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Thursday, February 22nd

Protecting people with guns; FBI at fault for FL shooting; Putting the FL shooting in context; Lawlessness at the FBI; Reassuring Harold


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Said morning good morning link the morning term looks like college showed a lot of people. Fired up. He's is stands prism limits on Tony's magazines and if you're really killed his school shootings the guys that three let. And well it's not just school shooters using those guns is the problem that means anybody else is gonna be slowed down too including people defending themselves who. Doctors say degrees in we never talk about. Why do we never talk about those who use guns for self defense everything you do to slow down a school shooters slows down a person using the gun in self. Defense but that doesn't fit the narrative terror. But doesn't fit the narrative doesn't make any less true in a soprano exactly meet it doesn't. By the way today's feel good story with a happy ending. Thank you this fine and easily these never make it to an almost never make it to the national level it's very rare when I read one of these and I usually do a couple of weeks. I found them on the local level somewhere. Law enforcement officials New Mexico. Are praising a good samaritan. Actress stepped in to save a mother and a daughter. The woman is estranged. Husband's. Crashed into her vehicle on Sunday and opened fire. Hitting his daughter initialed a T imagine what Armenia now. And didn't this is a crazy person. Bomb officers Simone Arabic says the 34 year old good samaritan who was not being named because he's not charged with a crime cited second full day intervene. Once sure marking up he saw that there was a male violently pistol whipping a female in the streets is after the daughters or even shot. To these aren't so willing to kill his own offspring whose cars are controlled he's got he got out of his vehicle had his fire on her arm on him and told the mail to stop. I can't tell inning to stop the good samaritan told police that he pointed gun in his direction. Apparently. He was not impressed. By the command stopped that's when he opened fire. On May. Hitting it. He crawled the way any preview trailer is on board behind him and he's no longer with us good man mother and daughter never have to worry again for their safety. And just think what would have happened. If that law abiding citizen. Had not had that weapon available yet. And if someone had wanted to limit the amount of bullets he could use in that weapon. When he needed it. You're really fair at least he's so let me get fares and if if if he can't kill. This man he's very shot his thirteen year old daughter in the shoulder. It's twelve a particular moment and I shot in the shoulder when he got tried shuts Dubai after that you know the the attacker needs he needs a fair shot to right. Right not in my book not mine either. Not my BC this happens day in and Darren America until it adds up to 500000 to one point 59 defense abuses of gun a year compared to 300000 criminal use as a point. Com and this is story after story tripped Richard stripped stripped them. And you know we read they wanna have a debate but but these people their stories are never told they never figure no debate no never say what he's supposed to do than reason would. Liberals do not want a debate. Liberals do not want a debate anything they want to shut everything down look what happens every time that we have an issue. Then liberals come out there is no debate no you can't talk about this you can't talk about this you can't say that. You can't say this you can't donate money to this politician this group has no right to speak. You you don't know what this is a public pressure not the right race you're not the right gender you're not the right something that there's no debate with liberalism anymore that that's what this is all about. The we have we have liberal fascism going on in this country where they are shutting down. Every conservative thought and principle that his son that anyone ever otters that's what's going on here there's no debate. Well Li SC can't have a debate. Until you consider the other side exactly I mean there are woman last week I'm in Georgia the single mom who wedeman is black not that it matters is who was black. Mom and she comes home with her twelve year old daughter and they find the sex offender hang in the closet. They're the most illustrative part of that whole thing was the fact that she fought him off with a spoon. Until she could get to her got. Ash now well Smart woman you speak of available weapon. There's no absolutely but I mean it could no doubt. Exactly she put this net or maybe a fork or knife through butter knife for something or other you know yes. This was on the sex offender registry. That's what you need to know now he made it to the front yard. Crawling before indict. Ernest from York good morning. Good monitor are you doing good. Art Kabul thank first of all that guy out earlier was just an absolute idiot does not know what he's talking about. But being questioned whether he has any guns at all. Limiting the magazine absolutely worthless people train and then learn how to use multiple magazines chains of trash and it takes. A lot less time in thirty seconds to change a magazine takes about a second haft to Asia gets. Also in talk about their revolutionary war there were Canon's own about civilian journalists anywhere will. There were terms like the politic there and there was a gun called the belt and slit blocked shot twenty rounds that won't turn the puck then. Tired. Acura how many were customers litigant help and not the other and it was actually a little correctly be looking get. Was considered the first self esteem etched by our armed. It was intended to achieve multiple routes that closure range. The idea that shot again it's more effective. As a whole that's his weapon is actually being disproved multiple trying to stop people like Tom Gresham Michael Bay shot out of all of those guys who were top gun guys in the nation they've got hit ballistic missile. What penetrates more twelve gauge shotgun. Or and they are talking just changed ramp that shotgun round penetrated sheet rock wall and home more often than they are just Jenny. They are fifteen is he most each affected dealt to finish our armed currently being sold the day old the market it has multiple uses multiple good match. It is the best weapon out there and I were cam this comes the first thing they wanna do is band they are. Our bandage a band that. This is my solution you don't wanna have a gun the school side don't cherry got the school but don't get pissed at me wanna take away my right. Because you refuse to the change yourself. I have made a conscious decision to prepare mustang election I've made a conscious decision. She my children out of those he'll hold any key not sure who are can have a protected and that the addiction and that could you ought to be a victim. Don't try to force me to be a victim. Don't let choked belliard a plane and not expect me. You'll wanna go and I don't get it done. And when you get great when you get murder when you're being attacked I won't bring my gut an LP I'll stand by I'd be willing to lick you and forced the decision to chi made. Yeah I decided to give big can go be a victim I'm not. The heat out of mock perhaps leave me alone lead might go a Little League not and we allow. I am tired of these people who refused to walk around with their heads in the playoffs what they can just hold there's. It's okay it doesn't exist you can either be a victim or you can get the standard I'm going to be a defender I'm going to be as she Porsche. I'm going to be who were protecting my fair much any U refused to protect jurors that told you pal not meet. Blame and everybody knows where your lack of plainly. Amen earnest. In another and show her I know just let him go. You don't tread on me you know you know you the text we're getting over and over I meant to read it we've had so many texting get to it on in this era prom agreement county which is so spread out. On is the law enforcement response times here. Earth are terrible it's not a knock on men it's it's just how these young Israelis Shalit geographic reality. Com and in we we actually talked to let the sheriff awhile back because he had managed to cut their response time and have. And they were thrilled. Because in some hours it areas it was now twelve minutes. Bomb and that that was coming in. Half so in twelve minutes. Wow that's a lot richer are gonna have to go through in twelve minutes especially if there's more than one of them I mean the idea of defending myself with one pistol he. Yeah companies who liberals to join me on the shooting range now you don't eat you pull the trigger did those come out so fast. Did before you know it you you've literally there at that 56 of them are gone and you mean nobody did it. And if you're mean having to hit anything yet if we don't say you're Quaid did the attorney is Pristina to a you know you're getting much better than I have now via. Much. My job in the home invasion is to get to go into my husband and I am not to fire it. My husband's more afraid he is afraid he'll hit it I'll hit him. But but yeah I mean if you've ever spent any time honor at at a ring and he's given you there's Harding and you just do go right through five bullets before even realized by six depending on capacity with a pistol what what what your. Well and that's so much of what the problem is where this debate twitch I don't think is actually going on number one. It is a constitutional right to begin with. And number two many many of the people who were talking about this don't even have any idea which in the around comes out no they don't. They think that it's like on non TV or you you pulled the trigger one time and one bullet comes out and then you have a little more conversation. And then you pull the bullet and get the trigger again you know. And terminally takes like one bullet to kill on its. Hitting something. Trying to add first and then get back to me it's people don't really it's really hard hit something with a garden in real yeah it's. And it is that you margin Embraer. To the Ingles advantage. Star client. Bob then from travelers dress good morning Bob. Good Tara I love your program thanks to our got two quick points and like to make. First the load students who are going out ghoulish protesting about why we should have gun control. They can't be far better use another method and another man and let me make my point and someone had called the FBI to report this guy down in Florida. Did the actual purpose but I know corrective action was actually taken at all because. Where there's been different tree compliments don't won't. But whatever the reason nothing ever happened to stop the guy he could've been stopped. Before. Polish totaled trickle off try and restore this could be a much better employed if they want marsh Gupta Washington DC. Protesters that these. You the FBI headquarters will. At one point my second annual total. In 1941. Pearl Harbor happened. I was living at that time and I remembered. Period vividly. Well the Japanese his seriously affected. The American military effect. Operations sorted. The Japanese were actually considering any Beatty United States. And warlords there this in your plans. But admiral William Morrow who commanded the Japanese police have lived in the United States is student before the war. And he warned users don't need to leave the US. Everybody it was a gun people. My point sort. And we a lot more guns today than we did back then bomb which in my opinion is the this is a great thing thank you for your phone call. 803471063. Text line is 713. I was seven. At this but good government authority at the point is a brilliant one. This the first point that he made about this yesterday the you lie has gotten off Scot free. What you did was out rages. All I did their their protocol. Dictates that they weren't refer that school shooting called to the Miami office that's what should've happened according to FBI broad program. It involved. They just didn't pop. I'm angry about this all weekend. I was literally was walking around in a hot. About that. I don't see why other people don't have that sense of rage that I do about that it was a total disregard for human life. So they should be fired. See anybody iron. None. Now he may congressional investigation. Proposed no I didn't call mister radar congress asking how this happened now. Now denied. Is complete and total disregard for human life. This was in January. Then inch rock. And by not training violated their own proto talks. And the person whose said anything so far in his gun debate it's made any sense was the governor of Florida who said Chris Coleman Christopher rate ahead the FB lied to reside and Christopher ring. Seventeen dead bodies cannot in spite of the response. He's got knocked. Makes me angry let me meanwhile marched in front somewhere with some sign. That I drew wanted to sharply pen that debts stay in front of the FBI. And got to be exhibit a for per slice Lee why you don't give up your guns. Chris they don't care about human life and they will not protect you. Period and have memo and when they don't protect you. No one you'll care no one will blame them no one will bother to hold a hearing normal body get to the bottom of it. Only one politician in all of America will have a ponies. To call for the resignation of Christopher rake the head the FBI who could not be up to so much is put out a statement. In response. If some makes you angry here it ought to be back. It ought to be that. I want to kind of in on personal database real. Public health 39 times. Checking yet. I thought less than five minutes on a break. I found Nicholas crypts to. Tokyo dot com fifty dollars and once description I have it. Is 29 of them in the country. They had his name his age run an air like I found him anyway in less than five minutes. At the records until they have much better programs than I did. It ain't hard folks. You let something get angry about the utter disregard for human life that our law enforcement has at the highest levels this country. Get angry about that. Getting angry about. Then spending more time getting Hillary and Obama off their crimes then they spent they couldn't be bothered to forge a single. Single phone call. Or apologize to you for. The American people are owed an apology. By this man. But he doesn't care and I haven't callousness. Is not trump is Dallas is not Paris she's Callas it's him. It's now time. We don't talk about doing anymore had a conversation. So makes me mad. John from Spartanburg. If at first thanks and hello I am here. Don't know what's coming orient. If you Angola state it is too late they have scouts motto be prepared. Yeah. And I also articulate so classic Tommy told his military. I think turn Vietnam. They were considered an invasion. Initiate police we can't do resent it wouldn't take yes face that they Iraq or aren't ever might occur next. Yet the largest armed force on on the planet on the American people. That's a good thing we have more guys this country than we have people. And I I think that's a good thing we just got to get my hands criminals but that would require actually enforcing the law. 803471063. Text line 71307. On investor's business daily really quickly. Politicians say it is why is that anywhere and in America these mass shootings. No largest mass shooting in modern history when they gonna happen in France. Free agents. Surely he didn't. Now America. Who's taps. According to crime prevention research center had a bye economist John liked. Norway has. Norway is tops this is by population when you break it down by population Norway's number two number two number one ever to Serbia. At point 318 people at a million killed annually in mass shootings followed by the you know France. Point 347. After that Macedonia point 337. Albania is next point to a six. Slovakia Finland Belgium. And it Czech Republic I'll fall US it comes in at number eleven. With a mass shooting death rate of point 08 now. Put knowing. I saw. There were 27% more casualties. From 2009 to 2015 per ash shooting incident in the European Union and the US that's critical because. Weapons are outlawed in almost all the countries in the year. Ellison says there was sixteen cases where at least fifteen people were killed the study said. I of those case 164. In the US to in Germany two in France. Fans who in the UK. But the US has a population four times greater than Germany's and five times greater than UK so one per capita basis the US ranks low in comparison. So actually Germany. Where guns are banned. Has a higher frequency of smashing attacks one point 96. Then the US does the UK's is two times higher again guns are banned there. That's been the way. You know. What is higher in Europe then here. Bombings. Per capita more bombings in Europe then here Bob is surely a by the way in both the US and Europe. Europe Europe use loses farmer be able to bombings then the US. Does that make them more time or not they just used bombs is that a guy acts when making get. Joining later that morning terra ice avalanche about this for just the second event. Bomb animal megabyte where we are doing. Now at headline David caller debate not a single lawyer known to work for Robert Mueller is a Republican. No I'm not surprised yeah. All news. Instead just came out eggs again pretty needed he needed some more people for the team so he hired a young Democrat donor and Huffington Post contributor on there or ago. And Democrat donor who is Huffington Post that contribute. On a show he he was it and I think he couldn't find anybody else who had donated money to Democrats it was really difficult. Anyway now sixteen lawyers I'm working for the special counsel. Are registered Republicans. Third teeter registered Democrats. Three would no party affiliation. And eleven of them eleven of the sixteen or Democrat donors. It sounds like a very unbiased group originally as ice and it's done yet their if there. I'm can imagine if this was done the opposite way around it was all. Republican this he would just don't wait till I web slow this has always hear about this would be all over the Washington Post the New York Times. We'll be talk about this virus persecution of Democrats you know a lot of packed with Republican donors I mean that's all you hear about. That's all you would hear about. And you don't hear about what is at it illuminating things I've seen so far and really to a jaw dropping is I'm DeVon Eunice. I his memo there's a back page than my mother's a fifth page to actually six pages. Om and what is is a list of the thirty things that congress has requested and some cases subpoenaed. From the Department of Justice the FB lie and John. This one more house and asked for. Can I was third third group are desperate com analyst at thirty thinks it dead they have flat out most of those subpoenaed by now are refuse to turn over okay. So mean literally looking at a have a print an FBI Crist correct. Who is just provide presided over this disaster down in Florida where they couldn't be bothered to prop follow their own protocol. And simply to rinse her. Bomb the case the call of the warning about the shooter which is very specific he has gone he's going to shoot up a school irate well OK so no I I've got specifics there. Couldn't be knowledge transfer it. You know when you do that in any seen this guy owes us an explanation does is an apology was something he knows a response to governor Rick Scott. Demanding he resign him. But when you look at who Christopher Reyes and what he's doing right now. It is appalling you realize that among the thirty. Things asked for by congress actually this one's under subpoena is when the demands for records they want they want the name of every FBI agents official whenever. Who worked on that defies application. They want to name some raid won't turn it over. We know crimes were committed in that size application at least five. We had that the former assistant director of the FBI Cal's trim. List five federal statutes that were violated at least 55 crimes in advises that and in that fight application. Com and those applications he explained have to go through committee after committee after committee a lot of people saw a lot of people participated in congress wants to know hill. Ray won't tell them. He is literally covering up cry aims and covering for criminals. Who are still working for him. And if that's not a constitutional crisis. I don't know when it. It's no it's only constitutional crisis if you're worried about the constitution minster. Who got ripped and sessions up there asleep he just news in a way. Here's a degree wedge in Britain what if the head of the Department of Justice. Had slept through Watergate. But what I'm. Boy. Well we're getting variants are now on a daily basis and so it's absolutely maddening. Two to watch that but I would Victor from Boiling Springs say Victor. Although things revenue via. Alternating. Ten years I was intelligence noted police security that sort of thing. I've been of those simply getting a lot of training this kind of stuff but thing is is a pistol is. Hardy it will close range and it doesn't do a whole lot of damage it doesn't stop regularly we just want to hear. Okay lease sale of handguns used to fight your way to go longer than. As for shotgun shotgun are not magic street sweepers they only spread well. About an inch every yarders. And so inside of row over a long hole. Both the shot pattern is only got to be about the size of your business. Davies saying oh they're a long ways to agriculture guard down your driveway stuff like that is sort of spread out so much as not to be effective. Why you need and they are is because both shotgun rounds of a hundred they'll weighs about seven pounds. You can take ninety realms that thirtieth magazine. That you won't thirty round magazine in YouTube pockets and he got ninety Reynolds in the voting period. Yet no no I talent like it. You know we're not to smile I would I don't know knives and I'm not a gun expert on manhunt and the tentative. Yeah plus it. If shotgun is powerful enough to stalled inside rumor building built publisher to do this. Do sheet rocking you don't know if your children your husband whoever's on the other side of that wall. June 23 properly design when he hit somebody built humble. If it does come out the back it doesn't have a all that penetration power. To go through walls and then all that kind of stuff. You know we continue to 23 is what we now call it is we now call DAR fifteen correct. Yes there that there are so intimately tied to this the same when used as to learn fluent yet. It will last less Bauer says when you have 30 wait wolf really blows and somebody blows through a wall and you know who couple people on the other side and come up to your neighbors and also. So they have a lot of people can't go through it that's a full power around 1000 then maybe they took. After I got out and they get it took the real weights away from this sailors they gave assault Sergio there they are fit well within sixteen types. Because a lot of the females in the people couldn't handle the record freeway. That was what got older he can't come around from just so they felt Vietnam. Those things are shotgun you don't want to be sitting there because try to calculate how far away is the orders shot spread if you go to 23 JR type weapon. You go to the range she decided in where you get the right on target to 25 yards and it will be headed on target a hundred yards. And it's only gonna drop a couple of just passed attitude starts so if you got property. You got away and you're out on your farm and you'll be able to pretty much engage anybody who's a threat to U. And it sounds like in gauge them. At a much greater distance which is a good thing you want to get them before they get two years so. It's exactly the KJ you don't you'll be there and close enough to drive the ball. Most times small arms like in sixteen in the military probably uses the killing weapon a big pull out battlefield they're used for suppressive fire. You're if you're not even hidden enemy get at least two or scary name. That's what should they are that's what full auto fire and select real free verse is beginning to kill useless you you put it all one shot and anti gang. Here's your husband read the local probably tell you about. I know a lot of people I don't against did you have people out there at twelve gauge what. Break your jaw injury or shoulder knock you over because there's a lot of older people out there now there's children. Use small Specter women like yourself. So guys that get a shot they could go broke shotgun and that may be a twenty gauge. But though but yes a hundred rounds. But shotgun ammunition. Weighs eight how's the military aid pals around. Even inside your house or around your yard. Not particularly ninety realms because fit a thirty rounder and each pocket and a thirty rounds in the weapon. Additionally more than that had you know. And then those situations. Well you've convinced me Victor and I and I know your responding to I Joe's call I'm from earlier hasn't announced let's let's limits. What do you want to limit the magazine capacity we and will will save lives in a mash shooting but then you know the problem is everytime you talking about limiting amassed shooter. You're also limiting somebody who's fighting for their life to him. Nominee got to make a trade off both ways. The problem is it's only the people who follow laws that are harmed by the law. Exactly exactly public tester rightfully allowed his remit these teens are eating laundry detergent tides. Scholes a full of money machine why are we taking them seriously. They get a tiny Ingles advantage start landed talked to Harold from Taylor's thanks Harold forgiveness college up. Hey first time caller care how I define it they're calling an about turn. This stuff that's happening now on the floor I'm seven year old Vietnam veteran type get to a seven children and torture trenchant. And I think somewhere in the news is missing the port the port is we have parents are responsible for children. We're fossils were feeding on the podium and orders safety while we take the school we turn those responsibilities for safety over to the school. You know that's what they get paid for you know. And this shuffled okay consistent approach that and landed on him I don't think it's well around it I mean. We know how to protect our children I mean it's easy dissolution not there is simple. You on the teacher and you postcards sent to doors in that would take care of that problem. It's simple but two days. People are now will understand that could take responsibility. For what they're doing and what direction coal. Or you know they want to blame somebody in the new media you know they personal and chopped it. Try. That they're taken a way to commonsensical to people you're an interest just. So you know and doubt. In at all I want to say terrorists like I just want to object. And to think how stupid are these people to go in that direction the program is president of the whole country. You know he could get paid to go down there at Florida now. Granite you know different threats things happened I mean I would feel the same way about my children are they get chilled and essential lacked. But the thing yes. Not his fault. You know and the only way to protect. Yourself and get somebody that is armed is to be harmed herself. And in doing that support that take care appreciated thanks. Apparently it might mislead you they don't let all of the stuff upset you. Because we're winning on this issue. Every time I if not any does she was the Washington Post. Com survey after this came out earlier this week. Where. 50% of Americans said I'm they know they arrest is is it is a gun to programmers is a mental health from 50% of them have sent mental health problem. As Washington Post poll. And you know we we've tracked these polls here on guns and it's been amazing to need the swings since the ninety's. When you majorities of Americans. Wanting to ban pistols. And use you you look at you look at poll after polled say we majorities of Americans. They don't want to ban high capacity ripples now don't want to ban. I mean that is a huge huge victory and I mentioned toll all the time because. It's one of the few areas in which our site is actually bother to make an argument. We look at the NRA. Rating for how the salon. Was when Ed winnable liberal and retreated to my stack. And using the less screws up when we when make arguments about got a because the statistics reason aren't aren't correct. He should we you know we blame the Iranians say the Aires killing everybody and you're out there that could they don't Harrison mean I've given what three million total. To congress members in over a decade and has nothing. Lisa Mary Nguyen is there popular people like that. And money. And he says you know when they had you they are they're popular people like the NRA because the NRA has made the argument is one of the few political issues we made the argument on. And look what's happened we have dramatically swung public opinion. Bomb you know over the course less to their case. Are we tried making an actual argument sometime on Sunday just as you know what and let's trump and I have to be the only one who estimate the cardinal tied to somebody else please step up. Just for once. Please may I mean understanding the gun control to be that that really takes an intellect to take some time it takes him. Ability to reason and understand it's not simple. Mean off the carpet it makes sense logical we have been continuing to go internationally gnashing makes sense at least are looking statistics in reality and what has happened. As an area is really door to educate people on our complicated topic and they did it. They did it. I look on the GOP leadership. To the three months educate the public about the tax cuts. We don't know exactly how much time it takes. When you make the arguments for your side to overcome allies in the mainstream media we have the answer right now it's three months. Took three months for the support for the tax cuts to reach 51%. So in good enough for tried to be only one to go out make our UN at some point called Ryan's gonna have to get it seems bolder. He's gonna have to go and we did we can't get somebody else who will make the arguments for us. It looked really been able to do with one guy making the arguments for us what. No just Tums always out there by himself always Jonas it was never has any back. Took on the NFL by himself we have a poll we find a sixty plus percent of the country agrees with us we'd never known. They district the National Anthem from hundreds and hundreds of high schools by yeah. But the administrators got a look at those polls amendment and then you know I don't want to. 60% with trump honest he singlehandedly stopped. The spread it. Of our anthem the idea of our anthem being so controversial we can't even play. There is street for stripped the flag at a at a schools but you know the thing is. We're winning this argument Harrelson don't want this make you mad. I'd say they're had to pull out of the next two weeks. And I'm telling you what the supports. Mark my words for keeping these guns legal will have gone up again. Just way. Just wish this and doesn't get upset about we are went a league you of that today.