The Tara Show - 3-20-17 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Monday, March 20th

South Carolina beats Duke and breaks brackets; James Comey basically a saboteur of the Trump administration; 9th Circuit review panel admits ruling against President Trump's immigration suspension was a mistake; Interview with Dave Schwartz of Freedom Action Network - Raising awareness of road funding corruption and gas tax opposition


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Adding later that morning terra on its first day of spring. Yeah out here are Monday and spread out and golf for many spring yet deeply moderating yeah I'm not ready for a time. Part of the frost and freeze warnings and advisories and and let's get this thing going here Bayless get to show on the road I feel Rondo I feel we didn't have winter. Yeah a pretty mild Ebert no I mean I am kind of not even really didn't skew me ready. Yet for spring since I feel like we got robbed while I'm ready for spring on the whole overall I'm sorry I'm just one of those really and yeah. Yes I'd be happy police fall off and on the turn right around come back. Now. Outlet but you put down my bracket is busted Ali pretty much yeah. Yeah I Villanova and what did she really Villanova and North Carolina in the in the national championship so ago I had Duca at that grade out there alone you didn't. The story out so well not not too good boy you are you USC fans can go ahead and secure a victory lap now pain from from a Clemson tiger fan congratulations. Gamecocks you know. It go and I am a nice job I know I'm surprised that was the first thing you brought up because this and this is our this really big deal. That is the personal auto that was the top of the news how. I was with him and his sons running round very first story he adds my hero are great are they say very first story ever realize your crazy but you know I'm home I'm on top of us now that's what happens when it was in the news this payers are. That's what I normally. I normally do. Bomb yet this is at this huge deal for USC on and shocking and my bracket is busted. Charlotte people's wallets because I did my bride to my brackets the reason I beat everyone here renting them as I can and target because they just go look at the big asides. Because on average people got money on the line you have to do no enemy no not just I don't know mark their homework. And so that's how I am my secret to my amazing brackets all these years and so I mean. Vegas had so much money on duke now. So there are people going door yeah yeah I know. Mean overwhelming lights on. For forum for duke over USC and this first time here in there are gonna meet in the turns what 191980. And. Well I actually from Texas earlier than that it's been like I think it's a 43 years since they've been in there so I think this from the seventies. I assume that you got to vitriol as USC can took. The vitriol as USC to continue what is now a historic crime and a first prince in the sweet sixteen its lowest since the turn turnip field expanded 1980s. Okay. Okay yet to be on TX I knew I had in my stack somewhere. So this is a big deal. Alone and I know is anybody did anyone could fatten their bracket is he ever did not those are really I'm sure somebody did somebody one person right now but I guess somebody had to eighty it's 81 to sell out Venus you and I. And it's sad I did I get to watch that game. My I was I heard about as I was trying to doze off. Heard you know but the first quarter or are few minutes first half we should site. And that was about it so why I was surprised I was so I got a little one who. Well yes what is what is now becoming South Carolina Wayne Lee. Everyone falls asleep during the first half because they're gonna get their rear ends rearranged in and you wake up. I don't want this off well I did have south going to be Marquette. In okay yes I did have that somebody to being South Carolina so Yemen masks on a total mess. I'm so worried silly that the we were in spring now and would guide commie is a big story day on the hill is going to go on trash around. To cause concern is not that he's going to go on biggest mystery of the trump administration so far is the by the economy has not been fired for cause I have for cause I am absolutely gob smacked by it I can't understand it. I am baffled by it I mean this is a man issue on continues to allow leaks. FBI leaks all over the newspapers. It's several times a week if not every day depending on the week it is all of them trashing trump again and again and again. On yet will not pursue the league curse. Member last week he came out and got onto the CIA really create a matter I don't and nothing on the leaks from his own agency of classified. Data. Nothing and so it is you know before you came out and say I am going after the CIA leak there was some doubt maybe he was pursuing them quietly and have announced said. A bully came on announced younger after the CIA leak her and said nothing about leaks. All within his own agency a lot of the stuff from New York Times Washington Post about the connections term. Has come from his own agency. That basically it was the green light yet go ahead on there's not going to be any sort of if if you feel that it undermines the president feel good about it go ahead leak armory from the FBI co and lake. Om and so I mean Connie should be fired for cries for data land. And the fact he's going to head today hill spend yet another week everything he's an office at least another week he's undermined trap. Is she's in and an in in violation lock quite frankly. In that he has to go after the only he's only curse. So I did she is headlined by the way. Key democratic officials up to specimens and now warning based. Now warning base not to expect evidence. A charm pressure collision. So other words every time you hear the story about trumps. Unsubstantiated. Claim. Of their being a White House wired wiretaps. There should also be the unsubstantiated claims of a Russian interference in the illusion of collusion rather between trump administration or prompt. You know campaign and the Russians during the election. And that's Mike morale there. That's old buddy that was involved in the on of spreading the lie about there being a demonstration. And been Ghazi. That is the big body of Hillary Clinton who actually works for her. In one overall organization's. And the ex CIA actions rector and also we CBS contributor. Yep and by Wiki this is him in clapper mean what do they do for months for months. And this this is our clapper former Director of National Intelligence all over the news terms should ask into questions of our cerebral list. Bomb trans should trump should be explained his trance today's chances that a collision with Russia on and on and on and on and on. And this was done last week former ex CIA under and you know and Clinton bloody ends clapper who was the Director of National Intelligence under Obama last week. The former acting CIA director and Clinton loyalist told the Washington intelligence group. Another relegation is settled. On the question of arm the trump campaign conspiring. With the Russians here there's smoke. There's no fire at all there's no little campfire there's no scandal there's going to there's a spark and there's a lot of people comport. Morales joins a growing chorus of former senior intelligence officials there was no weapons in that included in. To our report I understand that but doesn't exist. Not to my knowledge. Yup. So all his articles on their reporting a response until lie well based on anonymous source as a lot of this. For revolves around limo. And that's where the smoke is there's no fire. But that's with a smoky yes because there's still. Circumstantial. Anecdotal evidence that point two Flynn and having previous and prior contact. With some Russian individuals obamas are the Russian government but. The Demi that that's what that's where the smoky yes and that's the part that won't go away. And then did their doors tried to do guilt by association them with the top administration over planned. Saying that oh well let this happen and you had to have had this he had this you gotta when trouble to get Boeing's other people so. That's. Where they're going off in the keep him. Again no final year of the Obama administration 21 visits to the White House by that so immersed in Macedonia map so I mean that is a man have to put in perspective. But of what is acceptable on the other side but the lowdown on an old military that's where you're wrong. Away any anything with Democrats is except Dahlia none of that matters they never do anything back if there's a now. If you've got to are by your name or your affiliate of the top administration. Then if there's even a hint of anything going on well we've got to have a congressional investigation now. And Timmy is this thing is he coming because Romero he said there were no links between the trump campaign and the Russians this summer. As we said this summer. So. I know of he's gonna backtracked I would quit con he's gonna do he is they're gonna make this they're going to try to do a diversionary tactic in May this. About the wire attack tapping and whether trump was right about that them or not because the media over the weekend was very demanding an apology for trump from trump got. Rate but not once from the New York time snow that ran the headline right that Obama had a good bond measures had wiretapped him. No attempt but on these so I think they're going to adding they're gonna bring her call me and he's going to on make this about trump. Here's our money thing has come he says find they keep in mind. As recently as last week senator Grassley is on the Senate Intelligence Committee was screaming because the FBI and CIA still. Will not bring them evidence of Russian hacking into the election near Stonewall he is demanded that they bring it. They will not show it to congress. He's I keep calling and calling and they tell me all the nicest things on the phone are gonna bring it will be able Sybil Sherry with few and then they don't. So even mind the person who's stonewalling here is to guide their whole holding up as the authority on. Yet Wilmut share with congress despite their demands they still haven't seen the evidence of the Russian hacking Lee even. Ms. march. Yet. It's march so the guy he will not present evidence of this oppose aggression hacking is gonna go up there and talk about the Russian hack right act as an authority. Right and this is all going to be about making trump look back I just. Don't know like Lisa Leslie John. He's a political operative not an FBI director. So you had your favorite stride. I've done so many times and you have to remind what are you don't order the salad. The thing with only 400 calories maybe five for feeling a little dangerous got a under control and then get there. When you order to 11100 calories talks. To this one timer. Yep Ari while it's not your fault. You study. It is her way successful our waiter. Yep rest staff who look I'm healthy could be making tires fact if your waiters overweight it leads you to make a healthy food choices. Yet because champ. They look heavy overweight and healthy looking in May should he is oh well can I give them. Guess you can't fight it. Can't fight my soul order. And grew to blame on them. Irate that I Serkis. Screaming yelling about that on the show you heard me was over the top was a little much. Yet only two ruling I'm trumps. I'd travel temporary travel applies. From nations that may be Muslim but also. Has governments that are at a control. On an untenable people because there's no good documents. Well I wasn't happy with it but too far when I called as usual crew can we go too far in the show and we said. How well you know totally unconstitutional canteen had no prior president president. In the judges on the ninth circus. When they even ones that went too far. How about this will want to ninth circuit's. Way. And this really shows you how terrifying what they did to trump actually. It's. Hijacking a president of the United States taking away from him the most basic. Abilities that every president has ever had how bad was the ninth circuit's ruling the original one on the ban. How bad was. So bad that in ninety circus took the unusual step of having a judicial voluntary Bridget judicial review. Until they music take five judges. And go back over the decision that was made by the original three judge panel now these judges through the more liberal through the more quote unquote conservative. Appointees. What did they find. It's staggering. They met they screw up. Wait why we're gonna need try script now they did not Hampton's era they admitted they screwed in the ninth circuit screwed up the ruling. Ignored all prior precedent. And that it wasn't even constitutional. And we told that they can even reference the constitutional justification because there is not they just issued a decree. A decree I feel. Like a dictator who. At the band. Could be frozen. Why construction mean mean mean guy and he said some mean things about Muslim so he must pay Muslims their therefore he can't have a bit. Text her aides who was the judge Warren Beatty. Here so he did this from one news. Dot com and it quotes. From a the re view by the five judge panel was nest. The judges in and keep in mind treaties are liberals. Notes the absurdities. In the original three judge panel decision on the trumpet claiming consular officer must be deferred to more than the president the United States. Playing first amendment rights exist for foreigners when the Supreme Court try twice ruled otherwise. The claim that people here could claiming a constitutional right for somebody else to travel here. A decision specifically rejected by the Supreme Court just a year ago. An analogous champion kind of immigration exclusion was uniformly approved by circuit courts across the country. Indecision DC between 2003 and 2008. Yet tours ride to the conclusion they did. The three judge panel is one that rejected terms travel ban had to ignore. Prior precedent and Supreme Court rulings. But city Neiman reference in Roland seed is what we said running judicial scholars here we're just talk radio host. As the flight panelists conclude the overwhelming precedent and legal history appeals court simply cannot apply. Ordinary constitutional standards immigration. Policy. Of course not. Immigrants do not have first amendment rights. You have free released writes. An average of any kind. And that's with the idea. So basically what you had here is this need to fight judge review panel on the ninth circus again the majority liberal. Saying this was completely unconstitutional. Actually we can do it's. The ruling was buck. I listen to this a particular note the five jab pan out the five panel judges note how the three judge panel decision. In compound needs emission of Supreme Court decisions. And relevant circuit president precedent also missed all of our own cases on the subject. Sybase and what they're saying is all the prior rulings of the ninth circuits. Were left out of the rule. Aged dating a reference. So went Supreme Court decisions. Over the last century. Country into what they wanted to do your doctors. Recommend. You can't do that. The flight judge panel. It's on the ninth circus. Five judge panel the review panel. Concluded. That the original judges too you know froze the trunk band. Engaged in a clear statement of luck so let it compelled vacating. An opinion usually move by dismiss case would listen. They're telling us Supreme Court yet were ninth circus. This ruling was so glad that if you could just please vacated if you could just please return it it's yet it can't stand. It can't stay it's so absurd. It can't stand. The. The DiFelice and despite judge used. Said the three judge panel that originally bandage from travel bit regrettably never once mentioned the most important statutory authority. Bomb on this. It's basically talking about federal law and all prior decisions. Let me translate it was a decrease just made it out. I think this is the big league fence. Yep. The we hit aware when we yup you will determine. Whether the corrupt folks. Corrupt state legislators if you run that the SE DOT commission and the state infrastructure bank. Hoover one point eight billion with a B dollars a year while extra. And gas tax breaks and other views. And it finally straight into good ol' boy system more than build roads for the buddies. But according to a need. Turning out to totally can you about that is Dave Schwartz he's with freedom action network of South Carolina hey Dave. Laureate Kara I'm doing great now on the folks who joined great human make. When they hear about this for some free gas today's free gas women are free but duds is deeply discounted by U. Well hey look what the politician then in Colombia are trying to add. You know pain at the pot and were were trying to router broke little released due out commuters this morning great bull isle worth the Eagles gas stations around Pelham road. And now we're gonna pick up the gas stacked tab for everybody for in the first thousand gallons sold that's basically 47%. Salt. So Kamal buy in and and get them tech three gap on not. And Nancy Eagles gas station I time nine tellem wrote. That's right yes start that seventh grade so a member fifty minutes yet. Yep we're we're here already in and folks are starting lineups soak soak Mumbai and tell your friends and family and you know come on out and get pretax pre GAAP. No that's maximum twelve gallons per driver of course Sarah yeah. Yes yes. And so come online but Della literally it you've been covering that's her. You know last couple months we know these guys are are looking cute take more of our hard earned money. And and you've been covering the corruption angle on this pretty well on me. It is what it is I mean yeah when you Letterman used the most powerful politician states. Own concrete company aren't it's not a coincidence admit that they want to raise big effect on the through the ballot. You know corruption that is about enriching themselves. At our expense and I'll look we we've got we've got to fix our roads we've got a crumbling roads system. On the sending more money to the same people that that caused it to crumble is not gonna fix a road that's for sure. No it's not Dave shorts and that's sure trying to demonstrate today you our goal what would you guys are doing is. Bed on you are going to be stripping away the 47 you're you're gonna reduce forty to 47 cents rate. Per gallon yet though so we pay about seventeen cents a gallon in state tax. We take about eighteen cents a gallon in federal tax already and this senate want to raise another twelve cents and that's how we got the 47%. Rate. So your minute is she would it would be like to buy gasoline but. Troy courtesy of Denny earlier Winfrey imagine how network. Right that one save on getting slow appear in creepy to sing an overtime to try senator Tom Davis he's going to filibuster again. Mom would do was a label and I know you watch the legislature for a living day of what it would can to a B can we be competed two years and look around you worked with guys. It is it robo calls. Om and you know we had everybody knew of state Colin on this can we do it. Yeah not academy look it's gonna be up to your listeners really quite frankly. Boats around state getting involved just what we've done the last you know three years that they've tried to do desk. That's the only reason it hasn't happened not because you were mere anybody else it's because citizens distilled out and they said enough that the knobs up we're not gonna send more money so that we can head these politicians pockets. I'll we need to fix our roads we have a reform agenda these guys don't wanna do that because it means less power less money for them so I absolutely beacon Billiton and underdog I protect our. We have market until eternity if anybody who wants connect directly to their politicians they can text vote no debt 52886. Vote notified 286. And that immediately get them connected to their state senator their state legislator and the governor who's going to be very important knowledge that you know you've documented. I think governor masters predispose. To veto any gas tax site. But you know we've got to put the pressure on the politicians that's the only way they respond you know that. You CNET throughout you know your career here in South Carolina the only way that any of these guys bent on the ever respond ever. It if there's a tremendous amount of pressure on them to be self. And you need to find your senator. Today whether you text David just gorgeous as well you text does CA LL. To extort called to 71307. The house is are you voting you need to find your senator. Om and the governor and and we can help us or help you add that to David I gave given attacks one again. It oh yeah 0252886. Vote no to a 52886. Been with the click here you know flown on their double automatically connect PDs senator and you're governor. And look you know come on pot today. Our fill up you know discounted 47 cents off the price of gas per gallon or not today come on odd. At least get something to break up the Monday monotony or. Yeah every 47% topic cents off the gallant. Purnell cheap owner like me I just wanna come up under the sharing go get but he can't have to you show but you can't add the Eagles and gas station on Pelham road. So that's right yep. Here yep thank you. My you know and I believe they weren't getting tires easy for him actions South Carolina just read more about the gas tax it's give us your website. Yeah they have the best. SA NO FSE dot com or are you under on Facebook's. Out FaceBook org slash and the best big. Irate awesome and we're fans of South Carolina which is why we don't want this wasteful gas tax hike Dave Schwartz president thank you so much for joining this can happen. We hear this. Special broken TS and DOT bull why. What they waste that much money because some doing. It's extra work a string having dinner in new info on this coming up next. Beat KJ and exit and director of the SE DNC. Say it is not only do we not. Need a gas tanks right now only no but ahead you know he explains why the courtesy DOT was used to run. Is a wasting their money all over the place. And Wyatt the roads are degrading when given that it's not because they don't have enough gas tax box. He's urging everybody who leaves and do not give them any more money and this is the agency he used to run the SE DOT win yeah this. That's coming up in next hour. In the meantime. In the meantime. Let this story. North Carolina office sir Charlotte Brad potter working at the gas station this in his patrol car you've seen officers do their. What the man walked over to his vehicle couple weeks ago. Our spotters Sunnis to ask for directions to the gas station so closely instate people often do that would put what happened next to blew him away. Rotella one of the young man said and I pray for you. The young man. Shook the officers to the courts to be honest he said I was pretty stunned it was not what I was expecting. Pyro in the FaceBook post. Earlier this week I stealing of course and I sat there and there but the heart this young man to go to complete stranger and asked to pray for them. What an amazing act of pure kindness kindness. Officer pirate one stipulation to request. Three young men whose name is Kalin I think a pretty gather sick cloud stands and they prayed. Reprieve for our safety for the safety my Brothers and sisters in blue for the safety. Of our community Unser putter said he walked with Caleb over it was father who snapped a photo of the paired together. I told his father he'd raise one incredible signed me smile that proud smile apparent labs to show us he says or does this thing all the time. What Eddie Caleb walker overt is Caleb is black he's tired of the way he's seeing officers treated on television. Love that story.