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Tuesday, March 13th

House Intel Committee concludes Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia; Greenville County Schools now admits participation in national anti-gun protest


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I played good morning after wasting a tremendous and unbelievable amount of time now the house Intel committee. Has announced they have found as a shocking known Cassini is coming no evidence. Couldn't preferred trump over Hillary Clinton no evidence. But collusion in the 2016. Election. From so they pasted this is the house Intel committee let me tell you what that means that means. This is not just Veba has these are people who have CNET. Com all of the documents. That you have to have security clearances. For so you your league back when they said was seventeen intelligence agencies agree and I am dead Sally sweet note that the Russians colluded well no way to start to we get there. Three intelligence agencies. Agree. That the Russians. Influence Steele Ari wanna get to intelligence agencies agreed. And the NSA's really share. That's Mike Rogers they they are really now they can't strongly support yes they see all of that intelligence. Okay. Com and except for the intelligence that the FB light and the Department of Justice will not give them. Despite them subpoena saying it but you know the FB line apartment just course take. Point of view that subpoenas are for them to use against us not to be used against them by congress or any any other body including apparently god or Jesus Christ himself. They are above everybody. On that's their positions they have casinos intelligence documents but you would think it beat. Anti riot and the DOJ would want to turn and no or no wouldn't they if they had proof of some Serb collision nor. If they had proof that the Russians had in fact influence the election. But they have not so. They have found no evidence. Basically any of this. That you know there was collusion and Ned the term campaign was in contact with Russia and is they can invite evidence. Again net to have Russian president Vladimir Putin had a preference for Donald Trump. Or Hillary Clinton. Magellan said if I were prudent and it overwhelmingly it would be for Clinton I mean she was Arianna payroll. Yeah I image you eyes and Demi and give her mid day don't don't what two million dollars total CD act. Clinton foundation I mean that was just uranium one I mean so they had her dead to rights they hatter I mean aid they had are three ways to Sunday that there Russians that they wanted to blackmail a the the here's our president Mike Conway the piece about Clinton's purported preference for trump. We think it was not supported by the evidence that was available throughout the entire process. And he used common sense to get to that Putin's preferred preference for a while like that a liberation Harrisburg it's nice to. Is is look at mile that the other major thing. And that we deep well the only major thing actually we know the Russian government itself has attempted to influence. Alma and and we know this because who can actually traced the payments and because Hillary Clinton admitted it that the idea. Is is that the Russians have long a pump a lot of money into these global warming groups to try to get us not to frak. On and to extract the oil and natural gas because we're now killing them. And that is the only campaign where we actually can Trace the money straight back to the Russians. For armed you know attempting to influence. Anything he can't even do that by the way I am in their in the election despite Muller's report those Russians. We're merely trying to generate emails so they can use it for click bait for their emails in other Nigerian prince he knows. Whenever there is an. Armed yet so anyway as sick today and and mess up your computer or so attempt to sell you stuff whoever bought your email I'm personal information from them depending on what they want to do it. It was a criminal enterprise it was not in a prize to influence an election. And and that is why the majority of the ads they ran on social media and they spent. About 3000 dollars not 300003000. Dollars per you know stage. Bomb was the majority of the money and the majority ads were after the election. And that's visit you know Clinton and intro were hot day in and so they can dish it click on the site they can turn information. Silly red and that's it that's what's up with at okay show. This is yesterday you chart congressman Chris Stewart who sits on the Intel committee talking about the Republican report and it can't find any evidence seclusion and a song needs to and. We've been accusing people of conspiracy. And treason. And at the end of the day these people are innocent aren't these aren't these others who oppose what they're Republicans are set almost hardly going to come forward and just say. You know I immediately got this wrong it's not fair to these individuals to keep this cloud over them went in there just isn't evidence Walsh is an important. Fat but Democrat members of that committee are blasting the GOP ranking member Adam Schiff ripping the Republican report. And here's that many misconceived that Donald Trump was going to be a very poor president. What we could see is how many people be complicit. In that how many people would be willing to resign their obligations. Under the constitution and our system of checks and balances. In the service of that deeply flawed president. The the unmitigated gall of this shift DI congressman. Sitting here talking about checks and balances after we endured eight years of the Obama administration. Is this is just. As altering my shift is is blasting this report. While there's no collusion Wally on our all colluding to say there's no clues he admitted there's no collision on the view now. Was it less regularly before it was an of the general every show because every time these people have been asked have you seen any evidence of collusion everyone who said no. Now they haven't said it has definitively as Republicans have. But they say no we don't have any evidence of that we're stalking but we don't have any evidence it's been fourteen months we're still looking but we don't have any evidence. Including on Dianne Feinstein who is on on the senate committee that is investigating mess has she said sending up there's Nam there's no. Evidence of collusion so Republicans come on you you'll hear them getting arrested today on a television why how could they say there's no. Evidence of collusion pays. Well isn't that we all been saying you know. Yeah here's by the way I he had just one of the many times I'm shift has committed there's no evidence. Of collision many of us could see that Donald Trump was going to be a very poor. I carried that was around when I'm sorry I got the wrong when I I'll I'll get it hasn't gotten here I just kept wondering but among my many I had the problem is I have so many. Audio our audio is about a shift saying there is no collision he's been doing for months. I'm trying to find must respond but anyway. Three get your privacy your peers okay its eyes just hit at least your client at least I was still in the air and yes it's Tuesday RH show. Com did you hear this DF BIA. The local guys had a meeting big meeting yesterday and Simpson bill 202. Have representatives of local churches were there. To talk about and what ice is to spread they're going to do which is there a starship shooting up churches. Honor and and going into them and and just take everybody out we've seen some of that in last year though it hasn't but I says it's been spent of the folks up. Thumb but she there's obviously enough of a concern by the FBI that they did a planning session with. You know church clergy representatives on how they can better secure. Their churches which to me this is a huge red flag the FBI doesn't take the time to do something like this the local level unless they've got. Really solid Intel that this is going to become a problem. In America. Amen and we seen the news reports on anyway but I thought it was interestingly the the FBI agents one of the two was up there giving advice had this to say. Brewer who. You have a I have a presence you have individuals that are watching. Any individual that is trying to talk to you won't notice that no look for softening toward that determines the hero for something easier. If you soft target if you have somebody who's watching. Me. Plagued lately don't have a gun free zone. There's a plague us still like. Well you know if you're so worried about the terrible expense most easily if the state newspaper we're so worried about the terrible and horrific expense of putting school resource officers in schools. Well we can have somebody watching and maybe did move onto another district. Mean god forbid but our children them. Would have a better chance maybe if we had an armed person in our our churches they'd move on what we hope lol lol lol maybe. If we had a sign outside instead it's un staff members are some staff members are armed. As they have outside many I'm of the schools across the country where and staff members armed perhaps then. They would it. Find that they would do what the FBI is saying they have learned shooters do. And go somewhere else Ringo hard death count. You know stuff that was interesting advice by the FBI had someone watching the new. What an interesting concept and I am watching images we're all sitting there watching. A special someone like us security tight. Officer. May with a side armed. You'll see. At my church more times than not to go there it's Justin must be something going on with this too because I'm I started going my church who occasionally sees curiosity and it was pretty rare. Now he is there all the time he and air. When. You know the kids are going to Sunday school and they and they're you know there's not masculine on our I've been his job at times when there's not anything don't know. Dishes activities or no service I'm theirs. The church members that I am familiar with and in the area. And not just the church that I tanned but also in the entire area are very aware of the security risk and or taking a lot of steps I was just site. To circumvent things in there are a lot of planning. Some of the local municipal. Police departments have been having some meetings we churches talking about security. I know that the county sheriff's in some of these counties have been doing the same thing and of course with the us state and federal authorities as well. I'm just say in if somebody. Try something down here in South Carolina. It may not in health. No I you know what every time I talk about this on the hair on someone from my church inevitably will email me and text me. So I really noticed a big church down don't worry that it covered up I always come Armani you'll see it if something goes down. It's tough judge announced clad. I'm glad. That this is kinda gives you an idea what we face and what's to come dunk. So when he went sad but true. So the Greenville news as us a retraction wonderful get it. Why this is why I so often want warn you. You read it if I read it in the Greenville news it might be true I have to put that cautionary Astor act. Took this still would shed the other day. It was me but they naming unique it's the radio station. I'm forgetting rob we got this green real county school districts and sing it they're having on Wednesday that's tomorrow at ten. Yeah it's not about gun control. Oh look. Here it is the Greeneville county school district Greenville county schools admits. Is it into. The newsroom Greeneville and a bag Greeneville you don't come issuer retraction. Can do that. And so it. Seven and the other up that idea yelled got to run but then what's at issue anyway moving on come how to get that look in there. Now it's not about gun control. Yeah it is. The district committee SDA yesterday yes some as a matter of fact the movement to the national movements. I'm so we are participating in with your children. While they're at school quote. This is ram Elizabeth brother it's in their spokesperson very nice woman I am but this is the same should put our guests yesterday. The intended purpose. Other this national limit the one they are participating in a tent. Is just support gun control legislation. They are highly sensitive political topic. Is the statement from the Greeneville county schools instead of polarizing students. We have asked them to unify and focus on kindness remembrance billing assay for school client. I wonder if they did wanna polar ice students have just not having it. How about telling students who feel passionately do no time. I know there's a big anti gun march on the 24. Saturday downtown. They do that economic data drop my off. Imus moral not to drive anyway go do that they go. Organized by college kids. You did it no no no no let up we have to do the schools should Greenhill unused should meet the woodshed. Devastation to the woodshed did a whole article. She isn't it India did have to get Iran they could just call list for commented why don't we actually said but the that would move ruin the good news story wouldn't it. Two additional woodshed for erroneously suggesting. This was an anti gun protests. And other Greenville county schools admits yeah actually it is an anti again brits as I here's my question seriously. Com for you if you have a child particularly high school and we're fighting out that the junior highs a lot of them are doing this stuff. Langston is do is is is doing an event they had something going on. Com Lisa a couple of the junior highs in fact get in the latter a bit later but. Now we're finding out that the school system. Is organizing in your kids. Bomb and it in a protest in activities. As part of what they've hit. Is a national movement to support gun control legislation they admitted it. On the Greeley is actually printed. So we'll without you know any kind of retraction on their previous report. Sat you feel about that. That's fair. Sorry my computers. Completely whacked right now I'm trying to get to the caller. Urea Ari John. Good morning. Good good morning I'll get straight to the point I'm sixty years old Robin follow politics are. Since I was in junior high because which fascinated me. And win I'm saying. Our children's children on television. Speaking about the Florida shooting. And gun control. Op you know. Jock I guess kind of queasy. Feeling of me soon because up to write these children. Have been would not do very useful idiots I may not I'm not trying to denigrate them I'm just saying. I feel right. The only part yes they have been raised on a media. Bit they're looking for their fifteen minutes a payment they don't care what it is they just want their fifteen minute game. And it is it just gives me up. A crazy feeling about. The future of our country into these children. Our future leaders because they really don't have a strong feeling one way or the other. They know god or where the political awareness both of them. And that all of got to say I'm I'm sorry I feel bad about it but that's purchase. Well and let me put you ladies a little bit on John not complete because I had that same queasy feeling that you do. Com and Mila gets you know deemed. And we look at the light meals they're pretty terrifying but calm the biggest ever told Don and we spent a lot of time on on the show. A generation why. Column it in and that included those who are not even old enough they were in high school and I know not to vote for trump. On trump clocked Hillary among those and among that group by fifteen points even among girls. Trump won by two points and they're there. And put Ruiz thinking individual. Would've had so not vote for that sell some ain't serious right. I can't imagine anyone that that with support saying. They would vote for Hillary. And and you know it tell it it just it shocks me. It upsets me so much what actually people who I think are no no look we will. Acting individual first and they know. Hillary and Biden stickers on their caught it just stares dated debt. It it well and it and it OK he's. Thank John. And Eddie did you feel a little bit better there was another very large bullet can marry before the election I told you watch as this was actually a combo I've gen Y and labels. As was eighteen plus time. So it was Jay is a combination of the two ands. It was yet no it was he was eighteen plus times a combination of the two and when asked to free form to list the two mice and foreign issues. It was women. By the way number one was what they called their abortion rights. There words I'm like that's what they listed you could say anything they would do if they took PS I'm number one was the abortion rights number two with a gun rights. Miss these the same terminology to describe both. I'm not wow. Joshi and this is it anti gun generation this is why they're going to the schools thanks to the left has seen. What's this generation particularly wife thinks about 'cause there is a yum. They hear it well I just individual freedom there is a professor who's been out there screaming and yelling and warning about this. Watch out watch out for this generation because they're not like the generations that her proceeded them. So yeah I don't completely freak out. But I just am warning you about what Greenville county schools is is doing tomorrow I would hear from you. If you have a high school or junior high student. At a school or something is gonna be dying at 10 AM to participate. In it then national. What what the green hills county schools themselves are now calling and a movement for a national. And met many in support of gun control legislation. What do you do tomorrow you can send your kids to school. You gonna bring him if import Miette bring him in eleven. Than I can be apart that an act and a second happened. Bomb we would maybe go to the shooting range com and we go an eleven Ireland 31 all the ruckus was over. But my guess would be then there's no way what are you gonna do. Maybe you're gonna send your kids in enact an NN area shirt when I know when mom is doing that her son wants to Wear the shirt. 80347163. Tex lines 71307. Coming in just a minute when he hears this. Lot of he would have asked. Why we have a true guns. Demonstration at the Greenville county schools. Summing it wanted to say question it. One my and your question answered about myself and I'm gonna ask that tomorrow until Elizabeth presence in the spokesperson is coming on an eight. Let you pressing that on my FaceBook page. Like Eugene who rates but the district is only providing opportunities for the viewpoint of gun control group of the gun control group and offers no menu. For the kids who have been educated enough and support to Second Amendment no they don't. They do not. There's no venue for that. Again if you're just tuning in net from the school district has admitted now. That this is that they are taking part. Here's there where it's the intended purpose of the national movement is tomorrow and into this attend the intended purpose the national movement. Is to support gun control legislation a highly sensitive political topic this is the statement they put out yesterday. Is it polarizing students we have asked them to unify and focus on kindness remembrance and building a safer school climate. Yes but you're still taking part as you now admit any national movement in support of gun control legislation. As of that point. I'm even if you're not marching around with your anti NRA. Stickers or signs or you know. Guns are terrible take them away. You know down to Second Amendment it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you're framing it is honoring students it needed another day just to complete random day of the week maybe. Maybe that would be the case but you're participating in what this school system now admits again is a national movement in support gun control legislation. They're flat out open about it. Now in your genes question what don't what have. Romney opportunities for students do you support the Second Amendment. I'm glad you asked Eugene. Another statements put out by the Greenville county schools. Is on their website. Explains that you when your wife. They want get out in civic and the argument here is would you originally you know kids are supposed to walk out as part of listeners and Bobby dangers if they locked out they can get hit by a Carnegie get Lasik and want to rob mom and got to wonder where they are. You know this misdemeanor care we -- to walk off so they sit and doing this for safety they are participating. In this national gun control movement for your your child safety right. It also if it's for safety and he sent to boost the gun control movement. There just yet we have a pro Second Amendment demonstration the same time in schools right. Now. Now we know we can't. Why. Here's the paragraph when they talk about why in reality. They didn't want want want to walk out additionally it walk out in support of gun reform legislation. Could not could provoke a simultaneous. Walk out. In support of gun ownership. Rates which could lead to unrest at school. What. Well okay what she apparently credit it's mine and I'm trying to say OK we we we can. Advocates for gun control as they now admit the school system now admits they're doing tomorrow with your children. In his state yesterday but we can have. A pro gun ownership rights. Demonstration moment of silence whatever you wanna do. Because second lead to unrest as. They're your leadership you elected the. So still if you're a pairing your hearing miss what are you gonna do. You're sending kids to school tomorrow. You damn. Let them watch this circus go down. Oh and there's another thing. No media will be allowed. No media allowed at this can't have anybody coming and bomb and see what happens. Right thing to do in that. The official explanation. For why the media will not be allowed to see. You're children participate along with their administrators and what they now admit. Is they moved into support gun control legislation at 10 AM tomorrow in our schools. As coordinated nationally by the women's march they're the ones who called for Jihad on trump. Where does paint cats martian Iraq. Those people let's who's doing Max. So we Y eight is it's. Why is it that they don't want cameras in school. According to let. There are dale when she you do see what happens you know they say should students might act out. If there are cameras and school. These are not public events. This is the official statement from the school system yesterday these are not public demands these are private student led activities. That have been organized and implemented by young people and miners during the school day while they ear and our care. Not your care our care. Because of many unknowns of what the of of that data school district is taking an all hands on deck to press for supervision and school safety. Okay. They say come we don't want the presence of media to provide public pressure or have students act out for the sake of the camera. Tension is may already be high eight we don't want cameras to become a magnet for chaos had to cancel the whole thing. Kind of that. No no we it's our duty to participate in now what they called again I'm sorry. A national movement in support of gun control legislation to. You've posted a green building is up yet on what Nortel Miree traction. You know the whole article you did about how we got it wrong it's not a gun control thing yet you you did see a statement yesterday guys I know you did did you quoted. Where's our retraction you said we got it wrong. If we got it wrong is that we gotta we get had a view I think the problem here. Perhaps. And I know this we say really is might be sure don't but I mean on some really might not be trendy real high odds might not Beecher. You gotta yet be careful with that. He's a medical system now admitting right we are taking apart in an anti gun control movement tomorrow. There are ten and we're gonna have your children in school taking Garnett but come and no need cameras gonna be allowed in Zach. We translate so not a dad won't know what it is we did with your kids. Went against him if he gets. Here's a list of stuff from the Greenville county school's. Website easier things to different schools are doing. Sign banners to pledged net until pledged an in school violence. Sign cards for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas side. At 10 AM students to market a librarian since I ante for silently for seventeen minutes while the names of the student victims are read it. And other schools at 10 AM students can go in the hallway and lock arms with those students to form a circle around the inside of the school while the victims' names are read allowed. They can Wear Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school colors and take photos as a student like you NRA shirt tomorrow. Yet. I got some parents say their kids are I can't wait to see about street. This scares me open the media center some schools are gonna open the media center at lunchtime for student straight emails to lawmakers. OK so where weren't political activism this Georgia kid he fought this so hard folks. Because the next shooting. That will be cut missed the IDF be life dropping the ball. Will because. By the Broward County somewhere in the country telling the swat teams stand downs that go on in like they wanted to. Well the deputies cow or outside. Additionally all you have a demonstration in Greenville county schools against Scots when something like this how does this. You can't jacked they're setting precedent here folks. And there are also setting a precedent any big Greenville county schools in their online statement that well you know we we can't have. Pro Second Amendment. Demonstrations and in a flat asset which you have that. And cries too much unrest. Used to measure at so his second minute press segments hoosiers shot up. And we're gonna do we're gonna participate in anti gun. Movement. You shut up if we're like you all speak it would yeah it would be too much unrest we can't bring look at schools thanks this is what they're doing. So I ask you what are you doing tomorrow. Would what is it what how if you got kids in our schools junior high or high school we gonna do this is at ten should be over violent. Love to hear from you one person text I'm an interpreter he goes to class of my students. It's being framed at my school that we are honoring the victims but I know better I do not want to go with my students the flag pole but I have to. Text your rates. Good morning at Sara this is Robert from Taylor's just wanted to say it's hypocrisy that stinks still haven't that the level do anything against the constitution's. Constitution and our guns but yet our pro abortion which kills millions more children than our balance. It takes your rights. Carol make what is assailant I would read as well but I don't hundred and I agree or how I buy it it's got some intent was and I can understand. Tester race. Asking students to unify isn't the same as pat is saying shut up. And get a line. At pretty close. Texture into told myself I love this when I told my stepson. Did he participated in any of these activities we take away his pilot be began pellet rifle. All of his nerve guns and his video games that have guns in them seems very effective. I love that one. Text sure it's Chara parents sure forgotten rates should attend school with their children if they can I but they won't let you. Text your race as far as the media being blocked from these. Poem. Gun. National guy no movement in support of gun legislation events tomorrow. At to Greenville county schools. On the kids with faux news. Should video that yes they show it. But really tired kids if you see anything that is so blatantly for gun control video sent it to me tiller we're gonna find out what the administrators are doing with your kids inside schools.