The Tara Show - 7-17-17 - Hour 4

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Monday, July 17th

Horrific shooting in Upstate was revenge-based murder/suicide; Amazon effectively subsidized by USPS; Things that make you go hmmmm; Large increase of sexual assaults in Europe committed by Afghans as rape terrorism; Caitlyn Jenner defends Donald Trump


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According played good morning terra well. Normally viral violent end of the week last week yes here in Greeneville. Bombed shockingly violent nit stood for honor and a domestic level I guess you could say great from molten. Calling in about that. The child shooting what's upgrade. As chair holiest. I'm doing great my car boat just this morning are walking internal ordinary. Forward to work and I noted that etiquette Triplett the patriot air and the mother they shot them all we're worried about side. No actually our photo of the Roberts allowed just I would kind of morbid. Critical picture up there with those kids and did talk about her people weren't what does all of this it would people about it. Well great I mean I gotta tell you there's not really a guide for how to cover something like that. On different media Alice to a different ways there was some media outlets that were listing you know this is Ford entry victims. Others were listing for victim is. Well. I don't know I don't even know what to say I don't even though I caddie did this this it's so bizarre and sick caddie how do you deal with things like this and he covered I had you. TT barrier is the family the family chose to. Yeah artists where it's currently not a pretty good picture appear to pick our property. Yeah that would be my purse Staal but you know there are probably spurring each other not just YouTube born over. Yet and thank you for your phone call great it's you know it's disturbing no matter how you cut it yeah. It really is and I I agree with him it is a little bit strange and I'm not gonna criticize other media. About how they cover this because everybody's got to make their own decisions but. You know in it for us. There's nothing new to advance the story that's why we have not been reporting it in the news because everything is this was from Friday and all of this sort of been put out we've had this on our website we've put we've shared things on the FaceBook page. Hum the right now there's nothing new on the story. And until there comes some other news about that then we're not gonna continue to bring this up. It's just. I don't want to be accused of sensationalizing something I'm not seeing anybody else says and to simply saying I don't want. As news director I don't want to sensationalize the suffering of the spam. I don't either that's fighting covered on Friday. I kind of wondered and this is a big local story if I should have on Friday over the weekend I guess has some second thoughts but. It was Friday and attorney and you know been trying to do up shows on Friday hours of shows and I just I could night I had him primaries could do it has been talk of. I don't I'll be honest with you I'm amazed that this is not made national news this has has not listened to him. I assume that it did as well I didn't see usually when you see something like this I'll see things and Fox News CBS ABC MSNBC and the bill. They'll be and other areas I mean even. You you might see a link to a on Drudge Report I've seen nothing now not announcing a one that you is just I thought it was a bit odd because when this happened. In I was on vacation on Florida and I was in communication with our news department about you know what to do how to cover this and I was just amazed that this did not make national news was this is a horrific crime that. Many news outlets usually cover because it is something that is so out of the ordinary particularly that you have a woman a mother. Shooting. As opposed to a man shooting the wife and shall yeah. It's just incomprehensible. Yup it is is just sat on every level every let it really is. Tester rates no way would I allow the killer be buried beside the children she murdered. And she's her. Tech stories with regard to mother and a terrible tragic and CDs she may be horrible for what she did but she's still someone else's daughter. They'll as the daughter and grandchildren this woman was obviously suffering some very bad demons it's a very bad situation and never easy to cover up Teddy green. Die than that Ted makes excellent one that's that's true and I'm not so. And it is just a horrible thing you're Emmy wrestler right that is somebody's daughter. That you know that you know even though they've done something in their final activists many consider to be very evil I think almost everybody was so it was very evil. You know we just don't know enough. And not not that is up to Austin judge that's him. Yeah Jack from Pickens calling in about yeah is on and there's secret to delivering all our stuff so fest is so little money. Center City is it from Andy Paris office under charging them a dollar of 46. I a package on average to what do you think Jack. Jack. He changed his mind. So so they're calling a a cut in the price that the use that a United States Postal Service is charging them for deliveries as a subsidy. Well it's not official now it's so basically daily it in and that's when I guess what the Daily Mail is saying is the problem you could see a bulk discount him. Being given C certain companies that tell I all the time to write them this is not official. Okay they basically put in lightening the load on the charges for the Amazon packages an average of dollar 46 quite honestly it's folks like Amazon that I keep in the USPS and business. See why it depends on how you look at it out because you know congress decide to subsidize them on that somebody texted and you actually works for the post office. I terror I urge the post office and all we are here is how we are not worth the money they pay us and we lose money could throw for them this Amazon deal infuriates me. To know we are shooting ourselves our own foot we deliver a lot of Amazon. Yeah they do. I'm not gotten Amazon prime cut packages from the US what those are analysts say this I. The people that I come in contact with the the rural carriers that I deal with Al modem though former on live. These are wonderful hardworking people they really your they go out of their way. All the time. To do you know to do nice things and you know accommodate. Meet the customer. Is just when I have to go to the main post office that I just wanna. Mile. Yeah. I'm literally like if if someone said to me listen you can send them one at the post office. Com and get you package shipped or on to slap you real hard real fast across the face to give it. Who's not even turn the other cheek comment please if nothing else I did you how party talking I'm gonna get slapped. Let me consider this so early agreement and how quickly get the baggage that yet that's the question. Yet because you know what today we're not used to waiting anymore no everything is expands his fans to wait on them you know. You feel like if you're gone through checkout line and you got to stand behind the person behind you just wanna rip the scanner and a woman's hand to do yourself which is why they built you the self checkout line you know for what is it like that our I had just been waiting on the breakfast which then became brunch at a restaurant in Florida. Wow so you know in principle that now melanoma. OK tech strictly you're wrong we can judge people by their works by. Not they're souls also run I was in the army I had to deal with militant lesbians all of the time. Yeah I'm I'm great and that tax cuts I'm not sure what has to do with anything on Harry so anyway. Because all the hotspots are felon in you know in no time everybody's hotspots are two little cuts bicycle up according to Greenville news that might feature them or might not. This is tissue the points at highway corridor. I'm kind yet this is was to be the next new place the next big thing okay. And the Greeneville City Council is investing millions of bucks. In ninth or enemies just entered to a big renovation projects big urban revitalization effort to try to you know get older. Money funneled into that corridor down that's a tax dollars at work of those grants and really 2.5 million dollar project street improvements. Other gonna try to fix it up is such a beautiful drive out there doubt that is you know so I can totally see people moving in if there were. You developments for them to move into. I could tell you the road stand of Florida were impeccable where they really in the back roads were nice. And then we hit two coming back it was actually as we didn't take the interstate on the way. But the way back now we get hit US highways you whatever was that we went straight from Florida and then went up in the Georgia going down there we took that went through Atlanta and fortunately or unfortunately for those folks who were like I don't know. Backup form miles on on 85 in downtown Atlanta and there's some record or something or other so we were trying to avoid Atlanta. We tobacco Tom on the way back to which took us forever about it. It was very nice in some areas once we get out of southern Georgia which was not all that pretty. Got into middle in a northern Georgia so beautiful areas some really beautiful southern towns. And but I just a river that every road Manama Florida was impeccable. And there was lots of signage. And it was just it was very good it was a better than we have up here. While what are they did that. Gee I don't know pattern either and so when Jimmie dodged it can be done great that was all that was the that was the gas taxes I was playing his gas down there's like twenty or thirty cents greater. A higher than it is up here. Have to look up at the gas taxes were equipped for now him. Text or rates. Oh lead he slid near and had used the tiara post office. I know there is a another zip code which I residing nearby and the it is. It has got some recalcitrant employees that are occasionally. Yan are going to be a post office employees open. I have run into a few in my time and haven't been to post office here. I will say but back in Charleston Hughes. You're tick on life is basically that you have inconvenience them by shows up exactly. And they will get to UN it been ready if tax rates what's the deal with no way out here we don't oppose delete that don't worry I'm. Or avoid that at all cost. Accessories origination Florida and there's no state income tax seated as is emblematic of the corruption in South Carolina. I think there's a point there ten straight points at corner it's about time I think we should closed one lane in both directions and put in a bike lane now that's progress. That would definitely show the world how hard we are a tussle Florida bike lanes everywhere and I saw one person using the whole time we were down there. Alia we prodding see the other guy he only comes out afternoon now that you don't mean but they're very date date they are very happy. The two of them. You all. I would not like this is possible. Sure it happens it's the weekend. Airlines flight was grounded because is something going on one of the passengers not big news happens fairly regular basis. But not this. You know it's time to change your diet may be seen doctor. When your. Flash once is bad enough to take down a plane. American Airlines flight. Grounded yesterday afternoon at north Carolina's Raleigh Durham international airport. After one passenger's guess was so bad other people on the flavor getting nausea and headaches. Israeli. Thought that the care system was may be better in those things but. Yemen circulation to pack cannot. Anyway. They're not releasing the name of the passenger good for them. Or the you know the number of the flight. Or where it was supposed to be going to. Protect guy. And the person sentencing guys' privacy. Yes story and they in Charlotte Observer about that. So vanity to turn Playboy yet I I hope I mean I hope the guys can you really you're really gonna need to. He went authorities lady got to see a doctor about that authorities later said the incident was a medical call and directed all questions that way county EMS. Apparently they dispatched ambulances to call off the sick passengers. No word on if there. When you Tilton. Let's hold off as well I I don't know they don't say. I just OK things that make you go them. Married average people took to Twitter over the weekend demanding their rights. Think it was a fair and it wasn't right. They were victims. Of people filing gauged in the area health care bill debate all had no. This year hero HBO streaming and web site went down during the premiere. The new season of game rooms. Yeah people absolutely. Outraged I mean not gonna put up with eight screaming mad. How did this two years rob you went first year you could BI it's a big deal. It's the season premiere Sunday night. This is hard to explain. HBO attempted watchers inundated HBO's Twitter accounts demanding answers to refund the grit it was fixed halfway through season seven premiere. I yet I would put it trench get halfway through an episode you were totally lost the PNC the first half I mean so much has happened. And we same problem happened last year as millions try to tune into the season six premiere. Last year. But HBO go any HBO now the networks to live streaming service is crashed both crashed into the night. How fabulous her Russian bread line. Quick question reruns. Call India and complain. It's premature and indirectly directly resentment in college BO. I take it make you go who's. Planet of the apes preview. And the trailer the U wanna watch planet of these I don't get these movies. Just some quick thinking and Weis is not real I can't I just can't sink my my mind the idea of of apes taking over the planet. So I Kinchen and took a dissident people can work for the planet of the apes took down Spider-Man at the box us Mickey's son I have made too many do you think. What would they have a sequel or prequel or pre pre pre sequel prequel. Like once a year now I don't know I think everybody Hollywood's played Spiderman people said enough anyway dwarf planet and it stood down Spiderman at the box office grossing. 56 point five million compared to just 45 point two for Spiderman. Emmys baby driver. Unlikely sounding the ot my husband and I went to see this always loved this movie. This pattern what is up to now and we saw it like in 93% on rotten tomatoes from the audience. Mike how we can see this. Let's get Kevin Spacey as we figured he'd be the start him. And his can space radioactive waste and he got no it wasn't the kid let's. And how a great acting job not warn you because in IE ops is to see a movie NN if there's anything in it like you know violence are. Whatever you anatomy at this there is gratuitous violence in the movie. Quick pulp fiction style almost it's like it's it's almost like they're making fun of violence that's sort of style but I just brain reactor we loved loved that movie. Some are sex that's been. Police so much balance they didn't have time but I'm in no really was agreed movie not always she expected that they did a great job with that. So I don't see that again for it would seem planet of the apes but that's just me. Ari and make you go. Lose. Valuation. Of the world's top twenty sports teams I don't understand this. I this is based on not revenue so many vets that explains it. Not sign a tie between the NFL's San Francisco 49ers in the NBA's LA lakers. Both worth about three billion apparently. People who infinitely curse paid even watches and being at aunt. Memory New York Giants three point one billion number seven New York knicks' 3.3 billion here's where disinterested number six New England Patriots. Whenever six. Anyway no real patriots 3.4 billion. Number five Real Madrid. Soccer team 3.5 billion number four Barcelona that's a soccer team three point six billion number three Manchester United. Three point 69 billion. Never tell the New York Yankees. Anyway who's number one. On campus either. Dallas Cowboys were point two billion. Has some of the cowboys. Cowboys were four point two billion but the patriots only 3.4 billion. I just read the news I don't make it. 803471063. Tucks 171307. This is so. Causing outrage. Our heads. Do you study. Ask the question you gov Scott yea you got dot com. Are here women. I'm terrible. Americans seem to think so. A by the way this is the new feminist frontier to get people to hire these Terry women. Right now they're not having it. Like the female and bring the majority of US adults 7% everywhere beating Harry is a bad thing. C. Now that's that's not gonna flak. Mad that these feminists. The ones and I think had there not to put up with that. Ever put it and opinions are much less clear cut. More response weren't sure how they felt about amendment and Mel. Earnest. 44% were undecided on that. Then thought it either distinctly good or bad 31% thought it was good forty 25% thought it was bad so okay 7% of US adults offended by Harry women. And shave their legs their armpits vs 25% about the man Elisa Harris if you're hairy woman you're apparently not parable. US adults. More likely. Then likely to fiery woman for a public facing role if she has hair on her armpits. No this is into 36% unlikely to hire but 3% are likely to hire. A big bear them and yelling and telling Bellwether thirty jobs kink it. He don't shave your legs 36% unlikely 34% likely or face 53% unlikely hire Tony percent likely. So there you go here hairy women still have not shattered. Fair carries sealing the glass ceiling I don't I don't know what's. I'm not sure. Meaning and two out are things. That means with which you hire hairy woman. If she was really hairy. I didn't say much did you think it would cost to business or not. No I don't think have ever. Mateen if you Harry employed women but I don't think it's ever caused you not to go back so where. I had to think about that text rates haven't Dem cowboys. Cut. Dexter tested the boys are America's team. Tech stories of the show to stick to news not sports excellent but I did like thirty seconds a sports gimme a break it's a four hour show. Text your race driver was dead baby yes it was. The detects your rates that the plane down by flatulence. Did we ever read. Said the pilot and they did people carted off in an ambulance from smelling the flatulence. They did find. The guy who tilted I don't know if he's not that they didn't say. Tech stories this motor is the cellar. Phone guys. Texture raids airline passenger's guess was breaking news. Obama. I'm. Delay. And have finally. Is this entire should make it virtually impossible to tell who is Terry who is not a good point. Lame yeah breaking news strength standby I'm standing by gonna like nervous seeded actually but yeah I. America. Does not want to hire Harry women. Harry women carry women are discriminated against you know you you mean women that have here where most folks don't have a candidate okay for our guests and that your ominous there was a moment long here. Now okay. And plurality would not hire one free public relations style style you know actually I think the more the collision when your round techsters are polar had made you know if it's business appropriate attire you're not gonna now. Yeah good point right now. Special rates this but the please send us that's my girlfriend. She doesn't she relation to spring time when she Wear shorts. Nor how I'll textile inspects are concerned whether yourself by and it and went to the tester race so unfair Harry women can't be president even after two bushes. Hole that was good it. It's cute men. Text your race. Low. Perry and for babes a great idea for CNN don't give them any ideas now. They'll do anything to get the people to turn out to now Yogi Bear resigns and come back it. You're Yogi Bear is being CNN now Lisa was last Lilly yes it was hardly network yeah so we errands. Well W bear was always had a list every once this yes and along times is a many new ones yeah. Chester grades. And over again I would hire hairy woman I ran a carnival. I wouldn't hire when otherwise though I was waiting for the. Yeah and for and. OK so here in America. This ongoing it's just utterly destroy and judge. First these judges with the travel bans soft they were just they were even according to constitution they rise issuing two tenths because they knew. What Donald Trump said in what he meant and what he intended. Yeah had nothing to do with the fact that he had every legal constitutional authority to do just what he had done but. They didn't like the way the that he was talking about certain individuals but they won't announce a line judge has decided to overrule the Supreme Court. Not. Honestly if you're gonna issued dictates without accordingly you know went citing what statutes are to be the ability to do this is a judge then why not normal Supreme Court what this judge was what appointed by Obama. Yeah more than he's definitely over the Supreme Court to go yet anybody appointed by Obama obviously has more carries more weight constitutionally that our Supreme Court come all. Clearly so we just three wrote to cut the supreme courts are ruling on the travel ban to start to his liking it and just issued an ego. Cintron went to the Supreme Court was like are up what do you see it if it is knowledge but it said but that was in the meaning of the court filing. And so now the courts the Supreme Court has to demanded a response from Hawaii. So. To see them quite the part of the content guys 'cause edition where you get to overrule the Supreme Court energized. Smarter than everybody else yeah. Or appointed by Obama or appointed by Obama. And if there is not such a client's I am short of the ninth circus will invent what she of course they will find it. Somewhere. Q this is fascinating this as being a band we've got this idea as Americans that if we can just. Profile everybody and figure out if they're associated with terror group. Day in and we can do that and they're not associate with terror group by gosh we could take some and it will be fine. Well this Europe is they're that good what's going on your brain knows to just otherwise. And hit an irritant in this is this article is just reverberating around the area it's Y eight refugee raids. Advocate very liberal who's worked with refugees from all over the world for her whole career. And starts about her struggle to understand the rape epidemic that is sweeping Europe and which were not supposed to speak now except it's real. And eight very strange part of the re back epidemic epidemic that they're finding now that about half the rapes that are committed by refugees are committed by Afghans. And they don't know why. And it's so bad a few weeks ago the Austrian city of two Lynn. A declared a full stop to any further refugee admissions. And made it clear that decision was aimed at Afghans but for legal and in ministry of reasons it could only be propagated in global way. That had not been a c.'s intention to the contrary he just completed construction of an expensive brand new facility for incoming asylum seekers. Which would now the mayor declared be given over to other purposes his exact words we had. The tipping point after a series of disturbing incidents all emanating from Afghans who was a brutal gang rape of a fifteen year old girl snatched from the street and away hump. Tried to wait and serial abused raft grant Afghan refugees. And that this big this is just becoming clear that united of those who do these rapes in the race through the roof in these countries. That you know Syrian refugees by 10% to these Afghans keep doing it. And so she goes on a crisis article to figure out why what with the app can't she's worked with the Afghans can't figure it out. On and that there it's how they did these attacks are bizarre in that their broad daylight attacks similar MRI and you know trains buses in the park. And that groups of men or single men will just literally jump out a woman and attempts a ripper in broad daylight. And into getting stopped most of the time bypass a vice or by the police so they don't actually. Accomplish what they set out to do and I can't possibly they're gonna get away with it. Given you know in their not lurking in a Alley at mid you know in uniter broke into some woman's. Apartment. That's not how this is happening and that's what's weird she says it is sitting that's what's broad daylight almost no. Your odds of actually pulling this off in front of other people are pretty much milk and yet you're you know you're you're sentenced. Your life is ruins in this new country of yours. You're acting employment. It's a disaster few why would you do this and why or why they do you know way to doing in their turn understood this because. And you know why not sneak sneak up on her bring you nor permanent C you know something like tag where you might get aware that if there were actual rape is your go. Which that's the point that's not the goal that's not the goal this it is actually fascinating reading this coming from a refugee advocate. Com and so she talks about. You're running is by people she knows in IL is who she says that the person finally she thinks cracked it for her. Is an Afghan himself he works with the court system and so he's a tree as a translator and one of these cases in the patent to prosecute. And he said. That they've basically his theory on this why they do it the way they do they want to do it in public when I get caught not in private where they want. Com is is dead and where is it's OK the disturbing period when my Afghan friend accord translator puts forward. On the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these men. In his professional capacity over the past several years he believes have discovered that they are motivated by deep and abiding contempt for western civilization Saddam. Europeans are the enemy and their women are legitimate spoils him. As are all the other things one can take from them housing money passports their large they'll marry their culture is uninteresting and ultimately their civilization is going to fall anyway. To the board. Of which one is the spearhead. No need to assimilate or where card or try to build a decent life here worry decent record for yourself. These Europeans are too soft to seriously punish you break transgression in the days are numbered. That this is actually raped Jihad it's a form of terror. They want to be seen attempting to commit. Whether they actually managed to pull the crime offer not is irrelevant. It's the terror of attempting a crime and that this is a completely. Different mind sets. Among sexual predators then the west has ever seen it doesn't fix. The you know and I mean that and this stereotype in my doesn't fit the clinical in precedent it's it's new. It's a political and theological crime not a sex crime right now there's sex attached to it and and is that a part of that yes. But the goal is political and theological. Exactly it is tear it is a tear attack are not using a bomb Horry gun or a van. And that in order to committed in order to strike terror into the hearts of women. They are willing literally to have this on their record for the rest of their lives. They don't care well. When you come from a group of people who or an area of where it is. Perfectly permissible and in some cases applauded to strap only suicide vest. They're young and she does this was interesting she says you people sell well you know cultural misunderstanding but she's is decide these guys. On the have cut in income is countries they've learned they studied or use the welfare system they figured out how to do all that they. Totally adapt in terms of providing the documents doing what's needed for that so it's not like. They can't follow clear instructions to get what it what they want. It's not that. And she says public swimming pools are confronted with an epidemic of young Afghan men who think it's a good idea to expose themselves. Com and Ed this is part of this too even now means broad daylight there immediately tackled by the lifeguards there aren't gonna get away with any this. And it's a former chair and that Europe just hasn't recognized again. So here's my question Lee howdy vet for that. Don't think it's notable I don't either and that's the problem. It sure sounds like these refugees in Europe are so thankful for their New Haven impressive assimilation gets fabulous. Text reads in Afghanistan if you stealing cut off your hand maybe if they rape that we should cut out something else any ideas. I know what you asked the judges in Hawaii they've got some great ideas and a number constitutional but what tech text your reads do you think that's why Paul ran. This is an of the subject to you why Paul Ryan is having a discussion about proper dress attire because he doesn't want to see any hairy armpits. Column. You have to ask him and apparently on the new dress code in which women do not Wear sleeves. Will be pretty big before your tax cut. And decision the priorities there in the house. At text rates. Herewith is idiot liberal judge is doing is an impeachable offense and he should be impeached and disbarred immediately. The text erased all Obama appointing judges should be fired. Well in Britain it's probably happen but Palin you gonna do. Irate I think you're a president Trump's biggest problem says. He's one. Limp no stands up for him I mean yeah appearance he'll put out a press release they'll stick up forum occasionally but who stands up for Donald. He's there's nobody who's got his back and that's what allows the Democrats to attack him so savagely with lies. So what might it stand up for what is sound like if somebody. Other than trump or his family members stood up for trap occasionally. So he finally did. He Jenner of all people on the I only because it teaches kids she could just be Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell may be some the Republican leadership occasionally saying something like this for Jenner to say this. I think humans and her family to better is Bruce. Al bush dinner to say this every time she defends company each piece savagely attacked because she she's a transgender says she's supposed to be Democrat he trump except she doesn't. And what it might sound like if someone other than trump the trump and it is so weird to hear anybody. Who's gonna any kind of public sector defend try but I thought I'd play for. So we know what it might sound like if Sandra Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell summed them wherever you stand up for two. Here's Caitlin generic with the girls on the. Does it bother you and I am aren't they say the same thing Russia doesn't bother them does it bother you though as what would just like with Cyrus said. That he has these business interest and that instead of being a public servant of serving all of us the people of the United States he may be serving his own pocket. Honestly. I think. No it it doesn't bother we have to get somebody in there who. Can straighten things out he shaken a lot of things up since he's been in there I think from that standpoint that's good pack of get the guys sometimes what's been six months. Let's shift the guys sometimes some you know in three and a half years from now we get to decide again. And if it didn't work out let's get him out get somebody else it. He's healthy economies created jobs he's done all these things that are good for the country. That rove Elliott and reelect. And we'll discover that I'm in fact a natural want. Her aside. Or would be for anybody on our side to say something like that. Now is that is Bruce Jenner. Says he can't make the step up and then he can't you really can't. Essence. It is. Our rate I'd she comes since retirement planning text line we get our text rates kick and generous to lament. Lisa Cullen she doing that you are accepting their premise that gender is fluid and one can change it based on ones who are a key. What ever. Whatever how hard is it for somebody. To just do what he just did. How hard is a kid who sticks temperature ever. History it's pretty well example of sticking up for two outcome mind. Sticking up for trump. Oh boy. Texture rates. Finals say that tomorrow. You worry here being next to cash giveaway. Comes at 11 AM. And you are not supposed to appear messages this time so listen for the keyword you could win a thousand dollars cash it pays to listen us.