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Tuesday, April 24th

US oil increasingly distributed worldwide; Why domestic drilling is crucial to the future of the US economy; Getting revenge on coworkers; NRA breaks donation record in wake of anti-gun protests


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I played good morning to something amazing. Is happening some think it show cool something that has not. Happens. In almost fifty years now over fifty years actually. There was a time for most of the first seven years or so the last century. More in the US was the world's undisputed power packed house undisputed superpower. Com we were we ruled and ruled with an iron fist and that was good. Home for the world we were light of the world. And we industries we had a superior military reduced because our our leaders were just you know smarter or well spoken or better people we did it. Through energy supremacy. The world's bought its energy overwhelmingly. From us and and on as knowingly hid to seventies I would began to see supplies dwindle we had environmentalists putting a lot of I knew we could've gotten off of off limits and all of that you've seen the US for the first time begin to wobble and the crater and again to these crazy wars and to do all of these crazy nutty things that we are doing. Com well that's all being turned around like right now I love this headline this morning. To see this in Reuters is it's it's a thing of of wonder honestly. Mainstream meteor Reuters headline. On Trump's revenge US oil fled to Europe hurting OPEC and Russia. This is exactly how we did business is a country for the first seven years the last century in the world was such a much better place because of it. All stratosphere akin consequence trump policy. Bomb unleashing American energy independence. And a good you could also be united in the last few presidents in in reg is not to be blamed for his ex who didn't have the extraction. Ability that we we did today was simply energy independence how could we get that. On the well trump is gone way beyond that all and he's looking at GDP growth. Through energy but also using energy as it always was used for the for seven years the last century which is on as. Aide tool to prevent war as a tool to keep peace in the world as a tool to project American power. Nobody. Has proposed doing that at least fifty years and we see headlining this trumps revenge US crude oil flow of play jerking markets include OPEC and Russia. And is huge with a Y. I would have what is happening is teen you know I gas prices go up lately on OPEC and Russia decided to partner together. I'm to cut oil output by one point eight it one point eight million barrels per day. Arm and music to shoot the price back up they used to have total control overs that way. They don't anymore because in eight in 2015. On the we've lifted the export ban on ourselves. And at begin to allow the export. Of oil and so what is happening right now is there to their old trick says they always had done to try to control these regimes the world. Through energy away America used to but we took ourselves off the market decide you'd be stupid. He could have been doing this ten years ago now we're not. But we weren't calm and show US oil is now flooding into European. I'm markets in April US supplies to Europe are set to reach an all time high of roughly. 2.2 million that time this. Com that's according to Thomson Reuters Al corn trade flows to monitor which is remarkable that's at all time high. When you consider we're even allowed to export this stuff three years ago. Come and the only Smart thing Paul Ryan has ever done which is traded Barack Obama bloated budget. In exchange for the air you know lifting the ban on us exporting. On an is awesome I mean units 4017 Europe received roughly 7%. However they issued an amber has doubled to 12%. All and show. I'm US barrels Reuters reporting increasingly find homes in foreign refineries. Often at the expense of oil from OPEC or Russia America as a player. And that is yet not a single shot has been fired and were hurting these nations that use this oil money to. I'm go to war with those T you know two BT spray did radical Islam to spread terror two spread death around the world. And we're profiting from I mean easy win win win win and it's just it's so it's exciting. Edit. And signed oh hock director of the London based consultancy resource economist said European refineries started experimenting with US crude last year. Now they know more than enough to process these created. And this way Tron tweet earlier this week it looks like OPEC is at it again. In in you know talked about you know them trying to leverage their power they can't say anymore and. And like you just pointed out that there is a learning curve to this is not a simple as taking. Oil from one part of the world shipping it to another there's. Certain characteristics of those that to oil that have to be accommodated within the refining processes and it's it's you know it's little complicated but it can be done. Yet we are our oil and for the most part is not light sweet crude. Which is the most preferred oil it is it is Cheryl Shell Oil that is tracked. And that requires a different refining process but when you're staring down you know I'm having your energy controlled by Russian and gopac. They get highly motivated to figure out ways now to buy our oil because she gets stability which Russia and OPEC are not providing ransacked. I'm US oil output is expected to hit ten point seven million BP. Russia and Saudi Arabia that is unbelievable. Com and and now the relatively high prices are brought about by the paktia between OPEC and a Russia to cut supplies to raise prices coupled with surging US output are making it harder to sell Russian Nigerian and other oil grazing Europe traders said they. I grew up with the remembering the oil shortages of gasoline shortage yes. A because OPEC did control things back then and they did set the prices that they want to cut you off the cut you off. And you know why I remember all this and what we were told. Will we want energy independence but it's only by reducing the Reno. Or are barb carbon footprint by reducing usage very reducing energy usage. Are reducing driving we've you know we've got to cut everything back we can't live like we used to live anymore. And well all that's gone. This energy strategy greatly diminishes the geopolitical influence or pressure and ran toward depend on oil exports to leverage policy of dependent nations. And this and this is exactly what transcend hears from his speech twice seventeen let me be clear about one crucial point the United States will never use energy to course you're nations. And we cannot allow others to do so he said that Europe should you you when he went there his message was by American oil. I let us. Iran you know in in a steady way supply you with oil and in Yemen this is a radical new philosophy this is why this man has got to get four more years when many people of. Saying Russia is nothing but an a nation masquerading as again there's a gas station or gas station rather masquerading as a nation. I mean that's that's what it is and with Al that. Those of Petro rubles or dollars or however it's gonna be calculated. And got nothing. 60% of the Russian. Government's revenue comes from oil and natural gas revenues. Com and so you know we need your geezer of Trieste right about this this morning's dead the entire cabinet has studied formulating is still an American an executive American energy policy. And to go beyond energy independence and start using energy resource is an export commodity for economic growth. And here's what's okay here's disclosure wanna grow GDP that's the economy rain we were sickened a sluggish growth rated show on assault it's silliness in South Carolina just read how we have to. A record low labor on participation rate for the state fifth lowest in the country that is in disaster. On and so what do we need we need economic growth rate. Well okay how do you get GDP growth will GDP growth is sit combined value of all US goods and services everything we parties minus our imports. So the less we import. I adolescents deducted from our GDP growth all day and you know when when you import something you're doing what your C you're sending your riches over seats. On anyone reversed that as much as possible that I you grow an economy the more we export. All their door you know we add to the GDP growth and offset any imports. So I now I get too complicated economics lessons this morning but you know what we're doing right now in Europe this is a huge opportunity for us. At people are grumbling oil and gas prices Europe no that's good. That's good because you know what when that happens. You get dozens more on shale trackers going to business and they investing gives them the cover to do it up and guess what that means more American muscle. Abbott behind our energy more expansion. Forced one cent thing is the fact we've still got politicians around this country and sadly here in South Carolina the wanna take what's all the Atlantic coastline off the table. It's like. You know we're so afraid that we might dirty beach for a while that could be repaired. And then lose a few tourism dollars richer perfectly fine to have a nuclear power station around right outside experts university in Seneca that could no doubt as you do you know I mean did that's why have him like that but that potential was there just like there's the potential for damage coastline. Or what about hard pulled them apart old dale were to burst and and you know take out half the Savannah river basin there. You know your perfectly willing to let those people have those risks but all our precious little tourism dollars weekend. Do you think about that there can't possibly be risk player acts happens I'm sorry I just. That the it seems like all the risks are being taken by the upstate and the low country gets ahead of both voice. It's 88. Yeah it is is it it's terribly unfair and we desperately you've got you've got to get our natural resources 90% of them are are off limits right now. An in here's the problem you're we are watching the Chinese rate now. I they had shed the Petro dollar an hour ago they're going with the Petro hero. You're watching your ran has just announced it's doing the same thing they're coming off the Petro dollar our dollar is grossly falsely inflated. And it's going to crash in value it's absolutely going to happen it's happening. We have lost in Syria Russia is gonna run that pipeline through and when they do it they're knocking a sell out Iraqi crude. For US dollars the way OPEC mandates and that's where dollars for is so falsely overvalued because. And OPEC always sold scum you know boil all he had to convert your your currency into American dollars will that has falsely. Bomb you know inflated value for dollar this is why Zimbabwe goes broke when they print money and we don't. I'll well if if countries start following the lead here. From our dollar will absolutely co collapse if we're not the world's reserve currency and the only way T save our country from economic devastation to tell you what. This happens that toasted dollar takes a hit like that that coast is gonna look like it had in oil spill. On the exact could be anyone near 'cause we're not to be able to afford a vacation when our dollars worth 30% of what it was there is only one way at a that we have to grow our GDP and we're gonna have to drill. Or does draw on a massive scale and we need to quickly. Armed because a lot of folks are really in denial about what people shedding the dollar means and it's really bad. We were still in good place 90% of transactions are still Diane dollars in the world's. All but China is muscling in on that so is Russia so is hearing and on and you know did that you're you're gonna see this great show you we actually have to drill we do not have time to wait we have to protect the dollar. I'm I can even EE can you describe the economic devastation as it is a dollar crashes. Our government will go broke first that'll happen quickly the economy will go down with it. And so I mean you know that may be a gradual processor mean you could process I don't know because he's never happened we don't know what it looks like in the modern era but this is happening. And the only way activities to drill on a massive scale and we need to be the supplier freer we'd be the supplier for the U the world. Trying to get stat in this is a race against time and and I wish I can get on the disaster are governor in the governor's recent understand tennis. This is so much bigger than an oil spill. Which by the way Henrik. Vast majority of oil spills since 1913 in this country they spilled from tankers not platforms. Tankers run up and down the gulf stream all day long answer. All day long anyone alone could spill at any moment and record beaches. It you can't touch sensitive these people you can't. Knew all of our meals say they. Have gotten revenge on co worker. You ever had when you wanted to choke. I have. So would you do get even and why did they deserve it. Just doing this kind of around the edges of the news today to have fun actually carried it co worker we wrapped all of his peripherals. And his desk up in a wrapping paper similar to what was done it on the. Office. Who that was so hilarious. In a deliberate techsters this morning said to he heading. Co worker to you know in her answer to work so installed a program on his computer to flipped his screen upside down. I'm only whenever he tried to type on decent guy when absolutely nuts trying to figured out. Boy so you are ruthless. Text your wrists and lipstick on the back of his collar he lied to be the end of the job so I lacked imagination for the role. It's pretty mansion of the put the a lipstick on a code to get cracked. 803471063. Text point 713. 07. Texture rich. We only drill off the shore of the good old boys had a relative who is in that industry so they can keep. At their hands in the money. What you'll won't read this text anyway. Text she takes third fastest way to get your read text of the ways to to tell me that I won't read it. I text your race to the one running for governor office after a lot of South Carolina who agrees with drilling off our coast at this Kevin Bryant. He's the only one eye open to. To find out what's out there and to to be safely recovered. Tester is the only reason low country politicians are holding out is because oil companies haven't shown MF money made master isn't going along. Because he may not be governor he is going along that he is capsule don't they want it he doesn't even want to. It is anymore to test out there. Alison. Irene Cho. Timing your marriages when you're newly red newlywed gray and according to a new study out of Penn state university and Brigham Young University. Your marriage does not peek into happiness at the beginning. In fact if you can make it twenty years. He can do to forty years researchers found that couples who make it when he years are happier venue William newlyweds. Because by then they've developed an even deeper appreciation for each other. So yeah this whole idea marriage especially newlyweds mentally gets worse and worse and worse and and you die roll credits now. And by the way that happiness less the rest of the Mears who remade that law. You why that is so gay can I think he aged three years the fight is just beaten out of you. By late fees and are you guarantee for my husband and I are both hot heads American lady we are and were stubborn. Which is bad combo as semi weekly which is far relentlessly in the union army to look at ourselves and we love each other and her parcels we love each other very much. We still do but we fight we fight over every little thing that we did we figure out how to how to be married we had to figure out how to fight. Now we see had to figure out what to let go off. And some we have we are I we are happy I this is true that we are happier now the money we're newlyweds. We really are. But I would finally this overall list of things he does still annoying me I'm sure it's the same with him I've no doubt about it we just don't talk about a month. Tell you part of you part of it is is getting better at being married knowing what to pay you know what what to pick a fight about. You mean doorman marriage you know you let everything go because then your doormat. I eat you wanna pick if it is what he might pick a killed Dion. These things I can't compromise on an enemy to understand that but I'm interested ago. That's the secret to a happy marriage. She wrote them a letter to someone recently who got Mary. Pick your yielded Dion. But if you don't win every battle in America lose the war illicit. To pick Dylan Dion. And let dressed to go to pay to lose a few battles. You what helps with that too. When you get older it's just too darn tired. Great to speak kids and led to speed data yet you talk to Sox can expect. You know whereas before it would have been you know half an hour long battling election winner it's too hard and the energy. Then you're happy. Injured 347 when I was 636971307. Text reads your microbes in the seas early in crude oil and that is actually seeping from the Seif. Art yes they are yes they do it this way after horizon they predicted that these seafood industry would crash. Be disaster. Anywhere shots. Winning pressure at all in fact of flourished. And what they felt it was the bacteria. Don't. The president about jointly. But about your booms the things that keep the bacteria don't. And everybody was fat happy and I went all the way up to the bigger fish as the big fish need an enemy in in addition to street did just find after her rice. So tell Henry made disaster this show Google. Is gay jelly insure its goal is G. What a right to step. GO. GE. LZ tech series if you make twenty years your marriage the children grown with thirteen children close to thirty years it's a different story. SC. Did you tell her back. For what they did you text your race 44% of us have taken revenge it's a lot. Text reads hey Jerry you have a boss and that was a total blank hole he came to this Akron yelled at everybody. Got called to go up front and sacked just coffee on the counter crystal smile when I think about I'm drinking that cost me when he came back channel Lou and it'll. Drew I want anymore details from Jack thank you for your text after text your race and about the situation with the dollar. All I yankees are was backed by gold com for many many many years until Nixon and Kissinger and decided to attach it to oil. And what we did we can deal with the saudis. We would act is there military. I'm going all over the world conquering places for them that they want to conquer like Iraq. Libya which they felt was rightfully theirs and should be as Sunni jihadist territory it is now ice controls and as Saudi Arabia one and we bombed them into power there. Com and you know other places like that. We would act as I dare you hear army air force and OPEC. Which is led by the saudis would. So. Oil for American dollars artificially inflating the value. And our cash. And a trailer is the most important thing to Washington because they cannot continue bar and a weighted they do. If people stop changing their currency into American currency before they buy stuff. Where the world's reserve currency. And where the primary currency of four from the most popular transaction in the world which is buying energy. As he had China. On an Iran now say no we Don addition the dollar. Wash out. Watch where that leads. And is only one way out of it would venture. You gotta go we got to grow our GDP by massive amounts we have to do it quickly we can onto any of the way but to drill. Tester race on that he'd cherries to have adware without toy deal is actually right Chara we Ernie collision course with history repeating itself we better win because. Oh and we better win because war or as he said winter is coming yes it is. And charmed uniquely understands this this is why he is so frantic. To get her energy out of the ground and into the markets. You and we survived this is showing a dollar survives as it has to be backed by something. It can't be backed by thin air and still be the world's reserve currency with people dropping it now. They did it did Chinese doing this isn't gonna in any Iranians are getting snowed not only one country doing this is gonna make the difference is going to be all of them following. Because when you have to change your currency get a dollar it's like attacks that you have to pay. That artificially inflates or dollar and any artificially under pines are on lifestyle our lifestyle should be nowhere near what it is. We're thankful thank god you look how we live compared to the Third World there's a reason for. It's his were smarter and more successful now. We could do it to capitalism but we chose not to not entirely anyway we do with him Petro dollar and hoping July. It's gonna come crashing down and like you said there is only one way around it. And it's not to go to war in Syria to block Russia's pipelines it's tutorial. We have the natural resources to do it. We do we have that we have left for what roughly fifty trillion dollars in natural resources in the ground. That's more than twice the size of the entire US economy yet we want to get it. Annual economy won't go that is not. Meanwhile. This exact senator Bernie Sanders. Is preparing to unveil a plane and for the federal government to guarantee a job offering fifteen hours per hour and health benefits to every American worker who needs one. Know he's gonna do a massive tax. Please. Wishers saw a lot of people getting jobs and millions and millions of jobs created and the taxis could do a tax cut now. Now this night. Is not clear how OC enters plan will be paid for. Eighty thinks you have to pay to create jobs. And the government tax. The government which can jobs listed average pace to create the why. Why ever paid created jobs. No sadness. So it's ramp Bernie selling. Because recorded an early draft sinners plan calls for the government to find hundreds of projects in categories. I city's infrastructure education and the environments. Think this is not like we're twice trillion dollars in debtor anything. We don't want you trillion dollars at the same size is the annual economy United States congress spent the entire economy they spent every dollar we had. That's the whole account we know the whole economy. But don't worry we totally have enough money. To pay for next. App game they ditch in the dollar and can't pay your dollar religious. Carl forty. One sure Bernie can award. This sounds like he says it brings Gary Iran again. That's what this sounds like. And you with scary I penalize people fall for this govern this creature comes with money from Warner move that we borrowed from China. Okay sure that'll work. Are born. 803471. I was history text line 71307. Add texture rates might co worker who loved to practical jokes nothing was sacred except his new bride. So what morning before every one change in I took a picture of his desk and super imposed. Her face over the body avenue a model and Playboy and a lot of copies and put them on the front door and all of the office. Can you believe she got led. Imitate Jerry Tommy though I just prevention in coworker of why did you do deserve it. This last long which if he deserved it. I tell stories you share is who what is burning gonna do with the people who are capable of working but she's welfare instead skim the welfare. And hey Daniel just given what has so we'll have to do. Text your rates on marriage. Happy is period. Is after twenty years. To coming to Belmont. Tech stories married thirty years and my weight is still my best friend carries so it goes right along with that study. Arie with Al that OK but that's. Okay. Adjusted to check you guys get worked up about something the text line starts advancing it's crazy. Meanwhile. Women in character issues. Wink wink you know with that used to mean. Nap while all that doesn't mean anything anymore because women. All wearing comfortable shoot. It's we went. Yet. Mid heels. From and that's Mike. Hill and there are well outside they're outselling stilettos for the first time. Ever. Yet so. Mickey amid heels which are under three inches and I have overtaken the sales of high heels four inches or higher in height for the first time. So they says so Willie act since she went around you are shrinking ice because they are. Not you know. They have laugher on here they can tell me they do they can tell where I'm coming all the guys. This is mostly guys on this floor. All the guys tell me I can dig into on coming because they can hear me heals quick and I am never in anything less than four inches. Never. Like I tried to. As so I can I do I refused to be short I never will. An actor and I refuse or when occupants so why I Wear heels you really giant among your peers I am. Yes because I'm I'm literally walking on a platform click click click click down the hall. An Airbus Kazaa or perish Imus. To some the only one in hills on this floor. And I'm proud of it be I will never surrender my stilettos you have to take them from my cold. Dead small. Can what are rebel we love I am I am. You gotta love this all of our board cuts in the NRA. Will show them by gosh. They can make an advocate for americans'. Basic freedoms in grades what a bunch of jerks. Yeah I will lose jerks army can bank. Yep according Matt Hume who renters rent and Arab McClatchy. Democrats who are service. The NRA just broke a fifteen year fund raising record. As soon as student led marched for our allies. Movements captured the nation's attention. The inner ring was racked and in and raised 2.4 million dollars from march 1 to march 31. The group's full first full month of political fundraising since the nation's deadliest high school shooting on Valentine's Day that makes sense. Because he also hit a Google record in terms of searches for an RA. Out literally eat as they march to sell an idealized you were going to donate. As according to filings with the federal elections commission. The total is one point five million more than you organization raised during the same period 2070. And is the most raised by the NRA's political arm in one month. Since. June 22003. So that's where they get to fifteen years front. But that. Here's I think he's always are used to big god is the red hot pants big guy and tigers are killed for profit fund now. Most of the donations one point nine mill. You know the 2.4 million total came from small donors who gave less than 200 dollars. A piece. Yep the cradles are minor political campaigns from the victory fun. And that's where. He gets. Scenario. The head. Torture getting blown up by the way you should Google it. People people who are blowing up there yet he's. Oh my guys they're trashing him the ticket blowtorch to what's awesome. Anomaly thinking. May going to Wear today but you don't wanna actually work and give you some to do. I'm at work. A storage your will be married fifty years in Juno. I say yes and no man that has worked for me. I am glad. There oboe out of other I know you know Terry let's just hanging at the end of your show yesterday you were supposed to tell us about what Rudy Giuliani was going to do. Tell us LO and start promoted and I forgot to pay off by I apologize but does show. It's just a Syria okay. And that it will work. Because we get at the real problem here with Mike Jones Mueller. He he does he even broke federal law by not telling congress. I am about DM. The time respite Russian espionage. India our nuclear industry. And and let them approved the uranium one deal. Without knowing. Bylaw he has talent he did these get my himself has to get trump first. He ducks. And show how egregious does she really GI's to end this thing into we have the pull out has been doing. I found figure that yesterday. As a couple articles Flynn ran out they're out on innocent but he can deal. Our first smaller. Jet lag is old time. Out from our pardon. Whenever we find. The FBI did during his tenure. Which included breaking the law by stealing one point five million tax returns. Idiot no warned for and bringing them to have to two FBI headquarters. Is there were lower slur remembered today the same ones close clearly using the persecuted and Elena. So are federally prosecuting them to the judicial watch got them back by suing thank god. So we himself as a criminal offered him. Apart. You give us the for anything as of this legitimate. Investigation into. You're FB light and becoming FB right rolls on and you eat you know what drop the quote drop the pro probe ended. It's a joke we know it's illegal anyway because you guys didn't have any Intel thinking trumped a collision near fort. You had no right to two start these investigations on under the law. Mr. Dropping it and what have you. You know we will give you pardon if you are prosecuted. To burn an idea. We might still go down. The Mueller will be OK. I can think to get them to do anything in two weeks. Strange your at a co worker that is as he. I know it drives him. Crazy. Now the awesome your broom and a former co worker deported back to make out hated for his illegal for him. What did you she estimate to pour. Spearheaded didn't what did you yeah. And watch. The president this is a good question was what 44% of people got revenge on a co workers so. We don't would you you to one. And why geez this is why do what they deserve. He actually cause some deported back how would she do that. But don't enforce the law here. In this country. Sex straight up this pranks include greater in co workers a Siemens. Reprimands covering the office nine. Changing what oh work truck GPS. To Spanish. I would paint. Ticks your race about Deb Bernie Sanders hitting guarantee every parent in a job paying fifteen dollars a way. Just kinda nailed the silly and more I thought about it. Guaranteed John. Well that would mean you couldn't go on welfare and my Schumer actually disabled. Several deal that popular. Had to get up there we rented they're guaranteed a job break easy as checking a final would hear we hear one British paying for. So I know that would be probably you gonna have to put some caveats in there tech storage free college and an automatic job sounds realistic. And total work you'll see. A text your race tour I can think of a better way to put much to deal a smaller economy to shut them down and put in. And what and just society that would happen but unfortunately in the US no reasonable prosecutor whatever you know how it goes.