and can be if you did then a lot of not blessed it's not a blessing fight. Gee how does not justify in any go back toward the back university go back to go back to where you water but as long as they keep winning. Howard K we're sick and I from them and that's the good news from yesterday. TV and managed tagline yeah did talk to dean net Fran men cash Billie Jean. Gary Gary I'm doing good and look ignorant but I got to know where is cash Philip Intermec for. Both. It's gonna wanna point. Out of IBM got to eat or eat out swinging. Grier and would occur it's a low cross currents. And old store an old school. Actually putting our peak we're out here. Okay contests this fascinating and it should get out on a similar concert hall is around here. What's a new nineteen. They books. All though looming. Worst. Try to serious attack on September 11 from the bark of multiple brother Kurt to be attacked. The beginning the book goes into that there and they are my brother Kurt and our armor and all or are we. DN cuts to an FBI agent Jarden oatmeal. Cheese. Political enemies giving the FBR. He was to try to put the resources she needed. Two pieces clues together. And was art on the SP RR. Is. September 11 started work its security at the world church. That he knew they were you don't need. And it's very very. Chilling reached. A contradiction or loose. Why it. Happened and it also focus regarding gonna be lead into. What are we took again. Beat. Sounds fascinating I'm very top. A to check it out they will thanks for listening dean and and for the recommendation and certainly appreciate it. RA to. True you can prove anything with the study. Remain within a the other studies Iran who knows you know Lebanese. Believe but a new study used Allen's image used to believe there's that eating fast food can actually protect you from cancer. Can handle cancer skin cancer. It's healthy for you in any other way but these fatty acids in the fast food it can help your skin fight off melanoma. Scenario yet that's Boston University. By the way. Home I with fatty acid in now fast food items like a burgers and Fries mixed in stronger helps fight off melanoma. I'm home. Not obesity diabetes or any other stuff but. But it. And I neck and the issue guy melanoma go head to sell some fast food today. Alum but the way. Did she Kmart is done speaking a festive this is Kim is replacing. The push size section. With say a new size category. Fabulously size. This one's really bad. Yep and they show the clothing. Is not a leader was we called fabulously sized. Folks I spokeswoman said quote our members told us we need to have a better assortment and that we should color something different. They absolutely love this so much of a fabulously size. My national. Engine three for seven when I was 63 text line 71307. Texture rates straight cash Phil is between. This is true and its sister after pullen attempt cash till is between sugar tit and which are. Is it. Sure there aren't some can't tell me that's it's well know if that's true or not. That they. Irate. Up. Folks yesterday we learned the GOP leadership. Is no it does not an exaggeration Bolick less popular than NT for. Human syphilis. For now. Actually that was in the apologists may than at the they're still for now more popular in syphilis. But get this not to GOP leadership polling at just 15% there are more popular. Wit Democrats a 21% generic Republicans and 11% you know one. The debt and don't consider keeping trump couldn't get anything done post how do we ends up peer.