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Friday, March 17th

Interview with Nathan Nascimento of Freedom Partners - GOP rush to replace Obamacare; Snowflake test weeds out pansies from hiring; More evidence of the death of privacy


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They may good morning terra going to jump on the final wins and niece in the nation NASA mentally be VP but policy difference with different partners. Ads about this health care Bill Ryan care term care obamacare I don't know I can't tell a difference good morning Nathan. Good morning I'm Leon Derek is health care bill looks like two meanings and it was like they move any thing. From the health care bill that with that is caused the insurance companies to flee rate. I mean all of the problems that have kept the insurance companies are there fleeing Obama care exchanges and that's what's gonna cause as you know Obama care two clips rate. Before anything is easy companies fleeing rate. What is this is ranked bill all of looks like is a name change so that once truck puts his signature on it. Bomb it will then be trim care instead of obamacare when it collapses. And I mean I'm wrong. No you you got it right sized saint. Yes good until it's a lot of the same things that are veterans that have been driving up healthcare premiums and everything that's bad about obamacare. They're gonna continue under the new health care done and will we are calling it obamacare 2.0 because there's little distinction between. Whether or talking about the subsidies that are being provided what they're talking up the deregulation and interns regulations mandate Bernanke to be kept in place. Whether we're talking about the Medicaid Expansion Pack compartments were good this is little difference little distinction between that and and what we have right now. So it just blew my mind tell but the CBO report that there's one thing we can do. That would bring down the cost of health care the most and insured the most people post what that is just crazy idea. Yet this this very crazy idea see people have been promising for years. Actually repealing obamacare you actually have less uninsured. He'll actually have healthcare premiums go down and people be able to sort coverage. That they're looking for that amazing it. It's just revealing just kill the monster rate at is the CB those saying this not your group the CBO. Congressional Budget Office. That's correct because they mean that and then that the back side and this is. If you don't do it what you get is. A disparity you get higher premiums I mean. Unity beat the in the Republican that are vacant as valid it would it would seem worse about this and and and the sad it's sad sort of way is the idea that. They keep I think that things are gonna go to town. But what they don't say is that things are gonna go up. And so where you're actually at the rate now appear hundred dollars next year it's gonna go up 15%. The year after that it's gonna what 20% but don't warned in 220 it's gonna go down 10%. But it's not gonna ever settle down ever lower and that because they keep everything locked in place to continue to keep those things inning helped drive up healthcare premiums. Not to mention the out of pocket costs in the deductible that people don't have to. The bears need the impact of pop on top of at all. Needed this is so bad. To me Alec is it looks like a con game I've by the leadership of the house. Bombed two. Car you have to Blaine Trump for the downfall of Obama care with it Bynum putting his signature on the bill that's it looks a name change field mean in this. I and washing this and I know trump has said he told them Palin did dilated died but they will listen to me. I mean he's really. Gonna fall for this mean for hundreds conservative weather makes the most sense for these or any of this. You know how that this is I cannot imagine or fat and that troubled put his name on it politically. What do you say about that you watch Thomas on the hill. I think I think to the public think sending president tried to looking at this saying look. Bryan and McConnell have been around for years they know what congress disposed to deal. They're gonna they're gonna get me a bill that's gonna make people's lives better and that's I think I think that's the way a president can't look at this. But at peace seen less as he's watching this thing unfold and it seems that speaker Ryan attempts and difficulty getting through the House of Representatives. The fact that senators thirty signaling that this is dead on arrival. And that they look forward to you to in this bill what they have and stripping and actually it's something that that potentially much better. Or in some corners potentially something that would be that much worse. I think he looked at this and says you know I don't know I have to do a lot here because our money mature it's gonna come to my desk to begin. Yeah I. I I I don't know what's going on therapy but you know I simple solutions they seem to repeal this thing. What would you do real quick I naked after they repeal it what would fix this mean we had our son Aaron senator from from South Carolina Lindsey Graham saint. Listen you know you're not get sixty votes in the senate to sell insurance over state lines is that is that true and which we do. What a you know senator Graham let you read I think that there's there's a couple of important thing here is that number one there it would that we have to be focused on what the and the outcome should be I mean. It pretty good about making people's lives better about driving healthcare premiums down to about making care more affordable. They should advances in many billed as they possibly can't small targeted bills that address all these specific problems that are going on healthcare. And she'd been forced people to take hard votes in this small the bill and the more that you force people to take hard votes. The more they have to be accountable to their constituents back home. And there's a lot of members are gonna have to have such as they're gonna have some top elections come Tony eighteen gonna have to answer for the fact that you voted against something that's gonna make my life better. But I. Unemployment so what she weren't quick made him like he's going to be killed in the senate am I doing the map the senate I don't see ya passes. Blasting I have we we've been watching is pretty closely glass votes yeah headcount that we had was that you know there's a numbers senators well over what is. Necessary and hard to stop this bill I don't know I think this this this dynamic keeps on changing every day I think we look at in the house and say. You know I'm not in return we get there I think do a lot of concession that must happen and I think that's why the White House and you know vice president pants and and others are or so and have those a lot of conversations with members to try to cobble together as I possibly the possible people that they can in order to push it over the over the top but I think graduating every day so we're keep waiting room and they and engaging as much as we can't. Whitney Dinara wind puts on his bike designer of you know the answer this but I haven't been able to find its menus do. This whole line or given date on what we have to do obamacare first we can not do tax cuts first one thing that would really fire of this economy. Would you we can't get a joke Obama care first they sit at currently it's religion is that true. I mean I think there's a couple of things I think the way to look at him as from a political side which is. It may prompt is this is the top issues that up there are going to be able to clear the deck to move onto other things. Immediately but obviously this is slowed things down I think it turned a tax reform. I think the way they were looking at it would during her next reconciliation package. But in order to get to the next reconciliation package you have to finish the 20171. Which is the reason why they start off with a obamacare because they want to advance under reconciliations of it and have the boat hurdles that they had to accomplish so. I think this is more strategic play that they were trying to do but. Yet they too and they down and they're now down a path and Ed if they have any intentions of being able to move onto the fiscal year 28 indicted that have to resolve the type seventeen by different. I'm Fred will be doing that for four years. At three to going to major in NASA Nancy go with the freedom partners thank you so much for joining us today of 1063 W Lordi. Yep secede area. It's all solutions. That would best benefit the consumer and yet Washington again and again we can't seem to get its. Dot unbelievable 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Cadillac to get to. In this air and in this hour our deep state record this is crazy. Am as predicted by leap and I. Judges admitting his stab illegally stoppage trump probably Emmy she MI colleges are legislating from the vents. Right well now they are. Can witty here what these. Judges have in store. For us to some believe I'm finally get to the snowflake test this is Larry is all that push your calls and text coming up. Had to love it. You know the actor Ryan Ryan Reynolds. And unmarried Blake lively. I love her. Leberman Emmys anyway. Tyrod flying with his young children their toddlers on a plane which I never done and we never did. Never do and I'm just glad Clements punishment and put him knowing you've got little ones who maybe grandkids usage remember your kids being the sage. Boy didn't heed to speak for us well and Good Morning America. I've always had edited repairs you know it was just like flying and that's in the name of revenue in the web before I had kids as always got that's all that's hard. You know because they're he conceded sledding and they're nervous because they're kids maybe yelling and everyone's mad at them and you're just like powers as the go I know I know and I'm the same way I mean I would. I would I would rather drink a piping hot bowl of liquid rabies in getting. Ninety children. And I. Like rip all the close up introduce himself to every. I know piping hot liquid bowl of what bowl of liquid rabies yen. Chris is not in I knew exactly what he's talking about yes I'd rather walk than fly at that point. It gets better kits to remarkably better when they had you know 78 or whenever I went a little. I think you attitude is so cute parts of the news nonpublic I'm playing in the small confined place. Sure it's your interest in American celebrate christianity but being brought to Ireland despite Catholic priest by getting sloppy falling down drunk. Oh is a Catholic that we dead dead dead that amuse me. I'd sure rates read health insurance is one size fits all plan stick to from Bill Gates sell the people what they want need. And the billions will roll in and you crazy concept. Crazy concepts will never be tracked. Now on eleven B try to carry blood from Greenville good morning. Don't know I don't hate pure enough so I did not. Trusting his cougars are brutal and his family through your web they're able. But congress and the biggest con job. And try and make my main problem like little cute. Little League and so implement our fiscal society don't take care or worst I don't think you know there and the particular themselves. They get special challenge they just figured out ways every year they get special healthcare they got special retirement. I didn't try and limits. Until about Google's lucrative medical center what they get and they never did and how. And it's our fault for not try not to vote them out. Yes no and no way just I would say you Bob on is solar folds under the site is in but not. Homage to his they went to break the checks and so they listen people who write checks. As we didn't at all and end this is more important voting is writing the checks small checks 101520 bucks. You know maybe once a quarter to someone you support and in congress are because that would be truly free. To them. You know and Tony depend on 400000 dollars to public defender congressional seat on average. You know at every time and the chamber of commerce could need a jump 400000 dollars and your race critic could give us your opponent you know the source of money. Was to. We are by BRI nab blaming congress terms for you are you're going to listen to them it's very hard to build an independent network of donors that really what you do what is best for the people. As these serve two masters. Degree biblical quote about that. On a couple weeks going church actually you cannot serve two masters or the painting one that's congress. All and it is our fault we had been taught their writing checks is mourn party even really the boat. But it's and I've been a congressional office and reports the pain of having to decide between the constituents and the donors. And constituents call up an imaginary hacked. It. Gresham what I do I voted for you. How did. That makes. Thanks where were you when we needed that mailing to get us over the line. We're worried and you don't have money could start coming in stuffed the the the mailers in the envelopes as we have the money to pay AM professional placed into it's we had to stop all 101000 ourselves. Where Reid and my good trio. Yeah to reject. Now I'm the not part of the process and run a campaign an and being congressional office understands. The people who write the checks. Deserves a right to be part of the process and right now they don't because we have our fallen down. And it's damn shame and trumps up against by the way. Let G oldest makes sense to you. Season it is cynical watching and I try to budget was is not amazing but is everything these Republicans have said they wish they could do when they're running. Used to take this down he's gonna cut it to shreds he's gonna put and PR. Full funny for NPR back full funding for PBS back even though it country X everything Republican stands for. Who's gonna put every David back QBs can't congressional Republicans were gonna do because right yeah other question eight full page batting hit a question about between. Republicans in congress genetic got dare they got elected yet but I mean before that. She verse. Reason. Think. The biggest donor could all in all Washington. Came personally to their districts to select them Karl Rove. He would meet the global list dictates you can get the money. It is okay maker. And so what happened bush the money came from these people. To get him elected and protect their seats. As an a look at it try and they're going to ensure her raise the money is just think if Vick go would trap which they've their hearts many of them want to do it. Rate this is exciting you what dissenter justice was loving it. Into the budget Pawlenty. But what happens at election time get a 500000 dollars in your opponents coffers against you. Which. To replace at 500000 bucks you going to mean just the reality. And it. There are pretty she needs she does her own jet just how can break here and in Connors poured guy. Ryan in the chamber are targeting him within it when they negative campaign. Thirty conservatives are taking it on the chin right now. From them and that's a warning hey listen look we're gonna do you do you think your little on the -- yet people might want you to do that but you know. For gamble did you election time. And he's connoisseurs look at trump on can he raise that money can he put to practice so he's got. And that's the decision making minute Tony sooner as Jeff Duncan into job Duncan commercials that's Paul Ryan. Said Shaq. You ascend the fist in the air Paul Ryan Wright Jeff Duncan in check. As the biggest fish in the air you consent. For congress members we don't own them. And you'll try this difference between trump and eminence the resenting big day and be imminent jealous in some ways. Used his own money used truly free. And is safe nor congress members Bob. Thank you for call. Trump is doing. OK I'm not independently wealthy how my gonna do it. You what happens is somebody does everything you wanna know it was save. We setter we bright stood up and filibuster dead guest next mission it has been about nothing but the massive corruption at the SE DNC. He's fought that. While his. Legislative. Fellow members were voting. To remove the far auditor from the SE DOT and ship them. Ship come down on to the what was the state I depart record. So he would stop. Digging up the fraud and waste at the SE DOD would be his. So legislators who are still there were voting. For for current should leave it was fighting it every step of the way it wrestling bright today he's out of office. He lost. He lost to a guy. He lost to a guy. Whose backers and the state chamber analyst chambers connect connect to sustained global Scoble. Took him out. Hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent on our hair we can't turn those commercials to life and mine and lie and lie it was lie after lie after lie after lie. A bold face lies. In those commercials that's chambers that's today to your your businessman and person your member of the chamber why. Don't give them your money they don't rappers and U. They don't they don't have not not that not that state chamber it's a Gottlieb writes what they do. You Reggie Jackson Lee did to it was a good guy. You're a few what they're looking out for you where is he today is ever office. Why massive inclusion in infusion of cash they lied. He needed your money but you didn't write the checks and he's gone. So look at those legislators. In congress members should stay house members all of them. That's the decision their face and I got into this summit some of them are just wicket he can't join win this and Amy I had some good impulses. Wanted to make a difference. You can't make a difference if you're not elected. And he can't stay elected. A Michigan economy. This just the way that in its. So let me go I means go on a Rampage here but this is what's going on right now that these Kunstler was looking in trouble looking at right. I'm going to vote trump all want the chambers gonna come gunning for me in that election can trump raise enough money to defend my seat. And is tramp raising money for these guys know I have looked CBS's. Yeah he's not ultimately get this agenda through is to go round Paul Ryan raise enough money to protect these congress members who vote with him and say listen forget the chamber. I'm litigation half a million bucks you need. Or mean and this is crazy we just try to jacks and all are tigers members. And they could finally tell the chamber of com Ers. To go in the sun doesn't shine. Great if they can do that. So going on here. Don't complain if you haven't written the checks. Big check ten bucks fifteen that's right it's. DC display what's that about a play an ad she does she need one of these okay I'm on as our news director when you do hiring down. A snowflake tests just reflect yes you should listen simply to RA and here in this okay yeah it's great Kyle driest season CEO so I'm part emerging. And bomb he. He filters out people who would not fit the culprit cult corporate culture of his company with the snow for a test. And he says that so on he's not proud to be an American would be automatically disqualified from a job at the firm Africa and bomb yet and any successful applicant should also before the Second Amendment. Sing that may company carry firearms and represent clients who do as well. What is this guy do. He's he's easy on emerging firm they do and how Tyson campaigns and better for folks at the test contains questions such as what just privileged means you. And Celeste time you cried and why. Aces for employees that don't feel entitled expecting to be handed him. He is just an emotional people are welcome to apply as long as they don't need to save space at the office. When you yet. Now. He he he makes a good argument actually though on because. A lot of his clients are like police departments police agency's action and he asked a question on. Like how you feel about the police had known black about bout black asthmatic I'm truly. Mom this is yet he sees his damn advertisers who are you know gun manufacturers are I think so. You really can mean he's he's George W but he's not. You can't be horrified by these things and work for him now I'm out completely understand enemy known actually you're marketing to law enforcement. Yes no I mean no doubt about it. And yeah this sounds kind of like a silly but. I I am I do emerging from has his business and we have a company that we work reference social media campaigns analyst and stuff and they're really great other California. And showed they had they help you sets up weapons of what they'll do have you ever worked for somebody on this. Where you can go and join me in and do a discreet as screen so they can see your screen audio computer yeah. Com so that they can you guide didn't even give and surrender controlling last Tuesday a you can they can click trichet added. Closed off him and that a couple times I have to be so doing now my husband's computer on with this guy from California. Who served as you know young millennial and he's he's a hip part kinda happened dude he's really got to when he dies down. And we on my husband had left up. The you know multiple pages of his got his gun pages rice is web pages and the guy saw the guide me in the gun paging went. Guns. It's still obviously they worry your income California yes that this is a self care. We all have more than one here. This is is enormous after lashing in my husband's marine. And Donnie report is to anybody but is. Reaction was like shock you know what you're shopping for guns yet we Wear. And the beating saint him at here apparently but totally different codes are be lean mean that really could affect your corporate culture you know you have people who can't cope with a side of the gun down. I'm on online order form you know. Now you're. If you're a big fan of electric vehicles don't sign up to run mode to work and hot rod chop you bring us that he's got her out now either. Yeah this this is just. So strange so deep state all these deeds say things were learning day after day now. Or just it's like something of its weird movie that if you he'd seen it two years paper how that never happened. It would unlikely plot. And yet curious where realizing how deep and how pervasive this is. This is nuts. CBS's actual reporting this after the Washington free beacon broken it. A large spike in suspicious activity. At a major US cellular carrier in Washington DC. Has raised red flags in the department Homeland Security. And prompted concerns that cell phones in the DC region. Are being tracked and that conversations. Are being lifted a recorded. Them by her room. Such activity is indicative of clone UConn devices all about him you know equipment. They say they're on appear to be targeting them civilians government insiders all that. Basically this is a massive listening operation on one cellphone provider. On the bed use is such a large amount of like energy and resources that it's glaring only obvious that monitoring is going on of all these phones in DC. Who's doing it. It remains unclear who's behind the attacks. But the sophistication eyewitnesses on the big this is a breach. IV cellphone service since apparently very self popular suffered terrorist. But the sophistication an amount of time it's been going on indicates there could be a foreign nation doing this. Well or. And and a government agency to make you can't look like a foreign nationals who used to be. Elicited as this information was compiled by a program that monitors so towers for anomalies. It's called EST America and it's only been in place for the last ninety days. So they never dinner muttered this before. And out and it means Parnell is thirties is looking at this now. Listen to this. Listen to this. A sensor located. Should the White House. And another one over near the Pentagon have been part of those that have been on doing is tracking. And that should be to the surprise of no one break. Yup iron that the first thing Arafat. And Derosa and just this year. Yeah I've. Or for the CIA corner make it look like the Russians or an and quite honestly. If it's if it's something that it showed up because of glee at the high amount of traffic. People there are Smart enough to do that are gonna know that there's going to be a spike in the Traficant a spike in the energy usage and they're gonna know that someone's going to be looking at that. I think it may be done so that they make sure somebody thinks that they're doing it. The third party hacker. Appears to be identifying phones. I'm in certain parts of the DC area and its end and it's mainly didn't the government area as they connect with local cell phone towers and two recording. The information everything from locations at all times the phones tracking them physically but also what's being sound cellphones send a message on that. Once again if you're surprised by this shame on you. Well it's (%expletive) you just this year stuck out of it tells them. I follow the digital age is uncertain whether it's us wish I would bet it is or some other governments privacy is is that it's. Is debt their conference we the people have no secrets. Yes guess out. Guess again. Right you're simply just leaked absolute run ended off on account merely applying that are like a deal with snowflakes in the newsroom you know I mean I don't have to worry about that with our staff good so far as remote solid here. Now an Intel and comp that it and you know and encounter one. But the printer and. Do you this. Of course shouldn't US media is once you know about this summit Italian it's the second feel good story. Of the day. Here's what happened this is down and asked her no Florida. Yep deputy dean Bard is. Ever driver. By the name Edward instructor. And at that didn't go so well. If that picture in Michigan she Strathairn who's 53 on top of deputy dean artists on side of the road there. On the highway punching him repeatedly. Again and again. And again. Well. Drivers. Has spying but not side Russell. Ever step that is car. Raised the gun it was keeps rhythm in the glove box. And a video. From the trooper's patrol car. Bart is can be seen pleading. With Russell. Just Brussels the guy with a gun to save his life. CNN. Russell virus fires off three shots all of which hit structure. Knocking him down and back off the deputy lake county sheriff's office and Russell a year for stepping in Russell was not charged. As a state attorney's office believe the shooting was justified as the cops life. What is in danger. And and she only the per pier is still. With us though he does. No oh. No way to the hospital from his injuries. Yep. Parent gun. And turn away power of god and you know it's amazing here. What tells where we weren't doing zombie is orientated or don't worry you can depend on the police to keep you say. Ha you mean when their underneath the thug whose beating mended up. My son and I we then you mean them. Religious common when went by the way. Amazing that this. No one called 911. Not one person. Not one for and I and I know why but they didn't receive a single phone call. About this. Before I tried to Russell. Pulled over. Are so one man. Step it up to hope another man. To a really hard being home and savings like awesome. Glenn good feel good story like that. Folks in just. Empower. Aaron Lacey Lacey she it is for sure where these. You're Nordstrom booted up onto trucks line which is really cute. Yet at the door and I went. Which is herb because she saw all time highs in sales. Yes and it's a CEOs all over the country trying to figure out like how to get a good boycott going. Home of yet of them medicine they can make a ton of money like evocative. Are you join the door when a bug is lying and Nordstrom. She came in the door. Mom jeans. My mom jeans. I'm with clear. Plastic. Niece called clear channel mom jeans and for only 95 dollars they can Beers. And I can't I swear an animal in in in the declare panel looks like Saran wrap I attend that look like there's just like this reminds me. They produce intense as little windows. The court which one went to attend anyway it's gonna be sleeping their in nineteen SE but in Arab. Yet so mom jeans with clear panel I cannot wait to see. My first woman in this McKinney he easily to him by these. Pain for the purpose of why would she need to clear panel for the knees. Yeah app and a leg little windows for your leg joints. So they concede world in the world can see Denver. Something and we so this is so what they are now carrying instead of bunkers. Lot. Check your rates for eight years of many under the misconception the Republicans are weaken their health care bill exposes them to simply be Democrats. Late. On any domestic corruption at the SE DNC. Can worry about diet. And is absurd it it would be funny if it wasn't our SE DOT and they weren't about to get one point eight billion dollars in our new gas tax revenue as a reward. Fort wasting. Round and abusing through fraud millions of dollars. I'd go or FaceBook page story about that by the way it's pinned the top. Texture its share a vast number of times where is Allen at Wilson not. Why you let him in Schilling sharing a cell with Bubba to state pen at excellent question we've wonder about ourselves.