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Tuesday, March 13th

Greenville County Schools now admits participation in national anti-gun protest


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Play good morning to all we now know what the real reason that gringo caddies goals may have to what they are now admitting. Is a Croat controlled gun legislation and movement. Exercise inside their schools so they've now admitted that congratulations. We said in a week ago and they. Read the parasites holds a diet. And bash is agreement county high schools that I had to prom they're now admitting I'm in this statement that came on yesterday from Greenville high schools. The intended purpose. And this national movement to talk about the women's march sponsored anti gun events that they had your children will be your children will be participating with. It in tomorrow. A matter school's starting at ten the intended purpose of this national movement is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic. That's those are there words from your Greenville county school systems Simon I'm getting some parents gone. I don't know I don't know are seated just honoring the dead now here are their words out of again gringo county school system the intended purpose of this national movement is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic. Richard admitted it. Is it polarizing since we've asked them to unify and focus on kindness remembrance and billing assay for school climb. Well week polarizing. What are we just dumb. Or resembles sides here. Grade me to have to do this to me it's a horrible idea to do anything political in school no matter what side you're on a bit if you got to do this okay let's have both sides that. I guarantee you they're allowed more pro gun kids this is the upstate not Vermont. On that there are a lot more prevent kids including kids who hunt issue to their parents is my coming my kids died grown up that way. Bombed their lot more pro gun kids they pentagon kits. So additional amount take Sutton no. Now we don't why would the real reason the walkout was canceled leave this is from a statement. On the green kind school's web set. They said it was for safety there are confirmed concern was safety kits they're gonna have to take an inside and not let the media photograph what they're doing with your children as they participate in what they admit. Is again control event. Well what should embark out. Here is from their website a walk out in support of gun reform legislation. Could provoke a silent as walk out the support of gun ownership rights. Which could lead to unrest at school. Okay. So. AA is set to show show they admit there they're taking play part in a gun control pro gun control legislation movement thank and that's okay. Jessica that's gonna prevent gun rights but you we can't have these press Second Amendment. But to Yahoo! News out there at McCain for their gun rights is that can prevent can rest. There weren't stomach. Well how much does not having political. My mental politically much animated. Activities period that's that's what were the real issue is here. Despite whichever side you may get angry issue that this is this is about politics and this is something that is a a public school should not be involved him. In mean you know if you wanna have a debate somewhere if you wanna have a memorial for the student to be one of these something after school. If you wanna do something and you know. Alma football field after hours. You know when and those opportunities are reported to on every group. That may have a particular. You know viewpoint. Then fine. But you know the whole thing didn't concerns me about this that this is a purely political event. And as you have stated here and and there's been admitted now by the information we got just written school district that this was begun by a group. Not not by the county in order or the door the school district but this was the national campaign. Was torn about this one as well which was a pro gun control movement. So this is no initial evidence referred the Jihad that they want to conduct its own there against trump according to their leadership and that's that's political to write to disk. So I I don't know and it got Lucy and sore when other co chairs of the woman's arm Newt you know and when his heart she did not say she intended to conduct trump Jean on trump with a gun. Or should he is like a slingshot she did not set them but every conducting G hi I'm assuming you're can only use a weapons and is not a bear against. In using weapons to hurt people it is a rich as they don't want people who disagree with them marked. Is pretty much I mean their barrel for violent and mean we shop and as examples of their violence and look at it Madonna Ashley Judd coming unhinged. Talking about doing violent things to try doing violent things of the White House says this is not an anti violence movement that the Greenville county schools is align themselves with at all. They're anti gun ownership movement they're perfectly happy with violence. If it suits their purposes. On that's why they did not condemn Madonna. After she said was she says. They just days fly without. Jihad against trump that's what their leaders stand for I mean these are radical group our schools are embracing here. And you know I I keep getting this from parents to an end and did don't I don't don't necessarily understand this is is Michelle. My son's high school here in Greenville county is doing something to remember the seventeen in the principal made it clear it is not for gun control. While the school system just made it clear that it is for gun control. Front in their statement this is a gun control movement and so no matter what your doing even if your Sino land or you're honoring students. If you're doing it. From ten to eleven tomorrow. You are part of the national gun control movement that has endorsed violence against the president your your child is taking part of it does matter what they did. They are to dissipate. And you can't get around that this administration knows it we can say admitted here in the statement. Now that you're participating in the national gun control movement their words not mind. This is why. This this should never enough votes should never happen bit at all. There's there's absolutely nothing wrong with you know some after hours rafter school. Remembrance of those lost a lot Paris where you wanna do that especially the student group wants to do on aren't in fact one of the things I would have suggested. On is if these students want to protest against guns fine awesome that's your first commemorate actually there is a protest going on on March 24 here with pentagon people on his arms around. And there's four of them. Com and now and maybe five hour looking at their website and see you know what good do it on your own time I'm fine with me I've been fine with me. Now I mean that's you're in fact call here and argue with me down like but not not during school now. He scares me about this plea and why am I have fight so hard against this is this what with the green county school system is doing right now setting a precedent. That every time. Some nights they the FBI knew about. Five times the close the case. On decides to take a guy and we could have been prevented issued at the school. They are gonna simply a case of anti gun protest in school afterward. I know the parents kick coming in NC was gone and the media can't come and see what's going on we we do this with your children thank you very much. Comment yeah we've always done this why you have why you have said this is the precedent. I'm at an Arab anti discus spin out of control. I'm hoping that is the exact opposite that they see the amount of blowback here they understand I'm trying to create a blowback well. Believe me there are so there's some who are joining you on that and have been am and I hope that they see the third. The error of their ways so to speak in that this is saved purely political situation and this is something that. Should be left for outside of school activities in schools times. Listen to the wording here as a parent this makes me start screaming mad and I wanna just like you know Turbo blast ran out of my seat when I read this because just moved to grow reading at all. In this statement by Greenville news OK after they admit yeah okay we're taking part in a national movement to support gun control legislation their words not mine. A highly sensitive political topic their words not mine they then grade. About a wide media can't photographic work are recorded these are not public events is Greene County schools spent. These are private student led activities that have been organized and implemented by young people and miners during the school day while they are in our care. We translate you had no business seeing what we're doing with your children when they're on our time. Sedentary in you know mostly SI as less Leno you know my Greenville county schools is a bear barring media. I'll tell you why she can't say they don't want one a 63 W guardian schools and they got a bar everybody to keep us out. That's why if we hadn't raised a ruckus about this they would elect. Parties and the news outlets and because they know they definitely coverage. We're gonna tell people the truth about what goes on any schools tomorrow and that's what they want what they'd that's where they can't let the media and but look how they do this but if you want pictures. Dennis is right out of the Stasi if you want pictures. This search has an experienced communique seen who Leon do our schools and to provide video and photographs of student events that her. Let me translate after we run these through the Politburo bureau to sensitize them. I desensitize them we will provide you with government approved pictures of what your children were doing today. That's it that's what they're doing this is absolutely. Outrageous. Text your age pair should keep their kids at a school tomorrow there is no way my kid's been school Amara before eleventh if they were high school in junior high and we just go to shooting range. Celebrate her second amendment rights and talk again about why we have them and how they make is the Prius people on earth. I'd text your race. I'm sure we call shall we all called the school board complain that it's a great idea. I'm I would give you the text what the word detects Chris you know usually have to top your that I am in a push on us by if I was for its scoreboard word. A Siskel word word. And I think her microphone still broken. Okay I'll have that when we. Return. At street sure this is atypical government may have been ordered to keep you say if they wanna take your guns away you know what your children campaigning to take your guns away. Once said that. Let's Kelly you're going to do it tomorrow. Yesterday and leaves school system finally admitted it that your children will be participating. And from roughly ten to 1030. I'm in a national gun control legislation event. They admitted so now we got that out on the table. What if they Greenville news is gonna run a retraction. It's a decision to the woodshed for suggesting this was a gun control events that we were just about a week ahead of them. As usual. Now I'm not going from our attraction is the Greenville county news. It might be true but it rarely is anyway I this statement that came out from any school system flat out admits. That what they're doing it with. From it it appears junior high and high school students. We'll myriad Q this is from the statement yesterday the intended purpose of this national movement. Is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic. Is polarizing students we have asked them to unify and focus on kindness remembrance and building a safer school climate. Now this is the statement on now why did acknowledge the media record what they're doing here. These are not public events these are private student let activities that have been organized and implemented by young people and miners during the school day while they're in our care. A statement makes you wanna come just unglued all the work they've been putting together this great gun control stuff we. He stocked them. It looked about as many of you and ask too why don't we just stem. At a Second Amendment. Celebration. If you. I would do that how about we ought to gut the the coach who gave his life using his body. To shield the students. Because he was forced to leave his gun at home. How about we all honor him in our outrage over his unnecessary execution. But they won't tell you this on the media anywhere but for in the media anywhere but fox that coach. Bomb was not just a coat she was a school security officer he'd been deputized as one. But he was allowed to carry gut. Here's FOX & Friends to remind. That coach has a gun and according to reports was trained to use that gun. He wasn't allowed to bring it to school so we had to use his body any ends up and I totally him. Press second amendments. Coinciding. Com. Memorial service when we do that we can't. Because too much unrest at school says the Greenville county school system watched. Credo caddie schools and I have posted this on my FaceBook page you can read for yourself this is funny statement off there web page. Reno county schools apparently feared pro second man in protests. Would erupt. If they let the anti Second Amendment kids walk out of school. That does what in Iraq the pro gun control walkouts. And so to kissing too controlled that. They decided to move the the gun control protest movement celebration whatever they're calling it inside the schools their words quote. They walk out in support of gun reform legislation. Could provoke a similar take us walk out in support of gun ownership rights god forbid. I wish you could lead to unrest it's holes which we can now have a pro Second Amendment in Greenville county schools that can have. No no no just gun control. And we don't want comedian taking pictures because. Daniel now what we do with your children. Where there was a winner in our care. You know can we have to me that this part of the gun control but we have no choice. By the way if you would like to find a time your school board critter that Brasco and let him know what you think about this. This demonstration tomorrow starting at 10 AM. Text the word school to 71307. That's school as CH OOL. To 713. As some you don't win a thousand dollars but you like you do. I get to keep. Your Second Amendment Rights if you fight hard enough and voice closer Taylor we better start fighting. Can they are using our children against they argue literally eating our children at inked in I don't care if there if they're having an ominous sounds whatever they are clearly meeting our children. In a national protest. Against their parents having guns is kids Arnold left ought to own them. It is it they're literally weaponized or your children against. And a lot of parents are even getting. Tech's school to 71307. Let your school board member now. What you think. By the way a lot of time INS are warning about is a lot of times when I am I've discovered what had you call somebody. They're not usually ready for your rage. And so they'll turn on me and Josh she told you the wrong thing so to prepare you this keeps happening to me. To print very I have pasted both statements have been reading from this morning to my FaceBook page there's two prize state go to not long eagle wean yourself. So when they when when when this school board members nepalese Al bush is making it up and you'll have the statements right there to read for yourself. Judge for yourself while it's excellent just explode lot of parents not happy out there. Text your answer I thought the upstate was supposed to be a very conservative part of the country we may need to rethink that but little loved to hear from parents when he joined. I am I have but several parents that are sending kids to school they did they wouldn't wanna do it. In NR AT shirts or don't tread MET shirts and think that's awesome and I know how that goes tomorrow they get any harassment. Dexter writes terrace of the coach. In Broward county and the Parker enjoyed in the apartment coach. Com was killed by gun control. He was he was disarmed and send to war zone with only his body to protect those kids thank god he was big. He was able to absorb more bullets to body couldn't take a guy he was trained to use an owned. A texture is a private events in a public school. Yeah. Let the door so we asked them it's their crazy idea text your grades how dear of these people manipulate children against our society's core belief system. Yes that's right how dear that. I should call ends and give your school board members here a bending. Text your grades wouldn't doing this during school hours by law make it public events and not a private event. I suspect idiot judge would actually have to decide dad and if it was a pro Second Amendment event at the ACLU was sued by now. So unfortunately there's no one once again standing up for our site. Take straits Jetta so god and guns Beilin scared means more today than ever before he had a two dads out of the school and got out of the schools to controversy up. And control movement participation. So okay. On school time. Dexter is what are the easiest time to discuss mental health. What I teach your kids something. Like history geometry algebra. Tenser rates. I'm eventually comes to harming my children don't be skipping it the next. What that means side OK at texture its chair. Remember caddie employees are also state employees. And finally Sarah if they go through this why couldn't some parents get together and see Greenville county school district I'm great idea. Still love to know how let you planning analysts as a parent. You've got to junior high school shooting rain uncanny schools. You get a cinema school tomorrow. Tell just to ignore. The pro gun control movements participation in their school schools aren't will be joining the women's march they are the ones organizing this event no matter how these minute they can't get around that. This is the women's may have meant that you know leadership in the sand source that she wanted to conduct Jihad against trump. Madonna wanted to blow the White House. Is there for a violence you understand it's just not you know a day against some people not all people. On so I know how you're gonna handle this tomorrow it's intent. You take it should nor is cinema school he would keep them home. It is sent him to school and RET shirts and you're saying you're doing not your kids who want to do that. Tester race to the school board says this is student led says students should also demand to have a pres Second Amendment events you know equal time. Well yet the school system again has already addressed that. In his statement that they originally claimed that the reason that they weren't gonna let the kids walk out which is what they're asking the women's women's asking kids to do. As it was for safety now we find out why Jersey quote from entering the schools. Web sites they walk out in support of gun reform legislation could provoke a simultaneous walk out. In support of gun ownership rates which could lead to unrest is cool so. Yet they want to make she said they'd they'd let me let me translate they moved. They're pro gun control. Protest activities inside the school so they can control administrators to control them that way you can't have a pro Second Amendment. Demonstration. In its peaceful. And you see Canada pres Second Amendment demonstration anyone have any unrest. Well if you press Second Amendment you don't get to be a part of of something you know like this and why. Part of it you can even be a part of the moment of silence yet that's part of the national movement at ten everywhere supposed to be doing as the ones that. There is no opportunity for the aside that's what's so disgusting about that's. Texture so we sending my child's school the morning and picking my child up at 930. Tester it's cherry is Spartanburg county schools participating in a pro gun control that on not as I just talk only about this not as far as we can tell. The newsroom has called up around in Spartanburg county they cannot find any evidence that that is going on. In terms of administrators coordinating it like they are in Anderson. One AND hearing Greeneville. Jerry here tech stories we walk out of high school in the sixties for not being able to Wear jeans. See that's something I can get behind. Inherently non political. Text your answer I seed channel 7 NEWS camera set out and it a set up in front of Riverside high school this morning. Is it to cover any locked up well with the schools is some said was. That they're not going to allow any news stations into the schools. To cover whether actually doing with your children and they are but they will let the news and set up outside the school they can just you know film up picture of the school charter school for there. Pro gun control carver I mean for their coverage. Here's what they read these are not public events these are prided still let activities that have been organized and implemented by young people and miners during the school day while they're in our care. No it's none your business what we're doing with your kids. On our time. Add texture change your good morning this is Robert from taylors again why don't we just to file the rules and regulations and have a demonstration will get arrest. Armed tester race this isn't just what happens we let political correctness role by early this is making you angry your apparent. Text towards school to 71307. Much school board member now how you feel. Can use that link you tech school to 71307. You can use that link to find at your school board. Representative is and let them know what you think about that's okay shot and from great court morning John. From all the other district which could pop up as our superintendent. Arch terrorists about what was gonna happen winched yell at you now are you a copy of about church you militarist. But there's FaceBook page in large Coke make our schools should forgive Lawrence county. Where we it's very conservative group we are taking back. Been saying that the other political took a lot to patrol best learning. Always seemed very little and what are the things we found out that disturb the worst. This is the alignment of anarchist type on American groups to sponsor. On all of a gun control. Is pretty much an issue issues. She urged. Well what can we prepare what can we really do what order we have a. On the best thing you can do you seceded Tex on explaining renounced Charny is stunting to find your school board member. On and rattle their show and make their life. I a real pain in the butt today. By the way without people in the latest as is an anti Obama people texting his glory now I want it be prepared for when you call them or email them they're gonna say I'm lying you. That what I'm telling you was not the truth that's what they do to try to warm at best and again that is why I have put up on the W already phase but page and on my face for page. The statements from Reno county schools that I am quoting where they admit this is a gun control pro gun control legislation movement. And where they admit they didn't want to Second Amendment protests. Bomb that they thought might break out if they allowed kids to walk out of school so they took it into the schools to control that those state they don't said that they're on the record they're on my FaceBook page general idea when you call them that's what they do it. Eight. Continues and will they are saying thankfully they're going to bury it continues and there's been elevated to the media in this given abortions for people wanna see our schools should stated they're protected and secure. Terror look of protection. It coach. It does your rate. You're right. Payment of payments died from Sean and you know what we shouldn't she's figuring we're glad we're still having been controlling. Than usual to me that was pretty much settled it was 1776. Member of the thing. But Bob's got a screen mean. He's awesome by the next. Week yet less people who try to take our brother our guns for the British and then at the bottom it says we killed them. We did was call the revolution that sounds violent but we celebrate its. Fourth of July declaration of independence. Notified think the fireworks to read about it in school textbooks we celebrated. We do. Our heritage they're checking the very foundation of our country. Text rates with the number cellphones in the high schools the demonstrations will be all over social media violence and our hopes up. Sending if you are going to send your child's school send them out with a Saturn. And they would normally never advise you to do Senna wouldn't sign and have the record what goes on because they're not allowing us the media to come in and find out what they're doing. Com with your children now as they say in a statement while they are in our care. These are prices Greene County schools these are private student activities and an organized and implemented by young people miners. During the school day while they are in our care. Man you're darn business they're saying what we do with your kids. What we participate in what they in this state agreement county schools is a national movement in supporting gun control legislation outrageous. It's going on tomorrow from ten net 211 letting you know that and usually keeping kids out. Tech text your right to wake up parents they're taking your children. I don't source. They're participating. In a national. Gun control. Events to disarm you. With your children. That they're having they're activating your children to dis army you. There's no other way to explain this they admitted to gun control event debate over. By the way if you wanna find out who your school board member is who thought this was a good idea tech's school. 271307. That school to 71307. Text and stare as they agree though county. Employee I am livid that this is being allowed to we needed to teach just for the record a lot of administrators and teachers agree with defending our actual. Are now instead of laying down like sheep. Talking about the what what degree what kind of schools now admits is let me use their words. The intended purpose of this national movement is to support gun control legislation. And highly sensitive political topic. The national moment of it is of course the women's march leading. Your children in Greeneville schools tomorrow on in a protest during antenna so they are now admitting they are pro they are participating. In eight clenched national movement to support rent control legislation that is or that is a statement we received yesterday from the school system. As keep emphasizing this I put the statement up on my FaceBook page is also on the one a 63 W or. And because when you call them your school board member they're gonna tell you online as what they do they turn it on me because they can't explain what they're doing with your children. I say not it's not gonna enjoy this got a dead at judge now let's just honorary it's not know the school system has admitted. In their words they are purchasing participating in a national movement to support gun control legislation that was in their statement yesterday. And if you don't you know don't they are word for it we put the statement up on the FaceBook page both of them. Com and I've also put up the other as statement off the Greenville news site and Greg sorry to greet the school's site that says that they. Did not want to have a walk out because they were afraid a 2 April Second Amendment protests would break out that they don't want pro Second Amendment protests that would be back. Theory that to this outrage justices this is right off at Greeneville dot K12 dot SE died US. They want in support of gun reform legislation could provoke a simultaneous walk out in support of gun ownership right. Which could lead to unrest it's school and they're explaining why. They decided to move the events in a school and have the administrators control that. Student led they claim. I believe that but that's what they claim student led. About red luminous seek we have these pro second Mehmet people are neck and neck could lead to unrest. It's good anti kind kits that would never happen within. And T for. Here's more from the statement and and a Levy every parent's what are you doing. What is your plan. After tomorrow its sister is ten to eleven you let your kids go to school Chris from Simpson bill. Good morning Carol. I was just wondering what you're props were aren't. Getting eight Mueller style. Special investigation into collusion between the Greenville county school district and new mothers walk out Kurt. You mean when his arch. Yeah are we just somebody to say you I really hurting like the ACLU. Our start something like yeah I know parents you know what. I'm telling you this they're set a precedent with this every time there's a shooting they're gonna have your kids marching against your gun rights. Column if we if we don't make this really hard on them and and you're right Chris the best way to do that is a lawsuit. Our site has to start to fight this stuff. Are they're gonna take her kids minds and they only do it because they. We we left. That's BM because we let them but but Chris say this is absolutely. You know politics in school. In estimating they admit that in this didn't agreement county schools. Myriad CO. The intended purpose of this national movement is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic so they know let's politics they know what's in schools they notes for gun control legislation. And they're having your children do it it's all right there in a statement and again you can find it on FaceBook so that when you call the school board and they deny everything I just said which they will. Com you will be able to read to them the statement. From their own spokesperson. About if you want to had a conversation or send an email to your school board member text the word school. Add to 71307. That there was an healing to a happy figure out who your school board member it's. Again that school you can texted to 713. 07. Text your rates add texture rates at terra either we need to get off planet liberal or get them off the planet a few. Monkeys are hijacking our country because we let them there's a lot more of us then there is of them and that's what's so offensive about this school. I'll walk out. When you look at national you know that they're keeping inside yes but does still at at their own pentagon protesters they admit. Is it you look at Paula there Paula to pull even generational why they are pro gun rights. There absolutely pro second Emma pro gun rights and the voice of the majority is being absolutely denied here as dangerous. And something that in there weren't screened pennies cool as could cause unrest. If we allow these pro second amending Yahoo!'s to demonstrate. Does your shows in this what they're doing organizing our kids what they teach Yemen history class. I I I'd love to know that I think maybe I don't want to it would scare me.