The Tara Show 4-20-2017 Hour 2

The Tara Show
Thursday, April 20th

Ann Coulter speaking at Berkeley, free speech on college campuses, Tara asks about what Man Skills guys have.


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Hey listen to this Lee wants that this is exciting I would this Israel. And checking out. Some detects wind down hey Tara yeah Vince and body Mac have won an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas for the next eight days. Connie at 1800. Cements it to claim your trip. So lines then have a great trip cue from Florence, South Carolina. Well on that one now he really love the show this guy he absolutely proves Florence, South Carolina must be a big fan. Yeah so he's sent all three of us. Now for eight days only go all right when it. He's not about how much time is left for the gas tax the legislature gathered there there is bands women it is the head of the senate that human element gang. I am and I'm a check into this we check in this NC. Yeah you think you might via fake offer there it could be although. I would let Hugh know if you if you are willing to send me for fourteen days. All expense paid now I eat you may I may be able to be by. I think I may be able to be by ethnic he says he only way somebody on radio salaries go and you know enemies in the Caribbean so expert yet either that are. At that are being extradited. Yeah. Oh boy. You're a new. Your report there is not making people happy. I don't text or writes I just lost a lot of respect for Patrick Sapp after hearing that Brenda from Greeneville Clemson Lum 2001. No I mean it's just his his opinion. And he is certainly welcome to that we're taking a look at some of the different issues about the the social war that's going on and he has a certain perspective about it he's you know obviously an African American who has not been involved in you know college football in the NFL and and is now working with a green bowl police. On certain issues and and that's that's his view opposing views are welcome. Pestering steer and you miss the last part of that text about the Caribbean vacation you get fresh prayed paved driveways while your garden signs hue from Florence. Well thank you Hugh poppy if he's throw driveway and hello how about a new concrete cul-de-sac down in your area you know be nice. All expenses paid by the south Carolina Department of Transportation. Right now. I'm okay no but in seriousness I knew you know Amador out in in Venezuela is it that country you can't have a gun bans. And that promise Dora has is people are our starting mariner reminded him so there'd there'd be you know they're street protests there they're burning imminent PG. And so his solution is not to actually figure out how to feed the people or adapt to capitalism which works everytime it's tried. He has decided to provide arms to a 100000 of his closest supporters yes send them on the street. And let that India with the protesters FO Williams principal to Europe friends and Dora the goon squad. Rate I am and you know this thing is going on a Berkeley. Is it not him I am an idea that shocking to would literally watched police American police off disaster would say it's at. Came back while people who are peacefully. Protesting or an Kasich from supporters rallying his government's doing the completely generates they're getting beaten and it just standing back and watch it. And if I would. And then from UC Berkeley. To Italian culture they can't guarantee. Her physical safety. They're unable to find a safe and suitable venues so. She can't come speak now. She's too dangerous. So if there are threats against her life wouldn't that be conspiracy and should most people be who are making those threats. Be prosecuted for that. Well yeah to sing about bad. At 120 administrators to UC Berkeley says that they've gone under the sights. Of these and he thugs in these protesters who were you know out about beating people on over the weekend. And they're threatening violence toward and Coulter in some cases death toward her and other people who support her and they use that their letter to set. So Mary you can't come he added threatening violence on their FaceBook page. And you're actually like Walt well okay please go pick them up you know you do that. You can't you can't name people in threatened him but I your hurt them you can now you know listen there's a threat but now now the answer is we can't make them match. Break out. So this Berkeley police department that over the weekend Lee is seeing that you know he'll do they stood back they let this go on you can call that. For a symbolic arrests at your city and if you want for your pet causes geez that's that's on my bucket list that's what I always wanted to is symbolic arrest yes. Now maybe he's Inco says she's gonna speak anyway she doesn't care. So I don't know how that's gonna go. But you know maybe the you know conservatives support is being Coulter can call in for symbolic arrests at the in Coulter speech they can get some protection so liberals can get themselves a photo op with the authorities yes no show and then they'll respond yes yes that reaped oppose with the sell off the tremendous waste of law enforcement time. To me. May be faced little bit more time enforcing the law and I'm not criticized the law enforcement here producers obviously. This is the leadership that yet additions here it's a leadership and is perfectly she can't see that when I play that audio. They're not happy about having pain backe concede on their faces they're very frustrated having to sit there in cars and watch people be beaten. For their political views. Mean that's why they keep saying asked chief asked chief so and you can catch that night and they sound belligerent but they're eager you do teller angering the chief there on angry. Missed so anyway on culture made it very reasonable requests to city oversee cowboys okay fine you can comes speak. The shouldn't have to do in the middle of the day when everyone's in class and we're not gonna announce the time or the bomb placed in advance. So that we can end of the thugs will be there that you can try to keep the drugs from beat you up. Why can't just sit final agree that but the URC in California chancellor has to request the Oakland police chief. Refrain from telling his men to stand down and ignore lawbreakers by riot broke the law breaking by writers attempting to shut down conservative speakers and they have to announce in advance that any student gauging and violence mayhem are heckling to prevent invited speaker would be spelled. Berkeley refused to do it and canceled speech. When you can say it's going a step too far apart when you be find out what the cost of conservative is yet hasn't. And you went though this begin this is this is go on to some degree on our campuses across the country. People watch this birthing of Berkeley island in South Carolina and fight no this is the laboratory this is the beginning of conditioning Americans to accept zones in which you don't have free speech. And we we this beginning a week it literally a constant where they're you know the diversity training course that the currency currently do for faculty but they're going to spend 25000 dollars now doing for. A freshman in its mandatory on one side says there is no free speech on campus. But another slide says that if you don't recognize. Emerging forms a gender identity. That you can beat dubbed offensive. An offensive person. So that's forced speech. So what are can't they're saying hey you give you the nastiest free speech but on the financing hey -- if he if you're refused to you know speak you're recognized this year you can be dubbed defense what does that mean I don't know. Sounds like a warning it may now. Source is this going on to some degree. All over the country. And I think it's quite frankly frightening. Now this is the loop liberal occupation of academia. Yet but not just academia and I don't pay that early intends to spread this out what are absolutely some schools those are government entities they wanted to go viral no question yes. This idea that suit you cutie can't speak amending the kidnapper know what did you see this outraged that the president of the university would suggest. That people could stay within one on campus because they had free speech rights. And that free speech is act actually it's cool of the patriarchy. To repressed people and so we can't have anymore. And I want to apologize. For suggesting there should be free speech. Miriam. ADR says it billions mark Coulter indefinitely in the name of safety of our students then it has a different delays to Savannah all right wing speakers from school movement and that's where we're going with this yeah. Here's another question. Trust gonna get in Imus. Now. Palm Beach you know so one person was it was suggesting he's sending National Guard in there to protect her while she speaks. That would be like the most awesome thing now that was not ever be quite. Legal I don't think it. Yet since somebody in their protector. And whom. You know maybe the motorcycle gang from C that's exactly what I was thinking yeah yeah out. So sure it Surrey quest this they added the safe zone in Berkeley. No that's only for people who say liberal thing yes exactly it's not for you as the proper protect them funny it. This guy right here in Florence is really insistent it first offered on its excellent text and off from anybody Mac convincingly. Fully paid. All expenses paid luxury vacation in the Caribbean for the next eight days. Yeah and he owns a concrete company and he'd be willing to re paved our driveways while we're gone. So suspicious. Yeah well Q so texted back TC just departed vacation deal is she's friends Bubba and Junebug. Get our time slot lowered on wintry days. Why not I'd love to do that but we've only got ten days left to suffer gas tax Hughes so I don't know I'm going to be taking medication but I B have to take you up on it like say in August. Is that the way it works. In Columbia. Rape bribery. And gash getting around reactionary. Irate suited Cummins since retirement planning in Texas line do we go. About Ann Coulter being told it's just too violent Berkeley. And regular police stopped America let the police stop people from beating you which they demonstrated over the weekend. Police you know told us to stand down some conservatives can be beaten. And so you're not going to be able to come too dangerous by bank. Text jury to weed out we'd sit back and let the left infringe on the Second Amendment why don't go after the first. Conservative paint. He writes. Tech sure its shares senate feds in to take over the police department like Obama did the Ferguson heck why not read everybody else is doing it. Tech stories or interesting university California system is presided over by Janet Napolitano Barack Obama's first secretary of homeland. Security as a former Arizona governor and secretary of state. Also previous or current executive responsibilities enforced July and preserving citizens' constitutional right should come naturally for her. That is if she headache was a conservative rather now loony leftists that you actually it's. Yes and I think here's some rubber goods on the senate country who cares for parents South Carolina I'm telling you if they get away with this at Berkeley. Saying not yours too conservative speech or you can be killed we can't guarantee protection. Their dues cross country is gonna begin to become standard at our universities and colleges if they're already preparing for this Clemson. And I explained to tee how mean you have to go to a mandatory diversity training course the freshman this fall. And one aside specifically says in the course they're going to be seeing. This the same course that the faculty get. No First Amendment. The First Amendment here. Another slide says would you may be dubbed offensive and don't tell you what that leads to ensure nothing good. If you don't except emerging forms of gender identity so that's forced speech. So literally going to speech cuts. Here. On these campuses. And if we except this in Berkeley. It will come here. Clintons are ready to is sticking its toe in order seemed to be away. Tech streets here are great for our guys the state California has turned into the North Korea the United States. This when now Milo member while wanted to come to Clemson initially did. Was he a secure remember I'm have to Google. And they said Judson student group that they would have to pay for their own police protection. So same thank our company now I don't know a few folks mad picture fault you have to pay for your protection. Wow. Okay can you imagine for a moment. If after the banana in since when everyone was doing the sit in member we found the banana incident was fake. I got to students all riled up and you remember the chancellor. At Clemson knew it was fake it was reported to him. Ankara said he didn't know. You tell anybody. And we get the email that have been sent im saying hey you know what it's it did this was a racial incident he cared you Alan anyway. So enraged people had shown up and started beating people who are doing senate. Do you think Princeton would've said. To be liberals doing the city and hey you know picked. Yeah we can't help you have a beer on put yep I'm provide Europe police protection we're so sorry being beaten but we can't doing about it. Think that would happen. Do you think if a single liberal protestor were attacked anywhere in the country including a college campus that we wouldn't see anything with treaties and outrage. Tech story sessions should arrest the police chief in charge him with denying civil right. They need to be sued people these police in Berkeley and a the the Berkeley university. For systematic denial of civil rights. Text serious terror rape crisis in California has turned into North Korea the United States and and is seen as Clinton is not too far behind them. Jack. Welcome to shout. There. Want to ask a question. Where is the American Civil Liberties Union which is funded partially by taxpayer dollars. In protecting. Civil liberties. Like the First Amendment. We're Jerry Lawler to pass they are because. We elect too many lawyers and defiant. With giving taxpayer dollars through this left wing American Civil Liberties Union which employs. Lawyers. Yeah and which doesn't really stand for civil liberties. Imagine if during a civil rights march when you ever notice how does this retreated they had the hoses turned on them. By the police. Pure refused to protect them from being beaten. Rape me medicine national stained. On our collective soul here in America a civil rights no marchers in the wind retreated but between the pictures are still there they're outrageous the live on forever. And we as a country are still living the far out from theirs Marchex. I will surely have. Protesters railing protesters just peaceful rally ears. Being treated just like those civil rights marchers were. Police stand back eleven to be beaten. I mean this is lit where literally you re watching the civil rights march in our country except the people fighting for civil rights a conservative now. Text your rates the continent so American civil liberties gene are presenting America's so true. They we're just representing a bunch of illegals and trying to get into the country. Text your rates can you please explain to us why these people are not being prosecuted for stopping free speech. It's an excellent question. They're using pretax that while this is not you know this is at camp she choose to join. You pay to be a part of and so we have you know certain rates tell you how it's gonna go within our boundaries. Tech stories is the Berkeley city police or Berkeley campus blisters both. Both have stood down. Use when the when no when the writers Abrams couple months ago. Sitting farce of the please send their Washington. Terrell watched the YouTube videos silence you about Yale and brown universities would go to Berkeley is going on these schools. To. That detects your rates maybe they should turn some of us rednecks loose and let us take your car. Too this is what they want they want somebody killed one of these protests. Desperately. Preferably a leftist. So they can shut them down. Indefinitely all over the country well Mike Pence we wanted to have is our commencement speaker at. Could cause violence he ever gonna have to cancel. To the comings and retirement planning Tex signing Tex straight stare at you spreading terrorism and Berkeley. And there winning. Yes they are. Text your race terra when you're describing the first steps of the civil war can you imagine what would have. And the National Guard were called out to quell this lawlessness. If this is allowed to continue there will be a war here and I don't think it will be too symbol. Yeah. Can you imagine if somebody if there's a black eyes my speaker. And some camps reported to have on some campus somewhere. And they were toll couldn't speak because there's security could be guaranteed can you even imagine. The uproar. Around the country over that. How it would it would be app it would go once for her. Imus double standard here. It's okay to strip certain people that their first amendment rights but not under people they're rights must be protected. Let's go to it they're getting this used to this idea. They are. Gary. Completely other subjects. In his cracked me up. Are you a good looking back. Human average looking at. Maybe nine and quite an average looking guy. He's still do OK with the ladies. Or did you do work at it. You have to really think this stuff out because how to compensate. Per you know me being the best looking guy in a room. Okay. Viewed at 80347. Winners victory. New study. We win and you read to create men and just as he can't some. As actual. Handsome man. Wait what. Yep man you're not blessed with natural good looks can still attract the opposite sex. If they are creative. I what does that mean. Since we would words sit town and paint brush ability to strum a guitar make people laugh so kind of skills. That is created. Enhances. Your attractiveness with the ladies dramatically. These insanity created Delaware is in his face is just plain. Is just is attractive to women as they handsome man who has not creative. Fortunately he's of the affected not org you know Iran Krewell we're not viewed more attractive than those who are rated as less imaginative. Even men now. Rated. More create movement. As more good looking. Than just plain. And if there are you know all basically claimed he had creativity where rated better looking even with the change looks one iota. It says. Yeah my generation Howard this may skills. Ms. guess if you weren't not. You know some kind of yeah is some kind of got some kind of idol looking you have to have man skills did not. Your filling in for Purdue's Chris you know talking with you have man skills. I guess I ache I mean I'm currently take and so I guess it worked in whatever I did what did you do bomb. Will whine she keeps on the damn funny. So that helps that the object of and a man on. A mind upbeat you know coming across funny here on air but that's the whole different subject. The one thing I did whenever first matter. I was a huge nerd when I first matter. And when I mean by that is I love to be magic tricks. And my card idea yeah I love to do like magic Mike with the with a deck of cards and so one day I was just like. I got bored now for a big hearts is like why you always hear on the deck Eckhart. And I go let me show you. It's I did a few magic tricks for. And you know a year later we started dating. It's just years condenser by the same time. A year later she was like you know I like Q. Blight I keep remembering whenever he did an addict yeah so even though it took me a year and a Gator. Even though she was worth the years. I had to I basically did the magic tricks and it went into her mind and it stayed. She still talks about on the net. C. Skills. At you do if you if you're you know after play an average of grainy man scales. I'm plain average looking guy yet says sheet. Of your ticket six rates producer Kristin Davis. Packages because he's not around your producer Chris weird way. Mrs. Purdue's Chris is he was he he hero group that has been you know what producer Chris is is are really talented actor. Ala also you might grow from whenever we get us out as I did pat does I eight I a low. OK but I bet that's not assault could say right. She leaves you speechless a policy he. I think she hears on the radio emissions can be considered to hang around me for another couple once there is still in college she's asleep I'll play this on the podcast. Okay. Carrie Coolidge again to break to it Brad Pitt and have the creativity of Albert Einstein. I'm sure. Sure it's like hello Rick is proof that created men get the girl. No I don't guys like this the Tina you see in the first time in your kind gang is make an impression and find out he's it's like amazing personality. Guys like that I remember freshman year college in new beginning and just kind of bumbling around by the end of the year they got just like women hang in Oliver yeah yup. Which we are suckers for that. Guitar players don't get the girls takes you re good looking guitar players pure guitar player Plame guy and you're sitting next to the history guitar player I guess oppose it doesn't work. You just move over. In court as good use out there and and it's still great for the theory models and rock star's aria the money helps to. Cheshire is BS I mr. current photographer I've had they graphics I've been graphics artists at an exceptional spring screen printer. It boils relics and 62 years old and I've never been chosen as a suitable husband material. You're study is full of it. No well. At and amp. RHO. I checked out producer Patrick woman at the break yet I gotta tell you are over achieving this magic tricks must've been good. You know and I mean she's I don't mean to be mean she's chisel your league so good for oh. No I tell every day coming your way out of my league but then I go I'm happy you're here. They let let's let us not change this is a good thing we have going on but. Helen died because I don't think she thinks that she would be with us she likes at a modest yet out. Be counted and your continent where we have to get to know you a little bit listened to you on you know on the air yet. You've got that cool guy personally I'll never forget this I had dismissed it absolutely stunning story sisters so pretty. I mean we would have died showing up at our you know sorority house like on crazy pretexts justice not even talk to work. Amon nearly laugh about it and and shaggy it it be a turning his head there's very sweet very good very sweet girl. That's the capital can think I'm assuming she does Ted guys you know just fall over themselves to to go out with her good looking guys. Guys with money. Guys rich families bubble bubble to waste of Asian guy and inhuman and she says she's just under this guy Ryan she's met your biology class. Andy she's really into Ryan world dining meet America's recent gaming this guy's going to be. You know like Superman could look in here and if she and all these guys who were all cell they'd never like who the heck is right it. And so he shows up for whenever I soaring answers finally world trying. You mean we're looking out the window we received this guy looks like you know I mean he shows up he's about five. 857 Friday Friday be pushing it. Redheaded. Freckle all over. Alone and you would want twice and if you patent an it's an end this this is primarily. Each each. Time to do. You know I have to go to Iran and Ryan is just like the coolest person ever Miami just go out. With a bunch it was girls and Ryan and you would sit and laugh for hours in the news all that he's betting go to the movies. No like the one thing that ID ID she married him by the addition she. Very night I don't like the one thing I like Mike. The ones in my girlfriend likes about me is that I'm always confident yeah you know like. I am I not cocky in the sense that I'll go on brag about myself but to mount Warner once in awhile. I think guys need to have confidence. That it big part of it because I am feeling nowadays people though. What does she like me this he like like me in my what does that even mean does go for eight. I know it if you guys you know like each other out. Say something to. Be a man about it. Is like sales this court really successfully sells they take a lottery Jackson. But in the and the ends up and make a tyrant no we've got people intent downstairs I mean they did they take rejection doesn't faze them to ski about it my emails me on this topic. Think I am so good looking because I creative did not think he is and kiss not creative at anything. But you know he's like the most dependable person I've ever seen that's yeah that's good but if he tells you I'll call you and your part that. No joke your phone will ring in 365 days on a day a year from now I never seen anything like. You can either be creative or dependable. Or about it there are some similar mixture about. It it really and truly if a guy is confident and a guy will say what he's going to do. That's good enough. Yet and there's not these neat as his need mis leaders nothing sector at a lot of guys who can build or fix stuff. You know I mean. The bathroom not you know like Kara was configured Connie. Stuart the wall at this weekend are rebuilding you know like a much better and then you do I'll that's high that is so high. I hear did you guys hear guy you think that scale is is nothing is it is it something at least to me. Yeah and nothing like eight on a guy who is. I was in light not our customers but like self made. You guys who is not good looking at all but man was he attractive as long long time governments when he's an enemy and he had he don't like a bunch of subways and a couple of businesses. He had built all of that himself. He skipped college and edit. And and you spent ten and listening I see what he says most amazing it's a personality and how I'm telling you Wiki women will look for that stuff. They will. Texture here he says you're in Germany that she's addicted to Cologne. I get the right smelling Cologne and you're like flan. Is that kill.