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Tuesday, March 13th

Greenville County Schools now admits participation in national anti-gun protest; Trump replaces Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo in Secretary of State position; Christians turned away from immigrating to the UK


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Adding later I don't I'm not I don't do this first before dinner Rex Tillis and on grants is a Dorman high school's senior good morning grant. They. My question was. Out and I opposable what else I mean I've talked the principal and eat and opposed to anybody here really do much about it. Escalates into okay Dorman high school. I mean they're not our they had there's no walk out their corrects. There is side saw fires on social media. Saying ten tomorrow there's a all out. OK on and and sort of high school remind me whit what Tony is that my kids turn it hasn't it's Spartanburg it's Barbara okay. On the yes I haven't I don't know as much but has presented about elementary is around here but Tom Spartanburg okay. And as far you know Lee you haven't been able to find anything being formally organized by the Spartanburg. School district was what we are reporting is that we have conned we've made efforts to contact the Spartanburg county school system districts and we have not heard a response back from him as of yesterday afternoon. OK so when you're seeing men grants is what kids from your school organizing a they walk out for tomorrow. I yes there is a picture on social. Mr. Graham. As saying hashed out enough and block at ten. Is your boat like a go ahead and you. I just noticed that in the bottom left corner there it's sad though wouldn't march. Of course so even the kids know the ones Marxist Corning in this unlike the officials at green county schools who are unaware parted I am OK so would ease your school doing anything grant and may anything in school and school demonstration anything like that. I know there and not allowing them to walk out of high school also. I think they're opening up cafeteria. Just for them to go in there. Is to be safer but. OK so that sounds that they are going to kind of coordinated seventies are woody what can you do to opposed. The Marge well I'm deet it it do you have any kind of pro Second Amendment teacher. Could you where that's more. Yes it. I'm I would I I it at a minimal on this panel last minute obviously I would Wear that tomorrow if you if you if you feel comfortable doing that I I would love to know if you have any trouble over it. Aren't aren't. Which are okay thank you at yet what thank you so much for listening to wait no wait a minute to be in class. Our don't first outgoing. OKO o'clock so she tell me elicited talk radio in your first block. This is also and that is how old you grant. I'm seventeen. Allow this gives me hope for your entire generation grant and we know that. Thank you awesome will listen you keep you posted let me know how it goes when UAT shirt if you get if you have any trouble. Tomorrow. As you can email me that if you like grant anti terror add one or sixty Debbie Doherty got comer he's coming tomorrow I love it when young people call and they always side that is my setting world go to the front line but when they can't because I want to talk to. This generation more than I do and my. Sam I'm awesome grant thank you so much for your phone call irate. Good did you impact to paid in the second lead but I'm data son Rex Tillerson. What we're hearing is that Rex Tillerson the some reporting him as being fired yet so I you know I I can't it's exactly you know exactly what the the situation is yet but. How what BP report is reporting that tell Rex Tillerson is out of secretary of state. The president from the tweeted out this morning that he is naming CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Tillerson. And then Tillerson will be I mean excuse me Pompeo will be and been replaced by his deputy was hit which is Gina Haskell which will be the first woman. To be these CIA director if you know the spending all this impending senate approval of course suffering any of these cabinet changes. Tillerson just came back from a term fact he was interesting. I saw yesterday that there were some reports actually Saturday there were some reports that dumped. He. Had some health problems. And and was sub cutting short his Africa trip but so far there's been no other further explanation from the White House about you think about that. But that's the latest there were hearing. So it yet anyway some people saying a semi Alex and try to listen out other saying he was fired him. On hard to say miles that I need I think we know immediately who know I think we know who runs the drug administration's tough right. That's true rolled out of that mean so whether that's obviously. At some point there is probably some type of disagreement is I have a lot of respect for Tillerson. Miles an executive and as secretary of state. And I realize that being secretary of state with a Donald Trump this is a bit difficult situation because when you have a a president who is as candid as trop and who is as active on social media which isn't thought anyway. Foreign diplomacy. It puts you at a very difficult situation. I think the best brother you've probably relate to the situation it's a secretary of state Tillerson has been in for some time. But at any rate you know I've I've got a lot of respect for him I think he's a fine man that's done the best and he can do under difficult circumstances but obviously there may there may be and I don't know this to be a fact that there may be obviously some. Differences of opinion between the secretary of state and the president. And if there are then if he is resigned or. Or whatever the case may be that he's doing the right thing you know if you've got to an issue that you can't get past with a Boston you need to part ways and look then the media out everyone time one of these cable goes mes I love you guys. Us know if you he's gonna come and go all the time in the ministry Democrat Republican let's not pretend that soccer songs there's a little more leaning toward the chaos situation with trump but there's. Not as much as the most two most of the media wants to portray and I would think Fisher ride a lot of these gold but this is rather sudden and that's why. And of course until worsens famously come out and you know he had is so famous. Press conference I was a six months ago that when there was rumors about his departure being eminent and he said no I am you know I don't know whether people are talking about I'm here's. Ball is the president won't be here. Well Obama had two secretaries of state he had to calm heads the Department of Justice I just I not to say there's more chaos would trump because I'm I'm just talking and came immediately I don't know I find sourced rumors. And that's how they reported Wallace source says yeah I'm not reading any further after a source as you give me the source earn our reading more amply thinking caps anymore. And they've totally dispute improve themselves completely incapable of reporting anything you can believe so. On but yes I wanna be careful with that I don't know I'm sure we'll hear dear different versions of the inside story they're out. Let's jump on the line real quick with pay ten using you have a high school students know and what in Greenville county school. The ever insult at me. So I just consider Obama called it a little bit and didn't want you cannot. Let you know my point is what. You can't district but this it would look like glue. Of course certain according to put this if I could do more people will be used to try to keep your kids. Will. They tell you kids are blaming schools and lock downs all the time patent. They they do their their incredibly proficient at it and in fact. I I had one day at my child's school the schools like down because there was a tornado coming through an appearance we're literally left in the parking lied. In their cars with the school lockdown after school hours and the winner at least the kids which I totally agree with by the rat I don't disagree and they they were afraid kids would get hit with a tornado went carb lion can have that. Totally understand I didn't mind waiting. But they were on a they don't give out on the show I date amazingly during a lockdown making keep the kids and they just can't seem to do it. In the middle of a national anti gun protest it. If they took a hardliner and receive your punt orchid out it would only once a lot of console or not and you want to Wear it. There there even an option for data line. Unlucky numbers to lawmakers in the quarter the Second Amendment to have some stability through a hop and I I prosecutors to look on Eaton. You know not a news is I agree with you want to let you know just. You know I don't know would call a particulate call when I disagree so I like traditionally written into this thing which is sworn in in what's. You're yes you take comments and had to tell my kids to Wear sentiment introduce this just ask little problem there's. If you seriously saying that you shouldn't app where Second Amendment T shirt because it might cause problems. But it's okay to tying your demonstration to a national anti gun groups. Calls for a walk out our. That want 'cause his service no I don't. I think with the temperature of the country not a close a minute ago and school tomorrow and we're second in the eastern. I think both pucks possibly executive armament is going to be straight up with a yeah but what the temperature of some of the people from the student what some of the parents. Okay say we're seeing because some left wing students might be offended. We should keep our mouths shut about the Second Amendment about the matter I I tried moving to Afghanistan paid you might find it more to your liking it. I mean did that that's just ridiculous I mean we did these schools are claiming I don't believe them that well we know what it which students express themselves are right will it. You feel old lastly one expression sobered than an aren't in -- teacher Dhabi fund should. Should not enabling the door to list. The other crime deterrent of some of the students and in Newton school tomorrow. Pain and hurt first and second and fourth amendment rights denied and where the temperature begins. They're Witten blood. In pottery civil. So oh somebody had a temperature and you're upset I just disagree with you I'm sorry am I appreciate planning now now it no I mean that's. An enemy that you would would you tell me if you wanna wary going controlled T shirts should you be able to do that tomorrow. Why not I'll I would like it if my Yahoo! this oh. Well when a guy I would say wow that's gonna do a lot of kids that are that strong commitments or why why do and we didn't do. Escalated into violent from the school. Hotel and accurate absolutely. You we just we just disagree on the so patent and again. If they were having this at any other time I probably wouldn't bad and I added but to time with the woman's marching anti gun protest is just you're you're you're doing Payton they're doing Payton what you're saying. And here on the one hand telling me how we can't can't escalate anything it's too controversial. But it then you say you support having aids. Activities timed to a national anti gun control protest. Led by a group that wants to conduct again Jihad against trump and blow up the White House. According to Madonna. And he would talk about you know if we can escalate things the last thing you want do is answer that group's call for protest at 10 AM tomorrow on school. Kai had handing your passionate yourself a little bit you know hey we're all entitled to our opinion. Still. For a little while longer anyway fortunately. Did you come finally it's internally from matte powder is bill hey Charlie. I am I you make a mailing young traveling. Let's send the Arctic. I don't feel a little skull actually Darren rather call about a kid that can bomb threats that go bad and they. And no peer you've got to think about it Baptist as the saying they. And they did that that it did an investigation and another aspect. And they make aren't. The sheriff's department uptight spot but a sense into how you're saying yes. It clicks yes in jail. Now coming on the air and we have had that yet and you're out. Protect your strike bella goes to this kid did Elena what happened what it can't they don't governing his school. A second or Eddie and I all you know I have a copy of government can't amount I'm Becky and I if it's not in the principal. How he handled it. I'll know all yeah well I mean I guess we got to go thirty to sixty times warning about a kid before we do anything is that in the newsstand. From Howard can't. I did what all these kids that aren't what they are you guessed it was pitch it in Florida but that you can get. It. It got delivered I don't know. Okay do it compared with a bit that but a lot of the Indian and hit neo inherent. They didn't protect them and making it I'm not ready you wouldn't know any chemical and around the net so. Well and and fortunately Charlie from new limits when to cut how this works because I was getting to this actually with bad credit to and from. Great look high schools I even get into which says to come back tomorrow I want to ask about this out since don't I would my high school as you see this. A student fifteen year old arrested on Monday. This is Greene County schools that would month high is an after reportedly making threats against students staff members and the school. This judo was arrested by school resource officers that's novel and charged with disturbing schools and threatening to use you the use of destructive are in an incendiary device okay. Student may threats. Has also been suspended and recommended for expulsion Greenville county school spokesperson Beth Brothers incest. As with all expulsions state law prohibits the student for returning from entering agreement county school's campus. For the rest of the school year. Well it. I was like. I mean it's march. Schoolchildren day. Now I think you know rest a calendar year it would go in through December. That you you know why is this that's not fair what federal law says. From that they a dangerous student. Has to be given he rated their expelled has to be given the right after a year to re apply for membership. Which means to become a student in Italy into two point one. So my guess is arm and ask about this tomorrow and that's what federal law says thinks congress. That's done the student cannot be permanently barred it from the campus. More than likely that's that is my guests are a lot of saw realize that. If you expel students on you you you can't keep them permanently off campus you have to give limit at least an opportunity to come back. At these woods in either educational raise the matter how mean people they can eventually it's. You know how it is with liberals. John from mold in the morning. I don't care. I have. And remember that owns a business in the two statement go to period. Then it goes wild act in bad teacher Graham or any teacher walked a large. Amount of product he has ordered a bit more on our home. I'm being kind of vague because don't want you know that is it is the only. Associated politically motivated or as business but it has to do with the year. They are protest tomorrow. Is it is he shared border. Agents. And I'm sorry or is it a teacher order. Well it came. But it you know. It was up about a 150 or so then there. Quote what it is stated that person tell you what though what's printed. Yeah. And be really curious to find out what these T shirts. And where paraphernalia after you at what they can't litigate a photo what. But it was stated what I did and that this order placed yes in my on the stand that mature a minute video. School. In a student led hogwash. That'd be yet did did they may be I'm sure they're students who were opposed to. I'm gun rights in an that they you know 23 of them they wanna be heard but does the administrators have organize them communicating with them help them put these. Events together now decrying how all they might walk out of we don't weld Cilic a lockdown and deal. I. Yet amen John thank you for colony and John for moms certainly appreciate that. Texture raids the only. The only thing students are opposed to is sitting in class. On how many people tomorrow. Again I know we can wander around a school it's an awesome. Said the cafeteria. Text your race idle these kids are doing his walk out. Within in this since hard believing it is really just are those that were killed not realizing they're being used for numbers for end for an anti gun organization that is exactly what's going on here. Dexter writes my daughter goes to malls and high she's wearing her Beretta shirt. To Mara. You would love. Ollie says some Haitians out of this early so many parents. Are saying hey we're wearing Harry shirts were wearing you know Dutch army shirts take picture. Plus up on FaceBook and I don't you don't want your child's face in the picture I totally get that they don't wanna be a target. Some of the gonna Wear the school you know the shirt tomorrow just kind of cut it off for the next we'll do collage of what kids are wearing. And listen is there any flagged by administrators. I wanna hear about. That better not happen tomorrow. It is a steady bat Brett did you notice it and we wanna you know we wanna have all children zeros are able let's have called children's use I have a funny feeling that they don't really mean that. Now bush. Text your grades the kids don't care what it's about getting had a class is the key anything to keep them from learning it's always been that way a chance to slack off. What I have left glanced at yen up to go to the gun protests. But wander around without getting caught or judged. Probably wouldn't. That was me in high school. We get a jump on the line with Diana of drama Greeneville she's a former teacher pay Diane. I care I just love your show you that smartest woman on radio listening to you. I have. I'm a retired teacher like I was dead and all they kept ingrained in our mind that Egypt is instruction time you've got to do it to those. Time the darling of the time the bell ring at the end of the day. And none other than had to cave in to that any current job. I thought I had children don't go out keep them home tomorrow and make sure that the current under the current date with the know what I kept them on each school might be flooded the notes. The next day. And then our safety. It doesn't stay in school I mean I can walk into school today and welcome you're prepared you can just what part of a but certainly go in. But that's what they need to concentrate on not walk and that that was an instructional time. If they do predict. Kind of thing. They've been at come up with something else next time to take the instructional time to market this is just the budget jumped and someone that we just need to stand against that and people that. Agreed need to just you know do something but there can't just give let that happen. I know Diane an end and thank you so much a phone call on an especially thank you for listening are really appreciate that I am I agree with few. Ed and I think that video just picking up the fan went principal now how you feel about any acknowledgment of this national walkout even if it's. Seventeen minutes of silence her desks or whatever. You know coinciding this with the anti gun Marshall let them net. Down because they do you react to that stuff especially if your school board member now you text George school or lock him up by the way of her election this year. Text towards goal to 71307 moles and healing W find out who your school board member is and then there's email in and phone contact there. And just let no listen I you did not appreciate school time being used for this smack in the middle day. That's how we change things and and you know don't know few solid this because. We have I mean just had a heck of a running here lately with your phone calls and we had a state legislator in lap didn't ask didn't last two hours when she started college and she flipped to position. Give a tremendous amount of power but you have to use it. You have to use. On at by the way Leary is still later. Aria okay and tell you white app uses are many amity back on the phones an innocent but I got it bring attention is because if this is not exhibit day. As to why we have to fight so hard this country because there's nowhere to go I hear so many people so does leave and go where. Exactly are you going that's more free than here here's an example what's going on. Not Afghanistan. At K not Cuba not a China but in the UK. On three different people. One Katie and two Americans turned away at the British border. There illegal immigrants a whole heck don't know I don't know one it was a Christian. Do is contain and barred entry into the UK the police accused her being a radical Christian. And asked her bizarre questions on current tax and finally ruled she was too racist to walk around in Britain why. Because she hadn't. Pasted it. Satirical LG BT four islam's flyers that showed gay people being turned off buildings in Islamic countries. Guess what that actually happens she was denied entry. Into the country. Over the weekend same thing happened to two American YouTube verse Britney pet about her boyfriend. Martin still there they wanted to interview Tommy. Robinson who is also a vocal critic of Islam and a conservative her conservative there they call you white supremacist pretty much like here. They they say they had person on there you gathered YouTube channels that they won they were going to be interviewing them they're going to UK to do it they were stopped at the border arrested. And deeds paint and UK praising me. For 72 hours. They had gnashing you know you and yet so I guess they're detaining him for having incorrect thoughts. I got I don't know. Conspiracy conspiracy to interviewing everywhere now Tunney Robinson. Has not committed any crimes. As completely creamed clean criminal record. And it's all in all aspects a free citizen my date my doing conservatives is it citizen who has argued that Islamist incredibly destructive for his country. But that's so it takes they were put into it prison for three days. A detention facility and shipped back to the US. Sounds like the thought police alive and well on the UK yes so you know when you still obviously Gerald and Delaware. Wit to win here folks because our backs up against the while there is no Oregon he believes is really nice this time of year. But is fabulous are you got to be Christian air I don't how would always check for your pets sheds temporary village known as changes. And this is. What we're up against and getaway this the daily caller points out about this. And he did that the level which that that the speech police have gone to in in the UK. All this is this UK that detains people for being radical Christian. Bombed and two right wing at the Porter. But alas I didn't remember 400. Former races fighters to return to Britain some of whom have citizenship some of whom do not actually the had some on the job experience and Syria deny yes that's Kelly look at is on the job experience and doing lap killing Christians. Will we know what any of them in our country anyway. No big loss to society yet 400 ice is fighters allowed back in the UKY. I'm big is the UK was different it would lose a generation by not welcoming back VG patties and reintegrating them. Them point that's sort of self defeating profit yes that's Max hill. British official in charge I guess of the reintegration. Plant for three integrating these charities include giving returnees free housing and other government assistance. A far cry from the Hearst heard any assigned to journalists who just want to interview a critic of Islam. I guess you could consider the Jihad veterans. Get their veterans of Jihad. Join the women's march Christie Todd is very much appreciated there apparently so. OK so this is where we are today in the UK. And we have Angela Merkel literally on hot Mike telling FaceBook. To censor people in her country who she disagrees with and Zuckerberg going to sound like a great idea. I'm we have actual censorship going on in the UK I mean this is so FaceBook is colluding with the German government. Had to influence an election. It's totally normal. No but signals you're. His face and this is why we have to play here because arm using this is in coming here do you think again this is exactly where they intend to go UK's describe their first that's all there if there is no where freed it up. This is it went on we say this country we get to live in freedom for. They'll stop you at the border in which imprisoned for three days men send you back here. What are the what are what are the case Lee you're coming back here you're gonna have to deal with what's going on our country so you know what it destined to fight. On the fight here while you still can't because we got to win it would have a choice. James from Spartanburg good morning sir. I think your morning for a quick look like abductors employment and take kid who all they don't call her graduation this year. And if they leak that program. I think that they issued. Let it can be a home money you know they can't even walk out with a simple and rare and I'm half black woman of color before they're all real village almost all of the well. They can stop them from walking out if they wanted to do and they are saying he had that they could you said they do it all the time and during markdowns. A lot of people out of local television. Last month and OK club and the immigration plan and did well profit up and the countries where if you show up front about it I've got to play to reviewed that travel goes we can happen through a network but didn't completed. Yes. Images which should join in the Philippines and was just you know it can go ahead Nasser free through welfare. And voting rights and then if you didn't get it just riot. Show up but congress members' offices and scream at them what Edward sheer pressure they would be very understanding in the Philippines. Might you from Greenville good morning. You weren't. I'm sixteen year old daughter that way Hampton and I got old school on long walk up on them. And our follows we were told anybody walks out into an update or. What is going on yes and and net and they've been consistent on that the school system has they don't want these kids walking out there they're choosing option beat army women's march menu which is have your protest in school and have. Teachers students organizing it it would what is Reggie nineteen I was gone and wade Hampton inside the school she told you they'd be doing anything tomorrow for the march. Our leader on the murder where Busch shirt that there would be allowed to go to war or bookmark that okay our. Our. She didn't say that the school my administration's. Much duly tribal organization what the like I'm I'm kind of what the other sort. No weren't immediately. And as loud and high school back in the sixties we urge you walk out of school and demonstrated you can correct. Gloria and street creature come in mutually. Six or seven. Indoor go our government our national strictly. Of course when he starts talking about it and spoke do that you approach you or not protest or you're sort. And the approach will put how worried should anybody organized approach church to protect them and on school armor school property you will not virtually. In the virtual stroke. Yeah MySpace and import truck oil. Always a good idea to send him packing back to simply never want to accept anybody like from Chapel Hill like if they actually choose to live there thing I learned when I ailments UNC. Coordinate this year ago. Selig is still did that. Is still returners of the people's republic of for a Chapel Hill where capital we get cold out how yet it still is a cool town but knock out your record territory he didn't I would. I really was yeah ashen sick as I haven't been there about seven years is is not cool anymore. It shouldn't get and sanity the traffic. East beat you ever go Howard should keep order Chapel Hill from Burlington. And just you and Marshall clothes and drop the chew on the road to hang out you know college Bart have a couple years. And you know don't you college girls but. The tree pitched like driver and a more amateurs. And Mitch. Which are there any lead on college is getting to the point. There are no longer will look cool college turn out well is not quite there yet but dirt on her art. Yeah yeah I'm no I'm not surprised my clay how many home school for college rate. Asking good idea Amy take your phone call. She does is he German planning Texan and we get text rates Greenville county schools. Tacking about BM plans. For the event that coincides. Richard totally coincidence Quincy generally would be anti gun groups women's marsh and again protest tomorrow at ten. So sorry about that today as to what you are gonna have your kids do and for your reaction to that. Ring the county schools texture rates have now set the president that political protests are now welcome in our schools any time for any reason yes that is he'd that's so dangerous about tennis. It's gonna be him well no we don't UK Chris as we've always and is every time there's a mass shooting. That we wait free gun controlled group you have a protest in and we go ahead didn't organized the kids around the protest we act like we can't keep him from walking out of school and we just wanna keep them sick. You can't keep kids from walking at a school. That they had a sub to a lot downs. And they have a shooter in the area lucked out picky kid say Fred. Thank Heath kits mock now they just don't want to pay rather organize them in an anti gun protests which is what basis they won't admit it but what Ann Dexter rates. At this school walk at the school walkout it appears these schools have reformed the Hitler youth groups. Will they start having book burnings at their next rally. Add sex or race. And I agree though we're here at a text sure it's neat. This go our students are in school to learn not to be and community activists. I'd say not a jester race. Greene County schools is facilitating a huge distracts huge distract forced students and causing strife in our community it's exactly what to do. Tech series where they plan on walking to Starbucks and get a latte Friday. Ajax a lancer. But you know dang hits stores. Dexter writes about Rex Tillerson should've known he doesn't make policy working for the president he is there to reflect the president's policies. It'd takes your rights. Bender believes it's Ford tourist areas nice outside that very pour. Now things have been the police. Here is nice this time you're. Tech generates. Tropic is a businessman he sees the rest the world is competition I'm afraid his DNA an ego will inevitably force him to press the button. And will be left with no one except let Rush Limbaugh and adjust the fight you are really believed that kind of mind. We need to infringe idea. In principle it come. But even watch too much MSNBC turn stuff capital let's turn itself off or write your brain. Add texture is this they teachers sponsored type in my Greenville schools tomorrow the saint teachers sponsored political event. Wiry pain and he used children to advance their power app personal political views outer half I ask you a question. And I do something about it contact your school board member text the word school to 791. At 307. I and might I am registered worn either gonna tell our shoot it up it's not that not it's not anti gun control protest that talk show I she just lies to you. But again it just didn't sonnet that they have put out I have not put up on my FaceBook page you can read them first if you would like you know what they have actually set. And it's why don't we we don't walk up to Denny second mantra sec remember kids say data what I had went to we can't have that that would cause disruption. Okay. So pro second mamet disruptive. And I and I should get amending group will will have our pro says time with the and I won't be disruptive. So they think in our school system. Is this how they think and really do that because they don't hear from me as they should hear from you. Text the word at school to 71307 again we'll help you find school board member. Text your rates again. I'm texting am actually sitting in regards to listen Riverside high buzzer in the front by the office back door unlocked all day. Well. This is when somebody comes in the back door with a gun and does some terrible somebody outside our rights though left the door. Texture it's maybe students can use their phones to record the non political less of the event. Yeah I it may appear listening I would love if you would advise your kids please if they if they do see something say something. To this talk radio host can't get on camera. They won't let comedian there is a good there's good reason that I latest. I can tell you this but I know it is. I think it would be fine at with all of the other media outlets in sound being at this protest tomorrow because they know it's gonna be spy on his good wholesome gun control princess then. Make yellow good they don't want to be already enact then learn to determine their because they know we'll tell you the truth. They don't want us there as they got a bar everybody. Well let's make up the difference with the kids. Recording on their phones. Tirade well so I maritime a big deal will be back tomorrow same time same place in joy in the afternoon and.