The Tara Show 4-20-2017 Hour 1

The Tara Show
Thursday, April 20th

Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News, Spartanburg teens show a classmate she is loved by the school, Berkeley's protests.


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Elaine good morning Sarah parry well with some of the bed did you wake up on the Smart and that was the wrong side it was the wrong side. Is that we like to get up on the wrong thing is the wrong site rate but it was it was a it was a it was a the actual race and the venerable upside if you're facing yet it would be the right side. If you're facing guys you know is confuses Nokia and am if you were standing there as odd as this would be looking at my spectrum and at the red. Yes I would get up on the right hand side if you you're the actual occupant it would be the last dance IC. Now that I'm peace is this entire area here. According to a new survey people who get off the bad people get off the bat on the right side. Are more likely to feel miserable tired and grumpy in the morning than people who get opt out of bed on the left side. Now I've tried it both ways and has no it has so I really and demeanor now now okay. Gary well Mike has been assigned meal left side many years ago he was very he was very you know definitive about it there's no arguing aren't so I mean I just thought if you felt as strongly I would take that side. So he's on the right side now when he is not a morning person. So maybe this explains a great success Clinton a good point if you get used to sleeping on one side consume band with a spouse for so long. It's hard to sleep on the other way at least it is for immediate feel weird. Quite get right. I don't know by the time out. By the time I'm out I don't care and now it's not that big an issue for me have always deferred to. To a management on the island you yes. Yet you mean a little lady yes yes management. Yeah I like you know I don't weep when it comes to sleep again to have it's like me personally you know if I didn't have. Crash kicking me in the back four times our I mean I couldn't sleep for either you know now believe the only time this happens like when you're on vacation or something yet. Of course I never will forget there was one time we stated this we rented this house of the beach. And always had was like. A regular sized bet. I'm not a small guy. Mrs. Rogers is much smaller and much much smaller. But there was no room for the both of puzzlement that got ridiculous that was a tough week. Text your rates I have enjoys sleeping alone in having means her dad's myself. And as consumers rate yes Kabila and a lot of people are happy Elena they are buried so anyway living on Bill O'Reilly is done for. At least on Fox News any life without O Reilly yes. And and you when he wrote most of that show. He would they would pick them up with a in the limo and he would start writing as a way. Like on. It would Wear their colors that flash cards I'll carry those index or index cards he would write the show. Old school yet and not all abided by the name of most host act fox do not right there and shows a lot of them onto the console consult coming at retail product. So the other co written obviously. But Bill O'Reilly insist on reading his tires are from the start swinging and just you know as a journalist and editor of scene some really amazing race writers really bad writers. And everything in between and he was just gifted amazing writer yup on when you just if you just in II I would hear it that way because. I'm used to evaluating writing my mind as Clinton in that mode. But yet and an amazingly gifted writer. I'm kind of glad Canada and in a way given how talented he was and how he was able to stay on top for so many years to change seemed collaborated on and if these accusations are true he was a first class jerk to. Innings the first clustered team that. But it's. Still for its own rightly. The way he treated women. For her was the bigger problem. They present fax news. She sets. That's a very valid question and I think that what you have here we have many circumstances we're. The you know how effective someone is by how vociferously the left goes after them. And the left is always going after O'Reilly even though he's more moderate than to its conservative I never really considered him to be a true conservative all these trips imagination. He was certainly down to the middle but down the middle moderate to me quite honestly with some leanings to the left occasionally. Yeah I didn't always agree with them now none on at all. So but but I think that there there is a a war against the conservative media or the right leaning media or Republican or even mainstream moderate Republican media. And they've found an opportunity in pursuit it that's not to say that these accusations are not a I have no idea have absolutely no idea. And not going to judge one way or another. It's just very interesting that you can have a TV host who was accused of saying things and appropriately to women. But you can have a president commits a sexual assault in the White House and. Well you know I'm glad you brought that up. Because ultimately the reason that. O Reilly didn't last and you'll find this our business to you can have. On the edge stellar ratings but if the advertisers the link you yeah you're dying for it doesn't matter how much the audience likes. And his ratings have gone up since all this but the revenue had gone down exercises were fleeing rates okay B two days they don't want to be associated with that kind of thing. Because they were being pressured by the left to disassociate themselves with the network and that program particular. Now as we know already has never been accused of of rape. Or physical assault. Rages just sexual harassment correct or as we now rate it pays off heard let's go through the advertisers some of the biggest advertisers who left to fox who left a rally shadow over this to marry their grief and let's start with hunting. Then right. This is accompanied. We should partner with companies and program is shared values of inclusion. And it diversity. Okay. Well who does Hyundai. Still. Partner. Where it. Andy yeah the foundation. No real mood ambulance that's. Yes for the Humana challenge. Farmers Insurance. Other advertisers they're on from fox news's O'Reilly now the show helped sink him in an endless thing or two about that because they covered. Yet and that's and that's fine if they object to a remedies behavior. My jets went to me on conservative media does it again farmers also partners with the Clinton foundation. Bill Clinton has paid off just like oh rightly. Women who've accused him not just of sexual harassment but actual sexual assaults and and he had when he to Broderick. Out there in the news claiming he richter. I'm you theme that that sort of thing for such sensitive companies. Would be you know I am but this time. Let's everybody else who let's look at some of the folks who dropped. Or Riley Allstate insurance. Or you'll love this what is Allstate insurance. Her ears with the Clinton Clinton foundation and you're in good hands of Bill Clinton archer oh you're in great cancerous ones are not alone. Raped. You be find the Allstate foundation. Has a wonderful. To mystic violence program cosponsored whip. Wait for a the Clinton foundation. I guess that they threw the go to an expert right yes yes. And a case that may be humor to members times gave him a black eye on them according to Secret Service. Yelling they show Allstate also put it out AM highly offended statement about why they're dropping a rolling average has been big. Can you have to partner with the Clinton foundation on domestic by sprint. So lean and I and how hard time believing that these guys these companies are actually a fat did. Bio rallies treatment women I think they're just defended they did it while he was at a conservative network. How is Mitsubishi Motors Corp. yup highly offended put out statements to left Fox News you know a rally program. What would they partner with the Clinton foundation and I'll beat climate initiative program. That they both programs. I don't hear T. Rowe Price. They left. They left the O'Reilly show in Banja. And you know in outrage for Iran's treatment of women. They donated to well that would be the Clinton foundation and Hillary's. Presidential campaign. So they were indeed yet so this is alarming one Broderick is all of these crying about how she was raped by clip Bill Clinton. It is an absolute fact that he paid off. Other accusers. But that's a problem really doesn't would not one bill doesn't like doing a mystery I think you pretty much got me so I get the problem here is not abuse of women these companies are fine with that. The problem is something deeper wonder what it is maybe you could tell me. 803471063. Text line 71307. You know. In life. It's easy to get down. Regained that. A little bit by the way new study Americans America's insomnia problem even worse than before the Great Recession. 65% of Americans losing sleep over money issues is a new survey up from 56% in 2007 we add the economy had recovered. As we're told right. T know the most common history certain people are listing you know what you can't sleep you know Columbia were able to really worry about me you can you rank of course yes. Health care or health insurance bills. Number one. At 38%. Followed by saving for retirement at thirty symphony is by the time you paint your Obama care. Then what for retirement. This is interest in what worry about most worried at most 803471063. Text line 71307. What people who worry about most changed quite a bit the past year. According to Matt sold senior industry analyst at credit cards at dot com which did survey. Health care has been a hot button issue for so long. And you know whether she's the cost of maintaining your own health care NC a big jump in boring about that. Health care was a factor for just 29%. Of respondents in 360 because it's failing. And because we saw what averaged double digit increases in the cost of health care across country is exacting obamacare was disposed to do. In health care and return at 34% worry most over educational expenses. 46% about mortgage goes into Japan Arista has not left. And 22% of the credit card debt. The sheriff people who decided credit card debt as the most pre occupying has fallen in recent years as those word about. Health care and paying for health care has. Risen. So interesting stuff. And makes sense three informal O'Neill said they need to make student loan payments every month on and that made them worry about defining their financial situation. So yeah. On people loses sleep out there I thought all the stuff was was to be fixed by a Washington that's what that's why we spent trillions of dollars that I get them around. Yeah and what it in life you're gonna have your ups and downs. And is she have just fallen trap of a feeling sorry for yourself for your feelings are for yourself because one particular party like this and going the way that you wanted to win that you envisioned you never thought shouldn't appear mean you're not. Where you were ten years ago that's the case for a lot of Americans. Its economy has brought many people to their knees. But you know why it's easy to lose perspective. It's easy to lose perspective when you don't have someone in your life. Like. This girl. Her name's Kayla she's seventeen. Years old slips the Spartanburg. And she is cancer. She's been battling cancer two years. Now the first round she did to cancer her cancer journey. The first round. She lost her leg and taken like. What that matter she can't go and start prosthetic. And she was able to your swing into remission everything everything fighting everybody and you know or schools and has been pulling for her. And so everything was going fine firm Kayla and soul a few months ago. When she began to have pains in her other leg. And fortunately the cancer. Was back. Yet the cancer was back so she is I just definitely. Ill right now. She's easy she's extremely ill and she swords literally fighting for life. And right now you may notice a few print out to a you know if you've been out to a Becker restaurant and error you know anything like that it's it's prom season. So that means Michaela who cannot walk without the help. A wheelchair she says sick. Can mr. prop. It was a junior prom which just a milestone in unison. And her fan her her classmates felt. Terrible. About that. Selig digit. They took a couple hours off their prom night decked out in their prom attire they came and they spent it with her. I'd love to laugh and smile and a right to make people happy he won't let us now than other people's faces. Maybe get it there. That he's giving them control making they can do anything with it and my fifteenth eighteenth. How policy eighties I admire her every day for doing what she does have been able to get a say in the top ten per class she's always Mallon. She's been through so much that she's mouth and she's so determined. And we'll answer. Okay. I don't. What he doesn't saying these from what you. It. And maybe you don't need to the next time. Back home in in a lot of time and we knew that it anyway is that the crowd it was. Yep for anyone that deserve to crown it was Michaela and Thailand I apologize is something wrong with my audio machine cuts in half my. I think Pat's. I'm trying to get that fixed. Hiss at me thinking about her is just blows me away and she says sic you can see in the in the picture and she sees this week she she's managed to keep straight days through all of this. Straight days she's in the top ten or class at Chapman high school in. Sparked. So premiums. Written and minding our schools are things that are weighing you down. Just thank god that you weren't selected for whatever greater reason to carry that burden and ask yourself does so well as she acts. But what they call her the queen no warrior. Because she's managed to persevere. Absolutely amazing. Let's stories like proof that parents are doing something right sperm burden and elsewhere to. That people would take their prom night and spend with them McCain. And are almost over clash or up to print 0803471063. Text line 713. 07. Are gonna show. We laugh at what's going on it's in some of these college towns. Now look keep you know enter gonna sent some to Safire is something again some conservative speaker says that men are crazy and nuts and you laugh about it you do. But actually we actually have at the beginning of spaces in America. Pierce is even on on a constant campus. Where there is no free speech. Free speech is not physically. Possible because you could be beaten her count. And it because the police will not help. While it happens that's some kind of tin pike. Dictatorship but it's not. The rate here in our country and it's remarkable we'll talk about it coming up next. Common sense retirement planning text line and we get no. On net the grades advertisers. And pulling it from O'Reilly show eventually shutting it down. When print and he was kind of fine advertisers. You go through each either through one after one after one Allstate. Farmers Insurance Mitsubishi. Is about five of them. All partner with the Clinton foundation. Yet partner with Clinton found. The answer duke would well right we did get he paid off women. And right leads the women who accused him accused mob violence and grouping around was only accused of sexual this sexual harassment does make it right. Makes him jerk. On the advertisers be it correctly he. Nor support that kind of thing. But its message it and went alleged not really does not really care and a winner tree. As long as they're miss that those who you know are mistreating them have the right political beliefs in which case just fine. Unbelievable every one of those. Organizations that I just for. Iraq. Everyone who Hyundai what is Hyundai. Allstate. Mitsubishi. Tier price. Animus and when it was snowing here. Yeah all part with the Clinton foundation. Also partners with the Clinton foundation on domestic violence program if you believe it. And thank you probably. Text her race with almost any Clinton foundation and fondling hands you sewer. An registry share my wife and I worry the most about where the world will be is or two and six girls grow up with the current standing in our society Africa Valentine. You do call in on that. It's mind constantly aware about more than money hearing a thing. Of financial security long term even getting sick. Arena that. Because there's no guide post for this are worlds not ever Ben like it is now. And she gets worse every decade. You know morally culturally the way we treat each other overall as a society I don't have any guide kids through diet and I think it's okay that's you know. But this we've never been here before. Any fire that that's good it's good to a testament for that up as a topic later on show at 803471063. Text point 713. I was CeBIT. Tech streets O'Reilly has not done half of what our Potisk. Bragged about doing comparing their point they're too. Can you point that text you raised your there was blood in the water fox after the other guy was accused of sexual harassment by Megyn Kelly and sent packing. Selective with new was the perfect time to stir up the Bill O'Reilly story and forced foxy descent to bill. I showed discussion with fox and hypocrite leftist people that pretended they care about woman in morals. They are okay. With killing babies a leftist presidents have sex with interns in the White House that they don't care about women. They just one Bill O'Reilly out. There's a double standard there will. Give you that. Speaking of double standards. You live in the country. This country. Which has the freest speech laws on earth that we take for grant. You can tell me what to have free speech commemorates. That there would become places where you can't speak freely for fear of killing. Can you mention it either way. From Miami up. He's going on in Venezuela. And they're dead or desperate or industry and they're burning effigies of Madera the leader of the country and protests. Common their their their lynching and the two that mature does not like OK. And he's still got a core of very poor Communist supporters. And he like he street protest is being street protesting. In his country. City Dodi did. He is arming met in that country in Venezuela guns or you can own country since he is arming a hundred it's thousands. Of his most loyal supporters. And giving them uniforms. So they can go out in the street and confront the protesters. Porn Allen to have guns the good scores. And you watch any how he's gonna do in a place like that why do you. Burke got goon squad. Last week this is amazing. Concert can't speak there. They can't she was British can't speak on campus because according to Berkeley officials who sent her a letter they're unable to find a safe and suitable venue for her. To speak. And they cannot guarantee her safety. Or physical safety. So she can't speak. Now this happening any less speakers they're fine they can. Thank your T theirs. But you're going speaker you can't go to Berkeley and speak. This document if you are they here as happened over the weekend. Does more free speech perspective. Beat peaceful trump protest. Spread is actually pro trump rally. And then please put netting around at the inside the marchers the leftist. Rip their way through the net started tracking the trump supporters. It's on tape they started. And the police just stood back. Remember this. This is the audio taken by a mother Jones reporter asking us please need to get people back screaming at its heart began. Do you think this post from early march contains a phrase I'll are there witnesses there at the wrong one I'm sorry guy but anyway. I am bites you head into police officers not I'll get the ideal for you. And they're being hassling you are are do pain stop this. Now. What Lou why should people who didn't beat print run. Yeah I am. Will he just says the police chief so you Berkeley. The police will not protect you. If you're right when they will let you get beaten in front of him. So district in Berkeley UP I am pleased protection if your own right Winger as we saw this weekend. And a stand by and let you get beaten for peacefully and legally protest. But if you're a leftist did you hear this this week you can't requests. A symbolic arrests. At your demonstration. The official policy of the burglar please you consume you can request a symbolic wrist that did you get you can get your friends think if you put on FaceBook and everything. Are you being arrests the noise to protest in trump. Today and symbolically arrest. He's turnaround and clocked the trump supporter next you don't just stand back. Just like in Madieu is Venezuela. Except this non Venezuela. It's Berkeley what say fenced in this allowed to stand at Berkeley. You know this is gonna spread across the country you know it is. Will Americans tolerate. Zones with no free speech for conservatives. You think they'll put up with a it's early fury and Venezuela. And your protesting the door on the street sees a chance to being shot by one of his supporters who are the only people who were allowed to have guns. And that's his solution instead theory and a way to feed his starving people were protesting in the streets. This goes zero heads decided to arm a 100000 of his closest supporters. And send them out streets to deal. With the protest would choose a set thing what they're doing in Berkeley. Is it cannot protect they can they young because it could not assure her physical safety. They say they looked in the group's day did the truck supporter beat down over the weekend and not too bad they were gonna show up. They were announcing that they were gonna show up and be violent on their FaceBook pages the whole thing would have to be sent down. Bad. Nothing we can you. Know I mean there's something. That could take and member this from this week and this is Berkeley police you can hear people clearly being beaten in the background as a mother Jones reporter a liberal less than what why let this go on. There has been getting him back. I mean I didn't see in the cubs around doing right. I really don't live on that statement right. And unless you guys know you're here and free. So they told you hang back. And they send. And was wondering why I do us all day you'll get. Did you know he does for you guys and you know. And tests get Berkeley you're a winner they can beat you and no one helping him. This is from the same people would tell you that you don't need a gun should just calm place. So we've rescued we have reached a point on America where academic culture a academically risk of active security threats. Needs to be weighed against free speech. And the answer is just Parse conservative speakers. And we're not it is only one where you're speaking to last may and into. And by your premium to announce that the foursome is no one will be there and keep you say. And you enter into agreement tuna. Sushi at. What she said they would have to greet her terms listen to a her terms are. At the University of California chancellor request the Oakland chief of police publicly request Oakland chief of police refrain from telling his men to stand down. And ignore lock braking and assaults by writers. Attempting shut down conservative speakers. Lowers the university California would have to request that the police do their job not stand back and let conservatives be beaten and to the Suzanne called does other. Caveat the UC berg led UC Berkeley announced in advance that any student engaging and virus may hammer heckling. To prevent an invited speaker from speaking would be arrested and expelled. Since you grimmer when Milo was there in anywhere should be date they were sent first of another and nobody was stolen and I even those who were eventually arrested. And they were allowed literally took set stuff on fire while police watched. So a colder you know made those are does Russia says and listen asked the police not to refrain. From arresting those or committing violence because there's a conservative speaking on campus. And expel those who receives patent violence requests. You're Berkeley didn't. In response. They should know they couldn't do that canceled a speech. Now known and it don't know asking police to stop her students from beating. You. Conservative speakers. Or those who want to hear the next step too far for us man we can't we can't ask them to stop beating you Wheaton now not too much we're gonna have to cancel the speech. This we are in America folks.